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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - March 24, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts Jpppgpffq9iqppppmthe Boston weekly Globe tuesday March 24, 189l 8 for life and Fortune or Tom Starley a Winter in the Arctic by Harry e. Andrews. Cottri Ohtsu. 1890. Both Kew Tork press compact. Lufft a. Chapter . A what is it sir a Quot a Here a those other two fish Here ainu to but six a a six a a yes you Parrot six can t you count a but we bought six in toe first place and a hang it Man. Done to you suppose i be got a memory i know How Many we bought where Are they that a the question a a search by the Steward was fruitless. Only six fish could be found. The Captain was almost beside himself with some Lousy thief from the forecastle has robbed us but ill make it hot for him he wont gain nothing by it who cried. A a they la find out they can to play any of their tricks on me a he called out every Able bodied Man and asked about the missing fish but could find out nothing. They All stoutly denied having had anything to do with their disappearance.,a Ash mall a me hands if Yez doubt me Borrud a said Dun Moriarty thrusting out he spas. A no Back talk you Mick i wont stand it. Just make up your minds you cusses. That it la be a Long Day before you smell any More fish of mine. You be got All you la get make Mem spend As Long As you can. The Captain went off swearing and the men went Forward exchanging comments. A guess we made a mistake Bill a said one of the men in a Low tone. A blast him a said Bill. A i wish he Wiz at the Bottom us the a what Dye so pose became of the fish a give it up that a what i there was one Man on Hoard who could have enlightened them All had he been disposed to do it and that was Dan Mori Ife had happened to be on deck when the Messina came aboard with tile fish and unobserved had been a witness of the whole proceeding. The native had just six fish. After the Captain had bought them the fellow threw them Down under the break of the poop and went to the companionway to get his pay. When he started off lie slyly picked up two of the fish As he went along and a moment later went Back with an innocent face and sold them a second time the Captain bought his own fish without a suspicion and. Of course when lie counted up did not have so Many As he supposed he a Good Luck to Yez me lad a Dan said with a chuckle As Tho native left with his Booty. A sure and ill Niver spake a word of it a and he kept his Promise. He was the Only Man on Tho Cleone that Ever knew of the Messina a a trickery. In spite of the captains threats the men expected to get a taste of the fresh fish for breakfast the next morning and were bitterly disappointed because they did not. The aggravating fumes of the frying slices filled the forecastle but All the rest went to the Cabin. At dinner time it was tile same. Fish was looked for the Captain and mate but Tho sailors were served with Only their usual ration of Salt beef and hardtack. If they had not been thoroughly cowed by the sufferings they had undergone half sick and mortally afraid of the Captain the would have broken upon the Cooke a Galley like dogs and seized the Savory mess. The mate armed stood guard to prevent such an occurrence but he had no need to. There was not enough spirit left in the Crow for it. The men contented themselves with grumbling and cursing. Tom pitied them notwithstanding their baseness toward him and their bad behaviour. It was a most heartless piece of cruelty to deprive them of the fresh foot that they had been without to Long and craved so desperately. They eagerly set at work and Cut holes through the thick ice All about the Bay. But dropped their Hooks through in vain. They could not get a bite and had to Swallow their disappointment. Blind As they had been before they were not Long Nowin realizing the Teal character of the Man in w Hose Power they had placed themselves. Every Day brought with it borne Petty tyranny some abuse or neglect that showed them How selfish and conscience less he was. Perhaps nothing embittered them in much As their discovery of Bis practice of gorging himself with All tile look he could eat. Their rations grew smaller and yet the stores were vanishing at an alarming rate. The bad air and his aching Bones kept Tom awake late one night and lie heard two of the sailors conversing in Low tones a when everybody was supposed to be asleep. A a it a just what to deserve. Bill a said one. A what fools we Wiz a a said the Othef. A blamed of i see what we done it a nor i either. The Young master was All tight. What did to have agin him a that a what i say. He used us Square and he had a level head on him. The whole us it is we let that old Wolf of a Larkins and foxy Hutchins Lead us into a a How Are we going Ter git out us it we can to stand it much a blast him i reckon lies got us neck and a a there a Only one Way Tor do it a speak Low. We done to know who a spying on Tom lost what was said next As it was spoken in a whisper. said the Man called Bill speaking so that Tom could hear a but who a going Ter do it a a a who a going Ter do it yer do it herself Bill Smalley be yer got a Good Chance i do it in a minute id run a knife into him As Quick As in do a a Ash a expostulated the other Man. Quot you re mowing like a fog whistle. Doubt get so the men resumed their conversation in a whisper. Startled by what be had heard and wishing to break up the conference Tom turned Innis bunk and coughed. It had the desired effect. The two men parted and turned in and then All was still in the forecastle. Chapter xxiv. The Captain tries to Clinch things. A Halloo there Starley a ay6i styx a a the Captain orders you to report at the Cabin this a summons surprised Tom the next a what a up now i wonder a lie said As be laboriously climbed to the deck Aud hobbled aft he found the Captain sitting with his Back turned toward the companion was. A did you sen for me Captain a Tom Baid his Entrance not being noticed. Quot huh what did you say a demanded the Captain looking up. Quot say it once More a did you Send for me Captain a Quot Captain Captain what a a cant. Starley Quot that a it. Say it again boy a Quot Cash Starley sir repeated Tom. With borne Effort. A there you have it. Done to stick in your crop quite so bad As it used to. Does it i told von a would come easier after a while. Now then. You re a pretty Good hand at writing. Ain t you a a i can do fairly Well. I a a that a what i thought. I ainu to fond of writing myself and i thought id get you to do a Little Job at it for a fall right a a in a like to have it put Down in Ink but confound the stuff it wont stay thawed Long enough in this dirty climate. Here Here a a Lead Pencil and some Raper. Sit Down and see now you la make Quot what do you want me to write sir a asked Tom seating himself. A a in la Tell you when you re a fall ready a Well put a Date on first a Plover Bay March 2,18�?�?T a Tom wrote that Down. Quot All right a very Well. Go on a i hereby of my own free will a a Tom pencilled the words and read them aloud. Quot that site now a declare my Quot All Down a that the Man called Quot yes sir a that the Man called Larkins is by right name Hiram a a Quot yes r Quot that a it boy. In a glad you be made up your mind to Quot of course i merely meant that id written what you told me to a said Tom Flushing. That Sall he Well Well see. Read me what you be got Down there now. No shenanigans Tom read the following Plo War Bat Marroli 2,18�?. I hereby of my own freewill declare my belief that the Man colled Larkins is by right name Hiram Burley. A a that a right As far As it goes. But i want you Todd to it a the own brother of the late lamented David Toms hand almost refused to write the words but to put them Down. A fall right a the own brother of the late lamented David Starley and half owner of the Good bark Quot yes. a now read it allover again and mind you make no mistakes i ainu to any great of a scholar but i can Tell whether you re playing it on Rny or not. A Tom carefully repeated the declaration that he had written his mind in a whirl All the while. Quot now then a said the Captain Quot what do you suppose t hats for a Quot i done to know Quot done Teh Well Pii Tell yer. Its for you to a i Don t see Tho need of my signing anything a said Tom. Quot you be got it All your own Quot suppose Yon done to seethe Ned of it what of it i see the need of it Aud Ain t that enough All you be not to do is to put your name to it Ana lie off. A Quot in be always obeyed your orders Captain but Quot Quot Belay there a Captain a you said. Captain what a Quot capt. Starley. Of course. I was saying that i had always obeyed your orders but in a afraid i can to sign that a Why not a Quot i done to think it would be right for me to Doit a Quot i Wmk Bere. Boy Don t Tell me what a right and what ainu to rigid. I know what in a up to and i know what you re in to. Done to you suppose i catch on to All that a going on Down there in the hold done to you suppose i Henr about you talking against and plotting against me a a it s false a said Tom. Spirit edly. A i Haven t said one word against a Cha in to denied my authority Chi a a no sir. In be never mentioned the subject since the Day you took Quot Hnin t told nobody Down there that i Ain t capt. Starley a a no Quot now then boy that being the Case. Why ainu to you willing to sign that paper a demanded tile Captain sharply. Quot you be said it All in so Many words Why not put your name to it in Black and White a Quot there a Quito a difference sir. Between Quot no there Ain t no difference its All the same. You say i m capt. Starley. Why not write in a capt. Starley now then put your name Down there and to Lively about it a Quot i wish you would give me a Little time Quot time for what time for plotting and talking against me not much. I Tell you boys you be got to put a Stop to that business. Ill make Short work of you if you Quot but i Tell von sir that in be never a Quot what do i care what von Tell me i want it in Black Anil White and that la Settle it. Sign that document and you Clear yourself of All suspicion and trouble of you done to sign it there s a Clear Case against you. Are you going to sign it or not look at it in that Light boy and Diat do you say a the Captain spoke in a bullying tone and his face w Cre the sneering Grin that it always took on when he thought be was crushing his victim. Quot you had me put in a of my own free will when i wrote said Tom. Quot Oil that s the re go Lar form. That a the Way they always make them documents Quot blustered the Captain. Quot come now no fooling no hair splitting Are you going to sign it or not a Quot i want a Little time to think of it sir. Give me 24 hours and ill a confound you for an obstinate Young jackass a roared the Captain. Quot you want. Time do Yon Twenty four hours he you shall have it you shall have All Tho time you want but mind you not an ounce of rations till you sign that paper Dye understand i done to care How much time you take but you la take it on an empty stomach. To off with you now when you get ready to sign you can Corno it was with a sober face that Tom returned to the forecastle. To had formed the habit of looking carefully on both sides of a question before coming to a decision and this to did now although his impulses were All in one direction lie recoiled from signing the declaration with a Force that was stronger than his fear of starvation but still in was anxious to do just what was bests Best for himself and Best for his companions. To was satisfied As to the captains plans. To had no doubt that the tyrant meant to get rid of him and to come into full control of Tho vessel and cargo. What need would Tho Captain have then of the signed declaration Tom believed that the fellow had some vague and ignorant fear of the Lawand thought the document would give him a Clear title if any question should he raised on his arrival in port. A a lies la try to kill to if i done to sign it and try to kill to if i do a thought Tom. Quot i done to see As it makes much difference to Quot i say there Starley a Hutchins Tho mate was speaking to him. Quot what is it sir Quot Quot capt. Starley sends word Ter you that lies going ashore for Tim Day and that any tune you makes up your mind you Kin go Ter the Steward and fix it. Do yer got All that through yer Noddle Quot a yes sir i it soon became Tho talk among All hands that Tho Captain had gone ashore and it w As generally understood that his purpose was to indulge in a Debauch for ids habits were Well known. At the close of the Day w Hile Tom was alone in Tho How of the ship his head throbbing with the thoughts that now drove everything else out he Felt his shoulder touched and turning he recognized in the dim Light the Sailor Bill whose conversation he had heard the night before. Quot a word or to o with yer Quot go ahead a said Tom. Quot the fact is that we re All on us kicking ourselves because we went Back on Quot i told you that you a be sorry for Quot you Wiz right mess mate just right. There ainu tone on us but acknowledges it. We All wishes Ter ask yer Quot you have it. I guess you be been punished enough for your Quot yes. Theta so. Thetis so. The Wust on it is the most us the men ainu to got no spunk. They re All played out. Of they Wiz what they used Ter to they a soon set things Tor Well we must make the Best of Quot now see Here mess mate we want yer Ter be Captain of this bark Wurst More and there a to o on us my chum and me Fez is ready Tor fix things Al you la the Man lowered his voice As he spoke the last few words. Knowing what would come but with a deliberate purpose Tom led him on. Quot what do you mean by a fix things a a he asked. Quot can to yer guess a asked the Man in a whisper. Quot suppose Well say that our Captain should be found dead with a knife stuck through his Gizzard some morning. What then a a hold on Bill a said Tom firmly Quot you re talking of murder. It would be just As bad for you to kill him As to kill the Best Man that a huh a muttered the Sailor with an oath a a in a just As Lief stick him As Ter a a Stop Bill Hutchins is coming. See me again and do nothing till ave Aye mess mate its going Ter he one us the coldest nights we be lied yet in a Quot yes and in a going Quot that a Tho place for yer and not ski Larking around the Bookins a said Hutchins Gruff voice. Bill went Down the Hatchway with Tom. "supper-8 really Quot grow led the Steward. Except Tom. All that were Able we ent in a hurry to get their rations and they were surprised to see him lagging behind. Quot come on me lad. Done to go Back on yer said one in a kindly tone. Quot excuse me this time said Tom pleasantly and they suspected nothing. Chapter xxv. The scurvy. Exhausted in body and mind Tom threw himself into his bunk. For several Days he had Felt a painful weakness stealing through his Frame. It was almost overpowering now and the inflammation of his Gums that had come with it left no doubt that he was attacked by that Scourge of sailors in the Northern seas the scurvy. Tom had no thought of giving up to it and he had seen too much of it to be alarmed but he wanted to rest for a few moments before returning to his duties and to see if some Happy inspiration might not come to Clear away the log in w hich he found himself. He had not lain there Long when he heard a familiar voice. A Brace top. Tom. Me by a Quot hello Dan finished your supper a Quot i have that and look Here see what in be brought Yez a Moriarty thrust into the bunk a tin plate garnished with Tho usual Dole of bread and meat. It was not a tempting morsel for a sick person but rather an agreeable Surprise for a Man who had been sentenced to starvation. Quot hold on now Dan Quot said Tom earnestly a i wont eat your supper Quot Quot wont ate my supper Arrah to lad in a to hinging Yez wont Aither onless Yez ate me Quot but How did you get this ration a Quot Hist now be airy wid Yez its Quot what in the world did Yon bring this to me for Why did no to you get him some Broth a Quot woo Roo. Goorno Ivery thing is Broth to the Kanaka. Hell Niver know the Odds. Did no to i see him draw his lash to breath 20 minutes ago a a what Gummy dead Aneth Steward does no to know it a a univer a Burrud a it Sor. And Whin i told him that i wanted ration for that sick Kanaka he Hadnot the sins to remember that the Mon had t put anything hut Spanou x titles into his mom ii for Quot Well there a no More suffering for him is there poor Gummy he was a Good fellow Aud the Only one left who knew much of the Messina Lingo. We shall miss a Aye Sor. That we a a shut you did a pig tiling when you got this supper for me. Dan Quot said Tom. Falling at the i nod. A How in Tho world did you know that my rations had been taken from me a Quot sure and i Wiz around Whin Tho tinder hearted Captain give ids orders to Tho Side Ward and lie Tuk pains to have me hear Thim same. As mooch As to look out Terr herself. Yer Rasikal. Or Yezz la lie treated a Quot the cause of it is this Quot said Tom and lie went on to Tell Moriarty of tile declaration which the Captain wanted him to sign. Quot in be been thinking it Over since Quot he said Quot and in be made up my mind that i la never sign my name to such a statement no matter a Bat he Quot that s rigid me by that a right Lvii a bit do i know about such tilings As Thim documents but my advice to pc would he not to set git at All. Yez could be making no mis Dake then that s Quot but it s a hard place to he in. And it s made All the harder for me by what a going on among Tim men. Speak Low Dan. Have you heard anything about it a a Thim ears a mine Are Niver off duty Sor. Lint How does i know what Yez mane be la Sheakin in riddles Sor Tom rep ated the conversation which he had heard in the night Between tile two sailors Aud the talk that one of them had made to him on deck. A now. Dan i want you to help me again Quot he went on. Quot Howdy Moses yet Naidne to worry about that help Yez there a diver a tiling in Tim world i do Tor get rid a that Quot hold on. Dan hold on you done to under stand those Fellows Are talking murder done to you see done to you know that its just As bad to murder one Man As another i Jour to you see that we can to have any such work and must put a Stop to it a Danes eyes bulged out and Bis face took on the look of one who sees a ghost. Quot Good ii i Vins a a he whispered. Quot Brace cop. Me by what a the matter wid Yez is your sins Levine Yez All to Wurst Quot Quot no. I know what in a saying and i know its right of we allow this murder to to committed we shall lie guilty a just As guilty As anybody. Tho plan must to nipped in the Bud and i want you to help me do Quot in that what Viz say help Yez Tor save a raving murdering villain that a soil amino All tile time to kill Yez Niver me by. Anything hut that. In be been a True Frind to Yez and sure its yer if that a been Tho Best Frimi that Dan Moriarty Ever had but hats Ash bin too mooch. Help save the life a that mild brute id Niver lift me Finger to do it not if that same Finger Nio ight be on a red hot Quot but Dan a a woo Roo woo Roo Doans to shake another Tolrud Tome. In a so sick already wid yer disgust in talk and i can to stand no More a it a Dan went off in Tho worst of temper. Tom had never seen him in such a dudgeon. He had always been very tractable and now to find that he could not lie depended on in this emergency was one of the worst disappointments that Tom had yet encountered. He passed a restless night peeping with one Eye open in order that i councils of War might to held without his knowledge but his vigilance apparently was unnecessary. In the morning Dan brought his breakfast. And Laid it Down without saying a word. Quot than you. Dan a said Tom. But there was no answer. Evidently it was not yet known aft that the Kanaka had died hut Tim poor fellow must be carried out and buried at once and Tom could no longer have his rations lie was afraid that it would lie hard to find another Way of outwitting the Steward. Chapter xxvi. Only five lest. Tom was aroused from a troubled sleep that night by a hand Laid on his shoulder and a Low. Rough voice. Wide awake in an instant he saw Bill the Sailor bending Over him. Quot we want Ter have a talk with yer Len and me does Quot said Bill. Quot ally a quiet no Wand we Kin say our say with nobody Ter he feared a Well a said Tom a i m ready to talk with a Good we re All ready to fix things if yer say tile word. Well make you Cape nov this bark Afore next morning Quot How Many of you Are in tins plot a Quot Lens and me and tile Steward. He a got enough us being bullied a round by the old shark and is ready Ter help us out. It done to do Ter talk too Many yer know but in a a thinking the irishman is All right Quot what do you propose to Dora Quot we Herpe ses Ter get into inter the Cabin and scuttle the Black hearted scoundrels Tor bore a Good Hole through Bim. That s w hat we Herpe ses Ter do. And that la Settle Quot Vav boys going to do it a a a that a one question too Many pardner Quot Stop you re making a mistake there a Quot huh ainu to you our pardner a a i Tell you that you must Stop right where you Are exclaimed Tom with an air of command. Quot you be gone too far already a Bui growled out an oath. Quot going Hack on us Are yer i thought yer would be in w Ith user i lev made so much a in with you in a in with you for everything that a right and for your interest but not in with you for anything that a wrong and for your harm. You to heading for Breakers now Bill and in a going to put you about. If you Don t give up that plan of yours it win be bad for you and bad for us ally terribly bad. It would curse your we Kolo life it would curse All our lives. Quot of. Rats leave Sech talk Fez that Ter Tho chaplain Young Feller and come Down Tor business. All we ask is one thing us you. All w e wants Ter know is of. Providing this bark should no Hev any Cap t Ter Morrow morning we Kin depend on you Ter take the masters Quot if it should come about in a right Way id do it but not if there should be a murder. Ill do All i can to prevent that but if you should get the Best of me and should carry out your horrible plan Goodby to you All. I should have no courage loft and should take my bunk for Good. I Tell you Mon that if you begin this murdering business there s no knowing where a twill Quot great Scott a said Hill angrily. A i thought yer bed some Pluck. We be tackled our time but the kid ainu to the Only one that we Kin make a Cape nov. That Feller. Moriarty knows enough Ter be Cape a and i Cal cd late from talk Hea made Ter me that lion a jump at the Quot i Tell you that you give him the Chance. You go one step further a Tom expostulated. Quot Gammon a said Bill Quot but look Here you ainu to a going Ter blow on us a Quot i Ain if ifs necessary a said Tom firmly. Quot what you Low lived a Quot wait i Shane to do anything to harm you if i can help it but in a going to prevent this murder and if ifs necessary i Shalt warn the Captain that there a a plot against his the sailors eyes glared with passion. Quot see Here boy a he crowded. A a done to yer dare Tor Yip. We re descent and if it comes Ter Wust we May have Ter take care us you a there a exclaimed Tom Quot what did i Tell you if you begin this murdering business there a no knowing where it will Stop. Done to you see but you May be sure that you can to frighten me. I shall do my duty. And you can do what you think Best. If Rem go ahead with your miserable scheme d just As Lief die one time As another for there la be no More Hope for any of us. Bear that in mind. You and i and every one of us Are toners if you commence Tom spoke with the earnestness of one who Felt that everything depended on Mak. Ing each word Tell and he seemed to make some impression on the men. Quot Bill it ainu to no use Ter make any More talk with him a said i in. A Bah a said Bill. Quot yer might As Well talk Ter a figure head. Come on Ben lets turn a a Quot that a right a said Tom a turn in and stay there till morning that s my advice to Quot keep Yore advice Tor herself. We done to want none us it a snapped out Bill and they went off. Tom could see that they hovered around the Cooke a stove whispering for a few minutes and then piled into their bunks. He thought they would go no further for the present at least but be did not dare to be sure of it and made up Bis mind to keep an Eye on them through tile night although he had caught Only a few Short naps the night before and was half dead with fatigue and pain. But the Best and strongest of purposes must often surrender to physical weakness. Overcome by weariness suffering Lack of sleep and Lack of food Tom was soon asleep in spite of himself. He slept soundly and res fully for hours and did not Wake till Hutchins bawled Down the Hatchway Quot All hands turn Tom jumped from his bunk As if the ship had struck a Rock. Refreshed but blaming himself and fearful that the worst had happened. He hurried to the deck. Len and Bill were there before Bim and Dan came close after All was quiet and there was no sign of trouble. The mate looked Down the Hatch and shouted Quot All turn out a again and one More Man came up. Just five men had reported for duty out of the Crew of 21 that came to Plover Bay on the Cleone. ,. A hang it whereas the rest of Mem a said a. A a Quot i think they re not Able to crawl out sir a Tom answered. Quot whereas Manuel the portuguese and old Gordon they Wiz ail right Quot they took to their bunks last evening feeling poorly dog on Mem yer can t Tell whether they re shirking or not. Well get yer breakfast in a hurry you Fellers. Were going after some ice. You get your breakfast with the others Starley. Somewhat bewildered Lorn followed Tho men to Tho mess. What Ald this sudden change of treatment. Mean Vav As the mate acting on his own responsibility or had the Captain Given orders to let him have something to eat lie judged that tile latter must to Tho Case. 1 As tie could not believe that. Hutchins would dare to incur the captains Wrath. But what. Was the captains motive that he had i softened was too much to suppose. It. Must i lie that lie had devised what he considered i a More effective met lied of bringing his vie i Tim to terms. 1 tile Salt hard break fast did not taste us Good As Tom expected it would but he knew he needed nourishment and forced himself to Swallow the whole ration. The Daylight had not yet Corno when under hut Chiuz a leadership they Stout pc it a the Pond with Sledge and ice tools. It was All Tom could do to keep up with them As they journeyed to the Shore he was so weak Aud every step Hurt him so. He pushed painfully in saying nothing Anil hoping that to might become accustomed to the exercise and not mind it after awhile. Lint he grew weaker and weaker and As they reached the Mosinka Village his legs refused to Bear him up any longer and he fell helpless. They heard a moan Aud turning saw Hun lying there. Quot is Baths to lib matter a growled Hutchins. Quot in be got to give said Tom. Quot my legs have gone Hack on Quot Here a a go. What a Thunder or we going Ter do with yes Quot i it me Slimy and take care a the b a a exclaimed Moriarty who was at Toms Side Iii an instant. Quot no a the mate snapped out. A a we re too Short handed and can to spare yer. Hero Bill you and Dan take the boy to one us them wigwams and leave him there till we come Back. He might a Well stay there As Quot Brace top me whispered Dan As he and the Oiler Sailor lifted Tom. Quot by the Powers i i in i ave yes la be Heather off among Thim hav thins than aboard ship. Well soon be Back and be wid Yez the owner of the hut to which they bore Tom received them hospitably and quickly understood what was wanted. They gave Trio Bov a soft lied of furs and expressed their interest in him with Many grunts. Soon after his companions had Gono off one of tile women brought Tom two or three Small dark roots and. Taking a bite of one indicated that he should do likewise. Tom bit off a Small piece of the Root and chewed it up. It was puckering end disagreeable and he spat it out. His nurse impatiently motioned to him to try it again and keep on chewing and after much persuasion he did so eating quite a Large piece of the Root with a wry face. He was happily surprised to find that it had a soothing effect on his inflamed Gums and almost immediately dulled the pain. During the menus absence lie kept eating the Root at intervals and its valuable medicinal properties were proven beyond a doubt by tile Good results that lie experienced. He was delighted with his discovery Aud begged of ins Messina Friend a handful of the roots to take Back to Tho ship. Mio seemed pleased to give them to hindu tile kindness with which Tom was treated throughout the Day gave him a new Conception of the character of t hese people. They Are really Good natured children easily provoked and led into a tight but Quick to forgive an injury and desirous of living on pleasant terms with their neighbors. Apparently they had forgotten All about the bloody conflict on the Cleone a deck. When the men came Back from the Pond they wore surprised at Tho improvement in Toms condition. A a ill let elbowed of Tho Little cuss did no to play it on us a tile mate grumbled unable to otherwise account for the change. xxx Vil a dangerous sex Pepi ent. A soon As they were aboard the hark again Tom distributed the roots among tile sailors and set them All a chewing. Old Gordon said that he d heard of such a tiling but never had seen aug before it was called scurvy grass he said. As in Toms Case Tho effect on the sufferers was almost magical. It brought Relief to their aching Gums and gave them new Hope. At supper time Tom went for his allowance with the others and it was passed to him without in word. Soon afterwards he encountered Tim Captain in tile Waist but he made no talk and did not even look at him. Quot something a up a said Tom to himself a but blessed of i know what it is. No Good for me. Ill every flour he expected to lie summoned to Tim Cabin and to Nave that odious declaration thrust into his face lint one watch and another passed without mention of the subject. Quot this is Tho Calm preceding the storm thought Tom Asho turned Over to go to sleep. said Tho Captain to the mate next morning a it hurts my feelings to lie Liere and let All them Bow Heads get away from Quot its pretty Tough a said Hutchins. Quot there a hundreds of Mem right in sight of us every Quot hundreds Why Man they re As thick As suckers used to be in Pond Brook at Home. A would lie just As easy to strike emas it used to be to Spear them suckers too. Hang it in a going to try to get Quot the Only troubles the cold a the mate answered. Quot in a afraid a boats Crew stay out Long Quot How Dye know a a i done to know but a Quot of course you done to. You can to know till you try can you i say Vin going to try. Dye understand a the mates face blanched hut he did not dare to make a further protest. A very Well said he a a what a your orders a Quot my orders Are to make every Man that can stand on his pins turn to and go out with us. We can to lit out More none boat i suppose a a no a Well ones enough. Seo that everything a got ready tonight so we can make an Early Start Iii the morning and let the forecastle understand that there a to be no Quot arc you going with a Captain a a a of bet i am. Anything a better la Mullins a round hero and doing nothing Day in and Day out. Its enough to drive a Man a faintness came Over the men when they got their orders. In their reduced and weakened condition to go out to Battle with a whale seemed a desperate undertaking. Quot who cares though a exclaimed one of them. Quot we might Fez Well die oho Way Fez another and the sooner Tho with the Captain and the mate six Able bodied men were mustered just enough to Man one of the whaleboat. A it was a Long hard drag to get the boat to the water for men As they had. The cold was so intense that the moisture from their breath froze in their nostrils and they constantly had to Pound the exposed portions of their faces to keep the blood in circulation. The thick furs and the exercise kept their bodies warm. A stirring sight was before them when they reached the sea. Hundreds of whales were frolicking in tile icy water spouting columns of White foam into the air or flapping their great flukes with a loud noise As they swam slowly along almost standing on their Heads. In Tho late Winter and Early Spring the Waters of Tho far Northern Ocean and its Bays Are always alive with them. They Plav in these numerous schools and seem to realize that the ice floes and the cold keep them Safe from the Pursuit of their human enemies. The Cleone a boat struck one of them in a few minutes after Clearing from the ice. Hie Captain hurled the Harpoon and drove it into the blubber just Back of the whales head. The whale Dove fiercely for the Bottom and As Luck would have it the Iron was not in so far but it Drew Aud let the game escape. But it was not Long before they were close on to another and the Captain tried his aim once More. This time the barbs held. &Quot.Stern, All a the Captain yelled and with stiffened hands the Crew braced to their work. Quot let me have that oar you brat a growled Tho Captain yanking up Tom who Satin Tho Bow. You can pull about As much As an Tom was not sorry to give up hi8 place let the Captain take his oar and quietly moved toward the Stern. Quot Burr or a How the line rattled out of the tub. The whale was making a fierce spurt and tile line whizzed through tile boats nose As though draw la by a steam engine. But in a moment there came a Jerk and a crash. The Bottom of the boat seemed to Spring up and hit the Man who had just taken Tom s seat. He fell Forward and struggled to regain his balance but something caught his feet and tripped him. A Cut Tho line Cut the line a somebody shouted. Just then the boat made a lurch that almost Flung Tom into the sea. At the same instant he heard a loud splash but did not see what caused it As he was hacking at the line with the whale Lance. His first blow missed its aim but the next Cut the rope in two and the boats plunges ceased. Quot save me help a a voice rang out in a blood curdling shriek. Turning around Tom saw that a Man was struggling in the water in the boats Wake but the Crew were lying on their oars irresolute. What had happened it had All come so suddenly and there had been such a confusion of rapid incidents that Tom was bewildered for a moment. He first thought that the whale must have stove a Heleln the boats Bottom but in another instant he saw that it was not so. Quot Quick men Quick in a going a that was the Captain struggling in the water and screaming with terror. The Crew seemed palsied. Tom heard a Low oath from one of them but nobody moved. Hutchins stood staring like a Graven image completely unnerved. Quot Good heavens men rut. Her about and save him a cried Tom at the same time throwing him an oar. The men hesitated for a second or two and one of them muttered Quot save him a by save him a a Quot shame on you a Tom cried seizing Tho fellow s oar himself and pulling with All his might. His example and words were irresistible. A tin Crew took hold with a will. And in an instant More Thev were at the drowning Many a Side arid pulling him in. Lie was so benumbed by his Icv Bath and by fright Flint he could not say a word and Sank helpless in tile Bottom of the boat. Quot Hiven have Inar Cyon me sowl for Stalin that food from tire fishes a said Dan Moriarty with a pitiless look at the prostrate i figure Quot and no not her Tivin Iron s Borrud but yer own mister Tom Starley. Could i have made me did it a he added. Quot me Loo a said Bui. A Ash Quot protested Tom with a warning gesture. Then for the first time lie could look rim ult and see what had caused the trouble. Tho secret of it was Hie freezing of the Harpoon line in the tub. Tile upper half of Hie line had uncoiled All right but Tho lower half was Frozen in a solid mass. This heavy junk of Cordage had been jerked out of the tub by the fleeing whale and had bounded in and knocked Over the Captain. Then while he was struggling to recover himself it had seized anon ids feet and hurried him Over the Side. Tito Frozen Coil would have finished its work by spilling fiem All into the sea but Hie Quick cutting of the line had saved Tho boat from being swamped. Tom shuddered As lie thought of their narrow escape and he shuddered again As lie looked Down and saw Hie ice stiffening the furs of the half drow Ned half Frozen Captain. Fie paused Only for an instant then with a Quick Resolution assumed the command of the i mat. Quot Buck to tile ship As fast As we can men a said he. With Stern set faces and benumbed hands the Crew Bent to the oars and made the sume Fly As tile boat spied through tile water. Tom took an oar with the rest and Hutchins. Saying nothing wont at it too. They had run a Long distance from the ice and it would take 20 minutes of Good pulling to carry them Back. Soon the Captain began to twist and turn. Kiel tried to raise some of the water that head swallowed. There was a Good Deal of life Iii him yet but his soaked furs were freezing fast to ids body. And All depended on How soon they could lie removed. As soon us they touched the ice two men took him Iii their arms under Toms orders and hurried toward the ship theotho rerunning with them to take turns in carrying the Load. A Hen they at last reached the a Leone they hurriedly stripped the Captain Aud treated him to a hard rubbing and chafing. Tom went into the work As earnestly As if the Man had been his Hest Friend. Quot of we liar some of that liquor that was stolen from us a would Collie in Handy now a he said. The curtain understood him Auld answered with groan. Quot ail gone. I was a fool a they heard him mutter. Hutchins walked about restlessly while Tom directed the work. Evidently he did not wholly enjoy the deference that the sailors paid to the lad hut still lie seemed to realize that Tom was More tit than he to take charge of things in this emergency. Quot Avo be had a bit of Good Luck today a the Steward said addressing Tom while to was resting for a moment. Tom looked at him inquiringly. Quot Tho natives have been bore and brought us some ducks a said the Stew Ard. Quot Hull what a that a interposed Hutchins. Of viciously. ducks the natives brought us a the Steward repeated looking at him doubtfully. A Cavell a said Hutchins hurriedly a Cook Mem rigid up As soon As you a a who a orders Quot asked Theca Tain starting up feverishly. A me. Sir Quot said Hutchins. A hang you in a master of this ship a the Captain exclaimed and St a ated to get up but Tell Back overcome by tile exertion. Quot a of Are threatened wit i a fever and tile la St tiling you can do is to lie still a said Tom. Quot you Hearken to me Steward Quot Hutchins spoke up again Quot gook them ducks for us cos Ken Fez you the Steward looked at Tom As if expecting some word from him but Tom did not a Peak. Quot Aye. Aye sir a the Steward then said to the mate and started off. Chapter Xxiii. A dying Many Story. Tom discovered that one of the captains feet had been very badly Frozen. Ile could do nothing with it. The other Frozen parts responded quickly to ids treatment but the foot Only went from had to worse and soon developed dangerous symptoms. By the skilful use of Cooling medicines Tom kept the captains fever Down and would have had him on deck in a few Days but for this foot which puffed up to an enormous size and was very painful. The Captain was entirely passive Iii Toms hands and exchanged no unnecessary words with him. To Lay in his berth enduring tile pain with tile same spiritless indifference which had been so often seen among Tho sufferers in the forecastle. Day after Day passed drearily. Tom busied both fore and aft As doctor and nurse. Hutchins giving what few orders there were to be Given the Well men doing Little else but trying to keep alive and Tho sick longing for death. There was no improvement in Tho captains foot on Hie contrary it grew worse. Tho discoloration grew Blocker and was spreading in Tho leg. Mortification had set in and could not be stopped. Quot Dan a said Tom to Moriarty one Day Quot i w ant you to help me do a Job of Quot anything Yez say that ill do Quot come with me into the Moriarty followed Tom aft and found that he already had begun preparations for the work. To had made an operating table of a Large Chest and had strewn it with surgeons implements that formed a part of the outfit of the Cleone clamps knives Needles and a Small Strong saw with Fine Teeth. Quot stand by me through this ism a said Tom. Quot its a Tough Job and one i never undertook before but its got. To be a a in a wid Yez me by. Life or death and i done to care said Dan. Then Tom turned to the Captain and roused him from a doze into which he had fallen. A Captain who said a a there a Only one Way to save your the Captain answered sullenly Quot what is it a Quot Foo got to Cut off that the Captain paused a moment. Quot got to be done has it a he asked. Quot there a no other there was another Short wait then Tho Captain spoke in the old Gruff tone. Quot off with it then but no Monkey shines in a Cape a of tiffs ship one foot or two Quot but ail the Fellows bravado could not hide the pallor that cams Over his face. Although he had never performed an amputation before the Young fellow had seen it done and knew How to go to work. To made All his preparations with great care first completely stopping the circulation above the place to be Cut and then using the knife and saw with a rapidity and Confidence that astonished Dan. He tied up the arteries sew cd up the Flap of skin bandaged the leg and had the patient Hack Milfs bunk in a marvellously 6hort time. The Captain stood the operation Well grating his Teeth and muttering a. Occasional oath under his breath but never flinching. After it was All Over he went off into a faint but a dash of water brought him around quickly. Quot Avo Oroo woo Roo i Niver saw the likes of Yez a exclaimed Dan sitting Down to catch his breath. Quot Yez have As much carve As if Yez had been through the wars Begorre a Quot my father always told me that a Man could do almost anything if he made up his mind to a said Tom Quot and after i saw that this Job had got to be done and id got to do it. A twas no to hard for me to go that night although he was almost worn out Tom watched by the captains Side. He knew that the Quot surgeons fever would come on and was not surprised at the Streat Rise in his patients temperature. The fever gained on the Captain rapidly and although Tom fought it with what Means and skill he possessed he could not Check it. Quot Well a said Hutchins appearing for the first time since the operation was begun a a bowl a you make it a Quot As Well As could be expected perhaps a Tom answered. A if he gets Over the fever hell be All a such jobs ainu to to my liking. You re Welcome to pm a said the mate and he turned in. The captains mind soon began to wander and his first Low mutterings were followed by loud cries and wild harangues. Sometimes it was a string of gibberish that he rattled off and again his words were intelligible. Once when Tom approached to give him a drink of water the Captain tried to Rise in his berth and strike at him. Glaring with the fury of a w m beast. He hit the cup of water and knocked it to the floor but the blow fell Short of its aim. With a shriek of anger and disappointment the Captain tumbled Back in his berth and went on raving. Quot kill him Down the brat freeze him shoot him Stab him anything to finish him up a Tom heard him say. Then after a Jumble out of which Lorn could make nothing the maniac made a lunge and would have rolled out of ins berth if Tom had not caught curse him a cried the Captain. He s in my Way i he a always been in my Way. He a a Blue Devil with his hair on fire. Where is he there he is in Llu a he spat at Tom and dropped into gibberish again but in a few minutes his words were Clear. 4_ a there he is a he said Why didst i fix him when i could Why did t he die when i left him on the Mountain curse him Why did no to Pilli Carey shoot him when he shot the old one i would if i d Boon there. Id have fixed him. Why did no to the Portage Cut his Throat Asho agreed to because he a a Devil and Manuel did no to dare to do it. Freezing shooting stabbing starving. Ill fix him ill starve him. Stab him. Freeze him shoot him that Blue Devil Over there with his hair on fire Quot he continued in this Way for a few minutes and then his talk became a confused mass of meaningless sounds. Quot my suspicions Havo All been right a thought Tom. While a chill ran Down his Hack. He succeeded in making the Captain Swallow a teaspoonful of Medicine and then called Dan to take his place for a few hours to enable him to catch a Little sleet. It was Day when he awoke and found Dan sitting faithfully at his Post. Quot he s been taking on terrible hut he s quieter now a said Dan in a whisper tile Captain was tossing and moaning but saying mulling. Tom found that his temperature wad not decreased and the fever was worse in every respect. Quot its a hard Chance for him Quot he whispered to Dan. Quot i done to it Eliveo hell Corno out of Quot i get some breakfast a me by. A Fez look As if Yez Node it. In be ordered wan a them birr us Foj Quot a of did a hat did Tho Steward say a a Quot Faith and i done All the Talkin myself. There was no ii Ade a his saying a Borrud. Broil says i a and he sure Yez have it done to a Jurrun. Tiffin Wiz the inst room tons i gave Quot adhere was Hutchins a Quot he Wiz off Long ago. He said it made him Yonaisy and shapeless to hear tin Captain Takin on so and he Wiz going Forward to got a Nap. And by the Powers i did no to blame Tho Mon. I would have been Yonaisy and shapeless myself. After Bearin the Captain cd ice conversation if i d been in the mate s place i would that not much surprised at the mates disappearance Tom took Danes advice and got his breakfast. The Duck was the first fresh food that to had tasted for months and nothing in his life Ever seemed so Good. The captains fever Rose and fell alternately that Day and the next. First he was raving Aud then he Sank into a sort of stupor. Toward the close of Hie second Day his mind seemed to he Clear and his Eye lost that wild look. A a adhere am i a he suddenly asked. Quot on the Cleone a said Tom. Quot i thought i was dead. I my a but he found that lie was too weak to say More. A a you re very sick a Tom said. Quot i m going to die ainu to i a a i m afraid so a answered Tom. Quot Avell you wont you wont have to sign this paper will Yon Quot no. But i could t have signed it Quot you did no to Swaller it he a Quot did no to believe i was your Uncle he a Quot your father believed Quot not Quot what did to let me out. For. After he locked me up if lie did no to believe it i showed him the proofs and he deny Ems a of my head a Tom said nothing but waited for the sick Man to go on Quot i Tell you boy Quot said lie Quot that i made David Starley believe that i was his brother. Ile could t prove that i Wasny to and you can to Provo that i Quot no but i m not obliged to believe Quot a of would he if i Wasny to going to die. Id Mako the old ugly Light came into his eyes. Quot but what a the use Quot lie continued. Quot a hat a Hie use of carrying on the game any longer a i wait a bit boy wait a he spoke with great difficulty and had to make frequent pauses. Quot it was All wrong boy All wrong who finally went on. Quot i ainu to your Uncle. Quot he a dead. I was a shipmate wit i him when he died and and a what a More boy i did it i knocked him Tom shrank from the miserable wretch As he told his Story a few words at a time How he and Hiram Starley had shipped on a voyage together and he had heard from Hiram s lips All about his family affairs and tile Little Fortune that awaited him at Home should lie return to take Possession of it. A Hiram was a queer in Quot to said. Quot he was a Reg Lar built Rover arum swore he did no to want any of ids folks to Lynow he was alive. Thinks i. A if you done to want that Money i and i made up my mind to put hint out of Hie was and become Hiram Starley instead of Bill Miggs. That show it happened Quot and then you thought you might As Well get. The whole of Tho property a said Tom bitterly. Quot that a it boy Quot groaned the sick Man. Quot i want to Clear Hie whole Load off my mind before i die. Of How my head aches i suffer worse if Allah of a he broke wit i a Long trembling moan clutched convulsively at tile furs that covered him and his mind began to wander again. Killings easy a lie muttered Quot its easy enough after the first time a he raised his voice to a shrill wild key As he went on. Quot a a i know How to dolt ill kill Mem ally All them Blue devils with their hair on Tiro a has chapter xxix Moriarty Breaks Down and Hutchins re Oaks out. Miggs alias Larkins alias Hiram Starley breathed his last a few hours after he made his confession to Tom. And thus ended Tho murderous conspiracy by which two men lost their lives Aud a third victim narrowly escaped sacrifice. Tom Starley w As once More in Possession of his own and Captain of Tho Cleone. A Hutchins a he said to that worthy Quot you can go Quot Aye Aye sir Quot he sheepishly answered without a protest. Quot i done to care How much you know about the plot Quot Quot i done to know no think a Hutchins broke in. Quot Yon knew enough to know better than to go As far As you did but Well let bygones be bygones if you behave yourself making no answer Hutchins packed up his things and left the Cabin. Quot now Dan excuse me or. Moriarty you and i Are on deck again and Fod helping us Well nut the Cleone a i feel a Little wobbly in my Bones but my courage is Joost As Good As Iver Sor a said Dan. Quot aah hat Man you re not sick a Quot Joost a bit on Teddy on my pegs Sor that Sall. Hut in a not going to give in to it sure and in a not Sor a Quot you a Tom cried with great earnestness. Quot i need you now More than Ever. If you break Down i done to know what will become of Quot by the Powers Sor ill stand wid Yez till there a nothing left for me to stand on a said Dan. Quot ill Brace top Niver fear a but Tom could not help worrying. He realized that although he had won one fight another Aud a harder one was before him. He knew that with nearly every one of his Little Crew sick with their provisions almost gone with his own strength slowly deserting him and with no sign of help from any Quarter save what heaven might vouchsafe to them it would to a severer struggle to get through the remaining weeks of the Winter than any they had yet experienced. Of Dan should be sick he feared that the Load on him would be More than he could Bear. In an inspection of the Cabin he made a discovery that at once angered and gratified him. He found a Large Quantity of food hidden Awny. Evidently Miggs alias Larkins had planned to have something to eat himself if the Crews rations should give out. Quot what a contemptible villain a Tom exclaimed. Quot nothing was too mean for him to the natives came aboard every Day and reported that ducks would be plentiful very soon and that everybody would have enough to eat. Their predictions were verified and they brought game in Large quantities to the Cleone talking in Exchange whatever Tom would pay them and sometimes giving him the Birds. The Supply of available articles for barter had been exhausted Long ago hut Tom robbed the pantry of knives Forks plates and tinware to buy the precious food. He believed now that the danger of starvation was Over but another had come close on its heels. The fuel had completely Given out. Quot Cut up the spars a a stomp a order to the men. The Topmast and upper Yards were taken first hut if it became necessary the other spars must go too. They could not live without tires. Tom endeavoured with Moriarty help to ascertain from the natives when the ice would probably break up but could derive Little satisfaction from them. They seemed to have no idea of the Calendar and could Only say that Tho ice generally went not Long after the ducks came. Arhat they meant by a not Long was a matter of conjecture entirely. Tom procured More of those roots from their women and made All the men use them. In this Way they cured themselves of the scurvy but the roots had no effect on the other disorders brought on by their loner privation and exposure to extreme in spite of Moriarty a Pluck he came Down with a fever. Tom gave up everything else to nurse him. And he battled the disease with every resource at his command. A Hile Danes fever was at its height Naina Mado her appearance for Tho first time in Many weeks. Tom was so overwhelmed with care that he say that he was glad to see her. She wandered about the vessel evidently was much impressed with the reduced condition and woe begone looks of the men. And in pantomime expressed much sympathy for Toms patient. She had something of special importance to say apparently but nobody could understand her. Moriarty was the Only one left who knew enough of the Lan Page to Converse with her and he was devious. Naina went off baffled but managed to indicate that she would come again. As Well As he could Tom told her that she would be Welcome and insisted on the stewards giving her one of Tho two Copper Ste pans that remained in his Possession. The weather gradually grew a Little Milder Ami Tom could see signs that the ice was breaking up outside in Tho Hay it apparently was As firm As Ever and communication with the Shore was not interrupted. Danes fever turned and he seemed to be mending. To was As weak As a child though and Many Days must pass before he would he Able to do anything. One More Sailor died of the consumption that had been wasting him for months. The other men were Able to creep about but were very weak. The Steward and Hutchins seemed to stand it better than for of them. They and Tom were the Only men on Board who could do a hand s 1 urn of work and they Rig the hark alone. Arhat could they do if the ice should release them and they should Hare a Clear course How could they move from where they were anchored Saveie they not fated to lie there and die Quot no Quot Tom said to himself shutting his Teeth firmly together Quot i done to believe it. There la he some Way out of it torus. Aah of Haven t struggled t through this awful Winter to come to such a miserable every night he prayed for help. And every morning he awoke with a fresh courage although All things seemed against him. One afternoon while lie was attending to Moriarty Hutchins slouched into the Cabin for the first time since he left it. Quot Good afternoon said Tom pleasantly. Quot afternoon sir a said Hutchins. Quot you Hainet got nothing agin me. I Hope a Quot no in be nothing against a i hed a Little something on my mind to say to Quot a Ery Well. What is it a Quot Don t von Remein Lier that soon after you came Hack Ter the ship from the natives you noticed that shed drifted Down toward Indian pm let quite a bit one night a a a is tile ice moved along and took the Cleone with Quot i Tell yer Cape a. That i done to believe the ice would have moved her so much if it Hadnot hed some Quot help How a Quot Krum Quot How could Larkin have had anything to do with it a Quot he gave the whole thing away to me afterwards ail that a what i Wiz going Ter Tell Quot he Wiz bound Vliet the Cleone should t stay Here of he could help it. He wanted to go off and leave yer Here. Us course you know All about thet. A lion he finds out Vliet he can to scare your father into Clear in off what does he do he cuts the Caille Chain. He Wiz a shrewd one he Wiz and hed Laten in these ice Fields before. He thought the vessel would go adrift in the night providing her Anchor Wiz off Efth ice should happen to move an1 it most always does Afore it freezes up fur final. So to cuts the Cable Chain and makes fast something heavy Tor tile end us the Chain to keep it taut so nobody could see what lied been done. Thetis what he does and thetis How he does it but the game did no to work. He cussed like a Good in when he told me about Quot it was a desperate move on his part hut just like him.�?�, i Quot True Cape a t Tup. I done to deny that lid Wiz a had in. But what i Wiz going to say was this. The ice lies held us hero All w inter. But a Quot but when the ice Breaks up there la he no Anchor to hold us i see what you re driving at. Its Lucky you thought of it. And you Shane to lose anything by your Quot thank yer. Sir. I Hope not. I ainu to done nothing that a so very bad sir in a Quot no no. I told you that in be nothing against you. But see Here. Are you Able to go ashore Quot Quot in a Good for it., Quot i want you to go at once and get a gang of Messink ivs to help us. We be got to get our spare Anchor Over the Side at once. And can to possibly do it with our own Crew. There a no knowing when the ice will break up and the sooner we re ready for it the better. Aav handle the ship Tosato our jives if she should strike adrift in Tho Quot True sir every word us it. T la lie off Iuit bring some help of i Kin. Hutchins hurried off and Tom went on deck to carefully note the signs of the weather. A Strong wind was blowing from the West and the Sun was shining brightly. It was the warmest Day Thov had experienced since Winter sex in. He could see that the ice was Honey combing in shots. Quot id have these awnings Down if the men were Able to he said. Quot ill see if i can to show the me Sinkas How to do Chaffer xxx. A potato. Hutchins came Back from the Village with a Crew of me Sinkas who cheerfully helped Tom and his two men get their port Anchor off the rail and out a Hole in Tho ice for it. They also aided in taking Down the Canvas roof and seemed to be perfectly willing to make themselves useful in any Way. Quot Avo Oroo. But the bloody Huthins a said Dan. Who had recovered ills flow of conversation and was rapidly regaining the rest of his health. Quot it must to a terrible Cross to Yez to take favors from them considering the grudge Yez have against he was so desperately in Earnest that Tom help laughing at him. Quot Faix but i mane it Ivery bit a said Dan. Quot in sooner be knocked Down by a Yacint Man than picked top by one a them dirty Nagpur so an think a the Spito Yez owe Thim. Musha a a look Here Dan a said Tom. Seriously a you must remember that they wore set on. Twas somebody else we were in debt to but that Sall Quot Hirvin bless Yez can la Starley. For Ivery word Yez say is True out i hate these Mes Sinky chaps and i hate than bad enough for us both with Yez Honor a permission and there a no Nade whatever a Yez bothering Yez head about it at All at All. A Dan flopped Over in his bunk and Tom went away much gratified wit i this ample proof of his convalescence. It was the first Timo since to was taken Down that he had shown any of his old time spirit. There Wero two weeks of warmer weather in which the thermometer registered above the freezing Point at noon and Little pools of water formed on top of the ice. They could he chary of their fuel and they Only kept the Galley stove burning about four hours a Day Quot the crops Are coming up at Home said the Steward. Quot done to mention Tom answered with a sigh. A hello we re going to have a a dog Sledge had set off from the Shore and was splashing Over the ice. Tom turned his Glass on the team for a moment. Quot a of can hardly Tell one from another in their Toggery a said lie Quot but i believe its that Young lady Friend of a few minutes later Naina climbed aboard the bark her eyes dancing and her face shining. Quot what a up now i wonder a said Tom the girl advanced toward him extending in her hand a Small round object which she gave to him. The Young Captain looked at it and gave amp Start Quot Good gracious a tie exclaimed his eyes sticking out a what is it sir a asked the Steward. A just look at it in a afraid in a Quot a potato a cried the Steward. Quot it must be but it can to be How could she have got a potato a Tim Steward eagerly bit into the raw vegetable. Quot there a no mistake about it a said he excitedly. Quot try Tom bit off a piece and was convinced. Quot this beats All a said he. Quot you done to sup Fiose they be gone into Early Market Garden us up Here. Do you a the Steward taking the Captain seriously Quot its an old potato out where it came from is what puzzles me a Naina stood watching the discussion with a Grin As if she understood perfectly what they were saying. Motioning her to follow him Tom burst into the Cabin. Quot i say. Dan a said he Quot we be had a Quot a hat a that Yez say Sor a Quot look at it what do you rail it Quot a a per taty Mother of Marcy adhere did Yez get that Sor a a Unaina fetched it. I brought her Down for you to talk to. Bee if you can find out where the potato came slowly Aud laboriously Dan and the girl reached an understanding through the intricacies of the Messina language and the irishman became so excited that he almost jumped out of his bunk. Quot Hooray for is a be shouted. Quot there a Good news if this Hay think Damsel is tolling the truth. There a another ship up that a where she got the per taty a Quot another ship where Quot cried Tom Aud the Steward in a breath. Quot wait will Yez till i Kin talk a bit More wid this Swate after further Parl eying Dan reported As nearly As he could understand Naina she said that a ship had arrived off Shore on the other sine of Indian Point whose Mountain sides obstructed their View. She said that the sea was Clear there Aud the natives went out to the ship in their canoes to Trade. She had gone. Too. And had obtained this potato to prove to the people on the Cleone that help i a within their reach. Quot Tho ship can to be far away a said Tom. said Dan. Quot Yez tie right there Sor. But How fair is More than i Kin find out. These hav thins done to mind the difference betwixt a fathom and a Quot Avell. If she a been there i can said Tom determinedly. Quot so can i a said the Steward feverishly. Quot and be jailers what s tile matter a me going too a exclaimed Dan. A a done to get too said Tom. Laughing first at one and then at the other. A you crawl to the main rail mate and you Steward Are needed Here. There a need of Only one of us going. Ill find the ship and get help and come pack after you. Tell Start at once Tea Tell Naina what i say Moriarty communicated Toms decision to the girl who seemed much pleased. Quot that a Joost what she wanted a said Dan. Of the Swate Cray Ture a waiting Only to get a Little packet of food from the Steward Tom boarded Nainar a Sledge and away they went at a Gallop. They reached Nairas House at Sundown Ana there they rested for the night. Early the next morning they aet out again on an eight dog Sledge with another to keep them company. Quot this is travelling in style Quot thought Tom. It was not Long before Hobaught a glimpse of a Square rigger s masts and after a three hours ride they reached the Little Basin where she was at Anchor. Near the Shore there was another settlement of natives and they had no difficulty in borrowing a Canoe from them and boarding the Craft. Winch proved to be the katrina of Hawaii capt. Dense Dorfer. Capt. Dense Dorfer was a Hollander who spoke English with some modifications. He could not have been More surprised of an Angel had alighted on i shrouds than lie was when Toms fur Clad Figare confronted him. Quot mine gracious boy Vero Vas you come from All Dis time a he exclaimed As Tom climbed Over the Side and sainted him. From the hark Cleone of Plover Bay my name is capt. Tom Starley of the Hie dutchman saluted him gravely. Quot a it a Vas you arrive capt. Starley a he asked. Quot last Quot vat Vas Dot you say you arrive last september and Van been Here Effer since Dot time Dander and Litzen Vas Dot so then Tom told him briefly the Story of the Cleone As it bad been related in these Page and told him of the reduced and Kelpie condition in which the survivors were left. Capt. Dense Dorfer was a Large hearted Man and was greatly affected by Tom a simple description of the sufferings of his men and his own misfortunes. When the Young Captain humorously pictured the excitement caused by the arrival of the potato on the hark the dutchman burst into a Gale of laughter. Quot Dot Vas de greatest Ting i Neffer hears of a said he. Quot Avo Neffer heard of Vun Little potato making so mooch orc tement but my Frient you Nio Ost be hungry for some potato ant cabbage but dose Tings. Dose Vas Joost vat you vants. Our dinner time Vas most ready loot gracious How hungry for dose Tings you Nio Ost be a and Bow Tom enjoyed the vegetable dinner that was soon spread before him i i he potatoes the cabbage and the onions they seemed to put new Fife in him. His face glowed and a Broad Grin spread Over capt. Densel Dorfert a Jolly countenance As he saw How much Good the meal was doing Tom. Naina was Well provided for and the Captain at once thought of the poor Fellows on the Cleone. Quot Yevell Send dem plenty off potatoes nut cabbage unt said he. Quot Injev make a Lem sick men get veil right Avay. Dey Vas better Dan Tom s eyes filled with tears As he thanked capt. Dense Dorfer for his kindness and Tho Good old dutchman realized More fully than before what awful Straits the Cleone s men had passed through and How timely was his help he readily agreed to Send four of his seamen Back to the hark with Tom to help get the Cleone Clear when the ice should break up. Quot Dot vont to Long before if dose Vest rinds keeps on blowing like Dis a said he. The men and two Large baskets of provisions were sent ashore and loaded on the sledges then. With Many words of cheer from capt. Dense Dorfer. They started away. It was a mild night the Moon was shining brightly and Tom decided that ii would he Best to keep on their journey after changing their dogs at Naina s Village. Aah Hen they were ready to set off a tin Naina had disappeared and another Driver ban taken her place on Tho Sledge. The whips cracked the Drivers shouted the dogs marked and they briskly drove Over Tho mountains and across the Frozen liar. Coaching the Leone at Midnight. Aah Ith a shout Tom leaped Over the rail and hurried aft. The Steward came Rushing from his berth to Greet him. Moriarty had heard the Welcome cry and. Although lie had not been up. He tottered to the Cabin door and fell on Toms neck As he entered. It took but a moment for All hands sick and Well to rally in the Waist and of the Sailor men from the katrina had been the Long lost sons of the Cleone s Crew they could not have been welcomed More warmly. Quot Hirvin bless Yez a said Dan. Shaking hands with them one by one. Quot i Niver set me two eyes on such mine gentlemen if Yezz la excuse me for making mention a the same a Quot and look Here a said Tom pointing to the baskets of vegetables. A loud cheer went in from the deck. The Cleone a men w Ere almost crazy with Delight. Quot of course a said Tom. In reply to a question asked by the Steward in the midst of the confusion and soon the Galley was All astir with preparations fora Midnight feast. Chapter Xxxi. Free at last. Next Day a thick fog Hung Over the Bay and it win followed by a drizzling rain. This unpleasant weather was hailed with smiling faces by the Cleone a men As it was a sure sign that the Long awaited Arctic summer was at hand. It was the 29th Day of june and was the first rain they a had Sinco september. The ice was covered with water and rotting rapidly. In a few Days a Strong wind Setin from the Northwest and to their great Joy they saw that the Frozen barriers were breaking in and moving out of the Bay. On the 4th of july the passage to the Bay was Clear and there was not More than half a mile Between the hark and the open sea the men celebrated with a Salute of firearms. Singing and dancing to the music of a Mouth Harp drought by one of the sailors of tile katrina. The katrina kindly sept a boat Load of provisions to the Edge of the ice whence they were hauled to the bark on a Sledge and increased the growing cheerfulness of All on Board. Tile sick men were almost Well now and everybody was Able to lend a hand in the work of putting the vessel in trim again. New rigging was made to take the place of that destroyed by the Winters gales and the sails Wero Bent on the Yards that were you might As Well Book your tackle on and Send your Yards up a said capt. Tom to tile mate. Soon the merry creaking of the ropes through the blocks was heard and the clinking of the Windlass As the men sent up the Sticks. Quot Ivery Topmast is gone and All the upper Yards said Moriarty Quot and All the share Sticks Quot never mind we can get along without them and make quite a spread of Canvas plenty to take us Down to the islands and there we can fit up. Lets see we can carry our Mainsail Foresaid and spanker the Jib for Topmast Staysail Aud main Ana Mizzen Staysail easily Quot to be Shore. Sor. Quot Well we wont look very handsome but Well go along All awhile waiting for the wind and fog to make further inroads on the ice the masts were varnished and the bark was Given a thorough cleaning from Stem to Stern. The water on Tho ice was now so deep that communication from the Shore was Cut off. Quot id like to put in about 50 barrels of that Pond water a said the Captain Quot but its no use to think of such a thing. This ice water will have to and they tilled their casks with rain water bailed from the surface of the ice. On the 8th of july the ice had broken away to within three ships length of the Cleone. Quot we can airily do the rest Sor Quot the min to Joost crazy to do it a said Moriarty As he pointed to the narrow blockade Between them and Freedom. Quot go ahead a said Tom catching the sex cited sent himself. There were two ice saws aboard and axes and chisels enough to equip the whole Crew. They gave a loud Hurrah when the word was passed that they were to attack the ice and went Atit with All their might. Night came on before they could finish their work and the next Day it rained so hard that they had to stay aboard hut by noon on the following Day there was a Clear canal Between the bark and the open water. How the men Sang and shouted As they Bent to the Windlass and weighed the Anchor and How they danced about and hugged each other As the Cleone glided into Tho Clear sea free at last after More than nine months of Gre some Captivity How could they help being almost wild with Joy they rounded Indian Point sailed alongside the katrina and dropped Anchor. By capt. Deiiseldorfer�?T8 Kina invitation they sat Down to a feast Given aboard his vessel in Celebration of their escape and As if he had not done enough for them he insisted on sending to the Cleone another Load of supplies which insured them against any further trouble from Lack of proper food. Quot god bless you a said Tom the Salt drops rolling Down Bis Cheeks As he pressed the whole souled dutchman a hand. A have owe our live8ltoyou aah a would have had to lie there Ana rot alter All if you Hadnot helped us Quot Dot Vas settings a said the dutchman gravely. A if i Vas in Dot scrape i a aspect you do de Quot i Only Hope i can have a Chance Noi done to either i Hope i shall never have a Chance to do As much for you As you have done for me but i can t Tell you How much i thank you Aud How much we All thank you a Quot Ivery wan of us a exclaimed Dan Moriarty. With a quivering lip. Quot there Hainet a Man a us Good or bad but la Pray Hiven to Reward Yez. Quot Dot Vas All right a said the imperturbable cant. Dense Dorfer. Quot i with three cheers for him Aud three More for the katrina the Cleone s company returned to their vessel. Quot there a one thing More i must do before we said Tom to his mate. Quot is Sor and what is it Sor a a i can to leave without saying Goodby to a that Tirral by the Powers id forgotten the Swate Cray Ture Good Luck to Quot we owe As much to her As we do to capt. Quot Ivery bit Sor. Bogging Yez Honor a Pardon. I be often thought the Girrel Wiz in love wid said Dan with a mischievous look. Tom coloured and let Bis eyes fall for a moment. Quot she done to really know what that Means. Continued on Ute seventh Page

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