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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Apr. 9, 1974Days of Animal Misuse in ■v% */ • M marting Films May Be Numbered *A,' By Bob Thomas LOS ANGELES (AP) - The cowboy fires his shoL’un. and horse and Indian tumble to the ground. Is the movie stunt safe or dangerous ? “lf the horse falls on its side, then it is trained and probably won't suffer any injury." says a humane official “lf the horse falls on its nos<\ (hen it has been tripped, and the animal might very well be killed “ Falling horses and other dangerous movie stunts have greatly concerned the American Humane Association for some time. Recently, the association made progress in its campaign to make movie sets safe for animals. .lack Valenti, president of the Motion Picture Association, issued a memorandum to film makers asking reaffirmation of “a policy of humaneness to animals.'’ Hi' suggested cooperation with the humane association in reaching tin' goal “where it can be said of every motion picture: ‘No animal was cruelly treated or killed in making this film.' “ Numerous Killings Valenti called for a conference on the use of animals in films. His action stems from increasing pressure by the humane association, which ha^ objected to the numerous killings of animals in recon* films Among them: “Jeremiah Johnson" — killing of a bear, buffalo and elk “Pal Garrett and Billy che Kid” — horse gripping: using half-buried chickens as gun targets. “Kid Blue” —killing of chickens in a cafe kite hen “Arruza” — torture and killing of bulls. “Legend of Nigger Charlie" — cockfighting. “llzana’s Raid \ * ‘Wrath of God”, “The Culpepper Caille Co.”, “The Deadly Trackers" — horse tripping. “We object to the killing of any animal for entertainment purposes." says Harold Mel-niker, director of the Hollywood office of the humane association “Because of Jack Valenti's announcement, the days of animal misuse in films may now be numbered." If the animals are rescued | from movie makers, it will be Jack Valenti the second time in Hollywood history In the !920s and 1930s, there were no restraints, and horse killings were common. They usually fell victim to the infamous “running W," a s\s-tem of wiring horses' legs so they would trip at a location w ithin camera range Public Outrage The humane association credits the 1939 film “Jesse James" with changing all that A horse was killed on camera, and the public outrage caused the producers to add new regulations to its Production Code. The “running \Y” was outlawed, and film makers were required to consult with the humane association on scenes involving animals. "That all went out the window in 1966. when tho code was abolished.'' said Melniker “The producers no longer needed to consult with the AHA, and the industry became indifferent to such dangers as horse-tripping. Our protests were futile." The humane association responded by establishing a rating list of animal pictures that were acceptable and unacceptable. It condemned “Patton” for the shooting of two donkeys and won a victory when the film vc as shown on television; the offending scene was cut. Melniker objected strenuously to the killings in "Jeremiah Johnson", but the animals were supplied by the state* of Utah, which was trying to promote use of the' state for film locations. rn Pi rn berg Dead LOS ANGKLES (AP) -Harold A. "Hal" Fimberg, H7. a screenwriter whose credits included “Our Man Flint" and Abbott and Costello screenplays, died Saturday In addition to movie screenplays, Fimberg wrote for radio and television. CALL! Your Orders IN . We’ll Have Them Ready TO GO! lOpen 14 Hrs. Bing Crosby Presley Rejects Australian Offer SYDNEY (UPI) - Elvis Presley, the king of rock ‘n’ roll, has turned down a $1 million offer by an Australian promoter for two shows, according to a Sydney newspaper. The Daily Telegraph reported a spokesman for the promoter. Bob Pritchard, said the reply from Presley's agents in Hollywood was: “Thank you, but if ever we need a million bucks that badly, we'll give you a ring. By Vernon Scott HILLSBOROUGH, Calif. (UPI) — "The old groaner is still groaning,” Bing Crosby said just before hoarding his own plane for an Easter holiday at his house in Las Cruces, Mexico. The 69-year-old crooner underwent surgery last January for removal of part of his left lung and has been recuperating slowly ever since. “I read some newspaper stories about how sick I was and it gave me quite a turn," said Bing in his rich baritone. His voice was strong and his attitude jaunty. “I’m coming along, but it takes time. I’ve had operations before but this was a tough one. They took out two-fifths of my left lung. Now I’ve got a 35-inch scar on my back. Ifs a beauty. "There was a report that my trouble was due to an African fungus. Not so. It was a fungus, all right with an abcess the size of a tangerine. But I could have picked it up anywhere. It’s a type of fungus that's common in central California.” Crosby is still trying to put on a little weight. He hopes to improve his color in the balmy sun at the tip of Baja California. “Kathryn (his wife) is working in the theater here," he said. “She won’t be making the trip. But as usual, I’ll be taking the kids—Harry, Nathanial and Mary Frances with me. “We’ll be fishing for marlin, sailfish and some of the other big ones. “Eve been getting stronger every day. Sometimes in the afternoon I get out to the golf course for a little pitch and putt practice. I will be a while before I can take a full golf swing. “But I plan to play some tennis because my right side is all right. The left, where they did the operating, is still a bit weak." Crosby won’t return to work until early summer when he will go to Hollywood to tape a television comedy special with Bob Hope, Pearl Bailey and Mitzi Gaynor. Later he and his family will film their annual Christmas show . "I plan to do some hunting as usual this fall,” he said. “And in the meantime I’ve kept busy planning the Crosby golf tour nament for next year. And I'm on some committee for game preservation and the organizations to keep our streams and rivers clean.” During his convalescence Bing was visited by sons from his first marriage — Gary, Dennis, Philip and Lindsay. He received more than 12,000 letters from fans around the world urging him to get well. "I wrote out a form letter and answered all of those kind letters,” he said. Emergency ROOM 465# 1st Av*. NJ. “I had no idea that many people were interested in me. Maybe people thought I was sicker than I was. I must have been hovering on the brink. Lenten Noon Special 11 am-1:00 pm 4-oz. Fish French Fries or Cole Slaw(j 204 drink AH far Only    TF    V FREE Easter Fun Books for the kids c’mon over! Henry’s All-American Drive-in 181 5 16th Ave. SW ilk ti :.<£v    --rn, $12 Center Paint Od. NE 365-08# I ■ 'GE' *•**/>LL    it- *2. J mm“Let’s all go to the DAIRY QUEEN"*** 2 DAYS ONLY! WED. & THURS.-APRIL IO & 11 You’ll go bananas for this great sale on DAIRY QUEEN'S* famous banana split. Two fresh-cut banana slices and America's favorite treat, topped with chocolate, strawberry, pineapple and whipped topping. Ask for special take-home packaging when you want items packed with lids to carry home. 2 DAYS ONLY Wed. & Thurs. April 10-11 CEDAR RAPIDS • I I Ely Avenue SW • 220 3rd Street SW • 2 I OO 6th Street SW • 2825 Johnson Ave NW • 3304 1st Avenue NE • 501 I 6th Street NE • 2843 Mt. Vernon Rd. SE MARION • 2 I OO 7th Avenue FAIRFAX • 5 I 3 Williams Blvd. MT VERNON •520 I st Street East TIPTON • I Oth and Cedar Let’s all go to the DAIRY QUEEN” ♦ Reg US Pat Oft Am D 0 Corp f Copyright 19/4 An 0 Q Co rf TOO MANY KIDS FIND THAT THE BEST TIME TO OSE DOPE IS WHEN THEIR PARENTS ARE OUT GETTING DRUNK. Drug abuse is an extremely serious health problem. But alcoholism is an even bigger problem. For at least 7 million Americans. If you are over 18, chances are one in 12 that you are, P**, or will become, an alcoholic. So while it is vital for vour <6/ children to know’ the dangers of drugs, it is just as vital to be concerned about alcoholism. Get the facts. Then sit down and talk to your child about drug abuse and alcoholism. Now. We care. rn Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa Des Moines/Sioux City ■'Registered Mark Blue Cross Association ^Registered Service Mark of the National Assoc ation of Blue Shield Plans DETTER HEALTH IOWA. WE CARE. Cedar Rapids Representative Robert J. Sedenka Homa Phono 362-6204 Office Phono 366-3348 Benton and Linn Counties Representative Lloyd Schaufenbuel Homa: 362-6373 Offica: 366-5348 'FOR INDIVIDUAL ENROLLMENT Now AVAILABLE: Group Enrollment 2 thru 4 Employees Johnson County Representative Bert Vincent 337-2440 Jon** and Cedar Counties Represantative Edward A. Schlatter Homa Phona 377-3283 Offica Phona 366-3348 f i A ;

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