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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - June 9, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts Your family needs the weekly Globe. It will pay you handsomely to renew a be Loston weekly it will pay you handsomely to renew. Your family need8 the weekly Globe vol. Xix no. 23. Roston tuesday morning june 0, 1891. Price five a flood of Booth tries to save the perishing. Henry George jr., on tile cure of social ills by tax men think they hear Miriam a timbres ohime. London May 23.�?the Headquarters of the salvation army Are in a Fine five gloried building on Queen Victoria St. At the Entrance is a Large display of bibles. Song books mottoes tambourines flags and other things used in the religious services of the army. Tho two lower floors Are occupied by sub executive offices that indicate the immense size of the organization. The head executive quarters Are on the third floor where it s said the largest mail in London is received every morning. Fen. Booths private apartment is a Large Square room with tastefully coloured Walls Hung with portraits of members of the Bootle family. It Lias Large windows that look out into Queen Victoria St., an Amplo fireplace a Roll ton desk leather covered Loungo and chairs Anda soft carpet of subdued colors. I. Was conducted into this apartment and in a moment there entered a Man of at out to. The tall Square shouldered but spare figure in Long dark Blue coat marked on the standing Collar with the letter 8, and the salvation army Crest Tho abundant steel Gray hair and flowing Gray Beard the Sharp features Large aquiline nose and dark restless eyes announced deft. Bootle. Lie crossed the room with Long swinging stride and after a cordial salutation Sank Down into a capacious easy chair. He had just returned from a flying trip through France Switzerland and Germany explaining what he styled his a social Aud was about to Start out for Ireland on the same business. He talked freely about the scheme saying in Brief a every civilized Community As it advances in wealth is confronted by Tho problem of the increase of want. I propose a Means by which each Community May take away thin want by bringing Tho destitute into self helping and self sustaining in his evangelical work Gen. Booth became convinced that much of Tho immorality he warred against was traceable to hunger and in the harder times caused by the great Dock strikes the army Bogan its cheap food depots. These however Only served to show How deep and widespread w As the poverty and soon shelters and cheap lodging houses were established and then a Wood clipping shed and a Carpenter and Brus making Hiiop where in out of employment could work for their Board and lodging. But soon it was found that for one who received Relief in this Way to applied for it. So that after a while Gen. Booth concluded that if any real impression was to be made on the flood of poverty around Hun through Relief work that work would have to be conducted on a scale vastly larger than had Ever yet been attempted. This gave birth to his Gigantic a social scheme a embodying a a City Colony a a a farm and an Quot Over the sea Colony a to undertake the starting of which he asked for the subscription of �100,000 Down and of �30,000 per annul thereafter which is interest on �1,000,000 at 3 per cent. As has been made known the �100,000 has some time since been subscribed and a deed to Hoo acres of Good agricultural land conveniently situated near the Mouth of the thames has been presented. But the guarantee of �30,000 is slower to come and the scheme has not yet been started on its Way. Two More food depots and two More lodging places were opened last Winter in London but nothing belonging distinctively to the new scheme has As yet been done save the opening of a Small match factory in the East end. A a Salvage brigade a for the regular and systematic collection not Only of scraps of food and fat but of old rags paper shoes tin cans Aud other things which will furnish material for a number of the Quot factories to be in the Quot City Colony a is soon to be organized but no visible step has As yet been taken. Gen. Booth introduced me to commissioner Cadman commanding the social Wing of Tho army that i might see the match factory and what other work had been begun and with one of the commissioners officers i visited the Relief stations scattered Over the most thickly populated parts of London. I found them models of order cheerfulness cleanliness and cheapness but save in the food depots the invariable answer to my question was that the wants of Only a fraction of the applicants could be satisfied. At what was known in the army language As a the elevator a i found some men making benches and other Plain furniture to be used by the army other men and some boys making brushes and still others chopping kindling Wood. The stories of most of them were the same weary stories that those who choose to open their ears to them May hear in All Large cities. At Tho match factory As in the other workshops the absence of machinery challenged attention. A what we desire explained my guide a is not to economize labor but to Marco it was announced that these match makers were to receive higher than the current rate of pay hut i find that though they May get More per Gross they cannot accomplish As much As matchmakers who use machinery Likely when the factory gets into smooth working order that a Host class match Bowmaker then will not make much More than the current weekly wages of to shillings .$2.50. But even if these employees in the army factory did make muck higher wages Tho effect would to Small As there Are less than 150 employed counting men and women boys and girls. To repeat then �100,000 has been subscribed to Gen. Booths social scheme but the permanent fund of �1,000,000 has yet to to supplied and while plans maybe maturing no part of the project has yet i been put in operation save a Small match factory. When the scheme does begin to work it will have a moral support Aud encouragement such As perhaps no like undertaking i in any other hands could draw out. Such widely differing and representative minds As Cardinal Manning Cannon Farrar. Mrs. Fawcett. William t. Stead and mrs. Besant have spoken and spoken strongly in its favor. It has a mighty Force in the widespread appreciation of the great evangelical work which amid poverty ridicule and persecution the salvation army has in the Low years of its existence done All Over the world and particularly in the most pm brute centres of England. But perhaps the greatest advantage which Gen. Booth has Over any others who might undertake such a work lies in the machinery at his hand. In the salvation Artyv he has from seventy five to one Hundred thousand picked men and Lomeii in the Flower of life bound together in a compact organization and governed by military regulations and discipline. To the natural freshness and vigor of youth they add an intense religious enthusiasm. Which at the command spurs them to undertake any task however cheerless or repugnant or to face undaunted either danger or ridicule. It is a disciplined crusade the Union of shouting methodism with the steady Devotion of Catholic religious orders. On tie outlier hand Large and powerful classes whom the general might have expected to support ills scheme openly speak in discouragement of it when. Indeed they do not hotly antagonize it. The first group of these is made up of the charitable bellies including the charitable organization society. These not Only oppose the proposed methods which they declare will Foster the very thing it is intended to Lessen but offer Strong resistance to the formation of another charitable body in a Field where wore they properly supported there would be enough if not too Many effective organizations. The trouble they say has not been in want of organizations but in want of funds. But now insufficient As were these funds Gen. Booths scheme has drawn away from them. The next group of Active or passive enemies is to be found in the established Church. Though Cannon Farrar and other influential churchmen have Given the Book plan their Strong endorsement the clergy As a body feel that if they Are to support any work of the kind they would prefer to strengthen the Elton Tot their own Church army a miniature organization actively and earnestly managed by Rev. Or. Carlile of Edge Ware Road London but neither popular nor representative inasmuch As All its Small lands Are subscribed by a few Bishops and other members of the clergy and an insignificant proportion of laymen and la women. Another group of men divided Between indifference and opposition to the plan and a very Large group Are the Trade unionists strange As that May at first seem. Representative men among chem with whom i have talked sly that what they want is not Charity but Justice. As for Tho three Points on which Gen. Booth rests his demand for support of his match factory namely a to raise the wages of the a to tight against and Quot to help the poor to help themselves by inline re a they answer that neither Gen. Booth nor any other individual can employ enough match Box makers to bring about a general increase in the wages of those engaged in that Industry that for the same reason to cannot make head against sweating and that the poor do not have to be helped Quot to help themselves by labor a since they already know How to labor but want an Opportunity to employ themselves. They hold that Gen. Booth does not and cannot by any such Means As lie proposes affect the real causes of Tho social ill. And while lie is believed to be thoroughly Weli intentioned they assert that As a general tiling his getting some workers into employment must Force others out of it. Then come the socialists exceedingly Active and exceedingly hostile who look upon Gen. Booths scheme As deferring the Day of regeneration for which they look soon. They roundly denounce the plan As Pallia Ting evils that should at once in Cut out As a bribe from plutocracy to be let alone As a subscription by the monopoly class to ensure a Frosh lease of its privileges. Others who look upon the plan from a purely intellectual standpoint come by different reasoning to stand in the same hostile attitude. The results from his experiments they say. Do not warrant Gen. Booth in proceeding further. They cite the report of the social Wing of the salvation army for the Quarter ending March 27, As published in the official paper the War cry. According to this report the men engaged in the or Brush factory averaged 187 per week out of which number situations were obtained for 1 1. Iii the labor Bureau. 4477 applications for work were registered or 344 per week. Employment was obtained for Only 877, or 07 per week Aud of Tho latter an average of Only it Tor week obtained employment that was permanent. Beyond those who applied for work and got nothing these objectors say there was a multitude of unemployed. Indeed so wretched is the condition of the Large class of farm labourers that it is certain that any lessening of the Competition among the workers in the cities would induce an immense number of them to flock there. The land reformers the single tax Mon look on the Booth plan As hopeless from the beginning. They regard it As but another and larger attempt to cure by Charity what in the very nature of things eau Only be cured by Justice. They say that Tho fundamental cause of All Tho social evils with which the salvation army and All other benevolent societies Are trying in vain to grapple lies in the deep wrong which makes Tho natural element on which from which and by which All men must live the monopolized Possession of the few depriving men made to labor of the necessary material of All labor. These people say that Gen. Booths nobly intentioned efforts must fail because they Are superficial that the More drastic methods of the socialists Are also superficial and that if tried they too must disastrously fail. They say that the Only possible remedy in the simple remedy that will go to the cause of the disease that there is no evil in machinery that there is no real Scarcity of work that there is no need of elaborate organization or of restrictive regulations. They say All that is needed to provide we Ork for All who Are willing to do it and abundance Tor All who deserve it. Is to open the land to the people and let them go free. They Are conscious of the powerful influences that will try everything else even to the most Ultra socialism before they will consent to this but they say that this resistance will be Uke the resistance of pharaoh of old. And in patience they wait for to them Clear though far. The timbres of Miriam chime in the future. Henry George or. Son of a Quot poor White. Lincoln a boyhood Home was squalid and cheerless. The statesman or the military hero born and reared in a log Cabin is a familiar figure in american history but we May search in Maui among our celebrities for one Whoso origin and Early life a quailed Abraham Lincoln s in wretchedness. He first saw the Light Iii a miserable Hovel in Kentucky writes Carl Schurz in tile Atlantic on a farm consisting of a few Barren acres in a dreary neigh boyhood Bis father a typical Quot poor Southern White a shiftless and improvident without ambition for himself or his children constantly looking for a new piece of land on which he might make a living without much work his Mother in her South handsome and Bright grew prematurely coarse in feature and soured in mind by daily toil and care the whole household squalid cheerless and utterly void of elevating inspirations. Only when the family had Quot moved into the Valarious Backwoods of Indiana the Mother had died and a Stepmother a woman of Thrift and Energy had taken charge of Tho children the shaggy headed ragged barefooted forlorn boy then 7 years old a began to feel like a human hard work was his Early lot. When a Mere boy he had to help in supporting the family either in his fathers Clearing or hired out to other Farmers to plough or dig ditches or chop Wood or drive of teams occasionally also to a tend the baby a when the Farmers wife was otherwise engaged. He could regard it As an advancement to a higher sphere of activity when he obtained work in a a Cross roads store a where he amused the customers by his talk across the counter for he soon distinguished himself among Tim Backwoods folks As one who had something to say Worth listening to. An hours stroll. In a sixty minute walk you actually travel 85,253 Miles. Toledo Blade have you Ever thought of the distance you travel while you Are out on an hour s stroll possibly you walk three Miles within the hour but that does not by any Means represent the distance you travel. The oar the turns on its Axis every 24 hours. For the Sake of round figures we will Call the Earth a circumference 24,000 Miles and so you must have travelled during your hours stroll 1000 Miles in the Axial turn of the Earth. But that is not All. The Earth makes a journey around the Sun every year and a Long out rapid trip it is. The distance of our planet from the Sun we will nut at 92,-o00.000 Miles. This is the radius of the Earth a orbit half the diameter of the Circle. As we. Call it. The whole diameter is therefore 184.000,-000 Miles and the circumference being tie diameter multiplied by 3.141 5 is about 578,000.000. This amazing distance Tho Earth travels in its yearly journey and dividing it by 365 to find the daily Speed about 1,680,000. Then to get the distance you Rode around the Sun during your hours walk Divide again by 24, and the result is about 06,000 Miles. But even this is not the end of your hours trip. The Sun with its entire Brood of plants is moving in space at the rate of 100,000,000 Miles in a year. That is at the rate of a Little More than 438,000 Miles a Day or 18,-250 Miles an hour. So adding your three Miles of leg travel to the hours Axial movement of the Earth this to the Earth a Orbital journey and that again to the Earth a excursion with the Sun and you find you have travelled in the hour 85.253 Miles. In the wrong line. Harpers Bazar infant terrible intently watching mrs. Sea mail a newly arrived guest who is unpacking her trunk a Well i done to see As you be brought any rope at All. Mrs. Sea mail any rope. My dear did you want me to bring a rope infant terrible yes. I be been standing Here All this while to see the horrible things that aunt Jane told Mamma you a be sure to bring in the clothes line double work double pay. Munsey weekly. Quot i said i would give Yon to cents to go to the Post office and fetch me a letter and a now you ask for 20. He a Quot yes. Sir. Thoro was two letters for political of West Virginia fears for his thinks the Farmers know just what they Are Tillman Speaks other notes and suggestions. Washington june 6. Sex senator Blair remains in Washington. Micawber like waiting for something to turn in. Of he is going to represent the i United states in Japan he does not know it yet although he is asked what to thought of the third party movement to said Quot do you think the people who arc in the movement can he reasoned out of their present convictions much depends on that. I assume that the Farmers Are Tho Backbone of the movement. They Are an intelligent class of men and unless they have struck a truth that they cannot he turned from somewhere in their platform they Are Apt to be reached by arguments. Quot they Start out with several propositions. If there is any important one which cannot be controverted if they insist upon any question which cannot ire settled by fair argument the movement will probably live until a practical test by Experiment has been made. Quot of the third party movement is based on a demand for hat Money there will he no life and it cannot Hurt either of the two old parties. But i believe they include other propositions in their platform the government control of railroads and the Telegraph land questions and other economic and social reforms some of which it May not to possible to demonstrate by argument to he incorrect. Quot i think that the next Republican platform will declare in favor of the free coinage of Silver. I believe Tho old party will pull itself together will meet Tho demands of the people and will win in �?T92. I believe i could write the Plank in the platform now we believe in the free coinage of Silver and Gold As Legal tender for All debts Public and a a do you think the republicans in the next Congress will join the democrats of Tho House in passing a free coinage act a Quot no. Id not a was Tho reply. Quot that Issue will riot be settled in the next Congress but will come into the fears the third party. Atkinson of West Virginia talks freely on politics. Sex representative Atkinson of West Virginia says that West Virginia will Send a Blaine delegation to the Republican National convention. In conversation with a Star reporter this morning he said Quot nine men out of loin West Virginia Are for Blaine. They Are not against Harrison. They think he has Given us a Good administration that he is an honest and Able Man and they will be for him As second Choice but they Are for Blaine first. They fear that or. Blaine May not be in a position to accept the nomination but they Are going to be for him at the convention. After blame they will be for Quot what is the Outlook for the republicans in West Virginia a Quot i ought not to say so. Perhaps but i fear the democrats eau carry the state on the presidential election. It looked at one time As if we had the state for Good and All hut the legislature has passed a sort of Semi australian ballot system which gives the democrats a great Quot what do you think of the third party movement a Quot i fear it. I am afraid that they will get votes enough in Kansas and Nebraska and probably in Iowa to throw the election into the House. Then too the Silver question that will come up in the fifty second Congress May Hurt us in five or six of the states of the Northwest. The democrats with the Aid of some Reno Laicans Are Apt to pass a free coinage Bill through the House and Senate and its being vetoed May lose us Montana Idaho Washington and the two Dakotas. A i am afraid of the third party movement in Ohio this Fali too. Mckinley is a great Man and we want him elected. Ordinarily he would have a sure thing of it but the nomination of a third candidate. I fear will make his election very doubtful. He stands up for All that is truly american but i fear that some of the Ohio Farmers May vote for a third party candidate just to defeat him because they do not like his not a political party. Secretary Tillman talks Alliance news no third party for next fail. Washington june 3.�?the Secretary of the National executive Board of the Farmers Alliance or. Tillman in response to questions As to Tho attitude of Tho Alliance towards the convention recently held in Cincinnati said Quot that convention was called by a or. Powers of Indiana who is not an officer of the Alliance and is absolutely without authority in that body. Quot i am told that delegates were sent there by Only two states and they were not authorized by the National Quot what in your opinion will be the outcome of that conference in regard to the subject of a third party movement a Quot i do not know the shape political affairs May take by that time but i am of the opinion that the two old parties will so Endeavor to meet tile demands of the Farmers that there will be no necessity for a third Quot suppose neither of them does a Quot then i believe a Large majority of the members of the Alliance in the South will remain with their respective Quot will the National Alliance As a party undertake a third party movement in your opinion a Quot tile National Farmers Alliance is not a political party. But in answer to your question i would say that it will not because it is absolutely non partisan. Farmers of ail political parties can become members of the Farmers Quot then there Are not Likely to be any immediate developments by your organization for a third party movement a Quot certainly Quot then the Alliance will not put out a ticket this fall a Quot none Vermont Farmers league. Resolves for equal taxation australian ballot. Montpelier it Juno 5.�?these resolutions were Pasard by the state Farmers league this evening thai we Are unqualified Day opposed to class legislation that we favor us equal and just system of Luxation based upon All real and personal property alike and demand of Congress a Law to promote a graded income tax that we demand strict Economy Iii expenses of the state and National government with officials salar1 s to correspond with the financial condition of the taxpayers that we favor a sound and sufficient currency that we demand a free vote and fair count for every voter and the adoption of the australian system of voting for the whole state that we favor Universal compulsory common school education after a reasonable period a a condition of suffrage that we demand the rigid limitation of All monopolies especially such As speculate on farm and food products that we demand just and equitable freight and passenger rates on railroads that we favor the prohibition of adulteration of food and the traffic in intoxicating liquors As a beverage that we favor a rigid restriction on alien ownership of lands and the immigration of criminals and paupers. Know nothing ism revived. Party started in Baltimore last night which Aims to put native citizens in office. Baltimore. Md., june 6.�?another political party was started Here last night. Its principles Are identical with the old american or know nothing party which died just before the War. An organization was perfected last night the meeting being held in secret. Many of the old know nothing leaders Are interested in the movement Aud they claim to have quite a membership. Speeches were made in which the object of the meeting was Sot Forth. One of the. Leaders warned his hearers of of action to prevent the spread of societies like the Maria which threaten american institutions. Said he Quot natives of different portions of the Globe have different temperaments ideas modes of living and areas Mil Ike each other As the Sun and the Moon. Therefore it is impossible for a government to be run wit i them. To the exclusion of Tho descendants of men who fought for Liberty and Justice in 1776 and 1812. Quot office holders in the in United states whether they be government state or City officials should be native Horn americans. The a Are thousands of offices tilled today by refugees from other countries while the people who Are Horn and bred on american soil Are walking about vainly seeking employment. Ane time has come for action. The sooner we organize Tho sooner will we he Abl to take Steps in the Given Man by nature Popes encyclical letter in this country it was the text of archbishops Sermon in new York. New York. June 7.�?the encyclical letter from Pope Leo Xiii. Arrived on this Side the water by Tho Etruria saturday As Well As an authorized translation into English. The document which is 14 newspaper columns in length was forwarded to Cardinal Gibbons at Baltimore and transcripts were sent to the archbishops of the various dioceses in the country. Archbishop Corrigan today made the encyclical letter the text for his Sermon at Tho Cathedral. It has been the most important document issued by the present Pope and exhaust in his scholarly manner tile relation of masses to capital and judging from the remarks made by the archbishop it will be a great Surprise to the friends of or. Mcglynn who have All along believed that this document would be Iii a measure a certain endorsement of their acts by the Hierarchy of Tho Church. Although no allusions Are made to any individuals there is All through the document numerous condemnatory passages against the single tax theory added the archbishop. Archbishop Corrigan said Quot Many causes the holy father says have brought about the Seething conflict now existing Between capital and labor and Many efforts have been made to Solo the knotty question. Quot the socialists maintain Tho remedy is to to sought in Tho abolition of private property and the substitution of common ownership. The change to be brought about by legislative methods. Quot they Are of Tho opinion that by transferring property from individuals to the Community ail Cit Sens sharing alike in Tho allotment of wealth and comforts Tho present evil can to remedied. Quot now the holy father says this solution in the first place does not Benefit Tho working classes. Secondly it is very unjust because it offers violence to Tho legitimate owners and disturbs social order. The aim of the Workingman in hiring his services to another is to obtain wages which to disposes of at his pleasure. Quot now if by economizing to sets aside a portion of ins daily earnings lie certainly has a full and perfect right to employ it in any lawful Way he thinks proper. A if for the Sake of greater Security he invests in real estate he simply puts ids savings in another shape to be convertible if he so desires into Money. A Quot the land so purchased is clearly As much his property As the wages were with which lie bought it. A the can dispose of one As he did the other but this is neither More nor less than the right of private property. Quot to deprive the working classes of an Opportunity of Safe guarding and of increasing their Little hoards and thereby providing for their future comforts is not a Benefit to them hut an injury. The socialists Aro therefore making the condition of the working classes worse than it is at present. Quot the right of private property alone comes to us from the very hand of nature and to deprive Man of it is to do him grave Home made Snow Farmers Are blowing up caterpillars with powder. Saddle River Valloy in the Northern part of Bel Gen county is suffering from a pest of tent caterpillars says the world. The Farmers Aro lighting them with powder. Agents for Troe sprayers and different kinds of alleged exterminators have been As persistent Iii the Valley As Tho proverbial lightning Rod agents of years ago. But some of Tho natives hit upon the idea of blowing the foliage eaters out of existence and after repeated experiments found that a Small Quantity of powder wrapped in thin paper very much like the cheap torpedoes used by children on Tho fourth of july was Tho handiest and most effective cure for the creeping tilings. Some of Tho big Orchards in the Beautiful Valley look As if they had been burned out. The old. Rough Trees that grew larger 50 years ago than Apple Trees seem to grow now stand out As Bare As they did in december but nearly All of the fruit growers have checked the worm workers with their Home made torpedoes. It is a queer sight to go along the country Road Ana hear the repeated explosions and see Tho nests of caterpillars blown into atoms so Small that there is not a piece left. One old Farmer was Busy near the Road on a huge old Apple tree when the reporter passed by. Quot ill bet i have blown away half a Bushel of caterpillars a declared the fruit grower when he saw a stranger looking at him. A i Haven to had enough Apple Jack to drink for two years a he continued Quot and this year when the late Apple Trees came out in full Bloom too late to be killed by Frost i made up my mind that Good Bergen county Apple whiskey would be cheaper this year. Then these plagued caterpillars came along and began to clean out what Tho Frost did no to kill. I tried burning them out with kerosene. But that Hurt the the old Lover of the state drink almost wept As he talked about the Many dangers to his pet fruit from which his beloved Applejack is made. Quot at last a he said Quot a neighbor of mine hit on tile idea of blowing the things to pieces with powder. I tried it and it works like a Charm. Ill buy a Tou of powder before i will let Iheson things cheat me of my Applejack this year. I am sorry Young Man. That i Haven to got some of the old stuff left to ask you in Aud have something about Bells Philadelphia press the use of Bells in places devoted to religious purposes is very ancient dating Many centuries before the Christian Era. In China Long before the time of Christ Bells were Hung at the Temple Gate and the worshipper on entering rung them to attract the attention of the deity he was about to Honor. Bells were common in India at the Lime of Blind and it is believed that they came into Europe in the first or second Century. They were first used on Christian churches a. 1. 400. In Nola Italy not so much to give notice of the time of warship As from the idea that their music drove away evil spirits and protected the people of the Parish from Thunder and lightning. The largest Bells in the world Are in Russia the great Bell of Moscow is computed to weigh 250 tons the value of the Metal entering into its composition being estimated at $300,000. There is in Moscow another Bel weighing Lio tons and several others in Tho Kremlin churches exceed to tons each in weight the largest Belt in England is said to be Tho Bell on the parliament Premier dead. Sir John a. Macdonald Dies after Long of hip wan who has repro rented Canada for a score of classes unite in respect to the dead statesman. Ottaw ont. June 0.�?sir John Moo Donald Premier of the Dominion died tonight at to i he never rallied from unconsciousness and passed quietly away. Formed in a Many a hat. And also in a heated room. La nature a gentleman who was walking rapidly along the Street on a cold fair Day and had. By violent exercise brought himself into a condition of profuse perspiration took off his tall hat in saluting a Friend. As lie did so lie was astonished to feel what we As apparently a slight fall of Snow upon his head. Upon passing his hand Over his head he found several unmistakable flakes of Snow there. It is Spix it sed that the freezing outer air condensed the moist warm air within the gentleman stall hat so suddenly that a veritable snowstorm of miniature proportions was produced upon his head t a similar incident is related by the same journal. During the past Winter on a very cold Clear night an evening party was Given in a Salon in Stockholm Sweden. Many people wore gathered together in a single room and it became so warm in Tho course of the evening that several buffs complained of feeling Iii. An attempt was then made to raise a window. But the sashes had been Frozen Iii their place Aud it was impossible to move them. In tiffs situation As it was absolutely necessary that air should be admitted a pane of Glass was smashed out. A cold current at once rushed in and at the same instant flakes of Snow were seen to fall to the floor in All parts of the room. The Entrance of a frosty current into an atmosphere that was saturated with moisture had produced a Snow fall indoors. Apple tree torpedoes. A bulletin issued yesterday afternoon put Amend to Tho Hopes that have been prevalent Ever mince it became apparent that sir Johns seizure was not to carry him off immediately. The House met in Tho afternoon and wont on with Tim debate on Tho motion of censure upon sir Charles Tupper for his interference in Tho Canadian elections and in the affairs of the grand trunk railway company. But tile private messages from Earnscliff were Graver even than the official bulletins. The sad news was immediately flashed Over Hie wire to Tho House of commons. Thou who surrounded tile bedside of Tho chieftain luring tile last moments were lady Macdonald Hugh John Macdonald. Mary Macdonald the Only daughter of the dead chieftain John a. Macdonald his grandson miss Steward a relative of tile family and Joseph Pope and or. Fred White his secretaries. The premieres death dissolves the ministry and Canada tonight is without a Cabinet. It is now in order for the governor general to Caff upon some Niom Crof the late Cabinet to form a ministry. Who this will be is of course a mystery As yet but it is Safe to Stato that Iii All probability sir John Thompson minister of Justice will be the governor general a Choice. The dead Premier will probably be buried in Kingston out., on the shores of Lake Ontario but there is a Rumor to the effect Iii Vio of the services rendered the nation by him that his remains should find a last resting place in Westminster Abbey. Nowhere is the grief More real than among the members of Tho opposition. No one has anything but Tho kindest words for Tho dead statesman greatest admiration for his Abil Itie Aud the deepest regret at his death. Hon. Wilfred Laurier Leader of the opposition said a i did not expect Tho end would come so soon if is a great calamity. The loss to the conservative party is his Public career. A comprehensive biography of Tho Dominion Premier. The death of it. Hon. Sir John Alexander Macdonald Means to the conservatives of Canada what Tho death of Beaconsfield lid to those of England a few years ago. As Gladstone is to Tho liberals of the Mother country so Macdonald a in the eyes of ids own followers at least Tho Quot grand old Many of Canada. To the unprejudiced observer on tiffs Side of the Lino however it is possible to make a fair analysis at least of sir Johns merits As a Man and a statesman and those who Liao followed his varied career especially during tile past 12 or 16 years will not hesitate to Accord him a conspicuous Niche Iii the Temple of Fame Iii both respects. His own history has been that of Canada itself during tile time he Lins formed part of its Public ufos. Within that period much of an eventful nature has occurred in the Dominion and All the great conservative leaders resources As an organize a Diplomat and a legislator have been called into most Active play. He Lias seen a changing procession of vice regal representatives to the Dominion Corno and go he has watched the growing of that great transcontinental stretch of railway the Canadian Pacific across the continent from its one end to the other Trio Kiel rebellion in the Northwest Lias occupied his anxious attention the great International disputes Over Tho vexatious fisheries question have called for the exorcise of his finest Powers of diplomacy the confederation of tin provinces Tho Issue with Newfoundland the constant demands from East and West for railway arid other Public improvements the troublesome Jesuit and Manitoba school act questions and a Hundred other important things have claimed his attention and All the while he has been obliged to keep one hand and Eye upon the lever of party interest and keep his great political Mal nine from being switched off upon Tho rocks of destruction. There has been Many a Jar Felt by Tho machine but for Tho past 13 years at least it has kept upon the rails Aud triumphantly surmounted even the great disaster that threatened it in the recent election when it looked As though no Power on Earth could keep the old party in Power against the growing tide of sentiment Iii favor of unrestricted reciprocity with the United states. To some this Victory was a pyrrhic one but still it was a Victory and in the homely vernacular it can be said that sir John a. Macdonald Premier of Canada died with his boots on and with the party to bad so often led to Triumph still in Power. Whether that party will Long survive hts loss time alone will Tell. It is Glasgow Scotland that claims the Honor of being this great Many a Birthplace for it was there upon Jan. La 1815, he first saw the Light of Day. Five years Gator his father Hugh Macdonald emigrated from to Canada and settled at Kingston ont., on the shores of Lake Ontario. Young John was sent to Tho Royal grammar school in that Alaee. And after graduation entered upon the study of Law and was admitted to Tho bar in 1836. Iii 1846 to was appointed Queens counsel and later became a Hemmer sex Ottivio of the Law society of Ontario. It was about this time that he began to display Bis abilities As a politician Ami statesman. In 1844 lie first entered Public life As the representative of Kingston in the provincial House of Assembly and filled this office until 1867, when confederation took place when lie was elected to the Dominion House of commons by the sumo electorate. Lie held this seat until 1878, when lie experienced his first defeat. Later to was returned by Tho constituencies of Marquette Man., and Victoria b. A. And in 1882, Lennox and Carleton counties chose him As their member. He chose to sit in parliament for the former county and in die general election of 1887 Carleton Aud Kingston both elected him. In the general election of March 5 last Tim stirring events of which Aro fresh in tile memory of All on Bot i sides of tile Border. Lie was again returned from Kingston by a comfortably majority his party at the same time escaping Tho destruction that menaced it by a somewhat narrow margin. Such in Brief was sir John s parliamentary career lie had Only been three years Iii Tho leg i Isla Tive Assembly of Canada when he became a member of the executive Council of the then province of Canada. In 1847 he was unpainted receiver Genera and subsequently commissioner of Crown lands in the Draper ministry. In the Follo Wing year tile government was Defeated by Hie reformers and Macdonald and his colleagues remained in opposition until 1854. In 1856 the embryo tie Young Leader succeeded the nominal Leader of the conservatives sir Allan Macnab Aud for an unbroken period of 46 years up to the Day of his death retained that position. In 1858 the seat of government question j caused the defeat of Macdonald and his i party whereupon he resigned Aud George Brown proceeded to form a new and Anni Stiv 1 Tion. Tho ups Ami Downs of Canadian politics were never More terribly illustrated than in tins Case for Browne a administration was Defeated on Tho first to St vote in the House of Assembly and was immediately succeeded again by Macdonald who once Nitro assumed the reins of government and Tho office of postmaster general which he resigned the very next Day in order to assume the Mere desirable position of attorney general. His minister also changed offices and tins manoeuvre has gone town into history As the political Dunlo Shuffo of Canadian politics. Tin office of attorney general was held by or. Macdonald until 1862, when his government was Defeated on the militia Bill. He remained in opposition sharing the leadership with sir George Etienne Cartier until 18 54, when on the fall of Tim handheld Macdonald Dorion ministry he formed a new government with sir Etienne p. Tache As the Leader of the lower Canada contingent. He resumed the attorney generalship. But Tho government found their Road a rather Rocky one deadlocks were frequent and the plan to federalize upper and lower Canada and Tho maritime provinces of new Brunswick Nova scoff and Prince Edward Island was Sag foaled As a Way out of Tho existing difficulties. Already the idea of co federating the Throe last named provinces into a confederation by themselves was under consideration but Tho astute Leader Aud Bis associates managed by skilful diplomacy to turn the tide in favor of the larger Union. A lug convention was held in Quebec at which representatives from a1 Hie provinces wore present and the plan of the Union was definitely formulated. Macdonald himself took a very Active part in the negotiations and in 1866-67 was chairman of the London conference when Hie British North american act was passed by the Imperial parliament. Meanwhile in 1866 sir e. P. Tache died and Macdonald was offered the premiership but declined it Iii favor of sir narc Lase f. Bolleau. From january to May. 1862, lie held the office of minister of militia jointly with Hawtof attorney general and also from August 1865, until the consummation of Union july 1,1867. Tho now Constitution went into effect on that Date and Tho anniversary is annually celebrated As Dominion Day. Or. Macdonald at once became privy councillor and was appointed Minuter of Justice Aud attorney general. As a Reward for his Public services lie was created a Knight commander of the Bath civil by Queen Victoria and in 18m4 received Tho grand Cross of Tho same order. Macdonald remained prime minister until 1873, when his government resigned on account of the Canadian Pacific charges. To was succeeded by Alexander Mackenzie tile Liberal loader who Beld Tho reins of government nearly five years. The Waterloo of the Liberal party came Iii 1878. When it was Defeated on Tho question of Protection to Home industries and sir John was invited by Tho governor general inc Queens rest Dent representative to forma new government. Ile accented Tho commission and inaugurated a High Tariff on imported goods known Ever since As the National policy and for which lie had stood up manfully to the time of ids death oven in the face of last Springs danger of defeat. Many times Lins lie been charged with Tho execution of delicate diplomatic missions abroad. In 1871. Lie was appointed Ono of Lier majesty a High commissioners on the Alabama claims question the outcome of which was Hie treaty of Washington. For this service he was called to Tho privy Council of great Britain in 1872, an unusual Honor for a colonial subject. During Bis Public life sir John has been the recipient of numerous other honors. 1. C. L. From the University of Oxford in 1865 la. Do from the Mcgill University Montreal la. I from Queens University Kingston d. D. La a from Trinity University. Toronto k. A. B. Knight commander of Tim Bat from her majesty in 18 57 g. B. Grand Cross of the order of Tho bathing 1884 Knight grand Cross of the Royal order of Isabel la Catolica of Spain in 1872. T. F. Anderson. Gettysburg and Waterloo. Which was Tho greater Battle a an interesting comparison. Theodore Roosevelt in june Century at Gettysburg there were present in action 80,000 to 85, Union troops and of Tho confederates some 65.000. At Waterloo there were 120,000 soldiers of tile Adios under Wellington and Blucher and 72.000 Froncki under Napoleon or there Scro about 150,000 combatants at Gettysburg and about 190,000 at Waterloo. In each Case the weaker army made the attack and was Defeated. Lee did not have to face such heavy Odds As Napoleon but whereas Nadoleoni a defeat was a rout in which to lost All his guns and saw his soldiers become a disorganized rabble. Lee Drew off his army in Good order ills Cannon a captured Aud the morale of his formidable soldiers unshaken. Tho Defeated confederates lost in killed and wounded 15,530, and in captured 7467, some of whom wore likewise wounded or 23.000 in All the Defeated French lost from 26.000 to 30,000�?probably nearer the latter number. The confederates thus lost in killed and wounded at least 25 per cent of their Force Aud yet they preserved their artillery and their organization while the French suffered an even heavier proportional loss and wore turned into a fleeing mob. Comparing the victors we find that the forces of tile allies at Waterloo consisted of several different kinds of troops and together with the losses can Hest be presented in tabulated form. Wellington had under him 68.000 English germans and i Fitch belgians while Blucher had 52,000 prussians. 2 r. A Wellington British.,. 23,991 6,344 Muj affix Wellington German. 25,88 5 4, Joo 478 ,15x Wellington dutch belgian. 17,784 1,000 3,000 Blucher prussians. 61,044 6,012 1,386 Lino 606 10,003 6,466 .16 the figures of the behaved very badly Are Mere estimates probably Tho missing numbered More than 3000, and it is very unlikely that Tho total killed Ami wounded went As High As 1000. At Gettysburg the northerners lost 17,556 killed and wounded Aud 5435 missing in other words Lioy suffered an actual greater loss than the much larger army of Wellington and Blucher relatively it was half As great again being something like 22 per. Cent in killed an i wounded alone. Tins gives some idea of Tho comparative obstinacy of Tho fighting. In making any comparison Between the two Battles it must of course to remembered that one occupied but a single Day and Tho other very nearly Throe arid it is hard to compare the severity of the Strain of a Long and very bloody with that caused by a Short and Only less bloody Battle. Gettysburg consisted of a series of More or less completely isolated conflicts but owing to Tho Loose Way in which the armies marched into action Many of tile troops that did the heaviest lighting were engaged for but a portion of Tho time. The 2d and 3d corps were probably not heavily engaged for a very much longer period than the British regiments at Waterloo. Both were soldiers rather than generals Battles. Both were waged with extraordinary courage and obstinacy Aud at a fearful Cost of lire. Waterloo was bottled by a single desperate and exhausting struggle Gettysburg took longer was less decisive and was relatively much More bloody. According to Wellington the chief feature of Waterloo was the Quot hard pounding a and and at Gettysburg the pounding or As Grant called it the Quot hammering a was even bedouin arabs respect for woman. How Many people know that among the bedouin arabs respect for woman is so great that at her command the Cim Etar uplifted to strike must fall harmless. A murderer or a thief cannot be tour find if lie is under the Protection of a woman and the right of their Power to Pardon is recognized so completely that in some tribes where the women never appear before the men and have t heir own separate tents Tho to Lief who is being pursued can save himself by getting close to the tent and calling out a i am under Tho Protection of the harem a As this is very loudly said the women hear it and Lime Call out together Quot Fly from him a and that Man even if lie has been condemned to death by Tho Prince himself is pardoned at Eneo and can go it Large. Ami yet we think we Aro civilized adds the Bun. Contract for $5000 annually in the Paris opera. In three years she appeared but once thus by one evening performance earning $15,000. About the highest Price overpaid to a Singer for a single appearance. Ilcyn Rictter Bon tags highest compensation for an evening was $10,000 received by Lier from a Benefit in London. Her earnings for the London season of 1849 were $100,000. Some crop reports. Fine promises from All Over the country a Tho tobacco crop in new England. Washington ixc., june6. The weather crop bulletin issued by Tho signal office says Tho week has been warm in All districts East of the Mississippi River except in Tho Lako Region and new England. There has been a continued deficiency of rainfall in the Gulf states during the week amounting to one Inch or More at All stations. Abundant Rains have fallen in All other districts cast of Tho Rocky mountains though there has been a slight deficiency in Tho Middle Mississippi x Alley in new England and on Tho Atlantic coast. Copious Rains in the wheat regions of tile is Orth West have greatly benefited crops during Tho past week a slight Lack of Sunshine is reported but Prospect Are generally bettor than at a corresponding Date last year in die Missouri Valley Tho partial drought Bas been entirely relieved by abundant Rains. Torn is still quite backward and that which w As injured by Cut Worms has been replanted. In the upper Lako Region heavy Rains have materially improved crops though a Little More would be beneficial in Tho Interior of i Scon sin. Blight damage by Baff is reported in Southern counties of Wisconsin and by Cut Worms in Michigan. In Arkansas and Texas Corn is suffering for rain except Iii we turn Arkansas where crops Are in Tine condition. Tho Cotton crop is slightly deficient. The wheat Harvest Iii Texas is under Good headway. Crop conditions Aro somewhat improved in Kentucky but More rain is needed Oats Corn and gras suffering most wheat somewhat improving tobacco plants held Back by Lack of rain. Serious drought is reported from Tennessee though the wheat Harvest promises a fiord yield Lute Cotton almost a failure out ook rather gloomy. Mississippi reports serious drought which will probably be relieved by showers promised today. In Alabama the crops Aro generally Iii Fine rain is very much needed Iii some sections Oats especially Aro suffering from drought. In North Carolina and South Carolina favourable condition for crops have prevailed during the w Eek. Severn storms and Hail have Boon injurious in a few localities Cotton White improved is still quite backward oat Harvest has begun general Outlook very favourable. In new York Pennsylvania and Virginia fruit prospects Aro excellent Rains Nave been very beneficial though Corn is still backward in Pennsylvania. In now Jersey conditions Are slightly More favourable but Hie continued deficiency of rainfall is seriously affecting All crops especially strawberries Early vegetables and grass. In Kansas and Colorado conditions Aro generally favourable though Sunshine is needed in some localities wheat prospects especially line Corn somewhat retarded by Cool wet weather. In Oregon general showers have been very beneficial the wheat prospects Are especially favourable the fruit crop excellent except cherries and prunes. In Northern California crops Are Good but backward. In Southern California fruits and Grain show excellent prospects but somewhat injured by Cool Rainy weather. In Louisiana serious drought continues potatoes a failure Coni and Cotton very backward sugar Cane is reported As bearing the drought Well. The most glowing crop reports come from both Dakotas and Minnesota Rains having removed every doubt of in enormous wheat crop. From Vienna come reports of a general prospective shortage of the crop in All the wheat producing countries of Eastern Europe and an expression of concern Over the fact that the tide of Gold must to turned again toward the United states. This weeks bulletin of the Iowa weather and crop service reports the temperature of the past week about Normal the excess in the first half boing counterbalanced by the deficiency in the last two Days. The rainfall was ample in All Paris of the state and excessive in a suit localities the heaviest being Iii the w Estern Central and Northwestern districts. Crop conditions arc much improved. Corn is generally Iii better condition than last year at the name Date. Hie census office has made Public the tobacco statistics of Connecticut compiled by prof. Thomas n. Conrad under the direction of or. John Hyde special agent in charge of to division of agriculture. Tho total number of planters in the state during the census year was 2815 the total area devoted to tobacco 6331 acres the total product 8,874,924 Pound anti the value of the crop to the producer estimated Oil a basis of actual sales $1,132,111, tobacco in Massachusetts. Washington d. Juno 5.�?the census office gave out Tho tobacco statistic of Massachusetts compiled by prof. Thomas n Conrad under the direction of or. John Hyde special agent in charge of the division of agriculture. The total number of planters in the state during the census year was 786 the total area devoted to tobacco 2012 acres the total product 2,794.848 pounds and the value of Hie crop to the producer estimated on basis of actual sales $339,074. Following Are the figures by counties sex eluding those producing loss than 2000 pounds each counties. Acre. Pound. Value Berkshire. 40 63,66 s,f>71 Franklin. 650 915,300 103,703 Hampden. 308 664,904 76,425 Hampshire. 942 1,261,987 161.304 other counties. Doll total.2,012 2,794,848 $339,074 now doth the Farmer Grin. Green stuff shooting up sturdy stalk a More wheat next year. St. Paul minn., Juno 0. A conditions everywhere Are of the very Best for a Large yield of wheat Oats Corn potatoes and flax Thoro w ill be a great audition to the w heat acreage in North Dakota next year. In Becker county minn., the Colorado Beetle has arrived and the safety of the potato crop is in doubt. Vin he Kukk a. June 6.�?com scorning up Well. The area planted is not As Large As last year wheat will be an average crop grass and Oats below the average. A Largo crop of fruit is expected. Cutting a Diamond. Yai Ikse Blade to Cut a Diamond Means to grind its surface so that it shall to covered with the Little Flat faces or facts As they Are called. Which Are seen in All diamonds set in jewelry. The Stone is fastened in a Ball of Cement on Cie end of a stick and rubbed w till another Diamond set in the same Way on the cud of another stick. The Workman rests the stick on the Edge of a Little Box and the dust called Diamond powder which is rubbed off Falls through the Fine holes in the Bottom of Tho Box and is saved to polish with. In this Way each facet is worn Down Little by Little. When All have been thus Cut. And the Stone is Iii the shape w anted it is Given to the polisher a who fastens it with soft solder into a Conner cup at the end of a Stoat wire and Bolus it against a Small steel wheel with Oil mixed with Diamond powder which is made to turn round very fast. By this this Means the facets Aro polished one by one the Stone being set in new solder for grinding each faucet. Earnings of human warblers. In 1827 Virginia basis Odio in a Don Juan took with equal ability the roles of Donna Anna and Zerlina was engaged for Tho Paris opera with a lifelong salary of $7200 annually. Eleven years later she died of inflammation of the lung. Glossop. A Singer whose name Aud Fame Boom to have died with her had a similar Howa no Whistler. Detroit free press a certain Detroit employer hates a Man who whistles at his work and always asks on that Point. The other Day an applicant called on him. Quot so you want a Job a he inquired. Quot Yea sir a was the polite reply. Quot Well the first thing i want to know is do you w whistle at your work a a i never have sir. Quot a what Hind of work have you been doing a Quot Glass blowing the employer took his Case under advisement. In Alexandria a. Washington Star visitor with a gun a is there any Small game about Here resident a How would a 25-oent limit strike you Grants Home to his mighty deeds erected. Depew eulogize a the Soldier statesman and Amy out in Force to Honor his memory. Galena 111 june n. High on an Eminence in the City that Gen. U s. Grant i once claimed As Bis Home almost casting i its shadows in the setting Sun Over 1 the old House that sheltered i fans j ill during the period that at the very front he was fighting or directing Tho Battles for Tho preservation of Bis country and the continuation of the Livien a magnificent Monument to the memory of a a Tho old commander was formally unveiled today with impressive services. An immense throng the number was variously estimated at from 25,000 to 30,-0 fat people participated in the exercises. The veterans of the grand army turned out in Force. Business was entirely suspended. A Brief address of acceptance for the City was made by or. Mcclennan. And after the Bairn bad rendered or. Depew was introduced and enthusiastically greeted. Following is his oration Chauncey m. Deil ewes oration. Vivid word pictures of the great career of Tho general. Thirty years ago your City of Galena numbered among its citizens a Man to modest that he was Little known in the Community a merchant so Bumble that his Active tie. Were not Felt in your business. Three years later his Fame illumined Tho Earth and Tho calculations of every commercial venture and of every constructive Enterprise in the country were based upon the Success or failure of his plans. Some Ono discovered that Bapt. Grant a graduate of West Boint and a Veteran of the mexican War. Lived in Tiff cite and he was invited to preside at the of a military company. To was so diffident that few heard his speech of three sentences lint in that Short address was condensed All the eloquence Ami logic of the time. A you know the object for which to Are assembled. Men Are needed to preserve Tho Union. What is your pleasure a though he was unknown and unnamed to the Public the executive recognized in him the organizing brain of the military forces of the state. To a reluctant president and hostile Secretary the Illinois delegation said Quot where most of the appointments Are experiments try Bapt. Grant As one of your brigadier thus the Commonwealth which h id so hotly pressed Lincoln for the chief magistracy of the Republic assumed the responsibility for Grant As commander of the army. Grants career will be the Paradox of history. Parallels cannot be drawn for him with the Groat captains of the world. But Hie moment that the greatest responsibilities were thrust upon him. And Tim Fate of his country rested upon his shoulders this indifferent Farmer business Man merchant became the Foremost figure of the Century. The Reserve Powers of a dominant intellect which Ordinary affairs could not move came into action. A mighty mind which god had kept for the hour of supreme danger to the Republic. Grasped the scattered elements of strength solidified them into a Resistless Force Ana organized Victory. He divined the purposes of the enemy As Well As lie know ids own plans. His brain became clearer his strategy More perfect and Bis Confidence in himself More Serene a his Power increased. To could Lead the assault at Donelson or the forlorn Hope at Shiloh or Many Eure his forces with exquisite skill and rare originality of resources at Vicksburg As Tho nest of brigade or corps commanders or before Richmond calmly conduct a Campaign covering a continent and Many armies with consummate generalship. Four Days after the first shot was fired at fort Sumter he wrote from Galena a letter to his father in Law predicting the uprising of the North and the fall of slavery. Others saw Only the commercial spirit of the free states he farm Advance of the Public men of the time divined that Superb patriotism which inspired millions to leave. Die farm and tile family their business and their Homes to save tile Union. His Vicksburg Campaign was against All Hie teachings of the military schools and tile unanimous opinions of his Council of War. A Veteran strategist cried in indignant remonstrance a you will Cut Loose from your base of supplies and that is contrary to All the rules. Grant answered Quot unless we capture Vicksburg tile North will Cut off our supplies a and the sorely bereaved and disheartened people were transported with Joy and Hope by the fourth of july message Quot Vicksburg has surrendered. A the Western armies never knew their Resistless Power until they Felt the hand of this master. In estimating Trio results and awarding the credit of the last Campaign of the War we must remember that Gen. Lee had Defeated or baffled every opponent for three years and that after a contest unparalleled in desperate valor frightful carnage and matchless strategy he surrendered his sword to Grant. Lincoln a Faith and Power protected Grant from the cabals of the Camp from the hostility of Tho Secretary of War from the politicians in Congress and from his constant and extreme peril the horror of the country at a method 9f warfare which sacrificed thousands of lives in Battle and assault for immediate results. But time has demonstrated that this course was Wiser in tactics and More merciful to the men than a Fabian policy and larger losses from diseases and exposure. Without this impregnable Friend Grants career would on Many occasion have abruptly closed. The most signal services rendered by Grant to his country were at Appomattox and in his contest with president Johnson. I know of no scene in our history so dramatic As the meeting Between Lincoln and Grant at the White House three Days after the surrender at Appomattox. Tho president who had so loyally sustained the general and the general who had so magnificently responded to the Confidence of the president met for the last time in their lives. Grant returned with deep emotion the fraternal grasp of the Only Man in the country who fully understood and was in Complete Accord with the policy of reconciliation Aud repose. The work of the Warrior was done and the labor of the statesman begun. Yesterday it was destruction tomorrow it must be reconstruction. The honors of civil life could add nothing to the Fame of Gen. Grant and it has been often argued that his career in the presidency detracted from his reputation. Such will not be the judgment of the impartial historian. He was without experience or training for Public life and unfamiliar with politicians and their methods. Tho spoils system from which he could not escape nearly wrecked his first administration. His mistakes were due to a Quality which is the noblest of human Virtues loyalty to friends. On great questions affecting the Honor and creditor the nation he was always sound and emphatic. Gen. Grant was the product and repro tentative of the Best element in our social life. Home and its associations have been the training and inspiration of our greatest and noblest men. President of the United states a lieutenant in Mexico a commander in chief of the a Hiles of the Union numbering Over 1,000, men the unknown Junior in a tanners Tim at Galena and the guest of emperors Ami Kings. The memory of the Church of his Ratthei was Ever visible in his reverent regard Foi her teachings. The applause of soldiers for their commander. Of partisans for their chief Leader and of the world for one of its most illustrious heroes was grateful but the sweetest music for him was within the family Circle in the Loving companionship of his wife and children and the prattle of his grandchildren. Embarrassing. Rate Fields Washington Algernon in be a widdle for you. Miss i Wando. Why Are children like toothbrushes Miranda i done to know. Why Are they Algernon because everybody prefers her own. See. Miranda rigidly a no i done Tael. No having any children Algernon stammering a of. Of Marse not but you Yong you Hay a tooth Brush know

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