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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Iowa Legislators Average $8,854 Annual Pay Each Rep. Andrew Varley Varley Top Paid; List East Iowans By Frank Nyc DES MOINES — Iowa’s 150 legislators collected a total ofi $ 9 2 4,6 4 5 in salaries and $403,460.66 in expenses during the first year of the 1973-75 legislature, payroll records showed Tuesday. That’s a grand total $1,328,105.66. or an average of $8,854.04 per legislator. Except for the house speaker and the four party leaders — two in each chamber — each legislator received an annual $5,500 salary plus $15 per day for five days a week during the 1973 session — unless he or she resided in Polk county, where the capitol is located. Polk county legislators usual- Here jn alphabetical order, is ly live at home and their ex- what others among the 44 NE penses are less than legislators jowans received: living outside the county.    Senators Michael Blouin (D- The house speaker received Dubuque) $8,930.56, James Gal-$11,000 annual salary ^dJ lagher (D-Jesup) $9,103.10, II. L. (R-Muscatine) $10,283.87, James Wells (I) - C e d a r Rapids) $ 9,7 0 1.7 2, James Carr (I> Dubuque) $9,491.03, Keith Dun-ton (D-Thornburg) $9,352.06, of Senior Tofte (R -Decorah) $9,162.33 and Richard Norpel (D-Bellevue) $9,144.64. Also, Senators Roger Shaft (R-Camanche) $10,897.51, Eugene Hill (D-Newton) $10,433.62, Gene Kennedy (D-Dubuque) $9,718.05, M i n ii e 11 e Doderer $9,712.55 and Dale Tieden $9,304.35. Others Listed In Legislature No Bets on Horse Betting By Dan Even DES MOINES (AP) would realize $3 million a year in state revenue if legalized horse race betting were allowed, a state senator says. “But even more important, legalized racing would pump $50 million a year into Iowa in the form of new motels, hotels and j back to the bettors, and 5 cents Iowa' would go directly to the state The state also would receive an additional 15 cents on each ticket sold, plus a $200-a-day license fee for each racing day if the track is located in a county with a population of 100,000 or more. After all expenses of the six-man racing commission were paid, the bill stipulates the re annual salary leader received one an each floor of $6,500. Interim Meetings In addition, each legislator (except leaders, who received slightly more) received $40 for each day plus actual expenses for each day in attendance at interim study committee meetings. Beginning in 1975 legislators will be paid $8,000 a year plus $110 a week expenses while in session, with leaders’ pay going up proportionately and Polk countians receiving only $70 a week expenses. Those doing interim committee w’ork will continue to be paid $40 for each day in attendance plus actual expenses. Average by House A report breakdown shows that the IOO state representatives drew a total of $606,545 in salaries and $259,070.66 in ex-penses — an average of $8,656.17. The 50 senators were paid a total of $318,100 in salaries and $144,390 in expenses — an average of $9,249.80. Highest paid legislator was Speaker Andrew Varley (R-Stuart), who received $17,359.30. LL Gov. Arthur Neu, who presides over the senate, but is not a member of the legislature, received $16,897.61. Keying (D-West Union) $8,487.98, Joan Orr (D-Grinnell) $8,805.26, Ralph Potter (R-Marion) $9,154.79, W. R. Rabe-deaux (R-Wilton) $8,672.62, Tom Riley < R-Cedar Rapids) $8,025, Cloyd Robinson (D-Cedar Rapids) $8,668.16, Forrest Schwen-gels (R-Fairfield) $9,102.09. Reps. Donald Avenson (D-Oel-wein) $8,202.91, Joseph Clark (D-Dubuque) $8,290.06, Russell De Jcng (R-Pella) $7,460. William Ewing (R-Cedar) $8,086.66, Harold Fischer (R-Wellsburg) $8.030 90, William Hargrave (D-Iowa City) $8,621.69. Reps. Maurice Hennessey (D-Ryan) $8,361.61, Wally Horn (D-Ccdar Rapids) $7,889.90, Emil Hus ak (D-Toledo) $7,950.21, James Jordan < D-Marion) $8,031.73. Rayman Logue <R-Marengo) $7,831.40, Harold McCormick (D-Manchester) $8,709.71, John Mendenhall <R-New Albin) $8,096.91, Jay Men-nenga (D-Clinton) $8,197.05. Reps. Kenneth Miller (D-In-dependence) $7,856 20, Brice Oakley (R-Clintoni $8,681.97, John Patchett (D-North Liberty) $8,310.85, Joe Rinas (D* Marion) $8,106.59. Russell Wyckoff (D-Vinton) $8,145.40. industries associated with horse. mainder of funds golng t0 the racing and horse breeding,    “chati    bn divided into as mg and norse breeding, j state “shall be divided into as said Sen. George Kinley, (D-Des many parts as there are counties in the state of Iowa having an approved and qualified Moines) Under a bill introduced by Kinley in the senate Monday, Iowans would have to do their betting at a single track. The 14-page measure provides. Ilsoring thc meeting for a season of undetermined , *lrn nf mfnr;itilUT length, licenses only to nonprofit organizations and 5 per- county fair or a qualified county 4-H club show.” The other IO percent not returned goes to the organization to take care of operating expenses. Kinley said the bill is a compromise measure and ineorpo- treat- irnder Miss Raduentz Named To Crime Commission DECORAH - Miss Sherry Raduentz, Decorah attorney, was expenses. appointed alternate member of Like Varley, he is paid $11,000 the Northeast Iowa Crime Corn-annual salary plus $80 per day mission Monday by the Winter committee work plus actual neshjek county board of supervisors. East Iowans    At    its    meeting,    the    board    also reappointed Walter Brekke weed commissioner at a wage of $443.10 per month from March I through Aug. 31 and issued an auctioneer’s license to I A check of 44 Northeast Iowa legislators showed that House Republican Leader Edgar Holden (R-Davenport) and Senate Republican Leader Gifton Lambom (R-Maquoketa) received $12,024.34 and $11,851.59 respectively and were among the highest paid. CCrll°Kal    bCt*°a a« r*KG rates manV suggestions made — the handle — reverting to thc|bv ,m jntenm lcgislativc study state for expenses, with the re- ' itt mainder going to county fairs or    ‘    ^ qualified county 4-H clubs. Chances Slim    Mental Centers Kinley admits chances for A bill to spell out statutory passage this session are slim. J requirements for establishment “It doesn’t look good, but I and operation of community think it should come to the floor mental health centers and to set and be voted on,” said Finley,'aP standards for their evalua-who has had similar bills in the j tion cleared the Iowa house last three sessions.    I Monday afternoon, 91 to 2. “The latest Iowa poll in- State Rep. Joan Lipsky (R-dicates 57 percent of the state’s;Cedar Rapids), chief sponsor, population is for pari-mutuel, so said the bill would empower it deserves a floor hearing,” ( county boards of supervisors, Kinley added.    I acting singly or in combination An Associated Press poll prior with those of nearby counties, to to the session indicated that; arrange for mental health ser-legislators were 2-to-l opposed vices to bo provided by non-to legalizing pari-mutuel betting profit community mental health during this session.    j centers. Kinley’s bill was referred to The bill gives supervisors the the senate state government option of establishing county committee and has not yet been; mental health centers to be ad-assigned to a subcommittee. ministered by boards of trust-“Last year it never got out of ees, much in thc manner county committee,” said Kinley. “It hospitals arc administered, got into an unfavorable subcom- Co-sponsoring the bill, which mittee and there it stayed.” now goes to the senate, were homes have gone out of busi-Thirty three states including Reps. Edgar Holden (R-Daven- ncss or wjjj do 50 shortly,” the Iowa now allow horse racing, p o r t), Scott Newhard (B* report said, and 28 including neighboring Anamosa) and Jerome Fitz-Nebraska, Illinois and South Da- gerald (D-Fort Dodge), kota allow legalized pari-mutuel    *    *    * bettinS-    Four-Year Terms One-Track    I , constitutional and $10,001) property damage. 32-10. To house. SF506, To remove the $75,001) membership fee limit for Hic Iowa Assn. of Counties. 37-5. To house. Introduced in Senate SF 1081, To rewrite the Iowa probate code. Rodgers, Andersen, Murray and Winkelman. si* 1082, To delete electrical installation receipts from the sales tax. Shaff. SF1083, To require the department of public safety to study motor vehicle accident prevention. Griffin. SF1084, To require that the Code of Iowa be published annually in loose-leaf form. Griffin. SF 1085, To prohibit sale of beer and soft drinks in disposable containers. Plymat and eight others. SF 1086, To prohibit limita-to make tion of a party’s liability for his such as>own negligence. Griffin. SF 1087, To void agency action taken at an illegal closed session. Milligan. SF1088, To permit pari-mutuel horse race betting in Iowa. Kinley. SF1089, To exempt public school districts from the seven cent per gallon state tax on gasoline. Ramsey and eight others. SF1090, To require counties | to design a legal aid program j for the poor. Ramsey. SF1091, To give state high ; way commission traffic weight (officers full peace officer I powers. Nystrom. SFI 092, To authorize thc ‘ governor to maintain an cmer-A special study committee re- ffcncy fuel reserve. Milligan ported Monday that there is a anSK1o0U93fOt j™' change rcfer-severe shortage in Iowa of facil-’ences in thc Iowa Code which ities needed by the elderly and apply to men or women to handicapped.    apply to all persons. Shaw    and Speaking for the committee,:    SF1094, To provide that no Sen. William Gluba (D-Daven- more than four members of thc port) said the report indicated seven member Civil Rights that availability of custodial Suirai^iiid Orr*^thC same    scx* adult foster homes for low-in-’ Sfiom^To eliminate the re-come elderly and handicapped spondent’s statutory right to repersons in Iowa is “ai a crisis) cover damages from the Civil stage.” “The construction of new custodial home facilities has vir tually come to a halt while many of the older custodial ber designed to equalize ment of men and women the Iowa code. Sen. Minnette Doderer (D-lowa City), one of the bill’s sponsors, said the measure would make it illegal to lure men as well as women to “houses of ill fame” to become prostitutes. She said the 33-page bill changes all references to “men” and “women” in the code when it results in discriminatory legal treatment to the other sex. She said the changes are needed to insure equal treatment of all persons under Iowa law. + * ♦ Gambling Law An emergency bill certain sports events golf and bowling tournaments legal under Iowa gambling laws goes before the Iowa house Tuesday. The bill was approved for passage Monday by the house judiciary committee. House Majority Floor Leader Edgar Holden (R-Davcnport) said the measure would be taken up by the full house Tuesday afternoon. The senate approved the bill last week. * * * Custodial Home Crisis Legislative Notes by Frank Nye Legislators' Requests for Drafting of Bills Soar HES MOINES “The committee has directed Rights Commission if there is no reasonable ground on which to believe the complaint. Murray and Orr. Passed by House HF550. To provide for state licensing and inspection of kennels, dog pounds and breeders and dealers in dogs and cats if not federally licensed. 70-20. To senate. A amendment .    HF1060,    To    provide    a    statu re appropriate state agencies tory framework for establish-to develop realistic funding ment and evaluation of com-models for people in non-nurs-    mental health centers. ing home facilities, specifically iikio91, To make several ... . ,    ....    .    ...    .    custodial homes, boarding; changes in the Iowa truck reci- Kinley s bill    calls for    one    lengthening the two-year terms    homes and foster and group    procity law and    clear    the way track at “a designated central-    of state representatives to four    care homes ”    for statc participation    in    the years was introduced in the The committee said the leers-    feMt’e"*''5’    C°m" Iowa house Monday by Hep iature also should give serious HFUM. To provide tor ap-James Jordan (D-Marion). consideration to the establish- pointment by Area Health The resolution, which would mcnt of a statc housing authori- Planning Councils of care re- have to win approval of two suc-jty. The commmee said such an ™dw ZZg UonlcI psi To cessive general assemblies and agency would provide low inter-; senate. ratification by the people to be- est ioans and other financial as- HFU05. To limit indcm-,    .... „    ..    come effective, provides half of    sistance for construction of K- T S !S,,a    !era lh f    the 100 house seats would be UP    housing facilities for the elderly    bru?enosifc Kinley. If we    find that    one    for election every two years.    and handicapped track works out, then we could It is much the same as a reso-    PP^ add others later at different: iuti0n introduced last year by ,    .. sites.”    Rep. John Mendenhall (R-New Other Bills He said ideally Iowa would: Albin) except that Jordan’s Director Serge Garrison of the states’ legislative service bureau stopped for a deep breath one day last week and here’s what lie said before taking it: The bureau has received more than 1,090 requests from legislators to draft bills and it hasn’t even got requests yet from legislative study committees. That is 300 more requests than the total number —- 700 — received in 1972 when the session ended on March 24. There were 1,800 requests for bills during the 1973 session, second longest regular session in the state’s history. □ □ □ Massage, Anyone? STATE Rep. and Mrs. Jay Mennenga (D-Clinton) moved into a Grand avenue apartment in Des Moines on Jan. 27. The apartment manager explained that the previous occupants had left in a jiffy when the police discovered they were advertising massage services in their quarters. In fact. they left in such haste they didn’t bother to have the phone disconnected. Yes, the Mennengas had to turn down several phoned requests for massages before Northwestern Bell could get out there to assign them a new number. non l—*J    L«J Four Candidates? NYB w for the party’s nomination for Second district congressman probably will have four candidates in it soon. Harry Sullivan, a native of Ryan, resigned his Washington D. C. job with a trade association last month and is expected to announce his candidacy, perhaps before the week is out,. ing from quarrying or mining activities. 94-0. To senate. Introduced in House UFI 112, To delete the requirement that a federal tax lien be noted on a motor vehicle certificate of title by the county treasurer. Bittie and Doyle. UFI 113. To require insurance companies, other than on life and liability policies, to pay claims directly to the insured instead of to thc Insured and another person jointly. Hargrave. UFI 114, To set performance standards for motorcycle mufflers. Bittie and three others. UFI 115, To provide a fine of up to $500 for possession, manufacture, advertising or sale of any scheme to obtain wire services or credit fraudulently. Holden. HF1116. To require county treasurers and newspaper publishers to publish corrections in delinquent tax lists when requested by the taxpayer. Patchett and Oakley. study of Iowa’s rail transportation system. Crawford. UFI 118, To require that storm sewer grates be painted red or yellow. Transportation Committee. UFI 119, To define a “public scale” which may bo used by traffic weight operations officers to determine compliance with the law. Transportation committee. UFI 120, To provide a hearing for a person whose driver’s license has been canceled or revoked and require that court appeals from cancellation or revocation orders be heard within 60 days. Transportation committee. UFI 121. To declare tile allowable growth for all school districts for the 1974-75 and 1975-76 school years to be 8 percent, and make other adjustments in the state foundation school aid program. Education committee. ized location within the state.” Finley said that location would be hammered out in the legislature, but three areas are the best bets — Des Moines, the Cedar Rapids-Wa-terloo area or Council Bluffs. * * * control program. 89-4. To senate. UFI 107, To lengthen tho maximum time that federal employes may be on loan to the state from 12 months within .I,    .    I,..    ..    ..I--------  r-       1    Bills    in    the    Iowa legislature! any 36-month period to four Howard Knudson.    like to run its season after Ak-measure contains a requirement Monday:    years, and permit the state to In other business, the super- Sar-Ben at Omaha closed so that if a state representative Passed by Senate    contribute to their salaries. 92- visors purchased a compressor there would “be enough quality: decides to run for state senator I JTVbUitv “    lintel?*    To    eliminate    an error the road department from horses available.”    and wins his party’s nomination $25,non single bodily injury/roncous reference in the law to Eight other representatives the Geirke-Robinson Co. of Du-; That would mean Iowa’s rac- for that post, he would have to $50,OOO multiple bodily injury I “irregular spoil banks” result-and five other senators on thc buque at a cost of $4,185.10.    ing season probably would come resign his house seat before the 30 YEARS AGO — Invading three more islands in big Kwa-jalein atoll, U. S. forces over- HFIllt. TO appropriate I wl\elme<?    Japanese , *» » $300,000 to the Office of Plan- and .Pusbed enemy back on ning and Programming for ala third. list received more in salaries and expenses than the average. They included Reps. Joan Lipsky (R-Cedar Rapids) $12,010, Arthur Small (D-Iowa City) $11,153.32, David Stanley 20 YEARS AGO ta, 26, who escaped from a Czechoslovak prison and eluded capture by the communists for 21 months, flew to the U.S. —    in mid-July and would run into general election. John Uvas- the fall.    *    * Split Listed Under his bill, 85 cents each dollar wagered would Equal Treatment of Five senators Monday intro go duced a bill in the upper diam- NOTICE Beginning Feb. 8 New Friday Closing Hour Will be 7 P.M. Other Banking Hours Will Remain The Same r± :: FIRST I RUST SAVINGS BANK FANDEL INC. 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