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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - December 8, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts The Boston weekly Globe tuesday december 8, 1s91.Boston Ltd Iobco. Tuesday dec. 8, Issi. Globe pocket Calendar. December 1891 us m t. W. The. I f. J a i 1 1 4 6 a f $ 1 ,0i la is a a 15 Ini it 1 19 is is 24 25 26 my i i Sill Lului 0 1 itt 1 8 Iii a i 5 7.53 a 39. M a Obj a to ascription rates. Tot Tuhy or a a one copy per month to pent per year . Portage prepay Al. To or re at Clootz by mail. §2.00 per year. I retape prepaid. Tri Iuit Oto a by mall $1.00 per year i be prepaid. Tai Todt co., to a Wash Lipton Street Seton entered at toe poet office Beeton moas., a second another Bonanza offer. For you can receive$1.00the weekly Globe every week from now to january 1893. Balance of year free to clubs. S copies now to jan.,�?T93 a $5.00agents will please take notice of above announcements and begin to canvass at once. Sample copies free. Address the weekly Globe Boston mass. Agents wanted in every town to begin at once iou can make Money in Sparo hours by asking your neighbors to subscribe to the weekly Globe. The Globe Pat the largest Cash commission. Send Fop All the samples you need. Send for agents rates. Send non. A Cid re. The weekly Globe Boston philae phia farm journal a a do the weekly Globe. To any address for $1.10. Til Turin journal a Lite deadline agricultural monthly. Every Issue contain. An Short mailers Anil condensed paragraphs More useful Ani practical information for Ute Farmer than several issues of any o her Atrul Cullura monthly or any Uteri cultural weekly. The regular Price i so Centi. It cods Only to cents la combination with Tho weekly Globe. Address the weekly Globe Host on for Sample copies if every Reader of this Issue whether or not lie or she to a subscriber will Send a list of to or a dozen names of persons in ills or her neighbourhood Thi weekly Globe Nill be thankful. We wiil Send a Sample copy free to Earh. Write names on a postal card and address the w weekly Globe Boston mass. Groundless business fears. We Are now very near another presidential year and Many business men Are already predicting the usual Campaign year of mercantile and financial inactivity and dullness. When the reports of the unparalleled crops of the present year first came from the West an Era of exceptional business activity was predicted. It must be admitted that this business Boom Lias not As yet fully materialized. And there Are not wanting those who claim that the natural activity of business is retarded by the proximity of the presidential year. But surely Hie time has now arrived when business dullness in a presidential year is Willog eel and needless. The country has passed throng ii so Many intermittent quadrennial fever and repeatedly come out of them safely with its Genera health unimpaired that it should have by this time outgrown All such hysterical fears. There is no partisanship so b noted now that it predicts general ruin to the country ii its own Side is not victorious. This was frequently done in the old campaigns of the past but we have outgrown All that sort of Panicky politics. Nobody of intelligence now believes that general disaster will follow the National Victory of either party. We All have an abiding Feitli that this is impossible because we have an abiding Faith Tutt it is impossible for one half the people to be either fools or knaves. And the country is too great too Rich and re sout Elul for any economical policy however mistaken it May be to cause its commercial ruin or its financial col lapse. I there is really no reason Why we should fear that a presidential election should result in a severe financial depression. It is probably this fear alone that has made presidential years in the past such Dull ones for business. But the country ought to know and feel by this time that such fears Are groundless. To we venture to believe and Areklet that the year 1892 will be an exception in this matter to the general run of previous presidential years. Mortgage statistics. If the Porter census is so glaringly inae curate in the Mere matter of counting beads what must it be in the matter of enumerating mortgages yet the task was accomplished with what Success each May judge for himself and abstracts of 9,000,000 mortgages Hove been filed in the census department. The Bill of costs for collecting these mortgage statistics foots up 11,000,000. Commenting upon this High paced bungling bookless Jerrt Simpson has no Small sense of the fitness of things when he declares that Quot if the government would Only devote the Cost of collecting mortgage statistics to liquidating the mortgages they would disappear within a few some of the Globe authors. If readers will compare the issues of the weekly Globe with those of other metropolitan weeklies the weekly globes claim of timing the Best family weekly in tile United states will be found to be supported every week of the year. Tako this Issue and compare it. Frances Hodgson Burnett begins a Beautiful Story Quot Birdie a a that every woman and child will enjoy. Joseph Howard writes in his inimitable style of Cyrus w. Field and other million a Aires. There is a department for women full of Good things that they will appreciate. There is a department for youth that the Young folks cannot do without. There is a department for Farmers containing tile most practical information and inviting every Leader to contribute. There Are two Short stories specially written for the Globe Quot strange adventures of John Shadden a by Maurice Thompson and Quot cursed for both Are illustrated. Octave Thanet the novelist begins a cooking department As a regular feature. In addition to above readers have All the general news and ail the political news. How to choose your partner. That is. The business partner that you Are to select. It would not lie Wise to write a Ujiie of criticism on existing partnerships. And men who Are already in partnership will please not read this. My word is to Tho Young men who have yet to choose partners. Your partner docs not want to be a fellow just like you. That is. If you Are a bit inclined to look on the dark Side do not select a very cautious Man. That would be natural bul Between you before ten years had passed you would become so cautious a to kill All your courage. You would have the blues in that office very frequently. Choose a hopeful Man even a daring Man and so even up. Your partner should not be a Quick As lightning Man. That is what you Are and from that fact conies most of your errors. Select a slow and Suro fellow even if he brings in much loss capital. The Strong team is a mismatch. Yet the basis of Mutual adaptation must exist. It is impossible to describe in words just what this Mutual adaptation is. It is a fact however that opposites sometimes make the closest friendships. Sometimes the most obstinate aversion is the result of opposite mental characteristics. The reason cannot be quite explained i say but i venture to reiterate to fat where two men of opposite characteristics do really Quot like each other the Bond is the strongest in Tho world. And from the very fact that each is conscious that the one supplies something that Tho other lacks. If one were to venture to name the underlying reason it would be probably Confidence. Quot he is different from to Iii almost every respect. But he is True and i can Trust make up your mind to let your partners family affairs alone. Insist on the articles of Copartnership and keep the books straight Between you. But beyond that pay no attention to his style of living. Do not allow your wife to mention to you that site saw mrs. Blank your partners wife on tile Street with a new Sealskin. That is none of your affair so Long As the Cash is right every month when you both draw. In a word it is often True that the families of partners do not agree that the firm is full As Well Oft if the families Are not very intimate that families have been known by Mutual jealousies to break up the most successful partnerships. Business is business and social life is soc Al Lite. As a Rule Long partnerships Are for business. Work together on business lines. Not on Church lines let each Man have his own. Not on literature Art amusements or Quot fads a a let each Man follow his own Bent in Tieso directions Aud no questions asked. Of course each Man Mutt preserve a Good name when out of the store. But beyond that decline to interfere. And w hat is More important resist interference. Of you hold to a certain Creed that is sacred to you. Tho other Man May be an Quot agnostic Quot Aud laugh at everything you believe. But rot in your presence. Business is business. Hands off my Creed. I allow no Man to inti Nence me As a partner could if i suffered him to express himself freely All Day All year. We meet for business we do business we part and business is the last word. Were Young men to insist on this Rule the warping of c character by the stronger nature injuriously would not take place. Partners Are so closely associated More so than any other two human beings except husband and wife that opinions Are like an atmosphere. It is breathed All the while. A positive Man dominates. The negative Man loses his personal Force that is if other tilings than business Are allowed to be canvassed. This is the moral danger of so close an association. Few think of it. But it is a great danger. Unless you Are the stronger Man your partner Wilt make you Over. If he happens to be a Little Oil color in religious or moral opinion you Are Hurt. But what if the stronger Man is the better Man certainly that is fortunate. Still the Simp is not an Apt place for preach ments except the silent preaching of a Noble career Day after Day. There s Many a wife who if she should read this would say a John that a what i have been noticing Iii you for three or four years past. I Ain losing my influence Over i your character and opinions and your Busi i Ness partner is taking my place. Y of Are i changing and conforming to i have known a Man of a Fine sense of personality to break from a partnership saying Quot he is the smartest business Man in town and the making of our Fortune. But my association with him is not wholesome. Unconsciously he enslaves All of which might be avoided by insisting on business in business hours and nothing but business. In politics sociology and religion each for himself. Emory j. Haynes. Congress met monday. The measures of the r>2d Congress will have direct influence upon the result of Tho presidential Campaign and everybody will wish to watch them closely. The weekly Globe will publish every week the doings it the session to Date it will lie the Best report and will be indispensable to Yon and All of your friends. The presidents message and reports of the departments will appear next week. Abandoned farms in Massachusetts. Within the Borders of the old Bay state Are More than too Quot abandoned a list of Many of these forsaken homesteads is accessible at the Headquarters of tile state Board of agriculture and any one who wishes a country life and country air can have his longing gratified for a very Small outlay in Cash. Most of these abandoned farms Are found in the Hill towns of the Western counties ideally Quot Beautiful for situation Quot Many of them and lacking Only the touch of Tho Wand wealth to become magnificent Manors. Essex has less than any other county except Suffolk where farms of any kind Are rare if not precisely Quot few and far there seems to be no Good reason Why such places should go to a track and ruins when hundreds of City Folk Are longing for a summer Home at a modest Price. It is certainly to be hoped that Tho state Board of agriculture will speedily find new owners for these abandoned lands in Massachusetts. Christmas presents. Do you wish a first class Waltham or Elgin watch do you wish any silverware of you do it will pay you to read the advertisements of watches and silverware in this Issue for you can buy of the Globe much lower than you can buy of any of the retail dealers in your neighbourhood the Globe enables you to save the profits of the retail dealer and other middlemen. Read the advertisements carefully. An unprotected Industry. There is at least one Industry in the country that thrives without the Aid of Protection. A member of the Charity organization society in new York has been making a careful canvass of the incomes Aud estates of the numerous professional beggars of the Metropolis. Fortunes ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 Are by no Means rare and from $10 to $15 in a not uncommon Days income. Sweet Charity must have an cutlet that is Public. I tis now the fashionable fail on fifth Avenue for the heiress to a million to extract a dime from Lier Wallet with her Dainty fingers and leave it with the poor beggar As she passes by with an affectionate sigh for the shivering poodle or the bundled babe. Lot this deter nobody from being charitable to the poor beggars found on City streets. But the Charity canvasser in new York is of the opinion that if these fifth Avenue Dames should Deposit their offerings As liberally in some Public Box every worthy Street beggar in new York could be provided with shelter and the City relieved of a horde begging frauds. But Charity under any circumstances is a Blessing to the giver. Everything goes in this line and even a passing sigh of affection for the poor plebeian poodle is sure to count for something in the end. A club in every town is needed to push the weekly Globe and democratic principles and it is now jest tile time to form clubs and get ready for Active political work. The democratic party expects every Man to do his duty. The weekly Globe wishes to have a Large club in every town where it has any subscribers particularly in new England where hard work is to be done Between now and the presidential election. It wishes a club in every town where it has no subscribers. The weekly Globe must rely upon its friends to form clubs. It is one of Tho easiest things in the world to form a club and your Little son or daughter can do so outside of school hours if you have no spare time. All it of have to do to begin with is to Send a postal card for free Sample copies and agents rates. Tim Cash commission is Large Aud pays big profits. The Quot general welfare clause. arguments before the United states supreme court in three suits brought to Teeth constitutionality of the Mckinley Bill Are very interesting and those of the attorneys pleading in behalf of the United states Are somewhat astonishing. Several Points Are brought up As making this Bill constitutionally null and void. In the first place it is claimed that the measure signed by the president is not that which was passed by Congress certain sections having disappeared from Tho Bill As adopted. The More general charges Are that the Bill provides for certain bounties rebates and other irregular discrimination which place it in the category of dispensers of monopolies and special privileges while the wide margin of discretion left to the president in the administrative clauses of the Bill is claimed to stretch beyond the constitutional limitations of his authority. It looks like rather cheap pleading of not a begging of the question when attorney. General Miller retreats behind the Quot general welfare Quot clause of the Constitution in defending Bounty acts As constitutional of this great swinging Gate can be utilized in this Way almost any usurpation of Congress might be defended. Section 8, under Tho first article of the Constitution opens with this clause tile Congress shall have Power to Lay Ami collect taxes duties impost and sex else to pay the debts and provide for the common defence and general welfare of the United staus hut All Dillies imposts amt excises shall be uniform throughout the untied state a. As tins Long Section clearly defines and limits the scope of the Powers delegated to Congress the Quot common Dolegee and general welfare provision was undoubtedly inserted in order that in time of War Congress might not be hampered in an exigency by too finely drawn limitations of its Power. But to Appeal Back to the Quot general welfare clause in time of peace Iii defence of bounties granted to special interests and of rebates and immunities bestowed upon favored industries is not a very inspiring attitude for attorney general Miller to take in defence of the Mckinley Bill. What species of congressional abuse of Power cannot be made to pass Muster As constitutional if in time of peace it is permitted to shield itself behind a generality As vague and undefined As that left sex. Posed in the a general welfare Quot clause now is Thi time to renew. Subscribers will greatly oblige the weekly Globe by renewing their sub i sedation this month. This will save the i resetting of their names which otherwise must be done As All subscriptions expiring with the year will to discontinued. When a name has to be reset the Rush of january i business May cause an irregularity in the receipt of the first january Issue. Of course you will renew for the weekly Globe will be indispensable to you Ami All your friends in 189.1. Or. Wanamaker a ideas. Everybody knows or should know that or. John Wanamaker in addition to looking after the Post office department runs on to Philadelphia from Washington once a week to teach a very Large sunday school and incidentally to inquire into the fortunes of the very Large store which bears bus name and which has More departments than Thoro Are letters in the alphabet. Nothing More natural therefore than that or. Wanamaker should seek to run in some of his Storo ideas in the annual report he has just submitted As postmaster general. He would establish for instance Telegraph and Telephone Quot annexes to Uncle same a big postal establishment. This idea unjust be confessed would if realized please a great Many people. Edward Bellamy among them. Think of one cent letter postage three cent Telephone messages and a despatch by Telegraph for Only a dime these things and divers others of a highly Roseate Hue the optimistic or. Wanamaker sees in his dreams of the future. But just now there is a deficit in the Post office department and even Secretary Foster in the Treasury department finds it hard to make both ends meet. Brother Wanamaker May indulge the Hope that the Cash deficit in pout office receipts existing june 80 last and then amounting to $0.-160,205.19, is to be much reduced next rear. It is chimerical however to expect Uncle Bam to buy up the country a Telegraph and Telephone lines or establish new ones for Many a Long year to come. The billion Dollar Congress must first have passed out of memory. Passing from visions to things now attainable the postmaster general offers a Good Deal that is Worth considering in regard to details of the service and practically attainable improvements. It would have been quite As Well if or. Wanamaker bad omitted the allusions to Quot civil service Reform a in the department. Perfunctory though they undoubtedly Are still they grate upon the ears of people who have been irritated by Causeless removals like that of the Veteran expert. Or. John Quincy Adams. But after All the postmaster general of the Harrison regime is certainly entitled to some credit. He May have wild notions on postal subsidies and a few other matters but a democratic Congress will stand in the Way of any very costly Wanamaker eccentricities. There is originality and food for thought in Many of his suggestions and recommendations. Or. Wanamaker has Given the country something More than a Sahara of figures with Only an Oasis of platitude and generalization now Aud then by Way of Relief. The Public will read what he writes. He has ideas of his own. The paper for Farmers. A special department for Farmers entitled co operative farming will hereafter appear every week. It is another feature illustrative of the weekly Globe s purpose to make not Only an indispensable family journal but a family journal so comprehensive in features for All members of the family that it will Combine in one Low priced weekly what readers cannot now secure without taking two or three weeklies. You will find ail the Reading matter you need in one weekly in the weekly Globe. Examine carefully the features of this Issue. Editorial Points. A vigorous attempt to reopen the Tilden will Case Lias bean made in now York. As there is not the slightest question As to or. Tilden a purpose to found a great Library it would seem to be an easy matter to carryout his expressed wish. But Tho ways of Law Are very Verv queer. This is probably As accurate a description of the Blaine situation As the Public is Likely to get at present Blaine is Well enough to run for the presidency and would like to be the next president but he will not run because he is shrewd enough to see that no Republican can be elected and one defeat in a presidential election is Suff ering enough for one Man in one generation. Quot Joe Howard remarks that William ii. Vanderbilt was Worth $200,000,000, but was oui Able to occupy one coffin. But unlike the great Prince of shopkeepers a. T. Stewart he managed to stay in it. According to Jay Gould a testimony that All very Ricoli men Are constantly in receipt of letters treating them with violent death without fail if they do not Quot come As per order there is some compensation in not being overburdened with this worlds goods. In reply to several correspondents we will state that the official count of Tho votes cast in Ohio at the inst election shows that Mckinley received 382,024 Votos Campbell 380,782 Ashenhurst pro19,881aud Seitz people23,271. Those figures show that Mckinley a plurality Over Campbell was �?T-�?~1,202, and that he lacked 10,922 of having a majority of All the votes cast. Curious superstitions. People of the West indies Are the most superstitious in the world. St. Louis Republic tile people of the West indies Are the most superstitious in the world. To them everything out of the Ordinary is a Iii Cuba a person with a sore or wound of any kind will not look upon a dead person fearing that the spot will become incurable and never heal. The rum used in washing a dead body is however regarded As a sure cure Tor All Eye troubles. They also believe that if the Light from a Candle or lamp Falls on the face of Tho dead that death will shortly come to him or Lier who is carrying the Light. Rain during a burial is considered an excellent a sign a throughout the islands of one measures his own height with a Rod which Lias been used Iii measuring a Corpse for the coffin. Be Prinsell will die within Tho your. A stroke with the hand of a Corpse is Boli Evod by the West Indian to he a sure cure for All pains and swellings. Tile Lilac or Quot Brush is a common Charm against ail evil sports and is. Oil thar account usually planted at doorways or under windows. Iii Barbadoes the ground Dove sitting on a Houe is a sign that some mollified of the family there residing will die before the Birds nest again. A procession of Black ants is said to to a presage of a funeral Iii All but one or two of Tho West indies. In St. Croix a Small Bird locally called Quot creeper a is thought to be the forerunner of illness and trouble. In St. Vincent the upsetting of a Calabash in a boat is equivalent to inviting the fury of Hie elements. To open an umbrella in the House also brings bad Luck so too does the presentation or a pair of scissors unless a cooked pin is also included in the gift. Big Money for agents. In. A $50 appointment on 30 Davs time guarantee $150 profit in four weeks or no Ray. Free Sample for stamp. Address a b. Shoo amp co. Racine a is. Bird asthma. To the editor of the hobe y. X. Wish something to cure asthma in a Canary. Please print la the odour the following go to any Bird store ask for Bird Tome and Bird food. Tile first costs 15 cent a bottle the latter to cent a package. Always keep apiece of Clear fat Salt pork sprinkled with Cayenne Pepper in your Cage. Keep your Birds from the windows. Aline hangs on a Hook put in the Coffing two feet from the window and i More them every night and make a covering to fit the Cage of two Thuc Kesae of globs new papers. Till covering is warmer than anything else. Make it to at the Cage. This can be done by pinning Over Pleat. I have had number of Birds to Board and lots of my own and i had one Bird that lived to be 16 year old. . Paddy Haggerty a leather breeches. To the editor of the Globe Here is the poem asked for at the sign of the hell on the Road to Clonmell la Addy Haggerty kept a Nate shebeen he sold pigs meat and bread and had a Fine lodging bed. And so Well liked round had he been. Himself and his wife they struggled through life on week Days Pat minded the ditches hut on sunday he dressed in a coat of the Best hut hts Pride a his old leather breeches. For Twenty one years or so it appears. His father these breeches had run in the night that he died to his bedside called Paddy his Beautiful son in. The advice that he gave Ere he went to his grave was for him to take care of hts riches says he a a it a no use to walk in my shoes. But i Pray you jump into my last Winters Snow Laid provisions Low that Paddy was ate out completely and the Snow coming Down he could not get to town so the hunger bothered him greatly. One night As be Lay dreaming away of big dogs frogs and witches he heard an uproar just outside of his door and got up for to pull on his breeches. Says Brian Meurk with the voice of a Turk Quot now Paddy come get us some eating a says big Andy Moore a a in la burst open the door Tor this is no night to be just As they spoke the door in was broke they crowded round Paddy like leeches they swore by Magog that of be did not get them Prog that they would eat him right out of hts breeches. Paddy in dread slipped into bed that held Judy his own Darling wife in where he que lowly agreed for to get them a feed. And he out and brought a big knife in. He took up the Waist of his breeches the beast and Cut off the buttons and stitches then Cut them in stripes by the Way they were tripes and he rolled them his old leather breeches. When Tho breeches were stewed on a dish they were strewed the boys All cried out a lord be thanked a a but Haggerty a wife in dread of her life she thought it High time for to Shank it. The boys they All smiled for they thought Pat had boiled some Mutton or beef of the richest hut Little they know it was leather Burgos made of Paddy sold worn out breeches. They walloped the stuff Days Darby a it s Tough a flays Pat a a you re no judge of Good Mutton a when briny Mcgurk on the Point of a Fork lifted up a big Ivory Button. Says Andy a a what a that i thought it was Brian jumps on his legs and he screeches a by the Powers above in a striving to shove my Teeth through the Flap of bus they All made at Pat he was gone out of that for he ran when he saw them All rising. Says Darby Mako haste and go for the priest by the holy Jack straws i am poisoned a in revenge for the joke they up and they broke All the chairs tables and dishes and Ever since that night Knock out your Daylight if they catch you with the old leather breeches. _ j. P. F. Brooklyn Bridge. To the editor of the Globe will you kindly inform me through your valuable Palter if the Brooklyn Bridge is supported by any masonry built in the Middle of the River or is it suspended from Shore to Shore a says he sailed under the Bridge As much As 20 times on both sides of said masonry. I never saw the Bridge myself but knowing it to be a suspension Bridge i contend that it has no support underneath except on each Shore. We Ynve both agreed that your Patter is a reliable medium for the above information therefore i wide and Hope for an Early reply. A or vex years subscriber. Rite Brooklyn Bridge is a suspension Bridge and has no support in the in. Cure that sick headache. To the editor of the Globe i have found that Coffee without milk will often cure sick hefty Kaohe. Coffee. Neighbors done to agree. Pan a neighbor with his property built on his line encroach on another Many a land and hang his scaffold to paint or repair his House Over the line a Reader. Not legally. Wants to be with u. S. How Long before i can become an american citizen i came to this City first december 1883, before i was 20 years of age. I stayed Bere a Short time and went to new York. Soon i went Back to Canada and came Here again in november 1889, and have been a permanent resident of the City since february 1890. Canuck. You must reside in the United states consecutive years before you can be naturalized. Assaults the lawyer. If a lawyer is sitting in his office and a Man comes in and strikes him two or three times without any warning and the lawyer should shoot the Man what would the verdict be Reader. I should say manslaughter unless it was absolutely necessary to shoot to save his life or from great bodily injury. Marry in Connecticut. A Young Man lives in Massachusetts and a Young lady Iii Connecticut. Can he go there and get a License and be married the same Day a constant beader. He can. Right to make Check. Can any person having Money deposited in a National Bank make checks on same provided they Are within the limit of their Deposit also can a depositor make a Cheek for some one else and charge fee for the same they holding no office in the Bank j. O. A. I. Certainly. 2. There is no objection if party is willing to pay for the accommodation. Grand nieces and nephews. My husband and children Are dead. Sly husband s brother the last of the family has died he has left nephews and nieces. Can i or my grand children claim any of his estate constant Reader. Your grandchildren Are interested to his estate. Found some Money. Mrs. In visits Tho store of s. A k., and while there finds s or. Bills on the floor. She leaves her name and Money at the store. As no one has appeared to claim it to whom does the Money belong n. P. P. To mrs. Ii. Double tax. A brought a horse and cow from Westboro about the 1st of april belonging to in b a assessed and paid tax in Westboro for them for 1891 now a is assessed in this City. Must he pay the tax on Thorn ii need not have paid but i do not see but that you must As they were your property May i. Lier nos. A girl not liking Ber Christian name adopted another name at Hie ago of 7, and has been known by that name for Many years. Is that now her right name w. B. Y. Yes. _ goods in time. I bought 15 tubs of butter and promised to pay for them in 30 Duys. I he time has expired. Ain i obliged to Ray for them before i receive them at the depot j. W. A depends on your agreement. Ordinarily i should say if Yon agreed to pay in so Days you must do so when there was some agreement As to delivery. Results. Covering at night is essential. My Bird lost his voice for two year and he is now a Good As new with three weeks of this treatment. A constant Reader. Gave a note. I gave a note to on insurance company a month a of. I Hare Strong reasons for not Vonti Nuong this certificate can the agent trustee my wages i have no property. T. B. You must pay your note. Cancelled Stamps. What is the value of Stamps that have been can celled at the Post office c. H. T. Cancelled Stamps except rare ones have no value. Naturalization. I came to this country feb. 10,18r7. How soon can i be naturalized . If you were under is when Yon came Here you can lie naturalized As soon As you have been Here five year but if you were Over that age you must now make a primary declaration and Walt two years longer. Cranberry Jelly. To the editor of the Globe x inquired for a Rule for Cranberry Jelly. I Send a reliable one i quart of cranberries i pint of water i pint of White augur. Boil water and lorries till soft enough to Strain. Strain add sugar and Boll for 20 minutes constantly. Pour into a Mould and it will keep for months. B. W. Famous who were once terrors of the sea. Rules which they observed customs on Board a Buccaneer. Mills. Lodge and Everett. To the editor of the Globe can you inform me if Roger q. Mills of Texas was Evere peaker of the National House of representatives also How Many years has he been in con Kress can you Tell me also what was the vote cast for Congress Between Henry Cabot Lodge and or. William Everett e. I no. Nineteen year Henry Cabot Lodge 14,759 William Everett 13,639.�?ceo, a grand combination. The Mirror and Farmer Manchester n. Hand the Boston weekly Globe Only $1.50, both of above popular weeklies will he sent one year free of postage for Only $1.50, the weekly Globe costs Only 50 cents More than the regular subscription Price of the Mirror and Farmer alone. Address the weekly Globe Boston mass. Glance at Western farms. Cure that Canary a asthma. To the editor of the Globe if a by. will seals her Bird once a week remove the Cage from Hie window at night cover with a flannel cloth she wiil to surprised with the Good mortgages Are being taken up by the prosperous Farmers says commissioner Mcpherson. Hon. E. M. Mcpherson commissioner of foreign mortgage corporations has returned from an official inspecting tour in the West. He occupies the same relative position to mortgages and Loans that the savings Bank commissioners do to the Banks As he himself expresses it. Quot the situation in the West this year a he said to a Globe Man last evening Quot is much better than last in fact i than it is better than it Lias been for years. There have been Many unsubstantial mortgage corporations in operation but i found that All that were not conducted on a substantial basis have been closed. There is not one to my knowledge but what is honestly conducted. Quot the managers have the Best intentions but i found the companies were not weak because of Loans in part but in greater part because of the tremendous shrinkage in value of real estate this i noticed particularly in tile speculative centres of Many of the Western states. Quot Many of the towns do not grow As Large As represented and Tho Laud which has been purchased decreases instead of increases in value. Tho land to which i refer to is just far enough from the City to bring a Good Price when the town Boom is first started but when it ceases to grow it is comparatively worthless. Quot i find that land in Texas will not bring More today than two thirds what it would have a few years ago and Large Loans have been made upon land in All of the Western cities on these inflated values. A one striking illustration was furnished me in the City of a Ichita Kau. Two Massachusetts mortgages of $4000 were sent a Short time ago to an agent there to ascertain How they could be Best protected. These mortgages were upon lands in the suburbs of Wichita and were loaned at a time when the land was estimated As wort i $1000 per acre. The Boom lasted but a Short while and the population of Wichita deceased to a great extent. Tills was caused by the City failing to reach the suburban tracts and the land dropped in value to an awfully Low figure. I talked with the Best posted real estate experts and Learned that today the land could to bought for Jess than $50 an acre a shrinkage of one twentieth of tile value from the mortgage estimate of its wort i. Tile land is considered Only scalable As farming land and $50 is the Price paid in that Section. Quot the expert who fixed the present value upon the land told me that at the time tile Loans were made hint they were done so honestly. There was no oho then Iii Wichita who would not have considered the land then Worth $1000 an acre and As values then went the corporations placing the Loans perhaps could not be blamed for having loaned so Large an amount. Quot the advice which i would give to the people in the Eastern states is that when desiring to loan Money to Western cities to be sure their Loans Are on land in tile Centre of Hie City so that when Loans Are made during an inflated period there will be substantial value left. No matter How general the shrinkage maybe the suburban property is to to particularly avoided and especially by those who Nave time Loans to make. Quot the greatest difficulty wit i Eastern Loans on Western farms Lins been tint Many mortgages have been placed on farms in Western Kansas a Biclie were badly located. I do not speak of Kansas in particular but just Sui pay to illustrate Tim fact. In some regions there Are Large mortgages upon farms where it hardly Ever Rains and where in consequence there has been but very few crops and Farmers have repeatedly failed. But this is now boing corrected in a great measure by of irrigation and i find now that there is much Promise even from Tim arid lands in the Western part of Kansas. Quot the splendid crops of this year a. Ebay dig a very notable effect on Tho corporations. The Farmers appear to be honest men and Are taking every advantage of the High prices paid for their abundant wheat Crons and will be Able at tile end of this season to Pav off the accumulated interest and overdue Loans. A i noticed that Tho records in to indifferent centres of the Western states Are making a Good showing especially in Kansas and Nebraska. Iii consequence of this Large crop the amount paid Iii on overdue mortgages w ill considerably exceed the amount of the new mortgages taken out. Quot i Learned from the records of the proper office in Kansas City. Week before last that. $80,000 had been paid in and released on old mortgages we hich were taken out. This indicates that the Farmer is prospering and the borrowers Are or. Mcpherson stated that preachers Aud teachers constituted a Large class of those in Massachusetts who loan Money upon mortgages on the Western farms. Their savings he said were comparatively Small and they Are tempted by Largo rates. Craft of the ancients. A marvellous nuptial yacht and a vessel that carried 7000 men. Chamlies journal Ptolemy Philo Pator possessed a nuptial yacht the Thala Megon. 312 feet Long and 45 feet deep. A Graceful gallery supported by curiously carved columns ran round the vessel and within were temples of Venus and of Bacchus. Her masts were too feet High her sails and Cordage of Royal purple Hue. Probably the largest vessel of Remote Ages was one belonging to the same ruler. She was 420 feet Long 58 feet Broad 72 feet from the top of her prow to her keel Aud to feet from the highest part other poop. Hor largest oars were 58 feet in length she had two prows two Sterns and seven beaks or Rostran. On both poop and prows were figures of Mon and of animals fully 18 feet High. Her Crew consisted of 4000 oarsmen. Soon soldiers and several Hundred of other ranks. Sesostris is said to have had a ship 400 feet Long which was covered inside with Silver and outside with Gold. This Story cuu808 the adventures of Baron Munch lieu to Pale into insignificance. Misapplied Energy. The epoch mrs. surprised that your husband earns so Little if How works As hard As you say. What does he do mrs. last thing to did was to figure out How Many limes a clock ticked in the course of a year. Reward for the crippled in battled the Captain s Power absolute. Tar he Hopkins in National review the pirates calling became a comparatively respectable and quite legitimate one in time of War. The Jolly Roger was stowed away the Kings colors replaced it and your pirate dubbed himself a privateers an it was Only necessary to obtain his majesty s commission. This was easily done for when War was declared Quot any vessel might get permission to attack plunder and destroy All ships and vessels belonging to the Prince or country they were at War some of the most distinguished and successful pirates had been commanders of privateers or had served aboard them. Kidd makes his earliest appearance in history As in Privateer Captain in which capacity he was sent with a Kings commission to cruise against the pirates in the West indies. England had command of a Sloop in the same Region. Roberts was second mate in the Sloop Princess when Davis seized her. And Davis himself had been chief mate of another Sloop Avery began my career As chief mate of a merchantman and White had served both in the merchant service and in the Navy. A certain stede Bonnet a retired major living in Barbadoes of Good repute and advanced in years took it into his head to turn Buccaneer. An analogous Case would be that of some elderly sex merchant of mincing Lane comfortably retired at clap Ham. Who should devote his evenings to cracking cribs in the suburbs. Why the major did it nobody has Ever known. He had a sufficiency of Means he was Well educated for a Barbadoes major and what is More to the Point than anything else he was As familiar with the sea As Pythagoras with the theory of billiards. Nevertheless maj. Bonnet suddenly fitted out a Sloop with to guns Aud 70 men dubbed her the revenge and stole out from Barbadoes one night As the clock struck 12. He had a sad tune of it. His men. Finding him out Quot began to show a disrespect even to a contempt of All he said or did and ended by turning him out of the command which by the Way was a sort of piracy upon Bonnet. Profiting by a Roval proclamation he obtained a certificate of Pardon but we find him afloat again presently half privateers an half pirate. Then he is full pirate once More and quite a hold sea dog this time taking one vessel after another and threatening the governor of Carolina that if Inen of War were sent against him he would Burn and destroy All ships going or coming out of South Carolina. But a Man of War was sent and duly returned and with her came Bonnet a prisoner. He made his escape from jail was recaptured tried sentenced and hanged with a round score of his Crew to keep him company. A much More accomplished Captain of pirates was Edward t Hatch a slept Black Bend. Thatch generally Quot married a Young creature Quot before setting out on a voyage and had some 14 wives in All. Truth to needed a Man of blood and Iron to Rule a pirate Crew. Woe to the Captain who showed himself weak or a Coward All pirate captains held their authority directly from their Crews and might he deposed by a vote of the majority. No Captain was Sale in his command who was not known for the strongest hand in the vessel and with some of them it was a deliberate practice to maltreat their men that there might be no doubt As to who was master. Thatch used to invite a couple of his Crew to drink with him in his Cabin and while the bowl was passing he would cock a pair of pistols under the table blow out the Candle and tire. A Pilot who came out of this game with a shattered knee asked the meaning of it. Quot Dan you Quot returned thatch a if i did no to kill one of you now and then you a forget who i Ain Quot the customs Aud regulations most commonly observed on Hoard a Buccaneer Are Worth noting. Every pirate Captain doubtless had his own set of rules hut there were certain traditional articles that seem to have been generally adopted. The Captain had the state Cabin a double vote in elections a double share of Booty on some vessels it was the Captain who decided what direction to sail in hut this mid All other matters of moment were oftener settled by a vote of the company the captains vote counting for two. The officers had a share and a half or a share and a Quarter of All plunder and the sailors one share each. Booty was divided with scrupulous care and Maroo Ning was the penalty of attempting to defraud the general company if Only to the amount of a Gold piece or a Dollar. Every my had a full vote in every affair of importance. On Roberts ship a Man who was crippled in Battle received $800 out of the common Stock and a proportionate sum was awarded for lesser hurts. Lowther allowed �150 for the loss of a limb. And other captains instituted a sort of Tariff of wounds which ext n do cd to ears lingers and toes. In Chase or a Battle the captains Power was absolute. He who first spied a sail if she proved a prize was entitled to the Best pair of pistols on Hoard her Over and above his dividend. Those pistols were greatly coveted and a pair would sell for As much As �30 from one pirate to another. In their own Commonwealth the pirates Are reported to have been severe upon the Point of Honor and among Roberts Crew it was the practice to Slit Tho ears or nose of any Sailor hound guilty of robbing his fellow. Such feeble interest As now attaches to what was once the formidable Fame of the pirates is not even aesthetic it is merely comic. No imaginative essayist discusses piracy As a line Art but Paul Jones is resurrected As the hero of a musical burlesque. Poor Paul and he is almost the Only one of the whole Bucca Neering race whose Story discovers a Trace of Tho legendary gallantry of piracy. Paul whose father had been head Gardener to lord Selkirk plundered the Selkirk mansion of its plate which lie subsequently returned in a parcel to lady Selkirk with a polite letter of apology. Blood of four governors. Commendable. All claims not consistent with the High Char altered syrup of figs Are purposely avoided by the Cal. Fig syrup company. It acts gently on the kidneys liver and bowels cleansing the system effectually hut it is not a cure All and makes no pretensions that every bottle will not substantiate. Descendant of Roger Walcott is a new York Beauty. Miss Coralie Livingston Gardiner who is a daughter of or. And mrs. J. Lyon Gardiner of Gardiner s Island is one of the loveliest and most talented Young women in new York says the world. She is a member of the society of colonial Dames and has inscribed on the Gold bars of her order the names of four colonial governors Roger Ludlow Roger Walcott Matthew Griswold rip Van dam and Philip Livingston. Other ancestors Bay rend Yan Wyck. John Townsend. Robert Liv. Ingston Aud Lyon Gardiner. Iii 1835 the latter owned Gardiner a Island which is at the Eastern end of Long Island and is nine Neil i Long and ids own was the first White it wild born Iii Connecticut of English parents. Miss Gardiner is just 20 years old. A still More Youthful sister miss Adele Griswold Gardiner is to be introduced at a Tea Given by her Mother mrs. J. Lyon Gardiner at her Home 074 Madison av., on thursday afternoon from 5 to 7 of clock. Miss Helen Rosalie Remsen who is a very pretty blonde with a Fine figure and a Cousin of miss Bessie Webb. Who was married yesterday will be one of the assistants. She is a daughter of or. And mrs. Phoenix Remsen who live now at Lakewood. There will he a number of girls assisting All of whom will be debutantes this season the others including miss Edith Clarkson miss Kitty Beekman and miss Kitty or excl. Do you subscribe to a Magazine ohm a weekly Story of news journal in Tor do it will pay Yon Hanifl solely to read the following offers you can secure your favorite Magazine or weekly Story or news journal in connection with the weekly Globe at a Price for both that will re Duce the Cost of the weekly Globe to 50 cents or less a year. The postage is paid by the Globe and costs you Noth if. If there is any Magazine or Story or news journal that you wish and you cannot find on this list please write to the weekly Globe for its combination Price. No publication will of int for ism tins than ens year and no order for a publication will by accepted unless it include a yearly to the weekly Globe f. T i Arthurs Home Mains $2.00 $2,60 Atlanta Tomti tuntion weekly 1.00 1,80 american machinist. 2.60 8 25 agent1 Herald. 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Orders covering More than one Magazine to one address wiil be returned. Always state with what Issue you wish your subscription to begin. We do not furnish specimen copies of these publications. Address the weekly Globe. K03t0x, is ass

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