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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa «*s nat/cnai wf ai mn $i*vrc« rottCAsr to 7am ut i - <*•- 74 MSI DEATHS Demo, GGP Leaders Agree The ('n!ar Rapids Gazette; Tues., Ian. 15 1971 Herman C. Helms norman Cecil Helms, 62, of By Charles Roberts 2705 Seeley avenue SE, a Cedar DES MOINES (AP) I Rapids resident since 1940, died cratic and Republican legisla On Food Sales Tax Repeal Deputy Salaries Set, Up an Average of 9% th.it’s going to be difficult,” Neu Demo- said. The lieutenant there would be governor said other surplus Monday in a Cedar Rapids bos    jive leaders    generally agreed pitfil following a long illness. I with Gov. Robert Ray’s propos- projections that show the state Horn April IO, 1911, in Green- . _    a    ;    *.    t    4,    ..    . brier Mo be was married to    tuesday    to eliminate the    is in    a better financial situation Lila Smith Oct 4, 1963, in Cedar    sai(’s ,;ix on    food and prescrip*    than    Hay admits and “there are Rapids. Mr. Helms was a re-: tion drugs. tired manager of Western Transportation Co. He was a member of St. (r3^ U*WtATMmOTOCA$l*> tuesday night, rain or snow may be found over portions of the north Atlantic states while ra.n falls across the Pacific coast area and upper Rockies. Generally fair elsewhere. Linn supervisors announced, but it actually figured out to 9 Tuesday that salaries for percent. sheriff’s deputies have been set The announcement said the and that they meet a 9 percent sheriff and the deputies had .,,, average increase planned by the agreed to the salaries as set by a lot of plans floating around ;board ,as, July    U ^ Ii u t Democrats contended to spend more money.    Chairman    Jean    Oxley    said    SU*    T)pnutin.    havp hnen seeking a there would be no need for a tax Asst. Senate Minority Leader pervisors had intended that the    .. .    ,    , rj .,    ■    .    ,    ul    ait    if Ray’s administration had.e n e Kennedy (D-Dubuque) increase average 9.6 percent,    r lncrease* )U SUP(,,‘ Pauls United Methodist church,!I10t earlier been responsible forbid most of the points Ray Cedar Rapids Toastmasters °M tax increases.    made had earlier received | which he was a former pres-    Democratic support, idcnt, the traffic bureau of the    ‘Right    Way    He    said    m0Et    Democratic I Cedar Rapids Chamber of Com- “jf we’re going to give any leaders had been promoting the meree, and has been active in kind 0f a tax reduction, I think elimination of sales tax on food Scouting.    that’s probably the right way to and prescription drugs for Surviving in addition to his „ saj(j House s kcr An. months. wife are two sons Donald iv drcw Varley (R-Stuart) “The    —--- tb'lms Cedar Rapids and Hon- thm^, ^ conc(.rns mc ,s n. p l* I Kr\,^A ald W Helms, Newton, threejmoyjng a long-term sort of rive- KUlinCJ IS ASK0Q nue and we haven’t got a lot of Qn Resolution for firm information yet on how    I'WWiuiiwii    i    ui much the surplus is due to one    Traff ic    Chanqe time revenues.” Four Removed From Court's Practice List —Dailv Record— daughters, Mrs. Thomas J. Evans and Mrs. Leon Loftsgard, Cedar Rapids, and Mrs. Wallace Storm, Canton, Ohio; a stepson, Michael J. Blood, Cedar Rapids; a stepdaughter, Mrs. #    Lloyd Batchelor, Colorado tor measuring the performance ;Springs    .    |5    grandehi|. characteristic* of    recorders    and    ,]r(,n; fotlr ^ralliers, Homer statistical    methods    for    analyz-    Helms, Omaha; Glenn and Ivan Admission to practice as attorneys in the Northern Iowa s district of federal court has deputies was that been revoked for former Second visors planned to visors insisted that would not be possible because of a 5.5 percent federal guideline for the total of salaries and because the smaller figure had been set in the budget. One Complaint One of the chief complaints of the super-make the district Congressman James E. raises become effective on anni-Bromwell and Paul H. Kinion, versary dates instead of at the a Cedar Rapids attorney. j beginning of the year. The two were among four at- Supervisors said Tuesday that The Weather ing experimental results. No Comment Chicago ..    37    30    .    N Orleans Denver    58    33    .    New York Duluth    72    4    .12    Phoenix Honolulu    79    76    ,C2    Seattle 7144 ... 31 30 , 73 45 . 53 50 1.41 NE; 1506 A avenue NE; Alfred Minh  .....  i    . I Scoring, Iowa City; Gail Moyle, mqn temperatures Monday, low tem- ~ , g . .    .    *• j perjures overnight and inches of preapi- j Cedar Rapids; each lined $3u Anchorage 9 4. L.Angeies si ss anc! costs. Duane Nelson, Pelt -Atlanta 3934 .19 Miami 73 67 i.7i, can Rapids, Minn.; Larry Rabik, B.smarck . 4. 3 .01 Mm'.polis 30 IS . 14433 Rushlnore drive each fined $20 and costs. Faulty equipment Houston 69 61 7.00 washqton '30 27 Stceplcton, TOO Thirty-fifth Extended Forecast — Partly sire* t, Marion; fined SIO and cloudy and mild with little or no '"Chirl,- f„nlrill __________ precipitation indicated. Highs in Raymond Bequcaith, 180 Alma upper 20s northeast to lower 40sJ drive NW; fined $50 and costs, southwest. Lows in teens north- Failure to file accident report — Juanita Marold, 818 Tenth street SE; fined $60 and costs. Traffic signal violation — High Monday ................4DI £°hn ,,M'Da«d,eg 849 A »ve”uc , ”    .    ’    ^    NL; fined $30 and costs. De- Low overnight ...............29,horah Novak, 350 Thirtieth Noon Tuesday .............38    street drive SE; Sandia Philipp, 2 pm    j31 Nevada; Patricia Prattles, Fair- Precipitation ............ None c“h Ii""'sis and cost*. Reckless driving — Billy by the experts’report. |Folkers, 663 Sixteenth avenue Helms, both of North Platte Neb., and Milburn Helms, Pen-; sacola, Fla., and a sister, But Senate Minority Leader The city attorney's office was torneys whose status in federal raises will be given immediate-James Schaben (D-Dunlap), an asked luesday whether turning rxjurt was revoked this month ly, that anniversary increases of announced candidate for Ray’s movements on city streets can by Cedar Rapids Federal Judge $20 to $25 will be given at the job, said the governor’s propos- he regulated by resolution, or Edward McManus. The other appropriate time and that the als stand “in the eye of a politi-whether a city ordinance is nee-;two were J. Frank DuR^an, figures iiro still within the budg-cal storm.”    essary.    Sioux City, and Jerald R. Brone- ct and federal guidelines. “He told us six months ago ^ order to alleviate traffic j mann, Monticello.    Supervisors    said the raises we had to rob highways” be- con8estion anticipated when the The Iowa supreme court last were intended to eliminate dif cause there were not enough A avenue viaduct doses Jan. 21, | year revoked the licenses of I he White House said it would. Bernice Sweem. Seattle, Wash. II""/ ln    t    .te    trea^rv    tbc    city    council    plans    to    prohibit    Kinion    and    Duggan    to    practice not comment on the report since. Services: Turner chapel east s "    treasury,    ,    4----- 4    ,    4    A.___|—-------..... it was only a summary and the at 3 p.m. Thursday by Dr. Ar- Shaken said, hut now “he’s le^ turns at tbree intersections as attorneys in Iowa, near St. Luke’s hospital. The    Violated    Canons was to take effect j ferentials within the department, and that the previous pay scale remains, with the same base pay. They said they intend to work said rtav cloned Wednesday or Thursday, to give' Duggan violated several can- toward reaching pay guidelines ihi> si 1 mliK PflmJ motorists a chance to adapt toyons of professional ethics, the comparable to other law en- the law before the viaduct suPreme court sa*d *n dlsbar‘forcement agencies. -1____ ring him. His license was re cast to the 2Us southwest. C. R. Weather whole matter was still in the;nold Herbst. Burial: Cedar Me- toiling us how to dole out th® prohibition courts. But it also said:    morial cemetery. Friends may surT'us’‘ “While the White House will call at the Turner chapel east Schaben withhold immediate comment, until 2:30 p.m. Thursday. The °^er how violation — it would be altogether incorrect casket will not be opened after about He sa,d much of it was    ^    _ and improper to- premature the sen voce Tile family suggests    ;    If    an    ordinance,    rather    than a ™kcd blowing judgments or conclusions to be that friends may. if they wish, volcd in sales tax while Lay .    renuired    morp    *^10liX    City contribute to their favorite char-'was state Republican chairman ™IU™;■ « requireo, more. ity.    and the income tax hike in 1972 Lme will be required. The coun- __while Ray was governor.    plans    to    adopt Preston McCabe    “Realistic”    Proposals license was re-a hearing in reached in the absence of any judicial decision and while the process is still under way.’’ Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Ha- nance Preston A. McCabe, 73, of 1721 Lt. Gov. Arthur Neu said he and passed on three separate Ninth street NW, a Cedar felt all of Ray’s proposals were occasions which could delay Total for Jan...............0.32 Barometer, falling .... Humidity at noon..... waii), a member of the senate Watergate committee, issued a statement saying he was “very    ^    f    h    realistic. The Carroll Itepubii- implementation of the law much disturbed and distressed Hap,< s resident most OI ms mc. ^ ^ ^ ^ par,lcilar|y pleased at the sales tax propos- —Ford— Kinion was charged with nine | (Continued from Page I.) cil plans to adopt a resolution counts of violating cannons    convention    in Atlantic Wednesday if nossihle An ordi- professional ethics and statutory ™rcau convention in Auantic " however must be a P™vimons of iowa law. M three separate the offen5CS llsted by the s11'1    assume inal ,n which Sunday in died unexpectedly .29.97 sw;fined”saO "and" costs: john1 “‘“hoping." he said, “that Lakeland, Fla. G6°o    Mc Dade. 849 A avenue NE    the technical experts would    Born Aug. 5, 1900, in Seymour, fined $15 and costs.    have reported that this was the    ho was married to Helen De Wind direction and    velocity at obstructing crossing — Rock    result of some accident.” Gazette weather staticn at 2 Island railroad; fined $10 and .     -.....-................. ■    — p.m., NW at 14 mph.    costs. a1. sun sets. 6:01. Year Ago Today — High, 33; low, 34; rainfall, none. —Energy— (Continued from Page I.) Sun rises Wednesday, 8:32; , layer's license violation - Jerald Holman, 1705 First street SW; fined $25 and costs. Edward Turkal, 1506 A avenue jtrochemical raw materials NE; fined $15 and costs. Bor cr I other petroleum products. “My main concern is that we —Kissinger— (Continued from Page I.) in 1974 we preme court was negotiation of bc m0|*c flexible in our a check payable to a client with wage guidelines.” intent to defraud.    I    F,°rd’    wbo    as vice-president Bronnemann surrendered his chairs the administration’s do-license as an attorney Sept. Domestic council, said the way to 1973, after pleading guilty in halt “runaway agricultural Jones county district court to | prices is to free the American Brower Sept. 23, 1927, in Silvis, I 111. Mr. McCabe was a 47-year employe of the Rock Island railroad, retiring in 1965. He was a member of First Baptist or church, and served on the board of deacons, Mizpah Masonic legislature Traveler s Forecast Wednesday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck ....... PtCldy    37-8 Chicago ........PtCldy 42-30 Cincinnati  Cloudy 62-42 Cleveland    .Cloudy    47-34 Des Moines PtCldv 42-28 Detroit ..... -..PtCldy    39-28 Indianapolis Cloudy 48-42 Kansas City ...... Fair 50-35 Mpls.-St. Paul . PtCldv 35-15 Okla. City......... Fair    67-42 have the $60 million surplus at | singer returned to Israel with a’embezzlement as executor of J farmres to produce more and to the end of the biennium, and map showing the positions the the estate of a Monticello give them incentive to do so. Egyptians insist on holding on woman.    “The    interesting    thing    about - Rn lf ~    the east bank as wel1 as the    Xnt    Disbarred    f00tl priCCS >S that.farmers are ““j    buffer zone the Egyptians are    .    ,    ,    not the major beneficiary. (Continued from Page I.) willing to let the U. N. peace- Cromwell has not been riis- Demo-'keeP-n8 force man between ther^Ff®^ .?.n i!?e Sla^J«V* I two armies.    ,P|ed    8ul“y    ,Nov- 7v 973’ t0 one, count of failing to file a tax rc- Main Difference    ^urn    for    year    1959 0n gross One high-ranking American income in the amount ol wM.t* i  im vxtur            _    (55-45    over se -*ITt e Vc nMMcNair, 5603 The regulations also provide    lodge, treasurer of the National    crats in the house; 28-22 in the Wilder drive SW; each fined for an adjustment of the alloca-    Railroad Retirees, Brotherhood    senate) for its 1973 record. $10 and costs.    tion to take account of unusual of Railway Clerks, and the Se- jn vour ^rst ec&sion “ he Rosistmgan officer-ThDmas growth in demand by a pur-    nior Men’s Christian club of the    said «.*the cldcrly and iow in J    official    with    Kissinger    said    he* $137.669.34. chaser since the “base period”    YMCA.    come Iowans received an honest    thought    the    differences    were against which his allocation is Surviving in addition to his jax break.    manageable.    The    principal    dis- measured.    wife are two daughters, Betty; ..you continued our attack on agreement apparently was over To Contractors    I    Briggs, Cedar Rapids, ana property taxes; you supported aUhe number and kinds of anti- A special provision was also Mary Allre ^c°.tt’    Mar!°";!well-balanced educational sys-iaircraft missiles and other made to feed petroleum fuels, to s.e/ c nD    *JJ}Mtem;    you    established    a    concept] weapons that Egypt would rc- ..........  -    building contractors who need it    Beulah    avis    an^d Nett community based cor rec-tain on the east side of the Omaha ....PtCldy 52-33    j    for specific projects which may ^an    Ximwa^M^s    itions; you exPr6Ssed faith in canal Sioux Fails ...... frau    45-0    •‘hurch. Burial in Clayton | not be comparable to fuel use in    Lola Ho0d’ 0,tumwa' ‘ '■    vniitHT nnnnlp hv nrnvidinu ma-    Kist c e n t c r cemetery. Schultz’, some general “base period.” Reynolds. Palo; fined $15 and costs. Disobeying police officer — David Argotsingcr, 1104 Brockman drive SE; fined $25 and costs. , lov/a Deaths F a r rn c r s b u rg Erwin Precipitator Goes into Use At Powerhouse “It is a ridiculous statement that bread prices could go to a dollar a loaf. This just can’t be justified.” /Ord said the administration . not “refined sufficiently” a policy on a strategic grain reserve “to say that we endorse it.” “We had unmanageable and costly grain reserves in the past taal cost taxpayers a billion dollars a year,” Ford said the President has Degree Days Monday ............ Total to date ... Through Jan. 14. 1973 . Percent of normal year . Total normal year Coralville Lake Pool level Tuesday .... Birfhs — St. Luke’s Jan. 14 To the families of Max Hansen, 1115 Elm .■‘trcct, Marion, a daughter; Michael Ament, Til Wilson avenue SW, a son; Timothy Mott, 2960 Four’O avenue, Minion, .1 on; Roger O’Brien, 228 Alma (hive NW, a son; Don K. Bohr, Mechanic -Ville, a daughter; Edwin Rank. 620 First street SW, a son. ! Monona. 4.5 * : 3,440: Belle Blaine Mrs. Alice I. 3 809 I Covington, 66. Hrabak’s. 51.88    Brooklyn — William Glee, .6,63 ii 75. Services Thursday at 2 at Nevcnhoven’s. Strawberry Point 680.18 j Eari Batcheldcr, 82. Services Thursday at I at Gocttsch’s, Anamosa. Defense department tions of all petroleum products, except for heating buildings, ‘.shall be based on current re- vice-presidency. A Si milion electrostatic pre ... J ■ , .. .    4. r, lived up to all promises he nor, AnHr„w. TpntArvilio andJoung pcople by fll'oviding ma1 Klssulger hopcd t0 bc ablc 10:c‘P“alor went int" op ° made when Ford assumed the Clara Andrews, ^Centerville^ a jorjty rights for them; you re- hold a final meeting Wednesday today at the Iowa Electric Light alloca- a brotber’ Frank McCaDe' j cognized the sacrifices of our with Sadat and then let the two and Power Co. Sixth street sta-Numa-    Vietnam veterans; you enacted(countries return to direct nego- tjon Services: Turner chapel east strong consumer protection leg- tiations in Geneva.    *    .    .    . ....   .    .    at 1:30 p m. Thursday by Dr.jfalation. and you gave us a “I'm not going to be shuttling’ Tte precipitator is quirements,” subject to review Wnyne Shireman. Masonic ser- tough new campaign law, just to back and forth,” he told news* 1 f peric 0 ic ar DRIVE SAFELY Births — Mercy Jan. 14 To the I.ansing ander, 61. Services were Tuesday at 2 at United Methodist church. Burke-Thornburg. Ossian — Lena Rogness, 98. Services Wednesday at 1:30 at Lutheran church. Schmitz’. Independence — Frankie A. Gitsch, 75, White’s. Manchester — Leonard Clew, 49. Services Wednesday families of1 at 1:30 at First Lutheran Hrs and approval by the President. ! vices will be conducted by miz [name a few While his Federal Energy Of- Pab lodge. Burial: Cedar Memo-fice was preparing the regula-1 r*al cemetery. Friends may call itions to govern the nation’s pe-iat tbe Turner chapel cast after Mrs. Mabel Alex-!|roj€Um distribution system, I® am- Wednesday. All Master; FEO director William E. Simon j Masons are asked to meet with i found consumer advocate Ralph Mizpah lodge at the chapel by Nader claiming none of this was P m- Thursday. The family really necessary. Henry Stump!!, Amana, a daughter; James Breen, 790 West Ninth avenue, Marion, a daughter. Out of Town Births At Portland. Ore. -Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cornish, a son Jan. 13. Mrs. Cornish is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Mont-pas, 2739 Dalewood SE. Cornish is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Doug Cornish, 388 Thirty-first street SE. Marriage Licenses Lisa Meincn and Victor Hayer, Sarah Baker and Garie Hill, all of Cedar Rapids. Donna DcVault and Kenneth Burnell, both of Marion. Debra Hawkins, Lakeside, Ore., and Theodore Yankee, Hiawatha. Marsha Coppock, Cedar Rapids, and Michael llallarud, Cleveland, Ohio. Fires 11:58 a.m. Monday. Mistaken alarm ut west end of Eighth avenue bridge at Pcniek Ai Ford. 6:14 p.m. Monday. Heat from propane beater at 1322 I) avenue NE. 11:38 pm. Monday. Investigate odor at 1231 Second .avenue SE. Magistrate s Court Speeding 247 Eleventh neth Holly, 701 church. Burial in Evergreen cemetery, Delhi. Clifton’s, Earlville. Nader, testifying before a house-senate joint economic subcommittee Monday, said “The world is literally drowning iii oil. Any government agency can create a shortage simply by announcing it.” I suggests that friends may, if; they wish, contribute to the me-, morial fund of First Baptist church. Reporting on the state's condition. Ray said agriculture, "still the core of our economy,’’ experienced record production levels in 1973 to the point where econo mists say the cash farm marketing in Iowa is expected to place the state number one in the nation. ticulate matter out of gases from coal burned in the sta- jtion’s fifth unit. It will remove I more than 47 tons of dust per ... ,. .    ...    . j day when the unit is operating turn to Washington by he “cek-jat maximum , ,    ■ j end. He “ expected to travel via Thc ^ ilat0Fr is lhc fourthj  dordan- Meanwhile, Egyptian    a[ Fh(1 p,an| jp (hp ,aJ value of or,1gn . mister Ismail I alum tbrec vears wj(b a total cost of is to fly to Moscow to discuss t h e disengagement with the Russians. men in Aswan Monday. “After this phase, we’ll have to do it in Geneva.” Kissinger said he hoped to re- Will you know what to do ^ mm ' rn William J. Biskup William J. Biskup, 80. of St. A new' record was set, too. Ray continued, in the number of: new jobs created and the! Paris Subway Protest PARIS (AP) — Traffic on the version about $2.5 million, situation ^ decision will be made laier on installation of similar equipment on the station’s fifth stack. The unit was scheduled for conto oil. but plans may Leaislature Received have a serious short ener gy develop- n ",    V    ,    u    '    .    lh.    ant formerly of    Cedar    Rapids,!in b'duslrial development. But    Simon    told    congress    the    saturday    after    a long Unemployment averaged    less icrgy crisis is real and we do    •    than 3 percent, he said. the low- Surviving is a    sister,    Frances cst in years and about half    thc C. Biskup, St.    Paul.    Several national average, cousins reside in    Cedar    Rapids.! The governor put in a plug for Services: Kuba funeral home    *be    “Iowa    2(KM)    program Co. said M°n«ay    eagt at 7 p.m. Wednesday by the    launched    statewide through    the Adjourned until    9    a.m. Wed- that    its    total    petroleum invento-    j^v (je0rge B McDill of Hu? nesday    jrjes    as    of    Jan. 4 were larger Convened min    n m.    :iban    a    year    earlier, with gaso- Received four bills including I line stocks about the same, and  ...... I    amount    nf    now    ronital    invested Paris subway system shut downjChange because of the oil short- Paul, Minn., a retired architect|?mou.nt of caP,tal “vestedS.------------------1 (Tuesday) House Convened at 9 a.rn three bills. In joint session with the senate, heard Gov. Robert Ray’s and supplc-messages avenue 1 state of the State mental budget energy indeed age.” In other monte: The Exxon Tuesday during a five-hour age. Emission control equipment strike to protest the recent kill- will be added if the unit re-mg of an employe by muggers, mains coal-fired. one to reduce the maximum crude oil and fuel oils higher. speed limit to 55 mph.    .    .    .    . »____ Went into joint session with 1 Beirut, Lebanon, the house to hear Gov. Ray’s j Arabia’s King Faisal told U.S. State of tit,* State and supple- gen. J. Bennett Johnston (D-mcrital budget messages,    1 „ > tuat Archin would bo Recessed for lunch and com- |La J inal 5>autn ArdD,a Ulfl mitt et' meetings. news media Sunday, saying it Memorial United Presbyterian j ‘‘promises to be truly an excit-church. Burial: Czech National I mg and significant effort” for cemetery. Friends may call at the Kuba funeral home east. state Hun want to live in at the turn of thc century Memorial Services '''lsl it<’™ ir" (.°“nd Ftachrr. (irr.ru,lr - Server «hen you    to    art w'crc at Turner chapel east at found want ad. Dial 398-8234. -Watergate— (Continued from Page 1.) the entire Larry K. Fruehling. Burial was in Oak Hill cemetery, Sa melt. Anna Service.' were held in the Janeba-Kuba west Tuesday at Rev. Glenn NJ willing to end its oil embargo 3 p.m. Tuesday by_the Rev ; against thc U.S. if Watdiington would declare publicly that Israel should withdraw from all occupied Arab lands. This might funeral bonn produced the entire buzz see- be a softening of the Saudi posi    1:3o by    th< "-Ik ,    *1*. pri'Viously said the    B™tn- “The evidence tape, insolar embargo would continue until    was in t    ,,.,1, fiationul centas we have determined, us an Israel agreed to withdraw from    ten. original and not a copy.”    'Arab lands and actually bogan Thc experts said that in their leaving, examination of the tape they Used computers, instruments for 20 YEARS AGO The state measuring frequency .spectra department withdrew diplomat- f lff.Aff . . . I*rmnpt HOW ms lh limy PH K S M il MAIN till MHH* SIM Center PI. Rd. N.E. 393-5565 John Bite land, and waveforms, techniques for ic passport privileges from key street NW; Ken- “developing” magnetic marks U S Information Agency per*' Thirty-fourth and HSIA sought return street SE: Robert Callo, 318 E ,hat can l)(‘ slH‘n and measured sonnet ana 1 ma so avenue NW; Edward Turkal. I directly on the tape, techniques pf this aid to its work overseas. “Extra Touch" FTO Service PIERSON’S ’"shop* IBOO Ellis Blvd. NW HOWIRPHONE 366-1826 rn ■OL, For 61 years . . . flowers for all occasions! John Is. 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 Convenient downtown location We have so many beautiful ways to say something special FLORIST and GIFT SHOP    364-8139 phone answered 34 hours every day Non-Ccntract NEW WANT AD DEADLINES TUES......4:45 PM Mon. WED. .....4:45 PM Tues. THURS.....4:45 PM Wed. FRI 4:45 PM Thurs. SAT. ,.. .4:45 PM Fri SUN 11:00 AM Sat MON......11:45 AM Sat, Corrections and cancellation* 8 AM 'til 9 AM day of publication. 'Til 11:00 AM Sat. for Sunday. Want Ad Dept. Closes al Noon Saturday DIAL 398-8234 going on After the loss of someone close, going un isn't easy. During the first difficult days, we're here to do everything we can to help. MURDOCH FUNERAL HOMES rf MARION CENTI R POIN I CtNTRAL CITY SPRINGVILLE WAI.KUR COGGON and in Ctdar Rapids THE BEATTY BEHRLE CHAPEL Knowing pronely what lo do when funerol anangemcnf* ar* ntunary will bo tory (outfoxing and helpful. FREE BOOKLET “Fact* Every Family Should Know” should be in every home Contains: • Tho importance of making a will. * • Funeral practices. • Family History section. Far your iris booklet, snits sr (oil biol Wilbttl Sunol loud Mfr. (Na lait! contact wilt bs mods ) ■Th. OUM* iWWlV ’I et 1 quality mr}* *4 construi.- V.    HMM It! BURIAL VAULTS Rtcotnmandtd by Funeral Dine* tori os the burial vault winch provide* complots protsdton. Roland Kilbtrt Vault Co., Inc. 1210 Blairs Farr/ Rd. Marlon, Iowa 52302 (Foiititrftly im tolsi confect will bs made] V i ;

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