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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., August IO, 1074 N At IDN At WI Aint t    FOK! CAII I* ? AM IM f*iiV 'fif DEATHS —Hoover— (Continued from Pape I ) Cou 30.30 BOSTON W YOUK Ufi WI ATW 11 DICK AST ® Showers or thundershowers are expected Saturday night over parts of Texas, the Lakes region and the Tennessee valley. Elsewhere, generally fair weather is expected, with skies ranging from clear to partly cloudy. —Daily Record- City Briefs Edmund J. Dressier Kdniund Joseph Dressier. 68, of 3635 Twelfth avenue S\V. died Friday following a brief illness Hp had been a Cedar Rapids resident 25 years, and had been employed bv the school district as a maintenance assistant en-I gineer and at Hoover school. Born Sept. 4. 1905. in Chicago. he was a member of St. John’s Episcopal church; Kingston lodge, AF and AM; Cedar Rapids Consistory: El Kahir Shrine; Ambar Grotto; Epis-j copal Men of Iowa and the church vestry. Surviving are a son. Thomas. Cedar Rapids; two brothers. Thomas and Anthony, both of Chicago; and two sisters, Lillian Dressier of Chicago and Agnes Serna of Charlevoix. Mich. Services: 1:30 p.m. Monday in St. John's church by the Very Rev. Canon D. A. Loferski. Burial: St. Joseph cemetery at Parnell. Friends may cali at Turner chapel west until 9 p.m. Sunday and at the church from IO a rn. to 1:25 p.m. Monday. The casket will not be opened after the service. The family suggests that friends may, if they wish, contribute to the memorial fund of St. John s church. ncil Appears    LaPeters to Commission: Reinstate Five Officers Cedar Rapids would be best I unreasonable indictment. La- Ready To Accept net meeting called by President w    i ii Gerald Ford Saturday morning V 3 ll O U S L 6 TTG f The uncertainty of the The city council will apparent* i '    ;    #u,Jp0tPrs *aid when asked what weather aln contributed    lo    a    ,v afCepl’ this    H„,k thf irs,Kna.    served ti the suspensions of    five    Peters sale^    “hen    asked reduced crowd but    the    drizzle    tion ot „ p„|,ce officer who re-    H'" 0,'ms «"* ‘"tl'aTp    He also sa id hebelieves on slopped and clouds parted long tired about nine months ago. blately the man "'ho issued lh    .    .    ■ enough lo allow Ihe traditional ,.\ resolution is on file al the suspensions sa.d Friday    (be    ban.    o    '    wh'ttatatows, thai wreath laying ceremony lo pro- city r|erk-s Offit-o accepting Ihe I’olice Chief Wallace l.ai clots •    ■    •    ,-itjzens    of ceed unhampered    resignation of    former Assistant    made the remarks in a civil    aer-    '    the oolice Buried in 1M4    Chief Kenneth Vanous, effective vice commission hearing on the .    ,    ,d    b    bes, Der 21 1973    appeals of Ihe five officers,.department, wouiu Hoover was buried on this ,||s ,.’esj ,io„ was previous. whom ^Peters suspended early se^jf_J<*nsonjs immediately ...ura^    d    I)’ accepted effective Jan. 23. last month 1964. Ihe following year a Boys ^    1 chih from Pekin. III. laid a Vanous took early retirement Wallace .Johnson and Detectives p!"    7*    J* ma rkV" ako aD_ wha* has^econw^an annual blsl    * elatmedWih Md,ap. Bober,    0^-    Md    Jp. tradition    compensatory    time and vaca-jchester. Darwin Ammeter    andjp    anchester    Rosdai, and Am- c ,    ’    ,    .    .    n    M    „    tion time due him would make Donald Rosdail. They were sus- .<i ii! av moi lung » ct en <    ^ actual effective date of his pended after thev were indicted mes involved youth for the most .    ..    .    in74    l    .    a Dart Hoovpr was instrumental! ^    Jan’ 23 ’ i9'4’ and b>' a    Srand ,Ury 00 P '■    f    ‘    ‘    '.    that date was accepted bv the charges of perjury, obstruction in sponsoring youth organiza-i ..    ..    v J " 8 7.    h . 3    „„„„„ tions and Saturday a number of! y council. .    of justice and in some cases tions anct .Saturday a number of.    however, Auditor Bob conspiracy. ISh tJST    McMahan said there are dis- P V 100th birthday. ly returned to work. _    ..    civinf    Each    of the other lawyers at The five are Assistant Chief ^ ^    |hen askpd u. meter — and he said they did. .Meeting Adjourned The commission was adjourned then, only 35 minutes after it convened. The commis-,aPeters specified the indict- sioners met privately to make a Boys clubs drum and bugle c r e F a n c • e s between what men(S as the reason for the sus- decision, but Chairman Allen lips’ led the procession to the ^anous (,l*ums and what city pensjons, not the alleged illegal Yarowsky declined lo predict corps led the procession w _ :    d    show    is    due    him gravesite. There the Chicago.recoins snow is due nim. acts named in the indictments. Questioned when the decision would be an-children’s choir, composed of 74 Acc°rding to c*ly records- ^he    Questioned    nounced. young people from throughout    I*    V.    i    „    7    a    h    After    the    hearing.    I.al-eters the Cill    presented two    gelee-    ^ Dce' 2I'    Wh,’n ,he pay    dls' He was    qi*estione-d Friday by    was asked    whyi it    hP has tions    '    P    ^    Pute surfaced in March,    the    a lawyer    representing Johnson    changed his    mind regarding the Dr.    Joseph    McCabe,    chan-councd was    ^°'n£ t0 cban8e    tbe    about his    (LaPeters i own in-suspensions,    he didn't    merely cellor    of    Coe    college in    Cedar    res'Snat‘on    da,e. ,0 December,    vestigation into the allegations    reinstate the    officers. Rapids, then followed with a l,ut put doing s0 at the of wron8d°inR    .    .    The    chief    said    he    was    not    sure The Weather Mrs. Charles Reitz Hospitalized — Mary Nemec Kilberger, 1508 Twelfth avenue Iowa Deaths    I®®*    ls    a    patient    at    Mercy hospi- ...    ^    .    nn    tai.    Visitors    are    permitted. I Elizabeth R. Reitz, 87. of 431 Lisbon — Grace Whitlock. 90.    v    .    .    ,    .    .    ’    ’ Monday at    1:30 at Morgan’s    *    *    *    Longwood drive NE,    wife of where friends may call after 2 Games — Sat.-Sun. Montrose. Charles Reitz and a Cedar 'doors. 6:30.—-Adv,    Rapids resident most of her life, Myles Roach, 54.    *    *    *    died Friday following    a long Radios    Taken    —    Howard    illness. Fvtended Forenst — Partly I Catholic church. Waukon. Visi-!Helm. manager of Kingston sta- Born March 25. 1887. at Hills- rlmiHv to Houdv through the tation 2_10 Monday at Bakke-:dium. Friday reported two Mich., she was married Sri w^ L chan oTf rain in Hanson s-    radios valued at $400 taken from Sept. 29. 1928, at Ottumwa. Mrs. ^^«t norficm ^arlv Vlondav 7n^IVi'n^w7,?^ ,Fll!°n' Cedar Rapids Community Reitz was a member of First the east portion early Monday 70. Monday at 10:30 at Mur- ,    .    ,.    ,    .    ;    ,    ,    ,    *.    rnnorooaMnnai ^hnrr-h ana u/ac and in the west Wednesday, doch chapel, Marion. Visitation Schools district trucks parked at Congregational church, and was Tpmneratures are exDected to after 0 a.m. Saturday at Mur- the stadium.    a 59-year member of C edar temperatures are expected to    riar    M    ,    ,    chapter. OES. be below seasonal normals, with    ...    os;-    a u ■ c _________ r,v-    ,------1    park.    Legion    Lanes    will re-open Surviving in addition to her number of readings from Her- reJueat of ^nous' attorney. bort Hoover addresses    Vanous    has    flled    su"    ask,nB for the back pay he believes is Participants    due    him,    about    $5,000 High temperatures Friday', low temp eratures overnight and inches of pre ciPitation: Anchorage    60    49 W    L Angeles    79    65 Atlanta    84    68 . 45    Miami    86    80 Bismarck 74 43.06 Min'apolis 81 6$ .32! Sundav. Chicago    73    70    N. Orleans    97    71 Oenver    71    4j .08    New York    84    63.28    Waukon Duluth    72    57    Phoenix    104    82    nf pra.j.ip Hti    Chirr,    Wi«;    Tnrs- Honolulu    89    77    Seattle    82    56    OI Hdinp ail    mien,    wis.    iuth- Houston ..    89    78.03    washington    83    68.32    dav at 10:30 at St. Patricks lows in the upper 50s to lower 60s and highs in the upper 70s to; ^n.«. Sunday afT^o V M°"day a m Au*USt 12 ~Adv 1 hUSband * 3 SiS'er’ N“a S"ider' r, ii* if u-ii    ,    a    *    *    Wichita,    Kan. Powell s. Visitation immediate-    ,    _    *    _    _    , fly.    Car    Entered — John G. Services: Turner chapel east st. Olaf — William Ct Herr- Dennis. Fairfax, Friday report-;at noon Monday by the Rev. Participating in the wreath-! laying were Boys clubs from TWO Listed 8S Des Moines, Ames. Omaha.    , rn Minneapolis, Sioux City Dubu- r3ir FoMOWinQ que, Waterloo and Pekin, III. Ai a • J There were Boy Scout and Girl AUTO Accidents Scout groups from Cedar; Two persons were in fair con- in “My conclusion is that it is an hp had the authority to do so once the civil service commission was formally involved, and that he believes the hearing was the proper place to have the question decided. Culver: Must Halt Inflation To Help Housing Rep. John Culver (D-Iowa), surveying the housing situation Hearing Sept. 4 In Police Case _    .    .     I______ - I Cedar Rapids Saturday. Rapids, Waterloo. West Branch clition Saturday at Mercy hospi-: warned that “unless inflation is A hearin8 has ^en set for 9 and a number of other Eastern tai with injuries suffered early ,    ...    .    „• a m. Sept. 4 on a petition for a Iowa communities.    Saturday in a two-car collision    more    10    ge    .    '    writ of certiorari filed on behalf William B. Anderson, presi-    on highway 218 just    south of the    tban heretofore, the housing in-    0f sjx present and    former dent-emeritus of the Hoover    airport road.    dustry in the United States will    members of the Cedar    Rapids Presidential Library Assn., pro- Daniel J. Richardson. 19, of continue to deteriorate.”    police department indicted by vided the welcome for what was    814 Owen street NW. suffered a    Citing skyrocketing mortgage    the IJnn £rand jury. indeed a solemn ceremony in    fractured leg and    Ervin Ege.    jnterest rates and increased ma-    The petition for the writ was remembrance of Hoover.    Swisher, suffered a dislocated (erjai costs at a meeting in the filed thursday morning, asking “We have a place here that is hip and facial lacerations.    neighborhood development field the court to nullify the findings very meaningful, ’ Anderson They were injured when cars office Culver said ‘ housing cm/4 4 < I .I ,, c emir cdr thin      I___ TA  I n I____ r« of the grand jury because the said. “Let us now ask the Great driven by Ege and Rodney R. shortages mav soon'become the ^and jury itself was allegedly Architect of the Universe to Hrdlicka, 19. of 717‘i Ellis boil- norm rathrr than the excep- invalid lower 80s C. R. Weather High Friday ...........  74    mann. Tuesday at 1:30 at ed 19 stereo tapes valued at $124! Glenn Bender. Burial: Memorl- Low overnight    .....68    Lutheran    church.;taken from his car while it was a1 cemetery in Ottumwa. Noon Saturday . ........... 74 K v“Tatfon““t"y’ 7^ 3S P»rked at the Cedar Rapids Friends may call at Turner cast Rainfall ....................1.92{sunday at Witt’s.    Roller Drome, highway 30 W. after I p.m. Sunday and until Total for August ........... 4.31    Tama    -    Mrs.    Joe    Chy    ma,    Ti    I    *    *    *    11:30 am. Monday. The casket Anaerson men ioia inc MCrCy hospital and released. I "d ^pniVspnTatives of^hous- Detectives K e n n e t h Millsap. Normal for August ........ 2.97    Pending at Mason-Hand’s.    Roses — $2.50 a dozen, cash will not be opened after the ser-jyoungsters and others in the Richardson was a passenger in inp industrv in OHar RaniHs Donald Rosdail. Robert Man- Normal through August .. 23.16 ArlinxtoD _ George Bassett and carn'. 4 Seasons Florists, vice.    crowd    to    look down the valley Hrdiicka's car    *    •    L    deli-    chester, and Darwin Ammeter. *TWni fAr 1Q74    15 Rn 73' Sundav at 2 at United 3028 Mount Vernon Road—Adv      toward    the    little    cottage    where    *    *    *    in    nis iaiK prepared tor aeu    Wallace lotal tor 1974 .............35 80 Methodist church. Burial: Cass    *    *    *    VICR L    Hoover    was born “This is /,.L    .    •    . ie very, Culver said the shortages Assl ol'c^ Chiel Wallate Barometer, rising .........29.87    township cemetery. Strawberry    ^    * D. .    .    Viola E. Beecher ho®*i was Dom. iras k |bree persons injured at 1:15 woujd «impose heavy burden Johnson is charged with perjury Humidity at noon ......... 90%    Point. Oleim-S. ''    Tttpes Taken - Dan Richard-| Viola E Beecher, 85, of Cedar|"ie(re„(,VIr,„H00Ver    the,a    m. Saturday in a two-car colli- on the indu;try and also on and obstruction of justice. bless this 100th anniversary ccr-'jevard NW, collided. Linn depu-jR0n        r    Indicted    for conspiracy, perju- emonv.”    |ties charged Hrdlicka with fail- ^ meetinK vvas attended by r>’< and obstruction of justice book Down Valiev    ure to yield half of th* roadway. I Dg|e    Bryant    director    of the'*ere Cedar    Rapids Safety Com- \ ode r son then told    Ihe    ..”.rd ll.'n 5    ,rf3t*d.31 c«<ar Rapids    housing    office, I ^si.®ne.r.    SWi^ck.and Roses - $2.50 a dozen, cash | will not be opened after Ihe    ser-j youngsters and others in    mcrtardson was a passenger Wind direction and velocity at; Npw Vienna—• Laurence wi sui,, m,    >"<w    r,‘’    Rapids    route    I.    died    Friday _ c . „    J    Westhoff.    70. Monday at 10:30f* day reported 26 music tapes ,/    ..    „    „    ...    cu'    —    -i— — •— ----- ------- avenue noon, Sat 8 mph    at St. Boniface’s. Visitation vajued at jj82 taken from his    a    ,    nithat    han^    over    us    we    are    re*    treated Sun rises Sunday, 6:10; sun after 6 Ikn^turtjr ,t, whj| , parkfd in the w* born Apr,I 29. 1689. -sets, 8:13.    ;    Kramer    sjn Dyersville, inste.d|7nil    iGreenville, Tenn sion at the intersection of Third those least able to cope with “In spite of the dark clouds avenue and Fifth street SE werelmnZ"Vt increases -at hang over us we are re- treated at Merev hosDital and laflal ®nar> ^ost ^creases in;minded of the great religious.released    e    elderly,    the    poor,    and    those on fixed incomes.” low. 65; rainfall, .09. Mississippi Stages (Flood stases in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 5.4, rise .1 Lansing (18) 8.8, no change —Text— (Continued from Page I.) openness and candor with full Ethel Sat- Open after resurfacing Sat. " ‘ v * ‘ ’ ,™“; ■“‘’"TV, ait a b I i s h i n g freedom in this j^e Boley 36 of 2IM8 F avenue ,he Prn ale SPC,or *”*[ on un™*-: confidence that honesty ts terthwaite, 79. Monday at 1:30, A' ,ftth 12 n00n May* city brother. Burton Mercer. Cedar ,    r"'e'n    Jj    fM”    r    a    ™' ponstve governmental economic a|w,y, best poije,. in y,, United Methodist -hurch. Zding Lanes-Tdv    RaPids:    thrw frandchildren „Hoy fitli„g „ „ ,oday when    °fiPolicy.    He also saidI the housing fnd. Buna.: Greenwood cemetery.    .    and    four    oreat-crandchildren. honor ^ dedlcatlon js ques-    c*,"    isRu<‘ez<‘    W,H Provid« an early My fe]|ow Americans, our ,    of after 6 Sunday as reported170(1 block of Ellis boulevard NW. J'*    ‘T*''''    ^heritage    that    so    many    like    PoR^    said    tbe    collision    in-.    r..iv<»r    iaij    thp    hlamo    no)    an Year Ago Today - High. 8/; earlier.    *    *    *    ..    .    V    l/LJL    "l-”!    „    Hoover    possessed    in    helping    «*s-    voived    cars    driVpn    bv    Sandra    Cu,ver    lt,ld    ,he    blame    n<)t    00 West Liberty cemetery,! Muscatine. Snider’s. Anamosa William Willard Wvn-'OS- RrAch f>barw»l -vt 1(1 .    --------.—, .    .    1>1,s    roiey    sunercu    a    scalp Auto Rallies — Iowa region of ^ ^ Monday Burial C^dar^-*000^ |bat    remeiyiber laceration. Allen s injuries were a man like Herbert Hoover. Mrs. Foley suffered a scalp lteat of the new administration. •President Ford has been: Our Constitulion works; our long national nightmare is over. not determined. Dam 9 (18) 13.9. no change Dayhoff, 67. Monday at 1:30, the sports car club of America,. *. . McGregor (18) 7.3. no change iGoettsch’s. where friends may wd| rajj„ a, 7    Saturday    Pia    ^r,ends    may    caB Guttenberg (15) 4.9. rise .I ! call after I Sunday.    .    c,,„An„ k„nmK;_n ‘ the chapel Sunday. Dubuque (17) 8.L rise.I    Montirello    -Hazel Wilkins ! n00n Sunday    at    __ .    f 4.    ....    ,    .. Davenport (15) 5.4, rise .5    80. Monday at 11 Goettsch’s. Lindale north lot.    -ic*    e    v0lces    the chddr^n s was a passenger in his car. suf- Keokuk (16) 4.9, rise 1.3    Chelsea    — Tillie Riha, 9ft.I    *    *    *    Hu^^FoiriLt    ,hT°Ugh th^ va,1ey fered pains in her right shoulder . Tuesday at 2, Hrabak’s-Burial:, Dr Zmcos Chiropractic Office'    ”    at    PhTftP    ’of    au8menting    the peaceful sui- a charge of driving through a iAiil.    ... .. Proci/;on. . Cedar at C.R. ,13) A IS. ria, Nstlona, cemetery. Vining, clotted Aug. 15 lo 19. Orthopedic Memories by the Rev, John P roundings.    stop    sign    was    filed    against Mrs, ™ /I J an ft ?<""S «>ly r'8bteousn«» bu, •40    Vinton—-    Mrs. Felix Tick- and X-Ray Seminar.-Adv. Woods of Westminster Presby-! As the wreaths were laid on Foiey.    !°^ar(l    . ,ove< not on,V Just,ce but mercy. Fires    worth, 60. White-Phillips.    *    *    *    terian    church.    Burial:    Cedar    the    grave    a violinist played the    *    *    *    r    rom    what    I    hate    seen bere. wp bind up the internal It indeed    seemed    appropriate.    sbeda    Allen    28    who    Hves    at    duoted as I*!»    “'“'J"    Rreat republic is    a government After days    of    national    anxiety    thp    „me    addrpvc    as    a    lion    and    channelinS of    crodlt    in,°    fhe    of laws and not    of men. Here - ■    lhe    housing sector    that I    have    ad-    the people rule.    But there is a located. Culver said.    higher power,    by whatever He said he believes congress ;name we honor Hinit ^ or. 2:47 p m. Friday. Children Bennett — Ida Von Roden. Warehouse Entered - George Memorial. --- r    |    Q    .    VInnHay      —     o-    Stephen Foster of Hoover's william Scott Galbraith. 14. of thePe    WlU    °F    al!ll,tly    wounds    of    Watergate,    more KW    a!    a?'    139    Pdace    Cfmrch Christ A. S v o h o d a . 1025 Twenty-    _oi_ru” ~~A    h" Tt”' 3611 rtrtMf    NE‘    *»s    Ire oronde'd "    P*inful    and m0re P°ison<>us lhan 5:02 nm Fridav Investigate United where friends may call seventh street, Marion. Friday Man, 21, Charged lowed by the playing of laps re|eased Fnday from St. Luke's p    those    of foreign wars, let us resmoke odor at 698 Fifty-eighth after 9:30 Monday. Sheets and reported four or five cases of With Damaqinq Car and ,ben ,he crovvd proceed^ hospital after he .suffered a back    ,    store    the Golden Rule to our po- courtSW    Som.    Tipton.    antifreeze    valued    at    about    $120    .    back toward the library area, to injury Thursday when the bi- Sentence Women in Iitical process, and let brotherly 6:43 p.m. Fnda\ Short in • PnnR>\1 p    ’'    taken    from    a    warehouse    at    2930    Steven    Erlacher,    2!.    of    14.16    await afternoon ceremonies. cycle he was riding and a car Mail Order Fraud *ove Pur£e our hearts of suspi- Sons, Tipton. ______   in    Springville — Bruce H. Ful-| television set arifio5 Fifteenth ton. 70. Monday at 10:30. Mur-: street SF.    doch’s in Marion where friends First avenue NE 6:53 p.m. Friday. Mistaken may cal! after 9 Sunday,    *    * alarm at 1256 Eighteenth ave- Burial; Cedar Memorial. Cedar Fajj nue SW. 7:42 p.m. Friday. Short in television set at 1931 Washington avenue SE. 9:23 p.m. Friday. Flush gasoline at accident at. Twenty-seventh avenue and Bowling street SW'. Rapids. Hiss Sees "New Bever avenue SE, was charged Friday with injury’ to a vehicle, opening Monday 10:30 Erlacher allegedly threw a A M Rose’s Candle NicheJ^0^6 which broke fhe wind-Marion.—Adv    shield    in a car parked in the * * *    3400    block    of    .Alt.    Vernon    road Man Arrested collided. The accident happened at Tw0 Waterloo women pled 10:05 p.m. Thursday    at the    in-    8udty m Cedar Rapids federal 5850    Buralarv    tersection of P’ortv-second street    court Thursday to mail fraud in '    and Golf street NE    connection with an alleged at- Kevin S. Morgan, 18,    of 86 Six-;    police said a car    driven    by    tempt to order merchandise cion and of hate. p    f    I ,• ii Selling S. E. Beauty shop. ^^ Thp car was owned by Mike )eonth avenue SW, was charged Dav,d Gregory. 24. 1058 Regent from the Spiegel mail order era Of Justice good established business. 363- kappas, 281 Fifteenth street Thursday with breaking and en- street NE. was eastbound on company without paying for it. PARIS (APt — Alger Hiss, 5818 7:43 a m. Saturday. Short in whom Richard Nixon helped grinder at 1120 Twelfth avenue §end to pnson jn 9:09 a rn. Saturday. Air-e-vac SP.V case 25 years Adv * * NW.    Itering. Police in the area stopped a Morgan allegedly took at airport. i a sensational Groceries delivered every day car *n which Erlacher was rid- stereo set valued at $850 from bound on Forty-second street. >'ear probation, ars ago. said except Sunday. Nelson’s ‘ Oro- tnS af,er hearing the sound of the Kenneth Vine residence. Gregory was charged with fail-! Kathenne N( Nixon resigna- eery and Meats. 362-3189 -Adv. breaking glass. Officers re- 1333 A avenue NE. on Tuesday ure to stop for a stop sign    t0    four Pajama-Clad Ford Seeks Newspaper ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) President Ford appeared baby blue pajamas Saturday to Riviera start his first full dav as Chief Fridav that the  .....  .      -    -    .    ...    „    .    ,    . Hon may ope,, “a new era of    *    *    *    le’,',‘d    Jh,e    "CCU,pants'    abul    ar‘    or Wednesday. justice in our country.”    See    Women's    World    in    Class!,    rested    Erlacher later when they Bond was set at $5,000 and The Hiss case brought Nixon lied. Patterns, Needlecraft, discovered the damaged car. Morgan was taken to the county his first national publicity.    Sewing    Machines,    etr. It hap-    ~    _    ~    jail. Hlsn, who lives in New York pens e\ery day!—Ads.    Two    Persons Charged in is vacationing on the French    *    *    »    wj,h    Drunk    Driving    Possible    Brake Tapes Missing — Edmond VV.    a Trenkamp, 1035 Thirtieth street. Two persons were charged!    Defect Is Cited Marion, Saturday reported 20 I* riday with drunk driving music tapes valued at $130 Terry Allen Cook. 21, no I* LINT, Mich Peruvian Magazine He poked his head out the    9 door of his clapboard suburban Washington    home just    after    j dawn and looked down the steps zjne forj!is m0rning newspajser. ItJ0f insulting President Juan hadji t arrived yet.    'Velasco’s military regime, was About half an hour later he ordered reopened Thursday, peeked out    again and it    still    Closing    of    the    magazine,    high- hadn t arrived    jy ^pyjar in Latin America.!    r    . Shelley Deming. 14. the paper raised a fyroj. both in Peru and “ ~ girl. delivered the President’s abroad Even Velasco support Washington    Post at 6:45    a m,Lrs    criticized    the    measure. She handed    the paper to    a se-__ _ (UPI (len in the beginning I asked you to pray for me. Before closing I again ask your prayers for Richard Nixon and for his family, May our former President, Golf street when it collided with Gladts Roby, 32. pled guilty to **o brought peace to millions. a the bicycle, which was south- one CTunt and was put on one 'ln<1 " for himself. May God ‘ in.    bless and comfort his wonderful Newman, 26, pled w‘^e and daughters whose love counts and was and loyalty will forever be a sentenced to one year imprison- j shining legacy to all who bear & I LAC\ TL Ii.*    ment    on each. The sentences lbe lonely    burdens of the White J I ,64U I h6Tt in    were suspended, however, and House. Cn n I she was placed on two years' J can only guess at those bur-.i\. DUrCjldry probation.    dens, although I have witnessed Fred W. Todd. 1529 A avenue--at close band the tragedies that NE. Thursday reported items Enates Lodae Teams betell three Presidents and the valued at $1,640 taken in a A K, .    .    lesser trials of others. breakin at his residence    ^re    National Champs    “Very    Best    I    Can” I he items included three shot- The men s ritual and escort With all the strength and all Going Out of Business! The with failure to have his vehicle rear brake pipe that could re-Folks and Uncle Leonard,[under control    auk in a loss of the rear brakes    vi ■vfwv wuremvm    countless    Americans    I    have en- Marion Selling out entire stock Gook was released on $1,000 Ihe loss will bo signaled to W ASH I NOTO N (AP) — The ritual and escort teams countered in recent visits to 40 all week; auction Sat Aug. 17th, bond    the driver bv the brake warning Former President Nixons re- werp participating in class “C” states. I now solemnly reaffirm £ A    herm An tho mein imani nunol a I ac I mr, nnmmiit>« Un«.  ------- 1    ___ ... .    "    "-nutt tit * * *    Mary    Reid. Notice: All City Brief Adver- land boules tisements must he in The (ia- ed a? 9 49 p rn «77«; finn Colilcmnnl    nal 0rder of    Eagles in    Milwau-    me.    and with the goodwill of the ai to,uuu deTTiemeni Allp 2    mmti***    i    h------- VV ASH I NG TON i AP i -J .... ------ _          „    . -rmer President Nixons re- werp panicipaung in class l siaies, I now solemnly re light on tho instrument    panel    election committee has agreed    competition Thev also    look fifth    mv    promi.se I made to you last •id.    43.    of 2*16    Fruit-    bv a"    increase in brake    pedal    to pay the Democratic national    p|acp in ,be    p^rark-    Dec    6: to uphold the Conatitu- yard    SW    was arrest-    travcl    and m normal stopping    convention $775,000 in settle-    'n* (’edar    Hapjds    a Friday in the distance- Rapids auxiliary tion, to do what is right as God cret service agent who in turn ...    $ D    , knocked on the door and gave it Watches Reported zette Classified (Mike by 10:15 2600 block of Bowling street SW a m day cf publication. (ll a m. Police also charged her with $300 Fine Imposed ment of a civil suit arising from drj|j and ritual teams won sec- gives me to sec the right, and to the Watergate break in, the (>nd pjace jn c|ass > Competi- do the very best I ran for Democrats say. Stolen from Store Jor Sunday). Dial 388-8234. failure to carry and display a — Adv.    J valid Iowa driver’s license and Watches valued at $379 have    * a    *    failure    to    have her vehicle un- deliverv rn macer 6000 repor,pd taken from two    Fred C.    Fisher    Jr.,    Allen    T.    der    control „    8    display cases in a breakin at G yarowsky, William D. Martin,! Mrs & R Drug Co. 1209 Fourth ave- and john ll. Ehrhart. announce $625    bond nue SE.    they have    moved    their law    of- The 47 watches were reported    flee from 415 Granby    Building missing Thursday bv Joseph G. to 4»o Paramount Building. -Gatto, 359 Thirty-first street SFL Adv. who operates the business i    ................... to the President .Shelley told reporters she was sorry about being late but the circulation for her territory was late Thf (ffdnr JRupul i $;tjf44f Estobliihed In HU by The Coiffe Co ann pubHthed dolly ond Sunday ot 500 Third ave SE. Cedar Rooid$ io**a 52406 Second cl"** pottage paid ot Ceoor Rapids, I two For Drunk Driving Suspends Ehriichman Richard Henry Bartling. 119 OLYMPIA. Wash. (UPI) — I ifth street NW, pled guilty in The state supreme court Friday Reid was released on maK*strate’s court lo an April ll suspended John Flhrlichman charge of drunk driving He was from law practice because of tined $300 and costs.  his conspiracy conviction place in class “A” compete do the very best I can for tion,    America. The Scarlet Angels drill team God helping me, I will not let placed fourth in jvarade youth you down groups competition    Thank    you When you run a classified ad , . . plan on being home to answer your telephone! Subicr.ptioo rote* by eorrl*r 95 < *nt* o •'•tx By moil. Night Edition nod Sunday 6 issue* 13 75 a month, 139.00 a yeor At ♦•moon Editions and Sunday J issues 13 IS a month. SAO OO o yeor Other states ond U S territories 560 OO a veer No Mon Subscriptions accepted In oreos hovtng Codette cornier service. Wallace Home MONTGOMERY. Ala (UPI) Governor George Wallace re-The Associated Press is entitled j turned home Friday alter a «■«* in a Birmingham hospital for minor surgery. poper os well os oil AP ne*s dispatches WEDDING FLOWERS for Beauty from . . . PIERSON’S'?;" Vour FFD Florist I NBO Flite Blvd. NW Flosserphone KB-IN20 Mf KSU . . UM nuns , Prompt Wef/rerg PKI K S FTI! HOW FII SHIM* 5008 ( enter Pl. Rd. N.I.. 383-5565 For 61 yeari ... flowers for all occasions •IOIIN K. LACKS t jSti Convenient downtown lotation 308 Third Aveny* Si. 365-0511 Now, two completely -staffed locations to serve you. John B.'Ilinier&Son Turner s East. 800 Second Ave SE Turner s West, 1221 First Ave West J ;

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