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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Bright and beautiful pantcoats in 3 superb styles Immaculately Detailed Missy Pant Coats REGULARLY 35.00 Breeze your way through Spring . . and look your best come rain or come shine in these rain and stain repellent pantcoats. Detailed coats come belted or not. Single or double breasted styling. Choose from an array of bold, beautiful colors Sizes are 8 to 20. Oh, so stylish and practical! Cedar Rapids: Aisle Bar, Downtown Street Floor and Lindale Plaza Iowa City: Mall Shopping Center on Six at Sycamore SATURDAY HOURS, CEDAR RAPIDS: KILLIAN S DOWNTOWN 9:30 AM TO 5:00 PM . . LINDALE 10:00 AM TO 5:30 PM MALL SHOPPING CENTER, IOWA CITY: 9:30 AM TO 5:30 PM Turner: Judges' Widows Qualify for Benefits Sign Removal Sill Would Phase Ended r    ± By Road Unit Supplement By Frank Nye DES MOINES — Surviving spouses of Iowa judges who died before the judicial retirement a dilemma, particularly because it seems presumptuous for the attorney general to conclude that the state's highest court has overturned a decision system went into effect July I, so close to the point with an-1971, are eligible for benefits; other such which seemingly under that act. Atty. Gen. Rich- simply ignores it. (There is no mention of Young in White.) Repeated Failure AMES — The Iowa highway commission has completed the of the two cases is the one we (first phase of its project to Incomes must follow.1’ Turner interpreted the Iowaadvcr*isin& s*8ns adjacent to ! Tnwfl’s: nrimnrv hiahwovc DES MOINES (AP)—Authori-remove illegal and abandoned zation for the department of law setting out that “the sur-; social services the income of to supplement needy persons ard Turner held Thursday. But they are entitled to benefits only from the effective date of the act, he added. They also are entitled to 5 sembly has repeatedly failed to.effective as well as those who percent interest on the amount ac* llP°n    the    j    have    died    since July 1,1971. Iowa’s primary highways. ...    The    project    was conducted in who do not qualify for federal vivor of a judge who was quali-    conjunction with billboard    con-    supplemental    security    income fied for retirement compensa-    trol legislation enacted in    1972,    * SSI)    payments    was    approved tion under the system at the    and involved removal of old, ditime of his death” to mean it    lapidated signs which :-0 by the house Thursday. were; The bill goes to the senate. A applied to survivors of judges!bareIy ,egble> Most of this ^ measuro to appropriate more  ii i u signing was at the intersections than $2.5 million to the depart- “Unhappily, the general as-! who died before the act became;' f nrimnrv    mnn(    V    ,u    i    * mhiv hi. V^tJh, J   .............  ...    .    of    primary    highways    and    county    mwit    for    the    supplemental in roads. The project resulted due them. Turner said, since ‘    For    all    of    theserea-j    Turner’s    opinion    also    outlined    I    removal    of    11,567    illegal    and    senate    action none has received payment of sons, we conclude mat the later, conditions under which sur- j abandoned signs including 1,094 come payments was passed car-the lier bv the house and awaits any benefits yet. Payment has been upheld by State Comptroller M a r v i Selden pending Turner's opinion, which Selden requested in a letter to the attorney general dated Aug. 18, 1971 — a few weeks after the act became ef-1 fective. Selden Letter Turner’s opinion was in reply to Selden's letter and to another request from State Rep. Joan Lipskv (R-Cedar Rapids) for an I Crash Spree, 20 Iowa City Cars Damaged IOWA CITY - The Iowa City police department was flooded with calls Friday morning when \Ivors would or would not have highway commission “Research sioux Center) said there are to return amounts the state may Proiert” sipm whirh wem rn    T    , , rojeci signs vvmcn were re-some Iowans wno formerly’ ! e refunded them of a de- moved incidental to this project, qualified for old age assistance ceased judges contributions to Tho rpsp-irrh sians invo nut Tf* !u u! / assistance, nil (akin    1    researcn    signs    have    out-aid to the blind or aid to the become eligible for retirement hved their usefulness and were disabled who do not qualify removed in keeping with the in- under a new federal law for SSI. tent of the beautification program. benefits. Five Survivors State comptroller department officials told The Gazette Friday ™    ,    ,,at    least    five    survivors of judges 20 irate car owners reportedjwill qualify for back pay bcne. their vehicles side-swiped dur- fits totaling more than $20,000. ing the night. not including interest, as a re- At last count, 20 cars, some suit of Turner's opinion. opinion answering the same sustaining extensive damage,! Survivors receive one-half the questions posed by Selden. Turner told The Gazette Thursday that “this was the most dif were side-swiped in a five-block monthly benefit the deceased Bond Reduced in judges were receiving or would have been entitled to receive at the time of death. The five survivors, including research uncovered two diame-|chiid. Davenport and Johnson***10 amoL,n* each is entitled to trically opposite Iowa supreme strccts    r    "    ........ are near Mercy hospital. Mainly affected were cars; ficult opinion I have ever writ- parked on both sides of Bloom-ten. One reason was that his jngton. Lucas, Van Buren, Fair-> court decisions on similar questions. Not being in a position to overrule the supreme court. Turner based his opinion on the more recent decision. First Decision Wife of Former East Iowan Dies CENTRAL    CITY—Victoria Ferreter, 23, wife of Marine 2nd Lt. William Ferreter, formerly for the period July I. 1971. through March 31, 1974, but not including interest, are: Mrs. Floyd Philbrick. Cedar The federal SSI program which went into effect Jan. I The sign removal project was abolished the old age assis-carried out in February and tance, aid to the blind and aid to March of this year by highway the disabled programs, forces and was financed with 25 The bill would authorize the I percent state funds and 75 per- department to give medical aid cent federal funds.    or supplementary income to an ---j    individual whose income is $2,000 a year or less. The same kind of aid could be Murder Case giVGn t0families lf income after deduction of health care DES MOINES (UPI)—A dis- expenses does not exceed $2,400 trict associate judge Thursday for the first family member, reduced bond for a Des Moines $1,200 for the second member man charged with murder from I a n d $900 for each other The first decision came in of Central City, was killed Sat-1957 in Young vs. O'Keefe and u^da.v in a traffic accident near the second in 1961 in the case of I Washington, D.C. the City of Iowa City vs. White. The couple lived in Triangle, “We have tried very hard to Va., where Lt. Ferreter is sta-distinguish White from Young.’’ Turner said in his opinion, “be $200,000 to $50,000 at the request member of the suspect’s attorney. Associate Judge Howard Honed. Services will be Saturday at 2 cause White, decided in 1961, ut Trinity United Methodist ir ,    ,    .33 YEARS AGO - The Red Rapids, $8,593.86;    Mrs.    George    Brooks also ordered that \\ a1-    army    drove    rapidly    through    the :tci Lvnn Swenson be held in    $jret    valley    of    Romania    toward custody until a preliminary the vital Pioesti oilfields. hearing scheduled for April 24.1---------1 Swenson. 34. has been charged in connection with the shooting death of William Baehler, 52, a widely-known Des Moines business man, at a downtown tavern early Wednesday. Police said Baehler was shot in the head at point blank range Officials    said    more    survivors in the Chez Quad lounge in the Van Allen, Mt. Pleasant, $7,810.11 less refunds of $5,815 which must Im* deducted, leaving $1,995.11; Mrs. Ralph Hasner, Waterloo, $4,812.39; Mrs. Paul McCoid, Mt. Pleasant, $4,812.39 less $4,074.67 in refunds that must be deducted leaving $737.72, and Mrs. R. L. McCord. Ames. $3,848.13. does not by its terms overrule church, Albia. Geyer-Lewis fu- may be eligible for benefits but Savory hotel. Officers said the these five are the only ones who .shooting apparently followed an Young, decided four years earli- neral home, Albia, is in charge. cr.    -- ‘'The similarities of these Want ads will help you find cases, which reach opposite con- lost items, use them for quick elusions, have presented us with results Dial 398-8234. have applications on file. argument. She (Cedar Solids (Suzette Established in 1883 by Th* Gazette Co. and published daily and Sunday at 500 Third Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406. Second Class Postage paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Subscription rates by carrier IS cents a week. By mail: Night edition and Sunday 6 issues $2 25 a month, $24 a year: Afternoon editions and Sunday 7 issues $2.50 a month, $25 a year. Other states and U.S. territories $40 a year. No mail subscriptions accepted In areas having Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. Action by DES MOINES (AP) - Bills in the Iowa Legislature Thursday. Passed By Senate MF 1200, To create an Iowa administrative procedures act. 44-1. To house for action on amendments, SF 1235, To regulate the manufacture and distribution of commercial feeds, ti 0. To governor. SF424, To create a Spanish speaking peoples study commission. 43-0. To gover nor. SF4J4, To prov Te $500,000 for assistance for the operation and estab ishment of community day care centers. 37-7. To DOU SIL SF 1364, To increase the appropriation to the state board of physical therapy examiners from $2,630 to 33.880. 45-0. To house. SF1365, To increase the salary of the director of the drug abuse authority from $17,700 to $19,000. 47 I. To house SF1364, To perm ? state liquor stores to sell confiscated liquor, 43-1. To house, SFI147, To increase the appropriation of the natural resources council to wafer management planning from $287,068 to $329,068 . 410. To nouse. SF1348, To appropriate $20,000 to the educational television board to lease land tor a television tower. 44-0 To house HF10J4, To appropriate funds to plan a capitol mali. 41-1 Ho governor HF1300, To appropriate $12 000 to the state auditor tor increased costs of supplies 40-3. To governor. HF1304, To prevent turds approof ated to the department of health from reverting to the general fund. 42 0. To governor. HFI4S3, To appropriate $1 million to the department of social services for the foster parents program 44 0. To governor MF 1448, To appropriate $200,000 to the social services department for increased cost of fuel and food and for the pre-sentence investigation program, 40 0 To governor MF109I, To permit motor yen cie registration reciprocity J9-0 To governor MF1176. To permit licensure ut health care facilities a conditional certif cate of compliance with safety rules. 38 0 To governor. M F1171, To change the administrat ion of Legislature the department to soil conservation. 40-0. To governor. HF531, To abolish toe revolutionary war 1 memorial commission. 4O-0. To governor. MF733, To make changes in the law on the practice of medicine. 40-0. To gover-i nor HF21S, To set quality of pipe used for w.-aer well construction. 40-0. To gover nor MF442, To make changes in the mumo pal tort claims procedures. 40-0. To house (or action on amendments. SFI320, To legalize bond issue of the Harlan municipal electric plant. 43-0. To house. Introduced In Senate SFI375, To legahze a bond issue of the Jefferson Community school district. Judiciary. SF1374, To exempt vehicle sales by private individuals from the sales tax. Ctumba. Passed By House HF1484, To provide that land acquired for a federal biologics facility at Ames will revert to the state if construction is! not started by July I, 1979. 85-0. To serai.* HF 1411, To authorize the department of social services to provide medical aid and income assistance to low income persons not eligible for federal Supplemental Security income payments. 86-0. To senate j HF1470. To make numerous changes ini the unified trial court act and delay j reallocation of magistrates among the counties until January, 1975. 72-lu. To1 enate. Introduced In House H F I 4 8 7 , To appropriate varying amounts to pay claims bv 36 individuals ■ and firms against fne state. Appropriations. HFI488, To give the board of accountancy a supplemental appropriation o! $14,250 for increased salary and examine lion costs. Appropriations. HFI489, To appropriate $1 18,587 to provide an airplane for the attorney gen-; eral's office and $3,000 for a study by the general services department of state agency aircraft needs. Appropriations. HF1491, To combine the state historical society ard department of history and archives into a single department of history and archives. Appropriations. 26 TO 38 WAIST NO MORE REPEATED WASHINGS TO GET THEM LIKE YOU LIKE THEM! PRE-SHRUNK PRE-WORN ALL BOTTOM WIDTHS FROM STRAIGHT Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette:    Fri.,    April    12,    1974 Killian’s Downtown and Lindale Plaza and Mall Shopping Center, Iowa City WILL BE CLOSED SUNDAY, APRIL 14 FOR EASTER THEY’RE OLD! THEY’RE FADED! They’re the way you like ’em! THEY’RE RECYCLED! LEGS TO BIG BELL BOTTOMS THEY’RE HERE! The biggest scene to hit town since streaking! (And, even streakers need something to start out with!) Now, you can avoid the hassle of trying to make new jeans look old ... it's already done for you! No more begging Mom to bleach out your denims.. New, old jeans. What a discovery! Completely recycled and sanitized. What more could a guy ask for! Cedar Rapids: Downtown Street Floor and Lindale Plaza Iowa City: Mall Shopping Center on Six at Sycamore Killian's Give Her The Diamond You Always Meanf To! Herman gUdgcntiaUtv JEWELERS Cedar Rapids — 200 2nd Ave. SE Iowa City—Mall Shopping Center \ ;

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