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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Odar Rapids Gazette: Mon., Jan. 7, 1974 Israeli-Egyptian Troop Pullback Talks Resume BIG GEORGE! by Virgil Poifch leaders in Cairo recently that Egypt would sock recognition of t h e Palestinian government from “Socialist and other An Nahar By Associated Press Israeli and Egyptian envoys resumed troop pullback talks in Geneva Monday amid reports that Israel is preparing an offer friendly nations," to withdraw 18 miles from the added. Suez Canal.    Arab papers also said Monday] The press reports in Israel that leaders of Egypt and Syria and tho U.S. said the Israeli are planning top-level govern-offer would be coupled with a;moot changes to form “peace demand that Egypt reduce its]governments” before the Gene-troops and arms on the cast va peace conference resumes side of the waterway.    Jan. 21. Bul there was no indication . Cairo and Beirut newspapers whether the reported Israeli indicated the chances relied plan was placed on the neSo- yowing prospects for a poaoe-tiating table as the Geneva int settlement of tile Arab-' discussions continued between Israeli conflict. I hey also in-Alai. Gen. Mordcrhai Gur and (l'caM lhilt Svria m;i>' hr phm-Col. DOV Sion for Israel, and n,nS 10 ",ln lh'’ talks for ,h(’ir Brig. Gen. Taha cl-Magdoob «’cond stage. » refused lo at-, and Col. Ahmed Kouad Ho- 'end the opening session unless waidi for Egypt-    ,srao' 'vi'Mrew- from all oc- „ cupied Arab lands. After about 2', hours of talks Calrffl.s authorltatlve Al hey broke up for half an hour j Ahram sajd pr(,sjdcnt Anw.)r or consultations, United Na-^, M relinquish tho pre. lions sources sa.d. This presum-miershj (o n    prcmicr ably meant chwk-backs by tel^iAMd m Heg£j/Sadat as. phone with their gote . sumed the post last March when Tel Aviv and Cairo.    be ( gi,Vpt on a war f00tjng. Lt. Gen. Ensio Siilasvuo, the U.N. peacekeeping commander    Pullback    Plan who presides over the meetings.! The Israeli defense minister, said after the session that the IMoshe Dayan, was reported to officers would meet again have discussed the Israeli pull-Wcdnesday. He offered no hint back plan with Secretary of of what Monday’s meeting con- state KikSsinger during Dayan’s centrated on.    visit to Washington last week. “Peace Governments”    Dayan said his talks with Kis- »ru „ Doieiii rtovrcna singer touched on the distance JSPN, ,r reL led hot' to «* sought between the Israeli per An Nahar reported that, —I;    ,h„ Processes of Government Hove Broken Down: Culver lo the progress of 80 years; about 0(f01. correct these failed and alternative courses. This Bv Frank Nve    about damage being    done    to    "We    need The American people    "are    fed    I"   health    programs, undoing    policies    that have up th other to come up irom    our    Dunn    pruning side.”    needed for    progress    on    all fronts ; the indifference of P with planless governments^, fu|s jn proy- education ",    ‘    somp    of main sub- int allows one crisis after an- and manpower programs; the ”IM f mv Ciim|,aign.” Iller to come up from our blind pruning back of research — chance o > i* Massive Issue That’s the opinion of Second noms; me maine.eice 01    pIan . „    .    i /> i chronic unemployment; the He explained rn    » I vt* . *-* 'SMMSZ . district Congressman John Cul- ba,k|rackin(, on civi, rights'. Ihpi..t0 dwcj, on Watergate or avoid ver, Cedar Rapids Democrat. ica, attitu(|e toward ti he completes the last of dicapped in the U.S. house of taged. the han-jit in the campaign. Obviously, it and the disadvan- ^ ^ massive issue and no insis-ten years in the U.S. nouse 01 raged.    bv Republican candidates representatives and heads into a “What are the issues of the    • n<)n issue can change campaign to land the U.S. sen-,campaign?    I.    ‘ Iowa Sen. Harold vacating next Jan- ampaign, Something Wrong “If elderly people are forced tnpaign ate seat Hughes is uary. “The processes me,________ ,_________„    _____ of sound economic manage- don 1 ^ave enough ment, have broken down,” homes, if war veterans are de-Culver said in an interview, nied benetits promised and that. “The pattern of crime corruption that festered undci Maybe you could come hack sometime when my father’s not home, Boger.” Stator Stalls, Woman Trapped “Ixnay on Hie talking animal jokes tonight.” inc processes of govern-]^0 subsist on substandard dict, if this ammu a    .    ..    Cedar Rapids firemen rescued nt, of prudent planning and]fam‘^es wp small children plain view an si ut .    ^ woman trapped in the cleva- «nnnH urnnnmip mnnanp- don t have enough heat for their self.    plans    to    collator at tile Paramount building, VU,,, o«u ... «..       .-    them    centrale    w‘uor^    8°2*>^m^Mond^y1 SE “just as respect for the rule of and provided to veterans of ear- gone 'vrong    failures    of an    Jan Erickson, who works law broke down under this (the lier wars* thrifty housewives - the cat aclys c <    «    building,    was    the    only pas- -INixon) administration.    i^mply    can’t    make    ends,    meet    aecident-prone^^adrnmtbtrat.on tnt rn to ^    ^    j( around iii .    #    Iwith the family budget if good as devoid of foresight as it is senger in the elevator wnen ii Information Service Of'f&r&cf    Criminal Neglect    farm operators and independent devoid of compassion for the malfunctioned and the dom, ^ I CT# wU I “it may weu he that criminal business men are driven out of disadvantaged in our society. DA    A    A •    neglect and mismanagement business by bad government Culver will be traveling ex- ny /Area agency on /Aging : have done more harm than policy and inadequate planningJtensively jn Iowa Egyptian Foreign Minister Is. and Egyptian forces, the nature ma l Fahmv has urged the Pal- ?' thp cst ini an guerilla movement to|the ?.nd ™u‘uan comrni[' form a government in exile for,ment by thc E^vptia s. posdble participation in the “I don t know if Egypt will ac-ncxt phase of the over-all Gene-;cept our plan or how long it will va peace talks.    j take,” he said. Fahmy told three guerilla    The negotiations to separate ____1 the Israeli and Egyptian forces .    ~    *    along the canal have been under Auto Is Stolen, way in Geneva for two weeks, I,    %/    I    I    I    but the Israelis postponed the Items valued at submission of substantive pro- <MCC Arn T-al/nn P°sa^ unt:J they knew whether Jp^wD Mre I a Ken ^jrs Meir’s Laborites would re- Stuart Walker, 916 Owen fain control of the government street NW, reported $495 worth in the genet a1 election Dee. 51. of items were missing from his    still    Dominant car which was stolen on Dec. 23. When the car was recovered The Area Agency on Aging has opened telephone information systems in 14 Linn county towns. The 14 information and referral centers will attempt to help elderly persons solve a variety of problems by telephone. Elderly will be encouraged to use their local telephone number between 9 a.m. and noon Monday through Friday. Volunteers operating the Linn county centers will use new resource directories developed by the AAA staff. The directories list all known services for the elderly in the county. These include counseling services, financial aids, medical care, nutrition services, legal aid and other assistance for the elderly. The telephone service is free. ,w« dayS later near N avenue,    right-wing md Eleventh street NW Walter ' b|oc    (ha, said the following items were I ^ g|| o( ,he Arab (erri. missing.    I    tories occupied in the 1967 war Two band uniforms valued at be retained by Israel. SJI 3    The Tsrae4i 8tate radio said I field. Officers said the car she] Mr. Haldeman I    tun    that the Ukud P*cked up tw0 was driving collided with one 1435-2217. PlZV’.CX SS nan* and ™rc scate in ,he Kn™eU ,hc    Virgil    Chandler    24. shirts, a pair of sweat pants and Tcm/>1.    ln thn tahlI. The Laborites remained the dominant faction although they Weekend Oraches Take Three Lives By Associated Press Three persons have died in accidents on All calls will be kept confidential. Citizens may simply call the telephone number in their community for answers to their questions. Center workers will attempt to supply callers with names and telephone numbers to help them solve their problems. Margaret Bernstorf, Cedar Rapids, is the Linn county specialist. She will coordinaie the work of the telephone volunteers. who will work from their homes. All volunteers have received special training for their work. The local center workers and telephone numbers in Linn county are: Alburnett — Mrs. G. H. Groth, Mrs. John Jones, Mrs. Roy Quaas, the Rev. Clarence Burns and Mrs. Art Lanning at 842-2560 cr 842-2545. Cedar Rapids — Meta Schwie-bert and Lu Aimers at 366-3311 I or 366-1552. Center Point — Laura Boisvert. Mrs. Stanley Marlwo, and the Rev. John Winkler at 849- until he recriminal deeds.    —    then    something is wrong that turns to Washington for the re- “For example, I am talking needs to be corrected.    [convening of congress Jan. 19. would not open. Firemen said an emergency telephone in the elevator was taken out last week and the woman was discovered when someone else attempted to use the elevator. They Raid she was in the elevator about 25 minutes. i 1760 or 849-1653. weekend traffic Iowa highways.    Central    City - Cecile Edgerly, Authorities say Betty stock- Juanita Strunk and Elizabeth sell, 21, Ainsworth, was killed Couser at 438-6420 or 438-6545. Sunday in a two-car head-on col- Coggon — The Rev. Aaron Gallup: Nixon Ended Year Four Charged 11... i ** n    ,    ,    .    After    Incident With?.y Percent Approving A+ c.R. Tavern pod! n. smith, 75, PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) —    was    involved in the Watergate p()Ur mcn bave    charged    ^ Anamosa    Is Dear! The Gallup Poll says its last scandal.    by cedar Rapids police follow- ANAMOSA — Paul N. Smith, 1973 survey of opinion on Pres-    But the polling organization jng an incident Saturday night 75, agent    for    Farm    Bureau    in- idmt Nixon’* nprformonre in of    said inflation was the chief con- at Ernie’s Tap, 69 Sixteenth ave- surance here.    died    Sunday    evc- to showed SZ cern of voters durin« of SW’    nin* in a Cedar Raplds h06pital nee snowcap percent approve.    19?3    an^ eyen wi(hout    poHce fajd they    were at.    Born May 27,    1890, near Dixons lowest rating of the gate, the President’s popularity tempting to arrest David Pier-Center Junction, he attended year came in the Nov. 2-5 poll in probably would have fallen. [son. 25. of 2316 Coldstream ave- Monticello high school, Cornell which 27 percent said they ap- In the final 1973 poll, taken nue NE, for intoxication when college and received a BS deproved    Dcc-    7'10* 29 Percent aPProvedJthe three other men    interfered,    gree from Iowa State universe The Gallup popularity rating    60 Percent disapproved and ll Pierson was charged    with intox-    ty has declined 39 points since last:Percent Eald had n0 ^ *“'“>» and "*«"»* cx<,cu,lon D ),c was marr,1cd touSamara January, when a survey taken 10n'    of process.    mine urn . e was a immediately after the Vietnam Nixon’s highest rating came Bennie Pierson, 26. of 2309 veteran of World war 11, peace settlement showed a in a P°u Jan- 26*29- lt showed 68 Coldstream avenue NE, David’s He was Jones county agent record 68 percent approved the    Percent approving, 25 percent brother, was charged with re- for four President's performance.    disapproving and seven percent sisting. as was Allen Clark. 9‘> near ( en years, then farmed 2. near Center Junction until 1936 when he became associated T, (    with no opinion. His lowest rat-; of 3706 F avenue NE Gallup has recorded for ^v tog came in the Nov. 2-5 poll. Robert Floyd. 18. of 112 Sev-|with National Hybrid Corn Co. President since”'the' aDproval when 27 perccnt said 'hey ap-cnth avenue SW. was charged pour began during Franklin P™cd- 63 Pera"‘ disapproved with intoxication and disturbing Roosevelt’s administration. The Watergate scandal and the economy appeared to be kev cang eXpressccj approval of Nix--- factors in Nixon s loss of ap-!on.s performance jn tbe fina] proval, the Gallup organization I9?3 poH but onJy 1? percen( Qf UR|1 EVlUnICipa!ITI0S June, about three-flSSH. WHI ISCCt of those Vision on highway I near Fair- Koskamp, Mrs. Arthur Short, at 435-2387 or said Since fourths Survivors include his wife; a son, Jack of Clinton; a daugh- and IO percent registered no the peace.    tcr- ^rs- Arthur Greer of San opinion.    All    were    taken    to    the    county    three    grandchildren;    a A slight majority of Republi- jail.    brother, Stuart, of Ames, and a sister, Gladys McNcilly of Center Junction. Services: Wednesday at 1:30, United Methodist church. Friends may call at Gocttsch funeral home after 7 p.m. Monday. a pair of sweat socks. Two Johnson County Breakins Are Israeli parliament, in the tabu lation of votes from the 200.000 Israelis still on military duty. This gives the right-wingers 39 three- as Decocrats expressed approved thnx,    ♦ hi'ProcfcW 0f those who ca,,ed thcm' Tht’ January meeting of the si they believed the President srlvcs independents, 25 percent Linn County Municipalities Assn. said they approved of Nixon’s will be held at 7 30 p.m. Thurs-performance.    day    at    the    Robins city hall. Motorist Charged Ely — Mrs. Vernon Yarbrough' k a ,    >    . Fa,rfl(>ld-    , and Norma Wilde at 848-4714 cr Mexicans Honor A passenger in the Stockscll !848.4161>    .    . auto Shirley Cox, 22. was taken ; Fairfax — Mrs. Russell Deac! Muralist to University hospitals in Iowa;,,    ...    . Prehed ’scats in the 120-seat Knesset to city for treatment.    Carv"’ "?•„d' MEXIt'° CITY lAP»-1>resi- 151 for Mrs. Meir’s I.abor align- An Austin, Minn., man, liar- son, Dora McNulty at *46-27*0 or I dent Luis Echeverria has IOWA CITY — Johnson menf    old Rinehart, 52 was killed Sat-1846'28®4-    ordered the highest funeral hon-    ^ u t w County Sheriff Gary Hughes Tbe nffjda| c!eftion rcsults urday when’he stopped to help .    ~    ?h*    ?E’f7nd    for    »™<l    Alfaro    Siqueiros,    charged    with    drunk    driving    and    (he    recent    rourt    ruling    de-larin; Monday asked for the help of afc tQ bc announred Tuesday.!another motorist en highway jf p ^    2,    ..    .    the lnst of Texico s three great driving while his license is sus- r0wa’s home nib' a t as invalid any citizen who observed suspi- \jeanwhi!e. the political maneu- 218 rear Osage.    ^    n    e    ^    1    3    ■j}v-,,a;sS*s« wno (l^d cancer pended Sunday night.    Officers    for    rex*.    y?:»r    will    b cious vehicles in the area of vering necessary for formation Authorities say Rinehart was    ,    „    I,    „    ____ Sunday._He was <7. The presi-    T    T^nmncnn    c7    ^    Am    eb IO YEARS AGO - Loss was Robert Johnson, building andje",.'n^d(jd ;,f    *n a ^ln' administrator (or Linn wh,cb dcst,0.VGd ,h(> Mldwcst Sneaker Co. in McGregor. A Cedar zonin county, will speak en count' As Drunk Driver zoning and how it V .no to th*. Rapids man was    ...    ,,    , Also to be cists od v ill AO'f rOxPinen* Authorities say Rinehart w as ^7-7882, 366-3311 or 366*1552. I Sunday. He was 77. Tile presi-j Prairie du Chien road, route 2, a °new coalition government crushed between the stalled auto ^erapn “ The Rev. Ray-d nt ordered that the body lie last weekend.    ha*    ^trpadv    started.    !of Michael McCormick. 20. and IV03 one driven by Mel Heps, 32, St. r eaker* _    _    , ^nsgar    Steward and John Kirkpatrick Debra Hay Loewer. 18 West Ia^ B95-8362, 895-6250, 895-8131 or has already started. Two residences in the area - were entered sometime over the Sigourney Piles for Hearn, Mrs. Beryl the Rev. R. Thomas weekend. Paul Stebral reported a television set, adding machine, radio, SIGOURNEY—The Rev. jewelry, $40 in cash, two shot- James M. Mackin, 69, died guns, two rifles and one rcvolv- earlv Sunday at University hos Father James Mackin Des Moines, was killed Satur- B95-8721. er were taken. Fred Woodward reported tape recorder taken. ] pitals. Iowa City. a Born May 26. 1904. he was or- dav when the car she was driv-    Springville Mrs.    Eldon Lee,    of Illustrious    Men inp went out of control on a Desj^**^’ Ainsworth,    Mrs. H. E.    Siqueiros,    a veteran of the Moines street and crashed into    Banna at 854-6100.    Mexican and    Spanish civil wars a utility pole.    ToddvHle    —    Donna    Albin,    and    a    Communist    for    50    years, ---Nancy Stirr, Sally Young at 393-    died at his    summer home in 3214.    Cuernavaca,    30 miles south of pended Sunday night. Robert J. Thompson, 67, of 407 in state for 24 hours at the ‘^xtcGr!ib SE, was arrest-Palace of Fine Arts in down-:    bl°c:k    of    F    ifth    ave- town Mexico City. Burial will nue Sunday night and taken be at noon Tuesday in the Do- to the county jail. lores cemetery at the Rotunda ™ I co<jitcjL> FALSE TEETH I hot Loosen Need Not Embarrass Don’t kfcp worrying about vour falw teeth flapping at the wrong time. A denture adhesive fan helo. I1’ASTE ETH1 gives dentures a longer, firmer, steauier hoi •. Makes eating more enjoyable For mere seeuritr and comfort, use FASTEETH Denture Adhesive Powder. Dentures that fit are essential to health, tie# ^our dentist regularly. r C R. Youth Faces May iwi, IIL woo ur*] p *    ■    ■    ji    IIC daincd into the Roman Catholic S by liiree U.Troy Mills — Mrs. Bruce the capital. His wife, Angelica,! priesthood May 30, 1930. IP was    Artists Are Exhibited Klcndworth and Mr. and Mrs. was with him. The other two JT VERNON — An exhibit of A^rcd Strawman at 224-3650 or members of the triumvirate of assistant pastor at St. Mary’s Foolery Chara* fhweh ytumwa; assistant pas- in,s b ^ major American 22U3324.    Mcxh an muralists were Jose; rorgery vnarge tor at st Paulschurch, Dave„. contem artjsls will cn Halter - Mr. and Mrs. Mel- Clemente Orca.) and Diego Rt-1 Amsler, 18, of 352 Scv- port; assistant pastor at St. at rnrnf,|i rni|pf,nv Arr__tp„no vin Slue and Came Zabokrtsky vcra. Orozco died in 1949 and Jeffrey Angier. la, OI doz sev-|port;    p«5i«r ai at Cornell college’s Armstrong ^ enth avenue SW, was arrested Irenaeus church. Clinton.    Gallery Monday and continue Sunday night by Cedar Rapids His first pastorate was at St, through Jan. 31.    *    -- police on a warrant charging Mary’s church, Waller. He be- Works by Jasper Johns, Ells-him with forgery.    jcame    pastor of St. Mary’s-worth Kelly and Roy Lichten- He is accused of forging a'church in Sigourney in 1944, and'stein will be displayed. The pub-withdrawal slip made out for served until June, 1968. He was lie is welcome to view the prints $100 on Peoples Bank and Trust [currently pastor of St. Mary’s from 8 a m. to 4 p.m. weekdays. Co., 101 Third avenue SW, on church, I*ort Madison.    I Lichtenstein, a pop artist, is Nov. 5.    There    will be a concelebrated an exponent of comic strip He was also arrested on a mass Monday at 7:30 p.m. at St. painting and Americana-Far warrant for speeding and taken Mary’s Catholic church here. .Vest. Johns’ work is noted for Rivera in 1957. to the county jail. Thsfts Reported by Jefferson Students Two thefts were reported by Jefferson high «.hool students over the weekend, police said. Dana Baughman. 5906 Langdon avenue SW. said her purse worth $18 and containing $14 in cash was stolen from the Jefferson high school gym Friday night during a basketball game. David Sunday, 419 Carter street NW, reported a suede coat worth $70 was stolen from his locker at Jefferson Friday. IO YEARS AGO — Barry Goldwater said that if he were President he would be inclined to provide air cover for Cuban exiles in any future invasion of their homeland. Services: ll a.m.    Wednesday    use of targets, flags    and    nu- at St. Mary’s church, Fort Ma-    mer als, while Ellsworth is    in- dison. Burial in the    family plot    volvcd with hard edge    painting in Burlington.    and pure coloi. BIG SILVER SALE! # WM. ROGERS ★* SILVERPLATE INTERNATIONAL SILVER COMPANY Otoder yow Cedar Rapids Jaycees present -,t Mail Orders Welcome ii' Jack Anderson Syndicated Washington Columnist speaking on Washington: What Next?” January 10th, 8:00 p.m. Kennedy High School Auditorium TICKETS: $1.00 Available from Armstrong's, Younkers and the Jaycee Office "■■■■Open to the Public 4 PC. COFFEE SET    kl nil/ JOE REG. $45.00    llUVV OD ALL SILVER, PEWTER, CRYSTAL & CHINA REDUCED 25%! QmSBERCS yj Wui (jisntadon, JEWELERS Cedar Rapids-200 2nd Ave. SC Iowa C    ity-MallShopping Center licensi tags at NNB This year save time -let MNBtake your place in the line at tho courthouse. Just take your automobile registration slip and the social security numbers of thoso listed on the registration - to tho Customer Service Desk at an MNB offico near you. Pay for the tags, and we ll do the rest. January 31st, the last day to get your 1974 Automobile Licenso Tags without penalty. It s one of so many ways wo can help you. 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