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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 'SSI Alert' Seeks More Volunteers By Boger Green 'l’he SSI Alert program is “moving ahead on schedule Dwight Anderson, project director, said Tuesday. As of last week, 101 volunteers had been trained to interview potential recipients of supplemental security income (SSI) payments. Two-hour training sessions are also planned for Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and Thursday at 1:30 p.m. t he number of people applying for SSI payments has increased threefold since the program was announced last fall, James Wood, district manager of social security, said. Federal Program The SSI program is a federal takeover of assistance programs to those over 05. blind or disabled. The SSI Alert program is training interviewers to seek the 0,000 to 10,000 people believed eligible for SSI payments in the six-county area served by local social security officials. It is funded by the Council on Aging and conducted locally by the Armorican Red Cross in conjunction with the Area Agency for the Aging and the local social security office. 410 Names Anderson reported 440 names Needn't Worry About Payment Problem: Wood Most of the overpayment made to recipients of the new supplementary security income (SSI) in .January was corrected by lower February check payments, James Wood, social security district manager, said Tuesday. A computer error mistakenly added a supplement for blind persons to all 15,000 checks to SSI recipients in Iowa for January. The overpayment was $18. Compounding the confusion was the fact that legislation signed by President Nixon increasing SSI benefits by a maximum of $10 a month came too late to be included in January checks. Wood urged recipients not to be concerned about the confused status of SSI payments, and to go ahead and cash their checks unless the amount appears to be substantially different from January. In that case, Wood suggested persons contact the social security office, 366-2411. Wood said additional adjustments to rectify the errors will' be made in future payments, possibly April or May. He said an explanation of the problem hopefully will be mailed to affected persons yet this month. have been assigned to the JOI volunteers. Of those, 149 have been referred to the social security office to apply for SSI payments. Twenty-five have qualified for payments while 35 applications are still pending, he said. The SSI Alert is still seeking volunteers and names of individuals believed eligible for SSI payments, Anderson said. Place To Call The project is headquartered at the Red Cross office and can bo reached by phone at 365-3538 or 386-6331. Tile interviewers are also making note of other problems people may tell during the SSI Alert interviews for possible referral to appropriate local agencies, project officials said. The social security office is receiving about 60 applications per week for SSI payments, Wood reported. He reported in late December that only IO or ll percent of those believed eligible had applied prior to mailing the first month’s checks in January. Only about IOO applications had been received each month during October, November and December, 1973. More Applicants For the month of January alone, 300 new applications were received, he reported. Another 750 people received gold-colored SSI checks in January, having been automatically transferred from state programs. The percentage of persons believed eligible who have applied j has increased to 18 or 20 per-; cent, he said. “We’re still a long way from i the estimates,” Wood added. “I think eventually, we will come within a reasonable percentage.” Other Benefits The SSI program could meani more than a monthly gold-1 colored check for many, Wood! said. “Entitlement to SSI automata j cady makes them eligible for Medicaid,’’ he reported. “Whereas they may be eligible for a relatively small amount from SSI, they will be eligible for Medicaid which may be more valuable to them. “The Medicaid benefits may exceed what we would pay them for SSI cash benefits.” Gazette Correspondent Olive Bull, 82, Dies SHELLSBURG Olive Bull, 82, u lifelong resident of the Shellsburg area and a correspondent for The Gazette for about 30 years, died Monday. Born Sept. IU, 1891, at Newhall, she was married to E a r I F. Bull Dec. 18, 1912 at Newhall. He died in 1947. She was a member of the Presbyterian church, a 50-year member of the Shellsburg White Lily chapter of Eastern Star and also was a correspondent for the Cedar Valley Times. Surviving are three sons, Gerald of Palo; William of Center Point; Robert of Shellsburg; a sister, Mrs. Esther Stanton of Cedar Rapids; five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Services will be Wednesday at 1:30 at United Presbyterian church in Shellsburg. Burial: Shellsburg cemetery. White-Phillips’, Vinton. A memorial has been established. Culver Proposes Tax Cut To Nip Recession Trend Congressman John Culver said Monday, “Congress and the President should get together on an Immediate cut in federal taxes to offset the effects of lagging economic production coupled with persisting inflation. “Call the economic (Situation whatever you will,” Culver said, “people are hurting and something needs to bf* done on behalf of persons in the lower and middle income brackets now before the economy got** into a worse economic stall.” Terming a tax-cut a “sensible idea whose time has come,” Culver said: “If the administration drags its feet, congress should take action on its own.” Culver said he had communicated his request for a tax-cut Initiative to Hep. Wilbur Mills (I) - A r k . ) , chairman of the House Ways and Means Oim-mlttee where tax legislation must originate. Other Forces Culver said that the inflationary effect of tax-cut, pump The Cedar Rapids / Gazette: Tues., Feb. 5, 1971 Ford Preferred to Nixon Serving Out Term: Gallup big more purchasing    power into I indicators such as the lag    in    must be that the    old definition the economy,    would be more housing starts and the falloff    in    of recession has    been declared than offset by    other    forces that j automobile production d o n    ’ t    no longer ‘operative’ for the adore acting to    slow    down cco-: point to imminent recession,    it    ministration.” nomic growth. “For example, big increases in gasoline and fuel oil prices are having the same effect on the economy as massive tax Increases. “Moreover, people are paying higher taxes these days as a result of increases in social security taxes and the fact that cost-of-living pay increases have pushed many rMKiple into higher tax brackets.” Some of the nation’s leading economists,” Culver said, “are «    .    recommending    a    tax    cut as an PRINCETON, NJ. (AP) - Republican* chose Nixon by a:economic tool thai should he rorty-six percent of Americans157.28 percent ratio, with 15 per- used now before the situalion surveyed would prefer to have Vice-president Ford finish the remainder of President Nixon’s second term, the latest Gallup however, with 55 percent opting cent undecided. Only 18 percent worsens. of the Democrats chose Nixon, “It is not just low families who are being income hurt as poll shows. The survey, taken Jan. the economy slows down and for Ford and 27 percent giving    ..    a    «. ,    '    h    b    the    inflation    continues.    A    grow New Sheriff showed 46 Ford over 18-24. no preference percent preferring Nixon, 32 percent ing percentage of middle class1 DES MOINES (UPI) - Altoona Mayor Sam Wise, a former president of the Iowa League of Municipalities and a Democrat, was appointed sheriff of Polk county Monday by the board of supervisors to succeed Republican Sheriff Jack Woodard, who was killed in an automobile accident north of Des Moines Jan. 21. No Recession? Nixon was the favorite of 35,people are finding that pay-1 percent of the independents, and checks won’t stretch to cover choosing Nixon and 22 percent por(j 0f 45 percent, with 20 per- their families’ needs, expressing no preference. ,cent offering no choice. The latest findings followed a According to the Gallup organ-Gallup study released earlier;ization, traditional Democratic; “In that part of his State of this week that showed Nixon’s groups such as blacks, Catholics the Union message that he deliv- public approval rating to be at and labor union families fa ered on nationwide television,! an all-time low of 26 percent. vored Ford most heavily.    Mr. Nixon said: ‘There will be In the survey, 1,592 adults In the South, preferences no recession in the United were asked, “Here is a question wrere about equally divided. By States of America.’ about President Richard Nixon So u t h e r n whites, however, “But in the full written text,! Want ads perform an important community service, read them daily! and Vice president Ford: If you had a choice, which man would you rather have as President between now and the next presidential election in 1976 — Nixon or Ford.” Nixon was favored by 48 cent to Ford’s 34 percent. per- he goes on to add that in the 'first part of the current year, I‘output will rise little if at all, Rain or shine. Classified Ads unemployment will rise some-will get you results. Place your what and inflation will be high.’ ad today!    |    “If    these    and    other    economic FOR PEOPLE 18-35 YEARS YOUNG— HERE’S PART OF WHAT YOU GET 1. FREE one years supply of personalized checks. 2. FREE starter subscription to “Changing Times.'' 3. FREE automatic monthly transfer from checking to saving. 4 FREE Young Iowan key chain. 5 NO service charges whatsoever. 6 SPECIAL “Young Iowan" checks. 7 PERSONAL financial counseling. 8. SPECIAL help with loans. 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