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Butler Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1891, Page 1

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Butler Herald (Newspaper) - January 20, 1891, Butler, GeorgiaHerald. In bins and James , thebe be subscription $1.00 in radiance. Georgia tuesday. January. 20, 1891. Number 10. The Kentucky constitutional con ten Tion has decided in favor of. Peri mitting ministers to decor tip gubernatorial candidates. Fro Fessor a. L. Garner of Roanoke a a declares that Ilion keys have a language Vitti a fully developed grammar and to is studying it. The emperor and Empress of Russia will celebrate in 1881 their Silver wedding at St. Petersburg. There Are to to festivities on a Scalo of extraordinary magnificence. The underground electric railway a Buda Perth Hungary is five Miles Long passing under Many of Tho principal streets and is reported to have proven both an engineering and a commercial Success. The mathematician of the Cincinnati commercial Gazette says that the consumption of Malaga grapes Lias in creased 100 per cent in this country in ten years. As a matter of fact in sits Tho Detroit free press it has in creased 100 per cent., As custom House figures prove. The american physician or. William s. Dodd writes an article for Tho hew York Independent in which he proves from ids personal in different parts of Turkey that drunkenness among the Mohammedan turks is not nearly so uncommon As is sometimes supposed. The big Prico of $36 received for Sealskin in London by the new North american commercial company As i against $17 last season is ominous for bodes the san Francisco chronicle for the Man who put off making a Christmas present of a Sealskin Sac que until this year. Iio will be Lucky if lie Dies hot pay twice what the same thing would have Cost him last december. Thai Rich men rarely lose anything by having then wealth diseased by the Public is seen in to Case of the Lato a a Bonanza flood of California. Or. Floods wealth has been guessed at All the Way from 810,000,000 to $25,000,000. The executors of tic will have just settled accounts with the a court and asked to be discharged. Tho total value of Tho estate was found to be $2,230,437. An amusing example of the expedients resorted to by people to escape taxation is afforded by a prominent Farmer of Lafayette precinct Oregon who claimed an offset of $200 against his assessment on account of indebtedness. Investigation of his claim by the Board of equalization showed that lie owed the $260 sure enough. It was due to the county for Back taxes which he had Refu cd to pay. The Swiss universities Are evidently the Mecca for women students concludes the new York Independent. The four schools of Zurich Basel Bern and Geneva have 183 of these on their Rolls 72 being in Zurich alone which first opened its lecture rooms to women. Of these 132 arc in the medical department -15 in the philosophical six in the Law. The russians Are represented by 107 women Switzer Jand by Only 13. It �3 said that when Washington Irving was writing Tho a history of Columb Nso lie engaged Captain Alexander Slidell Mckenzie of the United states Navy to investigate Tho question of the first land sighted by Columbus. After an exhaustive and lilo Rouglin analysis which Humboldt considered the Best Ever written the Captain came to the conclusion that the first land Ever sighted by Columbus was to Island in the Bahama group now called cat Island. It was called by tic natives ii Nahani and by Columbus san Salvador. Commander Sculli of the Maryland state fishery police has been making an investigation with a View to learning the Causo of the Scarcity of oysters this season in Tho Chesapeake. Lie now attributes it to the non Oscr Vance of the culling Law. In several cargoes examined on their arrival at Baltimore fully on fourth of each cargo was found to be shells and the officials think that for every Oyster shucked three Young oysters Are killed. Dredgers in hauling up oysters have been for years wilfully neglecting to Knock off the under sized oysters clinging to the shells of Tho developed ones. General sell said a the present output is from eight to ten millions of a bushels per year. If ton per cent of the oysters taken Are under size and Small enough to to wasted a this would amount in round figures to one million bushels and a years growth would add to their size sufficiently to increase that million to five millions for next season. The sentiment of the packers was that i have underestimated the amount of pc roast and that it would Sta eat eight millions than five. Of vhf boats engaged in dredging Tad Isoo Movo in Soranii Jwj Artel for fin Fob to amp too tonging it is impossible or the few boats of the Oyster Navy to of strictly enforce a compliance with the flaw.�?�. Ambitions. The German emperor and i within the self same year were born beneath the self same sky upon the self same morn a. Kaiser he of High estate and i the usual Chance of Fate. Ills father was a Prince and mine. Why just a Farmers that is All Siars still Are stars although some Shine and some Roll hid in Midnight Spall a but argue Cavil All Yon can my sire was just As Good a Man the German emperor and 1\. Eat drink and sleep Tho self same Way for bread is bread and pie is pie and k bugs can eat but thrice a Day and sleep will Only come to those whose Mouths and stomachs arc not foes1 x Rise at six and go to work and he at Uve and does the both have cares we cannot shirk mine Are for loved ones his for Fame. He May live Best x cannot Tell to a sure i wish the Kaiser Well. I have a wife and so has he and yet if pictures do not err at far As human sight can see mine is by Long Odds twice As fair. Say would i Trade those eyes dark Brown so or for an Empress and her Crown. And so the emperor and i on this one Point could Neer agree moreover we will never try. His Frau suits him and mine suits me. And though his sous one Day May rale mine stands a1 in the Public school. So let the Kaiser have his Sway bid Kings and nations Tumble Down x have my Freedom and my say and fear no ruler and his Crown for i unknown to Fame or War live where each Mau is emperor. A Fred w. Shirley in Boston Globe. The Crater City. A there s a great Many curious things in this world a said Iny Friend Andrew Johns As he removed his Cigar and looked meditatively into space and you look As though yowl were teeing Sonto of Triem a i answered smiling at his abstraction. A so i am in my mind. I seb a Sand Crater facing a River in India. Inside of this dismal Hole is a miserable Village peopled by miserable inhabitants a lie went on soberly. A there is no escape no Hope for them a they Are dead i but wait you shall hear the Story. I have a notion for telling it to night lie threw away his Cigar and was silent for some moments while his wife a slight dark woman moved to a scat by ids Side and Laid one hand care singly on his. Andrew had married her abroad and had never revealed her nationality. �?o1 will Tell you of a Stratigo adventure which befell a a Friend of mine a Hal Andrews. It happened while lie was stopping at Benares the sacred City of tic Hindoos and the stronghold of idolatry and superstition when making a Lazy pleasure tour of Asia. A Benares Lead a Peculiar fascination for him As the oldest known habitation of Man on the Globe and the Ganges lie sacred River was especially attractive. A More than once to watched the burning of bodies upon the funeral pyres along he River. These pyres Are of logs the Bottom ones five feet Long with Shorter ones across until they reach the height of three feet then the naked body is placed thereon More logs Are added and All is set of fire. When burned the ashes Are carefully collected and thrown into the Ganges. A widows were formerly burned alive with their Send husbands but it is now a matter of Choice and strange As it May seems Many of them choose that horrible death to the living death of being without caste or friends of a widow must. A a one morning As he wa3 watching funeral preparations Tho showed signs of life. Instantly there was a startled commotion among the howling relatives. A mud was hastily thrust into nose and Mouth but still the ungrateful Maiden would not die. A at last she sat upright and Tho relatives fled the spectators shrugged their shoulders and turned away and four native police advanced and bound the Maiden in spite of her cries and entreaties. A a a will they kill her a Nal asked indignantly of a bystander. A a a of no a was the indifferent answer. A she is already dead and must go to the Crater a a a is there then a City of the dead where unfortunates who escape the pyre Are kept until death really claims them a asked Hal again. A a a thera a the answer Wab Given reluctantly a a a where is it a persisted Hal. A a a no one can a the answer was significant and decisive. A a a you mean no one will Tell me but 1 will find out a cried Hal hotly. A it is a shame an outrage a a a a very a and with another 6hrug of the shonders Tho Man turned away after giving a few last words of advice. A a a done to say. Too much about it in a a a but Tho scene haunted Tho Maiden wa3 Bung and Beautiful. Hindoo women Are among the Beautiful on Earth. A a a what a horrible death in life in he mused As he mounted his horse and Rode out into the surrounding country followed closely by Baba his native servant boy who wa3 devotedly attached to him. A a a a who followed along the Nerso of flip Ganges and Llis thoughts Drc with the Lovely Maiden who had recovered from the semblance of death to meet a worse Fate than the funeral pyre. A suddenly his horse shied and dashed madly ahead regardless of All efforts which Ilal made to control him. A Baba uttered a cry of dismay and dashing along As fast As possible tried to keep him in sight a on rushed the frightened horse while Hal tried in vain to Check him up a sloping Sandy Ridge then along tic Rise until Hal Gavett Low cry of incredulous surprised the Livorse snorted and turned to flee Tho Sand gave Way under his feet and Hal knew no More after the fall. A when lie recovered consciousness enough to feel an. Interest in Liis rounding lie saw a wretched Village surrounded by a natural Barrier of Sand on three sides and by the River in front. A a number of half naked people crowded curiously around him and among them was tic Maiden of the funeral pyre. To was in the City of the dead a a Trio Day passed slowly enough and Uig lit came. A was Hal was meditating upon the chances of escape a soft voice near him said in broken English and Hindoo of which he knew cough to understand Tho meaning a a a do Yon wish to escape it is useless. This is Tho City from which none Ever a a a there is there must to some Way of escape a cried Hal impatiently. A a the Sand Barrier prevents All is Cape by land and see a the Maiden continued leading him to the River Bank. A a the River was filled with number less crocodiles great wicked looking creatures waiting a viciously for any attempt at escape and besides these hideous sentinels a boat filled with Nativo soldiers was anchored near by. A you understand a said the Maiden significantly As Hal Sank Back with a groan. A two Days passed. Hal made desperate attempts to scale the Sandy Wall hut in vain As the Maiden watched him with sympathy and the rest of Tho miserable creatures viewed his struggles with the Calm indifference born of Tho despair resulting from similar trials. A the third night came and As Ilal paced the circuit of the enclosure he heard a Low whistle. A looking up he saw Baba s eager face peering Over the Sandy Bank Whilo a Coil of rope fell at his feet. A a soft sigh near by told him that Liis companion in despair had seen his Chance of est pc also. A gently with Swift eager fingers Ilal fastened tic rope around her wai6t, whispered a few directions and gave Baba the signal to draw her a she reached the top safely again the rope fell and Hal took his own a urn not a moment too soon for from All Points of the miserable Village eager howling wretches came hurrying to take the Chance of escape from him. A a a hurry master in 6aid Baba excitedly. A tomorrows Bun must see you far from Benares in a dead people must never return to mingle with the living and you. Have seen the mysterious a Fai Laiful Bahai he had disobeyed the Laws to save his master and no wonder that he wished to leave the place. A there is Little Moro to Tell. A he reached they reached the Frontier in safety for the Maiden accompanied him. If she bad remained she would have been returned to the dreaded Crater City or else doomed to ally in a death upon the funeral a a what More a i demanded As stopped with a significant Glasico his wife a a a nothing except this a he answered emphatically. A my name is Henry Andrew Johns. Sometimes i have passed under the name of Hai Andrews and my wife was a Hindoo Maiden before an English. Education changed her views of saturday a which grow faster boys r or girls quote lethal expressed the opinion that As a Rule boys i growing keep ahead of girls but recent measure Mentz of 21,000 children of both sexes made in Saxon District Are against . The boys up to their eleventh year were found to run about 0.6 to 0.9 centimetre is taller Tymn the iriv. That whre then Over Oren by the surpassed the Jim a Btu lift Tai amp a a to a the year Evriett the a boy again Gfa a a faster a Han the girls and Eaine Tot ii front. It Wing to your japanese As Metal workers the japanese Are past masters in Tho Trca ment of alloys both in texture and color and no better guides exist Sava Tho jewellers a review. They achieve their grand results by the simplest Means a judicious blending of various metals in laying and picking. Hopper is the basis of their chief alloys and by incorporating with it certain proportions of Gold and Silver they obtain remarkable results in color through the prickling process. But not Only do they get striking effects from their alloys nil picking their Mode of working up the metals is a thing to be studied. For instance Lilicy will take six or seven plates of different mutate and alloys Weld them together and then by drilling Pontich aug up and filling get a 6iirface in which All tic metals show in a manner which is Tenily wonderful. By the Range of tits at their com. Maid they can work out on a Metal surface so tics of animal life landscapes etc., with effect lie ver dreamt of by Inola workers in the Western world. Among some examples recently shown in England was a knife handle on which was a representation of a Duck dipping its head under the water of a Stream on which it was swimming the arrangement of the different alloys by which it was Coin posed and Tho picking being so Well arranged that Tho neck of Tho Duck was seen As under Tho water when the handle was held in a certain Light. Another example was a sword Hilt on which some minnows not More than one sixteenth of an Inch in each having a pair of Gold eyes were swimming upon a Gray Stream the effect of their being actually below Tho surface of the water being suggested with marvelous skill. Imitations of Wood Grain and marbles were also shown. Evolution of a farm hand. Ehen d. Jordan Tho famous dry goods merchant of Boston is Liko so Many prosperous people in Massachusetts a native of Maine. Left very poor and fatherless in an obscure Village while a boy Lio was bound out to a Farmer in the neighbourhood and got a rudimentary education atan adjacent District school. At 14 to went to Boston to seek Liis Fortune and eventually found it. Getting nothing to do there at first he went to world on a farm in the Vicinity at $4 a month and to Rico years later was employed in a mercantile House in the City at $275 a year which he considered affluence. Before Twenty lie had awakened a Strong interest in Joshua Stetson then a leading dry goods merchant by his Industry Energy and intelligence and Stetson backed him in setting up in a Small business for himself at Hanover and Mechanic streets. The steamers from Maine and the provinces then arrived at Boston very Early in the morning and Young Jordan in order to secure the Trade of the incoming passengers opened his shop by 4 of clock and this did considerable business before breakfast. As a result it became popular and made Money. He advanced step by step until his present firm was formed and housed in milk Street. Ten years later Tho present big establishment in Washington Street was occupied Aud has gained a National reputation. Jordan now 67, has made up for his Lack of Early advantages by Reading association experience and travel Aud has shown great Public Enterprise and Large private Benevolence. He is descended from Robert Jordan a Clergyman of the Church of England who emigrated two and a half centuries new y Ork commercial advertiser. American and English girls in Germany the German girls Are beginning to complain with considerable bitterness Ziotes Eugene Field in Tho Chicago news that american and English girls Are encroaching upon their preserves. Very Many americans Aud English Send their daughters to Germany to be educated the pretty dears not Only master the language in a Short time quite As quickly and As easily they make a Conquest of tie a hearts of Tho susceptible German officer. The number of army. Officers in German with american and English wives is very Large and the fad appears to be increasing. In Dresden particularly the English Aud americans Are in great demand the native Madchen he she Ever 60 pretty seems to have no Chance at Alt. A in Berlin there is Afancy for a Peculiar style of Femi Mim Beauty the Berliner admires Brown eyes and hair and a dark Clear complexion these features argue1 amiability Fidelity a net get the Breeding they claim. Tho German girls 1 i Plain that the american girls Are natural adepts in affairs of the heart that they seem endowed by nature with All Tho arts the audacity and the Confidence of a the average Young Wittfo so mrs. Cum a a ways uses the right word in the right place. Roddy she could hardly help doing so seeing that she uses every word in the language in every new York Herald. Curious remedies. Queer things utilized As medicines by the Chi Ese. Pearls fot1 the liver and salted scorpions for the smallpox. The medicines of caucasian civilization Are derived from Many a curious origin but if you want to find funny things utilized As remedies for disease you will discover them in the chinese . Medical science in that country has been somewhat impeded by the respect which the chinese pay to a dead body. Worshipping their ancestors As they do their physicians would never think of cutting up a Corpse. Consequently they know nothing of Anatomy. Sue to knowledge on the subject As they pretend to possess is derived according to their own account from a Man born some centuries ago who Lead the Fortune to he of a transparent consistency physically speaking As if lie were made of Glass so that it was possible to see just How things went on in ills insides. From observation of this extraordinary Freak it was discovered that certain channels ran to each part and extremity of a human being and that la Ese channels it was possible to convey any remedy that might he necessary to any Organ or member requiring treatment internally. Ever since then celestial doctors Liao been Able to tilt just what sort of pills or decoctions were intended for the cure of this or that disorder. The Glass Man doubtless suffered from the Experiment tried upon him by science but medical knowledge was benefited inexpressibly. Probably the chinese pharmacopoeia is More elaborate than that possessed he any other people. Physicians in the flowery Kirk Dom mix up together such extraordinary things for remedial purposes a3 we should never dream of. Une of their cures for liver complaint is obtained by administering the Fossil Teeth of various animals which Are known to them As a a dragons antelopes horns powdered they believe Lobo excellent for rheumatism and glue from the hides of asses is supposed to be an admirable tonic and diuretic. The Shell of a certain Freshwater Turtle Macje into Jelly is a sure thing for a misery in the a decoction from Tho hedge hogs hide is excellent for skin diseases acid tigers Bones mixed with Hartshorn and terrapins Shell in the shape of Jelly is a first rate tonic in cases of disease of the Bones and of ague. Dried snakes the Cli Icso believe ave Good Medicino where a complaint is difficult to diagnose for Tho reason that the Serpent in life inserts itself into All sorts of holes and crevices and is Likely after death to seek the uttermost parts of the body. Such concretions of Lime matter As Are formed in the Gall bladders of cows cure St Vitus dance and smallpox. These same concretions arc Tho very tilings that Are known by people in this country As so called a mad stones a used for applying to Snake bites. Tic pig tailed orientals believe in the effectiveness of dried loads As a tonic and think that caterpillars Aro a sure remedy for bronchial troubles. Salted scorpions they assert Are admirable for smallpox and silkworms As Well As the skins which locusts leave of Trees on vacating them Aro supposed to have wonderful medical Virtues. Bones of the cuttlefish or sepia Are believed by them to have Virtues in lie treatment of cancer. They think that the sepia is a Bird transformed into a fish. They use Clam shells for a cathartic and maggots to cure Dreen Tarj. Powdered Fossil crabs Are in the opinion of their physicians an antidote for poisons of All sorts and seed pearls cure troubles of the heart and liver. A favorite chinese remedy for various disorders is made Byi closing any sort of Bird or other animal within a Case of moist Clay and burning in until Tho body of the creature is re Quot diced to charcoal. The charcoal thus obtained is administered with expectation As to its effect according to the nature of Tho animal burned. But of All remedies believed in by the people of China the Ginseng takes the Lead. So much so in fact that $1,000,000 Worth of Ginseng is exported from this country to China every year. All primitive races which have any acquaintance with the remedial value of the Ginseng regard this Peculiar Rool with an Especial Awe because of Tho rude likeness which its shape bears to the human figure. The most prize Ginseng Root of China bears a really surprising resemblance to the human form and brings a much higher Prico than the american product on that account. Physicians among the celestial Divide up the rout anatomically As it were prescribing portions of the body far this complaint of the legs for that a t Mem for another Aud Ishi Hlub Star. Famille Sre a Buff amp if like clocks. Too much regulation May make them Iroito Onvall the time. New Yorkus fire chief. Nigh Bonner chief of Iho fire department of new y Ork City is it 1i and Broad chested. To is quite the Ideal hero in appearance. His manner is agreeable. At a fire lie is the incarnation of authority coolness and decision while activity is needed. When the danger i3 Over the chief retires perhaps to the sheltered seclusion of a convenient doorway and spans Tho general situation Iii til satisfied that there is nothing left undone to prevent a recurrence of the conflagration. A fireman a life is one of never casing watchfulness and tie chief in particular is practically never off duty. No work is More trying than Liis. Hugh Bonner was born in Ireland but lie came to this country when yet a child and to is a thorough american. In common with most members of the Force he Lias several Gallant rescues to his credit. It is not generally known however that heis an inventor. Some of the most useful appliances in the department were originated by him. Among them an especially useful one is a circular net by which persons jumping from roofs or windows can to caught with Comparativo Case. Then there is Tho roof Cutter by Tho use of which one Man can do As much work As half a dozen formerly did Tho combined battering ram and a Wall breaker the cellar and sub cellar pipes ingenious contrivances that enable firemen to direct a Stream of water into cellars so densely filled with smoke As to be absolutely impenetrable. A device which provides a now thread for the nozzle of a hydrant in Case Tho thread has been twisted formerly a very frequent source of dangerous delay is not the least valuable of the chiefs inventions which Aro far too Many to epoch. The forms of warfare. In the Sham fight at. Portsmouth England in Honor of Tho emperor William of Germany an advancing column was so affected by Tho fumes of the smoke Ball which was used to raise a Cloud of impenetrable obscurity under which they could Advance that Tho men had to keep their hands to their noses to avoid suffocation. It is now proposed that the smoke Hall shall receive a further development. It has occurred to some military men that instead of half suffocating their own troops it would be hotter to follow the example of tie chinese pirates with their stink pots and asphyxia to the enemy. A Vienna scientist has accordingly invented a bomb of such Power and virulence that everyone who is within a certain radius of it when it explodes is rendered unconscious. Devices such As these would 60011 modify Tho Art of War and probably Tho next development will he an anti asphyxiating bomb Whoso fumes will neutralize those of the other. Is is said that Many years ago a scheme based on Tho throwing of poisonous gasses Over a tract of country was put before the War office in England for Tho purpose of devastating the country in the face of an invading army hut Tho Agency employed was so terrible in its effects that it was not made Public and was consigned to tie secret records of Tho War Chicago news. Wearing shoes alternately. It is True Economy for every person to have several pairs of shoes and to Wear them alternately. In the first place by so doing corns and other soreness of Tho members May be to a considerable degree avoided. These come from continuous friction or pressure at a certain Point and,.As 110 two pairs of shoes a a bears on the feet quite alike the Cli auge Breaks up tie continuity and obviates or prevents the unpleasant result. It is also belter for tie shoes themselves says Good housekeeping. Do not Wear them in Ordinary weather if the Best service is desired More than three or four Days or a week at most before giving them a Chance to become thoroughly dry. Many if not most feet Emit sufficient moisture to affect the shoe giving it the Sticky unpleasant feeling which is so familiar but to which we not often give a second thought. Contrast this feeling with that of a shoe which Lias been standing unused for a week or a month and notice Haw grateful the feeling of thorough dryness in the last named. Perhaps the Reader never thought of that before. An Indian scare on Tho Plains. A writing about the first Emigrant train to California general bid Cli says in the Century the first Inci Dent was a scare that we Lead from a party of Cheyenne indians just before to reached the Platte River about two weeks after we set out. Olio of our men who chanced to be out Hunting some the company and behind us suddenly appeared without mule gun or pistol and lacking most of his clothes and in great excitement reported that he had been surrounded by thousands of indians. The company too became excited and Captain Fitzpatrick tried with hot Little effect to control and pacify Uick. Every Man started his team into a run till the oxen like Tho mules Anil horses were in a full Gallop. Captain Fitzpatrick went ahead Anil directed them to follow and As fast As they came to the Bank of the River to put the wagons in the form of a hollow Square and had All the animals securely picketed within. After a while the indians came in sight. There were Only forty of them but they were Well mounted on horses and were evidently a War party for they i d 110 women except one a Medicine woman. They came no and camped within a Hundred Yards of us on the River below. Fitzpatrick told a us they would not have come in that Way if they were hostile. Our Hunter in his excitement said that there wore thousands of them and that they Lind robbed him of his gun mule and pistol. Quot when the indians had put no their lodges Fitzpatrick and John Gray tic old Hunter mentioned went out to them and by signs were made to understand that Tho indians did not intend to Hurt the Man or to Tako Liis mule or gun hut that lie was so excited when lie saw them that they had to disarm him to keep him from shooting them they did not know what had become of his pistol or of his clothes which he said they had torn off. They surrendered the mule and the showing that they were Friendly. They proved to to Cheyenne indians. Ever afterwards that Man went by Tho name of Cheyenne Dawson. A singular canal. The most remarkable canal in the world is Tho one Between Worsley and St. Helen a in the North of England. It is sixteen Miles Long and underground from Ond to end. In Lancashire the Coal mines Are very extensive half Tho country being undermined and Many years ago the Duke of bridgewaters managers thought they could save Money by transporting tie Coal underground instead of on the surface. So the canal was constructed and Tho mines drained at the same time. Ordinary canal boats Are used but the Power is furnished by men and the method of propulsion is unique. On the roof of the Tunnel Are placed Cross pieces at regular intervals. The men lie on their backs upon Tho loads of Coal and push with their feet against tie Cross bars on the roof and thus move Forward the boats. A Frozen Corpse. In the doorway of a furniture store on Howardj Street in Baltimore md., Plain View of passers by stands an Ordinary looking refrigerator Tia icon Tai is and since aug. -21st. Has contained the dead body of an infant. Although nothing has been done in the Way. Of embalming or otherwise preserving the body the. Flesh is a just a solid and odourless As if death had. Taken pm Aco a few hours before. On his fact Tho in Vontor bases his. Cd lir o Tzamos a liable discovery. By. A. Very simple arrangement he has obtained this startling result at Little sex. Pense. He expects to to a a a in. A a of Flynn 11 1 . Trio cat in Railroad construction. The cat in Railroad construction is something new. Y it a Little girls pet Tabby was Success fully impressed into Tho service of the Cable car company a Day or two ago. It was necessary to get a Lino through Tho main pipe through which the Cable is to run. Where the Cable tracks Cross the no Elliern Pacific the thing became a Puzzle. A Man a onid nil. I ill a through and there seemed no Way of stretching the Cable. Tie cat was then brought into Sor vice a Long string was tied around her neck she was put in the main pipe and some one yelled away she went and in a Jiffy she was clean through the main pipe. The string she bad pulled through with her was attached to the rope and everything was Spokane Washington spokesman. Ripening Lemons in Florida. English industries states that a novel business resting strictly on chemical principles. And needing nothing hut a Little capital to develop it is said to be Practised in Florida. It consists in avoiding dependence upon the slow and imperfect ripening of Lemons by Tho suns Raye by picking the fruit while Green and exposing it to the fumes of burning Sulphur whereby its color is changed to a Rich Golden yellow infinitely More attractive than the natural Hue. A it is True that the Interior of the Lemon is practically free from juice a fact which the hypercritical might reckon a slight drawback but this is after All a trivial matter affecting Only the consumer a is the Salve apply to the conscience. Tho last sweetheart. Gran pass locks Are White As Snow those he still possesses. Ghosts of curls of Long ago wraiths of boyhood stresses. Wrinkles o or his features Thiu Zigzag without pity. Like the streets and alleys in famous Boston City. Y. Time has Bent his form with years. And his legs Are thinner 4 and Lesa comely than the shears used by any Tinner. Lusty was he once and Gay. Full of manhood s graces but of that Long vanished Day there arc now few traces. A a yet lie in his to Utby no Pride pleased the fair sex greatly Many lassies for him sighed Many ladies stately. Hearts once throbbed Aind ached for him tears wet Silken lashes but those eyes in death Are Dun and those hearts Are ashes. Gran a has one sweetheart yet dainties Ofcar Cantres whose two eyes of deepest Jet still approve his features. Nellie is her name you see. And if i remember what her age is she was three some time last december Oft her hand so Chubby fair Over his face she passes tenderly and with great care not to touch his glasses. Oft hi.-, form in be seen her scan and in be caught her saying a a grand a s such a handsome nun Tims her love betraying. A George Horton in Chicago Herald Fuji Troua. It is a habit of saints and pugilist to be Strong in tie right. The trouble about room mates is that each Mats wishes to be Captain. A from tie mannish dress of the girl of the present period it would seem that we have passed the period of the girl it is useless for people to Lead a cat and dog life. Poor old Towser ought to realize that Tabby ha9 nine chances to his one. He tried at whiskers then at Beard. A i dead failures did they Droop i. He s Only now a Lone Mustache 1 Andes in that s a in the soup a 7 we have no words except Praise for Tho dead. This is natural As we usually exhaust our whole Stock of blame on them while alive. A by George a said Trio tramp a a in a getting discouraged. I ainu to been Able to get a Job at Snow Shovelin All summer. I think ill go out of the business and take up Lawn mowing for the growler when asked what to considered the Saddest thing in life said he was always miserable when he had a big appetite and nothing to eat and suffered terribly when he had plenty to eat and no appetite. Friends Belle triumphantly a a emr. Fol Lind proposed to me last Nell sweetly a a did he he told to when i refused him tha night before that to did no to care what Mccamo of him now but i did t really think he Meaut it Landlady a a that now Boarder try to make me think he is a Bachelor. He a either married or is a Millings a How can you Tell a Landlady a the always Turna his Back to me when to opens his pocketbook to pay Tia boards old gentleman at his daughters wedding a my dear i done to see How i am to get along without you. Birde a never mind a. Since Tho ceremony Wab performed my husband has confessed that he Hasni to enough saved to go so you May. Not lose me after All. to take a lbs a said he. A a a a fall right a the Quot Maiden 9aid�?in for i Capers ,. Then took a card and kissed it one two three and wrapped it up in Dainty tinted paper. The Lions of Indin. The Lions of India appear to be going the Way of the great Bustard and the Dodo and the reason is found in the Extension of railroads for the Monarch of the Forest shares with or. Raskin a mortal antipathy to Tho Smoko and screams of locomotives says the London news. Within Tho r of Many persons Lions of enough in Rajputana the Roar of one May. Signally in the Wilde India but the a Nagpur is no through this be a a tidally a Noti. Few remain provinces tract lesser of two evils a James a exclaimed the a of Tho store angrily a put a a \ of the Limburg it a misty mar Hamo in r Arette. voc Fere

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