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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I hey ll Do it Every Time FrIPi TUE FDN-LOVING OFFICE BOV WA£ LET GO WH EN BI600/AE CAUGHT HI/A CUTTING UP— Bot, lo! the kid made it big on tv-* LISTEN TO BI6D0ME, THE TALENT SCOUT, NOW- • I WANT " TO MAKE TH IS PERFECTLY I STARTED, THIS SOV OFF! I ENCOURAGED HIS TALENT/ I ALWAYS KNEW HE HAD I T"*y y The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Jan. 15 1971 stocks held in their Fifth Grader at Harrison Wins Essay Contest Sam Shulsky in” capital member -the come on portfolio. They are not a simple vehicle. Arid can guarantee nothing. The income idea, basically—- place winner of the ‘‘I love!, and as simply as I can put it—isj America because . . .” e ss a y based on having your broker contest sponsored by the Vet-sell a call against IOO shares of erans of Foreign Wars Auxi-a stock you hold in your portfo-i liary, Post 788. Ho (or will buy and put into your portfolio)—stock which you aruj Mrs. john Kcpier) 1671 |Clear Creek school system .are content^keep at least forlE,eventh street NW. She will rey«A voiding Management Pill flag, pen,faj|s”. j0jin Thomas, revenue gains But re-1 t*lc lcn£th of the call option you sell against it. The term may be discount alone is not enough. You must, pick qual- ing Exira Gas Can In Car Can Be uangerous By Dr. S.L. Andelman Gas shortage or not, don’t take an extra can of gas along on your winter trips. That’s the advice of tho National Easter Seal Society which each year treats thousands of children and adults who arc handicapped as a result of automobile accidents. Easter Seals issued the warning because of growing reports;" that drivers are hoarding gaso- and expands, the entire trunk — line for use when service sta- as well as parts of the passen lions arc closed on Sunday. !ger compartment Drug, YD Sessions Set at Washington By Sam Shulsky Q — f have long-term stock | losses of about $80,OOO. I intend now to buy treasury bills at. a discount and use the long-term gains to offset my losses over the next several years. Comments, please. A—You can’t do it witli treasury bills, because the return on these bills is considered current income- and not capital gain You could, of course, assure yourself of long-term gains by buying deep discount treasury bonds (not bills) or ll. S. agency bonds, or—for that matter—any good-quality low-coupon corporate or “municipal” bond. 11 will have that IOO cents on the stress quality because when you I t|0||;ir ,n }ian(j buy a bond selling at 60 or 70 or, *    *    *    * 80 you want to feel confident.    .    . that the bond will be paid off at! Correction: A recent column |^(> pe wjjj fake your st0ck Kenwood and son of Mrs. par.    pooh-poohed    the    suggestion    that    at    the    agreed    price.    If    it    is    not    Mr    s.    Charles    Phillips, The fly in this ointment, of    one could go short a stock by    I profitable for him to claim the    Thirty-sixth street NE. course, is that if you now pay 77    buying warrants on the same    stoc'k» *lc t(!ar UP *1:s °PB°n    They will receive    pen for a U. S. treasury Wk percent I stock and turning them over to 311(4 y°u arc 4ree another pencil sets and citations, bond coming due in November,    the broker as collateral. Well,    cab against your stock.    Competing in tho essay 11998, there isn’t much chance    the pooh-pooing should be    These arc the bare bones of    test were 385 fourth,    fifth Management Event Is Slated in C. R. A management conference for small businesses in the Des Cheri Kepler, a fifth grade Moines area will be held Jan. 23 student, at Harrison elementary at the Town House Motor Inn, school, has been named first11747 First avenue SE, co-spon-plaee winnet of the I love «.oref| Kirkwood Community college, the Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Administration. ....    Speakers    and their topics will Cncri is the daughter of Mrs.^)0; j>orialcl Goodnow, counselor, a few months, or longer. When you sell the call you restrict competition. ceive an American and pencil set, a citation and j agent, Internal Revenue Serv-her essay will be sent on to dis- jCC) “Reporting Requirements Federal Employment Tax-.1, Wes Slacken, Employers I for es” ity so as to feel pretty certain cejV(J rnoney in hand. That’s Second and third place withal, come maturity day, you yours, regardless of what hap- ners were Jean O’Neill, sixth;Mutual Casualty Co., Des pens. If the stock should rise by grader at Wright and daughter Moines, “Insuring Your Busi-the time the option expires to j of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald O’Neill, ness”; Howard Eichhorn, CPA, the point where the “call”! 1616 Park Towne place NE, and fj(.e (isling and Co., “Finan-buyer can profitably complete| Erie Phillips, fourth grader at>cjal Analysis”, and George Dor- andjrington, account executive, re-116 gional sales, WMT-TV, “Adver-I Using”. and: Registration, including a luncheon, will cost $10, and may con_ be made by contacting Bob Ku-and cera’ Kirkwood Community college, Box 2068, Cedar Rapids, Sessions on drugs and ven-lyou will get IOO (par) for it directed at this column, it is a the transaction. You must first sixth grade students from 19 le8c« B')X 2068’ ereal discase will be offered by before 1998-unless money rates I perfectly legal and acceptable discuss all the “ifs” with your Cedar Rapids Community ele- Iowa r,2405> phone: 319-398-5456. ■    *    *...... • ■    —    *    ■    -    broker. If the market for your mentary schools the Washington high school fall back to around the Vk per- maneuver—even though not too Parent-Teacher Student A s sn. j cent level before then. And I well known. If you feel particu-Jan. 22 at the school.    wouldn’t hold my breath    until    iar|y bearish about a stock. The program will    consist    of! that happens.    which has warrants outstanding, two sessions running simulta- What it boils down to is this:'talk it over with your broker, neously Rom 7:30 p.m. to 8:10 You can lose money in stocks a    *44 p.m. and repeated at 8:20 p.m. “helluva” lot faster than you Q—My broker wants mc to to enable those attending to take can assure yourelf offsetting sell calls against my stock. He part in both sessions.    capital gains in bonds.    says I can realize about 24 per- Thc session on alcohol    and That shouldn’t stop you,    how-;    cent income a year. How? Causes Phony Snow stock remains practically un- Judges in the contest were Paver Plant's Steam changed, you could sell options    steve Sovern,    vice-president of 1 several times a year and keep;    rasper signs    and a member I the money. But no fixed return 0f the Cedar Rapids Community, SPRINGFIELD, Orc. (UPI) -can be promised.    school board;    Robert Rush, a Steam from    a    pulp    and    paper * * *    lawyer, and James and Judy null stack created    a freak    snow- Q—I have retired with several    Redmond, both    assistant city at- storm here, ordinary life insurance poli- torneys.    Motorists    traveling near the cies—many of long standing.      Weyerhauser    Co., plant at mid- What would be the advantage of    Favorite    Flavors    morning said snow and ice par- can never be safely stored in ajaaPPcns; car since gas contracts and expands with changing temperatures. The expanded gas can split the seams of unvcnted gas storage cans or plastic containers and can leak from vented safety cans. As the gas warms from a backfire, car ignition or short in a taillight, can set off a lethal explosion. Explode The gas may also explode on impact, as in a rear-end collision. The explosive    power of one gallon of gasoline    is equivalent to approximately    14 sticks of &    |lf| ii    dynamite. I n—WIN    avo‘(4    explosion, Easter iSV '*v    ■■    Seals urges drivers    to leave that extra can of gas at home. Instead, keep plenty of gas in your car’s tank to avoid being stranded when gas stations are closed, or when they’re low' on .gas. By Oswald & James Jacoby    National Safety Council The opening notrump is a pie- echoes Easter Seals’ warning, ture bid. It describes a hand calling gasoline cans “lethal liq-with a definite point count. The uid bombs.” Hans Grigo, the standard is 16-18 but more im- council’s safety consultant, other drugs will be presented byjever, from considering this as- A — Option trading has been James Cooney, director of sured, if much slower, course.!given a big boost recently by converting these to paid-up in- STUTTGART, Germany tides were falling over a block Foundation II, and Duane Jack-For example, if you were to buy the new options exchange insurance?    (UFI) —Manufacturers plan-area near the plant, son, director    of Carrollton Foun-    Commonwealth Edison’s 3s    due    Chicago. Options are attractive    A—You wouldn’t have to con-jning to put    flavored    lipstick on    Plant officials investigated dation.    February,    1977, at around    87,1 vehicles for speculators as well    tinue paying premiums. Your    the market    said consumer test-    Wednesday and reported steam Betty    Blakcy. nurse    at Wash-you could    feel pretty sure    (it’s    as for sober, long-term investors    protection would be reduced, of    ing showed    favorite    tastes are    from the stack was condensing ''“““jngton,    and    Martin    Ralston,    rated AA)    of a 13-point capital    who use them either as a form    course, but it may be worth it in    wild cherry, lemon,    spearmint    and falling back to tho ground may    iUn 1 mn county health gain in the next three    years.lof “insurance” to protect their order to reduce expenditures,    and orange mint, the South    Grr-    as ice    and snow. find present portfolio position, or as Talk Hoover with your insurance    man Assn. of Retailers    said    The    “storm”    lasted until a means of seeking additional in-1 agent.    Wednesday.    noon. ...„ . ... f    ., ..from the Linn county health gain in the next three Heed this warning: Gasoline^!l,lcd Wlth gas fumes:VVhe" ^at department, will present the Undoubtedly you could _____ i_ _    I..    _    nannona nm/ «cnnrlr u/hotnnri * _    _ any spark, vvfiet^er 1 session on venereal diseases. .other such bonds with “locked AT BRIDGE })ortant it describes a hand with a balanced pattern. To get best warns there is no absolutely safe way to store gasoline — ei- NOKTH ♦ AQ64 V 52 ♦ 10 6 3 ♦ K 10 7 2 VV KST A J 5 V QJ108 3 J 982 ♦ A84 .SOUTH (D) A KIO83 V A 7 6 ♦ AK4 *QJ9 Both vulnerable HI value from your notrumps the thor in the car or in the home, hand pattern should be 4-3-3-3; As an example he cited the case 4-4-3-2 or 5-3-3-2.    of two safety experts who Since the notrump is a picture placed a safety can full of gaso-bid it is possible to develop very jjne in the trunk of a car, moved effective methods of responding to a safe distance, left the onto it. With a balanced hand you gjne running and waited. Within 120 minutes the car exploded. Pilot Lights In the home, Grigo says! I water-heater pilot lights arc the! iNo. I catalysts of gasoline ex-! plosions. The only acceptable! I method of storing gasoline” ho I explains, “is in the gas tank of 'your car.” In addition to being unsafe, (storing gasoline is also illegal in ; many areas. EAST A 972 ¥ K943 ♦ Q75 *653 West North East SA 44 Piss Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-QV South I NX SA Pass In Chicago, for example, the only legal way to store gas in! any quantity is in a tank below) ground. It's    against the law    to store gas in    a residence and    is almost always illegal to carry! gas in a car trunk. 4    4    4 Dr. Andelman welcomes let* simply add your points to \oui jers out|jnjfljr problems which partners. The total determines . may (jjscuss jn future col-whether you want to play a par umns jje regrets, however, that' score, game or    slam.    he cannot    personally answer ’I    he    St ay    man con von ion niajj \yrjtc    t0 him in care    of allows you to find 4-4 major suit L- r___Hp fits. North’s two club is an ex-!    ___ ample of this convention. The bid does not show clubs. It merely asks partner to bid a four-card major suit if he has one. South docs have one and bids wood high school, which turns two spades. North raises right out more than its share of cele* to the spade game and South bribes, is honoring five former proceeds to make his contract j students at alumni day ceremo-with an overtrick by drawing Hies. trumps; knocking out the ace of They are: the late Norman clubs and eventually losing the Chandler (class of 1918), former heart trick.    publisher of the Ixxs Angeles South would also make three Times; actresses Nanette Fa-notrump because the enemy j bray and Alexis Smith, iboth hearts divide 4-4. but spades is ’38); Nobel Prize winning physicist William Shockley (’27), a I controversial researcher into (racial intelligence; and Adam j Walsh, a national football hall of fame coach, who captained the school’s gridiron team in 11919. SMU LE KOF FS 2'/i acre* of everything for the home 3rd Ave. at I st St. S.E. In Downtown Cedar Rapids ana, STOR-MOR COMPACTOR TAKES THE BULK OUT OF YOUR TRASH SO YOU WILL HAVE JUST ONE TRIP A WEEK TO THE TRASH CAN ~    INSTEAD    OF 5 OR 6 OPEN WEDNESDAY 9-5 THURSDAY 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Free Parking For our customers, using Park and Free Delivery , and get Shop Smulekoff’s now . free delivery. Shop plan. K. AND THIS ONE TRASH CAN WILL REPLACE THREE SMC-1 Available in colors; • Avocado • Gleaming White Autumn Gold Coppertone Vv.vi: 3 j x ‘Cl V 4 • V L School Honors Celebrity Grads HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Holly- the right spot. V*CRRD<fc/**44 15 South I ♦ The* bidding has been: West    North    East IA    Piss Tass    19    Pe**    ? You, South, hold: AK J* 5 92 4AQ IO65 AK 4 3 What do you do now? A — Bld OIH- spatlr. This bld is a one round forir. Your hand is not quite strong enough lo jump to two spades TODAY'S QUESTION You hid one spade and your partner rebids one notrump. What do you clo now? Answer Tomorrow AOvf) ti sr mrnt More Security With FALSE TEETH At Any Time Atmid fuln‘ tret It Will drop at tin' wrong time? A (looturn odin ,ive can lndp. UASTKKTII* Powder k'yi1,, dentures ii longer, firmer, Mc.idler hold. Why Im* embar rat) .od? Fur more ■ eon ity nod comfort, use I1' \ S ’III. Ill I tent tire Adhesive Powder. Denture) that tit are e,chi nil lo health, hee your dent ut regularly. AMANA WILL COMPACT YOUR HOUSEHOLD TRASH big bottles, small bottles plastic soap or bleach containers • 3 lb. coffee cans or small juice cans • even empty aerosol cans Modal RR-4 f^e-< MICROWAVE^OVEN made only by /VVIiaiVa. SAVE 50 - 75°/« OF THE ELECTRICITY YOU USE IN COOKING! ALL THE HEAT GOES INTO THE FOOD — NONE IS WASTED! The Amana Radarange Microwave Oven is the most efficient energy-saving way to cook! and it s so easy and safe to use. You can make big savings in the electricity you use!* 56*/. SAVINGS — 4 lb. Beef Roast Open tho Glide-Out Bm, drop in the trash Close and push the Start Switch that's it. 63*/» SAVINGS Potatoes 61*/# SAVINGS low Cake 4 (8 oz.) Baked Two Layer Yel- The Amana does the rest automatically. It’s economical to USO. It uses low cest plastic bags you find at your supermarket and compacts your trash in half the time Amana even gives you a starter set of GLAD* trash bags and Ait wick* air spray The round, removable bucket can he hosed out outside The bin comes all the way out so you can clean theinsideand a damn cloth is all you neentoclean theout-side. j4m ana si< m< m< hi < < >mi?v i ok FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY Amana warrants for five years from date of original purchase tor home use only in United Slates, replacement or repair of parts found defective as to workmanship or material under normal use. This includes labor required for replacement of detective parts. Defective parts are to be returned through Amana s dealer-distri-butor organisation. Owner is responsible for serviceman's travel charges. local cartage, cleaning and normal maintenance. Any product subjected to accident, misuse, negligence. abuse, detac ement of serial plate or alteration shall void the warranty. AMANA REFRIGERATION, INC.. AMANA, IOWA 76®/• SAVINGS — Frozen Broccoli (10 oz. boil in pkg ) •Comparison of microwave oven and electric rango made by Sacramento utility District. From the Amana Test Kitchen: 72*/# SAVINGS — 2 lb. Baked Whole Chicken 70*/1 SAVINGS —4 Lobster Tails (frozen 8 oz. each) 51*/* SAVINGS—11 lb. Tuikcy 50*/* SAVINGS — 1 cup of Instant Coffee 82*'. SAVINGS from the Fry Pan — 4 Hamburger Patties (4 oz. ea.) Uses less electricity and saves time, too! • Cooks most foods in V4 the normal time • Automatic Timer Control eliminates useless cooking time and saves energy, too. • Only the food gets hot No massive heat build up like conventional ovens. • Operates on 115 volts No special wiring needed. Energy savings will vary with the portions and type of foods. Tho foods shown are typical foods and portions. Some other foods or portions will fall below 50“/# savings and others will be consid rably more then 75'/# savings Open a Smulekoff’s Budget Account Take Months to Pay    Pr3C0S Your transaction is a private confidential one at Smulekoff’s. Your account stays otdTt Bt with the store, is never sold to a finance company. $ 349 95 SMULEKOFF’S TERMS TO FIT YOUR BUDGET ;

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