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Canton Daily News Newspaper Archives Jan 17 1926, Page 1

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Canton Daily News (Newspaper) - January 17, 1926, Canton, Ohio Main Section . A i h Kra Wain. Nim in mgt to per tic. Ski cower to atty a n Park it no nonday it nit by fair Samar Quot let and to tvs Songi it a Din no monday. Established jink in she Canton daily Xrstus 68 r a n am in>111 1, is mme i a Vin i hrs who posed As heiress conductor wounded in Home one Bandit pair believed hit in Abdomen headed toward Navarre May try Hospital in Canton. Blonde Bandit Johs to Brison room Ester x Elmore Reynold j die with an and nitty crimes throughout i for Auburn Prtt in Tody Deputy Ohr rift Arn year to run. Ila wan a enter Judas Gillette to pleaded fully to a a ult following a work Avo for Tho taxicab Driver. On. Monde Hen Meed i 1 country left night in rim futo nerve a and by county i by. Ile had and Lemony and arrest never la a Hoot in a i conference disarming May a prove a Dod european nations anxious to prevent another War. Duel we hold up men Kamo s Hothi. Is Iii us i san Itow Norris Kaps it ,i stage gun Battle far Man draws pistol instead holding up hands tax reduction measure Given committee 0. X. Delos Morritz to so Raul car conductor. Lay in Tho Massillon City Hospital Early sunday morning suffering Bullet Cut wounds in Racli Arni anti his left leg As a result a gun Duel shortly before Midnight with two daring bandits who attempted to hold him up near i Washington Jan to. Tilt Massillon state Hospital. A Harmony tax reduction Hill. Pact is questioned England placed in position serving As % Umpire. approximately $365,000,000 is provided for. In a Snure t Ulli in copyright t3�. Cantor dully Nenni j paws Jan. to consolidate Pence which revolved seven years ago around the so called Security problem now enter a new phase called the preliminary disarmament conference. Though it is not absolute fit i it it it it the battlefields. Haw More to saved the company ii auth for approximately in certain that the conference and wounded Hla Mwai Antn 000,000 in tax Relief for Quot ill meet the Date fixed hut received Periou not fatal in Quot in american people was nevertheless it is sure to meet Jurlow it adopted tonight by tile Senate sooner later for it is a log after the Thuya had made their finance committee by a Quai i iral sequel flt i what Lins in a Lawny Mora to operated his car to pious re kit it. Wards the City half dazed. Whan the Concord Between Rohe had covered a Quarter a mile publicans anti democrats in -Jgig?.&Quot a Quot a a a Quot Quot us re a Iwine upon Provido A. I Ane driving an automobile 1a. J1�"� Vij it up rec passed the car Baw the conductor pct Lii in Mio Senate s Lelih torn i auth , ul"4 a a �?o"�?Ts"1 Folry a cow Clur n similar re y Sursi. On a he he Quot pan Ali it nov he. Flexed to be wounded in the Abdo w men. They were in a High powered although a unanimous report ac-�e1 in and headed toward Navarre. A Al it Ltd the Bill. There were borne rom there it a thought they storm Cloude in reservation a have backtracked and taken try Krvatin Quot a made e Road to Canton and maa Allon pro Violona the floor the it was thought Thev my 1 p however were United in sup France Belgium and Italy. Instated at a local �s2ahs 251 Pir port the Bill. Particularly territorial gun ran pm attention for the Man bleed the a Hill enacted into it thru Quot Mufti Ilfe wounded rut up until a about . Ira Taral Mem in a Eltah xxx hour sunday morning no Hospital a Quot a a it a taxes than the hoped to ,"touldf2nl.li a. Do a a wounds Eye in a. A a a a a outstanding provisions a eluding Farmer enemy nations until �?�j�?T1- a alone Hie car a Haring rom those in the House they a. Used their ire Tvenge Lon about ao6 to v mass 1 Sih Wera r put a a 1 a11 Sheri ments was a sort bulwark Ere Ted about 11.30 when the two thugs thrice and estate taxes effective a _ boarded his car. the one Man whenever the new Hill baronies a a a a and a vision Aurta Xea in men ordered hand a Quot it the comes Between $26,000 and 160.000. A. A a a a -.1 r�?o Coolidge Coal stand strike away visit i. Ccu three Hundred guest fled from their done thus far. Hut will it j Quot ass la famous chateau fronted complis Anvil Ling Mekstan a usus a Zsuz Srsha alumni blamed for Boose the War. Especially those whose Ter parties at a a games \ eagerly setae any Hope however chimerical for preventing a recurrence. W Hen the peace negotiations were at Versailles everybody agreed tax payments 2,500.000 to be affected a a a mum in is. Mum Senate May make changes in provisions Hill. I it i Buis fix ids. A a a it a it Ltd fat atty newel Washington Jan. which May in made y Tbs a a in la. . Iii him a Lux i ill a it a anti hic House will Mil prevent some 2,5no,0 in Jet sons who Pawl income taxes to cliche sum in im25 from being exempt in 1926. And nil oth a r Lux payers Ali incomes lust year were no greater than alcohol Aff the Cam pus and out in 1921 will pay Lillieh less than they did last year. It is w. La to grand these essentials Given approval Congress i photos president to intervene. Dehate is Short Resolution ailing for nationalization not noted. Washington j no Congress today upheld president solid get a refusal to in Tei ene Iii the Hartl Coal strike. Action it Niu in a i quest my presidential intervention nationalization the mines was hit Token by administration opposition in w Bleb a wholly number conservative democrats joined. Pm Gross opinion to decidedly again a Long Aith Tbs Omli and interfere in ent int Mil pretty gel would beget no Anil hut tha contrary Mil Dixe in adjustment Hyth and miners the Selve the a Nate a unwilling a port Federal intervene he marked it Hon it ref maed Lillian fix i text a a 16, startles and in in a m a to Days a bought Home and i inc Luton Florito authorities found. F ii shown to Federal toed ate situation. La time Val Reed. Hilts. A Parent a Illy inn to supper my permit n the Copeland Resolution Lillian Dangho r i Chirk coir Canton irl w a in Tou Kwh by As a voting Ion spending a since is Hack to i left re mid her to thae i a and said Shwa brother j Hofher in taw i live in it Quot Ullha i her Moth but i a it mrs. Clark reseed moral that her Kew As a wealthy Money to hum a in the first Clark a we Neas for hiring How absurd that much a one would Trai Tinct a by irk. 16-vc avoid is and Cecelia in to to 3, the i Irtle Ovid Cincinnati o., Lith heiress Bent 975.006 inherit ome. A non i Days Ngo hat Ord a night. In a a tog to visit my Ltd maker. And my Prat k a flit. It. It a thin after non a a she is in Canton Yon a he Ca she is a a Mother pro la. Charges lighter posed heiress with 4 i ired mrs. Much Money. To spend is did Hava minor Sud no i us Ness with Ann Armor mich., Jan alcohol off the Campus and out i 1921 will Pax Lim ii Lea a. I1. To in 1 Quot drs to her the alumni the University the frats a so attends he i.? 7l i i i a ifs ii ski Steps to halt the Toeup the a then. To Michigan a Ort h., a pc Kuliu a quote a Quot it ,l"1 Quot Ltd Quot a Quot a Quot it a a Quot a Ltd a the. Quot sit Jmc a. Or Infin. I re ssh ass r a 1 try 2� te�ts7.,n5sb.rr. N vhf in. A a it r, me fins Nee committee prep by individual senators for a Hen the measure n to action by the eld precaution against new aggression by against at col i effective to defend the Victory tempts at revenge. This chapter i closed now and today external peace is sought rather in free agreements among All than in cub Mina ions some against a Way from him non spa a me Kepto Picans a hers. When the Ino Camo accords car controlled a unanimous report. Tim pro work Triump fed to the Peoples they the bandits immediately opened the Quot demo Quot i a 1�, continued Page Are. And one shot took effect in t j Riffman ded Moretz s Arm paying no Atten i n beneficiaries Mil a to the wound the conductor p do bars mom Relief than the blazed away at his assailants with ,0i�?Tted by the House. Some his own gun and succeeded in Chaa opinion existed Over the intr them from the car. Exact amount increased reduction one the bandits guns barked,1�?~ republicans saying the new sur to. ,.�?�771 twice More. The first Bullet lodged Taxon Quot oud a a h.000.�00 greater n quoth a the conductors leg and the next Rolof than the House Bill while the Aires Jan. 16. A in his Arm. Moretz fired several democrats Elal med the additional a a re nil no we no production has reach a a such an enormous Quantity that new York Man considered for Ganton Church . Stanley Shaw confers with first methodist officials. Tank cars used to carry wines gum always brings whisky and ii want to drink socially. Quot what does the alumni member do but distribute it freely among the undergraduate a Rumney said. Quot i suggest that the fraternity houses set a Sld a room where to a fraternity alumnus May meet and drink with fils former College companions without Belg tempted to Frond out i drinks to the undergraduates. Or. Little objected strenuously to Inch a suggestion. Quot we could no More Sanction such a plan than we could Tho return former governors to the state Cash j r. _. Z la for drinking parties . Little i . Stanley Shaw pastor the in i. Tabernacle Church at Binghamton. Quot Well that is exactly what isl a Arne my others is being con being done at i Anning and in the soldered for the pastorate Tho first National capital Quot Rumney an method let Church Here it a. Sucre. J be i i Dan has a Fertile to May he that her prattle was taken Seri Felt in Covington and Rumney said hat the alumni re turning to the University for a Bijj mired proposal i up for stat. Men sea fast the an assertion by be Ninfi woe Dot overed in a Fash a a Moi St new York. Tbs pee pie Lonai Ltd hot a in incl Natl. First. Senator r the finance committee h i mule numerous change in the hone Hill. Continued Page 7, . J four Hurt As autos smash one tries to pass other overturns ice hinders Drivers. Wore shots and the pair leaped in reduction would total 127,000 too to the Quot Foch had been kept purring in he House rates ,0 their machine the motor the committee s reductions Over Railroad a Era u8in Ink cars will and provide the transporting the wine from the Quot a a it and roared away towards a following additional saving for the re at Velnp dl9trlct Mendoza to Varro people i could almost swear i them in the stomach a a old police at the Hospital both the bandits were ked Between 25 and 30. Buenos Aires for exportation local consumption. The Buenos Aires and Pacific rail Way which serves the Mendoza Dos hit one twelve million dollars to $27.-Moretz j 000,000 sur taxes $20,000,000 Whit Antr i ,n>s�e0,000 0n adm Lonj to it Haa rut into service a special White and $1 500,000 excise taxes. Type ventilated tank ears. Each As finally reported the tax Bill with a capacity 10,000 Gallons contains Normal income tax rates and is endeavouring to facilitate reduction storage stocks in the Mendoza vaults by 1,000,000 barrels before the new crop comes in. Mendoza produced last year nearly 2,150.000 terrels wine from 200.000 acres Vineyard. The Harvest season requires the labor 10,000 peons i it. I income tax rates 10re rumours off 1vi percent the for Quot to $4,000 it act a to a Ltd a to n per cent incomes Between $4, lots waive heard 000 and and five percent i incomes above $3,000. On sur , Jan. 16. A further taxes the rates begin at six percent rumours Balkan plotting were re at ?20,000 and run to a maximum revived Here tonight. I surtax 20 percent incomes a Budapest dispatch to the Cen-,61 n Cefi declares Flat foot edly that 8enate changes make the a plot to establish a monarchy in new 8urtaxca seven percent in Transylvania with Prince Caro a mania As King Haa been uncovered. 1 he plot is alleged to have been hed in Budapest and to have entered around the hungarian counterfeiting plot which has re a fitly been exposed. Comes Between $24,000 and $ too. With a progressive tax increasing one percent each succeeding $4,000 income up to $60,000. This places for instance a surtax to percent incomes Between $36,-000 and $40,000 and a surtax 16 percent incomes Between $60,-000 and $64,000. From $64,000 to $100,000, tile House sur taxes remained in the Bill. Trumbull steel earnings $643,690 sex congressman is prisoner 21,5u Darren o., Jan. 16.�?for the Bull our 192r>. The cd a Olav reported net Atlanta. A fore Prau Cha sea but be distinguished Federal taxes $643,890. Federal taxes net profits Are inc feed at 563-00� net earn j v n december were $219,722.68. It. St a the company a funded in december was $94,166. Jan. 18. company former Public officials a doing time in the Atlanta Federal prison tonight was welcoming a new w. Langley former Kentucky Congress Man. Who is now a number 21,516.�?� 1 annual find a will share claims to do sting , Quot a uti we a Quot n with Vornor Mccray. Quot Iii to elected Rector a a Alana. The sex congressman was convicted conspiracy to violate the prohibition Law in Kentucky. Appropriation is to be voted army shift reported no hex ton Jan Berlin Jan. 16? German How Denoe opposition a Quot debate today to nne a 1 to 0.000 during government today instructed its am indications i Bassadore in Allied capitals to make 50 Ona Vii monday a inquiries As to the truth reports i. A a propel it for american that the allies intend to shift the Arn i a in the preliminary Dis armies occupation from the first Rah Feronie Genev it conference meeting at zone to the second and third zone without reducing their numbers. A reign terror chapter closed Pomeroy . Jan. 16. first chapter the Quot reign terror which spread devastation and destruction throughout the Pomeroy Bend during the past eight months ended Here today when Jesse Muncy alleged United mine worker pleaded guilty to a burglary and larceny charge. Muncy. Walter Falln and Clyde Tyree All said to be members the Ohio United mine yorkers were arrested by Burns detectives while burglar izing it is charged the Simpson powder House and stealing dynamite and High explosives. Muncy voiced his guilt in open court after a jury had been empanelled Arni sworn. Learned saturday night. Or. Shaw was info Anton saturday in conference with officials the Church Here hut no decision was reached concerning an appointment to the local pastorate. Bishop Henderson and District superintendents Ohio were in session at Columbus Friday to discuss filling pulpits several churches throughout the state. The Canton situation was considered. ,h0 m01lt but no appointment agreed . Or. C. E. Manchester pastor As National in scope emeritus has preaching at the. Meeting to Church in place . A. E. Day who resigned recently to accept another Post. Attempts have been made to obtain another pastor Bult officials have not yet been successful. The first methodist was president Mckinley a own Church and is one the oldest and most prominent in the Northeast Ohio country Wert undergoing i Quot he a to to a Morton. By. Where terrible offering in a ,.f the. In l11 Quot a a a a a real estate Trelc the Resolution failed to aln Al Quot Quot aun it Rhu. For costs la much support. Monde and a furniture galore opponents said the Resolution Invar a it a giving Seattle. Wash., would Fie futile because it contained Bank a Topeka signed by herself As no plan for a a us tag Tho strike and payment for Tho goods property cop furred be authority upon the i Purcla Quot Ltd. President to intervene owner $25,000 House undaunted. Copeland thou a eded a a Quot Kab to automobile Quot the Creed a new Resolution giving the 16-Rcar-old girl visited an Automo rodent Power to Cize Tho a file dealer. Hho a a car that she the note mine during the prese fkr cd it listed at $2,600. She strike and to operate them until i decided to buy it. A til pay you when a fun i. 19-s. During government a a a car corny a up to the House Quot a a operation the president would to. Told the dealer empowered to fix Price determine but the Cinderella woke up. The wage Miner and Gle a Ber dream Coati t vanished ilk a compensation to it. Open a fur dream. Her $75,000 inheritance Thor the Resolution would empower broke like a Bubble the interstate Commerce commission a few Day ago. A William Bailey. N a it t As Federal fuel distributor Covington. By. Learned that Canton emergency to have full reported a runaway girl. A enlisted ass in Meye. During the another Man whose name was Atlanta. Ga., Jan. 16.�?cloth-Jnot Learned also was slightly in in the words its leader., a with Jared in the mishap. Heard a arrived to been exceed and in authorities Here Ripton the Jahore a a a c in Osier Cut Canton Juve i4urlng the general debate it was a a officer was a. It from Canton revealed by senator Odd in re nub t0 Norton fat it the a Seattle heir lican Nevada chairman the cold 1101 by Fuad intense a new according to witnesses the car j mine committee i the cant a probation officer and anti evolution movement described driven by Bowers was headed South i was studying remedial ap.,/ leg Ila the two coti�?o8ton by officials took up the Trail. They followed la be conserve u it ral Days it not in-1 up furl so that the girl was staying at government11 fast Abl Cincinnati hotel. Will be launch at a High rate Speed and when Hon. A held in at attempting to pass a car driven by i Quot our legislation Lanta sunday Artemon it was an j e. Baynes. 724 Union a he. Hit Tive in character and will bounced tonight the Haynes car and was ditched elude s proposal for government the movement has for its Tow rim and wheel Haynes Auto operation the mines a Sal Oddle it in meantime. The real a state Jeet. The announcement nays a War broken off in the collision _ Man in Covington had made his own world wide fight those who Are who la the Bowers car wan almost tip a re Storll uitts lev to Atlon and found that the Quot teaching and promulgating the Doc totally wrecked. Inn mar $ i Seattle $75,000 Bank account was Trines evolution and Kindred by Rokl lots were said to have pre i is i Kra a act wild myth and the girl was not the a a a a represented herself to Astoria ore., Jan. To \ heavy storm was lashing the Oregon coast isms Quot in schools death near for Cardinal Mercier and through it up aled the Accident printed modernism. The injured were taken to mercy atheism and evolution arc to be Hospital where their injuries were opposed. J dressed. They were brought to Roscoe Carpenter. Indianapolis. I Canton by a Farmer living near the described As Quot a close Persona i seen the Accident Friend the late William Jennings la National chairman. Major Lanphier political enemies holi conference judgment Brussels Jan. 16. A though Cardinal merrier has resigned himself to death he is anxious to die in malines where he has Laboured for so Many years and where he offered Defiance to the invading German armies and became a world a ,. Foj Fure 1 enemies Secretary the Treasury physicians Are doubtful tonight i a Lon a old Gifford Pinchot whether the Cardinal will Ever mus met at the conference table in the Ter sufficient strength to be taken trea urn ,0, to discuss Means to granted leave Washington Jan. 16 the country a outstanding to the seat his archbishopric in malines for during the Day he has had several sinking spells and several occasions lapsed into unconsciousness. Queen Elizabeth visited Tho Cardinal today. $15,000 is sought d0g team makes new time Recor Poland Springs Maine Jan. 16�?chinook, wonder new England was in peaceful slumber Sandusky o., Jan. 16.�?a suit for $15,000, making a total $120,000 for which he la asking judgment against the Lake Shore electric co., was Natl tuned Here by Emil Henrichsen san his. Do team mates Over Twenty Dusky whose wife and two children j two and a half Milos Snow bound lyynv5 and a int were fun i nine tree state roads today in win Stanty killed when an interurban Ning the 40 mile new York. Jan. 16.�?-major Thomas g Lanphier commander to two Elfridge Field. Detroit and Leader political j r t the army a Pursuit Squadron a pre Bern granted four month leave a r absence by the War department in order to accompany the Detroit Arctic expedition to Point Barrow make Pennsylvania Bone dry. Alaska As an unofficial observer Pinchot appealed to Mellon As and adviser Captain George I head Federal prohibition enforce Quot a skins Hgt a the expedition a nuent to use full Power the gov-1 bounced tonight. Ern ment to Stop diversion thou technical sergeant c. N. Wisely Sanda Gallons Industrial alcohol i Cleveland has already been re into Bootleg channels. I leased from army duty so that he instead smoothing Over the ill j May accompany the expedition. Feeling Between the two men the a a meeting developed another Epolt to weeks Vav Kather tween them and resulted in a Sharp heiress she be the police in Cincinnati say the tonight with report indlcat7ng an 88 j yank Canton Cinderella dream mile Gale blowing at several Point shipping a. Tied up. Weather Bureau records show the storm is one Tho worst in years additional storm warnings he pc in receive predicting a cont Susmon the disturbance Over sunday. Three vessels which attempted t the Day were heiress landed there Only a week ago and kept Busy her Sitf Shioo spending her alleged Seattle Wash Fortune. Lillian a Mother said that her daughter had attended Tho Canton actual business College up until a few Days before Christmas. To her d tempts to Els 4k be tour Days before is r Moul Bluit ach�01�?T but Law she wanted to Ltd Forta to4 no i return again. Lillian Rived he. A urn to docks j Early schooling in St. Josephus finc warning Given mexican situation Washington Jan. 16.�?warn ing the Senate that a rupture re-1 made to Covington sin lotions Between Tho United states and Mexico May result from present controversy Over the St. Mary a schools. Lillian was born sept. Do 1969, in Covington by. She and her father and Kotlier came to conto11 in 1913 during the Dato. Flood disaster. According to her Mother this was Only the second i it Lillian had 1913. When Lillian left Canton 16 Day the ago Abd a put under the car new to few trav let s ail society. She left mexican land and Petroleum Laws Canton for Covington ky., the senator Lafollette Republican Pennsyl Ani a Railroad. Lillian i aft car in which the six were Riding was wrecked near Genoa West Here june 24, 1924. Race the new England sled dog club for his Mas for Arthur Walden Avo Lalancet n. H., in record breaking time. Personal Exchange. Hirt in collision Marlborough mass., Jan. 16. A Oscar l. Wheeler sixty brother senator Burton k. Wheeler Mont a and i wife. Lydia were injured today when the Auto in which they were Riding collided with a Boston new York bus Here. They were taken to the Marlborough Hospital for treatment. Washington Jan. 16.�?weather Outlook for the period january is to 23 inclusive Ohio Valley period Rains snows toward the m Eddlo and again toward the end the week. Normal temperature most the week except for a cold spell about the Middle the week. Region great lakes Wisconsin introduced in the Senate this afternoon a Resolution Call fur co vim ton alone by w n he returned miss Converse the Cath ing upon Secretary state Kellogg welfare league. with her. For a full information the situation. Concerning veterans meet Lima it Dan. 16. Headed by chef de Chemin de Fer Stanle a a a a in re Quot m Doyle Montana 300 i Erlou members the forty a eight Hoof snows toward the Middle and Bioty american legion Nom to again toward the end the week Ohio gathered in urns saturday temperature will be cold for the for their annual two Day Confer week As a whole. J ence. Cecelia Clark Lillian s Mother i a social welfare worker. Quot they soy my daughter cashed any checks they Sre telling lies a mrs. Clark said last night. A i Hadnot even heard abut the . Id null iian in t t the House Here and i wont Tell you where she is. I wish you would t print anything in the papers about the affair because non it is True. Lillta to Only a minor and she is not capable doing such

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