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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., August 3, 1974 Pet Raccoon Taken from Car A pot racoon owned by Danny Joe McNabb, 1122 Regent street NE, Saturday was reported taken from his car at the Bank Tavern, 3969 Center Point road NE. McNabb told police the four and a half month old animal, valued at $25, was taken between 11:30 p.m. Friday and 2 a rn, Saturday. Percy Is in Presidential Nomination Race To Stay DEATHS Paul Wright UH WI AT HHf OK* ASI® Showers and thunderstorms are expected Saturday night in New Mexico, the Great Lakes and most of the Northeast. Clear to partly cloudy weather is expected elsewhere. Paul Wright, about 60, of Lakewood, Colo., a resident of Cedar Rapids until about 15 I years ago, died Friday in Lake-! wood. Mr. Wright owned the Magnus I hotel in Cedar Rapids and was a member of Immaculate Concep-| tion church. Services:    S t. Bernadette’s church in Lakewood at IO a.m. Monday. The body is at McColl a t y ’ s funeral home in Denver. Third Fire In Two Days At St. Luke's Bn Frank Nve    I    his remarks, which he did not Robert Ray would landslide his thin! fire in two days was Yes    I    S    Sen    Charles Percy I follow but said he    stood behind.    Democratic    foe,    State Sen'discovered Friday    evening    on will continue    his    quest for    the I Percy praised the    house judith-    .lames Schaben, to    win a fourth    the sixth floor at St. Luke’s hos- ary committee for the “dignity,term.    pital. and overriding sense of respon-i Following his address, Percy E , at the hospital sibility” with which it conducted took a microphone and roan}e f0lind |he fire at 11:30 p m. televised impeachment hear- through the audience, accepting    lounge.    The fire was ings-    Un.! answering questions.    ^    m lr„sh *lnd a ^ “The American    people saw    ann*at.aA nt    police reported. teated con-    Percy and    Riley    appeared at    i ^ f.;..... a workshop for senior citizens ll    I    vauixivil    MMM    »—    j    t hypothetical question at a news approached their solemn task in 19/6 Republican presidential nomination even if Vice-president Ford is then the nation’s Chief Executive as a result of I rn p e a c h rn e n t proceedings against President Nixon. The Illinois lawmaker at first first hand The fire was extinguished by shied away from answering that pressmen and congresswomen «,    |    employes.    Police and fire de- from all paris of (he country;*! Kirkwood Communa collegc|__    ,........ late Friday afternoon, discuss-1 payment cs- investigators were Thev also were honored joint-1    fires    were iv at a fund-raising cocktail Thursday night in utility rooms party at the James Coquille!* on opposite ends of the sixth residence in Cedar Rapids prior Moor. The fires caused minor lo the Town House dinner. | dama*e and were «tingui«hed _ __________ j by firemen. ft.ii    Authorities    are investigating Foster Care Bill lhe possibly of arson. discovered Predicts Victory Percy predicted a victory Riley this fall and said Culver Fund Ann Sommer Ann Sommer, 69, of 113 First Setavenue d*ed ^aturday a^er The Weather High temperature Friday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation : Anch'raqa 68 56 L. Anqeles 82 67 Atlanta ..84 70 .08 Miami 8B 71 .45 Bismarck 72 38 Min'apolis 69 54 .97 Chicaqo 72 60 .11 N. Orleans 90 69 .58 Denver . 70 52 New York 89 71 .43 Duluth ...58 51 1.18 Phoenix ..101 84 Honolulu 89 74 Seattle 86 58 Houston 86 76 1.65 Washinqt'n 90 73 .06 Little or ,s.tott- 59-, Monday Iowa Deaths Senator Harold Hughes will be Strawberry Point — Mary sPeaker for a a lingering illness. Born Nov. 17, 1904, in Iowa for Gov. t? f ‘ City, she spent most of her life iater ;n addressing some reception for Sec-    sh„    ad conference Friday evening at the Town House motel, saying: “This is one area I should not j nor,” he observed, get into,’’ alluding to the fact he will have to vote in the senate if the house impeaches the President. “But,’’ he continued, on sec-1 ond thought, “my enthusiasm (in becoming the party’s 1976 nominee) has not been dampened one bit by the events of the last year and a half. “A Good Thing”    DES    MOINES    (AP) - Iowa’si for children who remained “It is a very good thing that I new foster care bill threatens Iunder *be jurisdiction of ju\e-Republicans have available for thp interests and rights of chil- nile courts- , the presidency such prospective ,    .    However,    the    new    law,    as    in-    Terry Kaye Dye, 18, , arrest- candidates as Reagan, Rocke-    *    8    terpreted by s°cial. Services^ Friday was being held in the feller, Ford, Percy and Baker    —    implemented by    the state de-    Commissioner    Kevin    Burns,    county jail Saturday in lieu of and, yes, Richardson.”    partment    of social services, ju-    allows the state to pay    for the    $60,000 bond on    five    criminal He repeated that listing    of    ve nile    court    judges have    care of only    those children    charges. charged.    whose custody    is turned    over to    Police arrested    Dye    at 9:57 The juvenile laws committee! the department.    ;a.m.    Friday    in    the    3800    block    of Judges: Hurts Children's Interests Terry Raye Dye Bonds Set at $60,000 Total Terry Raye Dye, 18, , arrest- repeated candidates about 90 minutes 250 Fmiiv    ok    \T^nHavatn    ond    district    roneressman    Tnhn!in    (edar    RaPids-    She    was    a    persons    at    a    $25-a-plate    fund-    of the Iowa District Court The rights of children in trou-vine avenue SE after a resident ’ v '    *    1    1    .-.-I_____a —.    j.j member of St. Patrick’s Catho- raising dinner in behalf of the Judges Assn. met with social hie and those of their families reported two men sleeping in a Bu r i a I : Oakland cemetery, I Culver Aug.    16 in Cedar Rapids. Manchester. Feeney’s.    ..    .    ... ,    .    , Vinton — Jesse Rice. 87. Hu8hea Wl11 host the recep-.pioye of May’s Drug Co. Monday at 1:30 at Campbell’s, j tion, along    with Senator    Dick    She is survived    by    a daughter, Mt. Vernon - Charlotte On- clark and a    guest speaker    to be; Mrs.    Harvy    Hellmer,    Edmonds, TT .    ,    XT J3 L 8 u lu announced later.    I    .»-_*-    —    ^ * - j:- .United Methodist ----- through: Baxter’s. Hedrick lie church and a former em*! Second district congressional services car. Extended forecast - Little or    {j^VtTd "‘Methodist"    church/jounced later.    Wash.; a son, Ronald Landis, no rain    Monday through    Baxter’s.    The event, scheduled at    8 p.m.    Marion; a stepsister,    Sister Wednesday.    A slow warming    Hedrick    — Norma    Marie    at the Town House Motor    Inn, is    Clare Hartman, Hayes,    Mont., trend should    prevail. Highs will    Showman,    3a. Monday    at IO at    held t0 ra]se funds for    anct four grandchildren. be in the upper 70s    to    low    80s    sunday at B atl^ynold’s Sis-    Culver’s    campaign    for    the    sen-:    Services:    Pending at Teahen Monday, warming    to    the    middle    ourney.    ate    seat    being    vacated    by funeral    home. 80s by Wednesday. Lows in 50s Victor — Dale Hansen, 22. Hughes. Regular tickets will be    --- Monday, warming to 60s ^oSow - Ate^c/a.terton,'*25' with discount tickets for Gary D. Rundall Wednesday.    75 Monday at 1:30 at the students and the elderly.    Garv    D    Rundall,    17,    of 302 C. R. Weather    A    $10°    per    coup!e private re' Seventh avenue, Hiawatha, died High Friday    ....    74    services at 7* at Hayden’s, ception will be scheduled prior Saturday following a sudden Low overnight .'...57 Wyoming    rto the public one. ., c . j    Anamosa    —    Mrs. Edward H.|    _ Noon Saturday ...............hi)    Herren> 82.    Monday at 1:30 at 2 p.m. Saturday    .......... 60    st. Paul’s    Lutheran church. Rainfall ......................60    Goettsch’s _ . . _ g5> personnel Friday to    are not the first concern of Tom    discuss the bill, which went into    social services, charged Polk    . j)ye was wanted on charges •    effect July I.    county juvenile court Judge    growing out of a June 12, burin the past, the state has    Donald Tidrick. He said the only;giary Jn which Mr. and Mrs. shared in the cost of foster care    place those rights can be    Donald Hladky, 3218 Bever ave- recognized is in a court. The judges argued that where they place a child should not be dependent on financial considerations. Burns said the department had supported leaving jurisdic-Two boys, ages 12 and 13, and    tion for a child with juvenile a girl, ll, were charged in con-    court judges, but that had some- City Briefs ! illness. A lifelong resident of Hiawatha, he was born Feb. 26, 1957, He would have been a senior at Kennedy high school in Cedar Glenn Hick-; Rapids. He was a member of (candidacy of State Sen. Riley of Cedar Rapids. Only this time he drew heartyj applause when he added: “That lineup makes our team look pretty good compared to the Democrats, doesn’t it?” ‘‘Apprehensive” Introducing Percy, the former Bell and Howell “wonder boy” president, Riley said “thought-; ful citizens are apprehensive about the long-term consequences to the nation and the    _    .. wo-party system stemming    ,hreo    7"?    a"d    *    bu‘ldl"g    d    ‘ from im JU^nt nmee.vtI    C0VCred    Sl,0rtly    after 2    am'    Sat' Two Boys, Girl Picked Up for Damage to Cars nue SE, were beaten and a July 18 armed robbery of the PDQ store, 225 Edgewood road NW, After his arrest Friday, Dye and his companion, Michael R. Hanks, 22, Boulder, Colo., were charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, possession of a controlled substance and carry- nection w’ith paint damage to how been lost in the legislative a concealed weapon. impeachment proceedings.” But regardless of their outcome, he continued, the nation urday at an apartment complex at 3000 J street SW. Police charged the three youths with three counts of ma- process. Total for August    2.16    °r,wein    —    Julia    Them, Total for 1974    33.65 Victor-    reported two antique crocks and an active member    of the    b    ------ "r— -------    A*——    ° Barometer rising    *>9 88 Iowa City -~R°bert Stuart, containing potted plants were church’s youth group. Barometer, rising .........of    Colly.    WU.    Monday    at    taken from his residence. ~ 1 No Witnesses; Charge Dropped Police said the car was stolen from Rosemont, 111. A handgun and a small quantity of hashish was found in the car when the two were arrested Friday. Hanks was taken to the county jail in lieu of $40,000 bond on the three charges filed Humidity at noon ...... .    MBJ    1.30    Burial:    West    Branch crocks were va|ued * $2, Wind direction and velocity at cemetery. George L. Gay s. The Surviving are his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Rundall; a Monona — Arthur F. Ulrich, 95, Duluth, Minn. Tuesday at sun 10:30 at Schultz’. 1 North English — George A Hanchett, 94. Monday at 2, Year Ago Today — High, 81; Powell’s 2 p.m., W at 13 mph. Sun rises Sunday, 6:03; sets, 8:22. low, 63; rainfall, none. Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets). Lacrosse (12) 5.2, rise .6. Lansing (18) 8 5, no change. Dam 9 (18) 12.9. fall .1. McGregor (18) 6 9, change. Guttenberg (15) 4.0, fall .1. Dubuque (17) 7.3. rise .2. Davenport (15) 4.9. rise .3. Keoku,k (16) 3 9. rise .4. * * * Rig Sale: Ellis Pro Shop Adv. * * * Equipment I aken — Leroy rison, Cedar Rapids. Onslow — 75. Hayden Oelwein — Florence Morse,, . . . 62. Sunday at 2:30, Eastside containing fishing equipment Church of Christ. Brant-Kcrns’. valued at $250 taken from his Clarence — lone Feters, 79. car at his residence. Owatonna, Minn. Monday at    *    *    * either of acquittal or conviction. ™u"t of maIlcl0US damage ,0 a A dru?acba[ge but only by a major reform of bu‘lding-. ,    .    ,.    „    as Donald Raher. 327 Eighth av-Friday. campaign financing laws.”    , The glrl and‘be ’2->'earJ°ld    fnue S?' was dr0PPed "hf"    ,bc    Dye, who was absent without Riley said two “inescapable”    ^ were caught In the Parkin8    tw0 witnesses for the state,    of-    leave from the marine corps at brother, Scott,    at    home;    andhis    facts ^ m contemp]atmg    lot by Martin Denlinger, who    ficers Tim Dolan and Terry    the time all of the alleged of- - grandparents,    Mr.    and    Mrs.!white Hou®e watergate trou-    lives in the aPartment hnifding^    Moyle of the Cedar Rapids    po-    fens** were committed, gave his Lauren Rundall, Cedar Rapids, bJes ^    ‘    The 13-year-old boy fled, but lice department, failed to ap- address as 1347 B avenue NE. and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Har- Fif t th Prt,sidents johnson was ordered to reP°rt to tbe Pcar at the preliminary hearing Mrs. John Listebarger, 850 youth bureau.    in and Nixon, — Allen Chattcrton, (>mey, 855 Twentieth street SE, Services: Monday at I p.m. in    The    damaged    cars ,. yoming.    Friday reporte^a tackte box CTapeUf Metnori^ byjte Rev.;^    'claim a deductl0n for owned by David Ted.au,    Irma poenaed. 1:30, Chapman’s, where n0 friends may call from 7-9 Sunday. Cedar at Cedar Rapids 3.92, fall .04. (13) Rival Probes of Securities Snafu in magistrate’s court Thursday. Thirty-fifth street NE, who mw were The two officers had been sub- ages the B avenue property for xx/ v.tu.xx a    ber tether-in-law, says Dye Wilbert    R. Trusheim    of Buffalo    ‘"f    7c7umul*ated    and James Casteel, all    Raher    had    been charged    with    never lived at the address he church.    Friends may    call after    wh®e acting as a    servant of the    of whom live in the aPartmcnt    P°ssessing    valium    and    amphe-    listed. noon Sunday at Cedar Memori3'. , jf the aiong with cab- C0™P|ex:, Best    Bentil    Rents    The    Bes.    J»"eral    bome andaat    thVhaPf    met members and members of    The 8lrl aad lbe younger boy lust    Rental    Rents    The    Best,    after noon Monday, friends    congress were    required to    were re,eased t0 their parents< * 4c *    ^ uthey    donate    ^    to    make    public    certified    copies    of Buffalo church.    'their    federal    income    tax    re turns. Adv.— Player Taken — Richard Hauschild, 1790 Country Club drive, Marion, Friday reported a tape player valued at $50 Memorial Services “Inadequate Laws” “Secondly,” he went on, NEW YORK (AP) Fires    prosecutors    have begun rival in- K mart east, Gas pan to vestigations of how $5.4 million, NE. in securities were first lost and    * _ .. then found in the city comp-Faulty * „ ,    ...    j    r Second troller s office. Special state prosecutor Maurice Nadjari began on Fri- 8:06 p.m. Friday motorcycle rear of 418 First av enue NW. 4:58 a.m. Saturday, alarm system at 224 street SE. 6:40 am. Saturday, heated furnace motor Eleventh street SW. Modracek. Joseph C. — ,10:30 a.m. Mondev in Chapel ...    ,, Two taken from his car while at ef Memories by the Rev. Ralph [Watergate itself emerged 180 Collins road Colton. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Arrangements by Cedar Memorial funeral home. Over- at 343 * 8 8 Games. Saturday, Sunday. Montrose. Doors 6:30.—Adv. * * * Stereo Taken — Mike Brug- Reagan at Odds With Reinecke -Mid-East— (Continued from Page I.) las with defensive weapons, in-bg. eluding ground-to-air missiles cause of inadequate laws limit- and anti-armor weapons, as ing campaign contributions. part of a deal with guerilla lead-“The plumbers unit would or ^ asir Arafat, have died aborning — the way    lebanon s minister of many new business ventures do stete. Albert Mukheiber, said tammes on July 14. ♦ * * Judge Anthony R. Scolaro dis- Car Strikes Tree; missed the charge on the motion    Driver    Is    Injured Daniel P. McDonald, 18, of of Raher’s defense attorney. The police officers said later they had not received notices to    Astern drive vSW, suffered aoDear in court    head cuts and bruises at 2 a ni. _ Saturday when the car he was driving jumped a curb and struck a tree in the 1400 block of First avenue NW. injcnrtu L'vn leu    McDonald    was    treated    at NORTH ENGLISH - George M ho (a| and .?,casfd A. Hanchett, 94, a retired farm- Services Are Monday For G. A. Hanchett Debut of Bus Is Embarrassment LOS ANGELES (AP) - A 60- can bend in the middle made its    . debut here and embarrassed jown pr^_ transit officials by creating a few bends of its own. The $90,000, 75-passenger bus moved out smartly from the Southern California Rapid Tran- day a probe of Comptroller ^eman> ^^0 Sixth avenue SE, Harrison Goldin's allegation friday reported a stereo re-that a ledger had been altered ceiver> a tepe player, a turnta* —-------   ,    .    .    .    A    charge    of failure to main- I—for lack of adequate working tbe Lebanese army was “re- er, di^ m University hospitals,({ajn controj 0f vehicle was capital.    sponsible for the protection of owa City, early Saturday fol- filed against McDonald q •    ,. **if we had strict limits on the country’s border and popu- lowing a long illness.    _ Un Kesignation campaign contributions the cov- 131ion, indicating Lebanon w'ill Born Jan. 7, 1880, at Brooklyn, —Humphrey— (Continued from Page I.) Lilly: ‘’Dear Bob, SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov- eruP Payments to HuRt and his not a^ow sophisticated Soviet he formerly lived in Cedar to make some of the monev and a record album taken in ernor Ronald Reagan says Lt. a8ent's cound not have been fi- a/^J™ tbe fiueri^as to enter Rapids ...    ,    , "SH-    ...    Rem    w?eavatedratt«r'    ^    r'Tf “ Rolnec,“ cauld' sPar<-    "*u plcdRcd lhat    pushing'    The papers claimed    Moscow    Mrs.    Merle    Jones,    and a    steV wr0,e    u,l)’:    *«■ And Manhattan District Attor-    "Oms were valued at $410.    California grave legal prob ems    nuey pieugea tnai    punning    y    v    _    »#..«    • u    , c osed    is th«' rnrrprt    hillino    fnr Bey Richard Rub. who said    *    *    *    by resignml immediately Rein- legislation to bar -campaign hod recognized Arafa .( Pales- son Dota Mullan,x, both of    correct    billing    for hue *th7t Nadjari didn’t have jurisdiction. Dress Patterns and Needle- eckc savs he has no such intcn- contr‘butlons immodest ‘e J r in rlza l(]n , .    .    .    P    s’,    *°    ^ran    ' foot-long, Swedish-built bus that d(?clared hp woul(j conduct his craft daily in the Classified Want tion.    amounts” would be one of his he sole representative of the daughters and four great- Ad section. — Adv.    Reinecke    convicted    of    Dcriu-    highest priorities as a congress- 1 antiman people, and as the grandchildren. *    *    *    ry last week. vowed Friday to man.    nghtful ruling power in —    ^ Television Taken — Laura    remain in office until he is    for-    Iowa Link Kueny, 1427 Second avenue SE,    mally sentenced. His term    ex-    Percy, claiming a solid link to Saturday reported a portable    pires at the end of the year.    Iowa through ownership    of a television set valued at $150    Sentencing is scheduled    for    family farm in the state’s    most Philip    I *aken m a breakin at her    resi-    Aug. 30 but Reinecke's lawyer is    northwesterly county of Lyon, expected to seek a delay on ap-    p r a i s ed President    Nixon’s    tactical    advice to sunormnate    Ul11 ~    nuLK'i1    ,,il* the Hubert H. Humphrey    cam- *    neal    rprm-H nf pnHincr thA    Viptnam    militarvf    commanders,”    the re-    seke-    21,    no    address, was being naiCTn    t.n.n ..    * Asian-Pacific Post to Habib sole ‘stin rightful ruling power .Palestinian state. two and four any Services: Monday at 2, Powell’s. WASHINGTON (AP —Cambodia— (Continued from Page 4.) Man Arrested For sit District’s huge parking lot in .. ...    .    ... , suburban El Mont.. Friday-and “ablb: 54’ a" e*^r< on Vle'nam prpmptly clipped the rear of a    Nixon    n3m    V dence. to subordinate IOWA CITY — Robert Da Lennen & Newell, Inc. Please return the check to us and we will forward it to Lennen & Newell. Very truly yours, Jack L. Chestnut.” Lilly’s lawyer. Anthony Nicholas of San Antonio, sent a statement quoting Lilly as saying: Breakin *rutb and in fact, the money was to go to Jack Chestnut for peal. record of ending the Vietnam new station wagon The bus, on loan from the Stockholm transit system, is manufactured by Volvo. Called an articulated vehicle because it is jointed in the middle, it has a steering component in the rear    tt wheels and accordion-like corridors through which passengers can move from the front section to the rear Thirty of the buses are lo be purchased for use in Los Ange- as assistant! The career diplomat worked closely with Secretary of State Kissinger in the Paris negotiations which led to the accords Groceries delivered daily. Reinecke told reporters: “I war, establishing diplomatic re- P°rfsaid    ^,e^d    ^terdav in Iowa City for secretary    of    .state for East Asia (ExcePl Sunday). Nelson’s Oro-    am the lieutenant governor and    lations with Red China and a    “It is his interpretation of ex-    Ccdar Hapids^authorities, and the Pacific.    C0IT and Meat. 362-3189 —Adv.    I will be until Dec. 31 or until all    detente with Russia, and work-    isting laws that congress did not    ^ e was Plcked UP by    Iowa *    *    *    post-trial motions are exhausted    ing for peace in the Middle East,    mean to preclude ’advising’ at    .7. P°‘lce at H P m- friday Breakin Reported — Janice    and judgment entered. I am;    Turning to domestic affairs,    the level at which he performs.”    I~ attempting to break    into Bergert, 1539 E avenue NE, Sat-,    confident that the post-trial mo-    Percy labeled inflation as the    The report noted that five sep-    th^,(fn8r^gat,onaI church, urday reported a stereo and tions will be successful.”    nation’s    No.    I    problem    and    re-    arate acts of congress prohibit * ar P s P°hcc had is- S. participation in the'telfvisio? set of undetermined Reagan told a newsman Previewed efforts to curb it as (I) the U. S. from taking'a military SUed 3 warrant for Daseke in Vietnam war    j^alue    taken in a breakin at heyday that Reinecke could sim- .stopping wage and price con- advisory role in Cambodia For a time Habib, son of a residence‘ ^    l?!if.y    <2)    ^ating    a    bill    to    re-    It    said    that,    despite    a Habib, son of a immigrant, connection with a July 26 holdup at the Danish Book World in team in Paris following resigna tion of David K E. Bruce. Habib has been ambassador Lebanese Christian immigrant ,    T    T    ~    iT’ fURRested Thursday by duce taxes and <3» adopting a gressionally-established limit of headed    the    I    S    neuofiatine    , u*8lonnairt‘s keeP cool-dance ^tate Attorney General Evelle    budget control act that gives    200 embassy    personnel, an Ee6i(>ri Hall, ,Sat. Aug 3, 1974 h (‘linger.    congress a chance to know what    average    of 215    to 222 U. S mili- Vern Josifek Band .-Adv. ; Younger’s opinion said Rein-|jts fiscal left and right hands tary and civilian employes were *    * *    J-cke would automatically cease    are doing before adopting a    at work    daily    at the American to    South    Korea    since    October    * ar Entered — Joyce A. being lieutenant gov ernor when    final budget annually.    mission    in Phnom Penh or else- Kraus, 1516 A avenue NE, Fri- sentencing is completed Until day reported a tape deck, two *ben, it said, the state could    Another way speakers and two softball glovesTace lawsuits on any official ac-j Another way to slow taken from her car at her resi-Ti°n Reinecke takes.    inflation dence. The items were valued at Reagan said he couldn’t force    be for labor $120.    Reinecke to quit but, “I think he    to term “pruuucuvuy uuuncus )    though *    *    *    j should give serious consider- such as existed during World working hours Sweetheart Roses $1 98 dozen ati°n to the things the attorney war II Percy ventured if that) Tho report suggested that ( on. Cedar Rapids 19 Charge Dropped in As-aulf on Officer Presbyterians Hit in Cutback NEW YORK (AP) — At least 80 employes of the United Pres-, byterian church, including 50    in    A charge of assault and bat- executive classifications, arc    to    * r r y against David Allen lose their jobs rn a major budg- Schulte, 1809 Central drive SW,leash and carry, et-slashing move forced by di-    bas been dropped because the    Florist,    3028 Mt. minished income    complaining witness did not ISE.—Adv. The cutback will also wipe out w‘sh to testify in magistrate’s    *    *    * many supplemental program court.    Tools    Taken    —    Elvis    Lacey,    'Astate    trips    that    would    leave Two Injured in Car Accident MONONA — John I^ee and j where in Cambodia.    itjjcnt Sideman, both 17 of The report said the embassy ?“nona' arrt U,ledJin good “n‘ J d<,w," replied that no more lha.i 200 d‘ 7 a ,t’ralnc du ( hl™ h,ns-I, Percy proposed woald American 0,fjcla,s wt,re prcsent P"a after he car driven by Lee abor-managemenl teams in cambodia overnight. a|. w**nt off the left side of the '•productivity councils" thou„h morp wero ,here durini! paved county road Ihrcc miles paign at the time. Nicholas said his client acted on authority of the co-op general manager. Harold Nelson, who pled guilty this week of conspiring to pay corporate money to Humphrey and others. Nova said he had assumed the bills would be paid from a political trust, not from a corporation. When Chestnut called him, he said, “We believe the proposed-payment ... to be entirely legal and proper.” 4 Seasons! 8°noral warnrd of'’ Vernon Rd came about it would build such operations of the three-million- Schulte had been charged 407 Twenty-eighth avenue SW. Rpinecke as acting governor member denomination.    with assaulting Richard Hamb-    Friday reported a tool    box    con-    ,Kut    f*eagan    press    secretary A “very, very serious    cut-    lin, an officer on the Cedar    taming tools valued    at    $400    ^.vde    Walthall    would    not    corn- back,” the Rev. Frank Heinze, Rapids police force, on July I. taken from his car while it was mpnt on "’bother Reagan would church communications officer,1 The case was dismissed on parked at his residence.    .    do    so    to    prevent    Reinecke from said Friday in confirming the the condition that Schulte file a    +    *    *    serving    in    that    po-) step. “Ifs a crippling    kind    of    release of liability to the state,;    Wanted:    All Silver Coins.    ‘ thing.’’    county, city or arresting officer, i Jerome’s. — Adv.    Drive    Safely ...    ,    ,    .    ,    congress might want to take Reagans office said    mean-    confidence in the nation s econ-    remedial action, although it while that the governor    is    con-    omy that “the stock market    not(.d    the embassy has sider ing canceling several    out-1 would go up IOO points ”    taken some corrective steps on In an advance summary of    its own since the study period east of Monona at 3 a.rn Saturday. Charges against Lee are pend-! ing. (ihe (frcltir J&ttpuU (flitirHc Ettobii»h*d In Itll by th* Goittt* Co, Ona Dubninea aolty and Sunday at 500 Third av* SE. C*dor Rapid*, iowa 52406 Second clo** pottos* poid at Cedar Rapid*, iowa. Subv notion rot** by carrier IS cent* a WW** By moil: Nlpht Edition and Sunday’ 4 i**o#* ii 75 a month. SJV OO o year: Af-ternoon Edition* ond Sunday I l»*oe* ii IS a month. i40 OO a v*or Other (tate* Ord ii 5 territories 160 OO a year No Mail Sub*r notion* accepted In orca* having Oo/ett* carrier service. the Associated Pre** I* entitled exclusively to th* us* for republication of on fh« lor al news printed In this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatch** Ut KSU . . ttownt s , Vrttmpt IPt-lirvry I’M k S FT ll FLOW FII SHOP 5(KW Center Pi. Rd. N.h. 393-5565 ., jf'-G WADDING L FLOWERS L* for Beaut/ from . . . F Pl ERS0 N’S1 sV.V •K Your I TD Horlst I HOO Uhs Blvd. NW Howrrphom* 1HUH2S For 61 years ,.. flowers for all occasions .IOU* K. 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