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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ftKAT nakona. WIA1Hti $tevict tOttCAS! to 7 AM fit 8- III - M 3a00 7J Hip Cedar Rapids fiazrttf: Mon., Au?iiit 12, 1974 3. Dangerous Intersection To Get Left-Turn Lanes City crews will probably start!and in the two years since, ling a long illness.    J    “We    do    not    want    to    dominate    installing    left-turn    bays    Tuesday    there    have    been about 60 Born Feb. 8, 1885. at Colo, he any President but we do want to morning-at the city’s most dan- He said another funding re -Ford- tContinued from Page I.) try to restore the constitutional! Everett Shenetelt    Oak    Smith    jbalance between the legislature i'    cu cu on I \ t /’ o i u on r ic in t and the executive branch during Everett Eugene Shenefelt, 80,! Oak 0. Smith, 89, of 1519 Park of 549 Vernon drive SE, died Sat- avenue SE, died Monday follow- ,,ord s ,crm-urday following a brief illness. Retired since 1954 after serv-,was marrjecj t0 the former:^ equal as the document pre-'Serous intersection. Traffic En- quest to the highway commis-ing as sales manager of Rude Grace Hall Aug 5, 1906, at Max- scrjt>es » Mansfield said    ginecr    Mel Meyer said Monday, sion last Friday was rejected Auto Co. and Hearn-Stevenson well. He was a retired barber  1    ‘    The    turning    lanes    will    be    con-    verbally, at which time the city Co., he was born in Washington, and bad been a resident of    Economy    striated on highway 149 at its council decided to wait no Iowa. Aug. 23, 1893. He was!Cedar Rapids for more than 40 Mansfield told newsmen later intersection with Edgewood road longer married to the former Helen    years,    that Ford should    restore wage    sw- Meyer said    the intersection    A request seeking permission Tufts July 17, 1922, in Cedar Surviving in addition to    his    and price controls    and    cut fed-    has had the highest frequency of    for the city to proceed    with the Rapids.    wife    are three daughters, Mrs. oral .spending $5 billion to $6 accidents in the city in the last project was hand-delivered to A pilot in World war I, he had Fred A Hull, Mrs. John L. billion to fight inflation    months.    There have been two the commission, and approved, been a Cedar Rapids resident    Stamy    and    Mrs.    Roland    H.    Mansfield said    any    request    lala* accidents,    both resulting    Meyer said the city    will ask since 1919. He was a graduate of    Rogers;    two sons,    Howard    H.    from j.'ord for a    tax    increase    frorn left turns. Uh WI AT HU f CHOC AM ® Rain is expected Monday night in the northern Rockies, parts of the middle Atlantic states, lower Florida and sections of the Tennessee valley. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. for reimbursement of the construction costs, but commission and was a member of First I Rapids; 19 grandchildren and 20 'elation.” But he declined to say *anCS W3S mad® friday, follow* officials have indicated reim- Congregational church; Hanford great-grandchildren.    he wou]d support such a request J?8 tv^°/ears,of tempts to get ...    .    .    ‘    the    state    hignway    commission U/lthAllt l/n/sit/inrt ♦ hr* fr*r»rw it    °    * to build them. Meyer said. thn    He said the city first asked for Cedar Rapids Country club. j Kricndiy Folks Sunday school j    ZTJ    I Monmouth college in Illinois, and Tillman J., all of Cedar would be given ‘utmost consid , *he dec*s*on t0 constrL,ct struct ion costs, but commission 1 ----- ----1--------r    —    ii    n—:j„. in  --—I _ L: IJ------I bn    I    ti ing two years of attempts to get bursement may not be possible. ; V,    «    Iiv. nvuiu ou|/|i./i I nuv.ll a American legion post; a 50- Mr. Smith was a member of without knowing the form it year member of Crescent lodge, st. Paul’s United Methodist would take. AF & AM; the Elks club and church, where he taught the sdar Rapids Country club. Friendly Folks Sunday school Surviving in addition to his class; Mt. Hermon lodge, AF &RS the economy wife are a daughter, Mrs. Gerald Wells, La Canada, Calif.; two grandchildren, and a facing the Ford administration five years prior to that time. am it I Vc sitiiH Ona im.rn/»,mun 's ^ econori,y'    about 20 accidents occurred at AM Elks club and Journeyman ...    ..    .,    ,,    ,    ,,    . .    ..    „    ., Barbers local 97. He was a "ls a,d“ sa,d sP«'<h ,ho intersection, Meyer said. former state barber inspector. >n?ipT    T r    although    Ford    may    announce sister, Mrs. Clayton Clapper, of    Sprvif_.    Txw^..v    , n m    a inou*n rora may announce    o Washington Iowa    Services.    Tuesday at    3 pm    pIans to start high-level dis     DUS- Services- Turner    chapel    east    ?l rj    ufo eaS    yr I    cussion soon about the economy 'Continued from Page I.) cervices, lurntr    uiapti    tasi    Arnold Herbst. Burial:    Cedar    hpfnrn Pftmin<f im u/ifh ont, not,, call The phinp .Hick, toil Thirty-fourth, . ,    u..    *u~i.....— ** street NE; each fined $15 and    P-m-    Tuesday    by    the    Memorial    Friends costs.    Rev.    Glenn    Bender    of    First    Con ing Tupy Second Attempt For IE Tower Club Scrapped Plans for a private dining club on the 21st floor of IE Tower have apparently been The Weather claimed debts of $8,681.17 and assets of $2,600, with $2,100 before coming up with anv new ..    . .    , may cedi,programs    Negro males in their early 20s. scrapped ,       until    2:30    p.m.    Tuesday.    The    .    .    .'.    ..    ,.    ,    got about $3,000 in cash, travel- A spokesman for Trans om 7 "second strrpi * sw? Ihurch and Dr. Jo* I casket will not be opened after rn.ernaiona y' e.y saHj’iers’ checks and jewelry, then A rn e r i c a Investment Corp., •*U27_?et_°Td stieet ’ iseph E. McCabe of Coe college.)*^    H    T°rd    will    stress    continuity of nrHorofl Kllc jri„OI. ^ Nixon administration j seph E. McCabe of Coe college. |the servjce There will be a cremation corn- ordered the bus driver to stop owner of the building, said the Hires overnight and Inches of precipita lion; Anchorage 64 48 L Angeles 77 66 Atlanta SS 68 .84 Miami 88 74 Bismarck 82 5? Minapolis 74 66 Chicago SS 64 N. Orleans 91 74 Denver 89 56 New York 83 62 Duluth 64 58 .14 Phoenix 105 76 Honolulu 88 76 Seattle 67 51 Houston 93 78 Washington 82 60 ,''wi««rw»* 'Th, P,«,    cremation    com    .............. Nixon administration foreign ncar a fr exit where ,he,: lease for the top floor, held by Richard Reece, Center    Point;!™ttal.    Friends may register at:    joseD^    p    Qlouhv    P°llc.V and the need    for stability    got    Mo R waitjng car, police    Paul    Schmidt, 700 Thirty-fifth fined $30 and costs.    Turner    east. The casket will not    Josepn    r.    uiouny    and world peace.    sajd    street    Marion is in default t ici no. J a5I^Sts: a$ f® .02! °40:! M    -j    be open at any time The familyj Joseph F. Dlouhy 83 of 1236 The address itself will be    “Want To Kill’*    The’lease went into default Assets $3,995 with $355 claimed Shurtz, 29 6 Center Point suggests that friends may, if Miami court NE. died Monday “newsy” but will contain “no . ,    ,    about two or three months ago as exempt.    !    SS?    I    they wish, contribute to the I after a short illness.    blockbuster* - on, a,H, ,,„i I Anders Franzen. 25. also va-.a“ouV1,v'° or tnrea momhs Ranee Steven and Rebecca Ann Myers, 626 Second avenue Traveler’s Forecast Tuesday Weather. Hi-Lo SW. Both claimed debts of $12,401.11 and assets of $1,060, with $560 claimed as exempt. John Patrick and Essie M. Bismarck . .. Chicago ..... Cincinnati Cleveland Des Moines . . Detroit...... Indianapolis . Kansas City . Milwaukee . . Mpls.-St. Paul Omaha ...... St. Louis .... Sioux Falls . Fair 77-53 Riley, HOO Thirty-first street road NE; Daryl Daser, Ana-ixt. mosa, each fined $10 arui coit*. Faulty rquipmrnt _ Robert char‘ly of ,h(,‘r cholce-Baldwin, 1300 M street SW;1 fined $30 and costs. Leslie j Schneider, YMCA; Gary Neal. 1919 K st $10 and costs Charles Oakley PtCldy 90-72 F’air 87-65 PtCldy 80-62 NE. He claimed debts of $7,581.47 and assets of $911, with all claimed as exempt. She; Iowa Deaths    Rapids resident    seven years, Center Point — Witt P    Sex-    died    Saturday    at Massillon, PtCldy 88-651 claimed    debts    of    $7,581.47    and|!?n’ . Wednesday at    2:30.    Ohio.    He was born Aug. 22. 1895. PtCldy 84-56 J assets    of    $1.    with    all    claimed    as | ^iihj^where friends^ may Cedar Memorial, Cedar j Rapids. blockbusters, one aide said. j *•**••»    »m —*t “*“v “ ithe snokesman said Bnrn Ion 0c 1Q01    rn,    i    .    I    ..    jcatiomng    from    Sweden,    said spokesmans310- Born Jan. 25, 1891, in Cedar. The most immediate problem,L , . * . f th mhhprv h„ Schmidt was not available for Rapids, he had farmed in the however, is selection of a vice- Lot    comment. Cedar Rapids vicinity before re-president.    j    e    j    .    J    »i? He had proposed a private —v,-.. vie.j i,vc.,    .. . t J' u/:.CAn e rn un „,oC „    ,    I W3nt to some of these , ‘    d    R"Vdie reet SW; each fined Charles E. Oakley, 78. of 1114 tirinS Wilson & co. He was j*ord met for S1X ^ours at the (passengers) ”    c b’ to be known as Hi-Tower 'sts.    Fifteenth    street SE, a Cedar a veteran of Wor,d war 1 and a White House Sunday with COP „ t .    .. 4U    club, which was to open July I. member of Modern Woodmen of loaders, .speaking with each for , bfKI sa . .na bcr an‘ Members were assessed an ini- the World.    30    minutes    alone.    swered;    No,    no    killing. . „ tial fee of $175, plus a $30 Surviving are a daughter,    ‘*u«inf..i    AHvirp”    L Was f*? ,,Tne . 7, * monthly assessment. Schmidt Elsie, route 2, Cedar Rapids; a    ^    ^Jj}jprevious declined to reveal to PtCldy 88-67 exempt.    in,.rial PtCldy 92-72 Burl LcRoy and Cheryl Dar- Munal PtCldy 79-60) lene Bohall, 1205 Twentieth av- at Central City and was married to Wylliss Stock Aug. 21, 1940. at Strawberry Point. “Helpful Advice” son, Robert J., Cedar Rapids; Ford said he got “construe-say anything and I didn t ^IJiThe Gazette the number of perth re e sisters, Mrs. Joseph l*ve and very helpful advice.'’ J^y friends. jus!^waited and sons who accepted his invitation Cedar Rapids, Mrs.iCon8ressmen emerging from hoPed nothing wouW happen. j ; to join the club. PtCldy 82-621 enue SW. He claimed debts Of! Central City —    Florence; Mr- 0akley was a rf    ^    “T^o’    rZilr    the one-on-one sessions said that Police said    they had no leads    Shmidt    had    pnuaond    an    ar Fair 96-70) $4 232 73 and assets of $ I 850 I Sellers, 84. Tuesday    at 1:30,Harmer and tiler and had    'ediQuido Novotny, route 2,    Cedar    “IL «nt-un one sessions Mia inai ,    Schmidi    had    engaged    an    ar PtCldy 91-70 with $350 claimed as exempt! I Murdoch’s.    at Manchester until 1940 a    at Rapids, and Mrs. Frank    Nese-    Democrats, blacks and women    in the case. _ . t- x.T j gprjngydje jor 21 years btioreItril, Cedar Rapids, four broth-1 we^e aniong the possibilities, moving to Cedar Rapids in 1967 Iers, Frank and Milo, Cedar Rap- and asked directly about a C.R. Unit Wins Fair 84-56! She claimed debts of $4,202.73) Garnavillo _ Ivan E. Wood, _    _    ...    ,    and assets of $1,575, with $350 63. Wednesday at 1:30, Mur- C. R. Weather    claimed as exempt.    doch’s in Marion where friends viiah QiinHav    78    Arthur A. and Aletha Turley,} may call after 7    Monday. Hlgn Minaay ..................I?    1032 Eighth street NW. for-, Burial: Cedar Memorial,    Cedar Low overnight ..............64|merjv dojng business as the: Rapids. Noon Monday ............... T9    Spudnut Coffee Shop. Both Dyersville — Henry    J.    Hess- *> n m Monday    84 claimed debts of $37,728.35 ing. 82. Wednesday at 10:30, and assets of $17,200, with) Basilica of St. Francis Xavier. 0.72 z p. rn Precipitation ...............'JI    $4,200 claimed as exempt.    Parish scripture Tuesday at 8, Total for August ............5.03    Charles Dwayne and Virginal Kramer’s where friends may Normal for August .........2.97    Mae Lathrop, 260 Third ave- call after I Tuesday. Burial: St. Normal through \ULTUst ..23.16    nuc. Marion. Both claimed) Paul’s cemetery, Worthington. T.i„, fAr ]Q7,    oc 50    debts of S10-820 and assets of; Solon — Mrs. Martin J. lot al tor iy/4  ............. *    j    $2,175. with $615 claimed as Rogers, 82. Wednesday at 9, St. Barometer, rising .........3U.0U    exempt.    Patrick’s church, Iowa City. Humidity at noon ......... 83%    Gene Arnold and Elmerial i Burial: St. Bridget’s cemetery, Wind direction and velocity at -Ann Kelly, Guttenberg. Both) Nolan Settlement. Rosary Tues-o < 'it 16 mnh    claimed debts of $6,802.24 and day at 8, Donohue’s, Iowa City, “ P ' v 1 ,r j c io assets of $1,295. with $915! where friends mav call after 9 Chm Micfie TiineH Qtr ii * Iv* Clin » ... ;_______ i      a    ^ ™    ^ chitect to handle decorating the area, but only some plumbing, and heatmg and air-conditioning work has been completed, according to Trans-America officials. He said the firm s*eks to rent Surviving in addition to his ids, George Alburnett, and L«o, woman vice-president, Ford    ,    i    •    r\ wife are three sons, William C„ route 2, Cedar Rapids.    S!?',.!    out    any    Fourth    in    Drum Robert and Gary, all of Cedar Services: 2 p.m. Wednesday    C*r\rr\c Rapids; two stepsons, Bobby I in Janeba-Kuba funeral home    Ford was said to have a per-    V^OrpS v^OnT©5T and Donald Fisk, both of Can- west by the Rev. George B. Mc-    sonal list of about 15 names he    The Emeraid Knights    Drum    the floor    as    office    sPace’ but “if ton, Ohio; two sisters, Mrs. Dill. Burial: Czech National,    showed the advisers.    ;md Rugl<? Corps Q[    Cedar    someone    did want    to    put a res- Clark Abrams of Manchester Friends may call at Janeba-j    Among the most prominently    Rapids won fourth place    in the    taurant    “U    vvf d    ^    haPPy to and Mrs. Claude Kuebler of Kuba funeral home west after mentioned for the job were,Mid-America circuit cham- rent for tbat Marion; 13 grandchildren and lo a.m. Tuesday.    former New York Gov. Rocke- p j 0 n s n i p s last weekend at Hi-Tower club was the second four great-grandchildren.    - feller and GOP National Chair-QUjncy m    private dining club attempted in Services: Turner chapel east Memorial Services man Geor8e Bush 0ther names Twenty groups from through- fhe IE Tower sPace- first discussed were Sen. Brooke (R- out the Midwest oarticipated was tbe Shepherd's club. p m Tuesday. Assets:    $300,    with Sun rises Tuesday, 6:12; sun(claimed as exempt.    (Tuesday, sets, 8:10.    I    Lynn    Anne    MeKeever.    Far-1    Decorah    —    Benhart    L. Year Ago Today — 86; low, metsburg. D e h t s: $3,682 8J; | Thompson, 82. Tuesday at 2, 68; rainfall, none. Coralville Lake Pool level Monday 684.73 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets)    ____ ________________ __ ________ ____ Lacrosse (12) 5.5, no change accident scene at 2727 First av- berud, 79. Wednesday at 2, Lu- Czechoslovakia, Sept. 5 at 3 pm Wednesday. Burial:!    ,    ...    .    .    , « ji,    T7.    j    Dressier,    Edmund    Joseph    —c    ,    ,    _ ,——  r----- Springville cemetery. FnendsjSt John>s Episcopai church at(Mass->; ^n Coldwater (R- The Osage corps finished first may call at Turner east after I i;3o p.m. Monday by the Very J Aria.); former Atty. Gen. Roland th? Waferfoo Royals were —Cyprus— (Continued from Page I.) Rev canon D A. Loferski. [chardson and former Defense I third -J    .    I    V    «.member    Cedar    Rapid*    J $-75 Burial: Canoe Methodist come- Mrs. Frank bmid in charge of service.    In    Chicago.    Rockefeller    said    ,unit, under the direction of Jim ence session planned for Mon- Dyersville5'    rv\iu    i, Rose Boubin Smid. 87. of 2101 Struve, Julia Ruth—^Turner j whether he would accept the Bishop, plans to expand next day morning while Callaghan, claimed as exempt. Fires 7:48 p.m. Saturday. Short injof SH Francis Xavier. CDA ro-jSmid, died Saturday after a Donald. Burial was in National short illness.    \    cemetery at Vining, Iowa. Born in Kostelec nad Orlici, I Slaman. Selma Alice 80. Tuesday ai S? BaTdk’a K "street SW.'widow "of Frank |£a|$ewfgvatj® ^rjJtltog » hon; pl«yer»|ae«lt foreign Minier Gmge electrical wiring at 1105 Sixth sary Monday at 7. parish scrip street NW.    ture    at 8. Kramer’s. 8:39 p.m. Saturday. Assist at Oelwein Bernard Stub- Lansing (18) 9 0, no change Dam 9 (18) 14.3, rise .3 McGregor (18) 7.6, rise .2 Guttenberg (15)    5.1, change Dubuque (17) 8.1, fall .2 Davenport (15) 5.6, fall .5 Keokuk (16) 5.8, rise .3 1886 I Turner chapel east at 10:30 church in    Mona.).she    had been resident ojia.m. Tuesday and at St. George a icsiuviH uijQrthodox church at ll a.m. by Cedar Rapids since 1901. She j the Rev. Constantine Nasr. was a pioneer member of St. Burial: St. George Orthodox Ludmila’s Catholic church, St.'cemetery Trisagian service: r, •    .    *    ,. xii j Turner chapel east at 8 p.m. Regina circle, the Altar and Ro- Monday bv Father Nasr. sary Society and the St. Mary’s    ‘    ___ any kind.” Good Choice    make    its last contest appear ance of the season Aug. 23 at Paper Reports Tax Indictment for Rights Head Mansfield and Senate Republic p ..    ... can Leader Hugh Scott have e 1 ’ both said they think Anne enue SE.    I th e r a n 8:46 p.m. Saturday. Resusci- Brant’s tator call at 4747 First avenue)    Anamosa — Vernon Wood- no|SE.    ward, 66. Wednesday at IO, St. 1:50    a.m.    Sunday.    Possible'    Patrick’s Catholic church. Ro- cigaret    to floor    at    219    Four-!    sarv 8 p.m. Tuesday. Goettsch’s. teenth avenue SE.    Vinton — Dorothy Clare Die- 6:09    a.m.    Sunday.    Short injtrich, 50. Wednesday at    ll,    . . -control panel on electroplating White-Phiilips,    lodge. Cedar a    tC.K.    (13)    4.48,    rise;    machine at 5225 C avenue NE.    Maynard — James Trotter,    Surviving are a daughter,! .33    i 9:54    a.m.    Sunday.    Needless    56. Tuesday at I, Delsing-j    Eleanor    Rorick,    with    whom    she i RirfFit Morrv    *at    •    and    t    n    v*    cc    |had made her home; a son.! Dirrns — Mercy    , Twenty-ninth street SE.    lama — Frnest Bishop, 86. . nu- mi r» j \uc j j To the families of 3 p.m. Sunday. Assistance 1 Tuesday at 1:30 , Harrison’s. J Jerry Boubin, Cedar Rapids; a Clinton    Van    Horn    Walker    a    <'al1 at 3518 Wenig road NE.    Monona — Mrs. Robert (Jes-    stepdaughter, Mrs. Cy    Brown, daughter; Jerome’ MeElmeel.j 7:18 p.m. Sunday. Resusdta- .sic) Ferguson, 82. Wednesday    C e d a r    Rapids; six grand-; 4309 Cavalier street NE, a son;! t«r call at .lacolyn drive and E at Mil at.Carder, City United    chi|dren; 21 great-grandchildren I Times-Picayune savs >soika 250 Boise road avenue NW.    Metnoaist church, Schultz.    ...    ,    ,    .    ,    ., ,    ,    ,*    J    , NW a son James McDermott |    7:55 p.m. Sunday. Faint thin- Mechanicsville - Mrs. C. J.    a"d three great-great-grandchil-! learned    that Mayor    Charles,p]ied:    -Certainly.    Why    not*’ 1629 Ninth’street NW. a dough- ner taken internally at 1945 BjMiller, 77. Tuesday at 2,    dren.    Evers of    Fayette. Miss., will    be    Thev’re just    as    good    as    we    are. avenue    NE.    b^i? cstabliJhST"    Services:    IO    a rn. Wednesday j named in an indictment charg- \ think it would do the country Magistrate’s Court    West Union I Charles La-‘mSt- Ludmila’s Catholic    cnurch| ing federal income tax evasion. ift0od ... we might learn a lot razor bl ac* juv Polton 925    Vcrne Hoover. 62. Tuesday    at    t>y the    Rev.    Robert    Cizek. | Evers, 52, was the first black, from her.” cur    10. Burnham-Wood’s.    Burial: iffy question He and 20 flag bearers. The corps Mavros and Turkish Foreign furnishes all equipment.    Minister Turan Gunes had sepa- Young persons, age 12 to 20. rate private talks with Greek who are interested in joining the Cypriot Acting President Gla-Emerald Knights, may tele- fkos derides and Turkish Cy-phone 363-9647 or 363-7869.    print Vice-president Rauf Denk- The Cedar Rapids group will tash. “Right Step” refused to comment on his chances for selection, telling reporters, “The President has to make his own decision without any intervention or pressures of Armstrong, who served as coun-j Prisoner Back selor to former President Nixon, was one of several who would be a good choice. When asked if he thought the NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The country was ready for a female has vice-president, Mansfield From Hospital; Swallowed Blade it tor. Aug. 12 — To the families; of Ronald Potts, Palo, a daughter; Gregory Becker, Watkins, a Speeding — C daughter.    Fourth    street    SW;    Richard D. ,,    ci I I •    Whiteaker,    2232 Country Club; DirtnS    jt. Luke S    boulevard SE; Gary Doermann.j Burial: St. John’s. Callaghan said    the atmo sphere has been eased slightly by the release of some prisoners by Greece and    Turkey and evacuation by the Greeks of some Turkish villages and their handover to United Nations forces. Robert Erlacher was returned! “This obviously is a step in re_ to Linn county jail Monday from the right direction, ’ Callaghan University of Iowa hospitals, said where he was taken    Friday1 Britain ordered    1.000 tough after swallowing pieces of a! Nepalese Gurkha troops to reinforce its IO.000-man force on the The 22-year-old Cedar Rapids eas^i*n Mediterranean island. Aug. IO — To the families of Donald L. Martin. Oxford Junction, a son: Richard Jon- Three Are Held Mechanicsville; Gregory Eren berger, Ely; Richard Nost, Lis-1 bon; Neil Krcjci, Central City;} nings. 2106 Ninth street SW, ai Danny Shaheen. 1634 Grande daughter.    |    avenue    SE^Elwln^Onstott, Mt    Three persons appeared in Bertha G. Yuva Aug. ll — To the families °f|Yp*,noP:    .^" magistrates court    and    had their Walter F Okerlund 36121 ford, David Corbett, 407 B    ave-] u . * r* vt.wt mf •» fiauohtnr- nue NW‘ Willis Rcif    2107 C£|ses bound over    to the grand    .....    .    .    .    ,    . Houston stieet NE. a daughter.j »oe .\vv, wnus mu, <iu<    *    avenue    NWr,    wife    of    John    J.    tions Fat E. Borscht, 1556 Sixth av-1 Blairs Ferry road NE; David jur>.    cIInaav    ,    chnr, m*    „, ii a f K \i* orc Hijiwuthfi * Ear *-%» *    i    i    LIV    cl*    died    ulifluciV    3itOF    SnOI! enue, Marion, a son; Hugo A.|^nwerj(> Hiawau™.    r.ari] Rlchar(i Terri„    nQ    address, n,ness Rorn 'nntf>r Pnint .. Smith, 1040 Parkview drive, .    ,__.    t    —----- r--s    -    - ir^Ron a Id V'" Va n Dor i n, 1648 Marion; David Monroe, Iowa ,s charged with taking a motor- ^ Cedar Rapids Carton Co Brady W. Kunz. Eighteenth street NW. a son. Marriage Licenses City; Earl Hasley, 375 Twcn- cycle, the property 1 ticth street SE; each fined $30 Koccke. on July 11 and costs. Douglas Dunkel, Al- Unhurt bur nett: Jerry Crandall. 42" nm Ti,p*dav in Ixnrh^. Kuhf    8?VCr!!0r    of M,SSISS'P;! Mansfield said, however, heiman was hospitalized after dep-iTnrkish radio and television funeral home west where P' m    unsuccessful    had not been asked about hismties were summoned to his I condemned the move and said it friends mav nil after'7 nm i tamPa|Bn in 1971.    choices, nor did he think he cell, where they found him dou- tod brought a war atmosphere J    /JI    Monday    The    New Orleans newspaper, should be. He said he does not bled up with pain X-rays report- lo Cyprus. I O Verano Jury    _ _    in a report Sunday night from believe any Democrats should edlv showed he had four pieces________ Jackson, Miss., said the charges be considered.    (>f foreign material in his di- 1tht (f cclur JAnpicU stem from Evers’ alleged per- Senator Coldwater said after ifestive system, one of them in Established m 1113 bv Th* Go*et«* co Bertha G. Yuva. 71, of 1065 G    sonal use    of political contribu- J Sunday’s meeting he would be    his esophagus.    “tm® ovItse! c*dovr Raoidrio0JaV24So06° willing to be vice-president him- A report on the incident on    \o°o%    D0i,00, D0'd ot Cedar self, hut told reporters that file in the sheriff's office, Sub»Cf.Dt.0n rotes bv corner cent* a Ford is aware that he feels he is I Monday categorized the incident TIJJjJJsJSo SiSShfu*ooo^Jw"*1*?-too old at 65. His ow n favorite. I as malicious damage to a razor i*r"00n Ed.L,,0.12^nd SundSL; l,‘«‘ rs    a ■■■    1% *    a    I,    »3 Ii o rnonth *40 OO o vear Other states iinilPu WzlV D rPCtfir he said, is Bush.    blade.    ond u S. territories SM.OO a year. Ne Moil UIIIICU    ll CII UU CvlUI    Lu    Subscriptions accepted In areas hovlno Coldwater said he would rule! Erlacher is being    held    in con-    Gazette carrier service A. A. Rogers, president of out Democrats, couldn t think Election with a rape charge. The The Associated press u entitled eat fast” of a qualified jcasP bas been bound over to the o*clh* viocVo!°new*up*ifnted*?n^t>i's,,ne*° ...    ,    .    «    ,    --    woman and does not fee! Brooke gnmd jury, address, Fraternal Life Assn. and the) Ethan Spraston as acting execu-is r#»nrp™»ntativp blacks. bound over following a pre-|Ju,y’2o mi she was a lifelong SprOSIOfl Temporary hearing on a charge of( resjdent here. of a motor vehicle. Hr in Cedar Raoids a lifelong; of Cage. She was a retired employe of th Stew and was n member of Cedar United Way of Linn county, an-Kapids lodge of the Westernjnounced the appointment paper as well as all AP news dispatches B u t z . Walker, Kramer, Center Sadlon and Dean Bower of Marion. and KreggJ    jean Ashby, 415 Gwendolyn cident.    i Services: 9 a m. Wednesday oin . i al drive NE: fined $10 and costs.    jn Kuba funeral home east bv vx'm tenth avonuv j » VK A KS At att - Ti* Allies .he Rev. Clarence Prana of St. SE; fined $25 and costs.    organized a new commando Wenceslaus Catholic Traffic signal violation    force called the Land Forces of Burial: St. John’s Friends may Nora Stewart. 1738 r *vrnueI Adriatic to intensify the war; call at Kuba east after 7 p.m. Marriages Dissolved Phyllis J. and John J. Woods Mary A. and Earl R. Decker. . Petition for Bankruptcy Ronald Dean and Cathy Let Hunt, 329 F avenue NW Both) Richard Terrell, Swisher Donald Lehnci 3008    im a ond avenue SW: each fined S2(i|a«ainst the Axis in the Balkans. Monday. and costs. Sally Blunt, 4558 Mt amen, Conroy, Oxford, 30 YEARS AGO - Hie der-Amana. Homestead, Norway, man Seventh army of 100,000 Atkins and Watkins men reeled back toward the Warmer weather was expect-cnu - seine and Paris from the Nor- cd through Wednesday with a mandy pocket as Allied armies)slight chance of some showers closed in on three sides    Monday    night Vernon road SE; Norm; gle. 1226 Third street Nog-! 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