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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa State Sanity Hearing Law Explored by Iowa Students VA rlTV J I I kl> A I A   „..... .    .    ...    . Ruling Asked on Property Tax Relief, Mobile Homes IOWA (-11 Y (11)1 * A)    A new 50 minute videotape documentary filmed by two graduate students in the University of Iowa’s school of social work explores the workings of Iowa’s sanity hearing procedures law. Katherine Lippincott Davidge, Atlantic, and Pamela Henry, Creston, carried out the project under the auspices of the Linn County Association for Mental Health and submitted the study as the final requirement for master’s degrees they received in December from the University of Iowa. “The sections of the Iowa Code dealing with sanity hearing procedures were written in 1860 and the last (Substantial reviwon was in 1870,” Mrs. Davidge said. “They are way out of date for today’s needs.” Easy To File Under the present law. she noted, anyone can file an information or complaint against an individual, even through a letter from out of state, requesting a hearing to determine that person’s mental health. “No witnesses or psychiatrists’ statements are needed to initiate such actions,” she added Each county has a three- appointed to handle these proceedings. The rom mission is donee, MI. Pleasant or Clarinda) for an evaluation, which can extend for an indefinite period. “In our research for the film, we also found that in a large number of cases the individuals | were not informed of their right jto appeal the commission’s decision,’’ said Mrs. Davidge. Loses Rights Also, under Iowa law, the individual or his family can be required to pay for the forced composed of a lawyer, a doctor (who need not be a psychiatrist), and a court clerk who keeps the records. “The clerk records the information, calls a hearing and notifies a lawyer to represent the person, lint the individual against whom the complaint has been made is often not notified until the sheriff comes to pick    the    person    up just before the hearing. “At the    hearing,”    Mrs.    Da vidge continued, “the commis- j hospitalization, or a lien will be sion is required to ask the per- j placed against their property. son a list of questions written im    , 10in .. u    iv    u    While    under    examination    in 1870, such    as:    Do you    have    any I erupting sores? Is there a dis,po-;    s,ate hospital the individual sition to filthy habits? Are you a I temporarily loses a number of DES MOINES Do individuals wiio live in mobile homes on rented land qualify for property tax relief under a new state law if they are otherwise eligible? That’s what State Sen. Tom Riley (R-Cedar Rapids) wants So are renters on the basis that about 20 percent of their rent is used by the landlord to pay taxes on the property they occupy. But there is some question whether rn o b i I e homeowners Tom Riley qualify for the credit (assuming to know of Atty. Den. Richard qualify if their residence is on one is otherwise eligible). Turner.    rented    ground. Riley said he has been asked Riley said in his request to Turner that he believes these people are covered but the state department of revenue seems to disagree. “You cannot park a mobile Under the new law low-in- home in the air,” Riley’s letter agrees with the revenue depart-come citizens over 65 and total- rcad    ment that those living in mobile the question by some mobile homeowners and he is hoping for an early opinion from Turner. Varying Amounts ty development office says eight demolished buildings and 15 displaced families here could have H y<,7r^T the'^iund (a sta>,ed whcrs w,'re' now necessity if you arc unable to l*'at a federal agency The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., Feb. 18, 1974    5 Government Reneges: Families Displaced WATERLOO (URI) — An of-idepartment budget cuts for the ficial of the Waterloo conununi-l cancellation of the plans. Didn't Like Site locate it on your own real estate either for lack of same or lack of zoning) some of the rent that i« paid represents property taxes.” Riley said if Turner that a federal agency has reneged on its approval of a site for a new building. Dale C. Mercer, administrator of the community development center, has accused the U.S. department of labor of withdrawing the go-ahead for new quarters for the Waterloo office homes on rented ground are not of the Iowa Employment Securi- Rut the mayor said city officials think the federal agency just doesn’t like the site. “Some of the people who work at the employment office here evidently don’t want to go into what they call a ‘ghetto area’,” Rooff said. Mercer said over $200,000 of state and federal funds were used to get rights to the site and clear it for building. With the additional administrative ex ly disabled individuals who ownl their homes are eligible for    Represents lax    eligible    for    property    tax credit,tty Commission (IESC) and said peases, he said the total cost for varying amounts of property “lf it is on ground that you he plans to introduce legislation taxpayers have lost at least the project is at least a quarter tax relief.    own    you    pay taxes on that and . to make them eligible. religious fanatic9” A hearing usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes. Under Iowa law, the person who filed the complaint does not have to bo present at the hearing. In addition, in some instances, the person against whom the complaint is filed also does not have to be present at his own hearing. If the commission rules that the person be given a mental exam rights, the University of Iowa student pointed out. “They lose their driver’s license, the right to vote in certain instances, and can’t legally marry,” according to Mrs. Davidge. In the case of a minor, the evaluation period can be extended. One 17-year-old girl interviewed on film had been sent for an evaluation by her mother 'Home' Audience Warm to Milnes $250,000 on the deal Reason ination, by law they must be w^°    county    commission sent to one of the four state h<#v member commission which is pitals (at Cherokee, Indopen- Legislative Notes by Frank Nye Walsh Apparently Replaced^ As Youngest in the Senate that the daughter was a drug addict because she had been found with marijuana. “The girl was told she would have to stay in the state hospital until her 18th birthday, which was six DES MOINES — It looks as though former State Sen. John Walsh (R-Dubuquc) has been replaced as the youngest member ever elected to the Iowa senate. An individual has to be 25 to serve in the Iowa senate. Walsh turned 26 on March 14, 1966 He was elected to the senate on Nov. ll of that year. Now along comes Sen. Earl Willits (D-Des Moines) who turned 26 on Oct. 30, 1972 — just eight days before he was elected to the senate the following Nov. 7. So it appears that Willits now is the youngest person ever to win a senate seat and serve in it in Iowa history. If anyone knows to the contrary let him or [ her speak up now or forever hold lus her I peace. □ □ □ "*find An Auililor** SENATOR Warren Curtis (R-Cherokee), himself a certified public accountant, has his own opinion of auditors. Arguing against setting up a special retirement fund for bank examiners until a study is made of all the state’s various pension funds, Curtis told the senate last week: “A bank examiner is just an auditor. And there’s nothing holy about being an auditor I know for I’ve been one for years.” WALSH lawyer who knew the girl heard about the case and within hours had her released.” If the state hospital determines that the individual should be committed for treatment, the county commission must approve the decision. “But then the period of permanent commitment is indefinite,” said Mrs. Davidge, “and there is no built-in review process.” The University of Iowa social work students found that many sanity hearing actions are instituted by husbands and wives involved in divorce cases. Another frequent pattern they observed was action taken by families to have grandparents committed because of senility. A legislative interim committee has been studying Iowa’s antiquated laws on sanity hearings and will have a recommendation to make to the 1974 general assembly. Lea Zaeheis IOWA CITY — Sherrill Milnes, the hottest baritone in operadom today, came to Rancher auditorium for a recital appearance Sunday night. He found himself among an audience of his old friends and a host of converts to the popular Milnes movement. A Drake university grad of 1957 and former Des Moines school teacher, Milnes is carving out a spectacular career for himself with a wide variety of operatic roles and engagements. TTie warmth of the welcome he received before he sang a note was indicative of his popularity with his “home” audience. Milnes, physically built like a football player, makes an imposing figure on stage. And then he started singing. And such singing! His voice is one of glorious vibrancy and richness, with a silky sheen unusual for a baritone. In addition, he handles tenable and poetic, avoiding the all too common pitfall of becoming gutteral. The Schubert sacred text that closed the set was a masterful and moving number. “Die A1I-macht” (popularly known as “The Ominipotence”), with its slowly ascending crescendo, drew a roar of approval from his listeners. Turning now to some songs in Russian, Milnes titillated his audience with hu-i That hoary bit of Dandelion har monic horseplay on “Old Mother w*ni new facility located in Hubbard” had the audience in a ghetto area.” The site cho-! hysterics Rut the tireless isen ty c*ty officials Is in the 900 Milnes was still good for S J*? of E. Fourth St., a neigh-stein’s "Maria" and tho folksy,b#rh?od dose to downtown and "Shenandoah" before calling ill0" *de ed8e °f tho city s black a night. of a million dollars. Mayor Rooff said the city is lodging a complaint with Gover-Mercer and Waterloo mayor nor Ilf)bert D Ray( u. s. Scna-Leo Rooff also claimed the rea- tors Dick Cjark and Harold E son for the agency’s change on Hughes and Congressman II R the plans was that it did not Qr0(CiS Two Hurt in One-Car Accident Near Lowden LOWDEN - A Wheatland woman and her daughter were treated in a Davenport hospital in a community. Negotiations for a new loca . . .    .,    .    , lion for the employment office|for '"Junes hey received began m years ago. according ™c'car accld,,nt Sunda>r and rc' to Mercer, and the community development office relocated Nancy Drechler, 37, was going ANAMOSA - Ralph T. Kehoe, about 15 families and demol- west on a county gravel road R. T. Kehoe Dies; Services Tuesday morous anecdotes of bouts with 64, died Sunday following a long'jshed eight residential buildings. Bons Goldovsky over question able mastery of the language. was ap- three and one-half miles northeast of Iaowden when she lost control of the car at a T inter- illness. He was born Nov. 9, 1909 ings in Cascade and moved to Ana- Rooff said the site His    most compelling number    mosa with his parents as a    proved by the director of the    section and went into a fence, was    “Prince Yeletsky’s Aria”    young man. He and his brother,    labor department’s regional of-|Mrs. Drechler’s daughter, from    Tchaikovsky’s opera “Pi-    Gerald, operated a service sta-    fice in Kansas City, Mo., R. C.    Susan, 9, was a passenger in the tion in Anamosa for 16 years.    McAvinew, but he later denied    car. Following his retirement, Mr.    approving it. Rooff paid he met    Mrs. Drechler was charged Kehoe worked at the Iowa State    McAvinew in Des Moines last    with failure to have control of Liquor Stores in Anamosa and w*ek, and McAvinew blamed the car. Monticello and worked with the que-Dame”. After intermission. Milnes presented a series of French songs by Faure, with “Le Secret” boasting a delicate and subtle pianissimo that simply shimmered with a gossamer Advertisement Advertisement management of the Wapsipin-icon Country club. He is survived by his brother, sheen. . The accompaniment for the three sisters, Mrs. Victor Knight himself on stage like a veteran evening was worthy of .special an(* ^rs- Hejde, both of Shakespearian actor, helping    to    mention xhe    jano    was p,aycd    Cedar Rapids, and    Mrs.    Ralph fu*    !~..m    message    of    wry apjy jndeed by    Jon -Spong,    Ditch, Anamosa. a Drake schoolmate of Milnes. j Services: Tuesday at IO a m. Very talented at the special art at St. Patrick’s Catholic church. of accompaning, Spong is also Scripture service: Monday at 8 organist and    music    director at    p m. at Geettsch funeral    home. Des Moines    First    Methodist    Burial: Holy Cross, church.    I    --- the song. The opening set of three songs of Mozart were sung in character, with the rollicking “Finch’ ban I)al Vino” from Giovanni, a great audience pleaser. Milnes, putting his heart in his work, with gestures and mannerisms, perspired like a harvest hand in the overly warm auditorium. He could take things a little easier on the set of German lieder. I found his German lis- Came encore time, and Milnes    Sol**    Gat led off with Valentin’s great aria IOWA CITY - All tickets from “Faust”, “Avant de quit- have been sold for the Feb. 26 ter ccs lieux”. And for an amus- concert by Guitarist Andres Se-ing switch, Milnes manned the govia, officials at Handier audi-I piano and accompanied Spong torium at the University of Iowa 'in Britten’s “Oliver Cromwell”. I announced. Does More Than Help Shrink Swelling Of Hemorrhoidal Tissues Due To Infection Also Gives Prompt, Temporary Relief in Many Cases from Pain and Itching in Such Tissues. 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