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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ■ KAJIOKA! WtATKI* SltVICt FO#!CAST I* 7AM IST Lebanese Jittery; Fearing Israeli Reprisal tor Raid —Tuitions— (Continued from Page I.) BEIRUT (AP) - Jittery Lebanese greeted the Palestinian guerilla raid on Qiryat Shmon-ah with applause and apprehension Friday. Newspapers hailed Thursday’s attack as “the most daring commando operation.’ Guerilla leaders promised “a new era of cross-border hostili- name. Abul Abas told newsmen t*es-    his splinter group was beginning Business men and government a new campaign of “revolu-officials worried about repri- (ionary suicide attacks’’ against sa*s'    I    Israel and did it consider itself “No one expects Israel to take bound bv any Lebanese ban on this lying down,” said one shop- cross-border operations. keeper. “The only question is      , when and where.”    Fhree-Mile    Limit which would discourage the flow of students from state to state. The Popular Front ior the; she said such action would Liberation of Palestine-General eventually require each state to Command issued a running'have “the entire gamut of edu-commentary on its Qiryat cational programs’ Shmonah raid to news agency their students to do without offices here, topped with a news conference by its “military spokesman.” Only identified by his code The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri , April 12. 1974    3 Couple Planning To Adopt Asian Child with Leprosy NP^VV YORK (AP) — “I ve said Elliott. “All our neighbors or force!reacl up on ,cPros.v and l{ sterns wished us good luck when they Both University of Iowa President Willard Boyd and Parks expressed hesitation at setting high non-resident tuitions, because they said Iowa schools do not have the national command that such schools as Michigan to be a similar type of disease heard.” to tuberculosis. One of our chil- Of the world's 20 million lep-dren had TB to start with but rosy patients, only about 2,000 with the medication,    every-    live in    the U S. and none of thing's all right." says Peter these cases were contracted Elliott, a Huntington Station, here, according to authorities. N Y. auto salesman.    The disease attacks the skin and Elliott, and his wife are    one of    nerves,    producing red lesions, four sets of American    parents    and, in    its extreme stages, de- do.    -«    i* But Rav Bailev, Clarion, said    who will adopt eight,    children    formities. Iowa schools should be able to    born to patients in the leper col-    Attack    on    Myths attract out-of-state students with    onies of South Korea. their educational programs and    The unprecedented    adoption    >u^.en(    d>    °r-    f    airman 0 *    t    hp    k    nrp^n    A    in01*1 pun T    .    .    1    „    .    j•    ...    j    not    just    low    tuition.    program,    called    Operation    Out Israeli Premier Golda Meir s He said guerillas would con-    S t a n I e v Barber. Wellman, threat that “this raid will not go tinue to cross the borders of any prime [Arab country adjoining Israel to tion. said he Founda-hopes Operation unpunished” was the topic of conversation in this fun-loving Mediterranean capital, which has suffered violent trans- strike targets deeper than the three-mile limit agreed to by over-all guerilla leader Yasir reach, flies in the face of the ~ ,    .    .    ..    ,__.    .__ agreed with Bailey, saying prejudice concerning leprosy u,nac1' |(''! ls nonresidents “should not be which is deep-rooted in South- s aRes’    p    y educated at a loss to Iowa tax- east Asia. payers.”    _    ,    .    . Least Contagious un mkt*** fOfOCAsi w Friday night, rain will fall from "the Gulf coast northeastward throughout the Ohio-Ten- nessee valleys, the Atlantic coastal states and the lower Lakes area. The board then agreed to go —Daily Record— The Weather High temperatures Thursday, low tem peratures overnight and inches of precip nation ■ Anchorage    40    31    L. Angeles    73 5A Atlanta    71    55    Miami    7*    74 Bismarck    41    33 40    Min'apolis    53 48 .58 Qlivci Chicano    66    54 58    N. Orleans    79 73 Prnver    49    36 .15    New York    64 49 Duluth    36    33 .63    Phoenix    81 53 Honolulu    84    70    Seattle    56 37 .01 Houston    72    65 83    Washington    64 46 Extended Forecast — General- check for    $150, and    assorted items valued at $17 were taken from his residence. * * * Coins Taken — Paul Charipar, _ . .    .    .1630 Twelfth avenue    SW, report- strawberry Point    —    Carl    ,    ,,    ...    .    *4.    . Baker, lik. Saturday    at    1:30 at    ‘‘d Thursday tho thclt of    $74    in Appleton’s, Edgewood.    coins from    three washing ma- Belle Plaine -    Julia M. chines at an apartment    complex TH. Inglewood,    Calif,    at 1210 Auburn drive    SW. Graveside services at IO Satin-    *    *    * day at Oak Hill cemetery.!    ,    .    ,. Pcffers-Halverson.    Windows    Damaged    — Mrs. win neip to oury the myths about leprosy. “If Koreans see American families adopting the children of itions from tourism to terror- Arafat and the Lebanese gov- on record as favoring “mo- Fear of the disease, however k’prosv patients, they're going ism in the past.    |eminent.    derate” tuition hikes for the U. is based in the false belief that t0 sa> -bis disease may not Mohair Mohson,    leader    of    the    0f    i,    jsu    and the    University    of    it is highly contagious. In fact, be too bad.” Taylor said. T u syr,an'backecI    Saika    grouP- also    Northern    Iowa. It    also    agreed    to    leprosy is ranked as the least The Korean ministry of health toehold promised    “a    new era    of    com-    wait until    June or    July    to    decide    contagious of the communicable anfi social affairs has a8reed ,0 diseases    waive its usual regulations to The 'Elliotts already have f0™'1 ,hf "dop'ions. accordmg three adopted Korean children. 0 e_ ravp erP:    1 Both 50 years old and natives of "onal hSoc'al Serv,“. 0 . AmP"‘ i j    p 11 * **    i j ca, which is coordinating the London, the Elliotts were asked    n ut u nu u ai. ai. a- • » a • program. L.S. Public health of-whether they anticipated preju-    (ho rnnl„„ niooa„ dice against the children in Flurry of Activity And Mrs. Meir’s vow the Lebanese government and mando operations. He added on precise increases people responsible for this mas- that his group would not hesi-     I_ sacre” prompted a flurry of tate to kidnap and execute “if1, n • I • J. military and diplomatic activity we can” two Israeli pilots who la IP ln|UreCi; Two Ticketed in Beirut. Lebanon's small army was placed on full alert with orders to “repel any attack from wherever it comes. ’ Night security patrols were stepped up on Dead Man’s Beach, the landing site of an Israeli commando squad which bailed out over Lebanon. toy) Gassmann, BO. Monda Basilica of St. Francis Xavie Scripture service at 8 Sunday at Kreamer’s, where friends 50s and 60s Tues- mav call after 7 Saturday. ly fair Sunday through Tuesday with no rain indicated. Highs 40s and low 50s Sunday and Monday and day. Lows in the 20s and 30s. C. R. Weather High Thursday ............. Ix)\v overnight ........ Noon Friday 2 p.m. Friday ......... Precipitation Total for April .. Normal for April Normal through April Total for 1974 ..... Barometer, steady .. Humidity at noon .. Wind direction and* velocity at Gazette weather station at p rn. S at 23 mph. Sun rises Saturday, 6:30; sun sets, 7:45. Year Ago Today — High. 44; low. 34; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Saturday Weather, Hi-Lo Dyersville — Arnold (Whi- Weston D. Ralston, 6407 Devon- penetrated the heart of Beirut a day at shire drive NE, reported a thor- year ag0 ad assassinated three mopane window valued at $175 ^0p pajestinian gUerilla lceders. was damaged Thursday by Premier Takieddicn Solh someone firing a pellet gun Vinton — Esther J. Prescott,    *    *    * iii Whitc-Phillips.    Chairs    Taken    —    Two    wrought    ^j.    N.    Secriety Council to Solon— Milo D. Randall, 66. iron chairs valued at $80 were inform them of Israel’s threats called in the “Big Five” ambassadors of permanent members Sinners Can't Help Selves; 'Cross Needed' In the concluding Holy week service at First Presbyterian church Friday, the Rev. Larry Johnson said that all of us, as In Accidents A 49-vear-old man and a 66-year-old woman suffered minor injuries Thursday in separate traffic accidents. Both were treated at local hospitals and released. Joe Correll Brosam. 117 Cres- sinners, can do absolutely cent street SE. was held overnothing to help ourselves. might at St. Luke’s hospital after “God placed the cross of Jesus Christ to bridge the gap between Him and us. Whether he suffered a cut nose in a one-car accident. He was released Friday morning. American society. “Oh, I should certainly hope we are a lot more enlightened,’’ —Papers— (Continued from Page I.) ---- interest for the years I960 through 1972. The Internal Revenue Service ficials at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta have also cleared the program. . aa Trace ...1.77 .. 2.79 . 7.81 7.22 29 42 tno' ou Services Monday at a time to rpnnrted taken Wednesday or 7    ------T I    11111    "ncuiw r nuay morning. 56 be announced. Brosh’s. Friends j taken wednesday or and deny Lebanese responsi-we accept the cross or not,” he1 Brosam was injured when the 58 may cill Sunday.    ™?sdT.0n!,,!!)e.    .r,™denC?.    °    bilit>’-    said,    “there    is    no other way.” lear he was driving jumped a City Briefs  ______  ...    way William Sage, 1001 Hill drive SE    Guerilla    Claim    *«    .    u    .    .    .    . ^    ^    ^    tiueriiia    vidim    \jr    johnson,    associate    min-    curb Wheels Taken — Two mac He pointedly reminded them ister at First Presbyterian, wheels valued at $200 and two ? the guerillas claim that the noted that today there is a “sub Kung-Fu and Kempo Karate, racing tires valued at $100 werc:,hree men involvod in thp mis‘ !!? and “Plicated attack on 530 10th reported taken sometime ba sion »-erc operating from Israeli the cross, whereby it is seen as Life Science Church, St. SE, 7 p rn. — Adv * * * tween Tuesday and Wednesday from the residence of Larry Van Quality Paints-Varnishes, Dia- hausen, J218 Castle drive SW. soil. useless, unnecessary, an ac- Lebanese disclaimers on cessory. guerilla operations against But St. Paul, who earlier had Bismarck . . Snow 39-28 Chicago PtCldy 87-4(1 Cincinnati Cloudy 64-47 Cleveland • Cloudy 64-43 Des Moines Shwrs 62-37 Detroit PtCldy 61-45 Indianapolis .. PtCldy 72-44 Kansas City PtClriv 70-45 Milwaukee re OO Mpls.-St Paul Cloudy 55-32 Okla. City Fair 74-46 Omaha Shwrs 67-3!' •Sioux Falls Shwrs 48-28 Mississippi Stages (Flood staRcs in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 8.2, rise .1 Lansing (18) 9.4, no change Dam 9 (18 ) 19 3, rise .6 McGregor :hange Guttonbcrt D u b u q it :hango Davenport (15) IO. 15) IO. Keokuk (16) I LO, ri rise -e .6 Cedar at ( .It. (13) 6.15, fall .75 Births — St. Luke's April ll To the families of Mark Lawrence, 216 Fifth avenue SW'. a daughter; Gary L. Raids. IBI Crest ridge drive NW. a daughter; David I Trey, 632 Thirty-fourth street SE, a son; .Michael Whitener, 529 West Eighth avenue, Marion, a daughter. Births — Mercy Xpril ll - To the families of James Bedell. 2040 Park ave- 2 morn! Vogel Paint Center, 2704 Mt Vernon Rd. SE, 365-6901. — Adv. ♦ * * Most proof .sets in stock. (An excellent gift!) Jerome’s Rare Coins. — Adv. * * * Send the FTI) “Happyne.st” this Easter. $10-15 or order Easter Corsage Florists, 366-1826. *    *    * Mount Vernon Rest Home, private patient wanted. 895-8675. - Adv. ♦    *    * (ompctent Beauty Operator wanted. 393-5139 - Adv. * * * Fun and games every Sunday 7 p rn., St. Ludmila’s school, 215 21st Ave. S W.    -    Adv. *    *    * Beautician — Full or time. Maxine’s Hairstyling 2335.—Adv. ♦ * * The Sensational Rotary gine Mazda is here. All departments open at Metro Mazda, j 4425 Center Point Rd. NFL—Adv. * * * Best Rental, open 7-9 weekdays, 8-5 Sundays. — Adv. ♦ * * Don Miller Trio. Saturday, Evy’s Lounge (next to Para-1 mount Theatre.)—Adv. ♦ * * Moose Members and Guests: Israel have always been ignored debunked the cross as “ridicu-by Israel, which points out that lous.” stressed that Jesus died * * * Transmission Taken — A transmission valued at $120 was... .    .    .    .    , reported token Wednesday from "n,an    camps    on    Leban-helpless and that only through 1    ncn    o/Ail    xiii    IH nine t /A t thmr* hnoH. ‘HUa    ^    i        I__ the guerillas are based in Pales- on the cross while sinners were the residence of David McVay, 1008 Eighth street NW. * * * Memorial Services Pierson s Memories , Storeman Hubner, Gladys V. — 3 p.m. Saturday at the Chapel of members by Dr. Wayne A. of First Baptist] hurch. Entombment: Chapel of Mo rn o r i e s mausoleum. Ar ese soil with most of their head- “the cross of Jesus can we be put right with God." Paul viewed all of us as “sinners, gone astray.” But God does not help those who help I themselves. Rather, said Johnson, “He helps those who realize they are helpless.” We must, continued Mr. admit our sins, empty ourselves of our pride quarters in Beirut. —Hideout— (Continued from Page I.) of the underground resistance. Police said Philippa hid in his I johnson parents’ home at the end of the ransom,-Tits by Cedar Memorial war and apparently seldom von- and jum ,0 God a|)(| th(1 w part 365- en- ue SE; daughti Gerald M DonSwiss Steak Supper (salad bar Veit. Chelsea, a daughter; ald Rajtora, I ('3 Broad moi road SW, a son. Marriages Dissolved Phyllis Lorraine and Jeer Rav Wink Sat. 5-8 p.m. ♦ nres re*! breakin Adv. ♦ * General Electric Clothes Drv-;r 364-2932 -Adv. *    *    * School Breakin 8 45 p.m. Thursday, short in    of breaded beef steak    and    a licht switch at di rwenty-    dozen ice cream bars were fifth street SE.    .    .    , . 1147 p.m. Thursday. Mal-    Ported taken in a function of alarm at Third    Wednesday or Thursday    at    Ar- street and Sixteenth avenue SE.! thur elementary school. Iowa Deaths    *    *    * Lisbon - Elwood F. Techau. Garage Entered — Dan 58. Maquoketa formerly of the Tucker, 1624 Park Towne Place Lisbon area. Saturday at 1:30, N7L,    ,    ,    .    , Carson’s. Maquoketa. Burial    in    ^    reported    tools    valued the Clarence cemetery.    $400    and golf    clubs    valued ' iN*ita    Kenneth    Dean    $200    were taken Wednesday McKay. 31. Saturday at 2 at Thursday’from his garage. Hardin s. Burial: Sixteen come*    ^    *    ± funeral home. Wall. Wayland W. Turner chapel (-ast at 3 p.m. Saturday bv the Rev. Francis King Burial: Oak Hill. Student Labor Will Help Buy Food for Poor Pupils of eight Cedar Rapids and Marion junior high schools will be cleaning up parks Monday, raising money to buy food for underprivileged persons overseas. The project is a joint operation with the community hunger appeal of Church World Services, the city and county parks departments, the schools and the community PRIDE (Plant, Repair, Improve, Develop, F^ducate) committee. Each school has been assigned a park, and participating students will work between 9 a m. and noon Monday. They have solicited sponsors from the business community who will pay them, on an hourly basis, for their turcd out “It is amazing,” said Cees Gravenkamp, 47. a neighbor. “We never had reason to be suspicious, even though my wife in the last few years visited the old couple almost daily to see if she could do something for them. Mother Died Philippa’s 85-year-old father ing jumped near the intersection of First avenue and Thirty-sixth street NE, hit a small sign post and then struck a light pole. Police said the light pole was broken off by the impact. A ticket charging Brosam with failure to have the vehicle under control was issued. ♦ * * Sister Mary Robichaua, 1125 Prairie drive NE. suffered knee and hand injuries in a two-car collision. She was treated at Mercy hospital and released. The accident occurred at the intersection of Second avenue [and Nineteenth street SE. Sister Robichaua was a pas-isenger in a car driven by Robert C. Geiger, 48. of 1956 First [avenue NE. The driver of the other car. Phyllis A. Anderson, 38, of Mt. Testament, we will be healed. Then, like Naaham in the OhjiVernon, was charged with fail- ing to obey a traffic control device. Police said Geiger's car was northbound on Nineteenth street when Mrs. Anderson's car. Youth Charged With Pretending To Be Officer Car Parked Illegally Is Walled In CHICAGO (AP) — Residents concluded in a separate report fed up with illegal parking by that Nixon owed some $467,000 students at the Chicago campus in back taxes and interest for of the University of Illinois fi-thc same period, and Nixon nally took matters into their agreed to pay the IRS assess-iown hands, ment.    >    They hired a bricklayer and A major portion of the assess- bad a vvad built around the auto ment came from the conclusion °* a repeated violator at a cost both bv the IRS and the com- °f and said theV were Remittee‘staff that $482,018 in de- Pared to arrest him for trcs-ductions Nixon took for donating passing if her tried to get the the papers was improper.    car oub A deed turning the papers Friday, a city tow truck over to the government and pulled down the wall after the dated March 27. 1969, was found car vvas found to be stolen from to have been signed on April IO. a suburban ear dealer. Police 1970 _ long after the July 1969 said license plates on the 1974 cutoff date for taking tax deduc- sports model checked out to a tions for such donations. Nixon Tax Bill For California Put af $4,263 1960 auto. Nevertheless, residents thought they made their point to the students, who neighbors complain, park repeatedly on private property, including hack yards, and in alleys blocking garages. Roy Dorgan, a spokesman for a neighbors’ group, said: “We went to live with other relatives after the arrest of his son. po- dents at Kennedy high school on lice said. The mother died two drugs was charged Thursday SACRAMENTO (AP) - President Nixon owes $4,263.72 in back taxes to the state of Cab- picketed the school a couple of fornia for the years 1969 and times this year, and we’re 1970, the executive officer of the always calling the police.” state Franchise Tax Board said He* said the property owner today.    where the car was parked had The state also assessed the 60 illegally parked cars towed which was westbound on Second I l^ons ,a PenapY uf $39.17 for aw ay in the last year. avpnup entered the intorsec- ^    ^    California    state    Neighbors    said    the    driver    of non    income lax re,ur" f°r thp ye* the walled-in car was warned to __11970.    move Thursday morning. After Martin Huff, chief of the the warning, the student started A 19-year-old youth who aile--- cs gedly attempted to address stu- C R Man Characd i * * * oo- Hrntc „t    hi„h    ..wi    „„    ^    .    state    s    income    lax    agency,    raid    ,0    back    Ihe car out as the owner With Drunk Driving Nixon and his wife owe the of the property left for an er- months ago.    with falsely assuming to be a    Richard H. Bartling. 52. of 119 The father had not broken the police officer.    Fifth street NW, was charged law' by hiding his son, police William E. Lenway, 1642 Nine- Thursday with drunk driving. sa'd    teenth street NW, was arrested    Bartling was arrested after he Holland abolished capital pun-1after he allegedly told school of- was involved in a minor traffic ishment in 1970 except    for    mili-    ficials he was a member of the    accident at 8:05 p.m. in the 400 tary law. under which    dozens    of    Cedar Rapids narcotics squad,    block of P'irst avenue W. No in- war criminals were executed by a notice of Lenway’s alleged juries were reported, firing squad after World war II money on a total of $182,057 in rand. adjusted gross California in- when the owner returned, the come for the two years in ques- car was there again, tion. After allowable deductions “We were talking about it and of $117,366, taxable income to-somebody said,’Why not build a ta led $65,097.    brick    wall?’    ”    said    Dorgan. Huff said the adjusted gross Before Dorgan learned the income included $58,918 in capi- auto was stolen, he was cental gains from the 1970 sale of fident the scheme would help _ .    speech    was    printed    in    the    Ken    ,    , Three men. all Germans, arc nedy high school newspaper, po- Think of want ads first. They Part of N,xon s San Clemente solve the problem lf the wall still serving commuted life sen-lice said. Police saw the notice help you solve your wants!Pr°P<’rt>■ income trom the es-episode doesn t make its point quickly. Dial 398-8234    tate    of Nixon’5 mother, royalties with the students. Dorgan says - from    Nixon’s book “Six Crises.” residents have other schemes in tences.    and    filed    the    charge. Judicial sources said Philippa I could apply for reprieve in Assen and be out of jail in a vear. Force Reduction Talks in Recess VIENNA IAP! State Nearly Doubles Liquor Store Choices mind DES MOINES (AP) — Iowans categories, blended Delegations novv bavc almost twiee as many and premixed cocktails. and $59,260 for improvements at the Western White House. The state had ruled earlier that Nixon did not have to pay California taxes on his presidential salary of $250,000 a year. but might owe taxes on other in- has filed a suit in Johnson whiskies I come earned from within the county district court against the Files Suit Claiming Loss of Income IOWA CITY - Mary McGee ________ „________.    stat!'    state    of    Iowa. beard of regents Ten pounds work. The money goes to the of the North Atlantic Treaty Or- Produets from which to choose As of last June, the stores of- Nixon s Los Angeles tax attor- and the University of Iowa. hunger appeal.    ganization and the Eastern War-    at state b(luor stores than they    fcred only 71 choices in blended    ney. Dean Butler, said tho    Cali-    in the suit she claims loss of A goal of $5.OIH) has been    set    saw Pact have held their last    bad *on years ago. the Iowa    whiskies, and only 15 in pre-    fornia tax would be paid.    income    of $12,000 and loss of for the project.    session before a four-week    beCr and liquor control depart-mixed cocktails, compared to 76      earning    capacity of $15,000 be- recess.    ment sa*d Friday.    and    17,    respectively,    a decade IO YEARS AGO — The Soviet cause the defendants did not A Warsaw Pact spokesman The department’s annual re- ag0.    and    Hungarian communists par- properly honor a contract with u . . , . u    ,    ..said    there    was “no basic P°rt shows that 1,159 “codes," The biggest increase in vari- ties called for a resolute rebuff the plaintiff when she was cm- HefSinKl-manStielO change" in the conflicting views °r different sizes and brands of ety was m wjnes which ad- °i ,bc anti-Leninists concep- ployed bv the college cf busi- vanced from 130 Nixon to Meeting in .........   _    the    anti-Leninists WASHINGTON (UPI) — Pres-of the two alliances on forces    liquor on June 30. 1973.    vanced from 130 choices ten    l*ons    and    subversive activities ness    administration at the uniat ident Nixon will attend next    reductions in Europe.    the same day ten years    yearg ag0 t0 297 last vear in    °f    ^cd China    s    leaders.    versity    in    1966. at month’s East-West security con-    Tadeusz Strulak, the head of    a8°:    there were only 624    regUjar liquor store distribution, or ference in Helsinki, the senate    the Polish delegation, added in    choices.    and another 161 in special dis- Demoeratic leader. Mike Mans-    a news conference that “time    The report shows the depart-    tribution at some stores. field, said Friday.    was spent usefully” in 32 ses-jnient listed a net profit of $24.9 Tavern Burglarized — Mike .J    The White House had no com-    sions since the talks opened    million in fiscal 1973, up    from burH^Saturdav' at 2 aV'st*    Hanger, owner of The Bank    ment but Mansfield told UPI    here last Oct. 30.    23.2 a year earlier. John Lutheran church. Fell-    Tavern. 3969 Center Point road    {hat Nixon authorized him to an-    Delegations of 19 countries    Sales in the last fiscal    year mot’s.    NL, reported a breakin Thurs-nounce his plans to attend the are participating in the talks. were $85 million, up from 1972 s Keystone Monte Kelly,    dav but was unable to deter-    meeting in mid-May before his    Strulak gave no indication    $77.8 million, m ar. riyt pda Co nee d Hor!* church’    mine the amount of money    announced summit meeting in    when a break-through might be    Selection is down this    year Rosi l y at 8 Sunday at Fell-1 taken.    :    Moscow    in    June.    achieved.    under    ten    years    ago    in    only    two She's Special! Let her Know with Flowers PIERSON’S FLOW! SHOP IS00 ELLIS BLVD. \W Howerphone J66-I826 BROSH CHAPEL ( edar Rapids I twitted to t’lihlir Scrricc" Inquire \houi Our Pre-arranged Services Solon call: House ♦ * * Burglarized Mansfield said Nixon told him The talks were scheduled to Kejth of his plans to attend the meet- recess until the second week of jnet’s, where friends may after 2 Sunday. piPritTI Dieterich,””l 122 Eighth street of East-West powers at a May, with the dale of the next bytc rian churcK Martin:Bros NW, reported $880 in cash. a! breakfast meeting IO days ago, session to be set later. let our flowers speak for you FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 55 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day •dim tts$ JOHIX E. LAPES flowers for all occasions 308 3rd Ave. SE 365-0311 Now; two completely -staffed locations to serve you. John B/llirncr&Son Turner s East, 800 Second Ave. SE Turner s West,-1221 First Ave. West lf #' ofivr only ihv fines! in ^rvlre . . . I nriliiir* . . . know lf>«|. . . Ink Ihv tam Uh* tt Me Haw Svrrv d BAXTER MEMORIAL CHAPELS MARION: 377-1538 3 blocks north of Library MT. VERNON: 895-86(»6 Block west of Post Office ;

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