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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Auk 2, 19~4 Rue Reveres Norman Lear By Penny P. Anderson “Maude” co-star Rue McClanahan hasn’t much in common with some of the folks who share membership with her in the fraternal assemblage of Tandem Productions. Tandem’s the company producing “Maude”, “Sanford and Son”, “Good Times”, and “All in the Family”. It’s also the firm that's been on the receiving end of some unbrotherly love in recent months, as Demand Wilson held out and Redd Foxx walked out of “Sanford” and Carroll O’Connor sued as a result of his discontent with “AII in the Family”. But Rue McClanahan refuses to bite the hand that puts her name on the casting sheet “Some of these actors who are causing so much trouble obviously don't know when they’re well off.” observes the comely lady who portrays Maude's neighbor Vivian. “I happen to enjoy what’s happening with my career and after what seems like 50 years of obscurity. 1 11 take advantage of every opportunity I can.” Dressed casually in sporty slacks and a sweater, her short-cropped hair blown attractively askance after a full morning of errands. Rue goes on to explain that she differs in another way from some of her Tandem cohorts. She has naught but reverence for Norman Lear, producer of the various shows and resident caretaker of the acting brood longed for a California home for some time. Actually, it wasn't the first experience either had had in the arca “When Mark was just a child we lived out here I had attended the Pasadena Playhouse and was acting in a J few movies Nothing to write home about.”    I Sit Back, Be Patient Rue McClanahan Things are different now that she’s a regular on a top-rated TV series “But I tend to believe that good things happen to you when you’re ready. You might just as well sit back and be patient. If all this had come to me IO years ago. I wouldn’t have been ready for it. Believe me, I'm ready now ” Among those good things coming her way have been some guest-starrin,T roles in series other than “Maude”. “I even play a ‘Grace Kelly' type role in a Mannix’ next season Can you imagine ME in a Grace Kelly role?” Her laughter is full-bodied, rich and very genuine. Before Lear and “Maude”, most of Miss McClanahan’s acting days were spent on the New York stage. Her credit list is impressive, including such productions as “Mac-Bird". “Sticks and Bones”, and “Who’s Happy Now”, for which she won an Obie award. She s come a long way from the Healdton. Oklahoma, farm w here she grew up. Even as a child she hungered for a life away from the plains and for the sound of applause By the time she was iii high school. sin' was teaching dance classes. Drama was on the menu for her at Tulsa university and she followed the profession to the Pasadena Playhouse and on to New York Dissension Exaggerated “I feel a lot of the talk about dissension within the organization is exaggerated,” Rue opines. “Most of us have nothing but admiration for Norman We’re fond and appreciative of him. To give you an example: I worked all last year without signing a contract. I never felt insecure about it because I trust Norman.” She trusted him enough to give up her New York base and move West for “Maude”. It meant a new home, new friends and a new school for her 16-year-old son, Mark “I told Norman from the start that I wasn’t wild about leaving New York — but I did want to work with him.” Others hadn’t felt similarly disposed. Actress Sada Thompson had originally been cast in Rue’s role. But before production ever started, Miss Thompson opted to stay in the Fast and turn down the series. “When I first talked with Norman about the show. he warned me that some people didn’t like living out here." recalls Rue. “But I fell in love with the place two seconds after I stepped foot off the plane.” To make matters even more amenable, son Mark had Theater Time Schedule for Friday •Sat. Aug. KENT’S KOUNTRY KOMM)' — Wedding Dance — Tom Tokes & Mary Iou Miller PRAIRIE MOON BALLROOM Prairieburg, Iowa Drest Up Rules Res. 437-2271 PARAMOUNT - “Sleeper” — 7, IO; “Bananas” — 8:30. Saturday    matinee    — “Bananas”    — 2. 5:10; “Sleeper” — 3:35. IOWA - “S*P*Y*S" - 155. 3:55. 5:55. 7:55. 0:55. WORLD - “My Name fs Nobody” — 1:30. 3:30, 5:25. 7:30. 9:40 TIMES — “The Sound of Music” — 2. 8. Saturday matinee — “The Sound of Music” - 2. 5 PLAZA — "Where the Red Fern Grows” — 2. 3:55. 5 45, 7:40 9:30 STAGE I — “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” — 7 35. 9:40 Saturday matinee — * Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” - 2:35. 4:40. STAGE 2 — “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry” — 8. 9:50. Saturday matinee — “Dirty Mary Crazy Lam’’ — 2:30, 1:20 STAGE 3 - “For Pete’s Sake” - 8. 9:50 Saturday matinee — “For Pete’s Sake” - 2:40. 4:25. STAGE 4 — “The Parallax View” — 7.40, 9:40. Saturday matinee — “The Parallax View" — 2:30, 4:30. EASTOWN I — “Buster and Billie” — 2, 3:50. 5:40. 7:30, 9:20 EASTOWN 2 - “Herbie Rides Again" — I 40. 3:30, 5:20, 7:10. 9 MARION — Features at ll. 1. 3. 5. 7. 9. ll. COLLINS - “The Macon County Line” — 9; “Box Car Bertha’’ — 10:50; “Bullet for Pretty Boy” — 12:20 TWIXT TOWN - “Buster and Billie” — 9:15; “The Last Detail' — 11:15; “The Deadly Trackers" — 1. TWIN WEST — “My Name Is Nobody” — 9:05; “Joe Kidd" — 11:15; “Limbo” — 12:50. TWIN KAST - “The Young Swingers” — 9:05; “The Swinging Pussycats” — 10:40; “The Swinging Models” — 12:05. Every Sot 5:30-9 p.m. BEEFEATERS BUFFET $2.96 per person Chadron andor IO. $2.04 Roast Round of Beet Boof Stroganoff, Salads, Relishes, Desserts Grant Wood Kitchen toe Our New Czech , Heritage Display 1st Appearance “Direct From Lo* Angeles “Suzan James” ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL CIM RAPIDS. ENR I Oth St. Intersection Now OPEN UNIQUE MOTEL Only 2 Minutes Downtown 852 A Ave. NE ■■■1365-906 'ti m * 6300 SIXTH ST. SW * TIL 363-630' * Show Business Beat By Marilyn Beck HOLLYWOOD (NYT) -Mary Tyler Moore and has band Grant Tinker will celebrate the cementing of their reconciliation with a trip to Hawaii next month Ii will provide a well deserved rest for Tinker, who. as president of MTM Enterprises, has had his share of pressure preparing production of six television shows. According to Mary, Grant's involvement with so many new projects has been extremely healthy for their marriage. “One of our problems before,” she says, “was that too much of our time revolved around my activities. We were simply together too much.” One of the MTM productions knocked off the fall lineup by the recent prime-time access ruling now is rescheduled for shooting in September. From the way things arc working out, the delayed debut could be the best thing that ever happened to “Second Start” The Bob Crane starter. which gave every indication of being a video flop, now is being revamped, restructured and rewritten WWW As for the “flagship” of the MTM stable - “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” — things there are humming along splendidly And it looks as if a replacement for Valerie Marilyn Beck Harper has already been found. Sherry North checked in last month for one-shot work as a saloon singer-piuno player who gets Involved with Mary's boss, Lou Grant. The work went so well — and Sherry got along so beautifully with the cast — that she's now scheduled to move into the girl-m-thc-noxt-apartment role left vacant by Valerie's departure to her new “Rhoda” series. WWW How tragic that Cass Elliott’s untimely death Monday came at a time when the hefty entertainer seemed to be enjoying a fresh outlook on both her career and her personal life. Not long ago Cass told me. “I have learned to live with myself. I’ve spent two years in analysis and as a result I’ve learned a lot about myself — about my weight problem — and about things in life I didn t like but was afraid to change.” At 33, she hardly had time to try. Known to most as “Mama Cass" of the onee-pop-ular “Mamas and Papas” rock group, she was iii the midst of a successful concert tour of England when sin* died. WWW Another series actor with a beef Georg Sanford Brown feels his performance on ABC s “The Rookies” isn t getting the artistic recognition it deserves Furthermore, he’s convinced his co-stars also aren't getting a fair shake being lumped together by industry and press as just, “three more TV cops in just one more TV police show.” Brown might be a bit prejudiced, of course, but he feels that “Rookie" player Gerald S. O'Loughlin should have had an Emmy nomination by now — and that tho cast in general docs some of the best ensemble playing to be seen anywhen' on TV. Georg is convinced that the uniquely close off-eamera relationships of the “Rookies" co-stars contribute greatly to their on-camera skill. Ho says they socialize frequently, and if a difference of opinion — or temporary personal strain — develops, they hold a meeting and thrash things out He does admit that this delicate balance was deeply affect cd by the recent departure of Michael Ontkean — who was ousted from the series when his demands exceeded the producers opinion of his worth ililMl, SNEAK PREVIEW TOMORROW AT 7:40 P.M. METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER S new spectacular THAT YOU HAVE BEEN READING ABOUT IN THE NEWSPAPERS AND HEARING ABOUT ON RADIO AND TELEVISION! -STARRING- FRED ASTAIRE • BING CROSBY • GENE KELLY • PEHR LAWFORD LIZA MINNELLI • DONALD O'CONNOR • DEBBIE REYNOLDS OPEN |8:00 NOW thru TUES. AT THI • • °PfN M 8:00 >2 TWIN EAST DRIVE-IN THEATRE 3(,)SH0CKS! THE SWINGERS AND THE PUSSYCATS ANE TWICE AS NICE TOGETHER! \ \ON THE MAKE HUNGRY FOR LOV AND BURNING WITH PASSION... t) COLOR £ 8 A To Order Your GtueHe Wont Ad DIAL 398-8234 M lo J MI Mondo, tho. Midoy ''' 4, ARIOS ABOLT . low. ji. THEATRE A TITILLATING ROMP! DARING! PROVOCATIVE! “Erotic Deal” SHE (AME FULLY EQUIPPED...^ =Plus Bonus Hit= “Sell, Sell, Sell’’ IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE MONEY . . . YOU DON'T GET THE HONEY . . . RATED XXXXXX LATE SHOW FRI SAT 11 OO PM HELD OVER... but Muster line J her and rut one understortd. HUSTER a nj Kl LUE R ■mm ID /r should luivc been ti love story1 ca    IU MAV* BUS^lR ANO BRUE V*'*) AN Ut HAI .WO*’ i'm MAO'* CII*!® *MTS RTW: MCliHC md !OMGOOOfk.O*<T%n*    ti* Sd vt ROAK (MMI*    Ifs M»»* mu bonus hits twixt-town only mm* JACK ,ST DRIVE-IN SHOWING NICHOLSON THE LAST DETAIL 5 DAYS! 4 CITIES! 200 BEERS!,— 3 WOMEN AND 2 BRAWLS! ,11 AND YOU'RE RIGHT WITH THEM ON THE f. r WILDEST. ROWDIEST SPREE Of THE YEAR!1- ' No Novy'i I* QI vc terne peer Iud I years in Hr* brig without me tabmg turn out ter Hie tim* of bit life! He learned more about life in 5 ■ than in all of his 0. 17 years! HELD OVER.. ALL of laves Mg TH WEEK! CEDAR RAPIDS MATINEES DAILY ALL THIS WEEK SHOWS-1140-3:30-5:20-7:10-9:00 TheJiOVEMiiE BUG is back in high gear! SERGIO LEONE presents ii3XjCD3QGBI1 as Jack Beauregard It as “Nobody'’ isHobodx aa “THI :olor SWINGIN MODELS” COLOR im I. mm nu tun 11 * PLUS AT TWIN WEST ONLY * CUNT EASTWOOD (po, “JOE KIDD” wuti7n ,pg, “LIMBO” COLOR HEIEN KEN    STEKAN*T^    KEE    MAN HAYES BERRY POWERS WYNN ;

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