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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 27, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa wt a1 hi * mvici fomcasi to 7am im t-all- ai Obituaries -Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) Mrs. Clyde Bean Blanche L. Bean, 80, of 1701 Forty-second street SM. a Cedar Rapids resident 70 yean?., died Cerny Mrs. Edward Anne louise 02, of .3105 Kenridge terrace NE, wife of Edward A. Cerny, died Tuesday. Born April 25, 1893, at Wednesday at University hospi-Vinton, she was married to tab: in Iowa City following a Clyde I) Bean Jan 19, Hill, iii long illness. Cedar Rapids Surviving three d Sa rn pica, Alburnett, Wilma Cal |9 19;{, A member of Central balka, ( edar Rapids, and Lois p;irg Presbyterian church, she I ben, Viola; two sons, led, w;is a former church treasurer, Cedar Rapids, and Clyde, jr., a member of the choir and an Iowa City; 22 grandchildren; .34 (>,d(,r ,Jfld w;js member of great-grandchildren, and lour Kjrlg’s J)aiif»ht«*rs Silver Cross great-great-grandchildren. chapter Services: 3 pm. Thursday in    . Beatty-Bcurle chapel by the    Surviving in addition lo hor husband are three daughters, Mrs. John F. Shean and Mrs. James Banger, both of Cedar disclosed hut the letter was based on a summary given the ..    .    /t committee by Jaworski of mate- l,em*y Ccrny’no: ho has received from the White House. Jaworski says he thinks his office now knows the full story of the Watergate affair, The The Cedar Canids Gazette: Wed., Feb. 27, 1971 JA Cedar Rapids Gas Station Situation: Feast, Famine The federal mandatory fuel their legal maximum to stay allocation program theoretically cl°se ,0 market prices, may have equalized distribution Absorbing Two Cents New York Times said Wednes- “ of gasoline between stations of Alien’s Service there are First avenue SE. station, 1001 is absorbing V ^ Uh WtATMfMOIOCAM® Wednesday night will find rain throughout most of the Pacific coast states parts of the west Gulf coast region. Snow is expected in and around the Lakes area portions of the northern plains. Elsewhere, mostly fair. lipids.    a    lifelong Cedar Rapids resi- ,    ,    ' ,7 .. TimPc the same brand, but mg are her husband; I dent, she was born Feb. 7, 1912. |!/y.'    ^JJ ™ some real inequities among sta- almost two cents of a three-cent aughters, Mrs. Clifford j;jn(j was married In Illinois Dec major indictments of p< r    ,    ,    ..    price increase Mobil Oil Co. De° involved in the cover up of .Hon, of different brand, rn the I    m (o    re(ai|m |h(. firf( the Watergate breakin would Cedar Rapids area.    0f    month come as early as Thursday or (;ary Dirks, manager at the; The prjce range between sta- ,<riday.    I    Site Service station, 3% Marion tions is not as widespread this Jaworski said in the interview    Marion, reported month as it has been in previous that the full Watergate story ,.,    .    ’    . lso «n'ft    months. ...    ii,    Wednesday he has no shortage    .    ,    . would be revealed as indict-    /    The    lowest    price    found    for melds were handed down and problem.    full-service regular gasoline waf, trials begun. But. the prosecutor' In fact, he received one 8.000 44 4 cents per gallon at Jerry’s added the case has not I gallon load of gasoline Monday, Sinclair. 3404 Mt. Vernon road “peaked’’ and further disclo- another Tuesday and has two SE, and Cain Bros. Texaco, 2663 sures are expected.    '    *" ”    • Rev. Brown Oarlock. Intcr-ment: Linwood. Friends may call at the chapel. and in and in Percy Likes His Chances For 76 Nod —Daily Record— I    Allen S' Van Cleve of Central Jaworski suggested to John I" *    0    „    ,    take    a two-cent per gallon in- FnrrflV    WASHINGTON    (UPI)    —    parg Presbyterian church Ehrlichman that he plead gull-    an    11    crease    announced    last weekend t-l    Charles Percy believes he has Rurja]: Czgch National. Friends ty in the Daniel Ellsberg break- At the same time, Thirty West by the FEO to help cover in- i( ontinued from Page I.) more than a IO percent • may> jf ^ey wjs^ contribute to m t0 avoid more serious DX. 3330 Sixteenth avenue SW,, creasing overhead expenses, forced to sustain any such ob- chance w,n thc W6 Republi- th(l Anne Cerny memorial fund;charges, the Us Angeles Times ran cut of gasoline last Thurs- . e a s >o| jection, forcing    the    bill    back    to    Can    President,al    nomination    aad    at Central Park Presbyterian I says.    day. The station    is only doing Predictions for March alloca- I conference    committee    and    al-ilS    rcady    to    take    on    anyone    *ho    church.    But the newspaper said in a    rePair work unt)1    more fuel ar". tions were equally uncertain,  — * *•    i says he doesnt.    ---- slory Jn Wednesday’s editions r;ves Fr,day    with    most still having    no report Mrs F'ank G Reed that Ehrlichman, President Nix* Mark Fonck. station manager, from their supplier. Fern Miller TW *    77 r.f    nn °n’s ^rmer domestic affairs* reported he has    laid off two Don Schmidt, owner of Don’s Thompson drive SE,    widow    of;adviser’ rcjected the Pr°P°sal    men until the additional fuel ar-1 Conoco, 2846 Mt. Vernon road Frank G. Reed, died Tuesday. ,The Times quoted friends of c »    , , - , ,    —j I A 45*year resident of Chica^° und!r ^orski\ nmr^.l Fhr’ 3400 Johnson avenue NW, re-i Friday, but ha,s no assurances So Percy bristled when Barry and two-year resident of Mesa, aa^K! s fport(.d he has allocated himself!the gasoline will arrive on the coming to Cedar    hdVC. ,?(en e.X* L averah dailv amount.    first    of the month Rapids, and Mrs, David Bak-ken, Ewa Beach, Hawaii; a son, David, Richardson, Texas; 13 grandchildren, and two ii J CL I* L brothers, William Hemsky, jr., UFQBCl Ln/71CtiPHCW Cedar Rapids, and Joseph Hemsky, Mt. Carmel, 111. Services: Turner chapel east LOS ANGELES (AP)— Spe- higher than the 47.000 at 1:30 p.m. Friday by the Rev. (,iul Watergate prosecutor Leon pumped last February. Allen S. Van Cleve of Central Jaworski suggested to John Paper: Jaworski Urged Ehrlichmc To Plead Guilty ■ mu ,    Mf.    Vernon    road    SE. ™re arriving Thursday.    The    highest regular gasoline To date, the station has,prjce found was at Noelridge pumped 123.0(H) gallons this park Gulf. 1120 Old Marion road month—about 15.000 gallons NE, at 50.5 cents per gallon. mon* than average for a normal    Outlook Uncertain entire month and considerably Tho outlook for prices next gallons month is uncertain. However, most .stations will apparently fhe Weathe each fined High temperatures Tuesday, low tem peratures overnight and Inches of pre cipitation: Anchorage ..29 it Atlanta .. 94 24 Rismarck    47    30 Chicago .. 40    34 Denver    it    28 Duluth    28    19 Honolulu    85    71 Houston    60    49 Extended Forecast no precipitation is indicated Friday through Sunday. High Friday in the 30s rising to the 40s and 50s Sunday. C R Weather High Tuesday ....... Low overnight ...... Noon Wednesday____ 2 pm............... Precipitation ........ Total for Feb....... Normal for Feb..... Normal through Feb. Total for 1974 ....... Barometer, falling .. Humidity at noon Conter Point and costs. Driver’s license violation — Eddie Shedenhelm, 1902 Central drive SW; fined $15 and costs. Vehicle control violation — Rand Holland, 1500 Oakland road NE; fined $45 and costs. I ittle or Traffic signal violation — Gregory Jones, 1018 Fifth street NW; lined $50 and costs. Nick Allen, 275 Ninth street, Marion; Donald ; Thirty-fourth I derick Bruce jstreet. Marlon: Ronald Cevnar, 134U Twenty-first avenue Ran Out L. Anqeles 75 51 Miami 60 43 Min'apolis 35 23 N. Orleans 54 24 New York 36 26 Phoenix 80 44 Seattle 47 38 .23 Washington 43 23 most certain death. In other energy news, the Federal Energy Office moved Wednesday to increase the nation’s gasoline supplies by easing restrictions on imports of crude oil. ays Percy, who plans to spend at leas: $90 OOO this year on a quest for his party’s nod, doesn t like being scratched from the | race before he’s had an opportunity to show his track record. rives. Al Dalzie SE, said he will just barely have owner of Al’s DX. {enough gasoline if he gets fuel avenue Some oil firms have been de Coldwater bluntly said last No-Ariz., before ivember the Illinois id Dietrich, 1281 liberately cutting back crude oil    "T    ,    J    »    JT Vf prosecution of others street NE; Pre- imports because of government I1d,dn 1 have a shost of a chance’ her tighter, Mrs. William H r>r^u,'on of o hers’ ,    2934    Fourth    rfu.friptinn„    nffininic caul predicting that Percy’s own Middleton, she was born Dec. 4. Ehrlichman also w senator {Rapids to make her home with |    .!?_    c0°E>er1ate    fuI,y    in    thc    "when    that    amount    is    gone,    he    A    lot    of    other    stations    are    also restrictions, FEO officials said The cutbacks translated into Published Notice ...    _      SW; . 451Steven Wink, Oxford Junction; j less gasoline production. 351 David Hauk, 1333 A avenue 43 NE; Donald Holsinger, 1627 ...; Miami drive NE; Florence '*** I Albee, 1607 Forty-eighth street Nonei NE; each fined $15 and costs ...0.33 Failure to dim lights ... 1.03, Walter O'Quinn, 522% ...2 him. about 1:30 in need of fuel, he reported, and his station is not at the top of . £■* a    the list. ‘Not Only Ones I elopes up toe pumps or 2 p m lately. -Robberies— (Continued from Page I.) would have state    delegation    would    desert! 1896. in O’Fallon, 111. Mrs. Reed    been required to    admit    that he had been a member of the Unit-    had helped cover    up the Waterloo Inconsistent”    cd Methodist church in La!£a^‘ burglary in    June.    1972—in    “We’re not    the    only    ones.”    he , “Right now I wouldn’t give Grcan8*\ .    ..    iff!? h,TT**8!,lh|,? Sepftfember;{said- “There’s hardy a station In testimony before the senate!chuck Percy a IO percent! Surviving in addition to her breakin at the office of on this end of town that s open commerce committee, Deputy chance,” the Arizona conserva- dau£hter are six grandchildren; Ellsberg s psychiatrist.    j    after 3 or 4 p.m.”    Jim’s    Vernon    Heights Phar- _ FEO Administrator John Sawhiil Itive told this reporter in an in-rwo s'sters« Blanche Klein, MtJ The Times quoted one of Ehr-j Four stations of about nine or macyi 190^ Mt. Vernon road SE. th said notice would be publishedjterview “I don’t think he can'Vernon- HI., and Berneice Har- hchman’s Washington. DC., at- ten in his area are out of gas    vnihinw    T»kr*n ^ 70oThi^’fifth*street *Marlon• ^t'UkS<*aVn *he ^cderal reS'ster get the delegation irom his own n'®J'    N.C.    tomcys,    Frank Strickler. as I entirely.    h    was    taken    at    the ...IM ea2h™^$loLdc"ts .    ^ ,hf FTOs intenUon to llft a state. It’s not that    i*’s too liber-L/"^1' Kraveside services:    saying. There    were    negotia-    The    majority    of    22    stations,    g    » Faulty equipment Rich-! restriction on all oil imported'aj _ ^ut j,e*s l00 inconsistent. Emblem cemetery, Elm- tions. Ail matters were serious- themselves not totally out of I pnarnrl»cy- Mary Ann urano , aret Powell, 807 C avenue NW;1 above a 1972 base period.    He wanders all over hell’s half hurst‘ HI. Pederson funeral!ly considered but a plea was; gasoline, but taking meaf.ures to Wind direction and velocity    Gatto,    1712    Under exis,inB law- oiI «rmsi acre.”    h“me    ofr Elmhurst will be in<ultimately rejected by Mr. Ehr-!assure they don't run out before Gazette weather station at 2‘Twentieth street NW; tined S2SIare required to share their Percy who last year went to rBc °f cervices there. Turner:    JJ- 29.81 65% and costs. p.m. SSW at 14 mph. Sun rises Thursday. 7:44; sun Consuming alcoholic bever- have less. The big firms argue with President Nixon, quickly sets. 6:56.    '    I    I    ,that    this    *“s    ,orecd    thosc    thal    I    contacted Coldwater when he east handled local arrange ments. crude oil with competitors who j great lengths to make peace less age after hours Year Ago Today — High, 35; nned°S?5^nd costs!*V°’ Manon’|have purchased high priced heard of the story and extracted    George F. crude oil overseas to sell it to a pledge that Coldwater would! low-, 32; rainfall, none. Traveler’s Forecast Thursday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck ........Cloudy    30-8 Chicago .........Cloudy    49-29 Cincinnati Cloudy 54-28 Miller George Freeman Miller. 64, of Cleveland ---- Des Moines . Detroit...... Indianapolis Kansas City .. Milwaukee Mpls.-St. Paul Okla. City . . . Omaha Sioux Falls . . Cloudy 48-27 PtCldy 45-21 Cloudy 47-24 Cloudy 54-28 Fair 56-30 PtCldv 33-10 Clrng 32-15 PtCldv 62-38 PtCldv PtCldy Iowa Deaths    competitors    at    a    much    lower    (SUpp0rt him if he won the no- 908 Ninth street SW, died in Marengo — Clifford P. Olson, [ U.S.-controlled price.    mination.    Iowa    City    Tuesday    following    a ‘‘He has given me that assur-* long illness, ance,” Percy said confidently.] Born Fob. 21, 1910, in Illinois, 54. Service. Friday at 1:30.| The result has been that the Presbyterian church, liar- __.    ,    ,    . rison’s, where friends may call deliberately reduced im-    ^ until ll Friday and then at thc ports which in turn resulted in|Gold\vater, he added, explained he had been a resident of Cedar Strickler said he expects his client to be indicted in more than one Watergate case. Study: Privilege Never Cited in Impeachment WASHINGTON (UPI) - The next month’s allocation arrives. Some, -such as Marty’s Car Wash. 1317 First avenue NE. have already borrowed against next month's allocation. Jim Moneypennv. owner of 4028 Bever avenue SE, ran out the back door after the would-bc robber pulled the gun. After that, he decided to run too. Authorities believe an accomplice may have been waiting in a car nearby. Although there were five the Danish the car wash, said he has al-i°^er persons in ready used about one-third of Book World at the time of the holdup, all claimed they did not see the robber. his March allocation. Ran Out Still, the car wash ran out of church. A church memorial less crude oil to produce gaso-jto him “it was just an off-the Rapids since 1940. He had been justice department made public regular gasoline Tuesday noon. fund has been established Dysart — Edward Krug. Serv- j ices Thursday at 1:30 at Trinity United Methodist church. Overton’s. Center Point — Ava M. Boyles, 67. Murdoch’s. Dyersville — Mrs. John1 52-28 iWente, 83. Services Friday at I 43-18 10:30 at Basilica of St. Francis! line, officials explained Meanwhile, federal energy chief William Simon Wednesday repeated his criticism of a statement made by the shah of Iran and received support from Sen. Henry Jackson (D-Wash.L Description Clerk Tom Palmer, 1446 N street NW. described the holdup • .    ...    I    .    ,    .    .    i    man    as six feet tall, thin, age 20 11 ,n 5,1 keen uo- first avenue SW is not out. but 25 wearing a blue jacket and a study showing The W’estern station at 425 Degree Days Tuesday .......... Total to date..... Through Feb. 26, 1973 Percent of normal year Total normal year Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday 670.19 Ll I use s •union 01 nai. now as Doiore me Aran Boycott. •V at V30 ,at The prime minister of Iran reran church. I j j    ...    „ it Fe I lmct’s ‘ sP°nded that Simon was ‘ ta k- not. Birfhs St. {Xavier. Scripture service at 8    ,    .    ... (Thursday at Kramer’s, where Simon had taken issue with 37‘friends may call after    2 Thurs-    the shah's statement    that the 5,151 day.    |u.S.    was importing as    much oil 5.419! Keystone — Herman    Sindt,    now as before the Arab boycott. 77.67181. Services Friday 6,631 St. John Luther I Friends may call after noon Thursday.    ing    through his hat.” Millersburg --Margaret “I just stand on my first iat th0 convention, he be-Voelkcl, 53. Services Friday atistatement ♦* simon said on the I lieves. and there is no way a moderate-liberal candidate like Percy could be nominated. cuff remark.”    1    an employe of Penick and Ford Wednesday The exchange between the more than 20 years.    J that no    ^    ^ two men is significant because Survivors are two daughters, covered of executive privilege is only allottde 1.500 gallons per trousers it undoubtedly foreshadows    an-    Edna Taylor. Cedar Rapids, and    being invoked in the past to    day—about one-fourth as much ()n Fph IR other liberal-conservative party    Betty Chambers.    Manchester;    donv congress evidence    .sought    as was pumped through the sta- battle in 1976.    a son. Robert, Lamont; three |n anY impeachment proeeed-;tion before the new allocation As far as Coldwater is con- stepsons. Lawrence Harford. Nf*    program took effect this month, cerned, “85 percent of all Re- Cedar Rapids; I^auren Harford. A^y. Gen. WMlliam Saxbt* re-; The Clark station at 705 First publicans are conservative so, Lamont, and James Harford. Jpaspd the final three sections of avenue SW will be closing at 4 we don’t worry about the    re-    Lincoln. Neb.    a justice department    study j    p.m. Wednesday and Thursday maining 15 percent who    are    Services: Friday    at 10:30 a rn.    being sent to the White    House    compart'd with its normal 6 On Feb. 18, a holdup man netted $308 at the Danish Book World, and on Feb. 22 he escaped with $426. Authorities also say it may be the same person who robbed two Iowa City businesses in the last two weeks. Descriptions of robber match -------------Iii;„, ___.    .    •,    :-----1----- ,—    .    . ia.u Iwu    uewvitpuuus    ui I at Turner chapel west by the Watergate special prosecutor p.m. closing in order to not run the Jowa CUy and Cedar Ra ids Rev. Everett Burnham of J^’W’ski and the house ju- out of gasoline. Sharon United Methodist diciary committee, which has However. Earl Schmidt, les- ,    .    ...    . ....    ,    . ^church. Burial: West Liberty. Iinitiated an impeachment inqui- see at the station, reported he I party will be the dominant volce|prjends mav caj| at Turner!^ at',ain-st President Nixon.    was open three hours last Sun- Dominant Voice The conservative wing of the 1 ! chapel west. church NBG “Today” program. “We Ron have our numb<*rs here in the 2:30 at Lutheran Feb. 26 — To the families of I McAninch’s, Victor. Jerry G. Wilford. 2904 Johnson Earlville — Frank avenue NW, a son; Donald Ncl-    nebaum,    79.    Services Saturday    I United    States government, and son. 3916 Silver Spring drive    tat ll at    St.    Joseph’s    Catholic    they’re    factual.” NE, a son; Kenneth Burger church. Rosary at 8 Thursday Route I, Marion, a son; Donald and scripture wake service at 8    Jackson    Comment L. Irons. 220 Twenty-seventh Friday at Clifton’s, where street NW. a son; David Chi-1 friends may call after 7 Thurman, 1461 Linmar drive NE. a    day. son; Everett Anderson, 1632 st. Olaf —    Mrs. Tov    (Helga)    Jackson commented    on Fifteenth avenue SE, a daugh- Torsrud, 72. Services Thursday    statement ter.    ,‘on    ~A    xr-------- T ----- Speaking earlier on the CBS Memorial Services During an interview, Percy!, Koval, Maria—Services were zydine over th#* senate trial said rnldu-itpr wag “milliner at Janeba-Kuba funeral .7    .    ’    <n,ite    trial said Goldwuttr was pulling hom(i at 2 p m wednesday bv blight rule either for or against those 85-15 percent figures out the Rev. Clarence Frana Burial executive privilege. of the air.”    was in Czech National ccme- j A rujint? if in favor of oxe(,u. “No figures I have seen in-    c.rK    .«    i    -m    five    privilege,    could    be w as open If the F’reisidcnt refused day to make sure he pumped congress informal on it wants, out his entire allotment before the study said, the chief justice the month’s end. of the supreme court while pre- Thin Margin One independent station owner said he is net out of gasoline, but is paying 49.5 cents per gallon for his fuel and reselling ,    -    I Sewell, Charles II.—1:30 pm.Il,vt? privilege. <’<>uia ne over Morning News program, jdicate that,” Percy insisted. “In; t h u rs d a y in Bcatty-Beurlc ruled bv the senate “following it at only 49.9 cents per gallon to the! fact, polls show tliat half of all chapel by the Rev. Richard A. established custom that the sen- stay competitive. at 1:30 at Norway Lutheran I™""-  ........  "'I    Republicans    see    themselves    as    ^.hnc    'ate has the last word on admis- lits legal price church. Schultz’. Monona. can t put that one together. middle-of-the-road. ’ Thursday and will not be open- Ability of evidence,” the justice I under Cast of laving Co unci 1-llawkeye — John Nuss, 60.1 “When a tanker comes in to a “I would say that if he was ed af tot the service.    department experts noted. Deborah Poe and David No-|Services Thursday at ll atjport. the customs people board j talking; about the 1964 conven- Bell, James \V. — Turner* “If the President persisted maximum Cedar Rapids Emergency Numbers Ambulance.........366-7654 F B l.........402/348-1210 F,re............... 398-5343 Highway Patrol  364-5171 After Hours  363-5629 Police............. 398-5353 Sheriff.............398-3521 (Cltp ond carry in your txllfoW) Marriage Licenses wach, Paula Schwartz and Mi-ITrinity Lutheran church, chad Cufr, all of Cedar Rapids. Emerson-Milnes. Sharon Barnhouse and Fred    Kandalia — Byron Bronn, 85. Barnhouse. both of Marion {Services Thursday at 1:30 at Sandra Bean, Toddville, and | United Methodist church. Bd-Daniel Rue!, Alburnett.    las-Wright, Fayette. Springville    Eugene    M. Fires    I Reed. 94. Services Friday at ll 10:03 am. Tuesday. Gas. at United Methodist church, pump knocked over at Sinclair Friends may call at Murdoch's Station, 1344 First avenue NE. after I Thursday. , . n    ,    Strawberry Point — Earl Magistrate S G.curt (Johnson, 87. Services Friday at Federal Energy Office regula-In tions would probably be auot 60 it. They get they clock pumped out. got some oil runners, like rum runners of old. they’ve got accurate figures,” Jackt don’t see how in the world then* could be such a discrepancy,1 unless the customs service has1 gone to pot, and I don’t believe Presbyterian 1:30, Congregational church, i it has Edgewood. Burial: Shellsburg cemetery about 4 p.m. Appleton’s in Edgewood. Speeding — Samira Fields, Lowden; Donald Schulte. 1612 Forty-eighth street NE; Ralph $chnuc lie, Vinton; Richard Franzen, 1740 Fourth avenue)    ’    ...................... SE; Virginia Clancy, 846 Eighth Gnc0|ino Pnnniec street. Marion; Delores Tall- gasoline, renmes man. 2228 Bowling treet svv    Taken in Breakin Donald Wilson, route one,) Marion; Marlene Welland. 5801 E avenue NW; Eddie Sheden thc manifest it as it’s being | water > where (Nelson) Rocke-1 sx n s t e r Now unless we’ve!feller was booed and where ex- church Bu ria tremism was the symbol his cemetery. figures come close to accuracy    I    „ t i    ..    ...    ,,    ,    .    “    vices    were at 1:30 p.m. Wmt*. rate figures, Jackson said. “I but that was not a represent- msda.v in Turner chapel u.st at ive year.”    bv the Rev. George McDill. ____________ !    Burial    was in Czech National. Slowter, Belton — Services I were held at Turner chapel east LOS ANGELES (AP)—Israeli I at 3 p m Wednesday by the Rev. Hurley Bassett. Burial was in Linwood. lion (which nominated water > w here (Nelson) Gold-; chapei east at 1:3° p.m. Thurs- h;s    to    comply,    a    consti- cents per gallon. day by lh John I*. Woods of1 tutional confrontation Springville highest magnitude ensue,” they concluded losephine — Set- I    ____ Think small, use Ad for big results ad today! a of the “We’ve got a lot of charge ac-would counts.” he explained. “You can’t just go up to 60 cents per gallon. We’re going to run a Classified without profit but we’re lace your looking for another supplier.” Some other stations are under Further Pulbaek —1-380— (Continued from Page I.) forces are expected to begin a I further withdrawal in the Sinai peninsula in the next few weeks, the lx>s Angeles Times ! said Wednesday. Why take our word that want ads work? Try one yourself. Call 398 8234. helm, 1902 Central drive SW; John Hendricks, 1605 Forty-seventh street    NE;    Thomas Rouse, 1209 Sixteenth avenue DW; Kathleen    Quass, 2323 Twenty-seventh street SW; Dave Schulte,    18(19    Central drive SW; Scott Chadima, 215 Crescent street SE; each fined $30 and costs, Larry Anderson, 1225 Brockman drive SE; Richard Lewis, 280.3% Ellis boulevard NW; Guadalupe Gonzales, 1927 Ninth avenue SW; William Moore, 1440 Fourth avenue SE; l**o n a rd Frondle, 228 Twenty seventh street    NW; Davis, Mt. Vernon; J. W guments as those advanced last year by liiawathans — decreas-j Burglars took 14 gallons of ing land value, noise pollution, gas and 70 pennies in a breakin additional safety hazards for early Wednesday at Bur’s Auto, children (during construction as 1718 (’ street SW.    well as with increased traffic on Police said a breakin was at , the arterial roads after comple-> tempted at Novak’s 66 Service,) lion I. 2029 C street SW but entry was! He discounted Hiawaltons’i not made. The front door glass;arguments that the through-! was broken.    j jown roldt, would come too close to their school, pointing out! North Twin Pines children attend the same school “Children can he supervised! more easily for a shorter time1 at school,” he said. “At home it is more of a problem.” O Let our Flowers express your respect and love FLORIST and GIFT SHOP Since 1909 flowers for all occasions JOHN E. LAPES Convenient downtown location 303 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 364-8139 phone answered 24 hoots every day. 2(1 YEARS AGO - The senate defeated all proposals for a new constitutional amendment re strict mg the President ’s power Robert {to make treaties with foreign na Cook, tions. Serving all faiths since 1888. SomwUwtM wdffti, hwrmin and "iwi Ut, i tut happen* when you I ay it with Wowori PIERSON’S '[ZIK Whet* Iii* Solution h B,*»l I NM I I I IS HI VB. 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