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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 19, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NAIIONAl 30,00 WI Alum MIvlCl fOMCAM <0 7AM ISI t-*o- /g I he Cedar Rapids 3 Gazette: Tiles., I eh. If>, 1074 Council Delays Selection Senate Debates DOT Of Oak Hill Developer Establishment Steps New Element In Choosing 1-380 Route The city council decided Tuesday lo delay selecting a developer for proposed federal-sub-sidy housing in the Oak Hill area. Six developers submitted bids to build housing for low income elderly and handicapped persons on a two-block parcel of, . ,,    ,    , ,    '    .    I    quired Neighborhood Development Pro-, janfj a gram (NI)!*) land bounded Twelfth and Fourteenth avenues]the city counci and Eleventh and Fifteenth the basis of experience, streets SE.    ing, managment plan, The difference between the and objectives, cost of rent and the amount the' Salyer suggested the structures and a combination one-, two and three-story build-!By Frank Nye ing.    DES MOINES - What route The urban renewal board, should the Iowa legislature take however, picked tlnicare Ser-jto develop a new state depart-vices, Inc., of Milwaukee as a merit of transportation? That’s second choice.    what    the    Iowa senate was trying Joint Selection    d(!cid* Tuesday. Should it merge all of the ex All But before getting to the bill, the senate debated all morning on an amendment by Sen. Lowell Junkins (D-Montrose) and 14 others that tried to substitute the second option The senate worked into the noon hour before voting down isling state agencies and depart-]the Punkins amendment 26 to 24 six developers were re to bid $31 476 for the mf,nts rfl|aU>fj t() transportation “"d then took time out for lunch price set by the FUA    .    -    .    ..    .. AMES — Another element, the impact on air quality, will have to be considered in routing of interstate 380 north of Forty-second street NFL Iowa highway commission of- ,    .    ficials Tuesday briefly outlined by I The selection will he m-„I,, he'"1"' a '"'w 8evenm(™l>er de-|berorc taking up the main bill. rcquirements of lhc Fcderal „.....;..............,,, ..    by;    partmcnl    charged with develop- Junkins told Hic senate that Clean Air Aet ar relined lo Infill- ann me ha on |ng ,, p|an {o    state's    he    favors    creating    a    DOT    but financ-j transportation problems? design or should it set up a new nine-member commission to de-rouncilj vclop a plan and then a struc- believes that the transportation commission called for in his amendment should present a plan to the legislature and the I, 1975 their approval. way construction, and 1-38(1 through Hiawatha was one of the projects specifically mentioned Corridor Planning Engineer tor Bob Humphrey said future environmental studies will have to Uh WI AT MI MOK* AS! €> lucsday right will find rain or showers over parts of the north Atlantic states while some snow falls in sections of the central Rockies. Fair to partly cloudy skies elsewhere. after Kl am. Wednesday. Hoover-Valentine. Fast Amana - Ernest Bahn-dorf, 57. Services pending. Hoover-Valentine, Marengo. Manchester Clifton Legg, 72. Services 2 p.m. Thursday at Bohnenkamp’s. Friends may call after 7 p.m. Tuesday. Lowden Mary Meier. RI. Services 1:30 o.m. Thursday at Zion United Church of Christ. Friends may call after noon W e d n e s d a y . Chapman’s, Clarence. tenants arc able to pay will he wait a week before making a ture |or a new department of governor by .Jan. paid by the Federal Housing I select ion, so FUA could be j transportation (DOT) before Administration (FUA).    alerted to the recommendations mr-rmm/ ovktino anonol and. #•» .u A„ (l,;p    .    4.    ...    .    . ni.inninn n. ♦ „ n cl ...a i    IU    mrrging ixisiing agencies ann Once the commission got their meet the imitations outlined in Planning Director Don Sa yer and make sure here are no Honan1    *    ~ 11 u u .... ,1 lL m a * * ... J    ,__ ....    ...    ! departments.    approval, it would be charged the Clean Air Act. presented recommendations on problems with the bids.    ,u    M „ 1    Option    wlth developing the structure of    New Route ,, ,    .    ,,    a new DOT, which could call for Should the location of a par- Before the senate was a bul    1 (SF IHI) requested by Gov. Robert Ray that contained the first option. Weathe Hiyh temperatures Monday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation : Anchorage    ti    A    04    L Angeles    43    47. Atlanta    5»    40    .33    Miami    74    70    . Bismarck    3»    13    .    Minneapolis    3?    it Chicago    SO    3J    .13    N Orleans    70    S»    .14 Denver    37    JO.    New York    38    33    . Duluth    35    11.    Phoenix    44    47    . Honolulu    |4    67    .    Seattle    4*    41    .05 Houston    74    5J    .    Washington    48    35    . l/Ows in the 20s. Highs from the Twenty-seventy to 40s by Satur-! burger, Delhi; .Ion Klein, 310 Zelda drive NW; each fined $40 and costs. .John Smith, Independence, two charges; Douglas Walton, Mt. Vernon; Robert Zamastil, 1360 Hillside drive NW; Dennis Lamprecht, Hiawatha ; Arthur Klinger, route three, Cedar Rapids; John Extended    Forecast — Cloudy    Hiawatha; Ronald with    a    chanco of rain or    snow    Hi™k- ““Watha:    Cruse, n ..    ,    J    route one, Marion; Daniel Bra- I huisday.    I artly cloudy    End    I mow, 630 Nineteenth avenue warmer    Friday    and    Saturday.'SYV;    Kathryn Jennings, 20 street NW; Paul Mulholland, 618 Eleventh “I avenue    SE: Tony Sedore, Hia- I Watha;    Richard Hancox, 1845 • Valley    View’ drive, Marion; j each    fined $30    and    costs. Wayne Forristall, 1815 Jana drive SW; fined $25 and costs. '"j Craig    Beam, 1605 Hillview 39 drive,    Marion; Thomas    Park, 39 6540 Boxwood lane NE; Dennis None Tebbe, 2401 Fruitland boule-- . 1 . p .    .p    1    va rd SW; James Warren, West Total    for    reb.............Trace    Post road SW; John Wright, Normal for Feb............ 1.031019 Ninth street SE; William Normal through Fob 2.54 Mantor, 420 Sixth avenue SW; Total for    1974    I    63    Mary    Lawrence, 911 Flfth total tor    19/4     on    co    street    SE; Gregory Higgins, Barometer,    steady ........29.59    3015 Tamara drive SW;    Nancy Humidity at noon    48%    j Oates,    715 Forty-third    street Wind direction    and velocity    at 1 ,r.    Y_ v a n    0 n    J02,3 J    Twelfth street NE;    Bruce    Stol- 30s Thursday day. C R. High Monday I/)w overnight Noon Tuesday 2 p.m. Precipitation . Weather 43: Gazette weather station at 2 p.m. NNW at 12 m p h. Sun rises Wednesday, 7:56; sun sets, 6:46 Year Ago Today — High. 40; low. 34; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Wednesday Weather, Hi-Lo Cloudy 32-9 Fair 45-30 Fair 49-35 PtCldv 41-31 Cloudy 43-25 Fair 38-25 Fair 44-32 PtCldv 55-32 . Fair 38-25 Cloudy 34-17 PtCldv 58-31 Cloudy 44-25 Snow 35-19 Bismarck Chicago .... Cincinnati ... Cleveland .. . Des Moines . . Detroit Indianapolis . Kansas City . Milwaukee Mpls.-St. Baul Okla. City .. • Omaha Sioux Falls . 4.829 5.149 75.74 6,631 ba, Hiawatha; each fined $20 and costs. Improper passing — Robert Mingo, Center Point; fined $15 and costs. Improper turn — Diane Foley, 615 Sixteenth avenue SW; fined $15 and costs. Resisting an officer — Larry Lamb, no address; fined $25 and costs. Larry Jones, no address; fined $20 and costs. Traffic signal violation Robert Beatty, 223 Second avenue SW; Earl Plagemann, 5006 Spencer drive SW; Janclle Gorsh, 803 Fourth street SW; Robert Davidson. 114 LaSalle drive SW; each fined $15 and costs. Striking fixtures adjacent to street — David Vaughn, route one. Marion; fined $25 and costs. Vehicle control violation Joan Parker, Vinton; fined $15 and costs. Failure to stop — Arthur Audey, 718 L street SW; fined $15 and costs. Duty of driver — Ernest Hartson. 60 Sixteenth avenue SW; fined $15 and costs. Faulty equipment — Brian Ericks o n, 839 Wellington street SW; James Michalec, Feb. 18 Mr. and Mrs. John 1324 J street SW; each fined Fox. 740 Keyes court. Marion, a ISH) and costs. son    Improper registration — i in a*- sire ikon Brian Erickson. 839 Welling- .Id'juhlEighth .vl-nu;' !^,ss,rcpt SW: Uned $2° and west, Marion, a son.    Meter violation — Helen Births St Luke's Chamberlain. Hiawatha; fined _    ’    ,    ...    ,i $60 and costs. Feb. 18 - lo the    families    cl    Reckless driving Randv Ronald F. Barware. 1443 Hoi- Smiley, 3631 Oakland road Iywood boulevard NE. a daugh-| fjnP(j $25 and costs, ter; Ronald M. Kofron. 1614 Southview drive NW. a son:    Iowa Deaths William Hampton    Robins    a    Kl. Atkinson — MarvKar- daughtrr; .lames M. MaUis. n    Services Wodnesdav at 3724 Spotswood drive NE a ,,    S|    John.s rhur,.h< Rosary daughter; Daniel P. OckenfeU. Tl)rsd;,v at 8) chckal’s 1648 Twenty-fourth    street NW. ]    (>Btfr poini _ Hazel D a daughter; Dennis J. Hudson, j Jon(io    ?5    [>1-,v.,(p services Route 2, Marion, a daughter. i\^edne$day at Murdoch’s, At Summerville. S.< . lo!    p . . ■ Cnpt. ami Mn Ore* Ankney. a pr.irlrhur, - Frank J. daughter Feb. 16. Ankney is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Vrrn Zila. 3121 Tama street SF —Trial— (Continued from Page the choice of a developer made Mayor Don    ('annoy    suggested by the Oak Hill liaison commit- the council    wait even    longer,    to tee and the urban renewal have time    to    get additional    inboard.    formation if necessary and give Des Moines Firm    jirig, mnagement plan, design Both groups favored a plan submitted by Oak Hill Manor,' Ltd., Des Moines, which calls for 96 apartments located in one single-story building and four two-story buildings. Second choice    of    the liaison    A    large earthen dam on    the    pipes that were not intended committee    was    J    R. Stewart    E rn    e r y Throckmorton farm    carry such a heavy load. Construction Co. of Blue southeast    of Alburnett has * Caused Blowout Springs, Mo., which calls for 82 caused damage to drainage dis- The load, he said, has caused apartments    in eight    single-story    frirt    tile and a county road    and    lone blowout, where the pressure will    do more damage if    not    forced the water through the removed.    pipe,    thus damaging the pipe That was part of a report This blowout needs to be re- the merger of existing agencies tieular highway produce undue and departments, and would pollution, Humphrey said, the Report Blames Dam for Damage to Tile, Road to have to be presented for the approval of (he legislature arid governor by Jan. I, 1976. Opponents of the Junkins' amendment jumped all over it as a “foot dragging'1 approach w hich would merely duplicate the work of past environmental protection agency (EPA) and the Federal Highway Administration could direct that a different route be found. Humphrey said the agencies might also recommend a modification in the design of the highway to reduce pollution or transportation study commit- the development of better mass tees bv calling for another transit. st„d\    j    Humphrey    said    implcmenta- tion of the Clean Air Act in Senator Eugene Hill (D-New- tem charged that those favoring regard to highway construction, DEATHS 1.) taken Degree Days Total to date...... Through Feb. 18. 1973 Percent of normal year Total normal year ... Coralville Lake Pool level Tuesday 671 23 Births — Mercy paign contributions had effect three days earlier. The indictment claims that Mitchell and Stans subsequently brought pressure on the SEC in Vesco's behalf. The case was said to have been brought up in a discussion between Nixon and Dean. However, there has been no public indication that Nixon was aware of the purported conspiracy between Mitchell, Stans and Vesco. Dean was named a co-conspirator in the ease, after his ouster from his White House post last April 30 for his admitted role in the Watergate coverup. Another Witness Another star government witness is expected to be Harry Sears, 53. a New Jersey Republican who headed Nixon's 1968 campaign in that state. He is a ecMlefendant in the case but has been granted a separate trial. Sears is accused of conspiracy and three counts of obstructing justice — carrying a maximum 20 years in prison upon conviction. Veseo is the fourth defendant.; indicted on the same charges as Sears. He fled the country after] the SEC accused him in a Nov.! 27, 1972. civil suit of defrauding stockholders of $224 million from his financial pyramid. Mitchell and Stans arc addi- Mrs. Lloyd W. Brown Blanche Lucille Brown, 66. formerly of 1715 Miami drive NE, widow of Lloyd W. Brown, a made to Linn supervisors Tuesday by Ray Bystrom, an engineer who studied drainage district No. I for the board. Supervisors moved to their attorney meet is being directed at the seven Junkins amendme nato* saying metropolitan areas of the statCi ■We want DOT but not now. ,)es Mojncs Cedar Rap;ds> Wa. terloo, Davenport, Dubuque, paired and the dam removed or Hill declared they would be say additional damage will occur.[tog tho same thins three years:slourCity and'co”uncil Bluffs' he said. Supervisors moved to Irom now lf the amendment was Presen,|y Humphrey said. "I? lhf 1b'nW0U, .TEL"! a,a ad‘iP'“d only Des Moines, Cedar Rapids have"    BU‘    ,S*n-    K°m'Sl    Schwe#8els!and    Davenport arc sites where with have the expense charged to the (^Fairfield) argued for the Throckmorton; Leland Burns, district. ambient carbon monoxide is n .    _ ..    I • • *.wv...I..., ,,#11,    amendment on grounds that e ar apids resident 31 years, vvj10 js purcha»sing the land from J'Vstrom also reported wt’arjpas^ study committees had not    Buv    Fuuinment ant a retired employe of Throckmorton; Bystrom, and on some drain pipe in the sys-    developed any    “hard    facts” on    ii«    nredieted    the    hichwav rmsrongs. died in a (edar; Asst. County Engineer Jerry ,em requires replacement es-    vv hich to base    their    contention    commission "would    have Bapids hospital Monday, follow- [sjelson about the fituation. timated to cost $30,000 The sys-    ^at the time is right    to start a mg a long illness.    ,    ii*-    tem was inaugurated in 1960. new DOT now Born Dec. 12. 1907. at Eldon.    Legal Action    ^ hearing will be scheduled she was married there Jan. I, There w’as talk about possible]for the eight property owners in 1930. Mrs. Brown was a member legal action, but the board attor- the district to make their opin-    ' of Westminster Presbyterian ] ney said that if the seller and' ions known concerning the rechurch.    ] buyer agree to    remove the dam placement. Surviving are two sons, Major] it will not be necessary to go to    —--- Mirv Querier. Lloyd Brown, jr.. Boy, Utah, I court. and Bobert Brown. Cedar; Gene Dunn, a real estate Bapids, and five grandchildren .broker involved in the .sale, said Services: Turner chapel east Burns would not be opposed to at 1:30 p m. Wednesday by Dr. removing the dam John P. Woods. Burial: Cedar Bystrom said the dam Memorial cemetery. Friends backed up water over a county began questioning witnesses may call at Turner east until I road and cauked surface water Otntfiv, nhe<1hle» The grand jury probing to purchase such equipment to measure carbon moonxide in the fu-Senate Democratic Leader ture. He said the units cost bc-ames Schaben (D-Dunlap)] tween $12,000 and $15,000. called the bill “the biggest po- Director of Highways .Joseph lit leal fodder ever foisted on thisiCoupal said he did not think the body” and called for adoption of highway commission should ac-the Junkins’ amendment. kept the monitoring task. “You have a hybrid like “There are many more things you've never seen if you marry polluting the air than just the these departments,’1 Schaben automobile. What about factor-the continued, charging that more ies?” he asked has Cedar Rapids police department lhat Public ™P'oyes » Tbcsc ,and “th"    re‘ 'month have been added to the gardmg Air Quality Control Law . oull(„, ,    public    payroll in Iowa since Bay]are to be discussed at a March 5 p.m. Wednesday The' ^ket|tri*Toreed throu*h_dr«iiu»«eITue***y• '"<:!>*<«»* M^ DOB-jbecam* governor and that a meeting Mateo the highway will not be opened after the ser-    ~    ~    ~    a,d Canne>’ and f°rmer Safety new DOT would create another commission and the air quality vice The family suggests that    y    1    p    I    Commissioner    John Oberthien. level of bureaucracy.    I    control    commission    of    Iowa    s Min.peact -Special    Prosecutor Carry    Ne* Bureaucracy    /department    of    environmental friends may, if they wish, contribute to the memorial fund of 1 Continued from (’agt Westminster Presbyterian1.    ,    ...    ,    . church. The family will be stay-' ra nei® r‘ J ing at the Bobert Brown home. 3100 Shasta court NE. I.) Woodward said witnesses are being subpoenaed only several\f the Idays in advance because of Memorial Services Toogood, Grare VV. — Services were held at Turner chapel east a1 3 p.m. Tuesday by Dr. Arnold Herbs!. Burial was in Oak Hill cemetery. State Sen. John Murray    < H- nn *Qpi ,    ju    t    Ames) countered that the Jun- on mej^gyg ,n advance because of ..    ,    .    ,    .,    . «lher hand, has insisted on theLc^uli    roWems    and hc kins amendment would set up a precondition of a list of war    cannot pstimate how |on(!    ,h(.    n«-u' hiircaiicr,icy because    it, prisoners in Syrian hands and vestieation will take    ] would create a new state com- visits to them by the Red Cross. ]    „eSdedined to say how    many    mission wit!“ut ruminating    or Over the last month Kissinger    witnesses are cxpec,ed    to    tx-    m,'rSlnR existing transportation is known to have been working cajie<j on a compromise by which the]    _____ quality. -Solzhenitsyn— (Continued from Page I.) —Bargaining— (Continued from Page I.) Man Sought for Holdups in C. R. And Iowa City bonally charged with six counts Mj|ler (Wndependence), of perjury, bringing their max- Newhart , D.Anamosal, imums upon conviction to 50 i lists would be obtained once the negotiations reached a serious j stage. A key question is how much of the strategic territory ; Israel is willing to yield Unlike the distant Sinai. Cedar Rapids), .loan Lipsky (R-jwhere Israel retreated to ae-Cedar    Bapids),    Harold    McCor- commodate Egypt, the Golan mick (D-Manchester),    Jay    Men- Heights are a buffer between    ,    4    ,    , ncnga <Winton), Kenneth Israeli settlements and instant!"P man believed to be response Scott I Syrian attack. Rich-1 ’    —- agencies or department.' Murray, former executive assistant to Ray, grilled Junkins hard on the meaning of a section in his amendment calling for a nine-member transportation commission. The section calls for ap-Police in Cedar Bapids and pointmen! by the governor of Iowa Cite are looking tor a hold-! I,ne member of the slate high- years. Sirica Orders End to Comment About Tapes WASHINGTON (AP) - A fed- ard Norpel (D-Bellevue). Brice Oakley (H-Clinton), John Ratchet! (D-North Liberty), Joe Rinas (D-Marion), Arthur Small (D-lowa City). David Stanley Libyan-Egyptian Feud Patched Uo Marriaqe Licenses Linda Canfield and George Wally, jr.. Delores Porter and Milton Porter, all of Cedar Rapids. Sue Jones, Marion, and Roger Campbell. Cedar Rapids Sherry Mattison. Lisbon, and Fred Slavmaker, Cedar Rapids. Patricia Loring, Cedar Rapids, and Larry Nilmeier. Fresno. Calif. Tena Armstrong, West Liberty, and Jeffrey Fields, Cedar Rapids Justine Nielson, Marion, and James Meyerhoff. Cedar Rapids. hic for holdups that occurred less than an hour apart, one in each city. At 5:44 p rn Monday the man approached a clerk at Drug Fair in Towncrest shopping (AIRO (UPI) The Libyan ^mcr in Iowa City, put his left (R-Muscatine), James Wells <D- leader, Col.    Moammar Khadafy,    hand in his ticket as if he had a Cedar Rapids).    patched up    his feud with Egvp-    -Jinn and told her to fill a sa* Opposing the bill are Reps. I Prpsilk,nt Anwar Sadat w,th nM'ne>’ Russell De.long (R-PellaL Wii-1    j    He escaped with about $60 liam Ewing (R-Cedar), Harold!Tuesday.    ,    a man fitting almost the same!descriptions only to have Those who speak of a rift be- description approached Thomas kins accuse him of “nitpicking.” tween our two countries are painter. 29, a clerk at the Dan- The 24 senators who voted in bogue (R-Marengo), John Men-;wrong and    are plowing in the    Book World, 1601 Sixth    favor    of the Junkins amendment denhall (R-New Albin), Senior sea." Khadafy said amid thun-    j street SW. at 6:41 p.m., pulled a    included (R-Decorah), Russell dennis applause.    gUll from his pocket and de-] Republicans (9) — Bergman, “What happened in the Rama-jnKmded money.    Briles. Griffin, Kelly, McCart- man escaped from the ney. Schwengels, Taylor. Tie-store with about Judge John Siriea summoned H e n n e s s e v (D-Rvan), Enid J fortress of the Arab struggle.] stuffed into a sack, the attorneys to a closed door Husak (D-Toledo), James Jor* This is not just praise, but an Police described the eral judge Tuesday ordered Fischer t R-Wellsburg). Edgar White House lawyers and the Holden (R-Davenport), Ray special Watergate prosecutor staff to halt further public com- ^ ^ ment about investigations into Wyckoff (D-Vinton). the condition of the subpoenaed Undecided are: Reps. Keith dan (October) war has strength- The presidential tapes.    Dunton (D-Thornburg). Maurice ened my belief that Egypt is the |>nok way commission, one member of the state commerce commission, one member of the state aeronautics commission, and one member each who is knowledgeable in these areas: railroad management, state development. environmental quality and conservation, county transportation, city transportation and public safety. Murray said these were vague to * Marek, 90. Services Wednesday I at 10:30 at St. Joseph’s Catho-j lie church. Rosary at 8 Tuesday j at Murdoch’s, Central Citv ^    ^ Keystone Lena Franzen- meeting in the wake of a flurry dan borg, 81 Services Thursday at of reports about the preliminary] findings of the panel of expert? currently examining the subpoenaed Watergate tapes. I 30 at church. Fell met’: day. St. John Lutheran Friends may eall at after noon Wednes- )-Marion I. Heaviest Lobbied Several legislators, including ney. $300 den. Winkelman; Democrats (15) — Coleman, Gallagher. man as (;|onnt (Buba. Heying, Junkins. I^enin plotted the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution Cameramen dogged his footsteps and he shouted in German; “Leave me alone! I am also a human being!” He later compared the photographers to the secret police who shadowed him in Moscow. On meeting an AP newsman he knew from Moscow, Solzhenitsyn called a taxi and took him to a middle-class restaurant for minestrone, stewed veal, salad and Italian red wine. Solzhenitsyn ate with gusto, consuming slice after slice of bread, and said he wanted to give an interview because there were a few things he wanted to say. Nervous Energy As he spoke, he betrayed t h e nervous energy that Jun-j drives him by flipping a ballpoint pen in each hand like a juggler. Between courses, bt* took time to rapidly write a letter to a friend Solzhenitsyn s public image and most of his photographs show a stern, unyielding man. But in private he is warm, outgoing and laughing. veterans of many years service, said the bargaining bill (SF 531) ires MunchrHtrr - M i s s Anne {Sheridan, 86. Services will lie ‘It a.m. Friday at St Mary's church, Manchester. Burial at ll 28 p in Munday Short in Our Lady of Lourdes cemetery cord at 1213 K street SW    north of New Hampton. Visita- 6 39 p rn Monday. I nknown jj(,n after 7 p.m. Wednesday. In debris at Fifth avenue and! Rosary at 8 p.m. Wednesday. Sixth street SE    I Pariah wake service at H pm. ! 43 a.iii Tuesday Car tire Thor daw ShellyV aero from ISO I O avenue NW Marengo    Mn Louise    F.. Kruse. 78. Services 1:90 Thursday at tin' First Pri terian church Friends may rail! Tim.." - Robert Armstrong,i Attor the meeting, which It'8'- h.is'boon tho'hoavu-st lobbied in B. Services I hursda.v at. at ^ mori, ,ban one bour Sirica I ..... .    ....... w,jb .1... jowa Sheets and Son. where friends ,    .    .    .    recent    veals    won    un    iowa mnv call aftPr 9 Wednesday. ,issued a statement saying. All    Bureau    Federation,    Iowa Ollie Mrs. Lula Mitts. 83 participants in the meeting have Association of Counlies, Iowa Services Wednesday at 2 at]agrecd that continued public]    of    Municipalise I  ----tm.    ..,.,.,.1    jury's    d()Z(.ns    of    loca,    school    boards on one side and the Iowa State Edu- comment on the grand work by those who have any as seriation with the investigation is inappropriate.” The judge also said participants in the meeting “have agreed to take several precautionary measures to prevent the disclosure of historical truth.    being in his early twenties,    Kennedy,    Kinley,    Miller    of    Des In recent weeks Khadafy had about six feet tall. 160-170    Moines.    Palmer.    PriebeJ been leading a campaign pounds and having a mustache.    Rodgers, against Sadat’s attempts to brown eyes and brown hair move toward a negotiated Mid- in the Cedar Rapids incident,! die East settlement.    the robber was wearing a blue He flew into Cairo without sweatshirt with the hood pulled fanfare Monday night and stole over his head, police said the scene from Sadat at a spe-j FEED THE BIRDS Schaben, Scott, Yan The remaining 19 Republicans and seven Democrats voted against the Junkins amednment f It HS 11 ... frump! FE O WH HS    if d it vip PKCK'K ITI) KI.UW EK SHOP 5008 ( enter Pt. Rd. N.E. 393-5565 cation Assn , Iowa State Federation of Labor and public employer groups on the ether. and r'a* session of parliament called  I to honor the Egyptian forces i which fought in the October war. 30 YE ARS marine and Maqis!r*te’s Courf Spiriting    Denim    Fm- AGO U.S. army invasion matters which forces were reported to bo ex-run, [ought, for the time tieing at tending their initial beachheads l)V* least, remain confidential ” Too many bikes and not enough riders? Sell the extra ones with a Classified Ad' Dud 398 8234. Extra Touch FTD Service Pierson s z;K 1800 Ellis Blvd. NW FLOWER PHONE 366-1826 on Eniwetok atoll St fSf Pi 'iLr for 6 I ^ears . . . flowers for all occasions! john    E.Lopes 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-OS    ll Convmnimnt downtown loiation z < t o tell someone you care with flower* Florist and Gift Shop 364-8139 phone iinsweied ?4 horns eveiy day Only one service... our best to all. Cost is entirely a matter of personal choice. ,l( >lin K U li ner Si Son Turner s East, 800 Second Ave SE Turners West. 1221 First Ave West PROTECTION ... a hilling word thai denotes safety, assurance and pcace-of-mind the Wit Bl RT line of quality burial vaults are built for protection — safe, assuring, peace-of-mind pronation. . . lb# moil    nom* m burial vault* • Geed Houtekttplof • V MMM '•ta M urn* * Send lot Free Booklet, "tottv Every Family Should Know ROLAND WILBERT VAULT CO., INC. (Positively No Sales Contact Will Be Made) 1210 Blair* Ferry Rd., Marion, Iowa 92302 ;

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