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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 27, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (ti* lint' tt pitta CITY FINAL IO CENTS CUDAK RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBKUAItY 27, H)74 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Weather- Colder tonight, Thursday. Dow tonight in 2()s. High Thursday in upper HOS in low -10s. VOLUME 92 NUMMER 48 Say Plan To Call Nixon Abandoned House Clears Way To Pass Energy Bill WASHINGTON (AP) - The; house Wednesday voted down al parliamentary    rule    that    had seemed certain to kill the emer- .    j un _    8ency    '‘n‘‘rLTy    bill. Gazette Leased Wires    tu,    l    j . i The house then moved toward WASHINGTON (UPI) — Spe    adoption of a    new    rule    that cial prosecutor Leon Jaworski 'would allow a full-scale roll call! rebuffed in one attempt to get v°le 011 the bill’s controversial President Nixon to testify be- od Pr*ce r°Uback as well as on a f ... ,    ,    .    . provision that would give Pres- fore a Watergate grand jury, |den( mw authorlt/ to order has decided not to subpoena the gasoline rationing. President.    The    action    was    seen    as great- Nixon Tuesday formally de- ly increasing the bill’s chances j dined a subpoena to testify at for congressional passage, but California criminal proceedings the measure still is slated for a involving his former No. 2 aide, presidential veto. John Ehrlichman.    -    „    ...    „ Issue Challenge The President told his news conference    Monday that Ja- The house    rules    committeei worski had relayed to him a sen^ *bc to *be house floor request to appear in person be- vv ;1 ru*e allowing any fore a Watergate grand jury but    merober of the    house    to issue a that he “respectfully declined’’:    Parliamentary challenge to    indi- on constitutional grounds. The v*duid sections of the bill. The request, it was learned, came J vole a2a'nst the rule was 259 to from the grand jurors themselves. Two Reasons 144. FBI Mounts No Hunt for Hearst Girl Plan Told WASHINGTON (UPI) - The If the original rule had been allowed to stand, an oil-state I representative almost certainly’1 Sources close to Jaworski’s in- would have objected to the price vestigation said Tuesday that rollback on grounds that it was j the prosecutor now has decided drafted by a senate-house commit to follow up with a subpoena | ference and had never been for Nixon’s appearance for two voted on by the full house, reasons:    Most    observers agreed that Primarily it was thought Speaker Albert would have been Nixon would refuse the subpoe- —UPI Telephoto "GOOD PROGRESS" — Secretary of State Kissinger, arriving from Damascus, is shown at Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion airport with Abba Eban, center, Israeli foreign minister; Simha Dinitz, left, Israeli ambassador to the U.S., and Kenneth Keating, U.S. ambassador to Israel. Kissinger said his talks with Syrian officials "made good progress." ★ ★ ★ na, just as he has the one from California. Jaworski believes the proper constitutional inquiry into presidential conduct lies in the impeachment process. But sources said it was “pos-sible, even probable’’ that some in Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) Galley Released On SI,600 Bond Syrians Say Yes to Visits To Prisoners C.R. Council Neufral As 1-380 Debate Flares COLUMBUS. Ga. (AP) By Kevin Kane Angry North Twin Pines development residents voiced opposition to an 1-380 alternate I w h i I e virtually all streets around it are paved or hard-surfaced. they said. Asked Council Mrs. Carolan, who has lived Robbery Series Suspect Held In Iowa City SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -The FBI says it doesn’t know where kidnaped heiress Patricia Hearst is being held, and the IOO agents on the case aren’t trying to find her. Charles Bates, the agent in man who tried to hijack a Delta charge of the investigation, told DC-9 airliner last week planned newsmen after a two-hour meet- a kamikaze attack on the White ing with Miss Hearst’s father House, saying “whoever dies publisher Randolph Hearst and will be directly attributable to his family Tuesday night that Watergate scandals,’* columnist the FBI was still being very Jack Anderson reported careful.    j    Wednesday. “We don’t know specifically    The would-be hijacker,    Sa- where Patty Hearst is,” he said muel Byck, a Delta security during an impromptu news con- guard and the co-pilot were I ference on the driveway of the killed in the shootout last Fri-Hearst mansion in suburban day at Baltimore-Washington Hillsborough.    International airport near Bal- “And we don’t intend to take Hmore. any action to try to find out, Anderson said Byck, 44, i because this could provoke mailed him a tape recording isome action on the part of the ab°ut one hour long just before people who are holding her.” be shot his way aboard the Bates’ statement came as the Pjane- While aboard the air-anguished family waited for bner, Byck shot himself to word from the kidnapers and death after    killing the guard the organizers of a free food and *be co-pilot and seriously giveaway tried to get a second wounding the pilot, distribution organized.    Nixon    at    White    House But (Joy. Ronald Reagan    preslden,    Nixon urged Californians not to take whUe „ouse ,he „ ; the free food demanded by the lhe jous Sund whe abductors, saying those who did    lvale „ inR a Mo| were aiding and abetting law-^ ,cr was sbot down ovcr lesJntss ,    ..    :thc White House lawn Reagan also said in Sacra-    Andcrs0„    said Byck.s    pIan mon o thai two members of the ..Q ation Pandora Box-;had Symbionese Liberation Army hovn |anned more ,han „ held in San Quentin on charges month earjjer of murdering Oakland's black Ctd»r Ptpids News— WASHINGTON (UPI (-Secretary of State Kissinger has been told by Syria that it holds 65 Israeli prisoners of war and]west°f Hiawatha for the second defendant in future Walrruate fcderal judKe Wednesday freed will permit Red Cross teams to niKht in a row Tuesday, criminal cases will seek to    sub- Ll- William L.    Galley    on    $1 .OOO    visit them beginning Friday.    Two of    them vowed to get as    on    Fifth    avenue nine years,    and cily and Cedar Rapids ,    ,    ,, .    j    i, , .    ,,    the White House said Wednes*    rosiny signatures opposing    the    i Vi-,.    Renter who    has    livpH poena the President as a de- bond after his attorneys argued IL"*    i    route    change    as    Hiawatha    has    «n*er,    who    has lived tense witness at their trials.    that Callcy presented    no    danger!    It sajd Israel will furnish His-    'or it. California Subpoena    to society.    singer who is now in Israel    A r g u    rn e n t s both for    and U.S. District Judge J. Robert j conferring with Premier Golda! against a possible alternate I past to fix school superintendent    would not t    H. .•    ... .    .    be released by him in    exchange Iowa    City police Wednesday    for Mjss Hears(    prevjous alternoon arrested    a man sus-    communiques, the    terrorist1 pected    of being    involved in    j group has linked the    suspects’ armed robberies in both Iowa fate with Miss Hearst’s. James L. Marple, 23, address P reSld Bnf SBts there over 15 years, said they unknown, was arrested shortly .    . have asked the council in the after 1 P-m* and charged with March 29 OS Ehrlichman and two other former White House aides, Elliott issued his ruling after Meir and other top officials David Young and G. Gordon Colley, sentenced to 20 years on I i,s ideas ^engagement    f2°^/°ad Liddy, face trial in Us Angeles|murder chargcs stemming from (Syrian and Israel, forces ,* r « «. rsaSSAZt Fief Fe/, Day P wa vs used tu ut jowa q*v pek yft. and Drue wacuivctov <adi _ i> on charges growing out of the 1971 burglary at the office of Kissinger plans to fly back to i Cedar Rapids and turning north about Wa miles council has ^U«ja uwu ««.-    ;    iowa    city, Feb. 20. and Drug ii. . nt ^    gument    that the “hi8hway is; Fair in Iowa City, Feb. 18. heard at a joint meeting of the! .__ Hiawatha S°inf> through as an excuse for; Marple is also named in a March 29 “He said he wanted to combine two dramatic deeds — a kamikaze attack and a hijacking — to dramatize the outrage of one man over the Watergate mess,” the columnist said in an interview. Anderson said Byck described his intentions, with these words: “I will try to get the plane aloft and fly it towards the target area, which will be Washington, D C., the capital of the most powerful, wealthiest nation the My Lai massacre, told the Damascus with this information' city councils at Cedar Rapids not maintaining tne road. could be useful Friday, the White House said. I city hall. The announcement was the I Although When I moved in in 1958, we warrant issued by Cedar Rapids day authorities in connection with WASHINGTON (AP) - President Nixon has proclaimed ^7hVworld. “By guise, threats or trickery. Vietnam Veteran^ prodded by Ria-,had a Rood street." Mrs. Bonier    “L'ilh    TuJesda>‘    hc    for    a    nation-    of    ^    ,owards    thp    whHc _ „    _    .    .    ,    .    _ ■ _ .. ,. , ■ ™    .    Book    World,    1601    Sixth    street    wiHp    observance    to Calley, under house arrest at | first official public disclosure s Watha Mayor Dale Guthridge said. "Since then, they’ve just fended his refusal to appear on Third Time Pentagon Papers defendant Iccur*’. * Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist. r° Ehrlichman’s lawyers sought to,    .    .    .    . t, , subpoena    Nixon    as    a    defense    nearby Fort Benning    for nearly    that Kissinger    was making prog- for some sign of approval, the j    jet it    t0 pot witness    through    the    District    of    *hree years, took the witness    ress in efforts to bring about four Cedar    Rapids council I    Mrs    Carolan said that oul of, Columbia courts    stand and said that, if released, a pullback of troops on each members present deftly shied    Tuesday    night,    the    Danish I 'ju/vnre fnr Mivnn lrivn Hp he would *et a j°b in Columbus.' side on the Syrian-Israeli front, away from taking sides on the nouscs on ine D1WK wlin Book World was robbed for the ,il J r .. * ;    ....    Ha.    He    arrived    in    Damascus    late    issue and promised both views; maybe eight of them not sold;third time m ninc days Detec. After sentencing.    President    i Tuesday and    held conferences I will be taken    into consideration |    out to    real estate    people, she President Hafez! before any    final decision is    knew of six of the    homeowners In signing the proclamation ‘ ho£'0 f°rce lhc fllot "> bu“ the White House — I mean, sort 'th^wKh- ii°use- When the plane is in this American P°sition’ 1 wiI* shoot the pil°t first anniversary of ....... ,    ... .    . drawal of the last American P°sd'«n' } "lll,sbo?t thc. troops from Vietnam.    :    ;,nd    hc",in lh" las few ™nu « Nixon said that, if the U. S.l ^    sl,'‘'r    *hc pla"f target, which is the White House. the grounds that no court, state Nix0„ ord(,r(,d hjn) ^ a( Ws wj,h ^ or federal, can order a "v; own apartment. Nixon also said ■. Assad Wedne ident to testify in person. lf -I PnxiHpnt    for    r    pH    to    IT ------ ------ *"*v    .■“*    ”v‘-    l.inn    I'l I resident was I rn I to (he avenues provided by the Israel has insisted as a first appear in court, Ins awyeis ar- military justice system were ex- step toward disengagement ne-    ,    1    c gued in a bnef Hied Tuesday, |Except for review now gotiations that Syria provide a P^ann‘n8 c( his inability to perform the by Army Secretary Howard Cal- list of prisoners and allow Red stron8 appro va he would review the the avenues provided sdav morning case when fore going on to Israel. Israel has insisted as a first be- made. duties as the Chief Executive would threaten the security of the entire nation.” Federal Courts, Too The argument filed by James St. Clair, the President’s chief Watergate lawyer, was directed as much to appearances in a federal as a state court. • “In the 187 years since our lawny, that this month. point was reached Cross them. Linn Planners county regional commission, with al of the route from the Hiawatha council and who would “definitely” favor letting the interstate in so they eould get out. Be Preferable C.R, Cost of Living Up 2.6% in Quarter Both women said getting out, representatives to visit!iruni Ult' n|ilwuu|a tuumn auuj would be preferable to staying, no major objection to its study land continuing to pay taxes]    ,    .    <1R. —............. ■- from    the    Cedar Rapids council, without getting any road main    ,Ul    1    .    ... tenance from the    Detectives    also    beheve tives said they believe the same person was involved in all of the holdups. A man with a handgun entered the business, which deals in adult book sales, about 7: IO p.m. and ordered the clerk to ^ hand over all of the money in the cash register. The robber, Overweight Bond Anderson reported Byck said he was 60 to 70 pounds overweight, with a bad back. “And I’m about to undertake a Jame.s Monday night voted to approve city. “The mayor and all those peo-1 ilK same man Cedar Rapids News— Prices in Cedar Rapids soared study of the western bypass by the state highway commission, pie are too busy to worry about The commission, which a1- tho people on our street,” Mrs. ready has approved a center-of- Renter said. Hiawatha route which was in' Mayor Guthridge lives on turn opposed by the Hiawatha Sixth avenue, which is paved, council, has agreed to study a Half of Sixth avenue is in the interstate corri- thr earlier attempted (Continued: Page 3. Col. 8 lion Vietnam veterans. The cost of apparel was actu Constitution was adopted no upward at a rate of 2.6 percent!®^ down 0.6 percent in the last western alternate as long as in- Hirough-town eourt, federal or state, has held from mid-October to mid- quarter, but up 4.4 percent for! terest is shown by Cedar Rapids dor. that the President of the U. S. I January for a whopping 8 9 per-1 the year. The biggest decline in can be compelled lo testify in cent increase in one year.    the last quarter was for wo- person in compliance with a rile U.S. consumer price1 ,    , . , , summons,” St. Clair wrote. • index was announced last week men s ^ aPPare*-In related developments:    las    having    increased    2,3    percent*    Food Breakdown The President’s close friend. 111 Hist quarter, and 9.4 P^r‘    Here is how the food category diaries “Bebe” Rebozo, said (C,d January, 1973, to Jan- |wks for ,be year: Cereals and in a sworn statement that he ua**y' v”'    bakery    products, up 25.2 pcr- discussed with Nixon’s iiersonal •    Hammond    of the a,n(; moats arid fish, up 23.9 .secretary. Rosemary Woods, a ^ State university extension p(,rmd. di,jry products, up 22 4 $10 0,000 campaign donation °H|ce- who compiles data on percent; and fruits and vegetation! billionaire Howard ic*)nsoniei prices as furnished bv Up 24.7 percent. Hughes, but that the President    LreaU.„    I    This    put the cost of food at didn t know about it. The house judiciary committee disclosed that John Dear, chief counsel for the impeachment inquiry, has sent a letter to St. Clair requesting White House tapes and documents. Details of the request were not Si,id Bu «    ...    the    ten (Continued: Page 3, Col. (» ) the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, said lie was surprised at the extent of the price in- f off if if** {Inn'I* Ic In the old days if a person missed a stagecoach he was content to wait a day or two for the next one. Now he squawks ii he misses a section of a revolving door. CopvrluM Biggest in IO V ears    bringing    the    overall food eatego- “I expected prices to be up ;ry rise to 19.4 percent, substantially, but not quite (his    Rapids consumer much, Dr. Hammond said. He Lrjcc mdox now stands at 132.5, increase is highest in |w|Rj January, 1967, as the base, years consumer price jn odu,r words, what cost $10 data has been collected in Cedar t,UM) now t>os|s $13 25 Rapids.    ♦    ♦    * FoikI. to no one s surprise, led tile price parade up IM pt>r- "hll,‘    "vvr.K.-    w«'kly omt for tho year. llotisinK ,-„sts    01    ( wlar R“p,ds ...... 3.3    H'rcvnl in th., last    *,ork,'rs ‘""oasvd to $202 IO quarlcr, ll pemmt tor tho war    V" Trails tai,on. mainly be-j"*an ,),fset hv ,h'' ralml "u'r,'as'' of Kaoolino price in- j111 Priccs- 3.2 percent iii (,ross 1>arninks 'u’r(' W \)Vl' home up an even 22 percent for wai\l. (he year. Food away from home) And, to add fuel to the con-increased “only" 11.3 percent,]troversy, two Hiawatha resi dents whose homes would be taken by the through town route told the two councils people on their block would just as soon and Hiawatha.    J    said after the session North Twin Pines residents that he primarily objects to the Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Paul, 3613 alternate because North Twin Western Pine drive NE, said l*mo.s is a relatively new addi ]office    has    concluded they gathered 135 signatures;lion in which residents had not county has violated a overnight on petitions against]expected a major expressway]^    bidding    section of the alternate and vowed to get 0|’ freeway north of the Burlington railroad tracks (where the alternate would run in conjunction with a Cedar Rapids circumferential highway). Same Arguments lh* voiced the same ar- (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) as many as Hents (500). Hiawatha propo- YHI as Loud “We can yell as loud as Hiawatha. and we’ll save our back yards,” Mrs. Paul said after- had not stood firm in Vietnam, it would be impossible to go forward with “great initiatives for peace.” The “great debt of honor” owed to Vietnam veterans is ‘‘difficult to repay because this has been a misunderstood war, Bond. 007-type operation. Opera-said in a White House|»jon pandora Box, where you speech.    :have to be skinny and slinky He told Veterans Administra- and willowy and,” he chuckled, it was *0r 00,131(1 Johnson t0 Slve SP0' ‘Tm not anything like that. who 45 muiutcS kif1 ,a!ten,ion !2 a"y into,i?n.s! . Rut I suspect that I can a holdup at|benCf“? fC,n0t bflng. T'^ comc off with an clement of P dl j properly to the nat.on s 2 5 mii-isurprise lf , can ketp „)y coo,_ And I suspect that my appearance may work to my advantage.” The columnist said the tape arrived at his home in suburban Bethesda, Md., Monday and he erified that the voice was that By Roland Krekeler    state and attorney general, out- of Byck by playing portions to The Iowa attorney general’s'^ininfi the al,c8ations-    man’s    wife    and    acquaint ing Iowa ,owa I)ata ‘‘cooperated fully ancos. Anderson said Byck told ..    with us in our investigation,”    of his plans and    history    of    mrn- competi-    Haesemeycr said t,ven though    tai problems in “a    mild    voice,    t bidding    section    of    a    new    it was **under no legal compul-    matter-of-fact voter    registration    law    in    von-    sion to do so.” tracting with Iowa Data Pro- “r ls our conclusion,” Haese-cessing Corp.    meyer    said, “that the allega tions contained iii your press release are lacking in merit and based on erroneous calcula- Opinion Cites    P In Claim of Illegal Pacts S In a letter made public Tuesday. Solicitor General Richard Haesemeyer told State Rep. John Patchett (D-North Liber- (jon, tv) that the lawmaker was in way” and “even spelled his name.” The tape was recorded in several segments over a month’s time and the attack plan was in the first segment, according to Anderson. have the highway go through. The two Hiawatha residents Mrs. Stephen Carolan, 210 Fifth a v v ii ii e, and Mrs. Walter Renter, 302 Filth avenue contend the longer the interstate Say Missing Balloon Seen I the 1973 law ■ “It is our conclusion that none error in saying many and per- of ,)u,    mvo|vi.d    us, haps all of an estimated 50 a |vasonah|l, l)asjs |or es(„nat‘ contracts with the Cedar Rapids Letters to Papers Byck also expressed his discontinued: Page 2, Col 3.) SANTA CRUZ De TENERIFE, Canary Islands (AP) — The missing balloon of American ad venturer Thomas (latch, jr., was sighted Wednesday over the ■ » j V    1    e    ing    costs,    will    involve    an expen (company violated the section of .J;"._________,u,„ At a news conference in Cedar diture exceeding the $5,000 limitation. . . Cost Estimates canst creases, jumped thc last quarter and 5.5 percent iii the last year. Rapids on Jan. IO Patchett re-1 felted to the amendment he had “Enclosed is a list of est i mat -I sponsored, requiring compete]ed costs ,or (lu, life of the v0l{: five bidding tor contracts ex-; tracts using a method of estnna- ceeding $5.IHM) The figure was tion which we find to be both . |.,n. ff „    ,$1,000 when the amendment war;reasonable and realistic for Canary Islands off northwest lsubmlttl.d bv Pat(.h,lt    uf (h# cuuntios wjth whith Iowa Data has contracts affect- ,    . ..    ...    cd    by    section    96 . . Haesemeyer s letter said he! ,, “ror competitive reasons,! Agreed To Cheek week from .October to January, (Continued: Page 2, Col. 4 ) issue drags on. the longer the Hiawatha council puts off main Africa, the Spanish news agency taming their street.    ]    Europa    Press reported. Fifth avenue, which will lie The agency said the pres ! lost entirely to the interstate surized gondola, in which Glitch I agreed to look into the matter] under the through town was trying to make the first I when he met with Patchett fob , a .    ^    identity    on project route, remains dirt road full an unimproved I balloon crossing of the Atlantic, of chuckholes I was moving without difficulty low ing the news conference and a letter sent to the secretary of the schedule the counties with (Continued: Page 2, Col I.) Todays Index Comics 7D Crossword 71) Daily Record . SA Editorial Feature I....... 8.\ Farm 13C Financial ., Kl > Marion KB Movies KC Society JOB I3R Sports ID-61) State 1C-3C Television 12C Want Ads I WIM3D ;

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