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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - February 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Mown Mem This Is Last Week To Claim Exemptions This is the final week Marion residents may take advantage of the availability of the asses sor at the city hall. Property owners have until Saturday noon to sign up for military and homestead exemptions in tin* eivil defense room in the basement of the city hall. Property owners not taking advantage of the assessor in the city hall will have until July I to file for exemptions in the Linn county assessor’s office at the court house. Persons over 65 years of age and those disabled may obtain property tax relief forms from the assessor at the city hall or from the Iowa Department of Revenue office above the First National bank. * * * I/ive is ... A Valentine on the classified “Idive Is” page Feb. 14th. Dial 398-8234.—Adv. * * * Eta Iota chapter of Beta Sigma Phi will meet Tuesday at 7:45 p.m.    in    the    home    of    Mrs,. Lyle    Fletcher,    1200    Twenty- seventh street NE, Cedar Rapids. Mrs. Hon Romine has the program. *    *    * Council To Meet — Marion’s council will meet informally tonight at 6:30 in the council chambers at the city hall to discuss employe salaries and personnel matters. *    *    * YMCA Tuesday’s activity .schedule at the Marion branch YMCA is: Non aquatic adult open gym 9 a m., pre-school gymnastics I p.m., oil painting class I, open gym 1:45, beginning gymnastics 4, gymnastics club 5, men’s fitness 6, power volleyball 7, karate class 7, men’s open gym 9; pool — Linn-Mar lessons 9 and ll am., preschool lessons IO and 2 p.m., adult open swim 11:45, women’s water exercises I, youth recreational 3:30, youth lessons 4, swim 5:30, synchronized swim class 7, adult lessons 8. * * * Fire Call — Marion firemen were called to the Joseph Kula trailer house, 700 Thirty-fifth street Monday morning. Firemen said a heat tape shorted out, setting the base floor of the trailer on fire. Flames damaged the trailer bottom. Minor smoke! damage to the trailer was reported. ♦ * * Lions — Marion Lions evening club will meet Tuesday at 6:15 p.m. at the Indian house. Dale Miner a Lions club member, will speak on ‘‘Marion Historical Museum”. * * * Kiwanis — Hiawatha Trails Kiwanis club breakfast meeting is set for Tuesday at 6:55 at the Suburban. A business meeting is set. * * * Board to Meet Why Some Auto Tags Cost More Milligan Puts More Teeth USDA: Wheat Into Open Meetings Law DES MOINES (UPI) — Sen.|one,” Milligan said. “This bill is DES MOINES — Some Iowans have been perplexed why their automobile license renewal fees have been higher this year than ast on the same vehicle. Normally, a person who has purchased a new automobile will pay the same license tag fee for five years, and then the cost will decrease. Iowa license tags are figured on the list price and weight of the car. Charles Capper, assistant I director of the motor vehicle division of the Iowa department jof public safety, explained the | reason for higher renewal fees in some cases. Price Change Capper said the list price of I vehicles certified to the state by I the manufacturer is occasionally changed. In the past, this' change was not always made by I the license division of a county! treasurer’s office. This year, the state prints all IAI ti (I Aa re8‘strat*on renewal receipts on WOR I lf UH UU I its comPuter (except for Polk, Scott and Black Hawk ceun-! WASHINGTON (AP) — Nixon I ties), “and the computer print-' Ar EVERY PARTY-THE GOOP PLAYER VS. THE SEVERINO 1^^/arvl an encore to ZOZ GOUCIC ' 374 E. LYONS AVE./'-I E. PALESTINE, OHIO 'I'lii* Odar Rapids (iazettr*: Mon., Feb. 4,    1974 7 BIG GEORGE! by Virgil Parted George Milligan (It-Des Moines) designed    to    keep Iowa    in    the    ;ldministra,ion far™ economists) out is based on    weight and list said Sunday he will introduce,. r,    *    «u „    ,    told a senate panel Monday that price, ignoring    past figures,” legislation to amend the state’s Iforefront    of    thc nat,on    by    cn'    Ihe U. S. will not run out of Capper said. government j wheat before a record new har vest begins in a few months. open meetings law, making any coura8lnS open action taken at an illegal secret meetings at all levels.” meeting null and coid.    State    Rep.    Dave    Stanley (R- Milligan said he is taking the Muscatine), author of the public action because the Iowa, atter- mee(j |aw a(J d b (he ney general has ruled that ac-1    .... tions taken at illegal closed 1967 legislature, has had a hill subcommittee headed by — Marion meetings are not invalid and in Ihe works since last year to Walter Huddleston (D-Ky.) Capper said the change in the certified list price was usually a ‘‘I hate Mondays.” Krogh Begins *** Prison Term A spokesman for Randall Construction Co. of Cedar Rapids WASHINGTON IPI) — Monday his firm pulled the Former presidential aide, Egiljold McNall buiiding over Satur. day afternoon, that it did not tighten that law. Careful Wording Men Arrested in Rai Yard TOLEDO — Two men apprehended in Tama Dec. 12 by a special agent of the Chicago and Northwestern Transportation Co. appeared before Judge John L. Hyland in Tama county district court this week and pled innocent to charges filed against them in county attorney’s informations. Michael G. Mennenga, 25, Tama, appeared with his attorney, Charles F. Fairall of Marshalltown, and pled innocent to conspiracy to commit a felony, larceny, with Kenneth E. Sires, Tama. He is accused of intending to remove tires and wheels from the new autos loaded on railroad cars in the Tama switching yard. Bath Towels He also pled innocent to larceny in the nighttime of property valued in excess of $20 from Culver Will Avoid Rehash Of Watergate MUSCATINE — Iowa Coil-gressman John Culver said here Sunday that he will not base his campaign for the United States senate ‘‘on a re-hash of the Watergate matter.” Culver, who is seeking thc Democratic nomination for senator, said “it is self-evident to thoughtful Americans that the Watergate matter and the question of possible impeachment of the President must be resolved if we are to maintain the supremacy of law in this country and restore public confidence in our government. ‘‘The constitutional machinery for the resolution of these matters lias been set up in thc courts and the congress and is functioning,” Culver said. “The key phrases are ‘due process’ and ‘constitutional procedure’ and they are working. “In the meantime, there is a massive array of important issues — ranging from energy and environmental protection to public health and tax reform — that need to be dealt with.” Culver said. ‘‘Without in any sense of the word minimizing the importance of Watergate and the consitutional crisis of the presidency, it is to these other compelling issues that I will be devoting most of my attention during the senate campaign,” Culver said. Dr. Don Paarlberg, the de to make sure that the tight wheat supply does not become critical. Robert L. Schaus, a spokes- watcr board of trustees will can be legally put into effect, meet Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in    Public    Loss Siding, roofing, insulation, the council chambers at the city I    I    , Warner Bros. 377-5573,-Adv. hall.    I    have    long been an ad- Stanley agreed with Milligan _________   Avocate    of    opening    up    the    pro-1 that action taken at illegal se- cesses of various    branches ofcret meetings should    be invali- the government to    the people to dated, but cautioned    that lan- jwhom the government belongs,” guage to do this must be care-in ^ai ■    1    Milligan sai(1, , The Pubbc bas a worded. /App6ai Im    OO u ll    right to know what    their govern He thinks it “even    more im- ......    *    .    Iment agencies are    doing in their jportanr to tighten up the ex- a motor vehicle rn the custody!^..    |£ptions ^ ^ c)osed of the railroad. Special Agent j rpjle Dps M0jncs Republican meetings are now permitted Larry H. Gummert said he saw said «<the public loseSM if ac.    ;jrc    ^    jng    transportation,    labor    and Mennenga approach a railroad t tions laken behind c|CF(Hi doors said ..but th    are bei’ inJside effects of a price rise in car loaded with jeeps and stated are lega,    terpreted loosely by the attor- one area’,hc 8™up figured that that Mennenga admitted theft of ..0ne of the lessons of the Wa- ncv general ”    a farm Price of about $I2 50 a tires, battery and a case of bath tergate scandal is that secrecy    ‘_ bushel    could    produce    $1    a    loaf towels from railroad cars.    jn government harms every-    One-Car    Crash    bread. USDA officials and    represent-    case of where charges on op-    Krogh Monday    said goodby lor    ^ atives of the banking    and flour-    tlonal equipment were increased    a while to    his family and    c0„apse as had been reporte(j    to milling industries testified be-    a,ter government price control    began serving    a six-month sen-■    Uce fore an agriculture committee off'eia,s    ,    fence for conspiracy rn the Ro„ Randall said the building “Actually ” said Capper “it    brea^n of tbe    ofbce of IJardtd    was razed under a contract    with mm-L—.------L:"'"    the city for removal of Sen. city tor removal or condemned buildings. The building was gutted by fire five years ago. VISIT THE Truck Stop at Coralville Is Remaining Shut CORALVILLE Kenneth E. Sires, 23, Toledo, |_. after having an attorney, Charles Fairall, appointed for him at his request,    pled in nocent to receiving stolen property and knowingly buying, receiving and aiding in concealing stolen goods. The items, 40 bath towels valued at more than $20, truck stop remained were later recovered by Deputy Monday due to the Sheriff Nick Kriegel    from a    truckers’strike, barn northwest of Toledo. Trial Date Sires also pled innocent to conspiracy to commit a felony, larceny, with Mennenga. Special Agent Gummert    told officers that after dark he saw    support    the    demands of the in two individuals cross a field to- dependent trucker.” wards the railroad cars, one of Meyers said the decision to the men being Sires, who aile- remain closed was being wade gedly was carrying a four-way on a “day to day” basis, wheel lug wrench. It was in- Other business in Coral-dicated that the men intended to Ville being affected by the strike remove tires and wheels from were supermarkets, motels, and the new automobiles.    state liquor stores. Judge Hyland set jury trial Employes of the liquor store boils down to the fact that the | Ellisberg s psyehintrist. -S hi£her license should have! Accompanied by his wife, Su- lHZiuPaid in thc first p|acc ”    zannc and carry|nB a small suit- that the government    is working    sajd (he ^ jncrcasc    easc and p,aid suit carrier. is seldom more than $4, and Krogh surrendered to federal; - “way less” than one percent of    marshals at the Federal Court    Given    up    on    that    electric    gui- lowans are having to pay it.    House where he pled guilty j tar?    Place    a    Classified    Ad    and Linn county officials say they to the felony charge last No-watch it sell! man for the American linkers have received a number of calls vember.    I    1    ...................... .———— Assn., disputed department con-from persons whose license fees! “I’ll just say good morning! tent ions    t hat    it    would    lake    $6()    a    bave increased    “Sometimes    and goodby    for a while,” Krogh j bushel wheat    to push bread    to $1    thCy will mail in last year’s fee,    said as he    moved toward the; a loaf. He said that by calcular and we bave t0 wrde back say- marshal’s office. ing they still owe us so much,”; jjjs lawyer, Stephen Shulman, a spokesman said.    .^(j after Krogh surrendered! I    that the former co-director of | Commuter Ferry Hits    the “plumbers” unit at the t t    a ~ Ll.. J    White House would be detained; Tug; Twelve    Are Hurt    al least for    m week >t a deten.j DESTREHAN, La. (UPI) — A tion center in Suburban Rock-ferry boat loaded with commut-,Ville, Md., but would serve most' ers collided with a tugboat Mon- of his sentence at the Allenwood, day in the Mississippi river, in- Pa., federal prison farm. POSTVILLE — Ronald Hen-; Wheat is now selling at just derson, 16, is in good condition junder    a bushel. at Postville hospital with inju-    IT ries received when he lost con-    Physicist Dies Itrol of his car early Sunday five    C A L C U TT A    (AP) — Sa-'juring a dozen persons.    With    time    off    for good behav- | miles east of town. The autoj tyendranatK Bose, one of the The injuries were not believed ior, Shulman said, Krogh could I skidded broadside for several w 0 r j d » s ]ca(bng theoretical serious and no deaths were re- be released in five months. IawK-11 hundred feet, flew through the    ,    ..    .    M    .    .    OA ported.    Krogh    could    have been sen- ^ air, hit a ditch, flipped three! Phys,clsts' dlcd Monday at 80      fenced    to    a    maximum    of    IO nation tjmes and landed in a farm bad suffered a heart attack _ J iL O' J years in prison and a $10,000 field. The car was demolished. I recently.    /66    Cf    //)6    DI    TGS    | fine. Owner Dick Meyers said he j-„——-—-- personally had pulled a rig in front of the truck stop, blocking its entrance. “There simply isn’t all that much business anyway, and I do MARION OFFICE Complete Circulation And Want Ad Service. 743 10th STREET Marion Office Phone 398-8430 Or You May Dial 398-8234 To Order Your Want Ad. SMU LE KOF FS Vfi acres of everything for Nre homi Open Tonight (Mon.) ’Til 9 p.m. for the two men for April 8. Legislator Warns of ISPIRG ‘Harassment’ DES MOINES (UPI) - A veteran state legislator today warned the Iowa Student Public Interest Research Group (ISPIRG) riot to use committee attendance records of lawmakers as a means of “harass ment.” Sen. Joseph Coleman (D-Clare) said he has heard reports that ISPIRG officials are conducting a thorough check of legislators’ attendance at committee meetings this session. He said ISPIRG should “not jump to any conclusion” regarding absenteeism among lawmakers because of “many, many external factors.” said sales were unusually high over the weekend. Supermarkets, while not reporting panic buying, did say customers were stocking up on perishable items . . . fruits and vegetables. LAFF - A - DAY This what you’re looking for?” HOOVER PORTABLE WASHER V Seal Sc/M says ■ AIL EXCLUSIVE DIAMOND CLOSS COLORS -CHOICE OF ANY I COLOR - INCLUDING COSTLY RIOS A METALLICS . . . ANY CAR-ANY COLOR Archbishop’s Visit VATICAN CITY (AP) Archbishop Agostino Casaroli, tin* Vatican’s foreign minister, left Monday for a three day official visit to Poland. Political Adv*rtlwwn#nt How To Hold FALSE TEETH S«cur«ly Do (alae t*®th    you    bf cornin* loo®® whin you cut, laugh, or talk: A tlantura ail heal va ran help. FANTKKTH* viva* danturaa a l»n*-•r, firmer, eteaJilar hold. Makw eat-in* mom enjoyable. For mom mrurlty and comfort, tun* FAHTKKTI! Denture Adheaive Powder. Denture* that fit are eaeentlal Lu lMtailk. iie* your den Lie I regularly. I ^ t ,j n I I I. j X* Jk 4,.aL ♦ ROLLS ON CASTERS Big easy rolling casters for maximum mobility. WASHES FAMILY SIZE LOADS 36 diapers. .12 men s shirts...2 double sheets pius pillowcases. TURBO ACTION AGITATION Surges detergent water through the wash...gets things really clean. SPINS DAMP DRY IN SECONDS Extracts water and detergent... leaves many pieces ready to iron. BOD f & FENGER REPAIR with •very (ar! Schiib paint job: ovia as VIARS QUALITY t VAIUI • iNiiotirr • Bevil Sck&6- MODEL T 1001 OV|l 7 MILLION CARS FAINTID THI W O«l0 I I AROID AUTO PAINTIN * OVER IOO LOCATIONS, COAtT TO COAST STILL AMERICA'S BIGGEST BARGAIN ((DAR RAPIDS 1000 ?Nn AVL Si 366 7S44 DAVI NP0RT HIO WI SI KIVI ROR 3?4 0611 DIS MOINI S I MO LOCUST ST 788 6S76 Compact! 31%” wide 291/4”high 161/4”deep MATCHING ELECTRIC DRYER S1199S 30 Naum nim rn SAVES TIME IN LAUNDRY Washes 24 pounds in 30 minutes Extractor action cuts drying time. SAVES SUDS WATER . DETERGENT Re Use suds water. Super efficient action saves water and detergent. NO INSTALLATION NEEDED Ready to use when you buy... jiffy hook up to sink. ;

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