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Boston Weekly Globe Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 1

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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts Tour family needs the weekly Globe. It will pay you handsomely to renew Fol t lesion a Kin sick. It will pay you1 but Nell to Bole. Your family needs the weekly 8l0be. La vol. Xix no. 22.Boston, tuesday Mohning. June 2. 1891. Price five cents. A where men Henry George jr.,goes among the peasant Farmers. seen a country where the population is but one to a Square mile. Plenty of Rich untitled land but not an acre for the poor. Land which the almighty made for Sll of us. My time now sir. Is very Short hut i shall Yot a to things bettor than when i in 1872 Joseph Arch came along with his farm labourer so Union and caused an increase in wages. This increase was Only temporary but it set the labourers and Small Farmers to thinking. Mony of them like Lames Moore concluded that if a change were made in the land Laws so that All would be enabled to have free Access to tile tracts of land lying practically Idle about could live in Comfort Aud Rode others wanted to fight it out on Mil them they could live in Pendency. London May 16.�?Rural England is now i in All its glory. A few Days ago i went Down to Wiltshire one of the southwestern counties with or. William Saunders member of the London county Council for Walworth and Liberal candidate in the same District for parliament. Leaving the train at Devizes we drove Southeast ascending the famous Salisbury Plain a Fine plateau it Miles Square on which stand the rude monuments of Stone i henge ancient and mysterious even to the first Saxon invaders. There Are but few running streams Here but by making a Basin in the ground and pouring in a Little water a perpetually filled fresh Pool for Stock is provided As the Clouds settling Over the Plain at night Are condensed by the a ten and constantly add to it. As we drove along the splendid Road leading to the town of Salisbury the absence of signs of farming was most noticeable. On this important Highway of an important Shire in Quot Over populated England a one Felt a loneliness More suggestive of the newer parts of our Western country and i indeed i Learned that the population in this part of the country including the villages is Only a fraction Over one to the Square a mile. The soil is Rich enough and even with inferior tools and methods of cultivation once supported a Large population but is now Given up to sheep and game. Much More obtrusive than farmhouses were the twelve by six sheep Cabins supported on Quot wheels sons to be pulled from Field to Field or the tangled thickets where lodged Hare and pheasant and snipe and occasionally a Fox. In these game preserves the Squires of the country found and their ladies frequently gather Tad mount in the fall to a blood the hounds. A Torf is started from the Brush or ii foxes to scarce one is loosed from Captivity. Off then dash the hounds and off dash Squires Aud ladies and attendants. Helter shelter they go through Fields Over Hedges and fences tip Steep embankments and Down Sharp Leo Levities in mad Hight till perhaps they suddenly bring up hounds Squires Lames and attendants around a Hole into exp of the Squires Ann. I hounds ready catches i with great agility strength and skin p or. Rex out seizes him by the Back of the lung and fling the wit. Ste word to Nave the d of the Tail and kill pull neck to prevent i High into the air. Down comes the n brute into the midst of the furious do Lulu _. _ of who quickly tear him to pieces. Thus the hounds Are Quot blooded a and Squires ladies and attendants remounting return in High Ood spirits Over their Quot amazingly enjoyable we stopped at a Small Hamlet called mar Ket Lavington. Just off Salisbury Plain and i listened to or. Saunders talk whose social conditions Are those More or is of the whole of Rural England. Market Lavington contains 2000 souls. It. Iloma with people lose land. Has Bat one policeman whose chief oco Upa a Tion seems to be to carry out the mandates of the loud of the Manor indeed there is nothing else for Man to do for the people Are most religious and Law abiding and besides supporting several churches Amish a relatively important Branch to Tho salvation army. One Man owns nearly All the land within the immediate limits of the Village Aud a Tow others own the land around it. So that All the people save these few Are renters. But where a Largo renter say a sheep Raiser occupying 600 or 1000 acres nays a the rate of 16, to or 5 shillings.,or even less an acre the Small cultivator of 6 or to acres of precisely the same kind of land pays �2, �3, and even �4 an acre the deliberate Pur i a it. Nee been deemed undesirable neighbors by the Rich. Yet this land is Wel adapted to the Small cultivator. This is shown by the great i Quantity of fruit raised by or Saunders a of fun Mill Fiji great nacre own brother or. Samuel Saunders from to i acres Oftle a poorest land for Miles around. Many authorities calculate that even five acres would be enough to ably a far More a family of five. As Bereave the occur with rent so with taxes for taxes levied. Not on the owner but on and Tho Quot rates a or local taxes and the tithe for the support of the established Church fall on. Land not according to its value but according to its rent so that the Small Farmer who pays �3 or �4 rent per acre must pay a great Deal More relatively than the sheep Raiser whose rent is but a few shillings an acre. The usual wages of farm labourers in Wiltshire is to shillings $2.50 a week. This divided among a family of five would Only allow four Pence eight cents a Day for each member. What kind of living this affords May be inferred from the fact that the poor Law guardians who have never been charged with extravagance cannot keep those dependent upon 1 their Charity in conditions of health and decency for less than an average of six Pence a Day each. At this rate the support of rive persons for a week woul it amount to 17 a shillings seven and Ahab if shillings More than Tho average weekly earnings of the farm labourers Iii Wiltshire. Most of these labourers have each however a Quarter or half acre lot from which they Ara supposed to produce enough to help out their scant wages. But they can Only do this when they Are out of other employment since working hours Are from 7 to 5 in Winter and from 5 to 7 in summer. Not Only Are his wages Low and his rent High but the farm labourer is hedged about by All manner of restrictions and penalties. The pieces of common land once attached to every Village in England have now almost All disappeared for the most part a in Market Lav Propri ated by the powerful Langton the children have nowhere save in the Public Highway to play. Thoy May not run m the Green Fields and pick the wild Flowers. Sheep stealing not Many years ago was a capital offence and even now the Law is severe upon poachers. A Man caught unlawfully with game even though it May have done his crops Pauch injury is heavily fined and then if not summarily evicted May be at any rate subjected to a lingering persecution. One Case i came upon was that of a Man of known integrity Aud Industry who was seized and Tinea to shillings for merely walking under the Shade of Trees close to a Field where his sheep were grazing. The Trees were part of a wooden tract which was used As a cover for pheasants but there was not Fence hedge or anything else to separate the two proper ties. Jasmine cottage was the name of one of the peasant Homes we visited a Small tiled House fronted by a pretty Little Garden and As neat within As a new England housewife a. James Moore was the occupant and though feeble with age he spoke with Inch clearness of thought. A you see my wife and me sir Cornin to the end a said the old Man. Quot it has been a Long struggle from the first. Even when i were a boy we did have so Little to Tat of a morning and were that hungry that a we did to up Salisbury Down we did eat piece by piece the bit of dread that we did 1 carry in our pouches to keep us through the a. One of the boys he were that hungry a one o e did take peas out in the pigs Trow owie caught in at it and Didner a unmerciful Owle caught in at it and t he beaten Quot if i could have had a bit of land when of age i could have earned an looking could How my wife and i lived that to no one living. At a too infirm to walk it to Ign Jot relate to you could not Tell last we were Gettin work and poor old Donk he were wont out but i kept out at it till i were hardly Able to get indoors. I were obliged to give up at last and to Call on tile guardians for help. I were always free of trunking and some things did raise up in my mind a very revolutionary Sparer. I did seem to want some Strong Man to Rise up and put Down persons who were withholding the the made More Bountiful. Where does this Long struggle for subsistence end one of James Moore a neighbors answered Quot there is no use mincing matters a said he Quot we be got Togo to the work House in the and this is the condition of things All Over Rural England. Is it any wonder then that each recurring census reveals a greater and More startling thinning out of the agn Cul Tural districts with wages at the Brink of starvation and the Prospect of the work House for old age. Tho Young and energetic strike out for Tho towns where at least whatever May be t he other conditions there Are the strongly attractive elements of excitement and change. Nor Are they As a class among those who swell the ranks of the unemployed in Tho towns. Messes. Duncan Bryee amp Corpre London i bulk of the unemployed a of whom 17,711 of a great variety of trades were registered a Quot seem to be either natives of London or those who bad been a Long while in fact while the newcomers from Trio agricultural districts find their Way to employment. They push others out of it. And what that Means is shown by the following extract from a letter handed Tome by a Well known London editor stud written by a Man 80 years of age working in a charitable who had formerly fallen through drink but bad Long Sinceob-8erved Good habits i am unable to find any employment whatever and thus am no better off than i Wall months ago. I Appeal to you once More olm, me any occupation in connection with your paper anything would suit to. I would Hawk it about the Street or could do anything Evert do menial work. I Ain a Good translator from the French and can speak the language and having been a Sandwich Man could live on a nosh lung or one and or per diem and would now carry boards at the same rate. I am Active and smart for my age and would prove efficient in almost any capacity whatever being in perfect haal Blat the present time. I am sure you would find me useful in some capacity or other. I could writ Good English could Correct proofs for the press besides being a Good deciphered of difficult handwriting. I Ani Well educated being a matriculated student of the University of London and formerly belonged to University College in Gower St. Here is the bitterness of our civilization a Tor alas it is not in England alone. But one cannot note this misery and unrest among the Small Farmers and farm labourers As Well As among the workmen in the towns and cities without seeing that lord Rosebery a predation now that. Tho suffrage is at last fair Many is Likely Boon to the politics of Tho no will de Quot the poor in in t us fiends outline of Bra ails Henry Georgs or. A fulfilled and that future in great Britain measures not men. Colquitt advice to new York Cleve land losing ground"1 in the souths As possible candidate. Washington,.-May 31.�?senator Colquitt of Georgia who has been in Newyork for three weeks is in Washington on his War Home. has been in conference with Quot new York politicians regarding the approaching Campaign in that stat Sandhas to discuss measures rather than men. Quot you see a said the senator Quot Litho democrats in new York make the Campaign a Quot Hill and Cleveland fight it will cause foe tonal differences and dissensions and May make new York a doubtful state. It May even defeat us there and thus put both Hill and Cleveland out of the race. My advice would lie to the party to stand together next fall and then after we have carried the state let gov. Hill and or. A Cleveland each Endeavor to secure the delegates to the nominating convention. To. Turn Tho election next fall into a personal struggle would be hazardous. Quot is this plan to be adopted a i think it what is the feeling now in Tho South toward or. Cleveland a the feeling in the South my in a cratic or it Kali Zed. No the. Next Bemo Ortho presidential candidate has h Thor course considerable talk i find a i a feeling against the advisability of not yet Crystal Zed Althouse a a m a considerable talk i there is. Of growing Renom unating or. Cleveland and i do not believe the South will advocate his candidacy when the convention is held. The antipathy to him is duo to his views on the Silver question. I believe that the next democratic platform will contain a Strong free Silver Plank and that we will win on such a platform. Without it i believe we will court what names Are suggested in for the nomination a the sentiment of the people has hardly reached the Point of discussing names. We want however a Good clean candidate and a platform that will advocate the Relief of the people from the burdens of heavy taxation and the evils of constricted currency. I think that the democrats Etui easily adopt such a platform while it will be difficult for the republicans to agree to such Broad the South party figure in the presidential Campaign a a it will not in the South. The third party men there Are democrats and if the democratic platform is framed in the interests of the people As it ought to be we will not lose a an adventurous explorer. Evidence that a White Man had visited the ear West a Century ago. Seattle wash., May 31.�?an interesting discovery recently made Here seems to indicate that the state was first visited by White people Many years earlier than it has been supposed. R. N. Dentin a Farmer of Matt Aba unearthed the Skeleton of a Man about it i feet in height who was undoubtedly some adventurous explorer Tho formation of the Skull and feet showing clearly that it is not that of an Indian. Under the Skeleton was a watch of antique pattern it has Only one hand on the face and the Back is a Sun dial. Attached to the ring is the Small figure of a child carved in Stone. On the outside of the Back of the Case Are the words Quot exeunt Omnes a and a word commencing with a Mas Quot the rest of the word being obliterated. On the inside of the Case opposite the Sun dial is the name Quot lop Ardez Mensin Quot and the figures 1791. The watch will probably be forwarded to some Eastern museum. A Glove to Eit. Chicago Herald it is just a piece of Pood Luck now when you get a Glove to fit you by relying upon the number which you have worn for years the size Trench to you has seemed rather the fact that i took great Deal of patience time and muscle to decide you could Wear it at ally really makes you Blush now. It makes you Blush to think you have betrayed the fact to the attendant that you Ever wore a Glove of that number your hand is so much smaller now. You can never Tell How it has come about. You know that those Scales insist upon adding five or six pounds to your weight and yet Here is this Glove two sizes too Large at least. She seems to know How to ignore your embarrassment. She says sweetly Quot really you Are mistaken you never wore a Glove As Large As that. It must be so you want. Let me measure your hand. Yes it is 6 it it is not Olton ladies ask Torasi too a do they buy them too Small a Quot no they done to buy them too Small exactly because we fit them hut it is Many a Glove that goes to the repairing room from the first a flood of Light crosses your embarrassed brain. Quot the managers of Glove stores Are balancing up the profit Side of their ledgers by changing the numbers on gloves and you can Tell your friends now that you Wear pm where before you were obliged to acknowledge to 6% and 6. There is something so aristocratic about a Small hand. Our new dictionary. Judge look out a expression used by drayman and car Drivers just after running Down some unfortunate pedestrian. Conscience a Mirror with two faces in the one that magnifies the heart looks at its Good actions in that which diminishes its faults. Hope the imagination of Tho unhappy. Idler an animal that browses outline. Life the time men Tako to die in. Political pointers. Sex senator Miller discusses senator and gov. Hill. Nationalists and the Peoples party senator Hampton a views. Ingalls says republicans must meet changed conditions. Washington. May 25.�?ex-senator Warner Miller of new York who is hero in connection with Nicaragua canal matters said today that now York politicians were devoting their attention to senator Hill and the governorship. Quot even or. Hills to said Quot do not seem to be informed As to his plans and the governorship seems to be interesting to everyone. Several persons Are being spoken of in connection with the Republican nomination but there is nothing crystallized As yet. Quot nobody knows whether or not or. Hill is going to ask for the democratic nomination or whether he will be satisfied to Tako ids seat in the Senate. Flower and Jones Are candidates but Hill being a candidate for the presidential nomination naturally wants to keen hold of the democratic machine in the state either by taking theota nation himself or by nominating a Friend. Of he can name the governor he will retain control of the machine. The doubt is a to his plans and whether or not to can carry them Quot what Chance have the republicans of carrying the state a was asked. The democrats Aro very Apt to vote to Gether. However they May fight Over Tho nomination. Thoy will probably v their nominee whoever lie May at present has control of the machine. You it Tell whether or not he can keep Conor what Tami can Send just such. In they want to Regan Shes of either or. Hill or air. Cleveland tool or what tammany May do. Tammany u Del. Regardless of to they Aro a secret organization very Little _ negation to the con Don a they want to regardless of the Eveland 1b very popular among Ghoul whole democrats throughout tile Ortato democracy of the a hit entry seemed to influenced by Public opinion a Cleveland to _ e Giem Cracy of the whole cot e for him with one voice before to wrote his Silver letter but that letter has created a disturbance in the party which leaves everything in doubt. I see that or. Cleveland s sex postmaster general in an interview says the Tariff in to be the main Issue of the Campaign in�?T92, Quot of that is True. If the democrats Are going again to fight for free Trade Cleveland is their natural Leader. But if free coinage of Silver is to be made the principal Plank in their National platform i done to sea How he can run on nationalists celebrate. Or. E. E. Hale declares that National ism is becoming fashionable. The nationalists celebrated their second anniversary in Tremont Temple Boston thursday night. G. Washburn called the mooting to order and introduced Rev. Edward Everett Hale As the first speaker. A the state of Massachusetts asks no corporation Tacoma to. Its assistance Quot or. Hal began. Quot Tho town of Dedham built the first canal in new Engram and nobody said them nay. Tho state of Massachusetts put us a Lighthouse in Boston Harbor. It is for a Feudal nation like great Britain to propose anything different. Half an hour after Tho first settler landed in this country the Feudal system was broken Down forever. The legislature of Massachusetts has shown that it understood on what basis Massachusetts was founded and on my return from California i was not much surprised to find that governors Aud mayors and presidents of con sume oven fail to find employment at starvation wages. Against this involuntary slavery Tho peo less party have commenced humanitarian steadily approaches the danger Lino life of the Republic. No a further Extension is Tho pies party have commenced a conflict. Hum int Tori ans All Over the nation have become aroused to a Point not equalled since the anti slavery agitation. It is a moral Awakening with an Issue not second to that great question which gave birth to the Republican party when both whigs and democrats trifled with its solution. It is an Issue above and beyond those that now politically Divide the toilers. This organized capital in its encroachments upon the liberties of the people for the _ present meaning of the Peoples party. The teachings of Jefferson and the warnings of the immortal Lincoln in his congressional message of 1861 Aro appropriate at this time. We invite the of operation of those who will unite with us in Devotion to an Ideal above outlined towards which our efforts shall conscientiously be directed we wish to effect at once a state organization of the Peoples party by its attendant committees to the end that Tho influence of Massachusetts be Felt As of old by political action in her own state and by Wise counsel in National conventions or legislative bails. Those in sympathy with this movement or those desiring other information May address either George f. Washburn chairman 405 Washington St., Boston mass., or e. Gerry Brown Secretary Charlestown mass. A statement of previous political affiliation will be Welcome information. Although not actually required. Tho address is signed by the National committee for Massachusetts George f. Washburn e. Gerry Brown and k. M. Boynton. Fears it not. Sex senator Hampton on the prospects of a third party in the South. Washington May 28.�?ex-senator Hampton who has just passed through Washington on Hie Way to Canada where he is going for Salmon fishing says he is not disturbed about the third party movement. says it will not amount to much in the South when the Light of intelligent discussion is Quot turned upon it. A party founded on one idea. And that a false one he does not think can survive Long. Upton says that Cleveland still carts of the people in the South Ley have not All liked his utter a Silver question. It is possible May injure him in the senator thinks be will be Tho democratic nominee. To says he does not Boli Evo that Harrison will to renominated by Tho republicans and adds that the Southern trip in his opinion has not benefited him. The senator regards Blaine As a Strong possibility. No York May 29.�?r. A Dun be co is weekly review of Trade says it is astonishing How far monetary anxieties have passed from the minds of men though g Gold exports have not yet ceased. Men have seen that Tho country has Mot without the slightest disturbance a Drain of Gold unprecedented in magnitude and suddenness that the Market Here is Well supplied and easy that Large amounts of currency have come from Tho country without causing Stringency in any of the important Interior markets and that the legitimate of Tho country has been in no Way impeded. Tho Moat powerful sustaining influence is Tho continuance of exceedingly favourable crop prospects. Public and private advices concur that since Tho Rains which began two weeks ago the Outlook bus greatly improved. The end of the great Coke St Rike does not yet bring lower prices for it is announced that $1.80 will still lie charged but the 23 Iron furnaces of tile Shau Ango and Mahoning valleys have decided to resume work at once according to telegrams. If so the Price of pig Iron at least the incr grades largely produced in that Region is Likely to decline unless great Oij Ange in tile demand occurs. Irked Bas been better of prices Bete or at Bessemer pig is of to 75 cents lower at Pittsburg but Thoro is a better demand in Eastern markets for bar and structural Iron and plates. In rails there is still much apathy As the roads Aro not feeling Rich and enterprises Are halted by the state of the Money Market. No change is seen in Tho Woollen maim Fine Domestic Teeco is a knights of reciprocity. Topeka ran. May 27.�?the grand Lodge of Tho knights of reciprocity will hold its first annual convention in this City next tuesday Aud make arrangements Tor extending the order in other states where the Alliance movement is threatening the re publican party the order has a membership of 20,000 in is state he in work in this state. The mania for secret society Western politics has forced the republicans a to adopt this Means of preserving their or gun Cotton. _ must meet changed conditions. Hutchinson ran., May 27.�?attho meeting yesterday of the Republican editors of the seventh congressional District a letter from sex senator Ingalls was read and warmly applauded. Among other things the Mattor said a the Republican party is confronted with great problems which threaten its supremacy. Of we Are to succeed we must Deal with Tho issues of today As we dealt with slavery secession and it Sti facture though Little weaker in tone the Cotton manufacture progresses with Al out change and Eastern failures Havo caused Especial dullness in the Boot and shoo and leather trades even for the Dull season. Boston reports Only fair with sales very Small in some branches. Dealers and manufacturers in shoes and Loather Are cautious and hides Are weak. Wool in quiet Woollen goods fairly Active and Cotton goods in better demand. Hartford notes no improvement in dry goods and Dull Trade in hardware. At Philadelphia there is general hesitation use of the state of City finances. At Burg window Glass is depressed by Ling strikes butt Cleveland Trado is fairly Good and at Cincinnati brightening a Little. The Only Interior markets at which Stringency is reported Are Savannah and a Memphis though Money is firm at new Orleans in Strong demand at Minneapolis i Alitalo close at Cleveland Ana Detroit. A must readjust Itse tons of american ii perish. Ates a it Are ready to Prophesy for us. A nationalism is gutting rash applause it is Only when Yahm rom Feudal nations like Groat Britain inst Honable sir. Of introduce Tut ions in which corporations shall have the privilege to do this or that and when you deviate from the idea on which this american nation was founded that you Are prevented from any of these things. The protest against this modern system a the protest against another system More than too years ago has come from the Good old town of Danvers in Essex county. Thoy were among the first to protest against the ideas of gentlemen named Gage and Howe at that time and when our nationalist clubs done to know what to do with their funds we will strike a Gold medal in Honor of the town of Danvers and present it to her and the motto shall be a she belled the a a he spoke in support of the idea that the telegraphic system of the country should to controlled by the government rather than by corporations and hoped that nationalists everywhere would strive to bring such a tiling about. The speaker closed by introducing As the presiding officer of the afternoon or. John Foster Briscoe president of the first nationalist club of Boston. Or. Briscoe in the course of his address said that it was Only a few weeks since the head of a great Church called attention to the need of Industrial Reform and within the year the emperor of the first nation of Europe bad called together representatives of All the countries of Europe to consider the relations of capital and labor. Legislation should be in the interest of the people and not of a plutocracy. Cant. Charles e. Bowers said that people believe that a Graver problem confronts the people of this country today than Many a that which the people of the country had to to face in 1861. Then there were 4,000,000 chattel slaves in one Section of the country while at the present time there Are 16,000,-000 Industrial slaves throughout Tho whole country. Ninety five out of every too peo a pie who engage in fail and the Only remedy is to nationalize the industries of the country. Quot the time will come a he added Quot when every boy Ana girl in the country will be fed. Clothed Ana educated at the evening session the speakers were mrs. Mary a. Livermore. Or. Edward Bellamy and Rev. A. Hinckley of Northampton. Bay state nationalists. The National committee of the Peoples party for Massachusetts make a Public statement. The National committee for Massachusetts of the newly formed Peoples party have prepared an address to the people of Massachusetts from which the following extracts Are taken As one of the results of a National conference of representative of land labor financial and political Reform associations held in Cincinnati May 18. It was decided that the reforms agitated should constitute an Issue in the presidential Campaign of 1892 and preparatory thereto Tho Peoples arty of the United states was there formed and a National committee selected to organize each state. In Massachusetts Tho Peoples party by organizing can at least exert a qualifying influence in the line of its work upon the purity of motive actuating other parties in their nominations or in the legislation they favor. Tile platform adopted at Cincinnati has already been widely published. To some the demands therein formulated May appear Radical though upon reflection Tho Basic principles would tie regarded As eminently Wise upon which to found Reform legislation in the particulars suggested. Let it to remembered that this platform is provisional Only and subject to modification by additions or eliminations at the next conference at Washington d. C., february 1802, and at the nominating convention in Jane of that year. In the meantime it is essential that those who feel dissatisfied with Tho controlling influences and tendencies of the old parties should Combine in an attempt to secure something better. Those who Are in this line of thought should act together and Endeavor to grow into Unity by Mutual concessions for the common Good. Whatever May he the expression for expected legislation the animating influence that founds the Peoples party is the desire to place the government in the hands of the people for the it embodies the opinion that both of the old parties Are now controlled by organized capital and that National legislation in its interest at its dictation Ana sometimes by its Purchase is responsible largely for an existing conditions a condition where failures Are common a condition where the masses of society although surrounded with an abundance of the necessaries of life. Are unable to obtain a comfortable existence without an injurious severity of labor and years ago. The i i life or it will pc Quot i wish to save it from this Fate by Roc amp la he spirit of Energy the aggressive Aud Force of tire founders to the Cam-1892. This will be waged upon and practical questions and not upon memories or motions. Harrison will be renominated and Cleveland will be his Quot of we have courage and conscience it ill be an Austerlitz. A Quot if we Dicker with popular errors Compromise with unprincipled leaders and a Serences of judgment a Vit o b a Wilbo a Austerlitz. Leer with uni most c it will be a Waterloo. Sneer at hones an opinion Prin Alife notes. The determination of the Ohio Farmere a Cree by sin. for Mckinley As it May Lei a a a a a a Tufa third party ticket in the Field is considered by a graciously As a bad Omen for Mckinley the republicans in the Union to vote directly for the democratic conf Dato instead of scattering their strength on a third ticket. The Union is especially bitter against Mckinley and Sherman. A circular calling the annual meeting of the Maine hotel proprietors association suggests the expediency of making a raise in botel prices and also the support of such political party at the next state election As la pledge their votes and the repeal of the prohibitory Law and pass optional License Law. Arena hotel prices and also the Suppon Timbal party at the next state Eit Edge their votes and influence for Aeraj of instead an of a a. No answer has yet been aloud by Jud a Morris of new Haven to gov. Bulkeley a statement in Tho quo warranty suit. Ale last Day under though thursday was the Law for this step gov. of i Morris has caused the Rill the illness of sex the counsel for judge it delay. Eskimo diet. Some of the things which the people of the far North live on. Geographical masts the i read about Eskimo eating habits How once upon a time for instance an Arctic explorer offered some Eskimo girls some sweetmeats which were rejected while tallow candles were eagerly accented Aud eaten. Now i was to see an Eskimo eat. With Many smiles Peter entered the Cabin and sat Down at the table. I should have apologized to him on account of the scant Ness of our fare for to had no candles and there Wasny to a bit of tallow on deck even let alone in the Cabin hut i noticed that the butter i late was heaping full the sight of which made me wish for some of my friends so that we could make a Pool on the number of bites he would take in swallowing the Roll. Then Peter sat Down and without ceremony homed himself to a lot of baked beaus a piece of dry bread Aud a Large piece of very lean. Salt beef All of which he bit into and swallowed As a hungry a Longshoreman might have done. Then he took More Beans and More bread and More loan beef and with them several cups of Coffee with a great Deal of sugar to each cup. was a Long time getting to it. But he finally began on the butter lie had poured his last cup of Coffee and was looking about for something to eat with it when Bis Eye feel on a plate of cake. Taking a Small piece lie put a Small Lump of sugar on it and slowly ate the combination with Tho Coffee. Climate and crops. Review of the situation for the week. Crop reports received from ail tarts of Tho country. Eastern failures seriously affect Boot and shoe Trade lower grades _ on if a a Bai _ the tone of the Marc but without change Philadelphia while Kab but in general the Supply at nearly All Points is adequate for Alii tag Tim ate busines., bomb crop reports. Change in the w anther and the crop conditions though a soaking rain would be of great value for Corn Oats. Barley flax and potatoes. North Dakota continues Hor favourable showing. Connecticut caterpillars. A plague which infests Plainfield county. Plainfield conn., May 27.�?never in the history of this county has the plague of caterpillars been As serious As this season. For Miles in every direction the Trees look As if swept by a tire not a Leaf or Green Bud in sight. The Cherry crop both wild and cultivated is totall ruined and Tho Farmers in Brooklyn Pomfret Killingly Canterbury Lisbon Sprague and this town report that Tho apply crop which promised at one time a be above the average is also threatened with partial if not total destruction. Tho worst of the plague however is that they enter houses and in Ovorn conceivable place in ests can he found carefully stowed away. The housewives Are nearly insane Over the torment. Pedestrians Are hurrying along in the Middle of the Road to eat ipe them a they fall from the Trees overhanging the sidewalks. Scalding water ammonia Coal Oil. Lire and every method that Lias heretofore proved sure to remove the pest Havo this your been in vain. Between the Caterpillar plague and the unusually dry weather the crop prospects Aro very poor. New England states. Severe frosts if Many but generally Good Outlook. The weather of the past week has been an improvement in some respects Over that of several of the preceding ones. More rain has fallen in fact in Many sections the amount is up to the average. This has served to relieve crops kinds from the drought which has prevailed for several weeks. As a Rule Tho soil is now in excellent condition for cultivation. The season is vet a week to a fortnight late but a few Days of warm Sunshine will soon Advance it to the average. Tho temperature for the past. Seven Days has been fur the most part below the average. Tim nights and mornings have been remarkably Cool. Frost occurred in most Northern sections on the 28rt, 24th. 27th and 28th. In some favourable localities the temperature fell to the congealing Point for water and thin Leo was observed. At West Milan n. H., the coldest was 24.5�, or 7.6� below the freezing Point Over parts of the Northern states much. Damage was Dono All crops that were up being killed or out to the ground. In Connecticut and Massachusetts Little injury is reported while for Southern parts of Rhode Island Large Fields or potatoes and other vegetables were Cut Down. There has been in abundance of Sunshine but the Cool atmosphere especially of the nights and mornings has retarded crop growth. Been favourable has been e heat of in that Aro up Quot the weather has however to farm work. And Fine Progress has made in planting. A Yhlen the Avera below the seasonal the seed Are is germinating Aud the plants that a Lack vigor and healthy color. In Southern parts of the districts h has begun Ana vegetable growth Salt de i Yin adv Anco of that of Tim North. The tobacco plants Are now being set in connecting r a the Northwest Farmers review record Minnesota a chances by. Paul minn., May 27, of too a crop reports from As Many Points in the Northwest received yesterday the great majority Are extremely favourable. The most marked exception comes from Houston county in Southeastern Minnesota As a follows Quot itis just six weeks Minoa rain fell in this Vicinity except just enough to Lay the dust one or twice and vegetation Tail kinds is suffering. Farmers begin to complain about the chinch Bug again. From St. Vin Eutrin the extreme Northwestern part of the state a correspondent reports i Quot the Frost was severe Here last night cutting Down some of the most tender Garden stuff. No damage to Gram. Crops Are looking Well and pastures Are plentiful Light an at Moorhead. Up get county the rain Bas been very id the situation is becoming serious Hor to the Reader of a geographical Magazine a seem strange but the fact is until i saw this Man at tile table i bad really expected to find the eskimos of South Greenland showing the habits and tastes of those living a thousand Miles farther up the coast. I bad not quite expected to find them living in Snow houses but i had a misty idea that an Eskimo was a Little Black Indian whose chief Delight among the things brought from a civilized country was a tallow Candle. The Staple food is Seal Moat and blubber. Next to that is the Little fish taken in the fiord and dried for Winter use known to them As the agma that and to Tho Learned As Salmo Villous. A favorite Way of eating the dried agma that is to take it by the Tail poke it into the oily blubber for a while and then Chew it Down. Awful Isnit it itis almost As bad As eating sardines. There is a Deal in a name. Blubber is disgusting Oil if for use on a salad is delicious and indispensable. I have eaten Seal Oil and found it very unexpectedly Good. I had supposed it would have a flavor of fish Oil. There is no such flavor about it. It is equal to the Best extract of Cotton seed that Quality sold As Olive Oil in All american groceries. Agma that and blubber under a French Label would be esteemed a luxury in York As in Tarsuk. For the rest the eskimos Trade Soal Oil and skins to their gov a Throe kinds of hard tack for Coffee sugar land Tea. They catch Arctic codfish Misar Kornak in Eskimo and Gadus Nav Aga in the books and Salmon in the seasons they shoot no end of gulls ducks Ptarmigan and the Arctic Hare they have egg3 in endless Quantity in the season and very Many foxes Are trapped. The Fox is to the Eskimo what the a Possum is to the Plantation Darkey. likes Ito Smoko and under favouring of i instances. Will Swap anything not a got including his wife for rum. On the Western Central or there has been plenty of rain and conditions Are first class. At Minot. N. D., there was heavy Frost tuesday night but Grain did not suffer. In Lamoure and Barnes counties which have suffered severely from drought in till past two years the ground is soaked with moisture and the reports say that there has been no Spring like this since 1882, and tip Early Pronase is for a Bountiful crop. North Dakota has been More generally favored with rain than her sister to Tho southward. In Brown county s. D., the showers came in spells and Worms Are doing considerable damage to Garden stuff. In Edmunds county wheat is in Fine shape but Many Fields of flax and Millet will have to be renown on account of frosts. In Miner county the wheat prospects Are excellent but rain is needed for other crops especially Corn which is suffering in some localities from the Cut worm. Tile country a crop. Chicago May 27.�?the Farmers review in this we oks a Issue will say throughout the country the condition of Winter wheat has not greatly changed. In some sections drought and insects have produced a Small apparent decline but this decline has been largely offset by recent copious Rains. In Illinois 73 correspondents show Itiat the prospects for an abundant crop of Winter wheat Are still Good. Tho average condition is considerably above the average. Tile hessian Fly has done considerable damage in some counties More trouble from this cause being reported Here than from any other state. Indiana reports show the general condition of the wheat crop Good. Keno of Tho correspondents mention the hessian Fly. Tile prospects in Ohio Are Good Only a few correspondents reporting damage from drought and late freezing. Winter wheat in Kentucky has been damaged some by cold weather drought and rust. Larue county reports damage from hessian Fly. Fifteen correspondents however report Tho condition equal to or above an average. Michigan crop promises to to about an average on p. Tho condition of Wisconsin Winter wheat has been lowered by dry weather but the late Rains will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect. Kansas has fallen considerably since lust reports. Although the crop will to a Good one to has been injured considerably by recent dry weather. Hessian Fly and chinch Bug ravages Are reported from Coffey Mcpherson Marion Reno Dickinson. Butler Montgomery Riley Sedgwick Woodson Labette and Gray counties. In Missouri some damage from hessian Fly is reported but the prospects Are Good for More til an an average crop. In Nebraska and Iowa condition is Good Des Moines county in Iowa alone reporting damage from hessian Fly. Oats Are looking badly in Illinois Indiana Ohio and Kentucky. Iii Nebraska and Ohio the crop is in Good condition and promises a full yield. In the other states the condition is considerably below an average in Kansas and Missouri Liilo the Outlook is very Good Iii borne counties it is poor in others. From Minnesota counties. S r. Paul minn., May 29.�?from Dakota county. Minn., comes the report that Tho a weather is warm and dry and unless rain comes soon there will hardly be an average crop. In Lesueuer county crops Are suffering for rain and potato bugs Ara destroying vines. Douglas county needs rain. Late sown Oats Are suffering severely and the Cut worm is ravaging Barley. In Noble county acids Aro suffering from drought and Cut worm. Iii a right county wheat and com look healthy and Strong but rain is needed. In Fillmore county the crops will be Light unless rain comes soon. Kandiyohi county Bas had Little rain and the Prospect is discouraging. A1 beat Aud Oats look Well in Renville county but the Cut worm is destroying Corn. In the Western part of Winona county Grain looks Well but rain is wanted. In Rice county pasturage is drying up and Farmers Are compelled to feed Hay to their cattle. In Lac oui Parle county the weather is dry and Cool and the Cut worm is injuring the Corn. The same is True in Rock county though the wheat is looking Strong and finer in the Vicinity of Lesueuer caterpillars Are destroying Small fruit and Cut Worms Are working in the Corn South Dakota reports show no material cd plauts a a Picut the work progressing rapidly. Parts of Massachusetts will begin during the present. Week. Conflicting reports Continuo with regard n some portions of Gonno clout i Island the recent frosts Are said to fruit. In sum and Rhode to have greatly damaged strawberries. In most parts of Massachusetts the Outlook is promising. Borne of the remarks of the official observers Are As follows Maine Brunswick season vary backward grass grows slowly planting about done East runner planting Well advanced May a Field. Zrum behind crops Are edition Grain is Cornin new Hampshire a vegetation Joe Bury. Growing slowly Apple blossoms falling planting mostly done Hanover frosts a in j us met jux us Tux i Xiv dts nearly every night and have greatly injured fruits and crops Corn coming slowly Oats look thin and Short Newport apply Trees making a fair Bloom Newton Early crops Are looking Well hoeing ought to be Dono to m Bing ought to be Dono planting in Progress mirth Haverhill larger crops than in a i Ess yield and Quantity. Usual of Corn potatoes Aud Oats have been West Milan the Hay crops will be much below the average in planted doubtless Vermont Burlington hard frosts on the 23d Aud 27th, fruits May be dam aged Craftsbury grass is starting thin and looks like a Light crop East to Grain is up nicely Ludlow rain i needed. Rehire a Otich Massachusetts Agawam nicely vines Bloomis along a Agawam com putting Blandford ail fruit and wild very full Chelmsford s Blooming very Lull Chelmsford a brass pastures badly Winter killed Fitch crops not making much growth had and Burg crops not maxing much Gre _ lev tobacco plants looking Well and setting will begin As soon As Tho weather is favourable Leominster planting nearly finished hoeing under Way fruit crop still favourable Taunton grass in the pastures and mowing More ram than for several weeks Hay crop will to Light Walpole frosts have put season Back to Tho average but the damage is Light. Rhode Island Bristol Hay will be Light rain needed strawberries Are nearly a failure on a count of Lute frosts potato tops Cut off by frosts. Connecticut Lebanon strawberries seem to be a failure damaged by late Frost Corn Aud Lima beaus coming Well Light crop of grass Milford ice on Glass of hot bed thursday morning All crops Are backward planting about completed Garden truck scare Good fruit expected now Britain All crops growing slowly Newington fruits injured by frosts grass Short gardens not promising Wost Simsbury the late Rains Are glorious grass and strawberries would have Boon ruined in a Short time. Tobacco setting Lias commenced com and potatoes Are All right Rye looks Well. Farm ors today Are wearing a smile As Broad As the hand of Providence. Tho indications Aro that the present week will be the Best growing weather of the season. There is yet plenty of time for Bountiful crops. A few warm Days and occasional showers will soon dispel the present Uncertain Outlook. Notes. Burlington la. May 29. Despatches a Tamta Eta no in the Corn in _____5_______ stroked. A number of Farmers will to com Only 50 dents foe Getas Many subscribers As you can. At this season of the year Many. Subscribers prefer to have their subscriptions expire with the year it is in the interest of such subscribers and of trial subscribers that the above offer is made for a limited tune. Only 50 gents Tor balance of year. When you subscribe Why not ask some of your friends to subscribe ? you can secure on ropy for yourself free by sending a three subscribers at 50 cents each All receiving the paper until Jan. 1,1892. Wow is the time for one and All to push the weekly Globe and. Extend its influence which is always on the aide of the people in whatever concerns their welfare. In recognition of the needs of Farmers for More practical information on How to make farming pay it will soon devote a Good Deal of space to selected papers on agricultural topics to be edited by or. Andrew h. Ward. Meanwhile or. Ward will contribute regularly his original papers on Bow to make fanning pay. Or. Ward extends to weekly Globe subscribers an invitation to write freely to him on any subject of importance to them. Tell your neighbors and form a club. Only 50 cents for balance of year. 4 copies for $1.50. Only $1.00 for one year. 4 copies for <$3.00. Address the weekly Globe Boston mass. United states involved american fishermen hindered by French War ship St. Geirge a Bay Newfoundland seized by the French Admiral. The Knutsford Bill in the British House of comm Obs. From Illinois Points say that cutworms Are working in the Corn Many Fields being Rie pulled to replant their Fields. Roc Host Kkt n. A. May 27.�?there was a heavy Frost last night in this Section and the damage done to Early vegetable and fruits is reported to to More serious than any that has occurred through the same cause this Spring. The fatal hand. A combination in poker which brings certain death to the Holder. Detroit free press i was watching a game of poker once at Homenu Mont. The players were a Gambler whom i knew slightly and who bore the sobriquet of Quot Lucky Billand two miners. Suddenly after tile hands were dealt and the players had Quot chipped in and drawn cards Lucky Bill with perfect calmness and not so much Usa Shadow of a change in the expression of his face Laid his cards on tile table took a notebook from his pocket and deliberately wrote a few words. Then he Tore out the Leaf and handed it to me. Quot look at that when you get Home his voice was steady and did not betray a particle of excitement. I thrust the paper aimlessly into my pocket and gave the matter hardly a second thought. Trio play progressed. Lucky Bill a Faco was unyielding As a Stone find entirely i expressive. noticed everything however and ins vigilant Eye did not miss Trio slightest move on the Dart of tint other players. was a typical Gambler and one of the most successful of his Guild. Hence the sobriquet. At i St Tipiere was an altercation Between Tho two miners. Hot words ensued and revolvers were drawn. Homo of the bystanders interfered at this Point and in the scuffle that followed i heard Tho Sharp whistle and suing of a Bullet. Lucky Bill his Good Star in toe descendant fell to the floor and expired without a groan. had been killed by the accidental discharge of a pistol in the hands of one of Tho miners. I was horrified at the occurrence and that evening after i reached Homo i thought of the line the Gambler had written me. I took it from my pocket and read As follows Quot i have drawn a pair of sevens. I now hold sucks full on red sevens. It is. A fatal hand. Ins. I. O one Ever yet held it Aud left the card table. Alive. I shall die. I a the first National of Bismarck notify0my Mother mrs. Barton of Franklin by Quot St. Johns n. F., May 29.�?the French have seized St. George s Bay. Repeating their outrages of lost year and adding another and greater one by assuming territorial Possession of the Waters. Or. resident magistrate there telegraphs Tho colonial government Here that the French Admiral has proclaimed his authority in the Bay. Has forbidden the Newfoundland fishermen to do any fishing whatever has put out patrol launches whose Crews have taken up the local Fiaher Meus nets seines and traps and have put them All ashore. Or. Bishop further reports that the French commander has driven off the colonial fishermen who were baiting several american schooners disregarding the protests of tile american captains who insisted on time rights under the treaty of 1818. The Admiral replied bluntly that he did not recognize the Anglo american treaty that the contents of the Waters of Bay St. George belonged solely to France and to was there to enforce Frenchi rights he would allow no traffic Between the americans and the Newfoundland fishermen in bait drawn from Tho Waters of Bay St. George. now stands on the naked proposition that everything in the sea is French property that the american treaty is void and that he Lias authority to enforce French rights As construed by France against both the newfound Landers and the americans. Tho american Consul or. Molloy has not vet received any reply from bib Telegram to or. Blaine announcing the facts. What is thought of it in Paris. Paris May 29.�?replying to the criticisms of certain English newspapers with regard to the act of the Cora Masder of the French naval forces in seizing St. Georges Bay Newfoundland and forbidding the Resi dents to soil bait to american fishermen As being contrary to the treaty of 1818, the Siegle says Quot although Fuller details Are needed to give a Complete understanding of the affair we believe the French commander acted in strict accordance with French rights. It was too absurd to enact a Law forbidding English fishermen in Fortune Bay to Refl bait to French fishermen. We have replied by closing the French Shore to american fishermen. This is nothing More than taking Harcourt for Newfoundland. Censures colonial office s treatment of the Island Colony. London May 28, the House of commons today William Henry Smith answering a question in regard to Newfoundland said that on Tho Promise of the Newfoundland delegates that a Bill would be passed to carry out tile modes Visendi and the award of the arbitration commission under the modes Visendi agreement the government proposed that Tho Knutsford Bill should be read a second time which or. Smith hoped would be without opposition and the government would agree to postpone the next stage of Hie Dill for three weeks. If by then or. Smith added the colonial legislature has passed such a measure As the one promised by the delegates the government would withdraw the Knutsford Bill. Or. Smith then moved tile second Reading of tile last mentioned measure. Hir William Vernon Harcourt deprecated the Courso which the government had adopted in not allowing the question to be settled without insisting upon Reading the Knutsford Bill for the second time. The same speaker also protested against the manner in which Tho colonial office had treated the Newfoundland delegates. The Newfoundland delegates were All present in the House of commons waiting to be heard at the bar of the House. Tho galleries of the House were crowded with Copia interested in the Newfoundland question. Henry Mathews Secretary of state for the Home department said that great Britain a agreement with France made the approval of parliament necessary and the delegates having assented to the second Reading of Tho Bill the House ought to do so. William Henry Huith hoped that the House would agree to the second Reading of the Kente Ford Bill which he said would be accepted by France As an approval of the agreement. James Bryce Liberal member for the South division of Aberdeen moved that the House taking into consideration Tho fact that the Newfoundland legislature had passed a satisfactory act declaring its readiness to support the measures necessary to carry out tile treaty obligations and the awards of tile arbitration commissioners there was no necessity to proceed with the second Reading of the Knutsford William Henry Smith said that the gov eminent had no official evidence that the necessary measure had been passed by the Newfoundland legislature. But if the honorable member for Aberdeen or. Rye would Amend his motion so As to begin with the words Quot the House of commons Haring been informed that the legislature of Newfoundland a etc., the government would be willing to accede to the motion of the honorable member Tor Aberdeen not to proceed with the second Reading. Or. Bryce accepted the amendment and the motion was then approved. In the Honse of co Mem on thursday the Bill was refused a second Reading by a vote of Tanto 122. Rather Large bugs. So Many dropped on a track that a train had to Stop supposed to be a Cross Between a Mollusk and an insect Straush n. A a a May of Brighton Corners Between this place and Jamesville on the Delaware Lackawanna amp Western Railroad Are extensive Limestone quarries which have been in operation for Many years and have penetrated deeply into the Rock. Through the Cut thus made and into the quarries a Branch track has been Laid from the Lackawanna Road for the accommodation of the Hen Stone. Night work being necessary a Large part of the time an arc Light has been placed High Over the track at the darkest part of the car. Several care were loaded with Stone for shipment on Friday and left on the switch pending the Observance of memorial Day. Tonight in preparation for drawing the cars out the electric Light was Cut in and an engine with the necessary Crew left the City for Tho quarries. Upon reaching tile Cut the track was found to be covered for 60 feet on either Side with strange insects of immense proportions. The swarm was so great that the engine became stalled the rail having become so Slippery from the crushed insects. Examination of the new insects shows a resemblance to what is known As the electric Light Bug though the new Comer is much larger. The outer Shell of Tho Back is about the size and shape of half an eggshell which. When crushed by the engine wheels gave out a crackling sound like the explosion of a toy torpedo. Tile Shell is Black of a slate Structure and very Brittle. It is supposed tube a specie of Litho dome a Rock Boring Mollusk crossed with Somo kind of predatory insect. To secure the shipment of the freight tonight it became necessary to let the loaded train from above the Quarry come Down the Grade of the Cut. Gathering momentum All the time its impetus when it came to the obstruction carried it by the bugs. knew How to get even. Bright a Young Man who was a a roped into a a swear Chicago Tribune his pockets were bulging out with packages and lie had one or two under his Arm. Quot ill fix be said with determination Quot ill get even with Quot with whom a asked the Friend to whom the remark was addressed. Quot with whom a he exclaimed. Quot Why with the smooth tongued idiot who conned me into a six months swear off with a $50 forfeit by Tho Man who drinks a what of it a he was getting More and More excited. A Well he was acting under the doctors orders Aud he caught me of one of those penitent mornings and just roped me in for company. But i know his weakness and ill fix him. Ii make Bim sorry for this a a How Are you going to do it a Quot i am going to take Nim Home to dinner with me tonight and Load him up with eight Quot put wine under his nose a Quot not a drop. That would to ill fire All rims too. Into and sweets Candy eve just e stickiest there is on the of Esno to pull the of that tooth he a just had fixed fun give up pay the #60, and go on a spree. And if it does a a Well you know what a Good for a Toothache a Quot whiskey a Quot whiskey. And Iti have some Ifandy As soon As Tho tooth begins to thump. 0. In be got him if the filling goes. can temp away from they Bort the Type. Charles j. Durn a in ladles Home Jotun amp la about 26 women now have pleasant lucrative employment on daily newspapers in new York As Quot distributors a that is they Are employed during the Day at the Sams rate paid for night work to distribute Type for compositors who thus prefer to reduce their working hours. The Quot lady distributor is recent innovation but All employed. I have known some Home thus earn #20 per week from about to 1 until 6 d. In. _ these positions greatly women. Should not

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