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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Society for Women Features Woman Seeks Presidency And Socialism in Colombia Beaux Arts Winners "Arabian big wheels", complete with oil company insignia, are pictured at leR following their winning of the best group award at the Beaux Arts ball Saturday at the Roosevelt hotel. Kneeling, from left, are Mrs. Horace Hedges, 2131 Linden drive SE; Mrs. Barnes O’Donnell, 2345 Linden drive, and Mrs. Richard Novetzke, 2326 Blake boulevard SE. Standing, from left, are Mr. O'Donnell, Mr. Novetzke, and Mr. Hedges. Gazette Photos bv John Mdvor Napoleon anJ Ann e Oakley, t*njch a rather unlikely couple, arc shown a *ove es best pa * winners ai' the Ceaux Art: bali. They arc Mr:. Carbora D’ton cis Napoleon and he, daughter Mrs. Torcen Slovens as / n-ie Oakley. Both are of 314 Nassau street SE. Bes; single winner was Mrs. lorn Le3uan w o cane as Wonder Woman. Blind Girl Survives Night in Mountains REDLANDS, Calif. (AP) -“I did calisthenics, situps, pushups and jogged almost all night,” says a 17-year-old blind girl of her night alone in the snow-covered San Bernardino mountains. Cheryl Anne Beem of Anaheim. Calif., wandered away from a group of blind teenagers Saturday during a weekend camping trip sponsored by the Braille Institute of Los Angeles and Orange counties. She spent the night at the 7.100-foot level of the mountains, where the temperature dropped to 26 degrees. She was wearing a cap, sweater and light slacks when she walked out of the wilderness on her own Sunday. Authorities said Cheryl was in good spirits and appeared in good health after being found by Max Howell, 12, of Doctor Counts The Blessings of Football Wido ws NEW YORK - Dr Frank S. Caprio, noted psychiatrist and author, recently wrote in the National Enquirer that watching TV football is not only good for your husband s mental and emotional health, it’s also good for what ails your marriage. A heated game is one of the few legitimate opportunities your husband has for blowing off bottled-up emotional steam that he's been holding in all week Failing this and similar outlets, he’s likely to turn on his wife and children in what psychiatrists refer to as the “kicking the dog” syndrome. Rooting for the “good guys,” cursing the opposition and agonizing over referees’ decisions make him easier to live with the rest of the week. since he has vicariously released his real frustrations. Although your husband may not be very good company while he s watching TY football, at least he's not spending any money — another common source of marital strife. In addition he’s available it a sudden crisis demands his help Emotions, like muscles, need to be stretched and used. The ability to express a variety of emotions is what makes us “feeling” individuals. A husband who can air a variety of emotions during the weekly football games will come closer to matching his wifes own emotional involve-1 rnent in life. Network executives know what they're doing when they drop the soap opera for the pigskin on weekends. DR.CRAVEN DENTIST Pf ACTICf LIMITED TO DENTURE WORK 113 I it Av* SI, Cednt ffgpidi, lo. Dot Mo*rti • Mason City Sioux City Fountain Valley. He led her the final mile to camp Osceola, a YMCA camp where he had been staying. The camp is about five miles from the spot she left Saturday. Chickie McIntosh, a director at the camp, said she knew the girl was healthy when she smiled and said: “I think my teeth are finally unfreezing." “I wasn’t lost,” Cheryl later joked with searchers. “I knew where I was but several other people didn’t know.” More than 50 sheriff's deputies and volunteers had been looking for her. Peripheral Vision Cheryl, who has been legally blind for two years, has peripheral vision that enables her to see things to the side, but not driectly in front of her. “She could have walked toward a cliff — there are a lot of them around there — and not know whether it was six feet or HO feet away,” said a sheriff’s spokesman, referring to ‘lier lack of depth perception. “I wandered most of yesterday before I realized I was lost.” Cheryl said. “I picked a location and just stayed there." She said that when she tired of exercising to keep warm in the subfreezing temperatures, she found a rope and coiled it on the snow. Then she covered Youth for Christ Plans A Women's Coffee Youth for Christ members will give a women’s coffee Thursday morning at 9:30 at Cedar Hills Evangelical Free church. Featured will be the Jefferson high school Campus Life club under the direction of Bob Shaffer. Staff reports will be given and a slide presentation on Campus Life magazine is planned. The event is open to the public Refreshments will be served and baby sitting will be provided free of charge in the church nursery. Splitting Tip You car, split blanched almonds into perfect halves more easily if they are warm. Choose From A J Large and Unique Selection Of VVP^A ^ ToTit £ Any Decor «jQ EDAR RAPID ^^AINT' 509 3rd Av*. SI *s Phone 363-9634 herself with tree branches, she said. Cheryl said she once heard and saw one of the two helicopters searching for her. But she was not noticed even though she waved and carved letters with dirt and leaves for visibility. “I began to get angry because I was afraid I was going to miss my English class on Monday.’’ Cheryl is a B-plus student at Anaheim Bridge SOS into the snow, filling the high school. D avie! she wa', re t onal to being bs. nos I o[ the aftOi ic *:p bim if < in the if?', Cheryl Arn, aOor Bernardino, Caiifna-Dr more than a day after ar-old girl said she spent ig cercises to keep warm 6 Coerces. West Side Club Winners of the Mitchd movement played at Welty-Way Sunday were: Ncrth-south — Keith Bean and Julia McNair, first. and Mrs- Howard Wilfong and Mrs. F. (I. Johnson, second;; east-west. Leroy Weiser and Dick Nassif, first, and Mrs. George Jenkins and Mrs. Nate Frink, second. The next game will be played Thursday at 7:30 at Welty-Way. Marion Club Winners in a Mitchell movc-ment game played Saturday at the YWCA were: North-south — Mr. and Mrs. Royce McCray, j first, and Tait Cummins and; Clyde Nowlin, second; east-west — Mrs. Vernon Hendryx and( Mrs. James Hodges, first, andj Mr. and Mrs. 0. J. Elsenbast.i second. The next scheduled unit game is Wednesday at 7:30 at the YWCA. A novice game will. be played at I o’clock Thursday at Noelridge Park Christian church. Open to any player. MISS DIANNE JONES FETED AT SHOWER Miss Dianne Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Jones of j 159 Crest ridge drive NW, was honored with a bridal shower Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock Fifteen guests attended at the home of the hostess, Mrs. Terry Kudu. 3316 First avenue NW Mrs. Andrew Pettit was co hostess for the occasion. Miss Jones and Kim Kuda, son of Mr and Mrs. William A. Kuda, 2107 Williams boulevard SW. will exchange nuptial vows Feb. 16. ORGANISTS GUILD MEETING IS TUESDAY “The Organ and Ir.stru-; meats,” a lecture-demonstra-iion will be girvcn by Mrs. A. E. Stodola, organist; Eleanor and Kevin Kosek, violinists:! James Jenkins and Bud Zensen.i i lusts; Pam Miller, trumpet, and Pauline Iacomo and Dean) Karns, alto recorder, at the 7:30 meeting Tuesday cf the River Valley chapter of the American Guild of Organists. The event! will take place at First Congregational church. All interested church musicians are invited. MISCELLANEOUS SHOWER HONORS DEBBIE BEAMAN Miss Debbie Beaman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Beaman, 1542 Thirty-fourth street NE, was honored at a miscellaneous bridal shower Saturday evening given by Mrs. Ray Olson, 112 Clover drive SW. Thirty guests shared the courtesy. Miss Beaman is the Feb. 23 bride-elect of Jim Height, son of Mr. and Mrs. Farol Feight, 2451 Eighth avenue SW. By Alan Riding BOGOTA, Colombia (UPI) Iii nisi a few weeks of campaigning Senator Maria Eugenia Rojas do Moreno has I succeeded in shaking the can-! didates of the traditional liberal and conservative parties in a bid for the presidency iii Colombia. Part of the dynamic 40-year-old’s appeal reflects the popularity of her father, Gen. Gustavo Rojas Pinilla, who was president of Colombia between 1953 and 1957. Gen. Pinilla came close to winning the presidency back after a wildly demagogic campaign in 1970. But Maria Eugenia who has been active in politics for 15 ; years is also popular in her own right and has been i dubbed “captain of the people” by her supporters among urban poor. Her style is unashamedly populist. But her aim is to bring socialism to Colombia. Voters Will Choose Even without Maria Eugenia’s participation. Colombia is reaching a political crossroads in the April 21 elections. For the first time in 24 years voters will also be able to choose between liberal and conservative candidates. During the late 1940s and early 1950s the historical rivalry between the liberals and conservatives erupted in a civil war in which upwards of 300,000 people were killed. Then in 1953, Gen. Rojas seized power in a coup d’efat and managed to re-establish some semblance of order. Worried by the likely perpetuation of the military regime, the liberals and conservatives formed a “national front” agreement under which the presidency alternated between the two parties during four four-year terms between 1958 and 1974. This agreement expires next year and the parties have each nominated separate candidates for the presidency. While the national front did bring political stability and economic growth to the country, it excluded the electorate from participation in public life. In the 1958, 1962 and 1966 elections, with only one serious candidate seeking the presidency, absentionism and frustration grew, Lopex Mlehelsen, a 60-year-old former foreign minister whose father was president twice. He sees himself as progressive and has promised a more energetic agrarian reform program, hut his policies would probably vary little from those of the national front governments. The conservative candidate is 54 year-old Alv aro Gomez Hurtado, an openly rightwing politician whose father was also president. He favors the Brazilian model of development with rapid economic growth but few social benetits. But since the liberals and conservatives have been in office without interruption since 1958. it is difficult for them to repudiate many of the unpopular aspects of the national front. “Personal" f FROM THE TIME YOU SELECT YOUR DESIGN UNTIL THE TIME YOU APPLY IT ON THE WALL You1 ll be doing it right with ScinitGs UUollclocl VINYL COATED FABRIC WALL COVERINGS You ll be doing it right because Sanitas and Wadded Vinyl Wallcoverings are beautiful, durable, scrubbable and economical. You can have dirtstain fade and water resistant Sanitas Wallclad on your walls for as little as $4.55 a roll. Conpamon fabrics are available with many designs Visit our showroom and see the many new patterns, textures,flocks and foils for every room in your home. LET OUR EXPERTS HELP YOU WITH YOUR SELECTIONS FROM THE BEAUTIFUL SANITAS COLLECTION. BRIDAL SHOWER HONORS MISS GINA SEIFERT A miscellaneous bridal shower was given Sunday afternoon at the Farmers State bank in Hiawatha for Miss Gina Seifert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Seifert. 1619 Texas avenue NE. Hostesses to the 32 guests were the Mmes. Don Auman and Russell Kauffman Miss Seifert will be married March 2 to Gary Auman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Auman, route two. Cedar Rapids. PEGS I tea ii ie Salon Personalized Make-up with Instruction Procedure Chart ANAPO Challenge In 1970, the picture changed dramatically when Rojas threw down a direct challenge to tho national front and ran for office on the ticket of the National Popular Alliance (ANAPO) party. Seeking out the poor and promising the impossible, the Rojas campaign caught fire and most Colombians now believe that he actually won the elections but was the victim of ballot fraud. For this year’s election, the liberals chose Dr. Alfonso Campaign Widespread disenchantment with the traditional parties offers Maria Eugenia her chance of emerging victorious in a three-way split of votes. Supported fully by her 74-year-old father who felt he was too old to run again, Maria Eugenia hopes to attract the votes of the millions of Colombians who normally abstain in elections. Because ANAPO lacks money for an intensive radio and television campaign, Maria Eugenia will he forced to travel to the smallest towns to seek support. But this “personal touch” may win her many additional votes. Her platform is vague, talking in general terms of agrarian reform, nationalization and worker benefits. But her campaign is directed clearly at the urban poor of Colombia’s large cities. It is not known how the country’s male voters will react to the prospect of a female president. The problem of “machismo” (male chauvinism) exists in Colombia as it does elsewhere in Latin America. Another crucial question, should Maria Eugenia win in April, is whether the army will allow her to assume office — not because she is a woman but rather because she promises to bring socialism to Colombia. Body Control Slip into a one-piece body suit for subtle control under clingy new metallic look knits liOSE WEIGHT STARTING TODAY ODRINEX contains the most effective reducing aid available without prescription ! One tiny ODRINEX tablet before meals and you want to eat less - down go your calories - down goes your weight ! Thousands of women from coast tocoa-.t report ODRINEX has helped them lose 5. IO, 20 pounds in a short time • so can you. Get rid of ugly fat and live longer ! ODRINEX must satisfy or your money will be refunded. No questions asked Sold with this guarantee by All Mays, Rexall Drug Stores 21 5 2nd St. S i. Mail Orders Filled. 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