Boston Weekly Globe in Boston, Massachusetts
31 Mar 1891

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Boston Weekly Globe in Boston, Massachusetts
31 Mar 1891

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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - March 31, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts Have you renewed free to any one sending 3 subscriptions and $3.00. Subscribers May be either old new have Yod renewed free to any one beading 3 subscriptions and $3.00. Subscribers May be either old new vol. Xix. 13. Boston tuesday morning. March 31. 185 1. Price five Jerry Simpson Kansas in new England. Ralph Beaumont and Simpson Beal vigorous blows at to enlist new Hampshire Farmers in the Alliance. Concord n. H., March 25.�?a representative audience greeted a sock i Esse Jerry Simpson Kansas and Ralph Beaumont president the citizens National Alliance in Phenix Hall this evening when they appeared to open the Farmers Alliance movement in new Hampshire where just now the soil seems to he most congenial for its reception and growth. The audience was a very intelligent and appreciative one and the speakers were frequently liberally applauded. Precisely at 8 clock messes. Simpson and Beaumont stepped to the stage and the latter at once entered upon his argument he said a the Secretary the National Farmers Alliance at Washington and Tho official head the National citizens Alliance have received numerous letters inquiry from this state requesting intelligence upon the principle those organizations. As we think it advisable to reply in person for that reason these meetings Wero organized. A Early in the Century there was but one corporation in this country but today our land is honeycombed with them. I started in life As a Bobbin boy in the Cotton Mill Samuel Slater at fall River then 14va hours constituted a Days work. Since this i have seen the time reduced to 12 hours and later to to and i Hope before i die to see the weavers Crown the Effort now being made by labor organizations to reduce it to eight. Applause today such is Tho cohesive Power aggregated capital that the Little Bobbin boy in fall River cannot ask for an increase in wages however slight unless the request is Felt in the vast amount wealth represented by All the Cotton Mil is that City. wad copious extracts from the platform the Farmers Alliance and commented upon them As he progressed. Continuing he said a the land question is the great Issue in this country today. The politicians know care Little about it. They know enough to get people into trouble upon the Tariff question but they done to seem to know enough to get them out it. Laughter if i asked you my friends about the land question what would you say i confess i am unable to answer. Do you know that great Railroad corporations hold Over 100,000.000 acres our Public Domain and that unjustly How do they get title by congressional land Grants made upon Promise to construct roads which were never built until More legalized robbery a the citizens Alliance demands that the government shall control the Telegraph sys tem. Quot Tho people Are restive under too much corporate Power this a condition being duo largely to the influence the Public school system which was evolved by their demands for a change. The influence tile Public school is Felt almost everywhere. I must except Kentucky where it requires two companies infantry to keep a judge upon the Bench. A this system has brought into existence a body 400,000 officeholders the teachers who preside Over the schools. The demands tile Public have brought into being the free delivery postal system under which 14,000 men hold office. This improvement is a very beneficial one to the people and one that is far reaching. Equally valuable but less generally used is the special delivery system another creation Public demand. Alaric my words there will never be a Large surplus in the National Treasury so Long As the requirements the Public Are unsatisfied. Kansas Nan Many labor and Farmers newspapers. They done to publish the full base Ball scores reports boxing matches but they do educate tile people upon the great economic questions which confront them. The Farmers that state know How much interest they pay and How Many pounds butter Are required to meet any their obligations. Applause a it gives to great pleasure ladies and gentlemen to introduce the Mon. Jerry Simpson congressman from Tho seventh Kansas a slight Ripple applause greeted the distinguished gentleman As he stepped Forward. said Quot i am somewhat embarrassed in following an experienced speaker like . Beaumont. As i Havo not addressed nearly As Many audiences As he. That is in his line it Isnit in mine. Lefoi e i came Here i wa3 asked what i thought Tho Chance inaugurating a Farmers Alliance movement in new England. And i replied that it was Tho very place All where it should be organized. Quot i knew new Hampshire was a Good Field when i saw that there was within her Borders a Little rebellion against a proposed Stock watering scheme Only 88.000,000, by two Railroad corporations. If you will rebel against a Little Stock watering like that what will you do when the burdens become heavily increased Quot the people Kansas were timing taxed to pay dividends railroads that Cost i too too whose Stock had been watered to $300,000,000 before they realized it the railroads fixed freights at so High a rate that in 1889 it was cheaper for the Farmers to Burn their Corn than it was to Send it to Market a few Hundred Miles and pay for hauling Coal an equally Short distance. This shut the Miner out employment and he had to feed himself and dependant family Gas and North wind. Quot during the last to years the whole system society has been changed and the government must change with it to keep abreast the time. Otherwise there is great danger that corporations will become too powerful and arrogant. The Railroad question is a grave one and the proposition that confronts the people today is whether they will control be controlled by them. A i was told before i came Ito new Hampshire that the railroads have control both political parties and Tho legislature and that the people have no rights. I done to know what the fact is but perusal an evening paper criticising our coming Here makes me believe that there is something in it. Quot the Alliance believes that the extraordinary Powers exercised by corporations Are endangering the liberties Tim people and Attiat the y should be checked and compelled to restore to them the rights that they have taken from them. It is safer for the government to control the railroads than it is for the railroads to control Tho government. Quot for 15 years it was impossible to elect a governor in Kansas unless he was satisfactory to the great Atchison Railroad and i suppose that railroads Wield great influence in this and other states. The Alliance believes it is better for the people to control. This mighty engine the country. The Railroad than for it to control them and to use it against their interest. If the people do not control Tho great corporations they will control the people. I prefer the former state affairs. Quot the great Railroad system make one the leverages which Are resulting in placing in the hands 40.000 persons nearly three fourths the wealth this country today. In the great City new York where $10,000 was expended a banquet for 72 persons 7000 poor were buried in the Potter s Field last year. This is one result this Railroad wealth. A there is no state legislature in the Union but that has Felt the Power corporation Money and influence. We waited in Kansas year after year hoping for Relief but it came not. The Farmers there held meetings in the schoolhouses and selected four men. Those their own kind to represent them in the legislature. A we said to them a we will take no excuse from you. Go there and do your duly by the people the state we will hold you responsible and remember that if you fail in doing what is for our interest and your duty you May Pray to the lord to forgive you but we will applause a we said further a Pyou do not work and vote for the people you had better go across the Ocean and carry the Ocean with applause every Man did hi3 duty. Applause a there Hasni to been an honest election in Kansas for years. Corporations have used Money. During the senatorial struggle some the Alliance members the legislature were offered As High As $10,000 for a vote but not one the 93 faltered surrendered in the a croakers said when we elected those men they will sell you out a but they did t do anything the kind. A a done to go to sleep thinking that the gov eminent will run itself however it will not. I have Confidence that the people this country will Settle All the economic questions without bloodshed. The Public schools have made Thorn men. Not paddlers. In a recent speech in Boston. Or. Mckinley said toe american people Are prosperous. Perhaps that May Baho but i read abandoned farms in new Hampshire also that while the Farmers manage to Clear about 8200 a year. The farm bands get 300. This is an agricultural country and its greatest Prosperity was when under Low Tariff the men who own the Coal and Iron mines those who control your water Powers and i understand you live turned Over your water Power to a corporation laughter the owners the factories thrive under a High Tariff. A labor has no Protection it is open to Competition from the entire world. Wages have been held up by labor organizations but this cannot always to. Slavery can exist in Many guises. Its essence is that a Man Bas to surrender the products his labor for his living and when lie does that he is As much a slave As the Black Man the South Ever was. If persons Corpora rations want special privileges make them pay for them by taxing them tax Back. If any Man seeks to acquire Large tracts land tax him so internally nigh that he will get somebody to occupy them. If railroads want to run tax them so internally High that the people will derive some Benefit from them. Tho same is True water Powers and All other property. Quot i was in the South last Winter and Many the coloured men told me they were better off before the War than then. The trouble is they can to get the land. When they do. And they will through the Alliance movement there will be no need any Force Bill. Quot you people the East have sent much Money to Kansas. The people Are poor but honest. They cannot pay the Large rate interest no business can stand it. Be patient accept a reduced rate interest and they i ii sett in in full. Today Many Kansas Farmers Are homeless because exorbitant interest charges. Quot Weare contending for a principle and now is the time to join us. We come in the interest no corporation Jour errand is from Farmers West and Northwest and we invite Farmers and wage earners Newham Shire to Corno with us. The Alliance has already accomplished Many things for the Benefit the people this country Ami will Many More. One thing it has done and pretty effectually closed the bloody chasm Between the North and South and we propose to fill it up if it takes All to old politicians in the country to do great applause at some later time . Beaumont will come to Concord to organize a Branch the Alliance. At Manchester. Or. Simpson repeats the Story the Farmers Alliance. Manchester n. Ii. March 23.�? Tho same platform in a myth shall from which Abraham Lincoln spoke in 1859, Hon. Jeremiah Simpson a sock less Jerry congressman elect from the seventh Kansas District tonight addressed a Large and representative audience. Or. Simpson was greeted with applause Ami said As a representative the Farmers Alliance i am sent Here to Tell you something the Alliance movement. The Alliance i belong to is called the National Alliance and Industrial Union. There is another organization however in Nebraska and Minnesota which is called Tho National Alliance and which is made up a number Industrial unions. Iii Illinois we Havo still another Alliance organization and its members secured the election a senator in Tho late memorable contest in that state. There is a movement now in the West to unite All these Alliance organizations and to include within the party to be created the coloured Alliance the South which claims to possess 1,600.000 votes. Hie Farmers Alliance has grown up principally from the Granger movement. It embraces All the social features that organization and in the late election it held the balance Power in 12 Southern states and in three states the Northwest put in Kansas the people have become a Little tired waiting for Cho old political parties to carry out needed reforms. We waited a Long time for the Republican party to carry out reforms in state Aud nation but it paid no attention to our petitions. We grew tired and so took the matter into our own hands and said wre would have Farmers for our representatives. By Farmers i do not mean men who Parade about in Alligator boots and Wear line clothes but we took men who had heard the Rustle the Corn Leaf. And who had the soil upon their hands. We elected five them to Congress 92 members our House representatives. We could not get control the Senate As the members the old Senate held Over. One them however hearing tile result the election showed the Good sense to go and commit suicide and we elected an Alliance Man in his place. We wish other members that Senate would show the same Good sense and go and do likewise. Laughter the House passed some Good legislation among the measures being a ballot Reform Bill but it was rejected by Tho Senate. The ballot Bill was not desired because the Republican party Kansas wanted a Chance to buy voters. Thev will not permit the australian ballot system to become a Law Here a new Hampshire but Mark my words this is one the first things you want to have accomplished. . The men who make the Best legislators do not come from the ranks your educated men. In Kansas we went to the Cornfields and to the ploughs and in Point intelligence honesty and ability it was the Hast legislature the state has Ever had. Applause for the first time in Kansas a United states senator was elected without a scandal. The members whom the banners a Alliance had. Elected went there and did what the people told them and there was not Money enough in the United states to buy them. There was plenty Money and one member was offered As High As $10,000 for his vote and the offer refused. You need to watch As Well As Pray when you Are in politics. Laughter i did no to come to new Hampshire to Tell you people what to do. For More than 30 years you have now been subservient to the old parties and have been lowering your buckets into an empty Well. Quot the Farmers Alliance done to want to antagonize any party interest but we understand that there Are evils to be met and overthrown. The present parties Are under control corporations and ring Rule and your Loyal old state new Hampshire has fallen into the hands a lot political tricksters who go so far As to legislate away the water which Falls from heaven for the Benefit a corporation. A i have come to the conclusion that the time has arrived when we no More need a Senate than does a Wagon a fifth wheel. Fuex Andor Hamilton said that this country must have a Senate composed the educated and wealthy in order to hold the people in Check. Do we want that has time shown the need an aristocratic governing class Are we going to permit it Quot you yourselves Are to blame for the legislation which has been enacted hostile to your interests. You have accepted political questions second hand instead giving study and thought to economic questions Tor yourselves. A emr. Mckinley says that this country is rolling in Prosperity and wealth Aud that its people Are contented and Happy. I will meet this by a speech delivered by John j. Ingalls the one Man whom the Republican party has got Down upon its Knees to and worshipped As its god for the past 15 years for the reason that he was the Best Man they bad to skin a rebel. Laughter a the says that 31,000 persons possess one half the wealth this country and under such a condition As this can the country Long be prosperous and Happy it which these doctors Are you going to believe . Mckinley who tells you you Are Well . Ingalls who tells you you Are sick to the heart and Are fast becoming a nation Bankers and paupers i am inclined to think that Ingalls is right. Quot in 1892 to Are going to remove Berea my Harrison Grover Cleveland whoever it May be. If the people this country Are any better off under the High protective Tariff i have not As yet discovered it. I suppose i am encroaching noon dangerous ground when i talk Tariff in new England As i suppose it has made you All Rich. Laughter Quot this Railroad monopoly is a monster that has got to be met and throttled. At Tho present time . Jay Gould is a Groat Power than the United states government. Whether you like not you must face the dangers this country. You would not permit a private corporation to run your schools to contract to fill your armies. A in Kansas we desire to Trade our products for the products your factories and to get As much from you As we can for Tho products our labor. We have found that our Market is limited and that All we Purchase from you is protected. Then capital combines to Lessen the amount goods manufactured and labor is out a Job. It controls Iron and Coal mines in such a manner to set up the Price manufactured articles. Quot the other hand the labourer comes in Competition with hundreds workingmen whom capital has brought Over from Europe and americans Aro being driven out because they cannot work for the wages which Are offered. We have talked Laboured for a protective Tariff thinking thereby we were benefiting the Labouring men but we have been making it worse and worse All the time. Quot if there is a Good Republican protectionist Here tonight i desire to ask him Tho question that if a protective Tariff is beneficial to the Labouring Man. Why Why is it that the highly protected countries Italy China pay the lowest wages any countries Earth is there not a Republican Here who will get up and argue this Point Quot now i done to want you to go away from Here and say that you could Havo answered me if von bad been a mind to. is another question How is it that England free Trade England pays the highest wages any country in Europe great Britain is today the dumping ground All the wealth the world and her capital is coming Over Here and buying up the railroads manufacturing industries your breweries and your Beer. While she Low been accumulating her millions and billions wealth during the past 15 years the United states has lost one and one Liaf millions property that she Bas taken in. Quot this is where a prote Siivo Tariff is As great a fraud As far As manufacturing is concerned As slavery Ever was. Quot the Day will come when new England people will cry for free Trade Ami All tile markets the world. Your Hanking institutions and your railroads eat in All our property before we can get it to you and we want you to help us out this dilemma. The statesman the future is a Man who can solve the question the distribution wealth. Quot a men Are tramping this coun try Voclav according to senator Ingalls seeking for work and All because the vicious legislation which has been imposed upon us. A what we want is a condition things that wiil give to everybody an equal Chance and Tho blessings and comforts this life a condition things that will admit Tho poor Man wearing silk socks and White shirts if he applause business a week. R. G. Dun amp review the past seven Days in the commercial world. New York March 27.�?r. G. Duff amp weekly review Trade says a if no news is Good news As concerns Tho condition business at this season the Outlook is fairly satisfactory. It is a season transition and uncertainty. And every week that passes without distinctly untoward events brings closer Tho now and probably Large crops next summer and lessens the Chance that intervening disaster financial Industrial commercial May prevent the revival All the events the past week have not been the whole unfavourable. Borne failures local consequence have occurred but nothing to indicate that the commercial situation is unsound. Trade has been rather quiet and hesitating As is natural at this season and there is rather More complaint slow collections but throughout tile Northwest bad weather and the bad state country roads Supply an explanation. Money is in fair and increasing Supply. And though still tight at bait Lako and scarce at Jacksonville and Iii stronger demand at Omaha Aud Milwaukee is almost everywhere easier so that wants legitimate business Are met without trouble. The Outlook for the coming crops continues exceptionally Good. The threatened strikes in Hie building trades cause some uneasiness and strikes in textile works result the whole unfavourably to employers. While some Tho great Coke producers have attempted to resume at a reduction wages the result timing yet Uncertain. This strike seems to have helped Iron interests by preventing a further decline for though the Hest brands Are source. A reduction 81 per ton was at one time imminent but the Market has a better tone. Rails Are firm but very Dull and manufactured products Are the whole weaker. Copper is weaker and tin steady with Lead a Shade higher. Wool is Selling steadily 2,828,000 pounds at Boston and the very Large consumption australian is a Surprise it seems due in part to the bad condition Many Western fleeces hut in part to the fact that the Home Supply is nearly exhausted. Carpet works at Philadelphia Are fairly Busy and buying freely Many Mills having orders for tile season. Dry goods dealers Are already placing Many fall orders without change in prices As yet and agents stocks Plain soft goods Are Small but menus Wear goods Are Dull the great Factor being Tho extreme conservatism buyers. The Boot and shoe Trade is not satisfactory and shipments from Boston Are slightly lie Low last years thus far lint Tho attempt to Corner hides is strongly resisted As tanners fail to get higher prices for leather. The business failures occurring throughout the country during the last seven clays As reported to r. G. Dun amp co. And e. Russell amp co. Of the mercantile Agency by Telegraph. Number for Tho United states. 228, Anet for Canada 28, a total 256, As compared with a total 275 last week and 273 the week previous to the last. For the corresponding week last year the figures were 243, representing 217 failures in Tho United states and 20 in the Dominion Canada. How to fold a coat. How Many people know How to fold a coat asks Clothier and furnished. Here it is All in a nutshell with no explanation necessary except the illustrations he makes you nervous Pittsburg Post did you Ever experience the sensation not a pleasant one being thrown into a state nervousness by the presence some one the person May be a stranger an acquaintance May be a Good Friend an enemy. There seems to de something Peculiar about such a one that makes him almost unbearable at least at times. Very Likely he does no to affect others As he affects you and you May do your Best to overcome what you feel to he merely your own weakness. But the Effort is vain. irritates you in some inexplicable Way. The sensation is most emphatic although the reason it May be beyond your ability to discover. These Are a few the symptoms a common enough Case which you cannot fail to have diagnosed for yourself As often As you had the time interest necessary you do not need to see hear your Man. You can just feel his presence and it will Send your thoughts scurrying no matter How Well you had them in hand tie fore. The Man who makes you nervous is a fixture in society As Long As people Are bom with nerves and As Long As people Are born a with different dispositions. As Long As poles magnets attract and repel so Long will people have mysterious attachments and revulsion. Who can account for it shall we Lay it at the door magnetism mesmerism hypnotism shall we say simply imagination perhaps hysterics big fires in new York fire 1835 Cost $30,000,000. How the Iii Rinir two great libraries lessened human s biggest fire Dost its victims More than $75,000,000. Selent talc american among the great fires history undoubtedly the burning the Sera Pyrum Library at Alexandria Iii Tho year 840,by Tho Caliph Omar i., is most widely mourned As the destruction 500,000 volumes Cut off much the record human knowledge at that time. The general impression the importance and significance this fire is. No doubt augmented in great measure by the alleged answer this Saracen conqueror who replied to the protest against the burning with Quot if these books Are against Tho Koran they Are pernicious Aud must be destroyed. If they agree with the Koran they Are redundant and need not he preserved a and it is not generally remembered that Julius Ca Sar burned a larger Library 7<kv too volumes at Alexandria known As the Rucian Library. B. 48, nearly 700 years before the burning thesera Naium Library by Omar i. At times sack and pillage Jerusalem has been burned time and again the most noted instance being at the siege by the romans under Titus during the year 70, when a faction called the Sicari set the City Tiro in Many places and eventually 1,100,000 the inhabitants perished by fire and Tho sword. Constantinople Bas Liko All Oriental cities suffered Sov Rolv from fires a Large part such losses being undoubtedly due to the fatalism the Mahometano who How to their Kismet. Baida Sultan Quot it Btl the will Allah that my favorite City Burn it is Tho will in Dillaway a quaint account travels in the Levant in 1797. It is stated that the Sultan is summoned three times to a tire in constantinople and if the tire lasts an hour he is obliged to attend in person and bring mules Laden with plasters for the firemen. A great fire at Rome 12 b. C., caused the emperor Augustus to take measures for increasing the defence against tire which had been hitherto in Tho hands bodies police numbering 20 30, stationed in various portions tile City. And re enforced at times til e by companies volunteers. Ile appointed new officers with the rank magistrates who were entitled to Wear magisterial Robes. Each was attended by two victors and provided with a fire organization 600 slaves. Or is probable that this was not entirely satisfactory in its operation because six years later another ate caused him to undertake further reforms a scale fully characteristic him who a found the City built Brick and left it with palaces he inclined the fire department to a scale commensurate with tile needs the City. Woven thousand freemen were organized into seven battalions and one battalion was quartered in every alternate Ward the City. These men made careful inspections the kitchens the heating apparatus and Tho water Supply in the houses and every fire was the subject judicial examination. Tile Cost the organization was maintained by a tax 25 per cent the Sale slaves. Two notable examples contagious stopped by conflagrations Aro the burning Moscow by the besieging tartars in july 1570, when the plague was stopped and. Secondly the fire in London sept. 2, 1666. Which also stopped the plague and it Bas been unknown there since. This London fire is properly called the great fire Modem history because the reforms which were started i consequence it Aie living issues in the municipal affairs today. The fire was caused by an overheated bakery a oven and in the course four Days it swept Over 430 acres burning 13,200 houses 89 churches and by. Paul s Cathedral causing a damage estimated to be �10,716,000, say $53,500,000. Under the direction Pepys the fire was stopped by blowing up was. At Tim time the Only method reducing a lire that had grown beyond the capacity the Small fire engines. These Wero Large tubs and threw a Stream water directly the tire As Hose was not invented until six years later 1672 by Van Der Ileide. The cities id America account the larger amount Wood in their construction and the prevalence irresponsible methods building have suffered severely from fires. The first Devastino tire in America was probably the one occurring at Boston Mardi 20, 1760, when 400 dwellings and stores were burned causing a loss �1 too. In the Colony Massachusetts Bay regulations in regard to construction chimneys mid thatched roofs were made As Early As March to 1630, and various enactments were made at later dates the ordinance at the town meeting Boston. March 14. J 645, made provision that each Householder should have ladders Long enough to reach to the Ridge his House and a Polo a about 12 feet Long with a Good Large swab at the end and various graded penalties were provided for those not conforming to the Law. Philadelphia has been remarkably free from conflagrations Iii comparison with other Largo cities. It does not appear to have been visited by a great Are until july j. 1850, when a tire along the Delaware River front at Vine St. Extending Over 18 acres caused a loss life estimated As High As 33, in addition to 120 wounded and a pecuniary loss 1,500,000. New York was visited by a severe Conidia fration in the Southern part the City Loc. 16, 1885, which extended Over an area 40 acres destroying 674 houses and causing a loss which iras Boon estimated As High As $30,000,000, which there was Only $8,000,000 insurance an amount which ruined several insurance companies. One the first Hie More recent conflagrations was the burning Portland me., july 4, 1866. The fire was caused by a boy t growing a fire Cracker into a Coopers shop for Hie avowed purpose scaring the workmen. In this respect the act was an unparalleled Success the damage being about $10,000,000. The Chicago fire oct. 9,1871, was one the largest in All history devastating an area 3 a Square Miles and causing a loss about $190,000,000, which insurance was paid to Hie amount about $100,000,-000. Two Hundred and fifty lives were reported lost in this fire. Thirteen months later to a Day Boston was visited by a fire which extended Over an area 65 acres burning the Best mercantile buildings Iii the City and causing a damage $75,000,000, which there was an insurance Over $65,000,000. Nuisances at the theatre. What a quiet Man notices when enjoying a performance. Chicago Post the growler went to the theatre Tho other night and course he was obliged to run the Gauntlet the nuisances who frequent the playhouses. So far As be was Able to see the scenery in the first act the play consisted principally ribbons feathers lace and Felt. This scene was used until the last act when the lady in front him went out with her escort to catch a suburban train. Then he saw the stage. Between every act two Young men with Cloven breaths walked All Over the growlers lower limbs utterly effacing the carefully arranged creases in his Gro users the result great labor and a hot Flatiron. Then there was a Little Conversa Zione As the society editor would Call it tendered to the audience by the members a theatre party during the Progress the play. The Soubrette this theatre party was a vivacious Little thing who talked louder than a Telephone girl. All this time a Man immediately upon the growlers flank was telling the Friend with him what was coming next. had seen the play before. And near by was an enthusiastic Jay from the Rural districts who thought the play a gorgeous reality. When the bearded villain was confronted by the athletic hero who shouted triumphantly Quot at last Geoffrey Staradum i have met you face to face a the Jay would applaud until he raised Large a a Silver Flint lumps his hands. These pleasing nuisances combined to make the growlers evening a Lively one. And he regretfully left the theatre to put himself into Tho hands the Street car nuisance. will not meet his friends until he visits the theatre again. Anything else to estrange Ireland a friends. The whole struggle Between . Darnell and his termer lieutenants has gradually reduced itself to a rivalry Between the former Leader the Irish party Aud Tim Healy. Mccarthy Brien and Dillon have become inert two them for Good reasons a and Day lit has decided to quit All nubile Effort toward n reorganization his party for a time. Tho less important men Are the Fence. Or. Parnell keeps with his difficult work int in indefatigable implacable and intense fashion which he has always shown in his political work while Healy goes roaming about Ireland pouring out the vials cheap abuse upon his opponent night and Day. Parnell is so far Superior to Healy in every Quality manhood that Tho a missionary work the latter will probably result in . Parnell s House himself bound the House breaker excited guards thought the mafia a at hand to take revenge. Washington March 28.�?it has become known that when the Young scamp j. Harry Martin the step son senator Vance broke into the White House last saturday night Tho scene within Tho mansion was a Good Deal More sensational and exciting than the humoral Public has any idea . When Martin broke away from his companions and climbed the Fence with the remark that he was going Quot to do the president a a one his friends a Young lawyer by Tho name Earl was afraid that Martin crazed by liquor might commit some rash act a most unconsciously. Earle rushed round to the front the House to warn the doorkeeper. When he reached Tho door Earle was out breath and it was with great difficulty he could Tell his Story. was in the midst the explanation when the crash the breaking Glass was heard. Kenney and Dubois the men Doty at once ran to the window but before anything could to said Martin who is a powerful Man. Struck Kenney a Savage blow. The officers then grappled with their prisoner who gave vent to several remarks which could not be clearly understood. While this was going Tho president came into Tho room and asked Wii at was the matter. Kenney while still struggling with Martin said that a member Tho mafia had broken into the House. The president seeing that the officers had their hands full in trying to overcome the prisoner pulled one the heavy curtain ropes from its place and with this rope bound Martin. It was the president who tied the knots while Martin still Valv struggled with the officers and All the testimony is to the effect that the president made a very neat and scientific Job it. As lie was much Calmer and cooler than Tho officers whose hands Wero a bit shaky after they had been pulled round by Martin. Efforts Are now being made by the relatives Martin by induce the president not to prosecute him. This will probably be done As if Tho prosecution is pressed the president will have to appear in the police court ins the complainant the charge House breaking in the night and which is a let Penitentiary offence in this District. Martin will very Likely be allowed to plead guilty assault Kenney and will be probably fined which his Mother will pay for him with great promptness. Wil l they sell their Temple ? mormons in Church conference will consider the proposition. Cd. By Al and o., March 29.�? april 16, Tho anniversary Hie Day which Joseph Smith jr., is said to have had a revelation to found Tho mormon Church the annual conference the Church the latter Day saints will be held in Kirtland Lake county near Painesville. Kirtland was Tho first Home the mormon Church. The membership the local Church has increased from <�?T8t, h. This the original organization the mormon Church is non poly Gantous. A Bishop apostle and minor officers will he chosen by Tho conference. Among the delegates will to the younger Joseph Smith who was Horn at Kirtland. One the interesting items business is to be an offer $100,000 for the Temple by parties who desire to Romono it to Chicago for exhibition at the worlds fair. This offer is Likely to be rejected As Many the delegates have been instructed against it. Hardships the Tariff. Grover Cleveland suggests hard work for anti Tariff leagues. Indianapolis ind., March 24. Sex president Cleveland has written a letter to the Indiana Tariff Reform league declining to he present at the leagues annual meeting. The full text Tho letter is not Given out for publication but the closing paragraphs Are Mado Public they Are As follows a Quot you will not i Hope think it amiss if i suggest the necessity pushing with More vigor his Ever the doctrine your Organ Zahon. I believe that tile theories and practices which Tariff Reform antagonizes Are responsible for Many if not All the evils which afflict our people. If there is a Scarcity Tho circulating medium is not toe Experiment Worth trying As a remedy leaving the Money in the hands Hie people and for their use which is needlessly taken from them under the pretext necessary taxation the Farmers lot is a hard one in his discouraging struggle for better rewards ills toil Are the prices his products to he improved by a policy which hampers Trade in hts boat markets and invites Ute Competition dangerous rivals a whether other Means Relief May appear necessary relieve present hardships. J believe the principle Tariff Reform promises a most important Ald in their satisfaction and that Tho continued and Earnest advocacy this principle is essential to the lightening the burdens our countrymen. A hoping that your organization May lie one great usefulness and encouragement i ant yours very respectfully. A Grover can parrots think two irishmen. Me Tim Healy is what his countrymen Call a Quot blathers Kite a says truth. His fiery imprecations Are exactly in line with the style oratory that has done More than a Well know n humorist believes they associate ideas. Or several weeks after Quot Folly became a member my family serious apprehensions As to her conversational abilities were entertained writes Alex e. Sweet Iii the new York Herald for she was As silent As old Gen. Moltke himself when we were startled by her singing in a Clear ringing voice 0, you girl you Giddy Young girls Polly had not resided the bowery without paying attention to her surroundings. It seems this was the first line a popular refrain. Tho proximity a concert Hall to the Bird explains How Tho Parrot had come to acquire the words and music. Perhaps the most convincing proof that parrots have the ability to associate ideas is to to found in Polly a use the word when any member the family puts a coat a Bat Polly will invariable exclaim. Quot Goodby a she infers that the person is actually going out because she has heard that expression used when a hat wrap was put . Even the use the words Quot going out in conversation impels the Parrot to say Quot Goodby a when a person enters the room Polly Calls out Quot hello a having heard the word frequently used under similar circumstances. Very rarely is Quot hello a improperly substituted for Quot Goodby a this certainly shows a Correct association ideas and is not what is generally understood tis Quot Parrot among the traits parrots May lie mentioned Quot professional i hulking i might have twice As much amusement if i bad two parrots i procured a second one. No two rival opera singers could have shown More animosity toward each other. Polly refused to Converse As Long As the other Parrot was in the House Ana i had to get rid the other one. After which the gratified Bird resumed Lier former husbands at homely making its Interior attractive. Latest Sheltie in window and Wall for City houses suburban cottages. And our windows arc undergoing a Complete metamorphosis. Twenty years ago everything was White window shades then we had a period dark shades deep greens and what folks termed refined colors drabs and brow its. Says the Philadelphia upholsterer. For five years past the fashion became a sort a go As you please fashion with a tendency. Perhaps among the hotter classes towards Ecru and natural Holland tints. Now however Tor Tho first time we Ara getting into Fine designs in window shades nod the newest things from abroad Are in brocade styles and damask figures. Borne the patterns Are in pin cords and stripes with buds and Flowers interspersed. Then again w e Havo lace in combination with the window Shade. In some cases the lace is arranged As a Cross Stripe Ann permits one to have a Peep Hojo in the Shade when drawn Down we have seen those window shades usually Hollands with a Central Section out out in the form a sphere Diamond and a bit it Irish Point lace inserted. Sometimes strips lace and Holland Shade cloth alternate although the most approved use tin combination is Tho application the lace entirely at the Bottom Tho Shade. We saw last month several decided novelties in japanese goods. Sprigs and stalks artificial japanese Flowers Are shown in vivid javanese colors Beautiful things the sort Flowers queer Nover before see shapes that w have looked upon in screens a same sort colouring too. They make excellent decorations to put Over picture frames stick into Dull vases. The Flowers Are a paper texture but the stems Are wound with silk. Not expensive a a Bunch costs 30 cents retail. The de Atli Samuel c. Cobb Boston which examination discloses to have resulted from cancer was rather a Surprise for those who had used his Case As an example Arsenical poisoning. Now however Tho 20 leading american manufacturers Wall paper take oath that they do not we arsenic in any Way. Suburban cottages will have their Little Queen Anre windows draped in this summer with nothing More Chic Dainty Titan the curious Petite figured Muslin curtains pure White with touches Here and there quaint color. For some time Muslin curtains embroidered with a Tambour Cord have been very popular but we have not had them in these Little printed color designs the effect which is enhanced by Tim addition a Small Cotton Bali fringe the balls showing at intervals the color the design. A curtain which attracted considerable attention recently in a Down town window win a Plain coloured jute velours Reddish Brown with Side Border steel coloured Gimp three and one half inches wide. Tho Gimp had an ancient look As though taken Irani old vestments. People secure Many novelties nowadays by getting Plain goods by the Yard and applying their own decorations either appliqued cords and Gimps by treating Tho fabrics with that endless variety decorative conceits which Aro now to be had. We saw recently an Ecru curtain designed with a rope Straw coloured Tho size a clothes line caught against the curtain in Many Odd ways with tassels frayed out ends. A Man called at this office last week to show us a system photography As applied to decorative fabrics. Quot take a window Shade said the inventor Quot what is there that would please Tho average Mother More Titan to have baby a head and bust reproduced life size Tho parlor Shade it show from the outside hut would Light unlike a transparency from within. I can make that photograph a window Shade for a trifle i can color it Iii an hour and there you Havo a decoration that is simply wire netting As delicate As Ordinary Mosquito netting and attached to an electric Battery is an invention for entrapping the Jersey Stork a slept the Mosquito. The netting hangs in folds around the bed crib and the occupant can enjoy an hour s sport by lighting a lamp and waiting a tame. Tho Stork attracted by the lamp. Will sikh alight the canopy. The invention consists pressing a Button Aud turning the fatal electric Shock. A there is something new that we Are having quite a demand for from the High class decorators a said a Chicago fringe Man exhibiting a lot cow tails which wore hanging upon a rack in his factory. Quot these we bleach and make into to Seis. The upper part the Tassel is formed from a Mould which it covered with Woollen Yam dyed in Oriental colors such As red yellow and Green. The Tassel is then suspended from a Cord to match. These loops and tassels Are particularly adapted for heavy Portieles. A brass curtain poles and fancy ends Are now being made in Gilt almost Orange color instead the Brassy looking tints. I Jon beads Ara being also offered in brass w Ith t Ings suspend d from tits jaw1 for the purpose catching up rite ends curtains i Litis is not new out it has heretofore been shown Only in expensive Metal work. A Novelty this v son i a Creyonne which does not exhibit City special features until. Held up to Tho Light when it shows Bril Bant colourings. Mirrors with quaint old frames Are coming into fashion re a la Cost tilings in screens is a Gigantic web with a spider prot it Orti Onate size. _ Union is May decide a big scheme War Between associations brings Good to the country at Large. Never in the history the trotting horse in America did the business look so prosperous As at the present time. It is also a fact that never was there so much change and Rumor change As now. On one hand the prospects for Tho closing stakes Are extremely Brilliant while the Oiler the management affairs its to be settled within a very Short time. Tit Ere Are two great Powers government for the horse interests America. One is that governing the track and the other that the Breeding farm. Neither at present is truly National in character and it remains for Tho present year to bring them All under one head. There is no really Good reason Why a National Board could not be formed to take charge All branches Ai the business. The Breeding farm is hut the Nursery for the track which is really Only the training school for the Public Sale stable. What Are horses bred for to sell. Then were is there any line to be drawn in the interests this horse Commerce that will determine where the work the trotting organization begins Hie breeder crids. Time will bring them All tinder one head and the average mind can easily grasp Tho Linos that Are leading towards that much to ire desired end. Tim trotting interests Are at present divided Between the National trotting association and the secessionists from that body. Known at the american association and operating Iii the West with an agreement Between Tho two to unite in punishing convicted offenders the interests each wore so near that tiler was Little no friction. Hut it was apparent to horsemen that some Day an antagonism would be developed \ Hie i would result in the cessation that Friendly Intercourse and War he declared. Buchli an occasion Lias Arisen though no tangible proof a yet been Given its existence., int it Flohe a exclusive Story it Tho Deal Between Charles Horace Nelson ibid the american association whereby the Nelsons Man Ami horse expelled from the National association we re to to received the tracks the. Western body cannot to denied. And if Nelson places himself in the position indicated there must to War lie tween the two associations. It is a positive fart the Western men Nave decided to suspend that clause their Constitution recognizing expulsions tile National association for 1891. For the purpose allowing Nelson to Trot Over their tracks should hts owner accept the apology for half reinstatement lie can Trot horses nut there and then espouse Tho cause the weaker body in a fight that Means death to it. Then after one year s trotting he will to outside the Pate All trotting if the National association take up the matter As a basis for declared War As they undoubtedly would. There is Only one Way out it. And it is almost foolish to accept it As a solution in View this had break. There is no doubt that c. Ii. Nelson would rather Trot at Home than abroad when i say at Home i mean in the East tracks tile n. T. A. Now should the National Board reinstate Nelson Tho american association would lose nothing by allowing Tim Maine King to Trot no to Iota tracks nor would his owner lie i a it sized for so doing. I do not see How the National association can now afford to reinstate Nelson. I claim that he never should have been expelled though by ids own confession lie gave $7500 to Noble for lie won Bis race but now that the n. T. \. Have practically hat a declaration War from the West they cannot very Well pocket the insult and take Tho Maine Man Back into the fold to have the secessionists Tonako it a cry. A we scared them into War being declared which shall be greatest the answer will decide the government trotting in America without doubt for there will Only be Tine association loft. Anybody can see that the National association is the stronger and with the greatest interest. Therefore if it is to be a question the survival the fittest can it be doubted that Tho West will be gathered to the Fountain head. To my mind Nelson will find the consensus the opinion his friends so Strong that he win refuse to so dangerously Compromise himself As logo out to Tho West. That will not alter Tho cast Between Tho two associations at heart though superficially it May and some Day the break must come. The organization a National breeders association is in much More practical shape. A convention will be held in Chicago april 22, at which All tile horse Breeding states in Tim Union will to represented. There Aro no wounds to heal bore hut simply to enlarge tin scope Tho existing body and unite All in one great object. Therefore it merits no lengthy discussion Only the general Call to have every state in new Erig land Maine and new Hampshire Are the Only states in new England with no breeders association hut Steps Are being taken to have each represented at the Chicago meeting. Col. Thayer arid possibly vice president William Mason will represent Tho Bay state col. John b. Clarke will go from new Hampshire and Frank Briggs will to Tho Pine tree representative. Now accepting the formation the breeders association As a surety and that some Day the truck interests will All be in the hands one executive what More natural than that the two should decide to amalgamate and deliver into the hands one set officials the censorship the trotting horse interests America. Nothing would work hot tar and then consider the saving in salaries. Under this scheme the Purchase the Register would be but a trifle and there would to a year Book a Register and any Kindred matter that would arise governed by horsemen the horsemen and for the horsemen. Consider the Prospect. Allen to make is the bed a helpless Points Givoni by . Julia m. Dutton Boston. A stubborn As a senator Voorhees thinks Cleveland will not change his View. Hot Spring ark., March 20.�?senator d. W. Voorhees Indiana who is Here for his health talked fully and freely to a reporter yesterday concerning the political situation. expressed great satisfaction at the Strong ground which senator Harris Tennessee had taken against the renomination Cleveland. Quot such an expression from senator Harris a he said. A Means a great Deal for his Long experience As a politician and his great influence throughout the South will have much weight with the democrats. Quot the next democratic convention will certainly insert a free coinage Plank in the platform and permit no doubtful declarations that subject. The democratic part will then nominate a Man who will stand upon the platform. A no Man party can he elected who opposes free coinage Silver a Quot do you think . Cleveland will change his views after hearing the echoes from his recent anti coinage letter a Quot no sir . Cleveland is As stub Xii As a mule. No one can change his opinion. I have Lite greatest respect Tor Cleveland personally. But it would be As difficult to carry Indiana a plat Foi in opposed to free coinage Silver As it would be to carry Ohio tile nullification principles yes but his name Isnit grubber. Chicago Tribune editor grubber has been with is a dozen years . More but in a afraid we shall Havo to let him go. Business manager what a the matter with grubber editor he has got to thinking we can to run this paper without and instructive lecture for w. E. And i. U. Tito pleasant Hall Hie women a educational and Industrial Union was comfortably filled yesterday afternoon with an audience ladies intent upon learning How to make the bed and change the clothing a helpless invalid. This was the subject the third in the course four lectures which . Julia m. Dutton 250 no Bury St., chairman the. Committee Hygiene at Tho w. E. And i. A. Is making so interesting end mineable to women. Sickness is a visitor liable to come unannounced at any time and As it is by no Means always possible to employ a trained nurse nurses such lectures As . Dutton is now giving Are invaluable to the Home 1 nurse. To make the lecture practical it was a demonstration lesson. Upon the platform stood a bed dressed As for the sickroom and upon it was a patient presumably helplessly ill in reality a pretty fair haired Maiden whom the audience was pleased to he reassured was in truth in excellent health. With these exponents her lecture. Or. Dutton made and remade Lite bed and changed the patients garments after which ladies in tin audience were at Liberty to try for themselves an Opportunity accepted by some Aud Saith a Success that the doctor applauded. Questions were freely asked and answered and the practical value the lesson could not be doubted. First the fled. It should in made with three Cotton sheets one rubber Sheet and blankets for warmth. To prepare till bed in the first place cover the mattress smoothly with a Sheet tucking it in Well All sides to keep it in place. Over it Lay a rubber Sheet. Over this a second Cotton Sheet folded with the hems together hems at the foot both the ranker Sheet and the draw Sheet As the second folded Cott one is called Are pinned at Cadi Corner firmly to the mattress using eight safety pins. Rite patient has upon the folded Sheet Over her Arm Laid one Cotton Sheet Aud the blankets. Tile advantage the draw Sheet is that it can be so easily withdrawn and another substituted the rubber Sheet is to protect till mattress. The pinning is to keep Tho lied clothing under Tho patient perfectly smooth most important for Comfort cleanliness Etc. Tho under Sheet All will not need to be changed oftener than twice a week Tho draw Sheet must usually be changed daily sometimes course oftener. To change both under sheets Roll one clean Sheet Lengthwise in an even Roll for half its Width. Fold the second clean is meet hems together and Roll also half its Width. Ask the patient to lie As close to one Side Toto bed its possible. If utterly helpless Roll Lier gently to one Side. Roll up the soiled Sheet toward the patient All together there is a fresh rubber shoot go it with the clean sheets it not. Then Roll the soiled sheets separate sponging off and drying Tho rubber Sheet then rolling it separate this gives you Ane half your mattress Bare. Now Lav your under Sheet get it in place tucking the rolled Side close up against the patient Over it spread Theun to isl Side a half rolled fresh rubber Sheet else unroll the one already the bed Ami i in the Corners firmly. Now Lay Tho unrolled Side the folded draw Sheet pin Tho two Corners and you have one Side the Bod freshly and smoothly dressed with one Roll soiled and one clean sheets Between you and Tho patient and Lengthwise the Middle Tho bed but these Roll Aro not High nor hard and the patient is now asked to Roll Over to the clean Side must to rolled Over by the nurse. Lists done pull off the soiled clothes unroll the clean ones. Pm the Comers rubber and draw sheets Down. Pulling them firmly and evenly there is tile clothing changed without trouble discomfort to the sick one. Changing the upper Sheet in course an easy task rolling one off and the other Limiter the Blanket As in the tie the under Sheet. Rubber sheets Are sold by till Square Yard and it is desirable to have two one airing when Tho other is in use. Wash with sods and writer. Keep also two pairs blankets one pair airing while the Oiler is the bed As Woollen retains doors. Do not prepare sheets for bed discuss the matter before the invalid. Bring the sheets into the room half relied As Dene filled an i go about the changing quietly and very gently. A Cranky fractious patient can usually be coaxed interested if tact is used so that tile change May be made wit boat working hint Lier into a Tantrum. The proper bed dress for a woman is a Chemise opened till entire length in the Back. Anti a Short nightdress like a dressing jacket tile French camisole open the whole length from Throat to just below the Waist in front. To change these garments have the patient put Lier arms around the neck a second person who lifts her. Then one hand i Niter 1�?~atlent a head and one under Lier shoulders. The nurse draws off the dressing jacket sleeve then the Chemise next slips the Frosh Chemise and next Tho nightdress thus undressing Aud dressing one Side first then draw off Tim soiled garments from the other Side Ana Elm the invalids Arni into the fresh things. With these garments clothing is changed much More easily it is easier to Bathe the patient mid tile physician is Able to examine the patients Back More perfectly and with less tremble to Tho patient also to keep a watch out for bed sores and so Forth. The clothing too is More comfortable Titan the Long bag like Nightgown. Or. Dutton objects to timing delirious patients in bed As it frets and irritates them the struggles they make to free themselves being often most injurious. Whenever it is possible have relays constant watchers to hold the patient in bed. If this is impossible and the patient is crazy and determined to get out bed when the nurses Back is turned then twist a Sheet Corner Wise take a twist around one Arm above the Elbow pass it under tile body take one twist around the other arum Ami tie the ends together under the cd. If necessary the feat and Centre body in same Way but never resort to tying unless unavoidable. The next Aud last lecture in the course will be Given next wednesday afternoon upon the preparation food for invalids. A Nightmare. Puck Cholly Bullseye did you Ever dream me. Miss Ball miss Minnie balls yes two nights running and Ute third coolly Bullseye so delighted i and toe third miss Minnie Bali i took an opiate. Or. Chugwater assists. Chicago Tribune mrs. Chugwater arrayed in her Best gown was sitting for her photograph. Quot your expression Pardon me is a Little too severe a said the photographer looking at her Over his camera. Quot relax the features a trifle. A Little More please. Wait a moment a he came Back made a slight change in tile adjustment the head rest then stood Oft and inspected tile result. Quot now. Then. Ready. Beg Pardon the expression is still a Little too Stern. Relax Tho features a trifle. A Little More please. Direct your gaze at the card this upright Post and Wink As often As you feel like it. All ready. One moment again Pardon me a the expression is still too severe. Relax the Quot Samantha a reared . Chugwater coming out from Ive Hind the screen Anil glaring at Hor savagely �?�8111110, darn you Ilmic y e girl who sits her foot. Quot did you Ever see a girl sit her foot a asks an English writer. Did you Ever see a girl that did no to sit her foot would seem to be a More sensible question says the Sun if a girl wants to enjoy tile luxury a Good cry. Or wants to read a pack love letters. It she is trying to think out her new Spring wardrobe make up Lier mind whether to say yes no to the momentous question she is sure to curl one log around in a Peculiar manner and sit Down one foot making tile other a prop Ami a balance. Sometimes tire Giri forgets herself and uses Lier foot a a Cushion in Public tucking it up under her so quickly that no one is Tho Wiser unless As she rises tile buttons her shoes catch in some the frills her voluminous garments. Then there is a hitch and a pull. Aud sometimes an awkward Tumble unless the girl is a Ehva Izaj culture disciple and can balance Ane toot. J

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