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Canton Daily News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Canton, Ohio The weather Ohio mostly fair monday night and tuesday slightly warmer. To % to by Noty a p. A. Map 7 a. In a a a Eden 2 a m. 7# a a a a 1 Murn 7j> minimum a a. Barometer .211� All the news of t h e world daily by the United press a he Canton latin Euis Home e Dit o n established. Jink so two sections Canton. Ohio. Monday Lent. 23, huh i t. .<1 a a i it r a it a i. I ill to i i Vic i f Etc i f f a sch 1 tan ii ill r at of mar. H .1, in. A 11 la. I i n 11 i defeat threatens War vets pay suspect named sportsman Prince 36 new Lindbergh baby is to be As Slayer of Lingle Hunt on to Nils i Xiii i to Moran and Aiello liquor Lianas in Chicago my i Ultra Fresso Chicago june 23.�?th# combined agencies of Law in hunted in suspect to Nav in Hie assassination of to d j. Lingle Chicago tri Bun reporter on trails that Imp toward the powerful quor g Uig of Quot bugs Moran and Joe Aiello two of Lite a big four in Chicago racketeering. 7>r a us pet hunted a James 1 of it Forsyth. Henchman of or North Bidi Iran Leader and a and it i a Quot potential murderer Byr Brut judge. Forsythe name a t. Antral figure of the Nivea ligation aaa Given out by the faring House of agencies Delv irs min the murder. While convinced that fore the the a it Tun murderer of the ror it it or the authorities seemed Hee fan shout advancing a motive re a that Lingle had refused to a a ii fax or from a former police Trimmi aeration for the Moran gang a tit counted by the authorities a a a motive. The ii ail that led to Forsythe deride by the Way of Frank Heater tight lipped gangster who the Morane to throw his fortunes with the gangsters head h by a Al Quot Capone the or to riffed i Atnel with which Lin Vara Phot was traced to Foster p Nee Urmia de that perhaps to it tee left the gun with the m p an when he deserted the mutter us m and threw it Down in the Auh a to cart suspicion a Cward the Capone mob two others Simon Norman end Hirk Noonan who were arrested lest Vear with Forsythe also were a ought Dorman in a trucking Eon tractor who bae held City con tract and Noonan is a labor rack-1 steer the three were arrested i est to a a Are a and judge John Lyle men ionian incl Lions oui Akron men i Lek follow Here Are some interesting closeups of Albert or Latten. Gorge Andrew Tai re i. David officially known in Angl Rand a the Prince of Wales who celebrated i Seth birthday monday a Iii unmarried. Perhaps the future Kings Devotion to Aport napkins it for he is an ardent mad versatile sportsman. He la shown Here a he a tee red it the recent Dartmouth Hunt club rare swinging a Golf huh a la his american tutor Bobby Jones and playing a fast game of Tennis. Expect Senate two arrested to ratify pact after mishaps named Charles Stork brings worlds most famous son to Morrow 11 on to by i sited Presa Englewood n. J., Lune 23, a Hie work i s to it famous Bilby. Ivorn pc to Lay afternoon it it to. Amt aim. Charles a. Limb rrb ill in Nam Cut a a Charles a it was in Clern tool today. What the Middle name of the famed aviators child would by was not revealed col Lynu Heth went to new Fork today to Greet rear Admiral Richard e byte who arrived from we i Cheater. Byrd re tended congratulation i on the baby a birth and Lindbergh replied with congratulation a Barri latest exploring achievements at the Mouth pole. Mrs. Anne Morrow Lindbergh gave birth to the child at j is p. A. Yesterday her 24th birthday in the Morrow Home Here a White House on a Hill where he herself a born one Wing of the Man Aion had bean converted into a Hoe Portal where the nurse and two pc elitists who attended mrs. Lindbergh found every facility Avail Able. Today or Lindbergh and the child were reported to he doing nicely. Seldom has the birth of a child been surrounded by such secrecy. Reporter who waited at the Gate of the Morrow Home were unaware of the arrival of the boy until More than two hours after the event inside the Home however the news was being broadcast a Quot Friend of the family Quot called the United pies and Gav the news refusing however to Supply anything except the fact that the child was a boy that it had been Horn at s is p in and that la Lon i it weighed something More than t Pound amt my ii artict Dwight w Morrow. Mrs Lind uti i Bergh a Fauve wha went through Mill la Ina successful Campaign for the Republican nomination for senator a re or is from new Jersey without once to a hew on. By j Lune Hoover warns pension Bill to increase taxes St Kiiu Max Xitco plan to pass measure Over veto train wrecks t7s nt1 maniac killer Auto four die Vatican City Lily Mavor is 23 enc it them to a year in Rui and ask it no fur carrying guns judge Lyle said his friends Forsythe s among i politicians almost ran is to Luft h in acute the sentence. J told Herman he had a record Asmi Hee to note on its Lle it not today i by i mites Washington june 21 ing crashes in Stark co my his Calm judicious bearing yay0r Anthony of Buffa j1 of a reported to is jubilant and Al Attr Coly an three Olimi excited Over the Bath of i fir killed today when their a Kritner Vergh however apparently we mruck in no a. Lim Ryl Vanl Railroad train near Heie retained his customary x Anoura 1 and found time in the midst of theme. inv a had been identified As m two Akron men were arrested a by county officials and several per pc tement to Send a Telegram to i i mile pre i v ath an c Ity Lune 23 two new name were listed 1 by the roman it Athel of lurch j today the find of the saints to or Ranton Ard this year the Biassed flip Penl founder of the filippino misters order which has it Mother House at Trenton n j. And the need Catherine Thomae Mph my nun. Were the two new Anta elevated at a ceremony yesterday the Elevation came Only a j week he for North America Bret Peter s Baar Ira with of Amrit Art present _ _ a a re a j>r>1,u City. A of tally would not want in report at la a in. Womack. Soi Blacker plane cot a col. Fierro s flight from new lice to believe that he a Bif Oil a Chance with you in the forty eight hours before the heed at 1 15 Munday morning Southfork to Mexico City dems Fatiau All the bodies wore mane committee met. Chairman Horah of North Canton. Dick ask Worth great personal ability and careful 14. Rvin in in _ the sentence have Hern affirmed in Rived from Secretary of mute who accompanied in Chr a taken planning. It adds another fins Roux Rarned Ghoul disc iss two by i ii i r Mil Lon a i Aile err a staff i Washington june 23. Hun nil to unfit edict k Vorre Cal la Al by Leaden if tie Vgri-111% no ii or group Udave to Davidr v Lial it lilt Uilk Lim a onto Nln Mit Hoover Stein a a till 44 i Chuat pm Tsatie of lir pending world War Pele rain Ptitsyn Hill his Lions in i ii a Iii 1 in i for h Vole let of to or 5 p. Iii. The a Mug i used from the White lieu last night caught More than a two third majority of the Enate pledged to Paun bunged the Hill which Hoover a lated would increase thee pin ii Iuie Foi vet Lane by next year it a disconcerting to the Eek ate particularly he Yauae the presided quoted Hie it dietary of the 1 re try to the effect Hist taxes would a ave to he to de again next it ear of the expenditure Ai made comment a Larking pending a Dena Ion of the group Leader Aalo whether hey intend to pay the Hill of it the Pread mtg a warning or seek Annie Compromise i i is untie Patnod in Harman Reed of the my Litany affairs Romani tree 1 preparing to offer a Trues of amendment which would Cut Down la total coat of the Nii and bring it within the president Gruel Al 1 equipments. A final Vole cannot he delayed really he it Aue a unanimous Content agreement already a been entered and it can be broken Only by unanimous con ent mince Hoove 1 vetoed the upon tvs i lentil War veterans pension Hill two week ago Ron Greemen have known he intended to veto the pending Nii. Hut they were arranging to Pasa it Over i Xefos by a two third majority just As 1b i sued Reasi they did the Spanish veterans new York june to while Messie police in Ere love Ligating several a the cd Menthe 1 a of he House report the maniac Mur end More than one third of the drier had Beer Een. The self a Nair Are up for reelection in the St ted a Man behind the we i f1. There has been Al ritually be peered to have Kerr red another opposition to the measure today and the of elites the is a tement Herat hand be earn More confused or May Bange the complexion than Axer of it a contained in a the third Man Quot marked Quot unless Republican floor Leader he returned an a important document a Meyer Newmark of Brooklyn re a Ltd a letter warning him. Making the a it Nir to Date two murder and nine letters writes again let Lier threatens Euless l to uni ends a Are returned wats i of the Senate who announced he intended to Lay it before that body at the opening of the Days debate the president summed up i ideas a follow a we have at reached govern sat if the latest i wive a dually la a. A. A a i dry others he Over he App else court and the three Stimson a letter left Sig or rate to mercy Hospital suffering from achievement to the record of mex fh0t Arr Flint rpt that the at a re fugitives from Justice on Aion for publication of such Docu Revere Cut and Lohr was arrested can aviation untie City Mayo a div Long the charge. Men a the department a fur charged with driving an Automo Morrow declined to comment <mjl.u,, when the fast Tram while the a Clearing House Quot was he committee. Borah had Nile while intoxicated the birth of the child other than to. F Philadelphia to Atun my Tahoe men aerated ruling readily Forward in it. Public Eaton at the in a Mienl St 11 15 Munday say that Quot i an the Hap Yueai grand a a a of a it w to from another Akew Ratter a re Ltd Jeat of Johnson. Morning mrs driven by j. P. To father in the world he declared y Xii a sent out for a meeting of the a test vote which scrambled party met. 70 Grant St Akron and Andy he would make a statement today the crash of cute a 12 a a a m. T Oral action committee of the Dnn Tost week showed the com Marks North Canton crashed near at which time to a expelled the the train Bein due n Atlantic cd. Mai. Of a Wmk. Friendly nah in he a i. Omm Schnol _ Mem Lugt of a a we. Molj Jjck. Al to kill vow no. On him. I lowing him Ning july i to the utmost limit of and have a probable deficit changed his murder agents a tvs Rry �?�"1, f r re la Salt isl _ he Quot it a it Potung in or mall ally tar or Tief of Unzem vied near be a of Nile int nor i a newspaper in a i motion the two a had 1 Mumm ted in Datum Means and Del and the War Nimit Quot pub hated Hadjy of Athena. Of june 23 Tao put fish into the hearts of those i play Nten through expansion. A Public Ernst in Tion final note that .d4l�?zon% Dollar of sex. Representing 2,000.000 churchgoers proportion of 3 to i. The commit Mise Mery Bucko 72 Grant St the committal plans to hold e1 Nuque Churek hearing railing to from the arrested Itee then refused to postpone Akron who accompanied Hamel through the night and into reports. Further consideration until Brea,-1 and miss Velma Haylor North can the morning messengers boys Werc mayor Ruffu a recently _ in officials Dent Hoover pm diced Eit Lienti ton a passenger in Marks car Healing telegrams of Ron it la i quit ted of four a of m indictment Cliv a my hts he Szyk a i whoa publication he deem Wera Cut 0 that they required my n7terl�,l,m,t him a re a a Quot it in we he red intone Paible with the Public in a i a Tiff a Robert Weir cd. Melange began arriving soon an want investigation of alleged ult Airreal. Mary Baylor and Eleanor Marks j111i cond glean in Atlantic City thres Republican senators with minor bruises Hamet Ujj Jojn Lindbergh a seem by in St. Miranti was a Johnson was arrested. A Farna the outside world a slant by Elicitor and. Form the persons mar ked Settle re Day after hem 1 by Repine be on liquor Filar Gas whilst for death with four girl near Ile said he had nothing left to a this is no time to increase tho tat Burden of the coun by. A i recognise that such considerations would it Arry but Mui weight. With our people wet the Nee of y officials before it in an Effort a Al in More shout the murder a Quot i its Gangland background t 1 Ashmen said they hoped to. A a i inter it pit aroused in sin solution is found they Arri f t a 11 and Shea diet of Aii Iaac of Leonard Ami ii go in it Matody Joe Martell \ let a. La at mercy Hospital monday California Robinson Indiana Richard Myers also a charged ,.__ one Democrat Black Alabama with driving while intoxicated hav Vrzala Raelona for the. 1 it use and Shipstead farm re Abor of my been taken into custody by the no f Minnesota fun her a marshal at Hast Lanton when he a Quot Quot a m by thurs by later it waa said that the should wait until Hoover drove through the Village Ltd an or manner. Papers the new Jersey at-11 to of a Mhz end Coots in j a 3 41 do by mount his speedy Mona i. Ete ians thim end were Kugena one and take off in a not it no top we 4au,g with sound measures flight for the. By Vian headquarter a Hines of the Veteran of the red Diamond Horley of Hiu eau it Piee Enta there a moan Ute Agal Nat t to. _. _ i me we i thu Usu i ii Frlj i he Fern. Quot to wx2rslezmy� me Tom vat Wohleb in 1 elusive res sons for oppose Long Wiiiam Hick Roan at ,-on.ii, now n Sema new Mark Baa Doc Hund me lure which is i Man is held in curvy Katimi Quot on a until Hoover drop it i Dix Orlyu i ing changed mind Irgard ing the retie some or All of the will follow Bow in Johnson in his fight against ratification which so far has taken the form of an attempt to postpone the treaty vote until a autumn. A us a last thursday she and Lindbergh flew from to Aomen had been identified Muyot rattus is stg and Niece Heights n. To Hartford Conn . .,0 Hod my Young gunman Kef it i a pity Bergh made a test flight in a Para la in w i Volsk a i i i sol Type monoplane at Newark and it was a recently As easter Hun a a u pm Flamingo. 54. Of 1017 Gizea reporter tho a run around Quot Day that the Lindbergh a landed at Boston police heard for Herby in he. A held by Polk thy getting off train at or Rev it Field in their monoplane youth who pull a r v in connection with the pair and plan Nuh Urh if Ter a record flight from the wac Quot Hou Donl Quot a hooting of Job Martell. 45. Of 1212 Lila us Alanl i beet. In Avra the shooting took after record new York june 2i-clsi�nnri.rrr. Srdic Bouton june Wida Bow. The Little a it Quot girl from Rocke Eller o Al Rad once search Usa i in w 17 year old gunman Aud bed bet the Hest interests of the veterans themselves and place an unjustified lond on the taxpayer it Abe when every Effort should he intoxicated a a a a a a a made a lighten it. A Barge of in on Alloo Hinsun exr Nitro Oise mfg Quot i do not wish in he Maunder Ugone we dropped a Lam i l unite by it go their Ere a a of Vetera Rui Tariff Bill a in no Quot of who a p a n a c i a ii broke r in aces or suffer Long and to we Iti i Sain escapes jail d. _ Sriri. A a a a. Or Nam Rau Avra but hem Aitu Tion Over id to on or Lefiu do not reach anything like the i of new Art mention of these measures and deprived of the Rikhi to Drix a t any miming in ,l11 non Toad d Nufi an Ltd go Turdy or Saffet the Ftp a a guilty to. of driving while Ronik Ufner tar -xl4 Jyh Quot a i a it debate on new larceny count re Umit a. Harold Kustell it Der indicted grand jury in bankrupt prot he it dings. It the Liberty by address a Quot Ord i a Quot a amp us huh do yes a m who a. Don Lull. can will marry. Jinni to ilk. a Amer . Sum s. Is in Mem Lse hrs two tusks a ult. A a Here his condition Early monday new York june 23 an in in men a barging Harold rut washing ton june 23 the Rith elder is Hirt rep j by lot n-1 it ii to it Rath debate Over the new Tail Iff continued last night a a Xith two Admi of is 1 at or. Ii Iok it transatlantic Eljer informed xxx no nun thing the affirm tix Sidi of thrown fees Hor attempt today but no one but Harry Rich Man knew much Stout her visit. One of East s most Brilliant Portal brokerage House of Woody 4 co of i imm Mac rotary of Commerce new York. June we is id to be fair. A. in is. The red haired film Star alighted. 3 a a Chicano. Jun. Sith a com he a , a a in 1 ii no Linroth. A Kwh for a a Yir by i though the. Ettna a by a revolver shot. Roga deep flesh wound in the to hip i with tto by Bor Airport evening with Richman night club # when w it Nenk us , a the sturdy endurance ship com Star and her Oft so netted and de a 3st3.�?o2l55j off w a a a "2 p to 2 40 a in. time today. Short in before that time the Niota. Mol Hong is okd eked a approve Kenneth and John Hunter Broth sex Rota to he held in Phil Adelphia today the Youthful Jai Bleak 1 v i >1 a mind larceny a handed Klein Cioa offi Tai Friend off rom it Uyi older t nip pm Iii Delphia june 23 of the Moat Brilliant society wed hta White of Dor Heiter was a rated saturday after he had shot i a pawnbroker in an attempted on up. At that Tim he gave i Nam a Frank j pay a of i Ong up today Ryder anti arrested saturday charged Arith Euan Ion of Friand larceny and gained an adjourn j. Hut sunhae Quentin men until today when s4il i Faira group Pax ors Sunnyvale. Cal., note Al neat session Durance flight record increased Era an4 photographers were at the to Lay As their air plane thyran it Centra mation City of Chicago droned n in it a hotel Vav or or n a a in Tond c Ity n 10th Day of continuous right Over re and a Jujj went of of he Hurch pm a pro by magistrate Pord in Tonto y. A it it Quot Yuz a he claimed to be �?�3x.�?� new a a 1 Baa a kult i a a p. It York murderous maniac but a Asti Miles of i firm let have try i?0 tor Tiea found nothing to confirm been placed Between $1.010.0 and 1 tee Clark Bec Fimes the Brid of Nln i too 00. The Reub Kafi National r irn Mitt Aldrich Rockefeller second son of. A. eke gel the recent Wail mtr Ert _ John d. Rockefeller. Or. A. T Liu a .1, ,.jli j j 1.1 a i Tuli i him i 1.1.1., Igi i i i i i i a h a ump a purposely Manip Boslav. Jwa. R. Ass s t a to. To a is a i ronnn0 Good in Soo Hun. Lonum. A jars i the i ruin about Al Capone. A i in a. Of Flohl. I. A Toh a a in no a a a Quot a a mrs. Injured Dent Hoover and recognized by i Hwi he was thrown from a horse a authority. D.,t in a re i a Al Central path. To was revealed a pee h Ltd Whah considered to Ljay the girl who flew part Way Good Riis Letl of in w Culbie to 1 a Usa tic sad tubs a i us in president n Only appeared in motion pie Laisen lower it Turea suffered injuries i Ber Hack the second speaker for that Wofa of Wai f or mat in was chairman Wood of the House appt Apt Latitia commit p a in a statement issued through1 Era of Sparta. Ill dropped a note new air base was i up Laa West Asem Ufal Fig f j Cynwyd. Path ceremony will be performed lbs other Hunter brother Walter and satere and native police were 4e.jjjfr rms Benjamin n Bird. Rec Albert who handle the refuel it Elded on at a conference of Indian tor of an a plan which a contacts with the Trade association representatives.,. 4 sub of he Sih walk i it pity of Chicago eight or no Lim and a rid in Motilal Nehru it was Isaim niti.vt�.,x Liat ivc i r. A Nash in eth Jan 23 for a a Duquoin tif june 21 eight fair com Neitge believe that con a Uresee Ewen a aaa sen Yak re ago welter Wyatt was i Miu Roger special i Al a a neat session will aph Bunny Vale Cpl. Atta for too posed naval lighter than air in Orn me riling on the delay in a proving m sit. Britten said tote Ter Day California a Sta once More �?�xrvf0ft a totem of the proponents of Camp it gained by a poll of the no my th1 me would receive to excess of your vote of the 21,&Quot he said a they y a dog a the Manger Tao a your Beauty colors a the magic of Beauty lies in knowing the psychology of color. From 12 screen stars each selected a the most perfect representative of her Type you can learn Bow to complement your own particular kind of loveliness. How each Hoo sea the beat colors in her costumes in the makeup so use. In the jewels and Flowers is s wears even in the decorations of her room a la told in Quot your Beauty colors a which begins today on the women s pages of the Canton daily news these articles each on a color Chart by which you May be guided will appear in the news exclusively in Canton kicked in the head by a mute and lost the sight in Hie right Eye. Today he can be again because he Saya he used by vacation to go in an air plane rid on the Way the Pilot put the plane through several loops and a few barrel Rolls. When the plane descended Wyatt had regained the sight in the Long winded Eye h i tar Iii ii or lie w w a a obstruction to any selection a to to n i t pm Itutti Tutti Itti it1ttt1 i t i pm Hitt a it adv. picnic metropolitan paving Brick co. Plants and offices will be closed Ell Day june 21, for picnic a the killing of a Chicago newspaper men and Public demand for a thorough cleanup of the gangs re Pons ibis for a ult h crimes again drawn attention to can ago a lord of the Undt world Al Capon Hundred of column have been devoted to his exploits Vav Hole Pogo have been written around the Moody act Vin of the gang warfare in whip he Baa Long been the Central Fugui but the intimate Story of the real Al Capone and How he Ca me in the Lime igbo a not until this time been told by special arrangement with the newspaper enter prise a Lek Teflon the daily news Hee secured a Story from Pat know he former a a of Federal prohibition agents s-42bn a go policeman and now chief investigator for the Stael a attorney a it Hirago Gangland exposed is the title of Pat Roethe s Story two entire pages of which will appear in the m it a Axine acc Tula of the new neat sunday Jun 2b it will be followed by a single Page instalment on the following Munday the three Page making the meet spectacular review of Gangland activities Ever penned there will be an unusual demand tor the Canton daily news on sunday. Jun 29. You can he sure of a copy Only by placing your order now. Byrd Back in new York City prepares to or iut Ltd Anlas us expedition and attend he Ptim no new Yolk Jun so new York prepared today to return its Welcome to rear Admiral Richard e Byrd he was due to arrive rom win Cheater. A where he received the greeting of fellow virginians Ile will Ping into the work of drab aiding i expedition that a pent Lionial two years in the Antal rile. In addition bid will be the Honor guest at a series of Recap Lions and dinners Here and on Fri 1 1 i i 1 1 1 t t Iii i a �=.i 1 1 umm How cheap r1 Vij be Sim of the old of a a inned fellow that Over to the left hand Corn of the paper every Lay used to say a Don t aet ame re a Hort Quot All the Fina Meiai papers a talking about hew cheap Money is now with the Federal is Rve Banks around 2 1-2 per cent i Don t see Why they Don t say its half of i per cent for there in no Way getting any of it anyway. Ill net Melton would have rouble digging up enough collateral for a present Day Toast yours. Will Rogers to i Vii i i Tow Tom n Ott i i in i i i i Day is will go to Boe too. A Witt 11 no

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