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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8 Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Feb. 5. 1974 Ask Private School Hot Lunch Fund They’ll Do It Every Time OD Central City Rites For Carl Tritle, 52 WASHROOM TYPES * TMS GUY WHO TAKES OFF HIS TIE AMP SOULS OP HIS SLEEVES COST WASHES HIS FINGERTIPS"* Amp the gov who poesm't even TAKE HIS JACKET OFF*" HE PRACTICALLY TAKES A BATH*** I Knit K»»lut». Syndic.!., Int., 1974 World tifKu tnet\r. to qaqman GREG FAUL 30 HUMASON Avg. <S/ RUFFALO, NY Error Slows Senate Vote On 55 Speed Bv Frank Nye could accept another house I ,n .|n P I ^ n + amendment repealing a require- L.a ll b I ll g I I a ll T ment now in the law for revoca-I tion of the driver’s license of anyone convicted of speeding three times in a year. Ray said it would be a stiff By ^*‘n Sullivan I penalty to take the license from DES MOINES — The convicted three times for Action Delayed By State Unit By Frank Nye DES MOINES A move to put up at le.ust $50,t)00 in state funds for hot lunch programs in 2 7 .‘I private    and    parochial schools in Iowa was launched in J a house-senate appropriations subcommittee Monday afternoon but a final vote was postponed until    more    members could be present. Sen. Tom    Riley    (R-Cedar Rapids) initiated the move, which is sure to stir up the church-state separation argument, when he asked Vern Carpenter how much would be needed to fund such a program for the 11)74-75 school year. $50,(NM) Cost | Carpenter, chief of the school food services section of the state department of public instruction, estimated the cost at $50,000 and later said this might have to be revised upward. Carpenter was before the (committee to ask for $1.3 million to fund the 1974-75 hot lunch program now being carried on in all 451 of Iowa’s public school districts. The 1973 legislature appro priated $978,(MN) for the public school hot lunch program for 1973-74 bul turned down another appropriation of $80,000 to initiate such a program in non-public schools. The $80,1)00 was approved April 3, 1973 by the senate appropriations s u h c o rn mitt e e headed by Riley and later by the full senate appropriations committee and by the senate itself. Rut the house balked and removed the $80,000 from the bill. The senate accepted the house version of the 1973-74 bill and Monday’s move by Riley was the first to reinstate the appro-1 priation. Carpenter reported that an es-1 tminted 69.203,147 lunches will have been served in Iowa’s public schools by the end of this school year. Rising Costs He said an estimated $45,550.71 of the 1973-74 appropriation will revert to the state general fund but that rising costs and a change in the federal-state formula, calling for more state money, will require CENTRAL CITY - Carl W Tritle, 52, a lifelong resident of the Central City and Alburnett area, died Monday in a Cedar Rapids hospital. He was born May 24, 1921, at Alburnett. Iii May of 1947 at Central City, he was married to Bernice Crowley. Mr. Tritle served with the U.S. army during World war II, and was a member of the St. Stephen Catholic church. Surviving are his wife; Ms parents, John Tritle of Cedar Rapids, and Vivian Landis of Swisher; three sons, Barry Tritle of Central City, and Robert Several committee members.(and Brian Tritle of Marion; including Rep. Robert Kreamer three daughters, Bainbi, Corita (R-Des Moines), house subcom- an(i James Tritle of Marion;, mittee chairman, could not be two grandchildren; one sister, present. So it was decided to Mrs. Vince Vanis of Central delay a vote until at least the city; and one brother, Ivan Trill e x t subcommittee meeting tje ()f Albert Lea. Minn. Thursday morning.    Services:    10:30    a.m.    Thursday __ _    at St. Stephen Catholic church Won t Reconsider    jn central City. Burial; Mt. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Clark cemetery. Friends may U.S. court of military appeals call at the Murdoch chapel in has declined to reconsider its Central City after I p.m. rejection of Lt. William L. Cal- Wednesday where the Rosary ley’s appeal from his conviction will be recited at 8 p m in the My Lai massacre.    Wednesday. $1.3 million to pay for public school hot lunches in 1974-75. Riley and other advocates of a non-public school hot lunch program said they think state funding could be handled in a manner that would not be held unconstitutional. Questions about what form an appropriation for such a program should take brought answers that showed a preference to line item it in a hill appropriating funds for the public school hot lunch program, rather than presenting it in a separate bill. Parking Meter Thefts Continue As City Problem Six parking meters valued at $480 were reported taken from the downtown area over the weekend. Police received reports that two meters were missing from the 5(H) block of Second street SE and four from the 300 block of Seventh avenue SE. The theft of parking meters from the downtown area has been a continuing problem for police and city officials. Thefts last year set a new record with the disappearance of over 60 meters, according to meter department personnel. C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 377-8081 lf you need help: Foundation ll... 362-21 74 (4 pm lo midnight) Iowa T^o maivsv mu ♦ , onc cw,mcit'u u!rcc, l,,T 1UI conservation commission Tues-DLS MOINES — The state driving 58-59 mph after having ,    ,    ,    ,    .    .    .. senate started work Tuesday been accustomed to 70 and 75 day delayed for a month action morning on house amendments mph speed limits for many ().n a re(lues    at vvoul    eat to th,' 55 mile per hour speed years.    '    hc "a>K for 1?terkSta,',e P°"Z bill only to call a recess when it But the public safety depart- m(}i|innUaHHiMnn °tn ?t«s I arsino was discovered that the house ment would still have authority ,nera{jng station had sent it over in incorrect to suspend licenses of anyone1 *    ‘    .    . form.    driving 80 rrmh in a 55 mnh zone    con?Pan; masted .* million in the 62 megawatt tacil- .    .    .    ...    .__ity in 1947. It hopes to increase ate Jan. 17, the bill was amend-    generating    capacity    to    mo,, than 250 megawatts. A problem over ownership of the property on which the I station is located will have to be resolved, however, and clear title obtained before the addition can be built, said E. Marshall Thomas, attorney for the company. Interstate acquired island 147, in the Mississippi river about driving 80 mph in a 55 mph zone Originally passed by the sen- he pointed out. te Jan. 17. the bill was amend-    - Friduvpassod by lhe house last No Fred Thompson Studying at Coe officials said However, one amendment — by Rep. Emil Husak (D-Toledo) to appropriate $100,000 from the ( ^ c°dege general fund to pay counties for Tuesday a mj*n identifying him putting up new speed signs __ se^ as a Ph.candidate at Coe was reconsidered and defeated S    himself    Hod    or after receiving house approval -    *    j001?.?*!!! 1S n* 00 VV3y nnnruW^H with thp pnllpap the first time around. Somehow, in reprinting the hill, the Husak amendment was left intact rather than being eliminated and that's the form it was in when the senate went to work on it Tuesday. connected with the college. The man is telephoning alumni of the college saying he is writing a thesis on Morality jthree miles down stream from and Economic Status” and ask ing intimate questions of the respondents. Senate Republican Leader Clifton Lamborn (R-Maquoketa)j had spotted the Husak amendment and had prepared one of ,    „    , his own to take it out when he F.lremen werc cal ed * mo1? Bigger Gas Tank Proves No Help BRATTLEBORO, Vt. (APi - Lansing in 1946. Thomas told the commission the deed conveyed to the company in December of 1946 included a description, not only of the island, but of the adjacent river bed The river bed has since been filled It is on a portion of this filled P Monday In unread sand aver 44 area that the company hopes to discovered the house already ™"day to. sPred? bdnl°'V%uild the addition had reined it    gallons of gasoline that had    <*uuuiui». "    J:.    .    4    .    'spilled onto the ground.    The    commission    contends    the The bill was returned to the ^ ^evv    motorist,    who    deed referred only to island 147, house for a clean-up job while    just installed an oversized    located totally within the    de- j the senate marked time in com-    gas    tank jn ^ van as a wav    scribed boundaries and did    not mittee meetings.    to beat the gasoline shortage en include the entire area. Meanwhile, at his Tuesday long trips, had parked at the In seeking a solution. Themas news conference, Gov, Robert mo’el.    said    the company would consid- Ray. who asked the legislature    He discovered too late there    cr purchasing that area not    spe- for the 55 mph limit, said he    was    a leak in the new tank.    citied in the original deed. “HxrtpxrLrijtr Jet Fast Cooking And Browning With fflJSfcOLUft/3S Introducing Tho NEW VorsatronicOvon System Hotpoints / Super Range with Americas U Only System That Lets You: ti Cook Jet Fast With Microwave Energy LCook Conventionally C t Cook Both Ways At Once Microwa ves tor Speed Conventionally for Browning Then Have The Oven Clean Itself Completely Electrically For About A Dime! The Range of the Future Now for ONLY S 599 OTHER HoTROlNT SELF CLEANIN', RANGES FROM S *JW ’PHAN CEA CENTER iv A V 289 CUSTOMER CARE ... EVERYWHERE in-,TTH aa KEHRER APPLIANCE CENTER 620-2nd AVE. S.E. 364-0213 OPEN MON. ft THURS. TIL 9 P.M. jiost people needn’t die of the things most people die of. 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