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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa vision Today Ny Hick Du Brow (he Ort ar Rapids Gazette: Mon., Jan. 7,    1974 Grassroot Ratings Save Shows Pi100111 Per,h Rockets Hit (/on Nostrond Biosis . Compound at    Aufo    Emission    Device^arren Demes HOLLYWOOD (IJIM) 'Un* video ratings indicate there tire definitely some major inferences i ii taste between the grassroots audience and televiewers iii New York City and Los Angeles. HI atis t i c a I figures f o r nu brow two series in particular, CBS TV’s “The Waltons’’ and NRC TV’s “Walt Disney Hour”, offer proof of this point. Neither show, for instance, is a major weekly ratings hit in New York, but both are big successes iii the national rankings. “The Waltons” never would have become the. smash that it is without the backing of the grassroots audience. Early ratings for the show in New York and l»s Angeles were disastrous. Then it steadily began to move up in the statistical competition. Still, New York wasn’t buying it, and Los Angeles was not going overboard for it either. * * * Yet the phenomenal rise of “The Waltons” continued, and now it regularly finishes among video’s highest-rated programs. The New York ratings for “The Waltons” have improved, but the show would probably be canceled if CBS-TV made a programming decision based solely on these figures. Los Angeles now is close to the national statistics for the series. As for the weekly Disney program, it, too, might be a candidate for cancellation if NBC-TV made a schedule decision based strictly on the New York ratings. But the grassroots audience makes this series a powerhouse entry. Los Angeles statistics an* relatively consistent with I In- national figures. ♦ * * One of the revelations ut the ratings is that there is clearly no overriding correlation between sophisticated programs and the big-city audiences of New York or Los Angeles. While viewers in these cities sometimes give a bigger tune-in to culturally oriented prime time broadcasts, there are a number of times when the grassroots audience outdoes them in this respect. Smart television programmers have long since put aside the word “provincial” when referring to viewers of various regions. These executives know you can be just as provincial in a Manhattan or Los Angeles apartment building as on a farm. Disease Center Tells Of New Strain of Flu PHNOM I’ENH (AP) Insurgent gunners rocketed the Phnom Penh airport compound H and Monday Monday, but there were no im mediate reports of damage or casualties. By Boger Green Iowa Commerce (Commission Chairman Maurice Van Nos-morning lashed lout. at antiemission control de- electricity generated vices on the nation’s automa now generated, with coal that biles as “the most, insulting meets tile 1975 standards,” he emissions standards which will virtually prohibit use of Iowa coal as of Jan. I, 1975.    WASHINGTON    (AP) “Only seven percent of the White House has denied in Iowa is|port that Archibald Fear Caused Dismissal of Cox Five to seven miles northwest of the capital, government armor arid infantry have killed more than IOO Communist led rebels in four attacks on a large anti-government force, military sources reported. Villagers from the area told news rn e ii more than I.OOO Khmer Bouge troops had moved into the sector in the last 36 I I hours. They were reported to have rounded up 2,000 to 3,000 villagers and were holding them near Tang Krasang Pagoda, five miles from the center of Phnom Penh. American diplomats said the action northwest of Phnom Penh is an attempt by the Khmer Bouge to get their faltering dry season offensive off the thing joisted off on us at a time charged. of energy crisis.” Van Nostrand was on hand at the fourth in a series of energy crisis conferences called by State Sen. Tom Riley (B-C.R.) fat Coe college. There are only 14 metropolitan areas in the country which suffer critical emission problems at times of certain weather conditions, Van Nos-I trand said. Voicing his own opinion, he said, I lion Americans go out and buy I the lousiest running automobile ever at $200 more to prevent health problems in 14 areas is completely wrong. “I think it should be done with [some sort of voluntary pro fited secutor Cox is special Watergate pretor fear that President “What we need is more time to develop programs to get sulphur out of the coal. Those standards are impossible to live with so why don’t we get some standards we can live with?” the standards, he said. Farm Equipment Dick Chadima, president An unindicted is not charged any laws but is alleged member co-conspirator with violating considered an of a conspir acy. Among reasons for not charging such a person are a lack of evidence or because the with the Prior to Dismissal the Hamilton Co. of of Cedar ATLANTA (UPI) - The National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) says the first laboratory-confirmed cases of a new type of Hong Kong flu have been reported in Georgia and California. The cases involved the B-Hong Kong-72 virus, a different strain than the old Asian and A-Hong Kong types. However, the NCDC said the cases are isolated and no outbreaks of the influenza-like disease have been reported in this country. Bing Views Tourney From Hospital Bed BURLINGAME, Calif. (AP)— Bing Crosby, hospitalized last Monday with pleurisy, was reported in good spirits as he watched a telecast of the tin-! nual Pro-Am golf tourney that j he normally hosts at Pebble Beach. The crooner’s condition re-1 mained satisfactory, the nursing supervisor at Peninsula hospital said Sunday. ...    ..    ..    .,    igram. I think the American peo- frrH,rirree ,he capitals!pic would buy that .yP, of J™. gram.” Van Nostrand also attacked outer defenses The sources said so far, in the first phase of the rebel offensive that began about Dec. 15, the insurgents have had only marginal success northeast of the city on the east bank of the Mekong river. In the fighting to the northwest, two battalions of government troops backed by more than a score of armored person-, hattan nel carriers were reported battling the rebels. Meanwhile, west of Phnom Penh, an estimated 8,000 gov-e r n m c n t troops Phnom Penh’s supply road from the coast and then fanned out to The “There is no basis whatsoever I “It is not long into the new re- for any supposition that I ever year wh<*n this sort of unsub-W;|S considered naming the Presi-istantiatcd charge appears, ap-' i dent as an unindicted co-con- parently designed to discredit spirator in an indictment. the President of the United “No member of my staff ever States.” Nixon would be named an unin-[made    such a recommendation dieted co-conspirator in the Wa- rn,‘-    To the best of my knowl- tergate case.    [edge, no member of my staff The report was carried by the!over entertained such an idea,” New York Times in its Sunday said. Cox spoke Saturday editions.    might at a $100-a-plate fund-rais- .. .    .    .    .    ,    “Any    story that Mr. Cox was in8 dinner for Rep. Morris K. is up o congress o revise rjjsmjss(.rj for SUf.b a reason j J Udall, (D-Ariz.).    J person is cooperating totally false.” Deputy White; Th(:    Times quoted well-in-1prosecutors. House Press    Secretary    Gerald    formed sources    as    saying    that Warren said    in    San    Clemente.    |C°X    amJ his    staff    had    discussed “Mr. Cox was dismissed be*phe possibility of naming Nixon    Cox,    who    was    fired    Oct.    20 cause lie refused to abide by a|as an    unindicted co-conspirator    for    refusing    to    accept    a    com- i____________________________ as a solution to the constitutional promise over the White House quipment in-!*    '    '    restraint against indicting a!Watergate tape recordings, said dustry who don’t have the ca-    No    Basis    President.    [he and former Atty. Gen. Rich- pacity for bulk fuel storage.    Cox, interviewed in Tucson.    An administration official, de-jardson had discussed whether “There seems to date to be no Ariz., Saturday night said, [dining    to be identified, said: Nixon might be    named    as an provision for private car and-----------------------------unindicted    co-conspirator. Cox truck users    without bulk fuel ca- ^--.    said    the discussion    took    place pabilities and therefore, these    *    f    during the week prior to his would presumably be restricted    f    I    TU    Kf* < prr mmimi    dismissal. to the proposed ten-gallon-a-    /    j “I told my attorney general I week allocation.--J    wasn’t aware    of    any    such “This will effectively stop a New Operators Special with] Mother Dies— Mrs. Cecil J. plan,” Cox said Saturday night, majority of the farm equipment|this ad. Tuesday, Wednesday, Baxter, Fort Madison, died Dec. “R wouldn’t solve anything to industry dead in its tracks. If Thursday. Shampoo and set, $2. 29. She    was the mother of Mrs. 'name a man    as a    co-con- agriculture is to receive a high Matriline Beauty Salon.—Adv. Roy McLean, Cedar Rapids. j spirator when we won    t    indict priority, it is essential that the    *    *    *    *    *    *    him. Ifs    a    rather questionable farm equipment industry must    Y    Camera    Club    -Meeting    will    TV    Taken    —A    television    set practice    under these circum- Society of Corporate Score-also be given some means of    be held    Jan.    17    in    the    Keen Teen    was    taken    from the residence of stances.” g ms own opinion, tie R j(J toM of the pIight of clc. ’mise ,,, mused to ab. o suggest that 2lh mil-1 mcnts of the larm    in.    president,al instruction. —Banks— (Continued from Page I.) continuing its tat ion system. own The Food Shortage tarics. Utility Dominance report said Chase Man-appeared among the top IO security holders of 42 utilities using four different nominee names. Morgan Guaranty Trust reopened Tt amo"s,the ',°P. 10 security I critical than the fueTshortage, i pent a    0f    41 utihtics using 13 be claimed nominee names. Manufacturers van Nostrand said he dis- “Delays in equipment delivery could conceivably reduce food production to the point that la food shortage would be more transpor- room at the YMCA instead of Jane Sund, 845 First avenue SE, Cox did not say whether he or Thursday as reported in The sometime last week, police said. Richardson began that talk, but Gazette Sunday.    *    *    *    the    Times quoted Cox as saying *    *    *    Downtown    Kiwanis—Dr. Joe d vas Richardson. clear the area of Khmer Rouge who had blocked the highway for two months. Fun and Games 8 p m. Kozy Inn. Benefit Cedar Rapids Jay-1 cees.—Adv. * * * Evening    Optimists—Monte Woodford of International Commodities, Inc., will speak Tues- Kasper, professor of physics at Coe college, will speak Wednesday noon at the Roosevelt about the Kohoutek comet. ♦ * * Staff Intelligence The Times story also quoted a source close to the White House as saying the White House had received low-level intelli-Great wallpaper selection for|gcnce from Cox’ staff that the Hanover Trust appeared among, agrees with the establishment of    m'LTtC    ,7™    I    Eastern    Iowans,    Diamond    Vogel, prosecutor’s office was seriously the top IO security holders of 31 j priority users. “I think the only branch on Mmmodity option^ ! ?a“lt- <*n,er'-27M Mt Vernon [planning to name Nixon as an way we can win this battle at all is to reduce energy con-1 State Chambers Claim Congress Hiked Spending Television Listings 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapid* 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapid* 7—KWWL-TV, Waterloo 12—Kl IN-TV, Iowa Cit/ 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHB6-TY, Rock Bland 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, La Crone IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 13—WHO-TV, De* Moina* 40—KDUB, Dubuque * * * Liquor Stolen —Police said .someone stole 12 bottles of liquor valued at $54, IO to 15 carot cigarets and 8 or 9 watches worth $25 to $35 each from Betty’s Greene Square Tavern 525 Fourth avenue HE. early Saturday. Snow Battered California Girds For New Storm Paint Center, 2704 Mt. Rd. S.E. 365-6901.—Adv.    'unindicted co-conspirator. * * *    A    White House staff member Executives Assn.—Wayne said the White House would not Winston, KCRG meteorologist, comment on a report in the will speak Thursday at 7:30 Miami Herald s Sunday editions a m. at the Roosevelt.    that the White House plumbers ♦ * *    squad    intercepted a message “Arrangment of the week” French Bouquet $5.50-$10. Pierson’s Florist. 366-1326.—Adv. * * * Ambassador Lounge, dancing nightly, east Marion.—Adv. *    *    * Change Stolen —Thirty dollars in change was taken from Monday Night 6:00 9—Eyewitne** New* V—Action News 7—News, Weather, Sots. 12—Where There s a Will 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—News, Weather, Spls. 6—6 O'Cloch Edition 8—News, Sat* , Weather 10-News, Weather, Spts.. 13 —News, Weather, Spts. 40 -Lassie 6:15 12 Insideout 6:30 9—Andy Griffith 2_To Tell Truth 7 Sanford and Son 12—Consultation 3 I et s Make Dent 4—Dusty'* I rail a—Hollywood Squares 8—Nashville Music IO—Bobby Goldsboro 13—Sanford and Son 40—To Be Announced 7:00 9—Rookies 2—Gunsmoke 7 let s Make a Deal 17—Special of Week 3 -Rookies 4—Gunsmoke 6 Lotsa Luck 8--Gunsmoke 10—l.otsa Luck 13 Lotsa Luck 40—Rookies 7:30 7 —Diana 6 Diana IO Diana IJ Diana 8:00 »—ABC Movie— •'Lost of the Belles 2 Here's Lucy 7—NBG Movie - • Defiant Ones” 3 AB( Movie "I ast nt the Belles 4 Here's Lucy 6 NRC Movie - • Defiant Ones” 8 ~ Her e s I ui y 10 NBG Movie ••Defiant Does” I J- NBG Movie- ‘'Defiant Ones” 40 ABC Movie “Lust of the Belles” 8:30 Du I Von Dyk » 17 Seven Oaks Manor 4 Oil k Van Dyke 8 Dick Van Dyke. 9:00 ? Medif al ( enter 12 Washington Straight I alk 4 Medical C enter 11 Medical Center 9:30 12 -1 heater Macabre 10:00 f- | yewitness News Ai lion New* News, Weather, Sots. Day at Night News, Weather, Spls. News. Weather. spts. IO Odor k I clition News, Spic , Weather News, Weather, Spts. News. Wruther, Spts. Newsline Tuesday Morning 10:30 9 WU)* Wot Id of I ntei taimnent < HS Movie “Global Altair ” tonight David Sussk md Wide War Id ut I mn talnment Wild Wild West. I anight 8 .( BS Movie “Global Altair' IO tonight 13-Tonlght 40 Wide World of I ntertglnrnent 11:30 4-Rawhide 12:00 I | ast Wm ii / .tomorrow A Tomorrow Mi f amor row 13 I omul row 12:30 4 Coolth V Music. 6:30 2—Sunrise Semester 4—Garner Ted Armstrong 8—Sunrise Semester 7:00 9—Garner Ted Armstrong 2 CBS News 7—1 oday 4—CBS News 6—Today 8—CBS News IO—Today 13—Today 7:30 9— Romoer Room 3—America Sings 8:00 9—New Zoo Revue 2—Copt. Kangaroo 3 -Sesame Street 4 —Copt. Kangaroo 8—Copt. Kangaroo 1:30 »— Morning Show .12— In School 9:00 9—Mike Douglas V -Joker s Wild 7 Dinah's Place 12- Sesame Street 3 Kid Power 4—joker's Wild A Dinah’s Place 8-Joket's Wild IO Dinah's Place 13 -Dinah s Place 9:30 2 SIO,OOO Pyramid 7—Jeopardy 3 Dr. Brothers 4 *10,000 Pyramid A—Jeopardy 8—sio.ooo Pyramid IO—Jeopardy 13—Jeopardy 10:00 f—AU My Children 2—Gambit / Wizard of Odds 12 In School 3 Galloping Gourmet 4 Gambit A—Wizard of Odd* 8 -Gambit 10 Wizard of Odds 13 -Wizard ut Odds 10:30 9— Brady Bunch 2 I ave of Lite I Hollywood Squares J Brady Bunch 4 Love of Life • A Hollywood Squares 8 love of Life IO- Hollywood Squares 11 Hollywood Squares 40 Brady Bunch . 11:00 V Password 7 Young and Restless 1 far kpot .I Password 4 -Young and Restless A - lack pot 8 - Young and Restless 10 - Jai k pot 11 Jackpol 40 Password 11:30 9 Split Second 2 I onior row I Hallie I Spilt Second 4 tomorrow A Hallie    . 8 I amor i ow 10 Ullin** 11 Buttle 40 Split Sri ond Tuesday Afternoon 12:00 I yewitness News News. Weather News News IIT Your Bet Noon I dltlon Noontime News, Weather, Spts News All My I hlldr en 12:15 I town nod Cuuntry 10 Viiulnlu 11 ( a noon s 12:30 9—Let s Moke Deol 2—As World Turns 7—Three on Match 12 —Electric Company 3—As World Turns 4—As World Turns A—Three on Match 8—As World Turns IO—Three on Match . 13—Movie 40—Let s Make Deal 1:00 9—Newlywed Game •    2-Guiding Light 7—Days of Lives 12—in School 3—Newlywed Game 4 Guiding Light A -Days of Lives 8 Guiding Light IO—Days of Lives 40—Newlywed Game 1:30 9—Girl In My Life 2 Fdge of Nigh! 7—Doctors 3—Girl In My I He 4—Edge of Night A—Doctors 8—Edge of Night IO—Doctors 40—Girl In My Life 2:00 9—General Hospital 2—Price Is Right 7—Another World 3—General Hospital 4—Price Is Right A—Another World 8—Price Is Right IO- Another World 13- Another World 40-General Hospital 2:30 9—One Lite To Live 2— Match Game 7—How To Survive Marriage 3—One Life To Live 4—Match Game A—How To Survive Marriage 8 -Match Game 10—How To Survive Marriage 13—How To Survive Marriage 40—One Lite To Live 3:00 9—Love, Amer ican Style 2—Secret Storm 7—Somerset 17 -Engineering 3—love, Amu lean Style 4—Mike Douglas A—Somerset R Secret Storm IO—Sorrier set 13—Somerset 40 - Love, American Style 3:30 9 —Gildigon's Island 2 —Dr. Max 7—What's My Line 17 Bridge J Ail My children A Cartoons 8 Dragon IO Not for Women Only 13—Floppy 40 Movie 4:00 9 Slur Trek 1 Bonanza 12 Mlslerogers 3 Not for Women Only 4 Big Valley 6 Mrrv Griffin 8 Star Trek 111 Munster* 13 Merv Griffin 4:30 2 Bewitched 12 Sesame Street J I et * Make Deal IO Bonanza 5:00 v-ABC News 2 — Consequrm et 7—Dr agnel 3 Newsleolures 4 c>Kilgore* Island a J cann Ie 8 Consequences 40 AHC New* utilities using five nominees. First National City Bank ap jpeared among the top IO securi-jsumptj0n in all areas across the ty holders of 29 utilities using state.” :eight nominees. State Street    Eldon Colton, a local attorney,!^ Bank & Trust of Boston was said favorable consideration among the top IO security hold>[should be given to allowing the! I ors of 21 utilities using eight open market to determine allo- WASHINGTON ( AP)   AI-1 nominees. And Bankers Trust of cations. though congress claims it ^ew York was among the top IO' This means prices will go up, chopped 1974 appropriations by security holders of 20 utilities but, he said. “In my opinion. I $3 billion last session, it actually) us*nS eight nominees.    welcome the increases. That increased the budget by about    Role Hidden    [means I will be more efficient $4 billion, says the Council of Tho hnirtinnc nf fnnr nr and am ^ going to save on Stain ChamhprR of Commerce I ° hold,nSs of four of thosCjfue because I’m not going to State Chambers of Commerce. banks _ Bankers Xrust, Chase! (hat much for fu0,b rho council, in an analysis cf Manhattan, Bank of New York' congressional spending released !and State Street Bank & Trust    Rationing Sunday, said attempts by)— jn Burlington Northern, an    “Allocation by government is [em    Californians, congress to hold down spending energy and transportation con-(rationing. That is an extremely j tending with I were a failure.    glomerate, amounted to one difficult arbitrary and inef- Despite the $3 billion rcduc-; fourth of the stock voted at the ficicnt way to do it. , lion claimed bv congress, “after J company’s annual meeting in ‘The market element is some-[ adjustments for bookkeeping 1972.    thing that can’t be ignored, and    other    changes    ...    the    actu-    But    none of    the    banks    was    Yan Nokitrand said. He    cited, storm Monday. jai    reduction    in    program    funding;identified    by Burlington    North-.nieat Price increases last    sum- In the worst    stcrm in    recent is about $1.7 billion,” said the em in its reports filed in 1973 mcr as an example of the mar- memory, the San Bernardino*    an    0    meeting council.    with either the Interstate Com-bet system at work.    county sheriff’s department said T} d { 7.3/ m t th£ But, he added, there are no food airlifts may be initiated if /    "    I    ".    p    m’    dI    mc competitive resources in    the (snow continues    to block    moun- fuel industry. “If you can tell;tain roads. Nearly four    inches me    what else    I can run    my    carl    of rain fell in    downtown Los on,    then    I’ll    agree    the    same    Angeles Sunday. forces will work,” he said. [ Hundreds of motorists were i nnL'intinn    stranded in mountains    froi% Legislation    i    .    rv ,    Santa Barbara    to San    Die^. ,    ,    ...    . j ^nc man at the    conference,a£|Cr    S(0rm dumped four tr. that the    large banks hold    sub- suggested legislation    is to blame[«v stantial    hidden interests    in for the fuel crisis, broadcast companies and net-, van Nostrand disagreed that from the Soviet embassy prov-;ng the Soviets “had aceeis to he Pentagon Papers.” The newspaper quoted convicted Watergate burglar Bernard Barker as saying that former White House aide E. Howard Hunt told him that the embassy was bugged and tapes LOS ANGELES (AP) already con-record rain and snow falls, mud slides and I evacuation from their homes, braced themselves for a new South- the Family Car Wash. 3310 Mt. revealed the Russians had some Vernon road SE, Sunday night,!of the papers, police said.    "I have no doubt the tapes of *    *    *    the bugs exist,” the newspaper Fun and Games, All Saints quoted Barker as saying, al- Parish, every Wedne-day, 7:30 ‘hough he would not say if he p.m.—Adv. * * * Fire District—West Bertram township fire district trustees heard the alleged tapes. And, it said, actual savings merce Commission or the Se-will probably be no more than curries and Exchange Com-$500 million “because many of mission. Holdings oi the combite increases are in current ex- P a ny ’ s largest stockholder, penditure items while the major Bankers Trust, were listed in ! cuts are largely in long lead- six different nominee accounts, time items.” The council said these savings [are more than offset by a $4 billion budget increase, the bulk of which it attributed to a $3.2 billion increase in the report said. In addition, the study found IO e feet of snow on resort areas, authorities said. Drifts of up tc 25 feet were reported on some .....  backdoor    u(,rks- 11 fuund    lJiat Chase Man-    legislation is the    only cause for    roa(js and mandatory spending outside    ^ie cris‘s- “When    you start talk- About    2,000    families were re- the appropriations process.” 0    0’    1(1    ' >ng about who’s to fault for this, ported trapped in th? Lake Ar- rights of almost    one fourth    jqj show you five people in    row head    area    as snow continued stock iii    the    Columbia    private business    for every one    to oily up on the five-foot drifts. Magistrate Court mg the Broadcasting System and the American Broadcasting Co 1972. iii Man Sentenced en Drunk Driving Count Floyd Jondall, 618 Thirty-fifth Man Held on Three Counts in Iowa City IOWA CITY - Bradford Ellis, 23, of Washington, Iowa was in government,” he said. Three years ago, Van Nos trand said he couldn't find fuel oil for the hospitals in Des Moines, yet a gas war was going on at the service stations in the city. S. will be closed until at Wednesday authorities street NE, pled guilty in magis- being held in Johnson county trate’s court last week to a jail Monday on three charges, charge of drunk driving.    Sheriff’s    deputies were called He was given a six-month sus at 6 a m. about a car which ran pended jail sentence and or- off the road, striking several dcred to attend the school for mail boxes near Sharon Center. (Irunk drivers at Kirkwood Com-[ munity college. He was arrested Dec. 19. a Hands Reattached TORONTO (AP) A Chinese The officers said Ellis iii the car in search resulted in his charged with carrying they found ditch. A being a con cealed weapon in his boot, driving with a suspended license of a Mason City Publisher To Retire on March I MASON CITY (AP) - Doon E. White, publisher of the Mason City Globe Gazette, will tire March I, it was announced Monday. Lloyd G. Schermer, president of Lee Enterprises. Inc., said White will be succeeded by Steven B. Sturm, publisher of the bool* least said. High wav crows worked to reopen ro ’ds as new mud slides •areened down. More slides were feared as up to feur undies of rain was forecast for mountain areas, a spokesman for the National Weather Service said. “The snow has rain on it and it’s too heavy to move.” said Mike Doggie, director of resort re- facilities at Lake Arrowhead. p.m. at township fire station on Mt. Vernon road SE. * * * SPINAL corrections to release pressure on nerves. Associated Chiropractors. Hoyt Thomas.. DC. John Roper, BS, DC. After work appoin rents *)y Toques!.—Ad ♦    *    * Breakin —Police said someone broke a pane of glass in the front door of the Tip Top Distributing Co., 1294 Ninth street1 SW, Friday night and took a typewriter, a $15 electric calculator. a $20 fire extinguisher, a transistor radio, $20 worth of candy and a fifth of whisky. ♦ *    * Half price o ie;nal handcraft *alc. Rose’s Candle Niche, Marion.—Adv. cir THC GENUINC MR fHflSTfR ‘Thrust-Back Collar' TOILET TANK BALL Amtma't lergnt Seller Th* tffititnt Wolf) Mott** intlonlly »top» tx* 8ow of woi*r oiler each flushing. 75 ( AT HARDWARE STORES Your Wator Mentor Dealer HEABEL CO. Complete I inc of I’luinhini* Needs “I he Builder's Department More” 701 Center Point Rd. NE 3H.va.i7l “lf it rains lot of trouble again, we re in a E Scott Fitzgerald and The Last of the Belles Kewanee, 111. Star-Courier. The and possession of a controlled Globe Gazette and tho Star-Cour surgeon, Dr. Chen Chung-wei of substance.    ier are owned by Lee. Shanghai, said his team of spe- A quantity of pills found iii the White, 63, became publisher what cialists have reattached IOO sev- ear are being analyzed.    of the Globe-Gazette in I960. for. [ered hands since 1963 with '84 percent success rate I lecturing in Canada. Mouse Milker BERLIN (AP) A breeder of white mice invented a machine for milking mice, the East German news agency ADN reported. The dispatch did not explain the device would be used an He was 5:30 9 I yawttnm Nr** I BS Nrvv* NHI Nryv* I lr. Ii Ii { iif111M111y AHI Nr** I BS Nrw* NHI Hr** ( RS Nrw* NIK N r w S NUC Nr a* Nrwsline • list •Sell • Buy • Resident ml • Commercial • Industrial • Trade-Ins • Appraisals J. Thomas Hoegen Homo Phono 363-7398 HEDGES’. RI Al TORS 107 2nd St. St Phono J64 H I 2 I BOB BROOKS REPORTS HAWKEYE BASKETBALL IOWA at IOWA STATE 7:20 PM MONDAY Brought to you by KCRG Sports Booster Club Members THE DICK SCHULTZ SHOW Precedinq tho qamo-Brooght lo yog by Bohemian Saving* I loon Following the game-Brought to you by Iowa Electric light I Power Co._______ Warm Up, Half-Time and Wrap-Up Shows Brought to you by Steitier-lincoin Mmury rn raj RADI01600 A haunt in^dramatiZtUion of one of I itzgeialds most famous short stories-tolcf gainst the background of his own real life Stalling RichardChamberlainand Blythe Danner. Special! 8:00 Monday Night IU? ;

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