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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 19, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tups., Toh. I A. >9? Virginia lith State With Gas Rationing’ Typewriter Taken An electric typewriter of undetermined; Teamsters Head Asks Increase in Truckers' Speed WASHINGTON i UPI ) 11 Exorcist", "Sting" Each Nominated for 10 Oscars LOS ANGULUS (AP) Top honors in the 46th annual Motion Two Accused of Trying To Steal Parking Meters Birthright General meeting tuesday at 7:30 pm. at 1707 mc ivprwinei oi mmru-i unum First avenue SU. Call 362-0469 value was reported taken Mon-1 ■ ‘    ‘    ,(;S.,,,cture Academy Award nomin Bv Associated Press    plan."    He issued the order after tor more information.    day from an office in Carnegie!',    lu    *    ations    luesday    went    to    "The Virginia will become the IIH, mecl.ng with represents! ives of    *    *    Science hall at Coe college «> ^ ^ im!ffor rue “ to 6    scary    *".....fha 12 stale to adopt a gasoline dis-jibe oil tndusiry and stale energy    Ll tribution system, the nation’s administrators.    166*7462.    Benedict.-Adv.    Kesidenee    Burglarised The highways between IO p.m. to 6 ^Ts’siJeco,indent came bv fourth mandatory plan, when its The Virginia governor said he    *    ♦    ♦    .    residence of Charlotte M. Saith. a.m. and to allow truckers to i‘ ^ ‘    8    y odd-even Oregon-style plan goes was loathe to issue the exccu- Home On Leave — Marine ?r_  .......—    ...... porting actor went to Vincent Two youths, ages 17 and IO Gardenia, "Bang the Drumsjwere arrested shortly after mid-.Slovvlv”; Jack Gilford, "Save night Tuesday at the interseethe Tiger”; John Houseman, don of Third street and Fourth "The Paper Chase”; Jason Mill avenue SU while allegedly al a cr, "The Exorcist”; Handy tempting to take several park- 707 Fortv-third street NU, was increase their load In at least Quaid, "The Last Detail Nominated for best supporting Actress were l inda Blair, "The into effect at midnight Wednes-|l*ve order. But he said he saw it PFC Matt Pay, son of Mr. and reported burglarized Sunday 2,000 pounds cided tint ary odd-even system that would have started Wednesday. Northern Virginia areas, wait- , ,    .    inc for hours in order to get Announcement of the Virginia!sasoline at (ho few plan was made Monday by Gov. I Mills Godwin as the only cm tent means ct Mrs. Robert Levy, 4224 Mt. A or-;ancj appliances, tools, camera Fitzsimmons made the rent and assorted items quest after an hour long meet-it $1,437 wen- missing.    mg with Labor Secretary Bren- *    *    nan.    The meeting, he said, was day.    as me only current means oi Mrs. KObert Levy, 4224 Mt. Vet- and ;,pp Meanwhile, Vermont has de- (’°P‘n^ a ,ue* slim (age that non road SE. is home on lca\e equipmer cidcd lo suspend plans tor a vol- has „seen •"otorists. particularly for ten days from Camp Pcndle- vatufd nni.irv odd-cvcn astern thai :ln the populous Tidewater and ton, Calif. The two films received IO no- U x o r c i s I ’ ’; Candy Clark, adnations each. Both were no- "American Graffiti”; Madeline minuted for best picture of 1973, K a h n and Tatum O’Neal, along with "American Graffiti," “Paper Moon"; Sylvia Sidney. The res- t(> discuss problems plaguing open stations. remaining esli Eat st. 366-1519. - Under the order, no motorist! State police in the East report-j may purchase gasoline unless cd traffic generally lighter than his fuel gauge shows his car's usual at the end of the three-day|tank is less than half full. holiday weekend Officials in Hic West and South said linos al    Misunderstanding gasoline stations were fairly Vermont Gov. Thomas Salm-short and traffic normal or just on. announcing the suspension * ♦ * Kent Ryder Trucks at Bur- Bouse Burglarized - I tic irs-    truckinc industry because    of idenee of Joseph F. Hladky, jr.. J nut King i na us ti \ Decause 263 East I cst load SU. w.is bin-    oMhe    major    complaints    dim.    was    not    nominated    for    best I jocal Adv. or one-way "Cries and Whispers” and "A Touch of Class." "Last Tango in Paris," hailed by some critics as a milestone ‘‘Su rn in e r Dreams." Wishes, Winter Lucille Ander son cash and Senate Gets Bill sides skyrocketing fuel prices, nominated for best actor for his was the lowered speed limit Im- performance in "Last Tango.' posed as a result of the fuel1 Also named were Jack Lcm-,    .    „,1A    shortage.    Limits for both cars mon. "Save the pole and reel \allied at w'JO \ncie,antj jrucklS on interstate roads Nicholson, “The equipment were taken * * * Tackle Taken A below normal for the holiday. Odd-Even New reported Liken Monday    Rom    were reduced to 55    miles an garage at the residence    of    Glen    hour ,ast Member. Andersen, HOI Filii ty-ninth Truckers argued that their inst feet SE.    come was reduced    by being *    *    forced to take longer to com- Vuto Entered — Dave Debus-1p|ete their runs under the lovv- Hospitalized son. Ill First avenue SW. is a surgical patient at Mercy hospital. Visitors are permitted. * * * Stevan S. Mow ray D D S. allot his state's planned program. J flounces new location, 1201 42nd said: "There is both massive|St. NE. 393-6152.—Adv. misunderstanding of this plan    * * * Virginia joins New Jersey, and its purposes and strong evi-    Judy Sevart welcomes friends Maryland and one county iii Ha- deuce of unwillingness by a sub-    and patrons at Mabeline's. 363-    sek 2043 Brookland drive NU.    J,red speed )imits ZOU 'i"„Tk',nhR ‘ZZ’Zr' Slanlial numl*'r..of sasoline s,a- *»'-*<*•    , ,    sported    a    tape    player and four addition Fitzsimmons said. tory. Under the plan, motorists tions to comply.    *    *    *    speakers    valued    at $130 and 13 “just this morning the secre- with license plates ending in \n New York, the legislature    $175 Florida vacation includes    tapes valued at $65 were taken    tarv of transportation    (Claude even numbers, buy on oven- jn Westchester county, a suburb    transportation, hotels, tickets to|Monday from his car while it    Brinegan assured me    that he numbered days, odd numbers of New York City, voted over-    Disney World. Nashville Opry,    was parked in the parking lot at    will consider at least    a 2,000 buy on odd days.    whelmingly Monday to institute    March 22-31. 363-4517 — Adv.    the Boar's Head restaurant, on    pound increase in    actual Six other states and    Washing-a mandatory odd-even    system.    *    *    *    Collins    road    NU.    weights.” ton, D.C., also have the Oregon- And officials in New York City Linn Co-op Oil Company an- __ style    plan    in    effect.    New    Hamp-are studying    whether    they    nual Appreciation day, Thurs- shire    starts,one    Tuesday    on    a'should adopt    a    mandatory    sys-    day, February 21, from IO a.m. two-week experimental    basis.    tem. too. New York    State    has    a to 4 p.m. 325    35th    street.—Adv. Godwin declined to    call the    voluntary plan.    *    *    * Virginia plan rationing, dcscrib-    ------ LCARC—The February meeting it as "a gasoline distribution Thrpp    ion    >n£    °f    the    Linn    County Assn. for Retarded Children will be a dance Friday from 9 p.m. to midnight at the Embassy club. Call 365-0487 for reservations. *    *    * ,,    ,    _ ,    ,    Dairy Queen Sundae Sale, members of    the Cedar Rapids!    Thursday Feblwy 2, ono sanitation department carried ;day onlv Regular 40c size for professor at the University of their Bffht for increased wages J 29c. Cedar Rapids, Marion, ML California here has been chosen to Linn county legislators Mon-j Vernon and Tipton. — Adv. to teach American astronauts day.    *    * * Russian for their 48-hour space Robert Gates Dick Eddins' Hickory smoked barbecued Al Racine, "Serpico”; Redford, "The Sting.” Nominated for hest performance by an actress: Ellen Burst y ii . "The Exorcist"; Glenda Jackson, "A Touch of Class"; Marsha Mason, "Cinderella Liberty"; Barbra Streisand, "Hie Way We Were”; and Joanne Woodward, "Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams." marijuana in public, or sell it or The nominations for best sup- possess more than one ounce. mg meters. The 17-year-old was charged with larceny and resisting an of fleer. He was turned over to juvenile authorities. The 18-year-old, identified as Douglas E Walls, 519 McKinley street SE, was also charged with larceny and resisting an officer He was taken to the county jail in lieu of $2,000 bond on tin1 larceny charge and $125 on the On Marijuana Use I resisting charge. P0M“- Girl Charged in Guerilla Bombing DEWSBURY, England (AP) Judith Theresa Ward, 24, was barged with murder Tuesday in the guerilla bombing of an army bus that killed 12 persons. The explosion occurred in Yorkshire Feb. 4. An anodynous caller told a Northern Ireland newspaper the blast was the work of a guerilla group called the Red Brigade. Miss Ward was charged with the death of one of the soldiers who died three days after the blast. DUS MOINES (AP sion of up to one ounce of marijuana for personal use Tiger”; Jack would he legalized under a bill Last Detail”; introduced in (he iowa senate Robert Tuesday. The bill, introduced by Sens. Minnette Dodder (D-Iowa City) and John Murray (R-Ames) would also permit individuals to give away small amounts of marijuana if they are not paid for it. But the marijuana would have to be used privately. Under the bill, it still would be illegal to use or distribute California Prof To Teach Russian For Space Flight RIVERSIDE. Calif. (API - A Three Sanitation Workers Seek City Payroll Taxj D E S MOINES - Three link-up with a Soviet crew July 1975. Anatole Forostenko says he ting cities to levy a two percent Stickney s Scoreboard, Marion m and Larry Miller asked the legislators to pass a law permit- ribs, shrimp, and chicken served Wednesdays, fi to 9 p.m., Adv. ♦ * * Story Hour — Weekly story hour for preschoolers will be held Wednesday at 10:30 a m. in the downtown public library auditorium. A similar program will be given at the Edgewood branch, 221 Edgewood road NW. thinks his students may be more payroll tax on all persons earn-motivated than most because mg income in a municipality, their lives may depend on what They said they have been told they learn when they visit the bv Cedar Rapids city officials Russian space ship and the Rus-! that the    30 mill limit    keeps sians visit theirs.    them from    raising wages. "The Russian crews are re- The workers met during the cciving additional training in day with Senators Tom Riley English, and NASA (National! (R C.R.) and Gloyd Robinson (D-Aeronautics and Space Adminis- C.R.) and Reps. Wally Horn and    at P nitration) feels that both crews James Wells (D-C.R.).    .*    *    * should understand both lan- Senator Riley suggested if ^ar Pooling—Lower hates— guagcs for best communi- would be easier to adopt the *‘or P°^cv holders insured cation," he said.    payroll    tax legislation the    through    McLean-Bassin    Insur- Thc professor will head a workers suggested if the Cedar an<* AR«ncv wrth Safeco In-four-person team of language Rapids city council and the prance Company. Call 36o-915i. specialists that will teach astro-, League of Iowa Municipalities    Aav nauts Thomas Stafford, Vance passed resolutions favoring it. Brand and Donald Slavton at Gates, Eddins and Miller also . ( dil ^ n°w f,,r car,y #Prl.lJ* the Johnson Space Center in expressed concern over whether interior and exterior quality Houston    workmen’s    compensation    bene-    painting    appointments.    Flee Basil KOSICH of .he University ,«J* « «    *•    «■* of Illinois and Nina Horner and"0"31? f*™*1 James Flannery of the Universi- in Foros‘ Imnrovement Steps Reported For Linn tail The astronauts will receive 12 lo 20 hours of instruction a week. Forostenko said he will move to Houston this month and remain there until the planned lift-off date of the space mission July 15. 1975. Forostenko, a native of Rus sia. is an assistant professor of . .   , .    . . Rnuuan u\ tho I Y'-Rivrrsirii* He    M(‘pS    a,,‘ btMn8 takcn to do af much as possible to maintain a Russian at the UC-Riverside. He graduated from Rutgers univer sity in 1962 and has taught at In diana university and Rutgers. ing and Decorating. 377-7357. Adv. * *    * House Entered — Assorted items valued at $182 were reported taken Monday from the residence of Jack P. Jacobs. 1312 Ninth street SW *    *    * Meeting Change — The re-supervisors announced gjonal planning technical advi-Tuesday that in cooperation sory committee will meet at IO with Sheriff Walter Grant sever- a m. Thursday in the fourth floor council chambers, city hall. The time listed in tho Sun- Linn New Name, but Same ‘Survey’ The name s been changed but the game’s the same. Coe college officials reported Tuesday someone still is telephoning people under the guise of conducting a college survey on "Morality and Economic Status”. Earlier the man reportedly was using the name Fred Thompson. Current reports are that he is identifying himself as Prof Kaufmann of Coe college. After identifying himself, he proceeds to ask intimate questions of the respondents. Coe officials emphasized Tuesday the caller is in no way connected with the college and that no such survey is being conducted by the college. Both the college and the telephone company urge per sons called to hang up and clean and sanitary jail The action follows a series of articles in The Gazette outlining problems at the jail, involving .security and cleanliness problems. Several grand juries abo have recommended steps for cleaning up the jail day (iazette was 1:30 p m. Stored Gasoline Burns Man Badly SEATTLE (ARI old Seattle man - A 24-year-; was burned The "program "iinnoijnctd by °"‘'r musl h,s ^ when gas- oline stored in a o5-gallon drum exploded, authorities said Daniel Baltzer was taken to includes these the supervisors pointe; — The shift supervisor will remain at the jail until the area Harborview Medical Center on has been inspected for cleanliness and the jail is secure. — Public health nurses will Monday in ‘ very critical condition.” The force of the blast shat- Catholic Schools Week See Your Catholic Schools in Action this Week Fob. 17-23 lontoct your nearby Cath »lic School for School V;st ation. return on a regular basis to tcred the front door of Baltzer’s care for the health problems of h(iuw and cashed several writhe inmates.    dows. Bits of flying glass in- - The chief jailer has imtiat- Jurpd a neighbor who was outed a regular program of clean- Sl(te the house at the time, auth-up after each meal along with orities said painting on a regular basis and Seattle Fire Chief Jack Rich-general repairs when needed ards called the explosion a Working more closely with "very unfortunate example” of the pesticide company to lie the danger of stockpiling gaso-sure inspections are made    line in homes. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY National Fast-Food Restaurant Will Be Opening Soon in Marion W* ort o compony with 30 ytaM tnptntnct with provtn »Vicco I and ort looking tot a hnonciolty itzponnblt OWNER OPERATOR lo |Oin our banchi!# tysttm • l*«*ll*nt rat* of return • Complot* training program to intura your iucc*n. Contact! VILLAGER RESTAURANTS, INTERNATIONAL 9 A M. ■ S P.M. (MON. ■ FRI.) 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