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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Odar Rapid* Gazette: Tues., I eh. 5, 1971 Manchester Senior Citizen Dispute Aired by Counci Ca/elte photo bv Duane Crock A FFW I RUCKS MOVED ALONG interstate highways in Iowa Monday as tho effect of the independent truckers' strike bogan to be felt in the area. This photo was taken on 1-380 south of the Swisher interchange Monday afternoon. Iowa City Feels Strike Impact Heinz Hit, Residence Hall Food Buyers Shutdown Part Not Panicking 0f Energy Move ^ YAtir A /Mrn\/    A    -    tUn Farmers Cautious, Holding Hogs IOWA CITY — A number of businesses in the Iowa City-Coralville area reported being hard hit by the current truckers’ strike. Harry Keller, manager of Heinz Distributors in Iowa City said, “The situation is really bad. We usually ship over a million pounds a day of Heinz products. May Get Worse “That has dropped to less than 250,000 pounds and we expect it to get worse,” Keller said. He went on to say that if the situation continues, “We expect to lay off at least 50 percent of our work force some time later this week.” Heinz employs 34 persons and is the main distributing center for the western part of the United States. Keller was one of a number of plant managers in the Iowa City area who said even company trucks were experiencing difficulty making runs because the independents throughout Iowa had been successful in either blocking pumps or closing down truck stops altogether. Jack Newman, plant manager for Procter and Gamble, a major Iowa Citv industry, said. “The truck strike is definitely having a significant effect on our business. IOWA CITY - As part of the By Al Swegle Eastern Iowa hogs arranged for that we can’t! farmers ap- get delivery on.” campus-wide energy conserva- parently are taking a “wait and Mykleby said most of the dcli- ket,” flans said. “They won’t buy at any price.” Mykleby said his firm has tion program, University of Iowa residence halls will bo closed for approximately 40 days a year between academic sessions. Arthur Gillis, president for administrative services and planning said the policy becomes effective with the end of the 1974 summer session for the period from July 20 to Aug. 24. The other closed period, between the fall and spring semesters, will be from Dec. 22 to Jan. 7 in the next academic year. Anticipated savings to tile self-supporting housing system have been estimated at more than $10,000. but final calculations have not been made, Gillis said. Gillis said the periods are not included in contracts for room and board, although some students usually remain in the halls. He said a study will be made by residents and staff personnel to determine the need for temporary accommodations for those who stay on campus during the closed periods. The U. of I. office of international education and services will seek to provide interim accommodations for foreign students, including placing them with families in the Iowa City area, Gillis said, adding, “We intend to assure that no hard- sec” attitude in the wake of the veries to his plant have been by reduced its shipments to the nationwide truck shutdown. : “drop-in customers,” “I wouldn’t say hogs are who deliver livestock backed up in the country,” own trucks, assistant vice- Forest Mykleby, manager of the Wilson and Co. plant in Cedar Rapids, told The Gazette. “The hogs are still on the farm.” Another packing official, John Stevens of Hath Racking Co., Waterloo, said his firm is keeping its buying stations open. Can’t Get Delivery “We’re having trouble getting the hogs to the plant, however,” Stevens added. “We have some “Some independent dealers say their truckers are afraid to move livestock,” Mykleby said. “Part of it is fear, but some have gotten tem.” farmers East Coast, and a serious short-in their; age of meat could begin devel-i oping in densely populated areas as early as next week. Both Hans and Mykleby said the net effect of the trucking shutdown could be the same as threats, I what happened to the beef industry when cattlemen held cat- Stevens termed the ^1,^ tie towards the end of the price „. . .    ..    „ 'ceilings in August, situation as “deteriorating.    e ,    .    , ,.    .    When    the food distribution We have reduced shipmen s jjne rejurns to normal We may in and difficulty getting ship- get SOme bunching of live- I stock,” Hans explained. "Prices could be seriously hurt while the livestock industry “The trucking situation has works its way out of that bunch-disrupted the supply-dcmand ing.” equation and it would be awful-    s#    Swttc„ „ Ral| ly difficult to predict anything. “There's demand for ,hc Bo»h flans and Stevens doubt-,product if we could supply it, ed whether rad shipments could WAVERLY _ John Williams, I and there’s a number of hogs take U.P the s,ack in meat lrans* 35, announced Tuesday that he    available ”    portation. , ... 4    Stevens    pointed    out    that Eton Hans of Vinton, Cedar,ra||roads do n0( have ,hc (acj|j. Rapids area extension livestock tjes for icjnR which are n(,pdcd specialist, said the problem, lf to operate refrigerated ears the trucking shutdown continues, won t    be    a decline    in market price. “There just won’t be a mar- MANCHESTER - Further dis-! cussion on the purchase; of a building by the city to Im used primarily for senior citizen activities was set by council members Monday with a special j meeting to be held Feb. 25. City Manager Garth Arnold asked the city’s attorney, Mary Lou Tracey, for her opinion as to the legality of the purchase She replied, in a letter, “that the purchase of the property at 115 South Franklin was invalid because of improper procedure followed. “To wit: Execution of a purchase agreement prior to formal resolution authorizing the same by the council; improper execution of the purchase agreement in that it was signed by one of the councilmen rather than by the mayor, with due attestation by the clerk, after the formal resolution authorizing the same; and lack of proper notice to the public prior to the special meeting at which the resolution authorizing the purchase was passed.” Mayor F.G. Gosling said that it was his understanding that the contract for the purchase of the building had been consumated. AII formalities will be followed so that a final decision can be made at the Feb. 25 meeting, he said. Representatives of lh<* senior citizens group and the city council members will meet with Chamber of Commerce members prior to the special meeting to discuss proposals concerning the building. Obejctions to the purchase of the structure to be used for senior citizen activities were made at an earlier meeting by retail merchants in the downtown area. They felt the building would better serve its purpose if it were occupied by a retail person and that another structure outside of this area would be suitable for the senior citizens. Senior citizens at that meeting said the property had been used as a warehouse for years and that business men were not concerned about this until the city bought it. Council members had answered that they never once considered a building outside the business district and that their plan was to use it also as a municipal building thereby serving many different groups. Also at tho special meeting Feb. 25, a hearing on the issuance of bonds amounting to $4,800,000 for Eltra Corp. will be held. Prestolite, a factory due to be in operation soon in the industrial park, is a sub-division of Eltra. In othfr action, council members approved the water, sewer and curb work for the Riverview development, known formally as the Harry Sands property. Oxford Man Killed In Traffic Accident OXFORD - Edwin William Seydel, 63, of Oxford was killed in a one-car accident Monday on the Black Diamond road just east of Windham. Seydel, of route two, Oxford, was alone in his car when it apparently skidded on the roadway and struck an embankment shortly before 7 pm, authorities said. Advertise where people look. . . Use a want ad Dial 398 8234. Williams Enters Congress Race ments out,” Stevens said. No Predictions ship is worked on any student “Our truckers have informed who is required to remain on us that absolutely nothing ^TtaSg V hSh SJ'breaklmlr*1’s "<*«* In Vietnam U67-68, mourn* into the Chicago area, ^ ^uggeta-d carher » «* Pentagon as assistant is a candidate for the Republican nomination for congress from Iowa’s Third district. He will be running for the seat presently being held by Congressman H. R. Gross who recently announced his retirement. Williams was appointed to the United States Naval Academy by Congressman If R. Gross at the age of 17. After graduating with a bachelor of science degree in 1960, he served on various ships and staffs, as ad- Hans noted that railroads cut their refrigerated car fleets in half about a year ago and diverted them to other uses. Delta has a warm spot for you. (In Florida) he said. Trucker Strike Effects on County Told in Johnson ......    ,    by the campus energy conserva- ^irccf°r of *hc navy’s computer Newman said he did not ex-Ll'    . /    ,,    J    center , r,    ,    ,    . non committee, but could not,c because^ needed suptfi* ai- J*in tin,e for ,he' Si"CC 'CavinB "aVy' .    u    j    recent holiday recess. ready were on hand. “But if the situation should continue for another week or so. :i3IP flf B ATC    government.    He    is    now    an    "in-    Farmland    industries,    the    county    of    the    county    board    of    health dependent broker in financial supplier, would not be deliver-1 Joe Zajicek submitted the pen nants has held various com-| puter systems management po- IOWA CITY - The current truckers’ strike and its results, were the main topic at the John-! son county board of supervisors’! Monday night meeting. County Engineer Bud Gode in- However, two suppliers have offered fuel to the office and j Sheriff Gary Hughes said patrols will go on as usual. In other business the board also took a petition under advisement that called for the dis- sitions in business, industry, and formed thc supervisors that missal of Lyle Fisher, director |jp of | ale it’s difficult to say what could    fcwld ,,    ^    ueuciKiem uruicer iii luimiudir—rt-----» -----7    7”    .    . /    ;    — -—■---- happen    r.l Ly J . leasing for compeers and other- ln« any more fuel until thc end ,lion with 433 invalidated signa Deliveries Off    uJf    1    ,“IUM    capital equipment    of    the    truckers’strike.    lures calling for the resignation .    .    ..    ,    ..    .....    ! ti rim \t rP. .    ..    | .......    ..    ....    ... r Gode said he had immediately He said rural residents had , A representative of the    Wtl-| TIPTON _ The Tipton city; Williams said, It is time for,,.,    d a|| work „„ |hp sm)nd.    ^    ..harassed    ••    Kisher    has hams Pipe Line in Coralville, a,cornic I agreed Monday night to everyone to become involved in r()ad |pm 0n, rmer. ^ attjw ,he romova| 0, major supplier of gas a^ oi adverlisc its intern lo sell ap.;government. I will begin imrnc- • snow rcmova| wj|, ,K, Junk cars and lnspetlions supplies for thc area. said    (ha I proximately two Iota, at Sixth jdiatcly visiting throughout thc.d    ’    un(i| (he l1jrrent crisis    is    waste    run    off    and    rura,    tic deliveries were off 50 percent at and Orange streets, belonging to 18 counties of the district to per-    be y    ianjts least.    |    thc (it> A public hearing on the j sonally meet as many residents rpbe coun{y sheriff, Gary The supervisors reminded Za- proposal will be held at 7 p.m. as possible before the primary Hughes. ,aid his department jicek and 20 supporters who at- i aaa * *». *    0,1 *^une ^ ® want to deter- ba<j received a IOO gallon deli- tended thc meeting, that the received at that same time. mine what people feel should be very over thc weekend, but that board does not have direct con-a peed Rations were approved done about the many and varied an extended truckers’ strike trol over the county board of or a new police car and the jssucs. I am asking everyone to could    affect his department.    health. time to open bids for it is 7:30 j0jn with me in an open and    *.    j p.m. bch. 18.    candid campaign which will be City Attorney Norman Hamiel I openly financed and based on was instructed to draw up an or- the principal that public office dinance to allow a right turn on 1S a pub|ic trust » a red light after a stop at Fifth The facility was blockaded for a short period of time Monday. The strikers, however, when reminded they were on private property, left without protest. The company has been notified of impending picketing, hut that had not materialized early Tuesday. A check of supermarkets in thc area revealed needed sup- and Cedar, plies were still coming in. There! The council decided for a 30-were few evidences of panic day trial period to require that buying by customers over the city employes get approval weekend and Monday.    from    the coordinator for all pur- One supermarket manager chases over $25. said buying may pick up if poo- it was decided to reimburse Fire Destroys Trailer House SUMNER — Fire destroyed a trailer house belonging to Gerald i tit $, ii.,- *ii HHr    «...    .Hofer    in    Fayette    county,    six pie start to believe the strike former City Coordinator Russel =.    *    , c will boof any duration.    Scott $571.75 for a pop machine) rp^    lliqt. Another store manager said he had purchased for the customers were questioning him j port. on the need for stockpiling. atr- The manager cf Sheller Globe, Bob Hicks, said, “The situation is very had. Many of our raw materials come from Ohio and our trucks simply can’t get through.” Hicks said 40 percent of their total operation hail been ad vcrisely affected “We are shifting schedules, trying to be flexible as possible, but we are very close to having to lay off some of our people ” A number of other Iowa City businesses such as Victor Metals, said they had sufficient stock piles of materials and had not been seriously affected. Think small, use a Classified Ad for big results. Place your ad today! _ > Adverb *.emrnt The trailer was purchased two months ago because fire destroyed another trailer belong-, ing to Hofer. Cause of thc fire! (Ute (CfiUtr Unfits Oinzrllr was not determined immediate iv- Co nod published dolly SOO Third Av*. SF Ceoo 57406 Sot end Clem Pi Eslobilihed In IKJ by The Goielte “y and Sunday at dor Rapids. Iowa Postage paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa Sobsi ilplion rotes by torrler IS cents a week. By mall: Nlaht edition and Sunday 6 Issues *7 75 a month, $74 a year: Afternoon editions and Sunday J issues $7 SO a month, $75 a year. Other stotes and U.S territories $40 a veal. No mall subscriptions accepted In areas having boiette tarrier service. The Associated Press is entitled e«clu slvely to the use for republication of oil th* locol news printed in this newspu per os well as all AP news dispatches Mason City Blaze MASON CITY (UPI) - Thc second major fire in 24 flours and tile third in five days here Monday night extensively damaged the closet! Jovanis Supper club building on the west edge of Mason City. Now •.. Give Your FALSE TEETH More Biting Power / denturn artheaivo can help, JAHTKETH* powder ll,*** all of ♦his: I) Hell* hold upnera i*nd low. ere lonfwr, firmer, steadier. 2) Hoi la thorn morn eomfortabls .1 Iii < you eat morn naturally. Why worry? f'aa FAST KET It Denture Adheaiva Powder. Denture* that lit ara •agential to health, tteo your UanUat regularly. 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