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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 8, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., April 8, 1974 JTqj. Setter Health Big George! Virgil Partch Hypnosis Can Be Useful In Medicine, Psychiatry By Dr. S.L. Andelman 4* Ai,;- ii Hypnosis can be a very useful tool in medicine and psychiatry. No one knows how it works, but in some way the functions of the nervous system of susceptible subjects respond to the hypnotist, who represents authority. Hypnosis offers virtually no dangers except when used by an unqualified person who wouldn't recognize an erupting psychosis. Therefore, no one should allow himself to be hypnotized without knowing the qualifications of the therapist. In some cases hypnosis is just as effective as drugs, yet it produces no nega tive side effects and is not addictive. Suggestions A physician trained in hypno-I sis can use it to dissociate the subject from the sensation of pain, obviously of value in obstetrics, dentistry and certain other surgical conditions. The hypnotist may even suggest to the patient that minimal bleeding take place during these procedures. And he may relieve postoperative discomfort and speed recovery time. Hypnosis has been used with terminal cancer patients to alleviate pain when drugs are no longer effective. Though there is still prejudice against hypnosis, it’s especially beneficial in psychotherapy. It has great value in treating patients with amnesia, in studying childhood influences through suggesting age regression, in recalling significant memories and in treating conversion symptoms (organic symptoms caused by mental conflicts). Recall Age regression and-or recall can be accomplished with hypnosis when the psychiatrist! wishes the subject to return to any age in his childhood and react as he did then. With this method, childhood traumas that have been consciously forgotten by the patient can be uncovered. Posthypnotic suggestions (those given during hypnosis but carried out at a later date) are valuable when properly worded by the trained therapist. The patient's unconscious mind can be reconditioned in a positive direction. Whenever a condition or disease is psychosomatic, there is a strong possibility that through hypnotic suggestion the patient may be guided into curing himself. umns. He regrets, however, that he cannot personally answer mail. Write to him in care of The Gazette. Hundreds of physicians and psychologists train in hypnotherapy each year through, the American Institute of Hyp-! nosis and the American College of Medical Hypnotists. * * * Dr. Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems which he may discuss in future col-1 Keep your home cool this summer with RUSCO WINDOWS and DOORS Don't wait..order yours earlyl 364-0295 51 5 8th Ave. SE »)) _ “Aren’t you taking any prisoners?” WVV\V\\VVVV\\\V\\\\\WS\\VV\\\\V\\\SVVVWXJC I he Investor s Quide Sam Shulsky By Sam Shulsky Q—I'm a man. 65, no heirs. I plan to leave any estate to char- j ity. I’m trying to decide! whether to take a monthly an-i nuity payout (IO years certain) | of about 9.6 percent from money I have with insurance companies, or take the cash and invest it myself. Brokers tell me to buy securities; insurance men tell me to take the annuity. Can you please throw' some light on iy enough and take advantage this?    of interest rate or market A—I can do some arithmetic, changes. If you put the entire sum into However, three mutual fund high-grade bonds today you organizations have recently could realize a return of about gone into this field and those in-8-8* i percent. (You ask me not Crested might ask Reserve to divulge amount of principal Fund, Dreyfus Liquid Assets or monthly payments although, and Money Market Manage* I assure you, your letter is only ment for their prospectus, one of many every month which    *    * * asks the same question.)    Q — I followed your advice The bond route, of course, a couple of years ago and would preserve your capital for- bought high grade bonds yield-ever. The annuity would run out! mg 7.6 percent. I still hold them with your life. *    although their original price of Frankly, for the difference of par has dropped to the mid-90s. about \V% percentage points I’d Also, not following your advice, prefer to take the cash, lf in I bought some stocks which are five or IO years you change now down 50 percent. What do I your mind you can always go do now? back to the insurance company A — You evidently bought and buy an annuity with the bonds for income— which is a higher payout.    I exactly what they arc provid-j One more important point: If png. Since top quality bonds are you are going to leave this now yielding about 8 percent, money to charity anyway, de- P^us* .vour bonds had to come termine whether vour favorite’down in price a few points so charity also offers annuities.'that thcir yield moved up to the Such an annuity would assure' market level. Do nothing but you of a lifetime income, give;contmue 10 casb y°ur interest you an immediate tax credit. — • checks, now— and assure you that your As for the junk stocks — sell money will wind up where you ouf’ *ake y°ur *ax l°ss and put want it to wind up.    ' the money t0 work providing *    *    *    what you require: income. Q—-How does one take credit    *    *    * on his tax form for accrued in-    Q — If a bond is selling at terest he paid when he bought a 90 at the end of the five-year nobond.    call it in at OO or pay par value? A - The IRS tells me that cal1 it in a 90 or pay par value? you deduct the interest you paid    A — All redemptions are at from the first interest check you' Par or abovc- And if a quality receive (or the first coupon you *s selling at 90. you can be dip).    ‘ quite sure that it is because the lf it is a registered bond and couP°n LS bclovv current rates the corporation has filed a 1099 and that- therefore, it would not on the interest it sent you, it    dle corporation to call it in. might be a good idea to attach an explanation to your return to make clear why you have reduced the amount of interest received. * * * Q—I understand that investments in bankers acceptances, commercial paper and treasury bills must be in substantial amounts. 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