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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa W • ....... -rriT-nr -mrm- .mw....... ............... Hugh Daggett Servey Murder Evidence Goes To Grand Jury Mrs. Willis Daugherty I p. I I rri Evelyn Daugherty, 46. of 1547 IS L/GdO cit DD Fifth avenue SE, wife cf Willis The Linn county grand jury Monday received evidence in 3002 Westwood drive NW, a life-20. 1927, in Omaha, she was the case of the two men charged long resident of Cedar Rapids married to Mr. Daugherty Oct. with rob5ing and murderjng Mi- J    1    of    Hnooncirlft    Polif chad Servey. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., April 8, 1974 The jury was expected to report on disposition of the cases late Monday afternoon. un wf MHH f CHOC Alt® Mas: cf the nation will be fair Monday night; however, rain will spread across the Pacific Northwest, and from the eastern Ohio valley and Appalachians to the Atlantic coast. Snow is possible near the lower Grea; Lakes. and manager of Dysart's candyj30, 1954. at Oceanside, Calif. and ice cream store, died unex-    *iad.    ^een a resident    of oectedlv Monday    Cedar Kapids the last 19 ycars’ pecteciy Monaay.    moving here from Belle Plaine. Born heb. 17,    1919,    in    Cedar §be had been health and physi- Rapids, he was    married    in St. caj education instructor at    George Junior Nowlin 31, Patrick's church    Nov.    17, 1939, Franklin junior high school the    rural Keystone, and Atwell Jun- last IO years, and had been at    tor Conner, 29, of near Bertram, Monroe school in 1963 and Vin-    had been bound over to the ton schools from 1949 to 1953.    grand jury after a preliminary Mrs. Daugherty was graduated hearing last week. Hugh    j    I from the University of Northern The assault on Servey, 18. Iowa in 1949 and was a member    cedar Rapids, allegedly oc- of St. Paul’s United Methodist    curred March to southeast of I church, the Cedar Rapids Edu-; Cedar Rapids. They also are cation Assn., the Iowa State Ed- charged in Jones county with lucation Assn. and the National raping and murdering Maureen Education Assn.    Connolly, 17, Cedar Rapids that Surviving in addition to her same dav, near Anamosa. husband are five sons, Michael.    ____ Patrick, Timothy, Matthew and Tom, all of Cedar Rapids, and Ruth Behmer. Daggett —Daily Record— The Weather Rapids, and William Jones, jr., Kirksville, Mo. Fires Hiah temperatures Sunday, low temp eratures overnight and inches cf pre conation: Anchorage 43 33 I. Angeles so ao 12:24 p.m. Saturday. Children Bismarck 32 24 Min'apohs 40 23 with matches to grass at end of Chicago    so    32 .03    n orleans    77    jj .at Dunham drive SW. Denver    54    26    New York    60    46 Duluth    29    5    Phoenix    90    70 Honolulu    84    74    Seattle    57    43 Iowa Deaths I to Helen Bizulis. He was a veteran of World war II and a member of St. Jude Catholic ; church. In addition to his wife he is her mother, survived by five daughters, Omaha, Mrs. Jack Feild, Mrs. Frank! Services: St. —Tuitions— (Continued from Page IO Paul’s United I Kramer, Mrs. Steven David and; Methodist church at 1:30 p.m. Monticello — Fred J. Stutt, Tina Louise, all of Cedar 67. Services Wednesday at 1:30 at Wayne Zion Lutheran church. Friends may call at Goettsch’s after 7 Monday. Newhall — Clara Paulsen, 78. sart; a sister, Mrs. Herbert C. Services Wednesday at 1:30 at Hunt, and a brother, Robert, all Rapids, and Mrs. A. B. Bracy, Springville ; eight grandchildren: his mother, Ida Dy- St. John’s Lutheran church. Friends may call at Fellmet’s, Keystone, after noon Tuesday of Cedar Rapids. Services: St. Jude to $600 at the University of Northern Iowa for resident students. Catholic 56 Houston 76 59 washington 66 SI C. R. Weather High Sunday ................ Low overnight .......... Noon Monday 2 p.m. Precipitation Total for April....... Normal for April Normal through April Total for 1974 ......... Barometer, rising .. Humidity at noon    30%: Wind direction and velocity at, Gazette weather station at 2, p.m., N at 15 mph. Sun rises Tuesday. 6:37; sun sets. 7:42. and at the church after IU church, Wednesday at ll a.m. by the Rev. John Gregory. Burial: St. John’s, with military services at the grave by Hanford American Legion post. There will be a wake prayer 12:47 p.m. Saturday. Sparks Wednesday, from train to grass 700 block ! Independence    Edmund    I Oakland road NE.    (Yarrington, 33. Services I p.m. Saturday. Alert at air- . Wednesday at 1:30 at First port.    | Wesleyan church, Waterloo. 2:28 a.m. Sunday. Food on White’s, Independence. 29 stove at 2060 Glass road NE.    Alburnett    —    Bobb    E.    McKib- 40    10:57    a.m.    Short    in    oven    at    i ben. 47. Services Wednesday at *. 1923 First avenue SW.    2 at Murdoch’s, Marion. 11:11 a m. Resuscitator call at:    Fort Atkinson — James J. None JOO First avenue NE, room 411. iPavlovec, 73. Services 1.63 I 54 p.m. Sunday. Child with: Wednesday at IO at St. John’s 2 79    matches to porch at 118 Second J church. Rosaries Monday and «    '    street SW.    I Tuesday at 8 at Chekal’s. J 11:30 p.m. Sunday. Cigaret Iowa City — Marie Yansky, > 68 to davenport at 3812 Pine Tree 77. Services Tuesday at 1:30 at 30.23 drive NE.    , George L. Gay’s. A memorial Wednesday by the Rev. Arnold H e r b s t. Graveside services:1 Non-resident hikes in 1969 2:45 p.m. in Evergreen come- wcre from $1,000 a year to tery in Vinton. Friends may call SI,250 at the U. of I., from $1,005 at Turner's cast until 9 p.m. $1,230 at Iowa State and from Tuesday. The casket will not be $'68 to $1,000 at Northern Iowa. open at the church. The family In 1973 the regents upped non-suggests that friends may, if resident tuition again by $100 a they wish, make contributions year at each institution, there to the Evelyn Daugherty music being no legislative order scholarship fund at Washington against increasing non-resident high school.    tuition. _    Gov.    Ray    said    the    1969 tu- Mrs. J. Frank HeTTron jtjon increase was a whopper; service Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. by I jcanette I. Heffron, 63. of 3412 that he thought future infather Gregory at Teahcn chap- Center point road NE a l0 creases, if necessary, should cl, where friends may call after (ime resident of Marion and Ce- he smaller each year on a I p.m. Tuesday.    dar Rapjds< djed Saturday. more gradual basis. rL j ... ,    |.    Born June 16, 1910. at Excels!- Parents and students have a Chad Michael Larson or Springs, Mo., she was mar- rjght to know well ahead of any Magistrate's Court Speeding — Frank Daily, Anamosa; Dennis Dcklotz, Shellsburg; each fined $40 and costs. Donovan Price, HOI Eighteenth street, Marion; Kenneth LeClerc, 2635 Twentv- Year Ago Today — High, 38;(third avenue SE; Barry Hyduk, low. 29; rainfall, I 20. Degree Days aune Tot a » date i April of norm 1973 veal' ital normal year . Traveler's Forecast :4 6 29 6.288 94.85 6,631 213 Sixteenth street SE; each fined $35 and costs. James Za-ehar, 3740 Cottage Grove avenue SE. Clctus Reinhardt, 546 Thirty-first street SE; Ronald f* Pippert, Vinton; Gerald Kula,!Sommer, 79, ‘ Central City; Walter Burko.j Services Tuesday Manchester; Rickey Canny,IE m a n u e I 3319 O avenue NW; Peter I Feeney’s. Hansen. 77 Seventh avenue has been established. Winthrop _ Ida Dunlap, 96. Services Wednesday at 1:30 at Fawcett’s where friends may call after I Tuesday. North English — Dow Mason, 83. Services Wednesday at 1:30 at North English Christian church. Best’s. Earlville — Mrs. Raymond Schw'andt, 70. Services Tuesday at 2 at Immanuel Lutheran church. Clifton’s. Straw berry I'oint — Lena1 Marshall. Mich Chad Michael Larson, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Larson, 407 C avenue NW, died Monday morning at an Iowa City hospital. He was born April 6 in Cedar Rapids. ried to J. f rank Heffron Aug. 8, school year how much tuition is 1949, at Mason City. Mrs. Hef- going to be. Ray continued. Iron retired in 1967 from Collins, Mo    hc    sald    ■    js unfajr Radio Co where she had been rajsc |ujtjon af(cr h employed 2 years. She was a jcatalogs |or ,he nex, ycar member of IBEW local 1362. have been printed and distrib- Surviving in addition to his Surviving ,lrc .J'V. bp*band' iited with current rates in them. 'three brothers, Melvin Corum.1 parents are a twin brothers,,,, .    ... ..    _ . Rayan Thomas, and grandpas i“a™n'    VVf'^.    C°rum-    Cncdar ents. Mr. and Mrs. Richard R.IRaPf ■ a"d Ollie    Comm    Palo Larson and Mr. and Mrs. Chest-1 J n, a    s!^r'    Mrs. Roland or Rotoff. all of Cedar Rapids. Anderson' Ccdar Hap,ds' Private services were held at Services. *-30 p.m. Tuesday From another quarter Monday came the view that the legislature has no business telling the regents where to set tuition rates. “I think we should trust the in Murdoch chapel in Marion by I regents on this.” Senate Repub at 1:30 at I St. Luke’s hospial. There was ai4. n t . .....    .    .    -     r— Lutheran church, cremation committal. Turner D ,ey- .V 1 ! er ?, lrs Tican Leader Clifton Lamborn Presbyterian church in Marion --- may call at Murdoch chapel. Tuesday Wrath HUL Bish \arck Clrng 32- -24 (’hic ago Cloudy 51 -31 fine innati Rain 58” -46 (’lev eland Snow 56- •33 Moinr Cloudy 59* -29 Indii , t nape \iK Rain 63- ■35 Dotr nit Cloudy 45 -29 Kan: sas Cl [tv Cloudy 66- -35 Milv .aukci Cloudy 48- -27 Mph ; .St. Paul Cloudy 42- -23 ■ . . . C 'Raring 78- -43 Cloudy 55- ■26 Mississippi Stages <t biod stages in r> s) I,a i Cross c (12) 8 .1, fall .1 La msing (18) 9 4 ■, rise .2 De im 9 ( 18) 18.6 . rise 2 Mi :G regi or (18) ll.n, rise .2 Ai I jttenb erg (15) 9 9, rise ' .2 Jit lbuqu e (17) I: 2.1, rise ,5 t veil pc »rt (15) 9.H, rise .5 k! •okuk (16) 9.6 . rise 1.1 ... .    ...    ,    -    chapel    east    was    in    charge    of    ar-    D -J ^ , cu a \ictor — Cloyd Lyman, 71.    *    .    b    Burial:    Oak    Shade SW; Patrick O’Malley, 629(Services Tuesday at 2 at st. ran8emems Twenty-eighth street court SE;! James Lutheran church, McAn-j    - David Eichhorst, 2532 First I inch’s. avenue NE; Leroy Colbert, 1527 West Liberty — Helen Smith, Sixth street NW: William Col- 82. Services Tuesday at I at lins, 1410 Thirty-second street United Methodist church. NE; Ronald McVay, Central! Snider’s. City; Richard Cram, 1640 Park! Oelwein -Njxon Taxes- (Continued from Page I.) (R-Maquoketa) told The Ga-Friends, zette. * * * On another subject, Ray said Mrs. Andrew Brown those in the house who think he Marguerite C. Brown, 82, of 's bluffing in threatening to veto The 1973 return just can’t be | SE widow of Andrew W grown itransportation (D0T) if u con* cnurcn uu-n- * ll    rn*0!?    “'n    ad1died Sunday following a brief‘ain,a. tong truck section. na Kerres. route three,|buquc. Burial in MI Calvary dm8,hat 1 5,11 baV“‘ ^ illness. She was a Ccdar Rapids    «“    «*    ^    *** ,f -    -    npivori    a    rnnv of trip IRS re-1 ...    ...    ...    .    thou    n    bien an e place NE; 1328 First street SW; Mrs. Art Meyer, Francis) Dubuque. Services Tuesdry at’done in time,’ IO at Holy Ghost church. Du-! 208 Twenty-fourth street drive a creating a department of *-------a_,iorl    (D0T)    if    jt con. long truck section. :cdar Rapids; Lloyd Frederick, cemetery, Dubuqu IR Wellington street SE; each __Solon Rose $30 and costs. Richard ’3. S c E. Holland, vices Wednesday * at Brosh funeral home, Moines;!Solon, and at lo at St. Mary’s I coit cd a cop\ of the IRS re- residenf most 0f ber bfe and Central City; Rose-! 0:30 at port In other developments: The White House has promised Peoria; retired clerk for Rock Island railroad. Born March 15. 1892, in Mrs. Brown was a Richard Recd, Iowa City; church. Rosary at 8 Tuesday at an answer to the house judiciary member of the Roval Neighbors Karen Reid, 2030 Glass road I Brosh’s. Burial: Cedar Mcmori NE; Ronald Williams, 1122 Maplewood drive NE; Jean Hca- vcrlo, 1212 Twentieth street SYV; Deborah Carpenter, Center Point; Edward    Piet/,    2493 Fruitland boulevard SYV; Robert Kerch, 3639    Twelfth avenue SYV; Elna    Rowe at cemetery. Cedar Rapids. i committee’s request for presi- and the Brotherhood of Railway dential tapes by the Tuesday I Clerks. deadline set by the committee! Surviving are a daughter, t "d-v they’d like. He made it fairly clear he probably would sacrifice DOT rather than accept it with a section legalizing 65-foot twin-trailer trucks, which are limited to 60 feet now. The house resumes debate on DOT and long truck Winners Named in 15th East Iowa Science Fair Students from Iowa City, Mus-the senior biological sciences c a t i n e , Marion and Cedar with her study of ‘‘Splenic In- Rapids were named champions jections and Their Effects On Sunday in the 15th annual East- the Transplantation of Skin on em Iowa Science fair, which Mice.” Second went to Tim included a tie in one division. Martin of Cedar Rapids Regis Selected to represent Eastern and third ,0 Mite \oder of Well- Iowa in next month’s compete man Mid-Prairie. tion at the International Science Compares Electronics and Engineering fair were Susan ...    , ,    .    .    „ Yohn. 17. senior at Muscatine . \el™'!|.od«od ou‘ 'cll°7 £,u' high, and Tom Nelson, 16. junior de" *llllam Aan 0rden '° w"j at Iowa City high.    f,rst place JITthc scn,or P11^103 J °    sciences. His winning project Tie for Honors    was “Comparison of Early Elee le tie came in junior high ,tronics and the Electronics of school physical sciences, with i°day . Ihird place in that di-Dave Conway, 13, of Cedar vision vvent t0 BariW Luebbert Rapids Wilson, and Kris Gre- Muscatine, gersen, 14. of Muscatine West. Miss Yohn, Nelson and their sharing the top honor. Elverna teachers will receive cxpense-Vaske, 14. from Linn-Mar, was paid trips to compete in the In-the first place winner in the ternational fair May 5-11 at junior high biological sciences. Notre Dame university. Collyer Marden of Iowa City    *    * * high won first place in the sci- tn the awards ceremony be-entific papers section, with sec- ^ore a capacity crowd in the ond place going to Danielle Ca- Washington Little theater, fair vanagh of Maquoketa.    officiate called particular atten- Miss Yohn won first place in *‘on t0 a new award this year. It ___ was    a plaque presented by the Iowa City Dental Assistants for an outstanding project in the area of dental health. First winner of the prize was Laurie Williams of Muscatine with her study of “The Effects of Processed Fruit Juice on the Decal- 2159 Blake boulevard SE. Mon>ification of Teeth'1. day announced he will be a    attache case presented by Republican candidate for Linn the U.S. navy for research in an county attorney    arca of interest to the navy Raymon said he will cam-    *? Ruafe» Gtllenwater of paign on a platform that there Muscatine West. Army medal-has been too much piea-bargain- ll0Ils f°r outstanding achieve- ment were presented to Ronald Meyer of Cedar Rapids Jefferson and to Nelson. The Pickett slide rule award went to Luebbert and the Eastman Kodak certificate to Van Ordcn. * * * Other citations and certificates of merit awarded for outstanding work in various fields: Naval Institute and Marine ing by the county attorney’s of- Technological Society : Phil ficc, and that more hard-line Shive, Solon, and Therese prosecution is in order.    Thome. Gilbertville Immaculate Raymon, a life-long Cedar Conception. Rapids resident, was associated American Speech and Hearing with the law firm of Wadsworth, Assn.; Gary Campbell, Marion Elderkin, Pirnie and Von Lac- C. B. Vernon; Diane Sino, Ma* kum from 1970 to 1972. He then q u o k e t a ; Paul Schafbuch, opened his own law firm.    Marengo Iowa Valley. He was graduated from Wash- u s- army- Loren Morse and ington high school in 1963; re- Vince Munvon. both of Musca-ceived a BA degree at thc Uni- West; Conway, Gillenwater, versity of Iowa; attended Willa- Vaa Orden. Schafbuch and Lueb-mette university law school in bort. Oregon, completing his law edu- National Aeronautics and cation at Drake university in Space Administration; Evel>m 1970.    Elkins, Maquoketa; Kevin Raymon said he believes he is Feller, Cedar Rapids St. Jude; qualified for the position, having d?hn Garbutt, Muscatine West; been a trial attorney and. for Nelson and \ an Ordcn. the last 18 months serving as a    ----- prosecutor for the city.     WOOG__ (Continued from Page I.) R. D. Raymon To Seek County Attorney Post Richard D. Raymon, 28, of Richard D. Raymon Raymon is a member of the American Bar Assn., the Iowa Cedar at CHL 13] .20 rise. Newhall Woman Dies _ In C.R. Hospital NEWHALL—Clara Paulsen, St. Clair, in a preliminary let- Rh, Cedar Rapids; two 8rand*dQ (be measure 2128 78. wife of John L. Paulsen, ter made public by the commit- c h i I d r e n and four great- R * R iH , trimly arr ?rhrwd !unc NE: cach fincd Newhall, died in a Cedar Rapids tee Monday, said he thought grandchildren.    a separate subject from DOT Passing - Mabel S?PitaI Sunday fo,lowing a long'continued negotiations were nee- ^ Semces: At the graveside in and that should 5e kept in pcr_ but not the tapes themselves. Mrs. Robert L. Prastka, Fresno. t    „ White House lawyer James Calif.: a sister. Mrs. J. W. Grif-jfuppor sf,sa^, ^ hav« ,hp 1 I,uuac ‘“"Vet odiums |    VQtes    t()    afRx    amcndment h i I d r e n and four great- State Bar Assn., Linn County anncd at discrimination against Bar Assn., and National Assn. elderly persons. of Accountants.    wage    Schedule He is a member of First Lu- Eor 36 miiijon workers cover-theran church. He is married to the former Sandra Bramel of Cedar Rapids. ed under the 1966 minimum Coralville Lake Pool level Monday Bankruptcy ■>20 anc A riTnra u >r ^’TweMy-fourth j illness.    ~    "jessary    to    'settle the issues I Oak Hill at3 p.m -Tuesday by    The'DOT "is the best avenue SYV; Glenn AshbacherJ Born March 23, 1896. near Van raised by the committee's re- (he Rev. Alvon Nelson of First approacb j0 solving our trans-  „u_ u__i     *    Lutheran    church. Friends may Terrv Loc Todd y11 I Assets: $313, as exempt Darrell D Jean Yirkov nue, Marion Assets: $10,86 claimed as oxen Ihurtz, route I Debts: $2,079.21 th none claimec Todd Ville; each fined $15 and Horne, she had lived in the! quest.    inutile*    an    um.    ut. menus may Dortati0n oroblems he cm- 671.54 swf fined Sio^nd costs. ' ‘N,ew^a*1 area 57 years- was Rep. Wilbur Mills (D-Ark.), r(.al1 at ^urner east untd 2 P m- tinued. and some long truck ad-Driving left of center line — married Jan. 21. 1917.    vice-chairman of the congree *ucsday.    vocates are coming around to Steven Betzer, Grundy Center;! Surviving in addition to her sional panel which probed Nix-    --- that view. fined $15 and costs.    husband are three sons. Lloyd.| on’s taxes, said the inquiry had Patricia R. Scholl    . ,.    „ Traffic signal violation - Bainbridge Island, Wash.; Rob-developed information which    Patricia Rae Scholl a year old nnH u" Steven Kocppen. 3647    eft, Newhall, and Ado. Cedar ,,ould justify a further in,,, | 3647 Vernon road SE; Eugene Lein, nan .md Marilyn 3857 Fa I brook driv( NE; MU Rapids: three daughters, Mrs. ligation through the courts on Bradley Scholl Cedar Ranids thev don’t fool it .m uith »h,. sky, 421 Ninth ave- obari Tschiggfrie, 3607 Yellow j Charles McSweeney, Mrs. Don- whether persons other than r,..lf, j j:    ,’jj    ,    m    i.    i * i a ♦ Debt : $9 i7< 20. Pin(. drivp NE; Dennis Danford. ald Davison and Mrs. Earl Tay* Nixon had violated thp law ,,    *    L    d«!    y.Monday, long truck amendment. witli $10.1 Births Mercy April 6 M Glenn Williams, daughter. and Fairfax. Births — St. Luke’s Robert 41 o/U”, 'u:’~ "Y •—„ip-n-----1--Tay-1Nixon had violated the law. ]Rnrn Allr(    in ^ 30,6 Circle drive    NE; Danny    ,or    a„    of Ccdar R    d ,5    Bom    Aug^    18. 1965.    in Cedar Koppenhauer, Anamosa; David, , ....    .    ^    t    mins.    neaa or me nouse ways Rapids. Patricia was in the n, i ^ 1    _ r- i Pitcher, 2047 Blairs Ferry road    grandchildren,    two    great-    and    means    committee,    repeated    third    Grade    at Prairie    school    Cochran    < D-Laglc    Grovel NE; cach fined $15 and costs, grandchildren, and a sister, u; s ParijPr prediction that    ai    told    the Iowa house before it M,sa lur 'Moviru rsMrs-Frank    TJX-    broAlesrs°    UTrocessed ,w iunch Monda>-,hai - &»’s!o^r    “ute^ni^    'n0    hr>    W ^    two    ^    ^ ‘'IS    '»    Wack‘ Don- Driver’s license    violation —    ‘JU    at    bt.    Jonn    Lutheran    President .But he said    he    doubt-    rrrandmnthnrg- Flva    gnomon mal in the churched thp tax isKUC wouM bc in-fT ,?    !!    J.,.    ,T’ body" i Peter Hansen. 77 Seventh    ave-:Ceme(Cry    friends    may call at j eluded among the formal arti-lUrt’ Rap    j,    Ii ?2?,' without the    long truck    amend- nue SW; Lanny Pertue    614 Fenmet)'    funera,    ^ Key- ' es of imSment^^ormal artl CaHforma; a    grandfather. HT,I-mcnt ..and    theU Fourth avenue SYV; each fined    anH    mipeatnmeni.    |,am q Ross BelJe P|aine    backfire “ families of $20 and costs. Grant Lacher, s*0n®* aft^r n^on Tuesday, and House Minority Leader John  ...... likely    to hacktii e. he be-    a.m,    jn st.    Michael’s    Episcopal    arP    4    * d i    r t    v    rotten lieves Nixon was not treated (church by the Rev. Thomas Ay-|backroom D0litics” Worse than • With even-handed justice” on!cock. Frjends mav call L ^^7ham ever Ten pm”' He April 8 - Mr. and Mr    , ald Nelson, 1425 N avenue NW, Steven Betzer, Grundy Center; church. Burial a son.       _ Fellmct funeral House Democratic Leader: some members of this into passing the DOT bill tactics are wage law. the schedule calls for an increase to $2 by May I, $2.10 by Jan. I, 1975, and $2.30 by Jan. I, 1976. For some 19 million workers, mostly retail and service cm-t    I*    ployes covered under    the    new CJT Cor, Keys bill the    schedule calls    for    SI 90 on May    I; $2 on Jan.    I,    1975; $2.20 on    Jan. I, 1976; and    $2.30 by Jan. I, 1977. For 750.000 farm workers, who now have a wage floor of $1.30 an hour, the minimum wage would go to $1.60 on May I; $1.80 on Jan. I, 1975; $2 on Jan. 1976; $2.20 on Jan. I, 1977 and Vandal Spree Folio ws Theft A car stolen from Ted and Glen's Auto Mart was recovered by police Sunday morning after it had been involved in a hit-and-run accident and set on fire. The 1973 model car. valued at $3,600, was stolen Saturda\ night or Sunday from thc used $2.30 on Jan. I, 1978. \nril Ii To tin bombe of    vum*.    en,aul un-nn,  -  j....... Mouse Minority Leader jonn Services Wednesdnv ut ll in , I. Bardsley, lo46 Mi. 704 Second street SW; Patrick (at the church after ll a.m. Rbodes (R-Ariz ) said u~    .    !Van    UJU    Cochran    said    that    these    tac- Y'ernon road SE a son; Jerry J Kaplan, 1209 Rose street SE; j Wednesday. Morn 1818 Eastern drive SW, a Dennis McVay, 1806 M street    _ d•nighter- Thomas L. Larson. SW; Thomas Conner, Mt Ver- 4u7l!'wrnuVNw“twTn ZZ'  ^n; Ed’cinkan," isV Fifteenth: BHI UIS Handicapped \nrii 7 To the families of avenue SW; Gene Vinder Un- ...    HTZ John W. Austermiller, 3151 den, Hiawatha; each fined SIO! Sixth street SW, a daughter;(and costs. Frank King, 2529 M avenue the tax issue before the congees- Brady-Kuba funeral home Tues- ,1CL ■ ' th„ ... sia,:" stinnal nt>nn! icciiorl a claff rn. j I  . .    „    .    ...    I1CCa    111    lne    ICglSlcilUre. Improper turn 1260 Andrew’( DES Use Signature Stamp sionta! Pane' .iss,aed a. f'3" rc- day from I to 9 p.m. and at St charged State Rep David Stan- 0    r    port last week. He said the Pres- Michael’s church after ll a rn i o n«    ,    •    ' Vu J - IFS MOINES 1 AP)—Physi-1ident’s attorneys should have    “    a,ter    n.,a    m    ley (R-MuscatineMvith being an Cochran said the DOT bill .    ..    „    .. .. .    ....    „    .    ,    .Wednesday.    The    casket will re- accessory NYV. a daughter; Robert J | ^^n’sYV    me^Tir andS d‘Sa.bled f*™"* ^ allouw*! a chance t0 ar8ue: main closed at all times. Divis, 4033 Richmond road avenue s>w, unco sia anu bave another person affix their against the findings.    _____ ,OS-U,.- e«ui,..„rnt _ John I signatures to legal documents * Newsweek magazine disclosed Memorial Services ^tL govemwT mlerference115' Kibler, George Lewis — Earlier this year the governor Turner chapel east at 1.30 vetoed a separate long truck bill inc TClanton^ancf Crescent13nd ^0USe advocates say (hey .md John Hughes. Mt. Pleasent | Accidpntf damage to vehicle The rubber stamp signature, with a controversial 18‘.-minute j ,od8e> A.F. and A.M. Burial: Jia%e answered his complaints Rapids,C ’and SS Curtfs. n1mS'    3    Pri"ted    "Tgap had bcc" °raScd dolibcr' Fort Campbell, Ky. Sue Owens, • ^ (s ’    .... Rpn (baj tbe person was dls. atejy 7h€ magazine said the Shellsburg, and Terry Dennis,    improper registration— Reg- obled and would require the panel’s decision followed “new Palo. Christina Me^ern . jnaid Crums, 123 First ave-'signature of the person using ; and exhaustive” tests on the mosa, and Michael Pctrick, Mt.jnuc SW; fined $U) and costs    b    1 Vernon. Karen Bard, Ccdar I car lot at 1200 Sixth street SW Thieves pried open a side garage door and stole 43 sets of car keys, using the keys to take the 1973 car The joy-riders struck parked car belonging Theoria Coffee. 1513 Seventeenth avenue SE, which was parked in front of her residence. and then plowed over 25 mail boxes on Otis road SE. The car was abandoned in front of a vacant house in the 1900 block of Memorial drive SB] and set on fire. The keys were not recovered. The new bill extends coverage under the minimum wage law to five million federal, state and local employes; one million domestics; 600,000 additional retail a store employes; 120,000 addi-to tional service industry workers; and 25.000 additional farm workers Horal Fantasies from our tkillod artists pierson’s ur- 1800 ELLIS BLVD. NW I LOW ERPHONE 366-1826 Cedar Memorial. Friends may about that bill in their amend-call at Turner cast.    ment    to DOT. the rubber stamp as a witness. I tape JOHN E. TAPES Convenient Downtown Location 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 z < 2 o when words aren't enough send sympathy with flowers FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 PHONE ANSWERED 24 HOURS EVERY DAY Only one service... our best to all. Cost is entirely a matter of personal choice. John B.llirner&Son Turner s East, 800 Second Ave. SE Turner s West, 1221 First Ave West BEDROOM SUITE SOLD BY 6 PM THE FIRST EVENING! A PIECE BEDROOM SUITE BLONDE 362 OS S Ad Brought 6 Calls. Don’t put off selling that very useful unused furniture. Order an action-ad. Dial 398-8234. but ;

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