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Cambridge Jeffersonian, The (Newspaper) - May 11, 1871, Cambridge, OhioThe jeffersonian 11v 3d. Xmcj.to3a.oxa.osr, , Ohio. A Ali Iffie a n Lili i a or. Or one copy on Junr in Iii to if Miil we Blini Ali Vii air 1 j0 Auer us ens j Oil. Sos Altur Urya m a nil notary 1 Ulilla cumin Ulia. Ohio. Oil i up suits a Var tin t Zuur it tool a Lihr utter Luu to to Olmut a. Mathews Ulii. Tiiu l Ilu if u. Vhf i Tiki Rwy jew. White. Attorney at oiiubrulip1. Oulu. Will to tin him ii Lif i Gnu Tiri a i in i guru of huh. Mil Ullinee in Bank Buie Liuto. Uuuto3, fan View Oil in. I . In the i Kurtt of our Rincy Uil Jimmijo All bus ii i will Rocen ult ii Tun. V. F Allu Rucy no kit Anil i la in i. Oil. Ohio. Lrtil Iii Iii Iii air ii i Jiuu Mil Oil pm Otilit. I lil l.-1 i u lie Iii Liln a i. To. Positions. To i Iii i Viilo. Will Iii. Mit a Ril nil. I it in a hike Ilc 1 i Junul a Puliti Aftret i i. i i 1 n l Iii a Othi Riri Siuk in. Rimi a Noiin 111 i l.- m f. I. I Hil l Iii i i u in to i i1. Collel v Ltd och will ii til ill Cambridge be onion. Vol. 39. Cambridge Ohio thursday May no. 52. R r i , on or to sell the general Laws. Nikki. And . A Boullit furnish us fret of co., in. Shaft mining Coke Ami sail company. My Lull Otill l lint ii i Olllie i , capital to Fly i i Lac ii Tohmas. 1 la it. I. Via., v. I Uil. Kulli Trontl. ,v1. Tumi. slept. 11. I. C a l u. All of Aukum i Lloyl try fil1.k1j. Is is drugs and tin i of Tollin Ali Lili Itri it. Olio. Ii nil u Lut us Sun Ini 1 it Iii. Antrim. Tuii t Lirui uti l t a Fri in 1 ii ii i j he Lilly. Unit a. Lit Iri i Mill Uil in a. W.u.i-. I. Ii. I ii.11 Isil la 1 v Iii up. Timmitt. Ii. I lib la inti i liitilniilji1. Ii Itil s in thirty Imis div ii r null will Litrell Fri Ilrine i Luti Ivi Iii it. a to in l to. I urls t Hoh j Ous Lorti in exp i his for Nulli Liml prescriptions carefully Propin it at nit Chi Wilny in ii what. J. In in drugs and medicines c Nastor Irige. Olio. I Tran not i i i lain tilt i ii tint 4 far Rill in Vii Tun tier Kif Patent m e d i c i n o s i Liri i it a. Us poll Sci limbs let l i Lulu it ill Illi in Iryll s. Lull s Purll la Lull j la. 111. 1 p. 111. Lull a ill ill i 10 la 111. K i l in Billj Uinn Luis Uii Lor i Kiil 1. Siml no Low will. Illel ill Allut i spill. I Lull a. A ill i i my it Tell Lills t of Iii ill., Ami ii it Iii. Siml i us Ulit in Hill of l ill its ii t legislation of the general As Sembly at the last session. A in produce Oroo oru a provisions Salt k1.-1i, j Laolt-e1 nil i Oil Iago . R. I m Lirt a Juwil l. N i Iii to i a in i. A i flu. Looi ail ill ll.vlmlt.-. In i i n Iii Iii l i or Neppl in or Iii Oln i Iii . Pitt h in ill Llo. In p 1 Mil .1 l1 ill to i us or mull. T. Ill met Jyh Hutt dentists stau hotki., Public four cumin Ohio. Ii lilo tills Llou i. Ii la .1 i n i a l a lilt in Nii -l-1 11 1 1, in i i i d. A k n. Ilot us nut Ohio. We. i Piini i a i Lioti l unil Coirini Iii ii -l.iolf. Jyh. Wll.l. i. V ii 1a.m1 Dhoti kit Ilu Lili Ink l -. S Iii k. O i i i to i flue ii Kii i at .1. I n v a big Iliili Jow ii no. A. 1ijo i in 1 the c c Kaig Microscope i in l1, i m Ali till1 of 111 m ii ii i of ii Hill ii i of Pel Illel Iii Iii ii ii min1 til Iii Lily i i Lyrl kill with let. Nuttli Ili a l in Lilic it ill Ali St. m Pix times ii i to Olla Killiri ii Opl of Idillio thin s us 1.1 Styli i Limiti is Lilly Woltil. In in Lull t ii i i Iii Iii a Lull ill i tin Lulu .m1 ii isl it t l 1, ,1 i i i in l in.--1 a Iii i i i in i i i. Menu lignin Iris Rinh Tinl i of Ali Linell i i Siil ill la sin. A ii -1 of 11 Iii la i by mus p. 11 h Luisiii in it ill in is i in1 ii ii ii us i in i oi1 Poi wonn him . Lut uni ii in in uni i Iru Williot i ii ill Iii Villah Topoll l is Roll ill 111-1 ii i-11 it is Ini i to i l it la 11 lit i Iolli l l is i n Ilii on i to icily i a a p. In ii Iii i r. It will no it s. I. Mirl Nili i to a in i 11 ii in is i it la w my i i Vii Ilius. Ill ill r i id Villi i i Ion or ii in1 to i n lint s of ii 111 , i la ill Lull i. I. Of 1xkxtijiah1.b value to till a i in i is i Iii a will i Pii v upon in i ill a l1 of ii la him to i djinian Lull so u i i in 11 i1. In to i li11 Ion i lint Rii i til us. It uni ii i is Muling Ami with App i Tii trip Velvit Tinl Uhi in. Ovit Guiou soon. null inn in tin. six Pai s its world Ilnia i ii i i ill i to i h Oil ill-1 of till a ii Maui i iils i m Sii Ali Nii of Kiin Vilii s Ami Solhi is. Price i ill by mull in tint Iii a in moly Viox a Anil h ii la will Lull in i i Lions i nil Haw life ii i it Liy in ail. 1 it i. In a k la ill i lurks Tell la. Lull. In All ils t.Uil- Iii tin i Iii an a ill lot Iii lulls i. . Iii Kiln i-Lj-1. "li.o. Ii h Monnik n promptly. I div n i Hulk Mili i a whole i Frum re i. Lol i of i i in Ili is Iii Iii. No. Ii main mint Xiii villain to. Is Otili ii.imti1 in a lion i 1 a Nisi in . 1 jul i Mew York. Airth Ftp Lullu. I ii s Issimil Toi Hie Silil Rel Kilili i c. Aki i. Free free in Kux Rul u Mon Lily Jon n 11 of 111 Mill Ion loi1 i i in . 11 i i nil in it i in in i. Mix in Ion on i in Woiln is of a Nuon sin is Vii i t. Al. I l t ills i pm l1 j a join will in sin Toa Onu in r to any on a Iltha Liliu n m Micro is Opi at i or i i-4iilm Pili i .-.l, h Ray Mario will la so ill Posl , our i till Nelly ii in Nail Tinl or Ali i films Anil 1 Ulit Pimp i Ali i Opi Siml i i iils t oi1 Pii Iii i o j. its i its a t x Hiliu in. a Rolls. Hrlic l . A splendid farm forsake. Of to Ltd t Mill Filini Kiihul Miil in i Llama sul l at thu Olli 1. So Ili nil on j Milt a to Tea 1ik11.h. In on i is uiuuui1 by a i i Jinni. a tent Alliv in ii will in cases. Will of team hit will hell la . Iii Thiril Iii tin Cihiy. Ii u to ill Mutu Riliey. F Fittl o . No ii Phi Mit will permitted to join tin1 has ii tit it Pru Adam. J on the Roun lini1. 1m Aei i s in Rolt i Vii lion Mill i heir of spin if enl while Oak Poplar us Limber. Water in every hell. Sooil of Mill lies pail of this place. I Pon the Nii Aru a Kooi Limni House Wlton moms cell in nearly new Maine Hank Illi mix 10 Teet room in Iler Neal Lilor Ini heal of 11 Sooil ooh m-1 of Aetis of i i it in Stu to Ungui listed 11.s, All tills i m n is one of the Best a Lynu Selli user Lylsel eos Only. Not an Ai ii ill can lie Chilli Kaleil it is All rolling Miil menu Toi will late no sleep Hanks or washes. The o i he soil is As Noil us any in the i of inv am prune in Ilei. Tills really one of tin very Host ii Mim in the Conn , in in Iner an he Eon Vini i Fly Init on. In one mile i Loni the Tomil i Oil unil a o. Kall Reinl. Anil oni in All i in lie Tinl a Hall 11 oni a regular nil i mail is a i lion Vej Iduix i m Dii Viil promptly i out. U. Ril Amk. C. B. Hutch i90i Tri ins will a. Matilo Titita Good Pur 1 . Lurth i apply to Mutl ii Nen Cumber Klee below we give a list of the Gen Laws passed by the general Assembly at the last session com piled in such a Way As to give the Reader a Brief outline of Trio provi Sions of the Laws and not the unintelligible mid Teel Ninual titles merely As Lias Here Buforo been the Cus Tom. 2. Providing for the appoint ment for the properly and minor children of habitual drunkards the relation May Ter Minate when the court of common t Leiis is sat Tsuk c the necessity no lousier exists. 13. Appropriating fifteen thou Sand Ilo Llars for any of members and Ollie jars of lilo general Assem Bly. .10 it unlawful Between the 1st of March and the 1st of september to Hunt or destroy wild Duck or expense the same for Sale. 11. Providing for the erection of chutes for the passage of fish Over dams to be erected and maintained by the owners of the dams. 15. Amending the act of March 1808, so As to give sureties who pay judgments the same remedies Ngn inst Tuc principal debtors As formerly enjoyed by the original Plain Titi s. G. Appropriating to pay interest and principal on pub Lic debt Anil interest on agricultural College fund in part. 17. Providing that in tie Settle ment of the estates of deceased per sons property shall be sold at pub Lic otherwise ordered by court no private Sale to be at less than the appraised value. 18. Providing that county com missioners before constructing or making additions to buildings shall employ an architect who shill prepare working plans and Lwills of material and provide for advertising for proposals for build ing Bridges Anil materials. 19. To protect tie elections of voluntary political punish frauds thereon. Repealing the act to provide for struck juries and to secure i Ai Nehs Anil impartiality in their May 24. I a tiring forfeited recognizance lie returned to the county auditor who shall deliver Hie same to the prosecuting attorney for col Lection. 2 j. Requiring Railroad Compa Nies to connect passenger curs with or movable the 1st of september. 1871. 30. Making it lawful for the Council of a municipal corporation to appoint a commission of five persons to pint such portions of the territory within its limits in which Tho Necess iry or convenient streets or alloys have not already been accepted by the corporation so As to become Public streets. 31. Requiring of ulcers of Manu fun curing companies to Issue Curti hunted of Stock to stockholders. Punishing the adulteration of milk and cheese by diluting with water skimmed withholding or Helling the product of Disu Mcd animals by a line of not less than Twenty five Dollar and imprisonment not less than in nor More than Twenty Days Anil Soublo liability to the defrauded arty. Ij4. Directing that the new Blind Asylum be made fire proof. 33. Providing that in assign not cases the property need nol e appraised but a Public or Pri ate Sale shall be confirmed if the Stirt find it in Good Faith and Foi l Fuir Price. 30. Making it unlawful to shoo ish or use any fish net Seine 01 Nind fur catching fish in streams of this state above the common Civel at High Back water of Laki Erie and the Ohio River. This ices not apply to for rain lows. Of from Tei to fifty dollars or imprisonment lot Over thirty Days u both. Providing Ifor the i corpor upon of printing and publishing i ousts by religious denominations authorizing county commissioners township trustees or coun Kiln in in eases where Bonds hav been issued Tor Public improve in cats und have become due to is sue other Bonds not exceeding i amount the principal of the Bond so due the act not to be construe As authority to incur new debts. 40. Providing that the question shall there be a convention to re Vise alter or Amend the cons Titu lion shall be submitted to the people on the second tuesday october 1871. 41. Providing that the person property of a married woman shall not be taken for her husband s debts unless the property is acquired by the husband through the expressed assent of the wife the husband not acquiring title by use occupancy or Protection. 42. Key hiring assessors to col Lect statistics of births and deaths and physicians mid wives clergy men and Sexton to keep records. Authorizing county com to Purchase or lease fair grounds at the same Price previously paid by the agricultural society and to Levy a tax of one and a Thalf Mills on Tho Dollar in Addi Tion if the proposition for the additional majority of the votes of the people. 44. Providing that school boards fall determine the text books to e used and studies pursued and lat no text Bonk shall be changed Ril Hiu years after its adoption and then Only by a three fourths Ole of Board after three non ills Public notice. 45. Making cruelly to animals y overloading Over driving Tor ire Etc., a Misdemeanour Mcquir lat impounded a Aitla must be sup lied with food and water and to owing any one to Supply the without being i Wilile action Lor cruelty Pioh Biling inhuman runs Ort Tion or abandonment of sick r disabled animals. Penalty line f from five to fifty dollars to go o common school fund. 27. Reducing the Sid tiry of rail Otid commissioner from four thou and to three thousand dollars per a noun. 50. Prescribing the duties of trustees of agricultural col logo Vith reference to building plans and specifications to be prepared before contracts arc made promo als to be published for All sums of too and upwards no Oll cur to o interested in contracts., 51. Providing that appeals May taken from probate courts in ases of settling accounts of Udnani Strator or guardian in proceed nos for tic Sale of real estate for lie payment of debts in crises Ali arc probate court shall have in a cased or diminished the ullo w nce made by appraisers to widows r minors for support in cases of. Persons suspected of having pm a deceased person s prop try and in cases for completion f real contracts. 54. Giving county Cost Mission is Power to cause ditches drains and watercourses to be constructed ,1 Ter requirements As to petitions Londs Etc. Etc., shall have been implied with and detailing the Nanner of proceeding throughout. 58. Authorizing county commis Conurs to receive bequests for building soldiers monuments a Hon bequests Are sufficient i m of coed with the work when sufi sent an out is not thus made up a a of one half Mill on Tho Dollar nay be levied by consent of a a Noorily of the voters. 50 providing that incorporated Lingos May surrender their corpor ate rights or be reduced in Grade go. Requiring owners of mines o Nying Over Money on against bail for Stuy of execution where judgment is in favor of bail who have paid Money Lor principal or judgments obtained by consta Bles on undertakings for delivery of property. 05. Authorizing commissioners of pay expenses of officer designated in governor s requisition for returning a person charged with crime. 08. Authorizing summons to to issued to another county but no liability in an action except in we Rovit. 09. Prohibiting Railroad Compa Nies from making excessive Clur is for local freight. 70. Requiring Railroad companies to Fence their roads and to main Tain Crossings and cattle guards provided that proprietors of farms shall be required to construct and repair one half the Fence along his farm Boundary. 71. Requiring county commissioners to examine the account of sheriff s before settlement. 72. Specifying How free turn pikes shall be Laid out and established and providing for the appointment of commissioners. 73. Making the clerk of tins court liable in a line of not less than three Hundred nor More than live Hundred dollars for not paying Over moneys. 74. Providing that any Money found on the body of an unknown deceased person shall be applied on the expense of inquest and burial and if a balance remains to be placed in the general fund of the county treas my. 75. Providing that county com missioners May Clia Ngu the Boun Darie of townships on petition of a majority of householders. 76. Authorizing the inhabitants of a portion of an incorporated town or Village to become detached and annexed to and adjoining City the county commissioners to Miike the alter ution on application of the City and the written request of two thirds of the voters of the annexed territory. 78. Punishing injury to water Craft with Fine of from live to one Hundred dollars or imprisonment not exceeding forty Days or both proceeds to go to township Treasury. 79. Providing for the punish ment of any person who Sicalis Honey or injures bees Vilh a Fine of not More than one Hundred dollars imprisonment from ten to for properly Stolon or destroyed. 83, defining and explain pre Vious net 0. L., vol. Co p. 131 sons to provide that county com missioners shall Lini lil und keep in repair All Bridges and culverts of roads provided Foi in Suid whether Tho roads were constructed before or after its pus suge this act not to interfere with contracts heretofore entered Minlu. 8g. Amendatory of the act o. L., vol 07, p. Providing unit when county commissioners in the construction of Freo turnpikes shall receive or require donations or agreements from tax payers subjecting their property to Taxa Tion they Khali he Tor sized to Levy on m the tax Blo property Witlin the boundaries of tie Road when a majority of the tax a vyers within Hie bout dry have signed the agreement. 87. Providing that any balance remaining after the construction of any Road under the act construct roads on a petition of a majority of reside it Laud Shull he certified the township treasuries to the a count paid for working of the same in each township. 89. Inflicting penalties on asses sors for failing to return statistics. 90. Giving county commissioners Power to Siut aside proceedings for improvement. When contracts have nut been entered into. 91. Allowing incorporated companies to own property Ana to do business beyond the limits of the state. 92. Regulating the Issue of Kun flux klan. Proc Ignatiou by the president. The Konu Diing of i lie hew cig Luxl Liliu of Tiu Tom Toju. Washington May 4. The president is tied the i Ollow Iuo Prol Lintn Aulii to Day. A Rico a Lamarion. Tie act of Rel filed an act to enforce tie provisions of the fourteenth to the Constitution of to us ital states and for other purposes approved april 20, a. D. 1871, Mug a Law of Public importance i consider it Tuy duty to Issue this my proclamation Cullis air the at Tention of the people of the United states thereto enjoining upon All Good citizens and especially upon Public Ott Ceru to zealous in the i Ifni Cen i it thereof and warning All persons to from com mitting any of the nets thereby prohibited. The Luw of Uphus to All parts of the United states and will be enforced every where to the extent of tie Powers vested in the executive but inasmuch As the necessity therefor is Well known to have been caused chiefly by persistent violation of the rights of citizens of the United states by combinations of Lawless and Dislis Pfeuti d persons in certain localities lately the theater of insurrection and military conflicts i do particularly exhort the people terrific Tornado. The jeffersonian great destruction of fourteen killed and thirty wounded. Bonds by counties and villages. 95. Providing that no Road shall be worked of Public expense unless such Road be at least thirty feet wide und connects with at least Public highways. 90 to change the time of advertising by county commissioners of contemplated Public improve ments from six m i is to Lour weeks and requiring advertise ments to be both by newspapers and handbills. 97. Providing Fiat the. Levy of taxes shall be for general Revenue one and one tenth Mill for sink ing fund eight ten Lis of one. Mill or common Sci Nils one Mill. 98. Providing anal whore there is a change of venue tie expenses shall be borne by the county in Eli the indictment wits found. 9 j. Providing additional Safe guards against injury from tie manufacture or transportation of Nitro Glycerine. 100. Allowing homesteads to widows who have no children. 101. Protecting labourers and by the mechanics Lien Law. 102. Providing for the distribution of supreme court reports. 103. Authorizing county com missioners to make additional assessments to Complete free Lurn pikes partially under i rce Turnpike Laws. 104 amending Road Law giving claimants for damages right to a peal 10.v provid Uii for the trial and removal of municipal of Licurs. Making appropriations for the Jena 1871, and first Quarter of 1872. 107. Amendatory homing Tho building and repairing of levees. J. 108. I providing Tor the appoint ment of trustees and disposing of moneys Etc Trust for building soldiers Inonu Musits. 109. Sale of real estate held by associations. 110 g of Taxa Tion for county township purposes. 111. Authorizing the county commissioners to unite with in the erection and maintenance of work houses. 112. Providing that assessments on City Lou Shull not Twenty five per cent of their Apaluc. 113. Providing that us removal of a City of flier out of tie Corpora Tion Shull vacate the 114. Authorizing the appoint ment of special constables. 118. Providing that no More shall be charged for cemetery lots than shall lie necessary to reimburse the corporation and keep the grounds in proper condition. H9. to compensation to owners of private property in corporations. 122. Regulating procedure when a Railroad desires to run Road through a county not named in the certificate of incorporation. 123. Making appropriation for the payment of Ohio s share in tie expense of Tam cemetery. 124. Providing for the Transfer of township paupers to the country. Of those parts of the country to suppress All such combinations by their own voluntary Ell Orts thro the Agency of local Laws and to maintain the rights of All citizens of the United Stales and to secure toll Sincli citizens the equal Protection of tin Laws. Fully sensible of the responsibility imposed upon the executive by the act of Congress to which Public opinion is now called and reluctant to Call into exercise any of the Powers there by conferred upon me except in cases of imperative necessity 1 do nevertheless deem it my duly to make known that. I not hesitate to exhaust tiie Power thus vested in the executive whenever and wherever it he will become a Cessaro to do so for the purpose of secur ing to All citizens of the United states the peaceful enjoyment of the rights Gifu Atleed to them by the Constitution and Laws. It is my Earnest wish that peace and cheerful och Ditucci to the Law May prevail throughout the land and that All traces of our late unhappy civil strife May be speedily re moved. Those end i can lie easily approached by in the results of the conflict now written in our Constitution and by due proper enforcement of equal just and impartial Laws in every part of our country the failure i local committees to such Means for the attainment of results so earnestly desired impose upon the National government the duty of Putin 10 Forth All its Imu for the Protection of its citizens of every Nice and color and for the restoration of i acc and order throughout the entire country. In testimony whereof i have Here unto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United slates to by at fixed. Done at the City of Washington this third Day of Muy in the year of our lord 1871, and of the Independence of the United states the ninety filth. U. S. Gallant. By the president Hamilton fish Sec y of state. Baton Rouge la., May terrible Tornado passed Over our City on tuesday prostrating Tele graph lines a roofing houses and doing immense damage. The Walls of the Penitentiary were blown Down and a Tumlir a of prisoners escaped some of whom were How Ever recaptured. The estimated loss to property by the storm will reach twelve or fifteen negroes were killed in the country by Cabins being blown Down upon them and some Twenty or thirty wounded. Boas in the River had to go to the Bank the chimneys were blown from four or five. Vicks Bubo miss., May terrible Tornado occurred in the Vicinity of Baton Rouge on tues Day lasting for an hour or More Unoo Fiig a number of houses up rooting Trees tearing boards and bricks from houses and chimneys and whirling them into the air. The South Wall of the Penitentiary was blown Down and the roof of the store House carried a distance of a Quarter of a mile. The United Stales Arsenal with powder Maga Zine was blown Down. In the country the damage was very severe. A number of Cabins on Dif Ferent plantations were blown Down one negro killed and several wounded. A number of Coal boats Ami Flats loaded with Cord were sunken. Estimated loss All Uliules of printing done neatly and , Anil Noii Ulutu prices. Call of advertising Illie Lurli a i pit i k in Rinh each additional week 5o Jumi its a Carus. Per year 0 to Kulil i or. And column Adver the usual rates. A Olla to apprentices. By a p1uxteu s thirty Days Aud double liability canine is the most dog Gould Sample of amatory poetry that we have Ever seen when Sally s chair of Don to i wish Almu was Luiere when her fairy tinkers put ills Huud old in t i wish i was to instead Whon Sally s arms his Nock imprison Oil do i t i wish my Nock was his u alien Sally Al sips curio s Ohl Clon la wish Hull Wermul Liosi or. risk Melin says in a recent letter to the Cincinnati commercial i had heard much of Southern hospitality but never enjoyed it before in All its Uno Sten Vatious comforts As i did in Geu. To lab s Sermon. Strate am de Road an narrow am de paid which leads Oil to glory Brogren but Vars you am Sei Blu Dis Nito in coming to hear de word and have splain Edan Mons rated Loyu yes you i tend for to Sph in it As de Litu of Liben Day. Am All wicked sinners Here be my bred run and i la Tell you How it cum. You see Adum was do Fust Man ibo Wasdi Riddit wits do Wucki in Man Hukill his Bruddie r Adam and eve were Bof Brack men so was Cain and Abel. Now i s pose it seems to strike scr understanding How de Fust while Man cum. Why i let you no Den you see when Cain kill his rudder de Vinassa cum and stay Cane whar s your rudder Able f Cain say i Don t but de Nigger nude All de time. . Now git in and and cum ruin speak mity Sharp Dis time. Cane whar s your rudder Abel Jain now git frightened and he turn White and Dis is do Way de Fust White Man cum Dis Earth and if it had not been for Dat Dar Nigger Cane we d r Ebber been troubled with de Sassy Whites Poti de face of Dis circular Globe. De quire will Sinju de forty eleventh him tickler motor. Rudder Jones pass round in Sasser. A Little girl who had been visit ing the family of a neighbor hear Inu them speak of her father being a Wido ver on her return Home addressed him thus a Are you a yes my child. Don t you know your Mother s dead yes i knew Mother was dead but you always told me Yon were a new an affecting judge sentencing an old schoolmate to be hanged. From tin1 Sun s account of the of the Cuba murderer judge Flippin then spoke As follows Samuel h. Poston this is one of the Saddest events in my life. Our parents and their Chil Dren knew each other. We grew up together to the same school the same Church and played on Hill and Valley the same innocent games in boyhood. Years have passer since then our roads in life have diverged. You now stand convicted of a great a Cap ital crime and i us the minis of tie Law Nave upon he the painful duty of passing upon Yon sentence of death. Were it consistent with my Otlie Ial duties. I would that this cup could pass from me but i cannot now shrink from the performance of this sad of Iii Ial requirement and must not and not in the future though other victims Niy fall to Avenue a violated Law. It is therefore the sentence of the court that you be remanded to the county jail of Shelby county the from whence you came to be there securely kept until Friday the 20lh Day of May next when Ynn will be taken by the sheriff of Shelby county Between the hours 10 a. M and 3 p. M., Hin one mile and a half of the court House of said county und then to be handed by the neck until you Are dead and May god have Pic Ray on your when Poston was called both the Judye and Poston were Vicy Nui Cli moved. Poston Shook like an Aspen Leaf and had to grasp a chair for support. At the con delusion of the sentence judge Flippin was in tears As was also nearly All the crowd gathered there. It was a most affecting will Ever be remembered by those witnessing it it was a Surprise to All to know the relation that had existed in Early childhood Between judge of Jippes and pos ton and it must have indeed been a sad thing for Flippen to consign to death a playmate of his Early boyhood Days. Mark Twain s hotel. Having lately opened a Tashery 1 Send you these my rules and regulations this House shall be considered strictly inn temperate. None but the Brave deserve the fare. Persons owing Bills for Board will be bored for Bills. Boarders who do not wish to pay in Advance Are requested to and Vance and pay. Boarders Are expected to wait on the coloured Cooks for meals. Boarders arc requested to pull off their boots it they can conveniently do so. Sheets will be rigidly changed once in six months or More if necessary. Double boarders can have two buds Wilu a room in it. Or two imoni3 with a bed in it just As they choose. Beds with or without bugs. Aii Money and valuables to be left in care of the proprietor this u insisted on As he Wal be sible for no other losses. Inside matter will not far Niche for editors any con relatives coming to make a six months visit will by when they bring their household furniture virtue will cease to be a forbearance. Beds with or without . Dreams will be charged for by the dozen. Nightmares hired at reasonable rates. Stone vaults will to furnished snoring boarders As the proprietor will in no Wise be responsible for the broken tip anus of other ears. The word apprentice contains a very important meaning. By it we understand according to Worces Ter that it is a person bound by indenture for a certain time to perform Servise for a master and receiving in return instruction in his Trade or the above do Guition corresponds wit i the usage of the present Day wit i but Oue exception Viz. That is a person bound by that to latter at the present time is Ever carried out is a fact to be deplored being detrimental to the interests both of employer and apprentice. The apprentice who Las indentures agreed upon can Only be Dis charged upon very great Char Ges whereas the apprentice Olio Lias not indenture is liable to be discharged on the slightest pre text. The employer too May have an exec Lent apprentice who Lias displayed an Apt interest in the airiness to which he has been apprenticed yet. On a sudden he May take a notion to leave assigning or giving no reason therefor thus entangling considerable loss of time Etc., upon his employer. It is Plain to be seen then that apprentices should be indentured it being to the interest of All concerned. I will suppose the apprentice then to be regularly indentured and commenced upon his duties and will address my i Marks More particularly to him. My you Ever thought of the great responsibility resting upon Yuit self in learning your Trade there Are too Many apprentices who think think that the employer must teach them every Little Point connected with the business instead of endeavouring to learn themselves. This is a mistaken idea. Do not wait for your employer to show you observe How the Workman do work and Thau strike boldly yourself resolved that you will overcome All i faculties that May present themselves with t in full determination that you will become a first class Workman so that your services May always be sought for and that you May he Able command the highest prices for your labor or Market. Be obliging and do any favor you can and with a will. Be never for sit to apply the Golden words thank for any favors that Are shown you. Study your employer s interest and do not waste a moment of his you should remember thit you Dis Tike to be kept at Woik beyond the allowed time. It is Well not to forget the Golden Rule do unto others As you would them do to when business is pressing do not be afraid to Jive your employer a few extra minutes for in Stead of it being a loss it will a the end prove a gain observe what is going on around you think As Well As act and in your Ici Zure moments read Good books Tom which you can learn the Light literature the Day. Study educate your Elf learning something new fro i what you see in your daily lilo resolve that at some will be a great Man and not Only resolve but persevere and become one in word and shut your Mouth. This is rather a Strong phrase but Analysed it is a very important one. Pulmonary weakness loss of i eel in dyspepsia infections we have been told May be charged upon the habit of f inhaling through the and Jan open Mouth is not Only cause of disease but a sign of weakness and shows a very waver ing character. Therefore you who would keep your the or Ganic dust in the atmosphere shut your Mouth and Render your self less liable to infectious Dis eases. If you would keep your lungs healthy your Teeth Good your digestion excellent shut your Mouth. Then there is often a moral safely in keeping one s Mouth shut. You May thereby think twice before you speak once and often put a padlock upon an unruly Tongue. When children were children which is not often Case was most valuable. Here is an Iowa Post office Story. Dan Lacy was postmaster and a person asked the Price of postage Stamps. Three says Dan Blind la. But could you not afford to let me have them cheaper if i took four or five of them " queries the customer. We cannot replied the accommodating Dan we could have done so until lately but now the govern Beitf punches holes around each stamp for the convenience of the people. Which so increases the Cost that Rcv cannot afford to make any discount the sat sned customer cheerfully paid three cents. A Little school boy out seated his teacher the following note from Home As an excuse for tardiness baby Cross biscuit to bake had no Baken powders the dog up set the Kau Phy pot the cat licked the milk got up late sex

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