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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2A Tbe <’edar Rapids Gazette: Wed.. April 3, 1374 Jones Grand Jury To Get Murder Case Riley Hearing Fuss Aired on Senate Floor 'Watch Out,' Weatherman Tells owans Bv Associated Press ANAMOSA — One of two men , cause danger to livestock in unprotected areas Wednesday night in By Prank Nye DES MOINES — The dif-j An early spring storm was I . . ,,    ..    ,    ,    .    .ferences between Sen. Tom dumping precipitation on Iowa charged in the Match to slaying|Ri,ey (R.Cod{tr Rapids) and at m'd-afternoon Wednesday. o two e ar apt s otnaSf'r‘s members of his appropriations The National Weather Service was oun ovpi o the .ones subcommiRee ()VPr short ad-j warns that northerly winds of 25 county grand july ollowing a vance n0|jt-e of public hearings to 35 miles an hour wi preliminary hearing Wednes- on a controversial nonpublic school busing bill spilled over The preliminary hearing tor onto Hie senate floor Wednes-1 northwest Iowa. George Junior Nowlin. 31. rural day.    The    storm is bringing much Keystone, was closed to report-, sen. Eugene Hill (D-Newton I colder readings to the state ers and all spectators as was a (0jd (he senate “I am irked” along with rain, sleet and even m 11 a r hearing in ( edar over (foe short notice Riley gave.snow in some sections. him Tuesday of a hearing origi- Precipitation in Iowa is com-nally set for 5 p.m. Thursday.:mg from an intense storm sys-only to be called off later Tues-*tem moving northeastward out day. (See story Page 20    j°f Kansas. Hill said he learned “by scut-j A mid afternoon radar report tlebutt“ the hearing had been j Wednesday indicated rain over scrubbed after he and Sen Joan most ot Iowa, and the rain was Orr I D-Grinnell) had gone to mixed with sleet or snow in the Connolly, 17, southeast of Ana- some length lo line up speakers ‘extreme'northwest, mosa, and then robbing and against the bill    Occasional rain or thunder- murdering Michael Servey, 18.    ........... showers are forecast for the Rapids. Defendant Atwell Junior Conner. 29, of near Bertram, did not appeal* in Jones district court. Authorities said his attorney was ill. The two men are accused of raping and murdering Maureen southeast of Cedar Rapids, Wednesday's hearing for Nou- W'eek's Notice? southeast half of the state with Hill said he also was trying to cooler readings Wednesday Un didn’Tbegin until 9-20 a m It    hi*thsc5?du,e) “h he;nighl' esPecial|y    norlh b    could    attend    the    Thursday    hear-    west. Riley answered Hill. ex- was still not over by 11:30 Two highway patrolmen had been called for courtroom security, but Nowlin's attorney asked if they would possibly be witnesses later on in the case. ■nie Jones county attorney i lail^ h, h.,7set lhe' hear said he could not say for sure if the patrolmen would be witnesses. so Conmey asked them to leave. Anamosa Police Chief Dick Stivers was then called to pro- ins when he learned it had been Uws Wednesday nlghl win be C.!e>.    j    L    .    . from the 20s northwest to the Hill suggested that Riley Slveilower 40s in the southeast. a week's notice if the hearing is rescheduled The National Weather Service is predicting two to four inches of snow for extreme northwest Iowa, western Nebraska and southern South Dakota. Four inches or more of new snow is anticipated in southern Minnesota. ing at the convenience of those requesting    it and    that Thursday was the only available day for one this week. Riley said the request for the, vide^* courtroom * security'* The hcarin^ came from Davenport Iowa’s weather will remain county attorney said    he    would!3"1    offpredJ°    hold    hear-;windy and cold Thursday with a not be called as a witness in the :,nK 'here in keeping with hts chance of snow flumes in the murder trial    program of “taking government    northwest and    rain    showers    in On iv several other persons 10 the PeoPle ra,her ,han sit,inS    the    southeast.    Highs Thursday: aside from reporters were pres- here in the ivorv tower"    wi!l    be in the 308 and    408 ent for the hearing    coiled off    the hearing, The Jones county    grand    jury    Riley    said, atter    learning    some will convene Friday. Tbe pre- subcommittee members were liminary hearing for Conner I unhappy about it He said Sena- —Reinecke— (Continued from Page I.) was continued to April ll at I ,nrsBas8Var\IG!)st    ;fore Reinecke told him on Sept. J7. 1971. Settlement of the IT!' on: m    sa)    and    Karl    Nolin (D-Ralston), Nowlin s bail on the rape    case    had been • announced charge was continued at , ' b v dldnj tbmk tbPre July 31 1971 $100,000. No bail was set on To nceded t0 be a hear,n8 murder charge Hultman Begins Second Term as U. S. Attorney Evan “Curly" Hultman was sworn in Tuesday in Cedar Rapids federal court for a .second four-year term as United States attorney for the northern district of Iowa. T Ii e reappointment would seem to rule out his running for the U.S. senate or the house, of representatives, as has been rumored. i 1 In commenting on the politi-, cal situation. Hultman said. [“Very frankly, I gave it serious consideration. But at this time I ; feel I could serve best as a member of the department of justice." “As important as the law-making function is. I visualized the times and conditions. And I felt that I would be running out on something that is important to the public and to me personally." Hultmans reappointment has been in the process for several months. His name was submitted to President Nixon by then Attorney General Elliot Richardson Senate confirmation was de j layed, however, due to the upheaval brought on by Watergate. Hultman was resubmitted for approval of the President by new Attorney General William Saxbe. and was subsequently confirmed by the senate. In swearing in Hultman. chief judge Edward McManus noted that his “service in this capacity has been most honorable." Hultman, 48. of Waterloo, first took office on Aug I, 1989. He served two terms as Blackhawk county attorney and two terms as Iowa attorney general. In 1984 he was defeated bv Harold Hughes for governor. From 1984 to 1989 Hultman    was    Y-...4.L    IO    I—J    lr4- in private law practice in    Wa-    *    OUTm,    IO,    fiuiT terloo. Alter the swearing-in Wednesday Hultman commented “It has been an extreme pleasure :and a distinct honor to serve in ibis office. And I look forward : to the challenge of fair    and : honest administration of    jus- Itice." Manchester Man Changes Plea on U. S. Tax Counts In Collision of Cycle and Truck An 18-year-old youth was in good condition Wednesday after he was injured in collision between a motorcycle and truck. George D. Biggs, 637 Twenty-second avenue SW. the motorcyclist, suffered a shoulder injury when he tried to pass a truck. Police said the truck, driven by Max C. Mauck, 35. of Swisher, attempted to make a left turn and collided with Biggs. Biggs was ticketed for driving Kenneth A. Bilby, rural Man-j chester, changed his plea to guilty Wednesday morning in ,,    .,    , I Cedar Rapids federal court on on the wrong side of the road. two counts of filing; fraudulent I^e accident occurred in the federal income tax returns.    J700 block of J street    SW. Hilby was indicted    March 7iBi^’ motorcycle left    tire tor attempting to evade taxes ™rks "easuring % feel, po-totaling $5,853.51 for l%7 and llce 'sald-1988. He had pled innocent to    *    *    * this charge March 25.    A    second motorcyclist suffered The Manchester farmer, 41. tniurte.sTuesday.Terrance Lam could be sentenced in as many a rum l8' of 1011 Alburnett road, as five years in prison and uMarlan; ?'as lrfted al kMclcv as much as $10,008 f.ne on each hof,a fm' du,s and brmses and released. Lanstrum was in- ,.    jured in the 10(H) block of    Mf. Hilby remains free on his own iVernon road SE when hc |osl ^cognizance bond ol $10,000. conjrol 0f bjs motorcycle on pending pre-sentence reports. sand jn ,he ,.oad hj| fhe ,ane divider and then struck a road sign. * * * Two women suffered minor in- A zoning request that would iuriea in , a    amdenl have permitted construction of Tuesda>'' bl" refused ,ransPor- Bid Opening Set On Sidewalk Work The city council Wednesday voted to go ahead with construction of a sidewalk on Forest drive vSE between Grande avenue and Bever avenue. Several residents appeared at a public hearing last week to protest the proposed sidewalk. which will be built on the west side of Forest drive. Wednesday the council unanimously passed four resolutions dealing with the project: overruling the objections, filing a resolution of necessity, adopting plans, specifications and form of contract and ordering construction. Bids will be opened April 17. Council Rejects Rezoning Plea City Implements 'Weather Days' A new personnel rule for city employes, entitled “weather days." was adopted by the city council Wednesday. Occasionally, bad weather causes curtailment of some work, and employes are either sent home early or given a day off. with full pay. The new rule provides that employes who are required to remain at work during those days will receive compensatory time off. Pedestrian Hit By Stolen Car Police are looking for the driver of a stolen car which struck a pedestrian and later hit two vehicles. The incident started shortly after midnight Tuesday in the parking lot of Polly’s Penthouse, 4415 First avenue SE. where the car was stolen. Police described the sequence of events: The car struck Vincent A. Gatto. 15. of 318 E avenue NW. in the parking lot. Gatto was tossed onto the hood and carried to the First avenue entrance where he w-as thrown to the ground. The driver turned west onto First avenue and drove to the intersection of Fifth street and First avenue E where he struck two other cars. After the collision, the driver got cut and ran from the scene, police said. (iatto was treated at Mercy hospital for a cut and sprain to the left hand and released. No injuries were reported in the incident involving the other two cars, owned by Fred Level. 154 Edgewood road NW, and Roy Saub, 707 Forty-third street NE. Pick up the phone today and let a want ad go to work for von. Dial 398-8234 condominium units at 1431 Edgewood road NW was rejected by the city council Wednesday morning. tation to a hospital. Police said Karen Lee O’Grady. 33, and Barbara Pickering. 48. both of Van Horne, were injured in the 2800 block of First avenue E L. I. Enterpiises petitioned tor ^jle car drjven by Mrs. o'Grady the zoning change for 1.93 acres j veered to the right side of the from R I to R-3G. The request;road R) avoid .striking a car that was approved, 5-4, by the city was changing lanes, police said, planning commission, and drew and ,hen hit a ,ight po)e Mrs fire I rom residents of the area O'Grady suffered face cuts and who said the condominiums Mrs. Pickering reported suffer-would create drainage prob- jng a bead and hand injury, lems. traffic hazaids and de- No charges were flied creased property values.    __________ The city council's vote to deny Want ady offer the greatest the change was unanimous selection of home olferings! RENT A Lovely New Baldwin Pianol ★ All Rent Applies when you buy! Cedar Rapids Piano & Organ Sine* 1930    MW.    "Sob"    lutttlmon I IO Third Ave. S.W. Opposite Peoples Bank Van Gilst Genial    .?*    Sh,er,!^n    U''T    a    sub; This brought Van Gilsl In his ,s'dli"7 ,° 11 1 and dPeratorl 0 feet to deny he had told RileyT, h?*Tj!LS?n D?8°' l"d Seized Items Can Be    |here waJ no wcd for a hearl ; pledged $400.000 toward coneen. Held, Judge Rules    He    was    irked. Van Gilst said. b0d exP'n*V ,beJ,n"e ,‘h* ,    a a    U    only    in    thai    Riley    had    not    con-    (’ °1    ,planded «• bold "s 19,2 Items seized under search    *    ,hp    s    u    b c o    m m    ,    lt e .invention    there warrants on the residence of ^ before scheduling lhe A tonner Democrat. Reinecke George Nowlin, rural Keystone.: hcar[    ran for congress as a Republi- accused in Linn county of the! .    ...    .    hatter    in-!can    m    1964    anc*    won    was    re* slaying and robbins; of Michael formedJ.. 'Van f;iIst concluded J elected in 1968 and 1988 He Servey. 18, can be held    for    po*-, |h    ,    ,    l0    o|h    served    in    Hie    house    until    1989. sible use as evidence.    .    . ,    business District court Judge Harold Victor, in an order filed Tuesday afternoon, held that “no person shows specific and legal cause why the items seized pursuant to the search warrant Newspaper Wage Controls Lifted when Gov, Ronald Reagan appointed him lieutenant governor to succeed Robert Finch, who joined the Nixon administration as secretary of health, education and welfare. Elected in 1978 Reinecke. born Jan. 7. 1924. tm . , JL1J WASHINGTON (UPI) - Wage should not be forfeited and held controis were lifted Tuesday on by the state to be used as evi- ^ newspaper industry by the was elected to the office on the dence in certain criminal prose- Cc^t of IJ\ing Council.    Reagan ticket in 1970. He is a h...ae ixoia Filed with lhe Federal Regis- graduate of California Institute M    d K    ter were regulations exempting of Technology and a profes- ‘ The items seized include a emPlo>^ in tbp newspaper in- sional mechanical engineer. 1964 Chevrolet Belair, ^wo-door 'dustr\,fron^ wage controls the Settlement of the ITT case I-ol-white with red interior with counci1 said' But cxecut,ve and lowing the pledge of convention license number 48-8272 now inivanab,e compensation person- money brought allegations that the custody of the Cedar Rapids ncl remain subject to economic the money influenced the deci-police department'. Round in lhe-slabilizalion program rcgula- sion. The case made headlines search of the car and seized H0"*    " farl>' '972 when Celoms! were two latent print lifts, vac- “This action is in accordance •,ac»( Anderson produced a uumed material, a stocking cap    with our objective to remove    memorandum horn an    ITT Gland cigaret butts.    controls    selectively where con-    *jc'a! alleged to make a    connec- Also ordered held for use as d it ions permit. We have now de- l(,a between the settlement and evidence by the state were ar- (ermined that conditions are ph'clge tides found in the search of such that wages and salaries Earlier this year Reinecke de-George Nowlin and his resi-    paid in    the newspaper industry    manded that Jaworski's office dence at 622 Eleventh avenue    should    be exempted.' CLC    givp him a lie detector    lest on SE, apartment of Mable Irene Director John Dunlop said. his role The FRI administered Franks.    -------- ,he fpst- Items found included some Want to rent your garage? 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