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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO Th* Cedar Rapids Gazette:    Fri.,    April    12,    1974 Officials, Wives Work Together Easter Bonnet Blues Checking out her total appearance, Leslie Slaughter, 3, of St. Louis, doesn't seem too happy with what the mirror is telling her at a downtown store here. Leslie tried on several hats to determine which one she wants for a bonnet to wear this Easter Sunday. rn UPI Telephoto Society for Women Features By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: My mother and I stopped at a gasoline station. She told the attendant she wanted $2 worth of gas and she held up two fingers. The attendant left and for some reason another man came out and put the gas in my mother’s tank. He said, “That will be $3.” My mother said she asked for only $2 worth so the second man said, “Look, lady, what's another dollar? Besides, with this gas shortage, you’re lucky.” My mother said all she had was $2, but she lived only a few blocks away (which was true) so she would go home and get another dollar. My mother didn’t have any more money at home so she never went back because what could she have given him? What should she have done? WONDERING! I) E A R WONDERING: She should have told the man she would bring him the dollar as soon as she had it. And then she should have kept her word. ★ * * DEAR ABBY: Tell that girl who paid Motorhead’s bills to write him a letter asking himi for the $1,000 he owes her. If I Motorhead is dumb enough to ( write her back and tell her that | he didn’t owe her any $l,000-it was only $500—she’ll have alii the evidence she needs. She can then take the letter to a lawyer and he will take it from there. CLYDE P. I DEAR CLYDE: It s an old trick, but it could work. ♦ * * CONFIDENTIAL TO MY READERS: Sunday is Easier. Please do not give a child a Ii'- White on White For a more sophisticated look at Easter, Jerry Silverman presents this drop shoulder dress of white polyester sharkskin. The dress is belted in white leather. Pranks Force Woman from Home ST. PETERSBURG, Ria. (UPI) — A practical joke without an end forced Mary Lou Paddock to leave her home Thursday. “I thought it w'as funny at first but this has been going on for three days and I’m at my wit’s end,” Mrs. Paddock said before leaving. She has had calls from the telephone company concern- palm tree, 14 orange trees, oxygen tanks, 25 lobster and chicken dinners complete with appetizers, 21 bouquets of flowers, three terrariums, four pizzas, a rental bed and six of the concrete “logs” used in parking lots. Even the police arrived in response to a phony call reporting the neighbors had heard screaming coming from the Paddock house. Police said most companies contacted said the orders had been placed by a woman with a deep voice and a strong Southern accent. ing gift unless he is old enough to care for it properly. Every Ing the disconnection of ber year a shocking number of baby; telephone, from the power chicks, rabbits, kittens and pup- company wishing to confirm a pies have been mauled, man- request for termination of handled, smothered and ne- electric service, and from gleoted to death by children who companies to confirm airline ha\f received them as Easter trips to Japan, Italy and a gifts and who regard them as Chicago world cruise and a toys. Have a heart and give helicopter rental. small children stuffed animals instead.    I Among the unsought arriv- *    *    *    als at the house have been a Problems? You'll feel better if moving van to haul away the Hertz drive SE, is the first-piace you get it off your chest. For a furnilure- 16 lax* cabs for $25 winner in the skits category personal reply, write to ABBY: *nPs '() I arupa International 0f American Assn. cf Uni-Box No. 69700, Los Angeles,! a*rPor^ ^ve tow trucks, a car- versify Women state creative Calif. 90069. Enclose stamped. P*:* Cleaner, two trucks loaded ar^s contest. The Cedar Rapids MRS. RICH ARD CHI TE WINS A ALW CONTEST Mrs. Richard Chute, 1318 self-addressed envelope, please. For Abbv's booklet, “How To Have a Lovely Wedding”, send $1 to Abigail Van Buren, 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212. with dirt, a truckload of concrete blocks, a radio dispatched cement mixer and a man to install a lawn sprinkler. Rems delivered include a AAUW branch will also receive $25. Mrs. Chute’s manuscript, “Six Ages of Woman ”, will be displayed at the AAUW state [division convention in Waterloo April 18-20 Bartenders File Complaints Over Work Uniforms MADISON, Wis. (CPD — Female bartenders cannot be required to expose their bodies while male bartenders do not, a Wisconsin hearing examiner said Thursday. Patrick O. Patterson, a hearing examiner for the department of industry, labor and human relations, issued the decision in a case involving two female bartenders at the Gobbler, a Johnson Creek restaurant. Barbara Hill and Etta Birch, both of Oconomowoc, filed a sex discrimination complaint with the state agency. They said they I were required to wear revealing I clothing w hile male bartenders |were not. “The record indicates that the | uniform which complainants |and other female bartenders were required to wear exposed and accentuated their legs.; thighs and breasts, whereas the’ uniform worn by the male bartenders did not expose these parts of the body and did not accentuate any male sexual characteristics,” Patterson said. Patterson recommended that the state agency order the restaurant to stop the discrimination. He also said the two ; women, who were tired for re-j fusing to wear the required um-iform, did not want to be reinstated. but could file a lawsuit to recover lost wages. The decision is subject to review by the three-member com-mission heading the state! agency. BRIDAL SHOWER GIVEN FOR PAMELA DODGE Miss Pamela Dodge. May 4 bride-elect of David J. Mehring. 1640 Thirty-fourth street SE, was! feted at a miscellaneous bridal shower Wednesday evening at the home of the future bride-! groom’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Mehring, 620 Thirty-first (street SE. Co-hostesses to the 18 guests were Mrs. Robert Bartosh and Miss Elaine Mar-quardt. Miss Dodge is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.; Lawrence Dodge, 1148 Clifton drive NE. Every Sat. 5:30-9 p.m. BEEFEATERS BUFFET $2.95 per person Children under IO, $1.95 Roast Round of Beef, Beef Stroganoff, k Salads, Relishes, Desserts Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL CEDAR FARDS. IOWA . t[)IA(ENT f.lJTST PEKING / By Leann Thompson Drake Journalism Student Written for Associated Press DES MOINES (AP) - The wives of about one-fourth of Iowa’s 150 legislators each act as their husband’s secretary. William Harbor, chief clerk of the house, estimates each secretary earns about $2,250 during a session. Although the law that made hiring a public official's relatives illegal was not removed until the 1973 legislative session. the number of wives working for their husbands has remained about the same for several years, said Harbor. Unenforceable This was because some legislators said they didn't know of the law and others said that since it was an old custom for a legislator’s wife to be his secretary, they never considered the legality. The law was repealed partly because it was unenforceable, said the wife of Rep. Delwyn St rom cr (R-Garner). Mrs. Stromer said legislators, if necessary, were planning to hire each other's wives to get around the law , so they decided to get rid of it. Most of the legislators said they voted to eliminate the law. Sen. Willard Hansen (R-Cedar Falls) said he didn't vote on the measure because he felt there was a conflict of interest. Many of the legislators who work with their wives defend their secretaries. Extra Work “You can’t ask a normal secretary to do the work you have to do if you're going to be active.” said Rep. Donald Avenson (D-Oelwein). Rep. John Patched lD-North Liberty) said his wife does "a lot of additional work that I can’t entrust to others.” Mrs. Stromer said she handles much of her husband’s correspondence so he doesn't have to dictate it. She added. “It’s easier to order your wife around.” Harbor said secretaries are expected to work from 8 to 4 on the average. “Meash Salary” Sen. Leonard Anderson (R-Sioux City) said his wife works extra hours and understands his campaign material better than another secretary would. “The only way we could move to Des Moines on the measly salary this state pays” was for his wife to work, said Sen. Michael Blouin (I)-Dubuque). Legislators receive $5,500 annually with a raise next year to $8,000. Sen. Hansen thinks his district is better off because his wife works as his secretary. He said she is sensitive to politics, familiar with his district and has knowledge of issues as well as clerical skills. “I defy anyone to find a sec retary with more background than she has,” he said. Standards Each legislator has one secretary, who is paid a standard salary of $15 a day, seven days a week, for the duration of the session. Harbor said the possibility of setting an annual salary is under consideration. He said that amount would probably be $2,500 to $2,700. The senate has no minimum standards for secretaries but the house requires that applicants type 50 words per minute and take shorthand at 75 words per minute, said Harbor. The two houses keep lists of applicants for secretarial jobs. If a legislator does not bring his own secretary, he can choose one from the list. No minimum standards are set for secretaries the legislators bring with them. Some of the wives have had business training, but others have had only typing and shorthand classes. Some were teachers or nurses and several worked in their husband's businesses prior to coming to the legislature. Wilson's Secretary Won't Resign Over Land Deals Criticism By Fred Coleman LONDON (AP) - Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s longtime personal secretary, a central figure in a political storm over property deals, said Thursday her conscience is clear and she has no intention of resigning. Marcia Williams told the Daily Mirror in an interview that she and her brother had invested money in waste land that was eventually cleared of slag and sold for industrial development. With her share of the profits she said she bought a house for $84,000. There has been no suggestion that Wilson was involved personally or financially in the land deals or that the transactions were in any way illegal. But they have raised a political storm because Wilson’s Labor party has sharply criticized Large profits from la I speculation. Opposition politicians now say Wilson s own staff was involved in the kind of deals their boss was criticizing. M r s. Williams’ brother, Anthony Field, served as a Wilson aide when the Wilson was leader of the opposition. Field worked for Wilson without salary but conducted some private business affairs from the prestigious address of Wilson’s pri\ate office at the House of Commons. This too has come in for criticism. Mrs. Williams said there was nothing wrong with her business transactions. “I shall not resign from my job as Mr. Wilson’s private secretary,” Mrs. Williams said, “ . . . my conscience is clear.” Some Labor party politicians long disturbed by Mrs. Williams’ political authority in Wilson's office have demanded her resignation. Among other things, she controls Wilson's appointments list and advises him on political matters. In her interview, Mrs. Wil liams complained she had been hounded by the press, received obscene letters and had her car broken into. On the land deal, she stressed that the value of the property had increased while the opposition Conservative party was in power. Tory members of parliament planned to question her on this aspect of lier statement. I*a-bor lawmakers also plan further questions. Straw Easter Tree, 18 Feet Tall, Displays Traditional Symbols , WICHITA FALLS, Texas (UPI) — Who ever heard of an Easter tree? Probably nobody, until Mrs. Tana Jones of nearby Electra, Texas, made one seven feet tall. This year’s version is 18 feet high and it dominates the lobby of the First Wichita State bank. The tree, which took 500 hours to construct, is topped bv a three-foot white cross amid a bed of purple lilacs and baby’s breath flowers. A metal pole that has “arms” and “hands” to hold the decorations supports the entire structure. The metal frame is covered with reams of shredded pulp “straw’’ in which are nestled decorations that range from Easter bunnies to tiny gilded crosses and wooden eggs painted with religious scenes. “It s a bit of a shock to see it.” said Mrs. Jones. “It has a delicate and fragile look for something so large ... it has a spiritual overtone.” Besides the painted eggs, crosses and bunnies, Mrs. Jones placed three life-sized doves, flowers, bows, alabaster carvings and assorted basket arrangements on the tree. “This arrangement reflects the promise of renewal that spring and “Easter offer,” she said. “The flowers are for freshness and the eggs are symbolic of new’ beginnings. The cross is reigning over and blessing all of the arrangement.” Fruit Baste    ' For a really different taste, baste chicken or turkey with the juice from any canned fruit. Romantic-look skirts and tops are a snap to make with Mary Lester's new 1-seam smock fabrics Cre*'* a total coordinate took with surf a*d top or a '>epara:e w *h tops paired with jean* and shorts, las/ to mac* Regu . t o »* seam sewing. Easy care, too. F e cotton b’end fab' is '"a h,ne wash and dry. {Ai B i* chambray and flora! p'.nt swirl skirt shown wtf r a1 ‘ ng long top. 35C inch. (B: Long top i t 1 •» ground O' rod white, navy Ah ie ISO inch (Cl S' orty top in h ° , ■ vt at cl 13C inch. ft a n a. 250 inch. NEW! DUCK WEIGHT PRINTED DENIM LOOK 199 I YD. They're ca >d fresh air canvas prints. You'!! say they re terrific! Perfect for sportswear...tops, pants, jackets. Horal and geometric prints p s coordinating solids. AT machine washable cotton. 44 to 4b in. We’ve got them! 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