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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Open tonite ’til 9 LAST MINUTE SHOPPERS SPECIALS m TORSTMRSTER Cle on* itself continuously while operating at normal cooking temperatures BIG GEORGE! virgil Partch Reaping ffye Blank Vote with Deja “Whs won’t yon admit you need glasses0” Study Says Women More Likely To Show Emotions STORKS. Conn. (AP) -Women are more likely to give aw ay their emotions in facial expressions but men generally keep their emotions “all bottled up,” according to a psychologist who has conducted an experiment ,on the subject. "I would guess it would be healthier” to express one’s emotions, said University of Connecticut Prof. Ross Buck “But I’m not going to make a value judgment.” The experiment involved H4 students — 32 women and 32 men — who were shown pictures that would evoke strong emotions. They didn’t know it, but researchers were studying their facial expressions over closed-circuit television and trying to guess what type of picture the subjects were being shown The “emotionally loaded” slides were scenic; sexual; pleasant, such as happy children; unpleasant, such as a patient with severe burns; or unusual, such as a double-exposed photograph. The researchers found it much easier to tell from the women's facial expression what the picture* topic was. Dr. Buck said. He said men are “inter-nali/ers.” who have been taught by society not to express emotions. The result is that the men in the experiment reacted with a faster heart beat or increased activity in the sweat glands much more frequently than the women. These are considered reliable measurements of in ternalized emotions, he said Dr. Buck also said he has found that preschool children react differently to pictures, but not on the basis of sex. That means that during the process of growing up men are conditioned not to express their feelings, he said. By Dick West WASHINGTON (UPI) -After the first two years of the* 1976 presidential campaign, Sen. Henry Jackson is the best known Democratic contender Even so, according to the Gallup Poll, four out of IO voters wouldn’t know Jackson from Adam And Adam isn’t even running Of 30 other possible candidates listed in the survey, 18 were unknown to a majority of voters, and for some the recognition factor dropped below 25 percent. Thus it is clear that at this stage of the campaign there is a serious identity crisis. Unless the situation changes radically in the final two years, thousands of voters will go to the polls without knowing whom they are voting for. So what we have here is a sizable political bloc — the socalled blank vote — that is up for grabs. Indeed, the blank vote could be more decisive than the undecided vote in its effect on the 1976 election. But any candidate who goes after the blank vote is treading on sticky ground. His problem is to somehow get an unacquainted voter to mark his name on the ballot without letting the voter know who he is. For if the voter recognized the candidate, he might switch from blank to undecided Or even to the other candidate Permit me now to call your Dick West attention to an incident, little remarked at the time, that took place earlier this year. A congressional candidate in Virginia accused his op ponents of subconscious campaign practices. According to the complaint, they distributed campaign material containing “subliminally embedded words designed to manipulate the unconscious mind of the electorate” At the time, the significance of this allegation fell beneath the threshold of my own conscious perception Now I can see this would be the perfect technique for capturing the blank vote. The candidate campaigns anonymously on the conscious level but with his name subliminally embedded on posters, bumperstickers and the like. Vast numbers of voters go to the polls unaware of his existence. But when they see his name on the ballot, It subconsciously rings a bell. This gives the voter a sense of deja vu, which is one of the strongest feelings known to man “Where have I heard that name before0” the voter asks himself Pushbutton Clean TABLETOP 0VEN-BR0ILER Model RR-4D Buy a microwave/oven made only by JVWNVJ SAVE 50 - 75°/* OF THE ELECTRICITY YOU USE IN COOKINQI ALL THE HEAT GOES INTO THE FOOD — NONE IS WASTEDI The Amana Radar ango Microwave Oven is the most efficient energy-saving way to cook! You can make big savings In the electricity you use!* Sf/t SAVINGS — 4ib Beef Roast 63*/. 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Smulekoffs THIRD AVENUE AT FIRST STREET S E m WW DOWNTOWN CEDAR RAPIDS (J — Are ll. S. government agency bonds guaranteed by the government0 Are they ah safe as U.S. treasury notes? What is the minimum one can purchase in agency bonds? Arr* these listed in newspapers along with corporate bonds? Incidentally, I can’t find treasury bonds yielding the 9 percent you mentioned in your column. A — l>et’s start by saying there Is nothing safer than a I. S treasury bond, note or bill. They are direct obligations of the I S government - and that’s about as high as you can go T. S. agency bonds also have a very high rating, but government backing varies. For example, bonds of the Export-Im-port bank are backed by the full faith and credit of th** ll. S That puts them right up there with treasuries. Home Loan bank bonds, for example, are not backed by the full faith and credit of the U. S.. but are approved by the U. S. treasury. They are issued under    an act of congress, supported by authority    to borrow from the treasury, issued and payable Sam through Federal Reserve bank facilities, le- Shulskv    mvostmenl‘s    f°r    federally-supervised    in stitutions, may be bought and held without limit by national banks, eligible as collateral for Federal Reserve bank advances and discounts. Other agency bonds may have some of these supports, some haven t. While I would not be inclined to worry about* any of    them,    if    you want to be precise about where    you stand, it s    up    to    you    lo    have the broker explain it to you Theoretically, minimum purchase is $1,000 — but don’t expect a broker to get excited about such an order because he will lose money on it. Generally, where listed, you will find these quotations in the same section as treasury bonds, not usually with corporates. And the reason you can’t find a treasury bond yielding 9 percent Is became rates have fallen since the article you quote appeared Seme rrqaests I raa’t handle What should Ik* my lawyer’s fee for handling m> will? Please send me a list of the bestrated mutual funds. Please send me a list of stocks selling for under $5 How do I avoid probate0 W ill my mutual fund recover? Please answer me in three days — the broker wants to put the deal through. * * * Q — Ms broker phoned me and said that he had about 150,009 shares of a utility company to sell at 15 and urged me to buy it because the div idend worked out to a 12 percent return. I must have the answer by the end of the week because otherwise PII have to pay commissions, A — It s a good utility company, rated A nimus, uith a good dividend record bu! with flat, slightly declining earnings — which is nothing new in the electric utility business these days. I must point out; I) Your letter did not get to me for more than three weeks; 2) the stock is selling at 13^, so even if you now have to lay out about 30 cents a share in commissions. you’ve suffered not one whit by not having bought — fret* of commission — at 15. Nor am I implying that you should now buy or that a utility yield of about 13 percent is to be accepted as gospel. • * * Q — I was recently widowed and received $98,990 (rom insurance. I pan to retire in three years and would Uke maximum income. Should I set up a trust, so estate taxes won t be so high? \ _ $98,009 today can bring in about $7,580 to $8,898 from top quality bonds (taxable) or about $5,500 to $6,IWR! from tax-exempts, lf the taxable income would boost your income tax bracket above 35 percent, put the money into tax-exempts coming due when you plan to retire and then switch to high return corporate bonds. If you buy tax-exempt bonds now selling at a discount — which may help you pinpoint the maturity you want — arrange it so that the maturities will come in the first year you have no taxable income, thus reducing your capital gains tax. Finally, the trust matter can be decided only with the help of your own attorney, who knows all the details pertaining to your estate. There are no book answers. on the side? on the bottom? on the top? Amana gives you a choice RADAR RANGE’ MICROWAVE OVEN FIVE-YEAR TOTAL APPLIANCE WARRANTY Amana warrant* for five year* horn dot* of ongtnol purchase, port! and related labor when 4ft* product t» used for normal horn* ut* within th* U.S. and warranty wry ic* performed by an authorized Amana MKV leer Owner’! responsibility is for serviceman'! travel charge*, local cartage and normal maintenance Warranty void where product ti misused, damaged or altered; serial plat* it defaced or service seal it broken. Warranty applies in Canodo except for tax**, duties cmd assessments levied at time of part export AMANA REFRIGERATION. INC. • AMANA, IOWA Where do you want the freezer in your new Amana, refrigerator... Qstmzej: 10-Speed Blender $00 Reg. $29.95 Mm Mm 10-speed model with cycle blend action that enables you to easily process foods to desired size for entrees, sauces, satods, etc. Sunbeam Steam or Dry IRON $997 ;

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