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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa For the Finest in Points Tile Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon Fumes Fatal To 11 linois Family of 5 DAVENPORT (UPI) - The bodies of five members of a Springfield, 111., family were found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning Sunday in their car here after visiting friends over the weekend. Police said Frank Hines, 41, and his wife, Frita, 26, and their three children were found in their 1967 car, which they just bought in Springfield before departing for Davenport. Police said the Hines left the Eugene Rogers home about I a m. Sunday but were not found until Sunday afternoon by Rogers who said he found them in an alley behind his house in the car with the motor running. The children were identified by a spokesman for the Scott county medical examiner’s office as Susie, 3, and twin boys Michael and Matthew, 7 months. The car had a defective muffler, police said, which probably caused the poisonous gas to seep into the car. "It’s just the track,” says Ralph L. Pilger, Iowa superintendent of railroad safety and service. “It gets worse and worse every year, so we have more accidents every year. “They (derailments) just keep going up every year even though the total number of trains running in Iowa gets lower and lower,” Pilger said. Pilger said the derailment today is the highest in his four years at the commission. He said because the derailment records are retained only five years, he does not know if it is ihe highest figure ever. No Hope Pilger said there is no hope for improvement in the derailment situation in Iowa until the state decides to participate in the federal railroad safety program. Under the terms of the Federal Railroad Safety Act, state and federal governments share equally the costs of railroad safety inspections. A bill that would authorize Iowa’s participation in the program has been introduced in the Iowa legislature. Reward Offered For Information On Drug Pushers NEW HAMPTON {UPI) — A New Hampton service club is offering a $250 reward for information on drug pushers operating in the northeast Iowa community. The Rotary club of New Hampton heard a speech on drug abuse by police officer Jim Burton and decided to reward informants. Burton said it is difficult to get good informants in a town of 3.900 people like New Hampton, and thinks the reward will help. The local police force has raided two area homes recently lor drugs, including one last Saturday where 52 people were arrested. Only two were held for possession with intention to delver, and Burton said. “We’re after the pushers — the guys w'ho are making a big profit at everyone else’s expense.” The officer said the typical informer is often a friend of the drug user and wants to protect lim, who wants a favor instead of money from the police, and who is often a drug user himself. The Rotary club is asking informers to send their information by mail under a code name and accompanying six-digit number. If their tip convicts a drug pusher, the number will be printed in the local newspaper and the informer can claim his reward at the post office under | the code name. —Gazette photos bv Duane Crock Walking the dog may be old hat as these pictures, taken recently in Iowa City's City park, indicate. In the photo above, David Balch of Iowa City takes "Max'1 for "a walk" by driving his Volkswagen along with him. In the photo below, Jere Haefner of Iowa City takes "Kelly" out for a run rather than a walk. Mass Searches Are Ruled Unconstitutional DES MOINES (UPI) - Polk County District Court Judge Anthony Critelli ruled Saturday that it is unconstitutional to conduct mas® searches of patrons of rock concerts at Veterans Memorial auditorium. In the weekend ruling Critelli said only the mass searches done at the entrance of the building are unconstitutional but he did not rule out searches inside or outside of the auditorium. Considerable controversy has generated in recent months over the rock concerts at Vets auditorium where marijuana and wine sometimes reportedly are taken into the building and consumed during the shows. By Harrison Weber Iowa Daily Press Assn. DES MOINES — Terrace Hill, the Victorian mansion that has been donated to the state, is in need of some emergency repairs. Stanley McCausland, director! of the state’s general services department, reports that the roof of the 105-year-old mansion1 is leaking and needs to be replaced. He estimates it will cost $52,000 with the federal government possibly paying $18,000 since the mansion has been cer-j tified as an historic landmark. McCausland said the roof is leaking in two spots, causing the plaster to crumble on the second floor on both the southeast and west sides of the stately! mansion. The home was donated to the state in 1971 by the heirs of Frederick M. Hubbell. The Hubbell heirs left the decision on the use of Terrace Hill to the Iowa legislature; it has been suggested by many individuals and groups that it be used as a governor’s mansion. McCausland said he will ask the state executive council to authorize the expenditure of $34,000 to match federal funds for repairing the roof. Excessive Radium Amounts I Found in Drinking Water I DES MOINES (UPI) — A subdirector of the hygienic labora-vey by the State Hygienic labo- tory said water supplies in i ratory in Iowa City has revealed southeastern Iowa showed there that at least 52 towns in Iowa was no higher incidence of bone have drinking water containing cancer in residents of towns excessive amounts of radio-ac- with the higher radium content, j tive radium.    However,    Hausler said the In a report released over the excess radium should be reweekend by the Iowa Depart- moved if at all possible and he , ment of Environmental Quality, said it is not a problem to be ig-' the department said all of the nored. towms found exceeding the radi-    Bridson    said    that one way of urn standard received their    removing    the    excess    radium water from deep wells that pen- was to put in zeolite softening etrate water-bearing sandstone equipment into the water sys-layers.    j tem. He said that zeolite ab- Keith Bridson, director of    sorbs the    radioactive    materi* the IEQ’s water supply divi-    al. sion, said there is apparently However, Bridson pointed out a layer of rock far below the one disadvantage of the zeolite; bedrock of Iowa which con- it adds sodium to the water sup-tains significant amounts of ply and this may be hazardous radium.    for persons on a low sodium Officials said that there is no diet. cause for alarm even though a Bridson said there is a propos-towns’s drinking water is shown a1 by the Public Health Service to exceed the radium standard, to lower the permissible radium In a study done IO years ago limit, which if enacted would by the U. S. Public Health Ser- mean almost 450 towns in Iowa vice, Dr. William J. Hausler, would exceed the radium limit. Ihe (Cedar Hajiiba (Gazelle Established In I M3 by The Gazette Co. ond published dally and sundoy at 500 Third Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids. Iowa 52406. Second Class Postage paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Subscription rates by carrier 15 cents a week. By mail: Night edition ann Sunday 6 Issues 12 25 a month, $24 a year: Afternoon editions ond Sunday 7 issues $2.50 a month, $25 a year. Other states and ll.5 territories <40 a year. No mall subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press Is entitled exclu sively to the use for republication of oil the local news printed In this newspaper os weli as all AP news dispatches. <TRAOLSj    OJWCll Organ Recital IOWA CITY - The music of Bruhns. Clerambault, Bach and Reubke will be presented by Delbert Disselhorc! on a faculty organ recital Feb. 22 at 8 p m. at The University of Iowa. No tickets will be rf quired for the program at Clapp Recital hall. nims t Qpp General Electric and Frigidaire @ oddnvngoto boba noon am Dean’s List . AMES — Mary Eick of Springville and Nolo Meeks of Marion were accidentally omitted from t h e Iowa State university deans list. They were named to the list for the fall quarter. Ag Building State Rep. Dennis Freeman (R-Storm Lake) doesn’t care for the design of the proposed state agriculture building; he claims It’s not functional. When the bill to appropriate $78 million for the building came before the house appropriations committee, Freeman called the proposal “a monument to the architects.” Freeman protested the design of a Dubuque architectural firm (Durrant Deininger Dommer Kramer Gordon) “becai^e it doesn’t look like an agriculture building.” “What’s it supposed to look like, an ear of corn?” quipped Rep. Russell Wyckoff, (D-Vin-ton), wrho happens to be a farmer. Rep. Glenn Brockett (R-Marshalltown), who was ex-1 plaining the bill at the time, took the diplomatic approach by saying the building “could be functional on the inside and beautiful on the outside.” But Freeman is a man of conviction; he cast the only dissenting vote in committee against the agriculture building. 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