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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Hee. 20, 1974 Senior Citizens ’ Center: Vines To Start Brazilian Wine Advisory Unit Proposes Action By Larry Tanner Marion’s council Thursday night heard a recommendation from its advisory commit-teee studying the possibility of a senior citizens’ center that the city proceed with the building. The report, received and filed by the council and referred to City Manager Joe Painter for a recommendation on financing the building, called for: “Construction of a 7.209 square-foot building with facilities for at least two offices to be used for county sen ices, one office to be used by a program director, kitchen facilities, two restrooms, maintenance and storage areas and educational and cultural programs." Four sites were mentioned in the report for location of the senior citizens’ center. These were: City Square park, any city park, property located at Fifth avenue and Twentieth street, and the Marion branch YMCA property. A hearing on the proposed private sal** of public street vacated at Fifth avenue and Thirty-first street fell through The council was asked to reset the hearing because a legal notice was not published A resolution resetting the hearing failed on a 3-3 vote. Mayor William .1 Grundy cannot break ties on resolution and ordinance votes, only on simple motions. No Sincere Offer Councilman Hurley W. Hall in opposing the land sale said the council has not received a "sincere offer" for the sale of the former streets. He was joined by Victor Klop-fenstein and lawrence Martin. Favoring resetting of the hearing were Floyd Fin mons, James Galligan and Edward Begley. A hearing was set for Jan. Hi for the 1974 storm sewer project. Bids will be reviewed at the meeting. Bids will be accepted Jan 14 by the city clerk.    * The proposed storm sewer is to be located from Fourteenth street and Fourth avenue to Twenty-second street between Fifth and Sixth avenues along the abandoned Milwaukee Railroad right-of-way. Also included is a project starting at Brockman avenue at Tenth street and continuing to Mapleerest drive and Twelfth avenue. This area is known as the “north ditch" storm sewer City Engineer Terry ( hew told The Gazette the project is called 1974 because it was initiated this year. However, acutal construction is not expected to begin until the spring of 1975 Final payment of $12,737 33 was made to Bituminous Materials Co., Inc., for the 1974 paving project No. 2, asphaltic re-surfacing. The council also approved a payment of $#99 to Blue Grass Knterpises for the 1974 sodding project. Contract Updated The longtime contract between the city and the Marion township trustees for fire protection was updated. The two governing bodies have shared for 34 years. fire protection facilities A progress payment of $8,323.78 was approved for Tom Bowker and Son, Inc., for the public library air-conditioning work. The council authorized Painter to advertize for five police cars with a buy-back commitment at 25,000, 50,000 and 100,000 miles Authorization was given for the installation of street lights on Twenty-ninth avenue from Tenth to First streets and on Indian Creek road from Twenty-fifth to Twenty-ninth avenues. Eleven lights are involved The 13-man police auxiliary unit was given the oath of office by Mayor William J. Grundy. The unit was made an official part of the police department by a recent ordinance. Robert Sippei, 1485 Meadowview drive, was appointed to the real estate advisory board by the mayor and approved by the council. OAKLAND, Calif (GPI) - A cargo of 70,IMM) non-dormant grape vines will be flown to Brazil to help start a wine industry in the South American nation. The vines,packed in 2,800 sealed cartons, cannot survive without moisture more than 72 hours, making the shipment ai race against time. A spokesman said the project, sponsored by the Na ttonal Distillers & Chemical Corp. of New York, is the first step toward establishing a broadly based wine industry in the banana growing republic Looking for a good buy or want to sell a stereo? Tse the classified ads for quick results! MARION Two .Charged in Suburban Breakin Two persons were arrested early Friday after Marion police surprised them during an attempted breakin at the Suburban restaurant. 2241) Seventh avenue. Charged with breaking and entering and held in Linn county jail in lieu of $5,000 bond is David Parnell Rude, 34. of 2117 High drive SE Cedar Rapids. A 16-vear old escapee from the Eldora training school also is being held for larceny of a motor vehicle. Police officers said they discovered the pair entering the restaurant while on routine patrol. Rude was captured at the scene, but the juvenile fled on foot A few minutes later a car was stolen at 960 Twentieth street The vehicle is owned by Mitze Luerkens of that address. The car was spotted by police and pursued on Eighth avenue west of Indian creek. The driver wrecked it attempting to turn onto Lindale drive at the Milawukee railroad crossing. He fled on foot, but was captured by police. He is being held by juvenile authorities WW* Marion Barber Service closed after holidays, December 26 and January 2nd. — Adv. WWW First National Bank, and Farmers State Bank, will close at 12 OO p rn. Christmas Eve, Dec 24th — Merry Christmas to all’ — Adv WWW YMCA — Saturday’s activity schedule at the Marion YMCA is:    Non-aquatic — boys’ basketball 9 30 and IO 30 am, cheerleading IO, junior high gym noon, adult gym I p rn., family gym 3, gy mnastics club 4; pool — pre-school lessons 9 and 9 45 a m., synchronized swimming 9 45. youth recreational swim IO 30, adult open swim noon adult and family swim lpm WWW Give your loved one that deserving bonus A Diamond from Ray s Jewelry — Adv WWW Save postage — pay your telephone bills at Sorg Pharmacy — Adv — Give Awards — Cub Scout pack 158 met Thursday at Starry school and presented awards to Mitch Anderson, Steve Horan. Peter Christiansen, Brian Smith, Joe Sondag, Brian Johnson. Randy Timm, Allen Stow. Johnathan Tanner, Scott Lochner, Kevin Bas-sham, Darrell Wiley, Robbie Zier, Daivd Klein. Todd Fuller, Steven Warner, Bryan Stow. Mark Mehlberger, Ronnie Timm, Brad Adams, Mike Horan. Matthew Hughes and John limning WWW Herren’s Floor Covering & Carpet will be closed for inventory December 25 to Jan. 5. — Adv. WWW Santa is in City Square 6:30-8:30 tonight and Saturday 10-Noon and 2-4. — Adv. WWW Hospitalized — Mrs Charles Binits, 679 Central avenue, is a patient at Mercy hospital. Visitors are permitted WWW Leak ta the Stars! Christmas shop the Want Ads. — Adv WWW 'Odyssey Game — Marion TV - Adv Cedar Board Okays Pact for Bridge Inspection TIPTON — The Cedar county board of supervisors signed a contract Thursday with the consulting engineering firm of PowersAVillis Associates of Iowa City to inspect 230 local secondary bridges. Cost will depend on materials necessary and employe time. A survey of primary roads In the county was recently completed by another firm County officials estimate approximately 70 percent of the county bridges will have to be embargoed following inspection reports. A total of 117 primary bridges on farm lo market roads have been inspected and 69 of these were either closed or embargoed. Inspection already has taken place on 24 secondary bridges W ith repair work under way for over a year, 38 which fatted inspection have been brought up to standards. GIFT IDEAS FOR LAST MINUTE SHOPPERS HUTTON'S Tropical Fish 947 7»h AVE., MARION 377-7890 Urges Increase In Mortgage Housing Loans SAN' FRANCISCO (ITI) -The board chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank has urged the nation’s top savings and loan executives to make more mortgage loans because "homebuyers need you more now than at any time iii a generation.’’ “We encourage you to make all the mortgage loans you reasonably can, even if you have to take a little longer to rebuild your balance sheets,’’ Thomas Bemar told the 82nd convention of the U. S. League of Savings Associations. He said the board would work for less government regulation of the savings and loan industry .and predicted a freer money market that would ease the nation's money ills. “Some part of our present difficulties are traceable directly to excessive regulation and government involvement in the free market,” he said "The sooner we get away from that practice, the latter." Rinard Named Top Senate Aide To John Culver WASHINGTON (llI’D - An administrative ssistant to Son Harold E. Hughes (D-lowa), has been named top administrative aide to Sen.-elect John C. Culver. Culver announced the appointment of Park Rinard, a former resident of Des Moines, Mason City and Cedar Rapids. Rinard has served with Hughes since he became senator six years ago Prior to that. Rinard served eight years as executive director of the Iowa League of Municipalities. Hospitals, Physicians, Being Sued IOWA CITY - A $300,000 suit has been filed against University Hospitals and four Iowa City physicians. The suit, filed in Johnson county district court by Glen and Mary Martin of Black Hawk county, asks damages as the result of an operation Dee. 27, 1972, atthe hospital. Martin claims he was permanently injured from a pelvic bruise they said was not discovered until five hours after surgery. Physicians named as defendants were M. J. Chehval. R. H. Flocks, David Kiple and J. Seibert. Drink Dumping Custom in Zaire TOKYO (AP) — Guests and hosts rose in Peking’s Great Hall of the People and poured their drinks into the ashtrays. It s an old Zairean custom The incident happened during a banquet given by Zaire President Sese Seko Mobutu, the Hsinhua news agency said. Mobutu explained that the custom was in memory of one’s ancestors and a way of seeking their protection Bridge Dedicated ( LINTON (UPI) - The new North Clinton bridge across the Mississippi river between Clinton and Fulton. 111., was dedicated Thursday by David Shaff. chairman of the Iowa highway commission The $7 million span. which was opened to traffic carlie this month, replaces the 83-year-old Lyons-Fulton bridge that is to be razed Fl A VORE D VODKA JOINS THE ORIGINAL KARLO? VO $1.68 Million Damages Sought in Farm Mishap MARENGO - A $1 68 million damage suit has been filed in Iowa county district court by a rural Keswick couple as a result of a farming accident in 1972. John and Vera Greene are seeking $510,000 from each of three defendants and Mrs. Greene individually is seeking 50,(NMI additionally from the same three defendants in the suit. Greene charges in the suit that he was working on Frank Greene’s farm when his foot was caught in an augur that was loading grain from a trailer into a bin. He said in the suit that substantial injuries were inflicted to his foot, including the loss of four tot's. Greene is seeking $510,000 each from Westfield Industries Ltd. of Ontario, Canada, the manufacturer of the auger; W. G. Greater and Sons Senior CHize* Bom* Cedar Rapids System Telephone 30341244 Area Ten (SEATS) In Cedar Rapids 308-5805 Elsew here 800-332-5934 Implement Co. of Harper, which sold the auger to Frank Greene, and members of the Gretter firm are J. Wynn Gretter, John R. Gretter and Frank W. Gretter Also named rn the suit is Frank Greene, on whose farm John Greene was working at the time of the accident INLAID VINYL SHE ARMSTRONG-CONGOLEUM-LURAN 540 Patterns Choice 395 Sq. Yd. & Up EXPERT INSTALLATION OR DO IT YOURSELF VINYL ASBESTOS 24*. Cosy To Install 12x12 Tile & Up 30 COLORS IN STOCK Open Thursday till 7:30—Park in Rear SINGLE VISION GLASSES INGLE VISION -t Iliff ll* CONTACT SXU. LENSES w N -------J AU Union DI .count Won* Honored DOWNTOWN CEDAR RAPIDS 106 FIRST ST., S E TELEPHONE 364 2122 day monday thru saturday CHOCE OK FU A ME FROM A LAROE selection ok latest KRAML t* I YLES Korlof flavored vodka*, 70 proof Regular, 90 proof Produced and bolded by Coniolidated Di»till«d Product*, Chicago, HI 60623 LINN PHOTO STORES Christmas Celebration To help you enjoy your Christmas more — Here’s our deal — $1.00 off all Kodacolor finishing! Stocking Stuffer Checklist / Flash extension cords /Camera wrist straps /Cable releases—Books /Viewers / Squeegies / Lens Brushes—Film /Flash Bulbs All Cameras 20% off til! X-Mas! 1445 C Street S.E. 365-5287 519 3rd Ave. S E. 365-8350 1404 1st Ave N E. 364-7134 i J ;

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