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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 17, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa C.R. Schools To Go after Parents for Damage Costs TI* recent wave of school vandalism is being met wifh an effort to collect damages from parents of youngsters caught maliciously damaging school property and to take legal action against parents who won’t pay. The Cedar Rapids Community school board Monday afternoon granted Secretary Otto Wieders-bcrg the authority to refer cases to the school district attorney in which parents refuse to pay for damages caused by their minor children. Wiedersberg said Iowa law makes parents liable for damages up to $1,000 for actual damages to person or property caused by unlawful acts of their minor children for any one act, and up to $2,000 for two or more acts. Board Downs Vote Survey A recommendation to purvey a cross section of voters to determine why they voted yes or no in the recent $8.9 million school bond referendum was defeated by the Cedar Rapids Community school board Monday afternoon. The vote on the action, recom-mended by President Ron Moore, was defeated by a 3-4 vote, with Moore, Mary Ann Kueera and Curran Rosser voting affirmatively. “Objective Data” Moore said the survey would provide some “objective data” to base a decision on whether or not to attempt a third referendum on the bond issue for remodeling four junior high schools. Norman Lipsky told Moore he didn’t “like seeing this in the president’s report without a chance to discuss it.” He said the board needed “to look at the whole proposition” before deciding whether a third attempt will be made to pass the bond issue. Not Needed A survey is not needed to determine voter attitudes, Lipsky board member. said, since “the reasons are very clear why they voted yes or no. “I could sit down and in five minutes give you every reason why voters voted the way they did.” He suggested the board devote a work session in January to discussing the junior high remodeling. The $8.9 million bond issue to pay for remodeling Franklin, Wilson, McKinley and Roosevelt junior high schools won approval from 56 percent of the voters in last week’s election, falling short of the 60 percent approval needed for bond issues. A similar proposal was approved by 58 percent of the voters last spring. Two Meetings In other matters, the board set two meetings with citizens, on Jan. 21 and Feb. 19 at 7:30 p.m. in the Educational Services Center, 346 Second avenue SW, board room. The meeting is open to the public. Any citizens interested in meeting informally with the board are invited. Those interested may contact a school “It has been our policy to pursue parental liability in the past,” said Wiedersberg. “We have been pursuing cases where children were apprehended. We may be having difficulty in the future and we’re asking to refer cases to the school district attorney if parents fail to cooperate.” Four Cedar Rapids Community schools have' been damaged by vandals recently. Truman school sustained an estimated $2,500 damage when restroom fixtures were broken and paint was poured over machinery. Adams and Coolidge schools each sustained minor damages last week. Franklin junior high school also was damaged recently. A youngster has been arrested for the Franklin damage, Wiedersberg said. . Parents will be held liable for school vandalism, he said, even in cases where no arrests are made. That Is tho practice now in cases where windows are broken maliciously, for example, if students are caught doing it. By Judy Daubcnmier    ary    Education    Act    passed Federal aid to education received by Linn county schools is expected to be reduced by 25 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., December 17, 1974 Education Aid Reduction Seen by counted as    part of the district’s! The $15,000 cost    will be paid congress recently.    enrollment    for budgeting pur- for out of any    federal funds Tom White, administrative as- poses for next year.    remaining    at the end of the yearj sistant, told the Cedar Rapide NCXt year, all the early child-or out of the district’s general1 percent as a result of changes Community school board Mon- hood education programs will fun(l-in the Elementary and Second-day afternoon, that the    so-called    bg offered    as part of the dis-; Implementation    of the new ii Orshansky formula    allocates    trict’s regular program, Schulz programs “is in    the financial more federal aid to urban areas. said( and not as federal proj-'best interests of the school dis-! •A* Citizen Unit To Study C. R. School Needs Anti-Makarios Riot on Cyprus E P I SKO P I BASE, Cyprus (AP) — Rioting Turkish Cypriot refugees forced Archbishop Ma-karios to retreat hastily Tuesday when he attempted to visit their camps at this British base. Eight Greek Cypriot bodyguards fingering the triggers of their sub-machine guns surrounded the presidential limousine as the rioters hurled abuse at the archbishop. and less to states like Iowa for ESEA Title I projects. The district received $962,000 I in federal aid this year. White said the legislation also extended the authority to carry Nine citizens were appointed over into another fiscal year to a committee to study school federal funds appropriated the building needs in light of declin-preceding year, ing enrollment in the Cedar lf the district has a surplus of Rapids Community school dis- federal funds, as hoped, at the trict Monday by the school end of the current fiscal year, b°ard-    White said those funds could be The Citizens Space Utilization carried forward to help reduce Study committee will have the the drop in federal funds next responsibility of studying the year. school district needs regarding Another provision in the law building facilities and develop- allows additional aid for chil-ing possible alternatives for dren living in government-sub-next fall and the more long-sidized housing. The district will range future.    try to determine how many stu- President Ron Moore said dents live in government-sub-each individual on the commit- sidized housing, tee was nominated by a board A minimum of 400 students member or the president of the must be found in order for the Parent-Teacher-Student A s s n . district to qualify for the addi-council.    jtional aid. Pressures of a tight general White also reported that other fund budget, the declining en- funding can be found for the rollment and changing program district’s early childhood educa-needs make the review neces- lion program, now operated sary, Moore said. A preliminary with federal aid. report is expected in March. A change in the state founda Committee members are Rob- tion formula gives school dis-ert Weinhardt, chairman, 2037 tricts state aid for children ects.    (trict,”    Schulz    said,    since    the} The new programs will be programs are expected to bring started at Fillmore, Harrison, in more state aid and tax dol-and Van Buren elementary Jars than they cost, schools at a cost of $15,000 and The remainder can then be will accommodate a total of 48 applied to other school exchildren.    penses. DAIE’S FRESH FRUIT BASKETS THEY RE THE SWEETEST GIFTS! Heaping ’/«Peck ;z '3.50, Heaping ’/z Peck....    ‘6.50, Heaping Full Peck. .,r:.l900 Gift olio wrap?**) A a Choaty Bow. j free Dolivoty to lither Ho.pi tai. 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