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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO Thr Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., lei*, ll. RITI / envision / aday By Jay Sharbutt Doctors Cite Diet Effect on Brain Cove// Controversy Continues NKW YOUK (AIM - Tho ro-fusal of ABC-TV to air last week’s “Dick Ca vet t Show' featuring four radicals of the 1960s may raise cries of network censorship. But it isn t all that cut and dried. Cavett himself approved the grounds for ABC’s action. And if there is to be finger-pointing, it shouldn't be solely at the ABC brass who substituted a bland 1972 rerun for Cavetti taped chat with radicals Abbie Hoffman. Jerry Kubin, Tom Hayden and Bennie Davis. The talk show star is in a position not unlike that of a hound allowed to bare his fangs with the understanding the bridgework can be removed when it comes time to bite. According to Cavett’s lawyer, his agreement with ABC gives the network the option of requiring him to “present the contrasting viewpoints on particular issues within the same program.” * * * An ABC spokesman said the agreement is based on the Federal Communications Commission’s fairness doctrine, which requires broadcasters to air contrasting views on controversial issues of public importance. He said ABC executives, after inspecting the Hoffman- < Rubin-Havden-Davis segment that had been videotaped Wednesday night, decided it lacked sufficient “balance” in five areas discussed. The areas, he said, “involved the capitalist system, the administration, our system of justice and the courts and U. S. foreign policy with regard to Vietnam and Cambodia.” He said Cavett was “asked under the terms of his contract to provide an opposing viewpoint.” Cavett refused, he added, and ABC exercised its right to yank the show, an action that occurred just hours before the show was to appear Thursday night. ♦ * * Cavett subsequently denied the show lacked balance and insisted emphatically he’d provided the contrasting views sought by ABC. Regardless of whose claim is right, the agreement Cavett signed with ABC still is far more restrictive than the FCC’s fairness doctrine. Its ABC’s own version of same. The FCC doctrine doesn’t require those “contrasting viewpoints” mentioned b y ABC to be in the same program in which controversial issues are raised. Cavett’s pact does, if ABC asks for it. And the network did. A spokesman for Cavett says the star expressed “puzzled wonderment” at ABC’s decision Thursday night. But Cavett has only himself — and the network, if he chooses — to blame. There’s no barnage of badmouthing being emitted yet. And viewers may still get to see the disputed show. Both ABC and Cavett’s producer, John Gilroy, says talks are under way to hopefully resolve the “balance” impasse. “We’re going to continue to talk with them,” Gilroy says. “We’d like to get it on the air.” Marion Man Charged With Gasoline Theft Jeffrey McNulty. 18, of route NEW YORK IAP) - What you eat apparently can affect the chemistry of your brain. And any change could perhaps affect appetite, sleep, sexual activity and other behavior, two scientists report. A steak dinner or a spaghetti dinner thus might have quite different effects, their findings suggest. Iii animal studies, the scientists find, different types of f o o d s t u f f s can alter the amount of a powerful chemi cal, serotonin, involved in the activity of brain nerve cells. Carbohydrates sugars and starchy foods like spaghetti — increase the available serotonin. But lots of protein foods, like a steak or milk, can reduce it, say John B. Fernstrom, Ph.D., and Richard J. Wurtman, M D.. of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Mass. Effects? Exactly what the effects may bt' in humans has not been (tem- Solzhenitsyn Rejects New Soviet Summons MOSCOW (AP) - The Soviet prosecutor’s office issued a sec-* ond summons to Alexander Solzhenitsyn Monday, but the author j said he would not appear and refused to acknowledge the legality of the summons. Solzhenitsyn has been the target of an official attack branding him a traitor since publication of his book on Stalinist labor camps, “Gulag Archipelago^”, and the action by the prosecutor was seen as a possible first step toward legally silencing the author. No Reason The first summons was delivered to the apartment of Solzhenitsyn’s wife on Friday but she refused to accept it because it did not state reason and did not have a registration number on the document. The second summons was de existed in our country (and the personal eight-year campaign of slander and harassment of me), I refuse to acknowledge the legality of your summons and will not come for an interrogation to any state organ.” The statement, addressed to the procurator of the Soviet Union and made available to Western newsmen, said: “Before asking legality from citizens learn how to observe it yourself. Free the innocent from confinement. onstrated. But animal studies by other researchers have shown: (’lits deprived of brain sero Ionia become insomniacs. Anc male and female rats with the reduced brain serotonin levels show exaggerated sexual activi ty- But high levels of brain serotonin make rats more sensitive to pain, more likely to sleep, and also reduce their appetite There is other evidence that in humans serotonin is involved in the brain’s state of alertness, a person’s mood or motivation, and willingness or interest in doing some task, Dr. Wurtman said in a telephone interview. He is director of MIT’s laboratory of Neuroendocrine Regulation. Dr. Fernstrom is assistant professor of nutritional biochemistry and metabolism. He and Dr. Fernstrom report their studies in the February issue of the publication Scientific American. amino acids iii the blout streams of humans and ani ma Is. These blood studies, based on the supposition that the levels amono acids had a resulting effect on actual serotonin manu facture in the brain, showed parallel. Humans drinking a quart milk (protein) or a quart of gin ger ale (carbohydrate) showec similar changes in their blood as did rats after high protein or ligh carbohydrate meals, Dr Wurtman said. Affects Brain one, Marion, has been charged fibred to the apartment Mon-with larceny under $20 following|    anc* Solzhenitsyn immedi- the theft of some gasoline Sunday night. McNulty signed a promise to appear and was released. Police said McNulty is accused of taking 19 gallons of gasoline from a pump at Nash Finch Co., 1201 Blairs Ferry! road NE. ately issued a statement saying, “In a situation of general illegality which for many years has FEED THE BIRDS Television Listings 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBFTV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, La Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa City 13—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDU8, Dubuque Monday Night 6:00 2—Action News 7—News, Weather, Sots. 9—Wild Wild West 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—News. 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Lives •—Guiding Light IO—Days of Lives 12—In School 40—Newlywed Gome 1:30 2—Edge of Night 7—Doctors 9-Girl In My Life 3—Girl In My Life ' 4—Edge of Night •—Doctors •—Edge of Night IO—Doctors 40—Girl In My Lite 2:00 2—Daytime Drama 7—Another World 9— Generoi Hospital J General Hospital ‘4—Daytime Dromo •—Another World I—Daytime Drama 10—Another World 13—Another World 40—General Hospital 2:30 7—How To Survive a Marriage 9—One Lite To Live 3—One Life To Live 6—How To Survive a Marriage IO—How To Survive a Marriage 13—How To Survive a Marriage 40 -One Life To Live 3:00 7—Somerset 9~ Love, American Styli J—Love. American Styli •—Somerset 10—Somerset 11—Children Are Peoole, Too 13—Somerset 40— Movie Judge Refuses To Dismiss Suit Against Officers Cedar Rapids federal court Judge Edward J. McManus has refused to dismiss a $150,000 suit filed by a Cedar Rapids man against two agents of the Bureau of Adult Corrections. Richard R. Carnal, 123 First avenue SVW claims in the suit he was illegally arrested and held in Linn county jail 14 days without being charged following an allegedly illegal search Dec. 29. 1972, of his person, property and home by John E. Mc-I Sweeney and Kent Ellithorpe, BOAG agents at the time. Carnal was on probation from North Dakota at the time and living in Cedar Rapids on an agreement between the two states. McSweenev and Ellithorpe ' asked the suit be dismissed, i claiming they were acting as authorized parole officers at the time and so arc immune from such court action. They also claim Carnal had | failed to show deprivation of! any federally prteced right. Judge McManus disagreed, saying, “Even assuming the defendants could he considered judicial officers, fact questions remain whether they were acting within the scope of their authority in arresting and detaining (Car- .Mass Executions “Punish those guilty of mass executions and false informers. Punish the administrators and the special organs which have performed genocide (exile of peoples). Remove from local and regional satraps Monday their unlimited power over citizens, the ordering about of courts. Satisfy millions of legal, but suppressed complaints.” Monday’s summons ordered Solzhenitsyn to report to the investigative division of the prosecutor’s investigative division at ID a.m. Tuesday. It was signed by the same A. Balashov who signed the first and did not give a reason for the summons. The procurator general — an office in the Soviet Union akin to the attorney general in the U.S. — has wide powers to investigate and prosecute crimes. Like all public organs, the prosecutor’s office is subject to Communist party control and the new step against Solzhenitsyn would not have been taken without a high-level party decision. Heretofore, they said, it had been thought that the brain was not affected by diet except through chronic malnutrition. Their evidence is that what a person eats may affect brain activity within 20 to 30 minutes. A key element in the manufacture of serotonin is tryptophan, which is one of some 20 amino acids or building blocks of protein. A steak contains some tryptophan, but not as much of it as some other amino acids that compete for entry into the brain, Drs. Wurtman and Fern strom explained. The other amino acids tend to win out, and not much tryptophan gets into the brain cells. But carbohydrates, like that in spaghetti, spur the secretion of the hormone insulin, which in turn increases the level of tryp tophan in the blood and lowers the blood level of the competing amino acids. The result is an increase in the amount of serotonin in the brain. Blood Level The scientists could study the level of serotonin itself in animal brains, but not in the brains of human volunteers following a meal. So to gauge how their findings in animals might apply to humans, they turned to measuring the levels of various Newhall Services Set For Anna Boddicker NEWHALL — Anna Margaret Boddicker, 86, died at her home here Sunday after a long illness. Born July 12, 1887, near Watkins, she was married to John Boddicker Sept. 5, 1907, at Nor way. She was a member of the St Catherine Order of Foresters and the Altar and Rosary Soci cty at St. Paul’s Catholic church. Surviving are a daughter Mrs. Gerald McNulty of New hall; a son, Glenn of Watkins; a sister, Mary Schmidt of Watkins; nine grandchildren, 22 g r e a t-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. Services will be Wednesday at IO at St. Paul’s Catholic church. Rosaries at 2:30 and 8 p.m. Tuesday at Fellmet’s, Keystone, where friends may call after noon Tuesday. Burial is in Watkins cemetery. The casket will not be opened after the service. $400 Taken from Unlocked Safe Thieves escaped with $400 in cash from the Otto Shine Car Wash, 120 First avenue NW, Sunday night. Police said the money was taken from an unlocked safe after the thieves entered the building by way of an east door. Accident Kills 25 BANGKOK (AP)—Two passenger buses collided head-on at high speed in northern Thailand Monday, killing 25 persons and injuring 50. The accident occurred on the Bangkok-Chieng Mai highway about 175 miles north of Bangkok. Adult Recreation Classes Starting BOB BROOKS REPORTS HAWKEYE BASKETBALL PURDUE at IOWA 7:90 PM MONDAY Brought to you by KCRC Sports Booster Club Members THE DICK SCHULTZ SHOW Preceding the game—Brought to you by Bohemian Savings 6 loan Following the game-Brought to you by Iowa Electric light I Power Co. Warm-Up, Half-Time and Wrap-Up Shows Brought to you by Steitzer-lincoln Mercury RADI01600 nap search. and conducting the First time on television! Previous court rulings have I rejected the theory that a paro-, lee is “stripped of all constitu-j tional rights,” he said. Carnal has sufficienly j ! claimed violation of constitutional rights, the judge ruled. 3:30 2- 7- 9- 3- 4- Dr Mo* Who!'* My I. in* » Gilligon s Island All My Children Mike Douglas News, Weather News Eyewitness News Nevus Dick Von Dyke Noon Edition ■Noontime 6—Cartoons 8—Bewitched IO—Not for Women Only 12- Bridge 13—Floppy 4:00 7—Bonanza 9—Star Trek 3-Not for Women Only •—Jeannle 1—Star Trek IO—Bonanza 12— Mister oger* 13- Mery Griffin 4:30 2—Bewitched 3—Let's Make Deal • -Hogan s Heroes 6—Merv Griffin 12— Sesame Street 5:00 2—Consequences 7~ Dragnet 9—ABC News 3—Newsfeotures 4—GHilgan's Island 8 Consequences IO- Monsters 40 ABC News 5:30 2—CBS News 7—NHC News 9 Eyewitness News 3—ABC News 4 CBS News 6- HBC News 8— CBS News IO—NSC News 12 I leetrie Compony 13- NBC News 40 Newsline DISHWASHER REPLACEMENT CENTER Built-In Feature Cacked Poiserubber Dishwasher MODEL GSD Sfil General Electric can show you this, Because we have the dishwasher* that will do thia. INCLUDES INSTALLATION Open Mon. * Ihurv til 9 Open Saturday 106 2nd Ave. SW Phone 363-0283 Lovers and other Strangers starring Bea Arthur Richard Castellano. Harry Guardino. Anne Jackson, doris Leachman, Anne Meara & Gig Young ABC MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE $8:00 pm Kl TWQ Adult recreational classes sponsored by the Kirkwood college community education department, will begin meeting tliis week at the Prairie junior high school gymnasium. A women’s class will meet on Tuesday evenings and a men’s class Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9. A mixed coeducational class is scheduled for Thursday evenings from 7 to 9. Activities planned include ping pong, basketball, volleyball, badminton, shuffleboard, trampoline, spaceball, tumbling and other fitness activities. AII classes will run for eight weeks. Tuition Is $8 per person for men’s or women’s classes and $12 per couple for the mixed class. Registrations will be accepted at this week’s meetings. Interested person.1* can obtain more information from Rill Davis, 398-5427. Goss Credit Union Elects Ken Swanson Ken Swanson has been elected president of the Goss Co. Employes Credit Union Howard Thomas was named vice-president; Al Ahrens, treasurer; and Rose Crabb, secretary. Other hoard members are Larry Bock, Mike Gesling, Jim Moyer, Tom Saunders and Glen Whiting. Tonight, one great show after another! f    "    »-    MMI J ■    •    ^ '> ■#* > Wkr A rn rf pip I ■ <V\' ' rn* c rn OM - v ' it 5:00    &'%    M11 Evening News with Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner A half hour of news that takes you all over the world! 5:30 Eyewitness News Bob, Larry and Wayne bring it all back home in this complete coverage report of all the events affecting Eastern Iowans! 6:00 Wild West % West (Robert Conrad) poses as prisoner at Devil's Island. His assignment: rescue secret agent marked for execution by savage commandant! 7:00 Rookies A young man's inability to cope with desertion by policeman-father leads him to indiscriminate killing of officers and puts lives of Rookies in jeopardy! TV Premier! 8:00 hovers and Other Strangers" Monday Night Movie Bea Arthur, (loris leachman, Anne Meara star in hit comedy about love, marriage, other popular pastimes! 10:00 Eyewitness News When it comes to profess'onal news reporting, experience counts; anchoi an Larry Hightchew has fifteen years behind him1 10:30 "Tight As A Drum" Wide World Mystery Pomp and ceremony of military graduation shatters when cadet begins reign of terror with gun. Howard Duff, Mariette Hartley, Anne Seymour star. TII9 ;

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