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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 'I lip ( pilar Rapids Gazette:    I    nos.,    Jan.    15    1974 Ray s 44-Point Program Listed Courthouse and Sunday liquor Operators Face Tax Counts on Massage Parlor A Cedar Rapids man and an Ehrlichman Practices Law With Environmental Focus Leach To Meet with [rom Robert Schreiber, area sn Johnson GOP Unit pervisor for the Iowa depart- DES MOINES — Here,    in    Rambling brief, are the 44 points in the sales. 1974-75 program Gov. Robert    41. Permit    liquor sales    ii; Ray presented Tuesday to    the    franchised    private outlets    in Iowa legislature:    smaller Iowa communities with- 1. Cost-of-living pay ra*ses of oui state stores. 6 5 percent for    teachers,    and    42.    broaden the state’s indus- other employes of public school trial revenue bond law. districts,    area    schools    and    43.    Empower the state en in board of regents institutions and merce commission to prevent a to state employees, totaling $35.5 second utility rate increase million.    from    being put iii under bond    Eugene    iv    Augustine,    as    opera 2. An    appropriation of    $2.8    whde    a ra,e increase aPPh-    tor of    the    same    businesses,    were million to meet non-payroll in- cation is pending.    charged Mondav afternoon, flationarv costs of food and fuel Tighten the securities law in state institutions.    on intra-state sales. 3. A 6.5 percent increase    in aid to dependent children, totaling $2.5 million. 4. An increase in Title 19 Medicaid grants, totaling $2 million. 5. A special $1.2 million appropriation for supplementary security income. 6. A 3.5 million appropriation to cover federal fund losses in health sciences. 7. A one-time $6 million appropriation to eliminate the IO percent annual mileage deduction limitation from the school foundation plan. (See story on page 4.) 8. A $2 million additional appropriation (over last year's) for Iowa’s open spaces program plus another $1 million for soil conservancy. 9. A $4.5 million additional conservation commission appropriation for capital improve rs (iregg Herrington SEATTLE (AP) - John Ehr* whose friends have out. Pp t“ this point. there has now more difficult, but been no active solicitation, but think it can be done." still contributions.”    “massive    outpouring    of    opposi te faces ll) civil suits, as well tion to the President” iii 1969-70 in Southeast said that, in subsequent months and into The Giftrec .January Sale Save up to 50%. 700 7th St. SE -Adv. ♦ * * PubMc Library Board from Watergate related probes. No Deal and obviously politically and so on.” not opinion' andl‘r^te(" wil1 mT, Th"^d^na.' m J legislatively 1    11    , l" 1 ii,.:,ii,••oon' of tho mum binary. , Kx,. lichman, started a trust fund to help pay Ankeny man have been charged for his legal expenses, is strug-    ....    •    ,    » vith making    retail    sales without gling    to re-establish himself    as mmmal ‘‘hinges in Los    / ii    when    war raged . .i    I ,    ..    . .    .. lfh .. J...,,    «nn«.iaii/ino    Kclei in connection with the 19/1    Asia. Ehrlichman rSS    in enWronmenUI aKairs    pii’kf"* ff- f Tl ST ’ , , aa Pupils bu. in cs st s.    Ehrlichman    resigned    as    chief    Ellsberg s psychiatrist A n d the re-election campaign, Nixon Melvin M. \antis, 1710 I a ;domestic adviser to President there rema,,is 1,10 Potl'”tial for reversed public avenue SE. doing business as    Njxon ,agt sprin^ jn (h(l    wake    ^criminal charges    stemming    “was    really    rolling Happy Hour Massage and as    the Watergate scandals. Valley Answering Service, and In addition to his practice of E.    Augustine,    as    opera-/™ «»    the environmental field,    Ehrlichman would not    say    ‘"ot ,w“linS *rite °/f    dava    o5 sundays I Ehrlichman has created a four-    what he and special Watergate    ability of the White House to    4    .    • (person    Land Use Group de-    prosecutor Leon Jaworski    dis-'regain    motion and initiative and signed to deal with environ-cussed in Washington last week. dynamism again over the period The informations were signed    mental concerns.    Rut he labeled    as untrue a Los    of the    next    couple    of years," he Uedar Rapids I Iud ol I rint.ng by an assistant Linn county at-    Ehrlichman said the    group    is    Angeles Times    story    that said    sa)d. mincy on the basis of a report n0[ a jaw fjrni and js (be Ehrlichman was offered a deal    “Extreme Swings” only attorney in the group. jjn return for cooperation in Wa-“It is for purely educational merit of revenue.    t,„mncM ** he said PAW    Retirees    —    Potluck    Student    Honored    —    Jan    Clem- meal    and    business    meeting em.    5539    Plainview    drive    NW. Thursday at the Kills YMCA. has been named lo the dean's *    *    *    list tor the fall semester at Cor nell college in Mt. Vernon. * *    * New operator special with -this ad. Tuesday, Wednesday. of Shampoo set $2 Mabeline 363 Adv. ♦ *    * Best * Rental * * Open ♦ * * Printing Craftsmen 7!) Week Adv. T Ii e purposes, Current Activities Ehrlichman talked about his CORALN ILLE — James A. S. Tlie defendants are accused of Leach, Republican candidate makjng [he taxable sales with-for nomination tor First dis- tnt I ou^ a permj[ on Sept. 14. congressman, will he the guest schreiber sold investigation ol c.urrenl activities and the dozen h H of .he Johnson County hep .bli- mat,e|.    „    |atfr    heard. can central committee Thurs- •    •    ■'    **    v    n day evening at the Carousel Conference Center. Coralville, at 8 p.m. The public is invited to meet; Sjniilar sales at Leach in his first campaign ti ip    parlors to the county. Precinct organization plans cilliics Assn. — Dale Sawyer, division manager of the comme I cia! department f o r Iowa Electric Light and Power, will speak Thursday at 7:30 a m. at the Roosevelt. * * * House Craftsmen t>oard meeting, Hickory smoked barbecued will be 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at ribs, shrimp and chicken served the Embassy club. Dinner will Wednesdays. Stickney’s Score-“Public support is a very fick- follow at 7.    ooard,    Mar    on thing. It has its ups and    *    *    * date, but that sale of record him during an exclusive two-on that date was uncovered by hour interview Monday. the investigation.    jje    sajd “Knowing He said an investigation oft Des Moines is still know about the what I facts” of the will be presented by Swisher and progress candidates committee given by Don Hoy. progress. A summons to appear in mag charges against him “I think ^orc i0'n‘n8 tbe N'xon campaign timistic in saving that it could I ve got good reason to be op- I" 1968 and..servi.n« a subs<'quent happen." timistic.” -Adv, * * — “Abortion Is Not 1 to Marital Prob- . city of Washington are subject p m Adv.    lerns” will be tin* topic of dis- to extreme    swings    from    one    to    *    *    *    cushion at a training meeting of the    other,    and    I    see    them.    I’ve    Optimist    Club—The    Thursday volunteers tonight at 7:30 at seen it swing both ways, very Noon Optimist club will meet at 1707 First avenue SE. * * * ♦ * * Story Hour — Weekly story *    *    *    hour for preschoolers will be Apply    now    tor    74    Auto    Li- given Wednesday from 10:30 to and; ll a m. in the downtown public tergate prosecutions.    Jo thing. It has its ups and    *    *    *    * Ehrlichman said he still ex- downs. Congressional reaction is Fun and Games, All Saints Birthright peds the White House tapes. very volatile. The moods of the Parish, every Wednesday, 7:30 the Answer which he stressed he ha will vindicate him of charges in the Ellsberg case. Ellsberg was acquitted in the fast.    the Elks club to hear Charlie Pentagon papers trial.    ,.^0    j    reaj|v    don*[    think    that    Blank    of    Kirkwood    Community Ehrlichman, 48. lived here be- rm being unrealistically op- college. Jeanne jS[rafe t.0ur{ ln odar Rapids is of tho b, served on Yantis bv ‘tho his lc«al cxPen?eS but 881(1 Will Iowa Citian Charged In Tavern Incident in man and his> wife. Jeanne sat in ..from happening by mala be    "    panTau n Ii .0 HpnarT Iaaswer t° a question:    j ® a ir0P ^0 an lookf>d droitness so to speak. But I'm Cedar Rapids police depart-    ,    1    lout    across    their    lawn to Lake ini . assume thai tilt' neo- a,,d E1*v ment. A summons for Augustinej    hJa8:Washingt°n.    just    40 yards away. p|e (ja the White Housei have ...    .    *    *    *    ,.    . was to be mailed to the Ankeny D( en created, some people nave Their daughter s Shetland learned a great deal over the Election Meeting Election ot similar t h e four-year White House hitch. I Ehrlichman said a Nixon re- cense Ta8s at First Trust andin a m- 1 Ehrlichman would not discuss! During the interview. Ehrlich-(COVer    cou,d    be    preven|(,d    Savings    Bank^ Three locations    library auditorium '■from    hanoi,nint,    bv    mala-    -|82°    'rst Avenue N.E.    3rd    program will be given at Street    and Twelfth Ave.    S.E.,    Edgewood branch,    221    Ldge- Adv.    wood read NW, from    1:30    to    1:50 a trust fund that has W    t    wll"ns    10    “    p“'    *    *    *    nm d. Some people have Lu     rn-.,.    u...~ -I    *    |, m' police department. come forward in order to help shcepdoR Kcl|ey p)aved at the Agnew Lawyers Plan Challenge ANNAPOLIS (AP) - Lawyers for former Vice-president scuffle ^new Plan t0 challenge before A J5.5 million appropri- with the owner of Slim's Tav'j'h® court of appeals a ree- Mcgistrafe Court feet of the former White House last year and that they aide. Ehrlichman was more subdued than in a news conference avoid some of the pitfalls.” the board of directors will be R ue birdnest ferns $5, Pier* can ...    .     ,    ,    r„    366-1826.    -    Adv. * * TIFFIN — Johnson County ments plus $1 million for* lodge    authorities report an alleged astond acquisition at Rathbun    suit and battery and shot tired state park.    in Tiffin. Monday night. IO. A $2.9 million to assure Sheriff Gary Hughes said that statewide educational television Marc Swenka. 34, of Iowa City coverage.    allegedly engaged in a ation for a research coal mine,    em, FT Grindstaff. about 7:30    ommendation    that    he    be    barred 12. A $12.3 million appropri-    Monday evening. Swenka then    from    practicing    law    in    Mary- ation for a $2.8 million meat lab    allegedly left the tavern and    land.    . and a $6.5 architectural design fired a rifle several times into \ court spokesman said a corning license against El: Abo center at Iowa State: $3 million the air.    hearing could come as early as decly, operator of Marty’s Beef recover any lost “force and vi- supportive.” Judge Drops Raffle Charge A charge of chances without selling raffle the required for a power plant addition    at the    Swenka has been charged    iate February or early March. University of Iowa.    “ itll assault and battery and dis-    _______ 13. A $10.2 million appropri-    charging fire arms within the    Given up    on that electric    gui- ation for administration    build-    city limits. He is being arranged    (ar‘> place    a Classier* Ad    and mgs, including $7.2 million for Tuesday morning.    watch    it    sell! an agriculture building and $3 Brew, 322 Second avenue talitv” within weeks. was dismissed Monday in Asked if he thinks ministration can still Monday, 7:30 p.m. at the annual son’s Florist meeting of the Outreach Credit    * Throughout t h e interview, pnj0n af jbc HACAP building, Oberlin Concert — Oberlin Ehrlichman refused to discuss jq^ £jgbth    avenue    SFL    Open to    college choir will perform at 8 tost August on the subject of several subiects including: his ,he pubMr    p m Thursday in the First Lu- President Nixon’s prospects for assoclates 'n Land I se Group,    *    *    *    theran church. 1000 Third ave- fully recovering from the effects clients and egal aspec s of 4.45 p m [he day preceding nue SE. Tickets are $‘2 for adults of the scandals.    cases involving himself.    publication is the deadline for and $1.50 for students and may Ehrlichman and his wife had Want Ads    published    Tuesday    he purchased at the door or by plenty to volunteer about what it through Saturday.    Corrections    calling 393-8550, 365-8752 or at Ehrlichman said in - August, was like to be back in Seattle and cancellations can be made Hiltbrunner’s. just after testifying before the Both said neighbors and strang- from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., Monday    *    *    * senate Watergate committee. Jers who they meet in the street through Saturday. Dial 398- GREAT wallpaper selection that the administration would have “been very friendly, very 8234.—Adv.    for Eastern Iowans. Diamond *    *    *    Vogel Paint Center, 2704 Mf. Would Recover million in supplemental funds for a proposed general office building. 14. A $1.5 million appropriation for an addition to the state liquor warehouse. 15. Repeal of the 3 percent JAMESTOWN. NY. (AP) sales tax on food and prescrip- kidnaped son of a lion drugs without raising addi- tnenf Ja^st°? ^ „ tional taxes to make up the $31 from f low ,° .    ® ’ ap' paid. million a year loss in revenue. |Parcnt,v caused by a snarp in- ------1    an    autopsy    report    ine and SE, magistrate’s court following preliminary hearing. He was arrested after an Iowa [jmg department # of revenue agent said he    bought a $1 chance on a $15 fruit    cake Dec. ll at Marty’s. As a result of evidence presented at the hearing Mondav a phoned    to    tell him    his    son    had:charge    of    opcra,ing a raffle promi- been    kidnaped    and    would    be    without    a    permit was filed There was a trace of bitter- Hospitalized — Cybil Farris, the ad-ness about Washington. D C. .25’ : Second avenue SE, is a recover, Mrs. Ehrlichman said “you’re medical patien. at Mercy bes-he said:    either    all    good    or    all    bad,”    pita!; visitors permitted. “I think it could have at that there.    *    *    * I think there have been “You’re either in power or    Fun1 T mc every Wednesday Kidnaped Youth KH led by Blow That Fractured Skull some intervening and supersed-out. You’re liked by what you night <:3). ing events that have made it are, not who you are.”    Hiawatha.* Play Mar Lounge. Adv. X e non Rd S F! . 365-6901 Adv. ♦ * * Meeting Change — Starting Jan. 22. the weekly informal meetings cf the Cedar Rapids city council will be held in the council chambers on the fourth floor of city hall. Suspended Term On Check Charge Charles Burlies, 1107 Thirteenth street SFL pled guilty in magistrate’s court to an amended charge of false utterng of a . iar! dird    killed unless $15,000 ransom was    against an employe of the    busi- from a blow    to    the noac, Bp- ;j    ness. Margaret Hall. ii I ,    .    Asummons    was    to be served 16. Creation of    a department    strument, an autopsy    report    ■ '    <1 p    nm in r. a^din    by policp    Qrdcr (hc n€w d(> of transportation.    says.    Wednesday night and repeated    fendant t0    appear in court on 17. Lower speed limits to 55 Police    say 14-year-old Daniel    the threat, leaving instructions    the charge, miles per hour.    Ebersole. son of Dr. and Mrs.    on where to leave the ransom, 18. Adopt a land use pnliey.    Glen Ebersole of the Jamestown    pbcrsole said 19. Create a housing authori- suburb of Lakewood, was ab-    f tv    ducted    and    held for $15,000 ran-    1CU ,ne mont>- *1U ' 20. Revise the state’s criminal som.    aad $20 bills wrapped in foil and code.    The youth disappeared last covered with brown paper, in a 21. Modernize t h e delivery    Tuesday after leaving home to    boa! dry-docked behind an auto system for special education    walk to a neighborhood teen    a8cncy on Thursday night. 22. Set ceiling on consumer    center. His body was found on Richard Ash of the FBI in    cbeck    for less than $20 and    was credit interest rate.    Sunday, tied to a tree in snow-    Buffalo said his agents staked,gjven    a 30-day suspended    jail 23.    Adopt    a    workable    bidding    covered woods    about three    out the drop-off spot.    sentence. law for local    governmental    miles from his home.    On    Friday,    agents arrested    He was    charged with forgery units.    An    autopsy    conducted    on Mon-    tho thro" men and recovered    in connection with his attempt 24. A $400,000 appropriation to    day showed the youth had been    $14,649 from Whitmore’s home,    to pass an FMC Corp. check the Iowa Osteopathic school to    dead since last Tuesday or    \sh said.    made    out to D. D. Fugate    for help provide more doctors for Wednesday, officials said.    ----- $143 on March 23. rural areas    Fractured    Skull    3oy    Killed    When Sled 25. Initiate a new home rule    ... .    .    ^    ....    ii rn J amendment    Medical Examiner Dr Judith Slides into Car s Path Man Pleads Guilty to 26. Adopt a first-party cover- Lehotav of Buffalo i;d the    t .()l y    ^    Indecent    Exposure ape no-fault insurance pton youth was killed by a blow that ’    ‘    mil 27.    Adopt    county    spending    fractured his    skull and lacerat-    ™mg Sioux City boy was killed    K-gd Mounts. 0oJ F.fib    ave- ed his brain.    Mondav when he was run over    nue ’ P Rudtv Monday in r    ii-t/.hrtinir u    r    ,    ., magistrate’s court to a charge (.Droner Frederic* HtchcocK bv a car as he was sledding on ,    , m.nioH th* ovammnr ac ravine    ,    indecent exposure and    was quoted the examiner sl say g    [bo c,ty’s west side. The fatality    Mlvcn    a 3o-dav su^Dended    iail the blow was made with a sharp    '    t    4    4    cn a ad> su^p€naea Jdl1 instrument    wa£ thr f,rst trafflc dr' ^ At a news conference, Dis! corded here this year. Atty. Robert Sullivan said he    Authorities said    Gilford    Cawood go before a jury “and    briol, 9,    came down a hill    and seek murder indictments and    j|jd i[](o    ,hp    h Qf    g caf |p ,he SOMETHING CROW ABOUT... RuleThe Roost With Plans limits. 28. Adopt a collective bargaining act for public employes. 29. Create a state cable television commission 30. Redefine personal property for tax purposes. 31. Adopt elevator safety legislation. 32. Adopt a mobile home tiedown law. 33. A $950,000 appropriation rf for a new tow enforcement academy building.    ec 34. Combine two state agen- Martin cies dealing with problems of nearby re- sentence. He was charged in connection with a Dec. 4 incident. kidnaping first-degree indictments” against three youths ar-ted in the case middle of an intersection. Officials identilied the driver of Wells Pleads Guilty To Drug Possession Larry Wells, 1656 Sixth street OnVriday.' FBI agents arrest-    N0'    Mt,(,onniRil    °f    NW, pled guilty in magistrate’s I Kenneth Williams, 18 and t *.    •    court to a charge of possession Police said Mrs. McGonnigil of a controlled substance and Whitmore, 19. W’cst Ellicott; both of and Jef frey Swan 18, of Lakewood. They were being held Tuesday on $100,000 bond each after a weekend arraignment on federal kidnaping charges. Worked ut Center alcoholism. 35. Adopt functional classification of roadf program. 36. Provide a property tax break for those who improve their homes. 37. Require public representation on professional licensing boards. 38. Strengthen the civil rights the Lakewood Teen commission with the power of abou* a block away. subpoena, subject to court ap- Police said Williams proval    ployed    at the center 39. F und regi :nal libraries at When Daniel failed to rc*urn a cost of $585,100    home.    Eoersole said he    notified 40. Correct tows    affecting    police    Later that night    a caller with one apparently lost fraction on the war placed on probation slush covered street and then sentencing deferred for ran over the boy. They said the year. Gabriel family recently lost a He was charged with having daughter in another traffic mis- marijuana in his possession hap    Dec. 18. On the move' Sell those Want ads will help you find a radiologist, lcave-behinds quickly with a low lost items, use them tor quick Daniel’s father aid the boy left home to go to cost want ad Dial 398 8234. Center, results! Dial 398 8234. was cm- IACINO*' ROTO^m I ROOTER FOR ANY DRAINAGE FAILURE 365-2243 AWAY Or/ v4 po WM J. w    r*e    nm    ain “NEVER HAD SUCH FAST RESULTS!” cr AN '    (Ii    ng    room tnhi* >d 4 - hoi'., I 5 I >*3 19 Calls Sold ad- Sold on the first call/’ said Jean Niesz cf 4042 Dalewood Ave. S.E. Put an action ad to work. Let < visor help you word your ad. To Order a Wa d Ad DIAL 398-8234 Before 4:45 PM Day Preceding Publication. We continue to pay — 5% Passbook savings (Daily interest) 5V2°/o 90 Day Certificate of Deposit (Minimum $500.00) 6% I yr. Certificate of Deposit (Minimum $500.00) 6V2V0 30 Month Certificate of Deposit (Minimum $500.00) Imwishen A FULL SERVICE BANK Member F.D.I.C. TRUST and SAVINGS BANK SWISHER • IOWA 52338 Phone 857-2131 ;

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