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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NAHON*! WI Al MI lf MltvKf lOHtC ASI »«> ?AM I SI No Police Chief Reduced Water The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed.. April 3, 1974 3A Mrs. G. W. Longaker Leora Spurrier Longaker, 74. widow of G. Willard Longaker land a Cedar Rapids resident ' before moving to Winston Sa- lnC.R„ Meeting On Vacancy Set Rates Soon for Durant To Get New Dance Those 62 to 64 Residents aged 62. 63 and 64 will be eligible soon for reduced The city was officially without water rates. moving to Winston ha- a chief of police Wednesday, so A reduced rate is currently I-T’ J ^l„?^JLJ!LrCe years ■ the city council scheduled a per-)available for persons 65 and An ordinance has been what can be done about filling prepared lowering the age re-the vacancy.    quirement to 62, and has been : ago. died there Tuesday.    sonnet    meeting    for    2    p.m.    to see’ovcr Born Jan. I. 1900, in Cedar ! Rapids, Mrs. Longaker was a ■ member of First Christian    n«rrna    passed twice bv the citv council church, the Woman's club. DAR.    me    city    has    had    no    penna-^ the King's Daughters and the,ncnt    chief    since George    Mafias Floor' for Polka Festival A M p] S — The iowa highway!the Moulton case under pres-commission voted Wednesday to sure from Gov. Robert Ray and “fix up the dance floor” for the court action, and re-wrote its Cedar county town of Durant. policy to allow closure where Those were the words of Com- J he traffic count is low. it    to put an    asphaltic    surface on    by his    daughter    Tricia who hf'pn    serving ng actine    rhinf    w'd he in force.    highway 6    in Durant    from Fifth    claimed    40 percent    of the trans- a daughter,    g soa5Yh Vts conducted    After that, applications    for    the    avenue to    just east of Tenth av-    actjon -pbe report    recommend- for a    new chief. However,    stale    '■educed rule can be made    to    the    enue.    cd that    Tricia now Mrs. Ed- law prohibits him from coniine- e[ dcPar,mcnl. In add"!"n •lus' 'ast month, the commis- ward Cox. should file amended .    .    ...    to    Hip    app    rpniiirpmpnt    the    sinn apreen re metantlv In a ow returns tn cermet hpr own fin I- ing in the position for more than un wi Aim* f dick am Snow and rain will fall over the wesfern portion of the central plains into the northern plains and upper Michigan. Rain will fall over the remainder of the central plains, middle and lower Mississippi valley and Alabama. Services: IO a.m. Thursday at HrabakVs. Toledo — James Roldt, 74. Services: Friday 2 p.m., Otterbein United Methodist church. : Henderson’s. Marriage Licenses    Castalia    — Lloyd W. Blum- High temperatures Tcesdav. ov tm ('arni Ort pm and ^mtt hagen, 64. Services: Friday at 2 perjures merniaht and trche*. of pre- j dIVerSen ana, „ , ?    :    n    rn    “    1    *■    • Olson. Bonita Jones and Bobby Bryant, all of Cedar Rapid IWauchtown Senior Citizens! retired due t0 il1 health fast fall.    '    Ale j club    g    Senior    Citizens ^    ^probably    around    April    15 Surviving arc Mrs.    Leslie    Brendle, Kernersville,    N.C.:    a    brother.    Harold ; Spurrier,    Cedar    Rapids,    and I three grandchildren. Services: Turner chapel east ^ da.vs-at    3    p.m.    Friday    by    the Rev.    Wednesday was the 91st day. Safety Commissioner James Steinbeck said it will be at least two to three weeks before a new I p.m.,chief can be hired. A certified will not    list of applicants is expected soon from the civil service com- T, ,    .    ~ . .    ,,    ,    .    .    .,    ..    Federal    Knergv    Office    says it is mission, after which the counci , , , b , ,, *- ,• .    . . .    ready    to    turn    over    to    the    lustice will conduct interviews.    . *l ,    ..    ,    ,    * department evidence of market- It is permissible for an assis- jng irregularities which have mission Chairman Robert Rigler, New Hampton, for the After the ordinance is passed commission's action approving a third time and published - spending its share for a project —Taxes— ‘Continued from Page I.) to the age requirement, the sion agreed reluctantly to allow returns to correct her own obli-combined annual income of a the 1.472-population town in gations and should report interhousehold must be less than southeast Cedar county to hold est her father paid her on a loan Glen Bender of First Congregational church. Burial:    Cedar Memorial. Friends may register at Turner east after , Thursday. The casket be opened at any time. The family suggests that friends may, if they wish, contribute to the Cancer Fund or a charity of their choice. $4,200 to qualify Evidence Ready In Propane Probe WASHINGTON (AP) The its Polka Festival on the high- to buy the property, way.    Nixon    should    declare as in- Those same blocks are to be come the value of flights in gov-closed from 5 p.m. Sept. 6 to I ernment planes taken by his a.m. Sept. 7. and from I p.m. family and friends “when there Sept 7 to I a m. Sept. 6, for the was no business purpose” in festival.    'furnishing    the    transportation Completion date for the over- report said that amount lay work is Aug. 30.    came to $27,015 for the four-year What will happen if the proj- Por'od- The Weather tant chief to carry out the boosted by up to 15 cents a gal- ect completion is delayed was ‘ ,X°*q.?.,qq chief's duties until that time.‘ion prices of propane to con- not discussed at Wednesday’s tom(> S'2*298 111 appointment sumersr.    meeting. Charles Owens, a deputy assistant administrator, told a nmipfi vvjll even be started. without a formal declare as inimprovements to his San Clemente and Key I Biscayne, Fla., estates — im-There is some question if the provements the staff said were CipitMion. Anchnraq Atlanta bismarck Chicano Denver Duluth Honolulu Houston Zion Lutheran Schutte’s, Postville. McGregor — Russell church. C. 40 27    L Angeles    77 53 3428    Minneapolis    Sf 35 .os I ^ a d i n c Tomlinson, Cedar _ .    .    r 7144    n Orleans    85 74 12 Rapids and William    Quinn | Sen liver,    71. Services.    Friday,    2 57 78.80 New York 59 50 .OR1--    * 34 31    Phoenix    80 50 .01 John M. Morton John M. Morton, 84, a Cedar as acting chief,. That would Rapids resident before moving mean a change in command to I^eesburg, Fla., 20 years ago, twice in a short period of time, died there Tuesday. Born Feb.!however, because Johnson is a 28. 1890. at Iowa City, he had captain, not an assistant chief. intensive investigation covering Durant town council for its    Disclosure Vote resided in Cedar Rapids most of 7^ meeting scheduled ^ levels of the propane market- sbare 0f tbe project.    There    had been some question The bid for the project was about whether project win eve., ut- aiaricu, .*undertaken primarily for the  ,------    )SinCe    commission    approval    is    p^„cijonrc    >nrcA„0i    Hornet    •* has gathered the evidence in an subject t0 the approval of the 1 residcnf s F^isona! benefit. 85 70 79 70 Seattle 52 41.15 Washington 74 45 .02 Extended forecast — Chance of rain Friday night and Saturday Cooler than normal with highs in the 40s and 50s. Lows 20s and 30s C. R. Weather High Tuesday Ixow overnight Noon Wednesday 2 p.m. Precipitation ____ Total for April Normal for April Normal through April Total for 1974 Barometer, falling Humidity at noon Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather station at 2 p m FNF] at 16 mph Sun rises Thursday. 6 45: sets. 7:35. Year Ago Today High. low. 37: rainfall, 13. Traveler’s Forecast Thursdav mon    lodge and York    Rite North Conway, N. H. Marjorie P™- Thornburg’s. Friends mayl^10^ and was . a charter Bentley. Cedar Rapids, and cal1 after 2 P-m Thursday.    member of Bahia    Shrine Tcmp- Wcslr.v Burcsh, Ely. *    Vinton    — Anna K. Hiler, 78. Ie in Florida. Services:    2    p.m. Thursdav,    o    • •    .. White-Phillip’s.    Surviving    are    a daughter. Wellman -    Alice Bienne-    Mrs.    William Stusak,    Cedar man, 85. Services Friday at 2, Rapids, seven grandchildren West Union Mennonite church.! L  * j uu Powell’s in Wellman.    land eight great-grandchildren. his life.    Wednesday    afternoon was    cda'n- He was a member of Mt. Her- called so the council could discuss the various alternatives Lidbility Insurance and legal requirements with the tyjj(e Sent to HOUSe city attorney. Join ,.....   _    Thursday,! Petition tor Bankruptcy Stephen D. Cree, formerly I West Union Mennonite church, business as TELCON, and —Waterage— (Continued 'rom Page 1.1 DES MOINES (AP) - The Iowa senate Wednesday' finally sent to the house a bill it had passed Feb. 4 to more than double the minimum liability au =*) Both claimed assets of S425. all claimed exempt.    Decorah    -    Anne    Lamme a3 Patrick Leo and Sharon Ray j “aa«®nsenl 8.7 services Thurs-Byrne, 5650 Ohio street SW’. L1' I L St. Benedict s church. Both c I a . rn e d debts of I Prayer^scrvice at 8 Wednesday. $4,300.70 $785. all She claimed assets of $750, all about double the and the town council expected. The 1972 estimate, which was approved by the town council last month, listed the city’s share as $11,000. The commission’s share for the 24-foot center portion of the road was estimated at $16,300. the committee commission would make the report public or wait until Nixon's tax lawyers had presented arguments that. Nixon’s tax deductions were proper. The committee voted 9 to I to release the report with Sen. Carl Curtis iR-Neb.) casting the dissenting vote. At the White House, Deputy I Press Secretary Gerald Warren The bid by Iowa Road Build- reversed a stand he had taken nj K r    ♦    o m • Decorah - Acnes *r Bul Funeral service* are pending ^ d J    ,    pa ‘ ^ 'tomobile insurance coverage in Nancy K. Cree, route 2, Marion.    .    Agn£*    A*.    Bul-,    runcrai    service.- are pending.Activities he reported to Chapin. i„,„0 !He claimed debts of $56,665.97. |ard: 82: Scrvices Thursday at Turner chapel east will be in    1 iIowa- 72!She claimed debts of $56,824.51.1^^hington Prairie Lutheran charge of jocaj arrangements    Who    Recruited    Sen.    Bass Van Gilst (D-;ers Co. of Des Moines was Tuesday when he declined to re- -“I    told    Mr.    Chapin    that    Don    Oskaloosa) had filed a motion to $55,174. Thus, if as expected, the affirm a presidential pledge to Mrs. Rex Phillips    had been before the grand jury    reconsider the bill    that would    proportions    remain    the    same.    abjde by    whatever decision is Margaret B. Phillips, 66,    of    and the names of those who had    ra*se rninimum    coverage to    the city will    have to    pay    $22,000    macje by    the committee con- 1705 Keith drive NE, wife of Rex recruited him and who paid him1 $25,000 for death or injury to one for the project.    cerning a possible tax liability. Phillips, died Tuesday following    came out as a result of ques-    person, $50,000 to death or inju-    jn March,    the Durant    council    j “There    is no change in the a long illness. Born May    17.    lions from a grand juror.” Dean    T f°r tw0 or more    persons and    approved the $11,000    for    the re-    president’s view on this mat- 1907, in Monticello, she was said.    $10,000 for property damage, surfacing, even though at about ter,” Warren said Wednesday. BO 0.07 0.07 2 79 7 81 5.09 He claimed    assets I ^independence -    John    H. claimed    as    exempt, r, ,    c • „    r . .    . Dodge, 63.    Services    Friday    at '    ’    2, White’s.    Military    memorial claimed as exempt.    ,,,.    ,    ■    „    . service Thursday at 8. A mc- Elsie May West, 1450 Mea-*^^riaf Yund^has^ been Vs- married May 17, 1922. in Cedar' “I assured Dwight ifs nothing The Present ,imits are $10-000- the same time its petition to the __________ ^    .    Rapids.    Ho    worry about,” Dean said. $20,000 and $5,000. respectively, commission noted that highway % riaimnH ac ovomnt    ....    OH    p> ^ fs..    . »rover. gbe was a j-Qcjdent of Cedar White’s W 'rather. Hi-Lo Bismarck Snow 40-25 Chicago Sh wrs 44-31 Cincinnati Cloudy 66-46 Cleveland Cloudy 59-42 Des Moine Shwrs 42-28 Detroit Sh wrs 64-40 Indianapoli Cloudy 60-35 Kansas ('ii tv PtCldy 55-35: Milwaukee Cloudy 45-32' Mpls.-St. I HUI . . Cloudy 40-28: Ok la Citv PtCldy 58-39 Omaha Cloudy 57-34 Sioux F’all Cloudy 36-24 Degree Days Tuesday 13 Total to da to 6.180) Through A pm 2. 1973 6.182 Percent of norma I year 93.21 • Total nom la! yea ii* 6,631 Mississippi Stages i Flood stages in J « /tov R bracket (J r i e n I A) i id v t USM' Lansing ( A I 4M J 18) 8.( .U, I 1st' . J I, fall .1 Dam 9 ( I 8) 15.7 . rise I McGrcgo r (18) I 3.7, no ct lange Guttenbe rg (15) 7 1. rise , •> Dubuque (17) 9 7, no chi ange I Davcnpor t (15) 8.2. fall Keokuk ( 16) 7 8 , fall .4 Cedar at C l*. ( 13) 5.13 . rise West, 1450 Mea »20>wvicw drive Manor.    IUblished! »'n    ]"sr,s:    w"h    Rowley $200 claimed as exempt. Car! William Wallig, 901 Va Oakland road NE. Debts: $6,900.01. Assets: $1,389, with $434 claimed as exempt. Dennis Dean Marshall, 700 35th street, Marion. Debts: S17.711.02. Assets: $4,335, with $4,305 claimed as exempt David Charles and Cheryl Ann Stevens, 905 Orchard road, Marion. Debts:    $22,747.50. Assets: $1,670, with $360 claimed as exempt. un 47; Northeast C. R. Parcel Still Needs Buyer President’s Reply In lh mn    n rhonin cQi^ Hn    ^ James Griffin < R-Council    6 was    the    only    portland    cement    Hep.    Wilbur    Mills.    (D-Ark.i, Rapids most of her life and was should    have    fired    Segretti    when    an insurance a£^nt-    street    available    in    town    for    ' ice-chairman    of the .....~    nou,°    ndve    nrocl    ^Lgreui    vvnen    supported Van Gilst, contending    dancing.    mittee.    told newsmen    he    undereat insurance rates in Iowa a retired employe of the Turner he went ,0 New Hampshire be-    °°ll']!a1 dancing' Co. and a member of St. Paul’s fore (hat state’s Drimarv and insuiancc rates in Iowa contracts Engineer Keith,    . *' ” .......  ’    ■    f0re    thdt    StdteS    pr    mary    and    would    rise 23 percent if the bill Davis told rcpor?crs the asphaltihas fllcd a bncf supporting its stands the Presidents’ counsel United Methodist church. Surviving in addition to her used his own name. we broke I believe received only 25 votes to 23 no votes. A constitutional majority of 26 votes is needed for recon-_ r    _T ”    sideration. Defense Rests ...    ,    ,,    .. “When Watergate husband arc a daunter. Mary ,o|d Don ,0    (    |os( Rachel bporc. and a son. Rex.;Hcrb (Ka,mbachl scttled jr.. both of Cedar Rapids; seven hjm .. ,h(. memo said grandchildren,^ great-    _____________________ I he last large parcel of urban    grandchildren: four step-great renewal land in Cedar Rapids is    grandchildren; two sisters. Kath- Mill uniting for a buyer.    erjne shoemaker. Tama, and .............. parcel, about seven-and-    Neiije stone. Madrid, and two Sheryl Kacek,    one half acres located generally    brothers. Lewis and Robert mad MW,|between C avenue NE. the pro-    Miner, Cedar Rapids. street. fsTan oIThe    ***'    in    an    accident    involving    a Jan Cedar Lake urban iencu.il PniJ- James L. Haves. Burial is enacted.    surface    will    get    hard    enough    so    ^'7,    He sa,d ,h« w»dld not Bul the motion to reconsider^ „ shou|d not be stickv for abject to giving the_attorney the September Festival. * * * At the meeting Wednesday, Magistrate s Court Speeding Dennis Burn LaPorte City; ' 5309 K e s I e r Lawrence Janda. 1411 street NW. each fined $40 and costs. Russell Hamilton. Harbet avenue NW; ( Schul/.f. 370 S e v e n t e e n t ll lect street SF’.; Larry Schutt, Atkins; each fined    $35 and costs. Gerald F’arland, 720 Danbury street NE; Franees Bates. 2739 Second Kruger Wade. 1731    F', avenue NE; David Thomas, 1920 Grande avenue SFL    John Peal, 500 Eleventh street, Marion; Margaret Williams, 872 Daniels street NE; each fined $30 and • o.sis. Keith    Curley, Oxford Junction; Dale Basler. Vinton; Robert Roseland, 4 Cottage Grove woods SF]; Robert Heath, 1281 Center street NE; Audrey In Di^nnLo    Cec*ar    County    Man uiapuiieoa>e    |s    Killed    in Crash    approval of the Durant high- Defense lawyers in the “Dia- an opportunity to state their case, but that there was some feeling in the committee that .    .    ..    , this could lead to other requests the commission also updated its ^or appearance and so involve policy on closing primary high- lhc committec jn cxtended ways in towns to conform with bearings BENNETT (UPI) - A Cedar way 6 closing.    Student    Ban    Vetoed pulse case in Cedar Rapids    county man was killed Wednes-    At the    meeting last month.    NASHVILLE. Tenn. (AP) — —. ...       0    _    Chairman    Rigler noted the poli- Governor Winfield Dunn has ve- the Rev. ed their case Wednesday after    pickup truck and . semitrailer    cy as it    stood allowed closing    toed a bill that would have Cedar i failing to secure their final    truck at a street intersection    highways    in towns where “traf-    prohibited male and female col- here. The project must be closed.    'eastTruT^ I    30 a m^Fn ^ W“neSS    ho^    .    .    ..    .....    fie is low " He said the 2.660 jege students from living to- lurner east until ii.JU a.m. rn-    Dr Bruce Cameron of Baylor    The victim was ldentiiied as    vehicles per day east of Durant    gether on campus. He said it day. The casket will not be    unjversjty, Houston, Texas,    had    Edward J. Feiler. 36 of rural    could hardly be called low.    was unfajr t0 reason that only opened after the service.    been scheduled to appear in    Bennett, the driver of the pickup    At its meeting Tuesday,    students are promiscuous.  ---support of the healing ma-    truck Tbe drivor of the semi.    Rigler proposed amending the    _ Memorial Services    chines. He did not arrive, how-    Milburn W Douglas. 38. cf Bal-    “Moulton rule” to also allow    ->0 YEARS AGO — The    Iowa Horacek, Pavla—Brosh chap    ever    timore.    Md., escaped injury.    closing “when the staff feels the    attorney general’s office ruled cl at 2 p.m. Thursday oy the    judpe Edward McManus    es-    >Pbe acc*dent occurred at the    closure will not adversely affect    that osteopathic physicians had tablished a briefing schedule for    °'    8    Ihi^hffamc Mte^lly.” a legal right to become staff defense and government law- j ’     I______ yers. A decision on the case is ,    .    .    - Laird: Oil Countries out by June 30 Bids were invited on the land avenue SE; Raymond three times, the latest time on Mt. Vernon, •,ohnj Wednesday. F’or the second time. no bids were received. The first time the land had apparently been sold, but the deal fell through when delays in routing 1-380 made it impossible for the city to deliver title to the property. The interstate may be the Boland. 215 D-Long diive,, ,, Marion. Alice Dundee. 3137 problem this time, too. Planning Emerald avenue SFL Robert and •athrop, 2139 Rockford road p)oa .03 Coralville Lake Poo: level Wednesday Births — Mercy \pril I Mi and Mrs Mihal, 259 F’ighteenth NW, a son Births — " Luke April 2 Dennis J. Twenty-sixth Ellas Saba. street NE, a : chalson, 1917 daughter; Solon, a son: son. 2507 Indiana daughter; Milvoy Redevelopment Director Salyer said Wednesday. The land will become more at- Rev. George McDill Burial: Czech National cemetery. Additional survivors include five grandchildrcn and five greatgrandchildren. Costas. John M. — St. John not expected for 30 days. the Baptist Hellenic Orthodox    —----- church at 1:30 p.m. Thursday jut..    a    a-., by the Rev. Alexander Anas- Monon    Plans tasiou. Burial: St. John Hellenic section of Linwood cemetery. Friends may call at Turner east until 9 p.m. Wednesday. factory town. detour is available in 670.31 Gene street ae famines or Schmidt. 664 treet SF'., a son;' 18 Seventeenth rn; John O. Mi- —Hearst—■ (Continued from Page I Building Up Arsenals ■ WASHINGTON (AP) -Appeal of Conviction Former Defense Secretary \ Marion man hue fiioH nn,i™ Laird says Persian 8ulf nations: Riglcr’s label, “the Moulton A Mar ion man has tiled notice    are usjng tbejr 0ji money to    ru|e ••    refers    to    a    closing    of    a of appeal to the Iowa supreme    build up an “awesome arsenal    highway for    that    town's"'Jam- court of his Feb. 13 conviction    of armame„ts - Laird made his    bfee    last for tm gory.    comment in a foreword to a At last month’s meeting, the members of a county hospital. staff pointed out that traffic on    —    ------ highway 6 is local, since inter-    ^ state 80 runs just north of kt-Hf (Lrftar iEajHOH (MZfltT Durant. They also said a satis- Ronald Sauerbry, 727 Fifth C avenue NF;, a j avenue SF]; fined $40 and costs. Louis Netolicky, Traffic signal violation Michael Steven- Charles FIrdrrun, 3000 J .street treet SW, a'SW; Lucite Kelly, 4525 Walk-Mally. 13021 or street NE; Don Cozart, 1501 Third street NW. a son; pii- Fifteenth street, Marion; each ehael Oldfather, 905 Fairview fined $15 and costs, drive, Marion, a daughter; Dar- Striking fixtures adjacent to rell Trice. Swisher, a daughter; street David Varner, 1440 A Jack Anderson. Belle Plaine, a avenue NE; fined $20 and costs. .son    Striking    unattended    vehicle Out of Town Births    ’°J'wr,lVba’    1    Th‘rd    av'" .. _ .    «,    ...    nue SW: fined $50 and costs. At Dubuque Mi. and Mis. jera|d Holman, Taft hotel; Steven Pelhan, a(son Mal rh 28. | fjnccj j25 and costs. David Mr. I elhan the daughter of; Varner, 1440 A avenue NE: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fold. 84 fjned $20 and costs. Keyes court, Marion. At Cedar Falls — SW; each lined $20 and cost Failure to use signal — Janet Garover. Fail fax: fined $30 and tractive to developers, he ex-costs.    plained,    after the highway is Vehicle control violation    built John Hendricks, 1605 Forty-. ’    .    .    -mu,    (Continued    from    Page    I.) Richard Allen Thompson, 21, private study on arms in the and vosts>trert NK: ,ln<-d ”*L .lune JO closeout dale. a which Brvan brough, to Hill,!^,“ ^ cJl.t'TpolnT r?h^ HT *?“;■ "WC **' da> in l-'nn ou" district'revenues, have been able rn road NFL lined S‘>o and costs - ,he fedcral department ol heve it is a drivers license. weicourt Faulty equipment - Terry housing and urban development belief it is Patty’s, and we Merta, route three. Cedar!to cover the cost of the land and believe the communique is a Rapids; lined $10 and costs.    iallow    the books to be closed. genuine one ’’ Accident, damage to vehicle Tremendous Relief Established in 1883 by Th* Gazette Co and published dally and Sunday at 500 Third Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 5240« Second Class Postage poid at Cedar Ropids, Iowa Subscription rotes bv carrier IS cents o week. By mail: Night edition and Sunday 6 issues    a    month, $24 q er year despite the commission's dislike for closing roads for town celebrations. The commission backed off in yeor: Afternoon editions end Sunday issues $2.50 a month, $25 a year. Otn s’ates and U S ‘errltories $40 a year No mail subscriptions accepted In areas hoving Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of ail the local news printed in this newspaper as well as ail AP news dispatches. procure large amounts of weap-He had received an indeter- ons and are being instructed in minate sentence not to exceed their use.” IO years at the men s reforma-    ------- When the city sells the land, the money will go directly to the federal government to replace the grant. There is no cost to the city because of the failure to sell the land, Salyer said, except the money lost while the property is off the tax rolls. Catherine Hearst, Patricia's mother, said the new message was “a tremendous relief for me. “I m so happy to see half of Patty's driver's license and I hope to get the other half and tory at Anamosa for forging the name of Linda L. Brislawn of Marion on a $20 check last July. House Passes Medical Bonuses to $15,000 WASHINGTON (AP) - Bonuses up to $15,000 a year if needed to attract doctors, dentists, veterinarians and optometrists fined $20 and cost Iowa Deaths Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Steinmetz. a son April I. Mrs. Steinmetz is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Thomas C. Ross II, Coralville. Steinmetz is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Steinmetz, Fairfax. Fires 5:43 pan Tuesday. Possibly due to child playing with matches at Crandall and Brentwood drives NE    I John Lutheran church 7:34 pan Tuesday. I’n- tion after noon known cause to grass on Six- I F'ellmet s. teenth avenue SE near river Postville — bank.    (Fioltmeyer, 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. Child Calif Services: playing with matches at C ave- a.m., Schutte’s. nue and Twentieth street NFL Tama — Richard Drahos, 48 Driver s license violation -juntil prospective buyers can bt Oliva Vega, HHS Fourth avenue,jocafed Patty along with it. because I Neither is a there a time limit believe the SLA certainly has, ,    .    .    .    .    ... on when    the    gran, mas,    be    lived up ,o every, bing they    said PlacL!P„C!d“,0nS °" repaid.    so far and I have reason to Salyer    said    no invitation    of    believe they'll continue to    live bids will    be    scheduled again    up to their word.” The message was signed “I I. United 4. Gen Field Marshall Wants To Slow Down Trains in Clayton CLAYTON - A Clayton man,(into the all-volunteer military Robert Dohse. says he will urge has been voted by the house, the Clayton town council to The measure was sent to a a Waukee Road trains.    senate bill authorizing bonuses The fifth derailment in a little up to $12,000 for doctors only, over two years occurred in the    Luana Councilman town this week. The tracks have LUANA — William Bugenha- Dayan Says Egypt To Remove Illegal Guns Iowa City — F’red Klein, 65. Services Thursday at IO, St. Wenccslaus church. Rosary Wednesday at 7 and 8, George,,    ...    ,,    , L. Gay, where friends may call promised to remove all the Wednesday.    illegal    artillery    placed in its Keystone Lucy Bcrnstorf,, zone east of the Suez Canal. De- 72. Services I hursriay at I, St. fense Minister Moshe Visita-, been cleared, although debris gen has been named to the Cm.. SLA.” “Cin” is short "for |has not >'ef been collected. 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