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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I he Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon,, August 12, 1974 Galluo: 79% President Ford Favor Nixon ^igns ^irs+ ^De“°S Pt" w.oman a! Shirley Wilson Resignation PRINCETON, N. J. IAP) More than three-quarters WASHINGTON, D.c. .AP. -i Morse Replacement President Ford has signed into| BAKER, Ore. (AP) — State law the first bill of his adminis- Sen. Betty Roberts has been I ration — a measure authoriz- [chosen to replace the late Sen. Named President Of Labor Group Shirley Wilson, 291 Twelfth of I | Wayne Morse as the Democratic avenue SW, has been elected for the U.S. senate president of the Iowa AKIMOTO ing the coast guard to adopt I »    ,    *    .    11    modern boiler and    pressure! Americans surveyed rn a Gallup; ,    .    .    ,    f '    candidate poll believe Richard Nixon “did    1    ,.p,.t    upij    i)V Rpnnhliran    Rob auxd,ary*    >s a member of the best thing” by resigning the!    The Whlte    House* ,n making ‘1    hcld    Republican    Bo i { 1362    of the international ! presidency.    th,s    announcement    Sunday, said I ackwood.    Brotherhood of Electrical he also signed a second bill. It      Workers. Sandy But more than half of those polk'd oppose an investigation of was a measure to make It more -.1    •    ■    I    I    flexible    the penalties for viola- (possible criminal charges ,.    .    , ! against him.    ,    lons,    °J ,h" ‘ e,rishaJbl= lural Commodities Act. In a telephone survey conducted by the polling organiza- Peking Visit MANILA, Philippines (AP) Imelda Marcos, wife of Bromwcll of Des -Moines was named viee-the president; Lucille Bremer, Wa Tom Sawyers for a Day - Gazette Photo by Tom Merrymjn Members of the investment department of Life Investors in Cedar Rapids left behind their offices, their typewriters, their computers and the others tools of their various trades Monday and walked a mile in another man’s shoes—a house-painter’s shoes, to be exact. Approximately 60 persons became Tom Sawyers for a day, but instead of whitewashing a fence they applied paint to the exteriors of some of the buildings at Gateway Gardens apartment complex, which is owned by a Life Investors investment trust. Company officers and employes worked side by side. Left to right in the picture are Parnell Proctor, financial vice-president and treasurer, nearly obscured; Mary Lee Malmberg, Valerie Spear, Neva Chiafos, Nelda Hamer, Pat Read and Diane Hilsenbeck. Refreshments were furnished by the company and the day was to wind up with a picnic. Russians Blame Demos Ray Lists No For Downfall of Nixon MOSCOW (AP)-Russian television viewers were told Saturday that an ambitious Democratic party, aided by soaring inflation and a servile press, engineered the fall of Richard Nixon from the White House. The first full Soviet expla- Top Choice for Vice-President DES MOINES (UPI) - Gov. volvement in Watergate, and the 30-minute report left viewers with the impression he had i Robert D. Ray, opting not to fallen victim to a Democratic announce a fop selection, Mon-party conspiracy.    jday ^ ^ nameg of Special Broadcast Republican governors who The government line was laid would make ‘‘competent” vicenation of Nixon’s resignation down til a special national presidential candidates claimed the Watergate affair | broadcast by top political com- A( „is mom- news confe|, was merely the‘‘main weapon” mentator Valentin Zorin and in a struggle between a Repub- Leonid Zamyatin, chief of the nce, Ray said former New bean President and a Demo 5tate news agency, Tass. |York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller cratic congress.    Zamyatin    asserted    it    was    “nee-and Govs. Ronald, Reagan of Nowhere was Nixon connect- assary to stress that VVater-1California, William Milliken of ed with any wrongdoing or in Missouri district, Martin Marietta Aggregates. J.C. Rice, president of Iowa National Mutual Insurance Co., serves on the insurance adviso ry committee, and Peter Sta-mats, executive vice-president of Stamats    Publishing Co., serves as city chairman. Contributing to the foundation were 45 Cedar Rapids businesses and individuals. Anderson: Nixon May Have Been Erasure Culprit WASHINGTON (AP)-Coliimn- tion last Thursday night and Friday after Nixon’s resignation speech, 79 percent of those questioned said he “should have resigned.” Thirteen percent said ho “should have stayed” and ll percent gave no opinion. Fifty-five percent of the 550 persons questioned opposed a criminal investigation of Nixon. Thirty-seven percent favored such an investigation, and 8 percent offered no opin-; ion. On the question of whether the former President’s “actions regarding Watergate were I serious enough to warrant his resignation,” 65 percent said yes, 22 percent said they were “not serious enough” and 13 percent gave no opinion. Asked to choose from a list of six possible vice-presidential nominees suggested in the survey, 23 percent chose Arizona Sen. Coldwater and 18 percent chose former New York Gov. Rockefeller. Governor Reagan of California was next at 12 percent. Tennessee Sen. Baker and former U. S. Atty. Gen. Richardson received ll percent each. George Bush, chairman of the Republican national committee,! ; received I percent and the re-! maining 24 percent gave no 1 preference. ..... ....    iterloo,    treasurer;    and    Joan    Lit- i Philippine president, leaves tie, Fort Dodge, secretary. 30 YEARS AGO — The Italian Ihursday on an unofficial visit Wilson succeeds Doris Pieck city of Florence was reported in to Peking, diplomatic sources of Cedar Rapids. Officers will Allied hands.    said Monday.    serve    a    two-year    term. Bar President Backs Amnesty Panel Blasts Presidents1 the ^ro°crats created tension Ford has requested a list of the tape of his White House I draft evaderstTeradicate a last Secret Acts WASHINGTON (AP) — A spe- After blasting the Democrats, cial senate committee has con-| Zamyatin turned to inflation, eluded that many of the most called it “a reflection of the gate was given a strong push I Michigan, Arch Moore of West |ist Jack Anderson says Watering public prominence “after j Virginia and Daniel Evans of gate prosecutors are investigate the Democrat defeat in the 1972 Washington would be among his;ing the possibility that Richard HONOLULU (AP)—The presi-presidential election.”    choices as vice-president under!Nixon may have erased the fa-(dent of the American Bar Assn By using Watergate, he said,|President Gerald Ford.    moils    18^-minute    segment from!Monday proposed amnesty for ----------the    tape    of    his    White    Housp'    *'    «•    -    ■ across the U. S., using the af-; vicepresidential choices from conversation on June 20, 1972. |symbol of “the cancer of Vietnam to build up national sup-all Republican governors by The conversation was with pam ». port for the 1974 congressional* Wednesday.    then    chief of staff II. R. Halde- ‘ -The ruptures of Watergate and 1976 presidential elections. Ray said he has not received man.    ;and    vietnam    havc    left    fcstering ?iny^nr>mal. n°^C^0nu ^rom Anderson said in an article |sores jn our national life,” Ola the GOP asking for his choices, Monday that sources close to the j terfield Smith, leader ’ of the cirmIc *    I    a    •    •    i---------•-      —    —    ^ut again stressed the impor- prosecutor’s office describe the 185 000-member leeal oreaniza- Xway ^of production”!lance of^selecting a present or former President as a “key suction, said in remarks prepared have been w ithheld from the an‘d said the Nixon administra-1 former governor. congress and the public, its re- tion's failure to solve it created    -- port showed Sunday.    'dissatisfaction” among Amer-I APp^ f'nllpnPQ The panel said the practice leans.    /Ared colleges that has permitted the with-    “Propaganda” holding has hidden actions relat-! rp, .    „ „ „ „    .    •    _ iru?n*7n > - * im Then he zeroed in on the; hnrnhino nf Ca ha/C    6 ii American press and the “prop-1 bombing of Cambodia as well d background” of the Wa- vl?nlr m S r 3 "g l° ,he i legate issue ii. nJI k, ii,    1    -^ass information, the Tass The report by the senate spe- dlrec, d , ^ used t0 cia! committee on national    ,ension around ,he emergencies is scheduled to be issued later this week, along Given $83,000 By Foundation President and that entire case.” There* was a “definite empha- jpert in their investigation, a1- for fog opening of the group’sI though they have developed no'gyth annual convention. “solid evidence” that would in- smith said he is convinced; |criminate him.    foe new administration of Ger- Accordingto Haldeman’s I ald Ford will cleanse the I notes, the missing segment dealt wounds of Watergate, with the Watergate breakin. A Rut he said America will remain divided until it deals with the ongoing living tragedy” of punishment and exile for those Three Cedar Rapids area col-lj^L01    h3S T leges have received more than he 18'=-m>nute conversation was $83,000 during the last year from' w!ped °" ther Ufe ,1 ‘‘TT, ' the Iowa College Foundation. " made e stop-and-start wh0 refused to fight in Vietnam Mt. Mercy college received er^uures'    .    .    aut of a sincere belief it was $24,910. Cornell received $27,232 The evidence strongly sag- wrong. and Grinnell, $30,938.    ,?cs(ts- thcrefore' hat ,hhc W A record $605,271 was contrib-1*11 waa aa ama‘eur, wh» had access to both the tapes and Airport Bomb Blast Claims Third Victim nih,.„P^0P°,SCd ■ !uTi?ti0n ‘“Isis on the inter-party fight and I rniitAH tho^uirhhnlHim. aVC ^ influence on public opinion ated by 780 donors. The Iowa;., .,    ,,    , m.tted the withholding.    aga.nst    the President by radio I College Foundation is composed M,s.s    Woods    re- The panel has been studying jand by television,” he said. of 25 private schools.    COTaer,    Anderson    said.    As    a the use of national emergency j Zamyatin declared that the* Serving on the foundation’s    patter, this would proclamations as a basis for Democrat - controlled house of board of governors are Sister L ^1!J.ateNa os^ .evcJ'7^e presidential actions taken representatives had pushed Mary Agnes, president of Mt.    xon;    and    blast    at    Los Angeles Internation- without the approval of through a decree permitting na- Mercy; F. Forbes Olberg, pres- ll .!. ,, . lJ^;. assl“ant Stephen a| ajrport jast Tuesday, hospital congress.    tionwide coverage of the house idcnt of Banks of Iowa, Inc.;    ’    son    added    officials    reported. The death of In the report, it said the gaps judiciary committee proceedings and Gene Mason, vice-president LOS ANGELES (AP)-A New; Zealand man died Sunday from injuries sustained in a bomb in the public record are “pri- °n Watergate, marily due to a failure by “That fact demonstrates how congress to specify substantive istrong were the emotions they standards under which all presi- wanted t° dudd up over the Wa-dential directives should be re- fergate case, putting it, so to corded.    lsa.v*    before    U.    S.    public    opin- “ I n addition.” it adds, ‘on,” he said. “congress has not yet enacted and general manager, Iowa- Drive Safely Robert Moncur, 50, was the third ■ caused by the bomb. laws, which would prevent the AID    MiYon executive from using classifica-jOayS Immunity Unjust crisis! ••• .,^1. Buy a MICROWAVEroVEN made only by SAVE 50 - 75°/« OF THE ELECTRICITY YOU USE IN COOKING! ALL THE HEAT GOES INTO THE FOOD — NONE IS WASTED! 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Energy savings will vary with the portions and type of foods. The foods shown are typical foods and portions. Some other foods or portions will foil below 50% savings and others will be considerably more than 75% savings. Open A Smulekoff’s Budget Account Take Months To Pay Prices Start at $ 249 95 amar using tion to withhold information from congress and the public. “Until congress grapples with CHICAGO (UPI) — The chair--these issues directly, it will be man of the American Indepen- j faced with a continuing veil of dent party Sunday said it would secrecy and be unable to carry be unjust to grant former Presi- j out its constitutional task of dent Nixon immunity from pro-overseeing the executive.”    secution for his part in the Wat 'rile report continues, declar- ergate cover-up. ing:    William    Shearer, national “The Indo-China war and Wa chairman of the party, charged tergate tragically illustrate the that Nixon was a “principal of-results of such congressional in- lender’’ in the Watergate cover-attention.”    up. The unusual bipartisan panel, He said it would be “unjust four Democrats and four Re-!to grant him immunity while publicans, is headed jointly by the lesser men involved are in Sons. 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