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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., April 9, 1974 For Better Health Indigestion May Result From Eating Too Fast By Dr. S.L. Andelman What we call indigestion may simply be the result of having eaten too much too fast. The collection of symptoms we lump together as due to indigestion— bloating, intestinal noises, belching, heartburn, generalized abdominal aching — can be rn actually enjoy poor health. For By Oswald & James Jacoby them, complaining and constantly monitoring their bodily functions may serve a deep psychological need. Others may develop digestive symptoms, with or without ulcere, because they are subjected to more stress than they North put down the dummy and remarked, “I wish I could take back my four-heart bid.” South replied, ‘‘I feel the same way about my five-heart bid, but we should make it any- Dr. S. L. Andalman warnings of    many different kinds of trouble, both inside and outside the digestive system. The term    indigestion er roneously implies either that the food one has eaten is not digestible or that    one’s digestive process is not working. Actually, the well-known symptoms arc much more likely to be due to irritation, spasm or a combination of both. Anyone whose abdominal discomfort keeps coming back    day after day needs the attention of a doctor. A careful physical examination, plus a thorough medical history, may be necessary. Early Sign can manage. Some are natural vvay- “worrywarts,” expert at mak- He took the diamond lead and ing mountains out of molehills.;promptly played his ace and For others the pressures are!kj ,'rumps. East discarded a only too real and their attempts *    v to appear calm only add to the;sPade and the silence for the inner turmoil. Still others are next *cvv minutes could almost nervous perfectionists, who ^ cut by a knife, create their own pressures and! Then South led a spade. West inflict them on others as well as was *n NV’hh the ace and it was themselves.    his turn to think. Finally he led __a second diamond which dummy ruffed. The next play was the king of spades from dummy. This gave West an excellent chance to let T*v Pp+i + inrK South make his contract. All he i CJA rem luna had tQ do wQu]d be (q ruff fhat Petitions to the Cedar Rapids spade, but West had thought board of review on property as- things out carefully. He discard-sessments may be filed begin- jed a club, ning Tuesday, City Assessor1 Dummy’s jack of spades was Dale Piersall said Monday. led next. West ruffed this time Deadline is May 5.    j and led a third diamond to force All petitions must be in writ-dummy to ruff with its last ing. Forms will be available in trump. Piersall's office, on the fifth Dummy was down to five floor of city hall, beginning clubs. South had to lead ace. April 16.    king and another and there was The board of review has the no way to keep West from scor-power to equalize assessments'ing the setting trick with his IO NORTH (D) 9 4 K J 7 T J 5 4 3 4 5 + A K IO 5 2 WEST EAST 4 A 4 1096 43 V 10 86 2 T7 4 KQJ 9 3 4 8762 ♦ J98 *Q74 SOI TH 4 Q 8 5 2 V AKQ9 4 A IO 4 + 63 East-West vulnerable West North East South 1 + Pass IV Pass 24 Pass 34 Pass 4 4 Pass 5f Pass Pass Pass Opening lead- -♦K Bicentennia Post Given to Mayor Canney Mayor Don Canney has been appointed regional co-chairman of the Mayor's American Revolution Bicentennial committee of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. The appointment was announced Monday by Mayor Roy B. Martin, jr., of Norfolk, Va., president of the conference. The committee will coordinate ; the activities of designated bicentennial communities as plans are formulated for the 1976 celebration. Review Board Will Accept Reisner Charged with Damage to Building Richard Reisner, 33, of 729 Memorial drive SE, has been charged with malicious injury to a building in connection with breaking of a window early Sat-1 urday at Wendy’s Lounge, 6900 Mt. Vernon road SE. Authorities were told Reisner; stuck his fist through a $200 window after a disagreement with a woman companion. The defendant also was charged with attempting to elude police, disobedience of a traffic signal and resisting arrest. He was released from the county jail after posting bond. Authorities in Mexico Arrested for Killings MEXICO CITY (AP) - Some 50 persons, including the mayor and former police chief of a southern Mexican city, have been arrested in an investigation of a gang believed responsible for between 200 and 300 killings, police said Saturday. The gang, which officials said operated in and around the town of Tapachula 550 miles southeast of Mexico City, was known as The Black Hand. Public Works Representatives of employes in the city’s public works department have asked the city council for an increase in salaries and fringe benefits. The letter asking for the increases was accompanied by petitions asking that the departmental grievance committee be authorized to discuss the raises with the city council. There were 89 signatures on the petition: there are about 120 employes in the department. The council granted a 1974 increase of 6.5 percent for all employes in civil service labor grade 19 or lower, and a four percent increase for higher grades. “Insufficient” In the letter, the public works representatives said the 6.5 percent increase is insufficient, and the four percent increase is unfair as well as insufficient. Employes Ask Wage Increase Due to an 8.8 percent cost of The letter also asked that the living and a three percent deval- day after Thanksgiving be made uation of he dollar, they said, an official holiday. That day has a 12 percent increase is neces- bccn given to employes by sary to keep pace with rising order of the council in recent costs and . . maintain our a1- years, but the employes said ready low standard of living.” they would like it made an of- The letter said many em- tidal holiday so they could be ployes have been forced to take sure they have the ay second jobs and are looking for'planning holiday activities, new employment.    Finally,    he    otter asked for a change in the longevity pay sys-Ask Holiday    tem eliminating differences The employes also requested based on rank, additional compensation for The benefit is solely for length workers on the night shifts, and of service, the employes said, for mechanics who must pro- which is the same regardless of vide their own tools.    rank. Want to rent your garage? A want ad will do it quickly and at low cost. Dial 398-8234. GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For News, Sports, Bookkeeping, General Infor mation ond Offices Not Listed Below Coll ........................... 398 8211 Circulotion-Subscription Dept. 398 8333 Mon. thru Sot. 8 o.m. to 7 p.m. Sundays Until 12 Noon Holidays ll o.m. to 7 p.m. Want Ads...................... 398 8234 Mon. thru Fri. 8 o.m. to 5 p m. Saturday until 12 Noon display Advertising ............. .398 872? 8 o.m. to 5 p m. Monon Office ................ 398 8430 “Th* First Tim* We Have Used Want Ads... Had Fast ResuHs” 19/1 (.LASSIC 17*/** trove! trailer fully self contained with anti sway hitch and transmission cooler. J1700. Call 644 3882 SOLON TRAVEL TRAILER SOLD FIRST OAT Gazette want ads serve folks in I 6 Eastern Iowa counties. To order your action-ad dial 398-8234. Although this may entail time, M raising or lowering the indi- of trumps trouble and expense, the patient I viduai assessments of property. This includes land, buildings, personal property and the addition to the assessment rolls of any taxable property should remember that so-called indigestion is often an early sign of serious disease, or at least an indication that he V*CRRD<fc/*fe4# should change his living habits 1 which had previously been Some of the causes of indigestion are anemia, peptic ulcer, liver disease, gallbladder infection, appendicitis, kidney omitted. Since 1974 is not an assessment year, the board's power is limited to making adjustments The bidd ing has been:    9 West    North    East    Sooth 1+ Dble. Pass    14    Pass    2+ Pass    24    Pass    ? You, South, hold: 4108 654 VAKQ8 3 4AJ5+-What do you do now? A—Bid four spades. This method of getting to four spades show s a stronger hand than an immediate four-spade bid would have shown. TODAY S QUESTION river currents, voluntary razing Instead of bidding two spades r „    >, • „ *    1j your partner has jumped to three of a building not being ieplaced gpades ovcr vour two-club call. or a disaster over which the • Vhat do you do now? property owner has no control. Also considered are new structures built since the latest assessment review. Any petition must be based on disease, allergy, cancer of the only in those cases where there stomach or intestines and mis-1 has been a change of value, use of drugs or alcohol.    ,    This is interpreted by the So-called acute indigestion,    state department of revenue    as1 with cramps, vomiting and diar-i    destruction    or    removal    of    a rhea, is most likely to be due to    building by    fire    or flood,    loss    of bacterial food poisoning. Too land due to washing away by much food or too much alcohol sometimes has the same disastrous effect. Many years ago, reports of death from acute indigestion were quite common. Probably most of those deaths were due to heart attacks, since pain and nausea are common symptoms of coronary thrombosis. Emotional Some patients will continue to have symptoms, even after careful examination has ruled out the serious causes of indigestion. The relationship between the emotions and the digestive tract has been known as long as there has been language to express it — “I’m worried sick,” “It’s enough to turn your stomach.” “He gives me a pain,” “You’ve spoiled my appetite” — these expressions are part of everyday speech. Some of the people with unexplained indigestion are probably out-and-out hypochondriacs who Answer Tomorrow Tree Seeding TOKYO (AP) — Chinese pilots one of the following five rea- *iave dropped hundreds of tons sons: (I) The assessment is in-1tree seeds this year in ac-equitable compared to that of ‘ corance    with    Chairman    Mao’s j five similar properties in the,1 caH to    “cover    the    country    with taxing district; (2) The property! ^re<?s’ a Peking broadcast said. is assessed for more than the)—- value authorized by law; (3) The property is not assessable; (4) There is an error in the assessment; (5) There is fraud ini the assessment. Members of the board, which! will hold its organizational! meeting May I at city hall, are; J. Thomas Hoegen, 1a*o C. Peiffer, L. P. Boudreaux. Abbott | Lipsky and James VV. Bowker. 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