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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa «( ■- ***< W HW.« w.5 VW* “** V    > neeamt romnwgi    «* »,,_-■ .-it >’’, n <* • / v | « *,■ n *? ^ifiHfwn    .p» »v 'juju ---««l HUIwwmrwm»‘wr^'.r' * * -,• * r lQA Tbf Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun , Dec. 8, 1971 Good Old Days?Were They Really the Otto Bettmon I'IKJj says Otto Bettman, photo archivist and social historian. He’s written a book about “the Rood old days,” and says our view of the past is distorted. “We always measure our own times against the higher class, which lived very beautifully. It is all promoted by the nostalgia industry. As history, nostalgia is pure bunk ” He uses photos from the Bettman Archives in New York City to illustrate his contention. Above left, in a photo by Jacob Bus taken about 1890. a Jewish immigrant is about to have his Sabbath meal in the coal cellar that served as his home. “People did not expect much,” says Bettman. “They thought hardship was part of life.” Above right are some of those for whom “the good old days” were really that: the children of railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt, Cornelius Vanderbilt, jr., and his sister. Gladys. At lower right is a Riis photo from a classroom on the Lower East Side of New York about 1866 Bettman says teachers in those days were often unqualified and classrooms might hold more than IOO children Another photo in the book shows young boys at work at midnight in an Indiana glassworks about 1908 — a time when children formed one-third of the U.S. industrial labor forceAir Pollution Report Minnesota Rocks Are 3.8 Billion Years Old This is a weekly report of data submitted to The Gazette by the air pollution control division of the Linn county health department. Airborne Dust This is a measurement of particulate matter made in terms of micrograms per cubic meter The national standards. to be enforced by 1975: 75, average for a year (geometric mean), and 260. maximum 24-hour concentration, not to be exceeded more than once a year Location Date Reading 445 First street SYY Nov. V. i 112 Twenty-eighth street drive SE Nov 25 i 82 Mt. Vernon Dec. I 33 Central City Dec I 21 Noelridge Park Nov. 25 > 66 Dec I 19 Jane Boyd Community House Nov 25 i 56 Dec I 45 The particles at Noelridge park were of the following size, in microns, on Nov. 25: 36 2 percent, more than 7, 10 7 percent, 3.3 to 7; 8 3 percent, 2.1 to 3.3; 5 0 percent. I I to 2 1. 39 8 percent, less ihan l l. Smaller particles are said to be more likely to get deeper into the lungs and be more cause for concern about health. Sulphur Dioxide The national standard (in terms of parts per million): 0.03, average for a year (arithmetic mean), and 0 14, maximum 24-hour concentration, not to be exceeded more than once a year Daily averages at 445 First street SYV were Nov. 27. 0.008, Nov. 28 , 0 012; Nov. 29. 0 010; Nov. SO. 0 015; Dec- I, OUI; Dec 2. 0 013; Dec 3. 0 014; Dec 4. 0 071; Dec 5. 0 082 Average for the period was 0.027. Daily averages at Twenty-eighth street drive SE were: Nov. 27. 0 007; Nov. 28, 0 009. Nov. 29 . 0.006; Nov. 30. 0 012, Dec. I, 0.011; Der. 2, 0 009; Dec. 3. 0 007; Dec. 4, 0 016, Dec 5, 0.031. Average for the period was 0.012. Coefficient of Haze Another measurement of particulate matter. A reading of 0 53 is said to be equivalent of 75 micrograms per cubic meter, a national standard for airborne dust as outlined above Readings at 445 First street SW were: Nov. 27, 0 13; Nov. 28, 0 05; Nov. 29, 0 13; Nov. 30, 0 12; Dec. I. (I (8); Dec 2. 0 14; Dec. 3. 0 23; Dec. 4. 0 28; Dec 5. 0 27 Average for the period was 0 16 Readings at Twenty-eighth street drive SE’ were: Nov. 27, OIH; Nov 28, Oil; Nov 29, 0 13; Nov. 30, 0.19; Dec I. 0 25; Dec. 2, 0 38; Dec 3, o 23; Dec-. 4, 0 27; Dec. 5. 0 39. Average for the period was 0,23. Rocks calculated to be 3 8 billion years old — as ancient as the oldest ever found on earth — have been identified bv two geologists in a quiet valley of the Minnesota river in southwestern Minnesota The Minnesota rocks equal the age of rocks found in 1969 in western Greenland by Oxford university professors. Material from the two sites is I 300 million years older than J any other previously known j terrestrial rocks Discovery of these ancient j rocks extends the preserved Court Upholds Obscenity Law SPRINGFIELD. Ill 1AP1 -Illinois' obscenity law does not violate constitutional guarantees of free speech and due process, the state supreme court ruled Wednesday. In a H I decision the court also upheld the validity of a city ordinance in Moline prohibiting the sale or distribution of obscene bonks. magazines or photographs Illinois law says something is obscene if “considered as a whole, its predominant appeal is to prurient interest, that is a shameful or morbid interest in nudity, sex or excretion, and if it goes substantially hevond customary limits of c andor in description or representation of such matters. ” ON THIS DATE in 1949, the Chinese Nationalist government moved from the China mainland to Formosa as the Communists pressed their attack record of geologic history further back into the little-known early years of the earth, closer to the time when the oceans and the atmosphere formed and when the first primitive life may have developed The rocks also extend the earth's record back to a point NOW! THE    I RADIOEAR 1030 IT MAV HELP YOU ROBERT S AGAHI A powerful rom** notion Send Storing pkjt ou«omo*c volume control! Th* tiny Storing aid bring* in sound* ri#ovly from •St front, wSilt Holding down unwonted background no.*# Automatic volume ran Sol reduce* loud thorp sound* rn a fraction of o second, but return* almost *>»tardy so original level to let you Sear normal word* that ♦oMow! Radiator 1030 It could be the answer to your Searing problem i 3 RADIO] CROWLEY KLOPP HIAR INO AID CINTER Serving the Hord of Hearing for 30 Year* m MERCHANTS NATIONAL KNIK MURING CIONI I AP HIS IOWA 52401 PH *4 5116 where it overlaps the moon's history as recorded in the samples returned by astronauts in the Apollo program. The lunar rocks are between 3 3 billion and 4 billion years old. Scientists now hope it will be possible to compare the early histories of the earth and moon as recorded in their respective rocks The geologists making the Minnesota discovery were Dr. Samuel S. tioldich of Northern Illinois university at DeKalb and Dr. Carl E. Hedge of the IS Geological survey in Denver. 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