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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - December 8, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts The Boston weekly Globe tuesday december Loi. I. June 8. Lato one evening miss Genevieve Harrington. Prima Donna Assouta of the cosmopolitan opera company accompanied by a very proper and trim French maid and a very improper and startling array of trunks embarked upon the Groat steamship Westmoreland outward bound. Upon the same ship or. Henry Winthrop set foot some minutes later. Everybody knew mile. Genevieve. Her wonderful voice and her pretty self had taken the operatic world by storm. Nobody knew Harry he was Only a tall Young Man fresh from College with his triumphs All before him. The very first sensation that Harry Felt on Awakening the following morning was one of much pain. Pesci Pitten its Euf fairly in hts arms. The upper deck was drenched with water. Blinding sheets of Spray were sweeping Over the rails and coursing in Little streams around the Bulkhead. Harry Drew his Mackintosh tighter around him. And crouching Down under a Lifeboat proceeded to Light a cigarette. Match after match sputtered and went out. At last after numberless i successful attempts a Light was obtained and Harry settled Down for a comfortable smoke a ooh a Harry leaped to his feet. What was that with the instinct of an old foot Ball player he Bent Down and braced himself firmly against the davits. A bundle of waterproofs dashed across the sloping deck with a rapidity that would have made a Cannon Ball ashamed of its slowness Aud precipitated itself fairly in his arms. Two hands elapsed the sleeve of a smack i Tosh. He looked Down at them. Very pretty hands they were Small and White. Lie studied the bundle of waterproofs More carefully. Yes without doubt it was a woman. More than that vague fact he could not she was laughing. A pair of dark eyes looked up at him then the lids drooped demurely Over them. A i beg your Pardon sir who heard the voice say a i Hope i have not quite killed you. If you will release to now i think i can get safely Quot release you Madam a said Harry in a melancholy tone. A release you no y of would be swept overboard and i would never forgive myself. Cling to me despite my years i am still Strong and i will Rescue Quot but i done to want to be persisted the voice. Quot or. If you will take my Arni instead of my my i a Madam a said Harry removing his Cap with his unoccupied hand Quot forgive me. In the confusion of the moment i Only thought of stopping your mad Rush to destruction. Had you gotten by my and reached the goal my reputation As full Back would have been a few moments later they were seated on the Lee Side of the Cabin out of the reach of the wind and Spray. A Spray let me introduce myself. I am Harry Winthrop Quot began that enterprising Young person. Quot and i am Genevieve Harrington. In be seen Yon before. One evening not Long ago you sat in the right hand Box of the Harry smiled benignly. Quot yes and last fall you sat on Tho tally to i Slid under when we lost the Ball. Isnit it queer you noticed me though in the theatre do you know what i was thinking of id have Given my head to have known that you i want you to love Mei do you a knew i was there. Could it throw you any Dowers you know because i did no to have any Money to get them with. Never do have Quot yes a said Genevieve dreamily a i knew you were there. Ill never forget How afraid i was when you threw yourself under the frightened horses just to get that miserable foot Ball. I was Happy too after wards when you won the game by your Longrun. My How they did cheer did no to they a Quot lunch is served for the first table shouted Tho deck Steward thrusting his head out of the Cabin door. Harry jumped to his Leer. A it it ill von let me take you Down. Miss Harrington in a awfully afraid i have been Boring you to death but when i get started wont you pledge Friendship with me in a Little Champagne a he said earnestly. Quot i d like to be your Quot but i never drink anything at a neither do i a laughed Harry. Quot lets shake hands Genevieve Laid her hand in his Ana the impulsive Young couple went Down to dinner. As Harry said Long afterwards a that dinner settled a Tew miserable faced Ueo pie were at the tables every now and then a person would enter the Saloon with the grim determination to get through that meal or die. But they did neither. Nature would mercilessly assert its Sway and they would Slink hastily Back to their staterooms. L books of hatred were cast at the laughing Trio at the captains table. But they were not heeded. The Captain spun out Long sea yarns to his Hoarty a Content. Genevieve poured out the captains Tea. And Harry put in his time by boing ridiculously Happy. It. June 14, 1.37 p. Ji., it sequitur. Harry looked on moodily. Miss Harrington was lying lazily Back in her chair Shad it Bye. A you were going to. Now i done to think its ing herself from the rays of the hot Sun with a Dainty parasol. She was literally surrounded by Young men of All kinds and Ages. But All of them in the same condition of servitude. One of them was occupied in violently fanning her. Another was so much afraid she would catch cold that he covered her carefully Over with a great Steamer Rug. Une Motarassed by these Many attentions Genevieve was looking at Tho tall figure of Winthrop As he leaned against the Cabin some distance away from Tho group and eyed her Many admirers with a disdainful shrug of the shoulders. A on or. the Clear voice broke in upon Harry s meditations. Quot you called to. Miss Harrington a Quot yes. Come Over and talk to me. I want your advice. Or. Thorndyke was just saying that he thought my parasol was a decided red. Do you think it is a or. Born Dyke a face contracted with Sui h a Suddon look of Surprise that his eve-1 ass fell into his Lap. Quot but my dear miss Arrington i never said anything of the sort. I assure you i was thinking a Quot Quot it is too late to retract now a retorted Genevieve Saucil. Quot if you did no to say it you we a bit Gaudy. The look on Harry a face at that moment was More grave than even the Sphinx could boast of. Quot that a whar the Monkey remarked when he painted his Tail Blue a he ventured politely. Quot not a bit he examined the offending parasol with a critical Eye. Quot no not a bit Gaudy. It Only needs a touch or two of Veronese Green to make it absolutely a awful boor that Man Isnit he a whispered or. Thorndyke confidentially. Genevieve looked at him calmly. Quot do you think so y of done to need to fan me any More. In a nearly Frozen to death and i can to Bear this great thick Rug Over me. In a too warm now and if you Ever say such a thing again itis ill Box your ears. Give me your Arni or. Winthrop i want to a disconsolate group of men watched her in surprised silence As she Rose. Took Harry sarm and moved proudly away. Quot what an air she has a exclaimed one of them admiringly. Quot yes a assented the collapsed or. Thorndyke sadly Quot but it is air in motion violent motion too. Regular whirlwind. I say. Lets have a drink a the group adjourned to the smoking room. Genevieve turned suddenly to Harry. Quot what made you say such bad things to me a she asked reproachfully. They Ival ked on a minute in silence. Quot because a said Harry a a in a a fool. Genevieve miss Harrington no. In a going to Call you Genevieve. Y our la laugh at. Me i know. In a awfully Young disgracefully Young in fact. I done to know very much i suppose and i Haven to any Money and i can to do anything but but in a terribly in love with you. And i suppose Iti grow older some Day and ill work until in a Rich a a i done to want you to be Rich Harry. T like you half so Well that a and i done to want Yot to like me a retorted this straightforward Young Man Quot i want you to love me. Do you a Genevieve rested her pretty head on one Side. Quot sometimes i almost think i do a she answered softly. A ooh Harry How could Yon. There a that awful or. Thor Novko looking right at us and i know he saw a saw me kiss you of you May As Well say it. Y of done to care do you Iti kill him if you want me to. Say Genevieve i think you re awfully Quot so do replied miss Harrington. She looked uncertainly at. Her somewhat impetuous admirer. Lier lips were smiling tremulously but there shone a grave Light in her eyes. Quot Harry a she said suddenly Quot i m going to run away now. Come to me this evening a in be a Long Story to Tell you a and before he could remonstrate she had slipped away. Ii june 17. Evening. A can i Light a cigarette Genevieve in a prosaic. I know but you see i was so Happy i just forgot what i was doing and i ate a terribly big dinner and in a afraid a Harry looked questioningly through the dim Light at his companion. Quot Isnit this Lolly a lie continued after a minute. Quot All alone by ourselves Aud the propeller going Ker thump Ker thump Down below us. Just look at the path the ship makes. It almost seems As if you could walk right out there and come to the end of the world. Quot but i forgot you re going to Tell me a Story Ain t you do you know i could sit and listen to that voice of yours forever Wall a Quot Duce on a time in the old Days of witchcraft there lived in a Cabin Down by Tho sea an old woman and her son a Fisherman and Lier Little daughter. A up on the Tot of a nigh Cliff not far away stood the thriving Village of b. In that Village dwelt an old Man. Honest and cruel. He was called feared by All. Loved by none. Judge Winthrop. A now Tho Young Fisherman was brought into court for committing some Petty crime Anil the judge condemned him to death. Long did the Kotlier plead but All in vain for the judge abide by his decision Aud would not yield. A then in her anger and grief she cursed him the judge laughed at Lier. For he was never superstitious. But one Day Long afterwards his son received a slight scratch on the Arm and the blood came Forth from it in Little red streams that nothing could Stop. In a few hours he was dead he had a had bled to death. A tears passed away and generations succeeded each other every male descendant of the fated House met with a like death. A Harry in yes in Genevieve Tho woman that you say you love am descended from the woman who cursed a a my family a Harry had risen to Bis feet and was leaning against the Balustrade. A my father died when i was very Young. I can to remember him and yet i have heard of tile old tradition. Bosh. There can to be any truth in a thing like thai. Why. Iti prove it. Look a he thrust his hand in his pocket and Drew out a knife a tit just Jab myself in the Arm a Little Aud see a a done to cried Genevieve. A ooh Harry you will a the blood spurted from wrist. A there a he said calmly throwing his cigarette Over the Stern of the ship a a we it find out in a few minutes anyway. Do you know a i know that you Are breaking my heart a sobbed Genevieve As she endeavoured to cover the injured wrist with her two bands. Quot of i say. That in t fair a remonstrated Harry pushing Ier away from him gently. Quot let it bleed a Genevieve Knelt Down beside him. Quot Harry dear Harry let me bind it she struggled with his Arm she might As Well have tried to move a Rock. A sense of helplessness came Over her she buried her face in her hands and waited. The ship gave a sudden plunge she lost her balance Aud fell Forward her head struck heavily against the railing Genevieve opened her eyes slowly and looked up. Harry a anxious face was bending Over her. A where am i a she murmured drowsily. A How my head pains Why How do you a she started up with a sudden cry a is it bleeding Harry a a bless me i had forgotten All about he answered. Quot Why no its new England news. Ghastly proof that Maine was scene of murder. Four trains collide at East Thompson Conn., two Wen killed. Interesting notes gathered from the Home of the Yankee. Isaac Sawtell under sentence of death for an Early Date in january of next year has made repeated efforts through counsel to save his neck. His last stake came in the form of a confession that to murdered his brother Hiram alone and unassisted. His plea is that the murder took place in Maine. Last Friday be made a final confession unburden ing his mind of everything and confiding to his hearers the fact that he had taken the head of his brother and buried it in a piece of Woods Over the Maine Border. Witnesses whose evidence formed the strongest Points of the govern Nentz Scase own that three shots had been fired. The finding of the had proves that four shots were fired the Skull showing a Bullet wound. Sawtell Drew a plan indicating where the head was buried and a searching party after two Days of labor located the spot and unearthed tile ghastly evidence of the crime. The Skull was wrapped in the underwear of the deceased. The motion for a new trial came in before the court on monday. It is expected that Sawtell will to the chief witness and that Quot As be is talking for his life a he will give a detailed Story and occupy from 12 to 15 hours. Success in proving that the crime was committed in Maine Means a stay of proceedings and even if ultimately found guilty under the Laws of Maine life imprisonment is Tho penalty Tho death punishment having been abolished. Two men killed. Four trains collide at East Thompson Conn., with deadly results. Woonsocket I., let a. 4.�?what is probably the worst wreck the new York amp new England Railroad Ever experienced occurred at East Thompson Conn., this morning. Four trains two passenger and two freight lie piled up near the overhead Highway Bridge about an eighth of a mile cast of the station. First a West bound Southbridge special freight which had been made up at East Thompson crashed into a special local freight on the main line bound East piling up the cars in great confusion. Soon after the Norwich boat express passenger train bound East which left Putnam at 5.30, dashed into the wreck adding to the already bad mashup. A i Hen the eastward Long Island express came along and mounting the wreck piled Theca Sinto a confused mass. Tho wreck took fire und a car on the boat train was entirely consumed one victim it is claimed being cremated. The killed Are Harry Tabor Engineer of the Long Maud express his fireman Jerry Fizgerald both of Boston. The injured Are Engineer Quot wild and fireman Bayers of the special freight both of whom Are seriously injured a Man named Chandler of Chestnut Hill Boston express messenger Marshall of the boat exp news shoulder injured and baggage master Chase of the same train. The four engines Are a total wreck and some of the coaches and freight cars were burned to ashes together with their contents. A special Tram from Boston was senti to the wreck to Transfer the passengers. A wrecking train sent out from Norwood picked up about 150 labourers from the stations along the Road to work on the wreck. The cause of the first collision at first Caid to be a misplaced switch is now declared to have been a bad Frog which allowed one of the freights to jump the track. Train master Kennedy of the new York amp new England Railroad said that his assistants had been All through the debris of the Pullman car Midland that was burned in the wreck and that they found no pieces of Bones or any Trace of Tho passenger alleged to have lost his life in the car. To does not believe tile Story. Edward in Rath a real estate dealer of no. 11 John st., new York City was one of four pass tigers who left Long Island City on the Sleeper Midland on thursday night and is believed to have been in the wreck. He was going to Wayland mass. Adams or Hopkins ? there is yet no positive identification of the body found nude Aud Duad in the Harris vile Woods and there is a revival of the theory that the Man was not As was inferred from Tho card and Book found j. G. Dauis of Boston but Hopkins of Swansea who was pursued for weeks by officers. A physician who once attended Hopkins asserts that lie had a scar As of a Cut upon the thigh. There was a scar of that sort upon the left thigh of Tho body in Tho Woods. But a Young fellow just arrested for stealing a bicycle tells a picturesque tale of having seen Hopkins recently and that lie is ensconced in a Cave Between Swansea Aud Warren. While Hunting walnuts the youth suddenly came upon a Man seated on some rocks in a Small Ravine. Both were startled and the Man dodged into a Cave but reap neared and called the fellow in. There were canned goods in the Hole Aud on Tho Walls made of Fence rails Hung a revolver and a Rifle. The Cave Dweller told him to was satisfied he would not dare to expose him. So to told that to was Tho Hopkins whom the county was aroused to discover. Lived like a beggar. Aaron Nash one of the most eccentric characters in Tolland county Conn., died at his Home in Windermere wednesday morning. Ile was 75 years old and for Many years had lived in an old House with his sister. In the House hut Little furniture was to be seen and Tho other occupants were cats and dogs. Rabbits White rats two hogs a calf and other animals. The old Man was arrested a Short time ago for abusing Ilia live Stock and it was proven at the time that he had half starved his animals. It Cost him several Hundred dollars to Settle the Case after which to disposed of the Stock. He was Worth 8100,000 a Short time ago. And invested a Large amount of it in Western property but he lost it and left Only a Small amount of Money. He had no Faith in Banks Aud always kept Large sums of Money in the House. A searching party of relatives intend to tear the old House to pieces and search for tile Money supposed to be hidden in it. Worn in Maine a Gold mine. Augusta me., nov. 30.�?rapers were made out today whereby Tho ownership of the a Pendleton Gold mine a so called in Pittston is placed in the hands of l. A. Pendleton. Tho original owner and Jamss h. Cummings an experienced California Miner who has bought a half interest. Three gentlemen have bonded a Mill privilege in close proximity to the mine and will build a Mill for crushing the Ore this Winter. They will also got out a Largo Quantity of the Ore and will Bein readiness to commence the work of crushing and smelting As soon As the machinery now boing made in California shall arrive which will probably be in the Early Spring. Notes. The works of the Wentworth Spring and Axle company of Gardiner. Me., we Cre destroyed by fire tuesday about 1.30. Loss about $17, fully covered by insurance. E. Corey of Yohland is Tho largest owner the balance is owned by the heirs of David Wentworth. Whether or not the works will be rebuilt is not known. The striking weavers formerly employed by the Narragansett Mill fall River have instituted Legal proceedings to prevent the system of Quot blacklisting a through the operation of we hich they Are unable to procure work in any local Mills. A delegation of their number consulted with District attorney Knowlton in new Bedford last week aude told them they could not prosecute criminally but might begin a civil action to recover alleged damages. Lawyer Dubuque went to Boston tuesday to consult attorney general Pillsbury Aud look up precedents a a ground for action. Congress some time ago appropriated $20,000 for a Marine Hospital at Vineyard Haven. Soon alter condemnation proceedings were begun for taking five acres of land a part of a farm owned by Eliza Yarrow the owner agr eing to let the lands for $1200. The Hospital will now be built. How to Tell Wax from flesh. First visitor at realistic waxwork show a Are you Wax second visitors no. Are you Hamilton h. Scott of upper Stillwater was arraigned in court at Oldtown me., Yves tuesday. On charges of cruelly beating an 8-year-old boy named Edward Davis. Who lived in his family. Scott was bound Over for trial. Schooner Clifford c., Laden with kerosene Oil from new y Ork for St John went on Tho ledges at White head near Rockland me., wednesday morning. The life saving Crew w Ere promptly on hand and assisted her off. She was found to be leaking badly and will put in for repairs. Mabel Hawley a married woman w Hose Home was in Rockland Tomas met death at Portsmouth in a mysterious manner. She was found tuesday morning fitting on Hie Steps of the House of her Tracy with a fractured Skull from which she died wednesday. Tho Case was at first misunderstood and Tho woman was allowed to remain where she was. Without inquiry for several hours. Tho doctors now say that the injury win not such As would have been received from a fall hut was More Likely to have been the effect of a blow with some Blunt instrument. Tho occupants of Tho House have no explanation to offer. The residence of Ralph h. Damon superintendent of the Damon Mills at Westvale. In was entered by burglars tuesday night and considerable silverware and a Small sum of Money stolen. This is the second burglary in Concord this week. Miss Fannie Warden the sister of the victim of the Almy murder recently received a letter postmarked Boston Aud signed Quot Jack the w hich stated she must meet the same Tate which Bezel her sister. Nearly $100 in counterfeit 85-Trensnry notes were circulated in Webster mass., saturday evening. Or. Morris Loeb of Clark University Las Sachi setts. Has been appointed acting professor of chemistry in the Newyl Ork University. Newyl Ork. Monday morning a House owned and occupied by Maximillian Ludwig in Cromwell Conn., was burned to the ground there being no water facilities. Loss. $1000. Rev. James Herrick for Over 37 years a missionary of the american Hoard in Southern India died suddenly at his Home in West Brattleboro vt., monday night. Patrick of Malley of Clinton mass., aged about 50 years was fatally injured wednesday night at the Boston amp Maine Railroad crossing at Clinton. He was evidently struck by a passenger train and his body we As thrown several feet into a ditch. Cart. Shea of the Whitehead me., life saving station reports Tho Black Star buoy missing from Burnt Island ledge also another from Grindstone ledge. They will to Roll aced As soon As possible. At Plainville. Wrentham mass. Wednesday evening George ii. Man Tai n Post g. A r., was presented with a memorial volume by Samuel Warner la. G. Bacon h. E. Thomson George densest and d. Conly citizens of Wrentham. The collapse of the beneficial order of Philadelphia has caused a Lodge of 60 members in Winsted Conn., to lose about $4000, most of the members boing door factory employees. None lose less than $60, and a number have paid assessments of about sex. The Lighthouse Board announces that All the Iron buoys in Narragansett Bay Rhode Island have been replaced by spar buoys for the Winter months. Lew is Dame. Who. It is alleged presented a note at the House of mrs. Diamond in Portsmouth. In. On tuesday purporting to be from her husband upon which he obtained of. Was arraigned thursday before acting judge Marvin and held in $500 for his appearance at Tho Ayril term of court. At a meeting of the Board of directors of the High school at Gardiner me., Friday prof. Charles j. Emerson of Symonds free Academy. Warner n. A w As unanimously elected principal to succeed prof. S. S. Wright resigned. Leon a Only son of Edward s. Foster of Troy. In aged 20, shot himself with a revolver thursday and died Friday morning. Fie expected soon to Fie married. He was of Good habits and the cause of the suicide is unknown. Or. George b. Bartlett author of th6 Quot history of Concord mass Quot lectured at Las Eli Seminary Auburndale Friday evening. Uno Quot the eminent literary men and Omen of the Needham mass., Post office has been raised to the third class to take effect Jan. I 1892. James m. Bartlett a Fisherman was lost from a fishing smack off Black Island. Buzzard s Bay. Friday and drowned. Charles a. Allison grocer of Middlesex. Conn., arrested thursday for violating the butter Law. Pleaded guilty Friday of Selling Ole Margarine for Nutter and was tined $100 Ana costs. He appealed. In the Rhode Island supreme court at Newport tuesday James w. Phenix a leased guilty to breaking and entering and larceny in the night time retracting his Tornier plea. He was Given four years at Laird labor in the state prison. Steamer South Portland fro ii Eastport of and for Newyl Ork. With general cargo and the four masted Schooner Agues Manning of Perth Amboy. J., Smith Philadelphia Tor Boston with 1336 tons of Coal consigned to the Philadelphia amp Reading Railroad company ran ashore on the Southwest end of pasque Island Vineyard sound. Wednesday morning. Both vessels soon filled with water and evidently Lay upon the rocks. Both vessels May be saved if Tho weather permits. The funeral of or. And mrs. George ii. Barr was conducted privately at their hotel in Springfield Friday. Little Light has been thrown on the tragedy. Jya Lousy no doubt entered into the affair. Some interesting questions Are Likely to Rome up in the settlement of the estate of mrs. Barr died first Lier property would go to her husband and thus be inherited by his children of it could be shown that ids wound brought death while she breathed her Money would go to her heirs. The Case of Robert e. Carbrey is. Commander Longnecker. U. S. N., for false imprisonment was begun before the supreme court at Newport wednesday. On the first trial the jury disagreed. Carbrey testified regarding his discharge from the Navy at Newport to his having trouble with commissary Edds Aud to the fact to had his discharge papers in his hand and protested he was ironed and placed in the Brig by order of commander Longnecker. Commander Longnecker told his version of the affair admitting that he ordered car Brey to to nut in Irons but not until the latter disturbed the peace of the Island and became violent. Witness did not know that Carbrey a discharge had reached him when lie came and said that the process taken was the Only one to maintain Tho dignity of the government. The jury disagreed. Or. Thomas Brenn was found burned to death in Lier House at Hopkinton mass., thursday. Her Fuce and body were terribly scarred from Tho effects of Hie Haines. The probabilities Are that the fire was caused by the dropping of a lamp which broke and Sot fire to Bor clothing. South Framingham wa8 a Good Deal excited Over the finding thursday afternoon of an abandoned child an infant girl about 6 weeks old. About 3 o clock a woman Clad in a Long Plush cloak dark dress and hat walked from the direction of Tho Village up the Road toward Holliston carrying an infant and a Small bundle. Within half an hour the woman returned und meantime the baby had Beau found in a clump of Bushes by the Roadside about a mile from the Centre of the Village. It attracted Tho attention of a passing Butcher by its cries though it was warmly Clad. Had an extra dress Laid beside it. And was supplied with a nursing bottle full of milk. One article of its clothing was marked Quot Day Nursery a Ami this added to Tho fact that the woman was unknown leads to the belief that she came Oil the train from Boston. It is reported that Peleg Barker the owner of custom House wart Portland me., has received an offer for it. It was Learned that a Syndicate representing $3u,-000.000 has had an agent in Portland and that they Are very anxious to buy the wharf. The idea is to build an elevator at the end and to run a line of Ocean steamers direct but whether the Syndicate is English or american is not known at Tho experimental test of the new Worthington High duty pumping engine at the Lowell water works station the capacity was found to be 350 Gallons each stroke per minute an equal of Over 1,000,000 Gallons per hour or 7,689,600 Gallons for 24 hours. Members of the progressive Benefit order in Lawrence and its Vicinity whose certificates expire in december Are called upon to pay 15 special assessments before dec. 31, amounting to $30. The assessments will be considered paid if the Holder subscribes his name to an agreement allowing the supreme treasurer to withhold $30 on the payment promised for maturity. This practical a gives certificate holders $70 instead of the $100 As promised. Thomas Simpson a Glass Blower at the of. Washington Glass works new Bedford while smoking a Clay pipe thursday ran against a Post. The pipe was driven into his Mouth and the Stem lodged Iii his Throat whence physicians were unable to remove it. I. Wesson the million Airo pistol manufacturer Aith his wife narrowly escaped death at Springfield thursday As tile result of a collision Between his Phaeton and an electric oar. The Carriage was dragged a considerable distance and the occupants thrown out. Or. Wesson was injured about Tho head Aud his wife was seriously injured. Samuel Kenyon an old resident of lee., mass., was i oud dead on the Mountain Road in Vasli Dorton Friday it is supposed he fell in a fit and died of exposure. John Hill and Lafayette Sprague Chesterfield n. Ii., Farmers broke through the ice while fishing in Lily Pond. Chesterfield. Friday and were drowned. The remains of the late mrs. Howard Smith of Newport. It. I., Are to be cremated. It is also said that the body of mrs. George e. Waring. Jr., wife of the Well known sanitary Engineer is to be similarly disposed of. Fred tinker of Lowell Whilo gunning at Pelham n. H., Friday was shot in the right leg by the accidental discharge of his gun. The limb is badly lacerated and doubts of tinkers recovery Are entertained. The Gale of wednesday night was the most violent Ever experienced at Richford it. Tho Iron covering on the roof of the big Grain elevator was blown off also the roof of Rowell amp coming a Block. The Highway Bridge Over the missis quoi in Berkshire was blown into the River. A number of barns outbuildings fences chimneys etc., along the line of the Central Vermont Railroad were blown Down. Board of agriculture. Public meeting of the Massachusetts state organization. A sheep husbandry a discussed by far tidal banners Hon raising. Valuable us rat out for the Farmers use. The annual Public sessions of the Massachusetts Stato Board of agriculture were held last week in horticultural Hall Boston. Below will be found some subjects of Especial interest which received careful attention and excited discussion. A paper on the Quot history of sheep husbandry in Massachusetts a by Hon. James s. Grinnell of Greenfield opened the second Days session wednesday morning. He described at some length the attempts of the Early settlers to raise sheep and said that from the sheep imported by these pioneers came what is known As the common sheep. They were characterized by Black faces and spotted faces. They were known to the colonists As Irish Quot Smuts and English there were bred More for their Wool than their flesh. The rarities of Sheen most regarded in Massachusetts Are South Downs. Hampshire Downs Oxford Downs. Shropshire a Leicestershire a Iki sets Merino and saxons. The decline of Sheen Industry in this Stato dates from about 50 years ago. The causes for this have been variously stated As the fluctuations of the Tariff importation of Wool from Australia and other places the introduction of shoddy increased importations from the West destruction by dogs and imperfect fences. Massachusetts is admirably adapted to sheep growing. The cold climate is far better for sheep than the mild weather of Virginia. Tho paper closed with a dissertation on the valuable properties of Mutton As a food. Or. Hollis gave some statistics of the consumption of Mutton in Boston and said that Verv Little of it came from Massachusetts nearly All being brought from the West Kentucky Tennessee and Virginia. Tho Price per Pound dressed is from 6 to to cents for sheep and from 7 to 12 cents for lambs. So Mutton is Kex port cd from tilts country Secretary sessions had found that the expense of Foli oing and in keeping fences in repair was regarded As a great obstacle to sheep raising. This expense lie said could be Greely reduced by the use of barbed wire Rico which can to made dog proof As Well As sheep proof lie gave a number of statistics to show that such a Lenco can be built for but Little More than the expense of keeping a Stone Wall in repair. I. Averse who had investigated the result of sheep raising on a number of Massachusetts farms. Said that one flock of to Sheen produced 3208, and the expenses were 3106 17 sheep produced $191, Aud Cost $111 60 sheep produced $629 Aud Cost #288. Or. Avert thought one of the most important tilings to to considered is Hie care of sheep which is generally neglected. Hon. John e. Russell was called upon to speak on Tho Tariff Side of the question but he said that be did not recognize that the Tariff has much to do with tile sheep husbandry of Massachusetts. We Don t raise Wool enough he said to make it a matter of importance to us. I have said in Congress and i am ready to repeat it Here that the Farmers West of the Mississippi could afford to keep sheep if Wool w As Worth no More than Hen feathers. When Wool was Mado free Domestic Wool was Worth More Money than it had been a any time before or was at any time after the High Tariff was imposed. Or probably than it Over will he again. Or. Russell bad no doubt that sheep could by Brod at a Bood fro flt even though the Wool product was not taken into account. Col. Daniol Needham told of the taking of sheep from Vermont to Germany to compete at the International exhibition with Tho sheep of Europe. They were Merino Aud were very much ridiculed by the German press. These sheep in spite of a Competition which included an exhibit by the emperor of France were awarded two first prizes and one second. One was for the weight Cly fleece in comparison Witti tile weight of body. Chairman Bowditch described briefly his experience in sheol raising endorsing much that had been said by the other speakers hut he said that to thought or. Avery had put the expense of raising sheep rather nigh. Or. Jabot Fisher of Fitchburg addressed the meeting in the afternoon on a fruit Tiro Wing its demands and its funnies who Bogan with a statement of the kind and proportion of fertilizers necessary to Supply Tho loss of vitality to a tree by reason of its bearing fruit. He then told of the pests that prove destructive to Trees and fruit mentioning Tho tent Caterpillar Curculio common Moth canker worm Apple Maggot and Moth web worm and jumping worm. These May be classed As Leaf eaters and sap suckers. The first of these classes can to killed by spraying the foliage Witti Paris Green just alter Hie leaves appear. Kerosene Oil water and soap made into an emulsion is Ulso valuable in destroying insects. Another pest that is destructive to fruit and tree alike is a fungus growth that Atta Obes itself to Trees and vines. Solutions of Copper have been found the most valuable and effectual remedies for fungi. The speaker described a number of devices for spraying Trees with these liquids and the results he had obtained from them. Streer fing of Siliae. The closing Days session of the state Board of agriculture opened Friday morning in horticultural Hall w. In Rawson presiding. The proceedings commenced with an address by Theodore Louis of Louisville wis., on a Breeding and feeding i Ile said Quot the close compete n of the present Day Calls for the highest intelligence. More knowledge and greater econ Only in All operations. I Ain a Pioneer of the state of Wisconsin having gone there from Germany As a fugitive Iii 1848. It was therefore somewhat difficult for me to drive in my business As a Silversmith and become a Tiogo Joist laughter Quot what is the profitable hog the hog that consumes the greatest amount of food Iii the shortest Given time and gives the greatest return for the toot consumed. Quot the Farmer should procure the Best possible sire no matter at w hat Cost for a cheap one is the direst animal to Ever bought. Tho care of Swine is greatly neglected by the general Farmer. Tile animal As a Rule is subjected to severe treatment because to is a hog. Too great caution cannot be exercised in this matter at the present time for the germ of disease travels As rapidly As transportation can carry it. Quot no hog should to introduced into a Herd until it has been quarantined at Homo. Die animal As far As my Herd is concerned is put away from Tho Herd for nine or ten Days. Quot tile sire should be Broad Between the eyes the eyes should be full Aud Tho neck Short. Quot the dam should be As nearly As possible the reverse of the sire. Quot tile Boston buyer is Tho most Liberal Man in tile Chicago Market today. Today 250 pounds is All the Market requires. The meat that is required today is what is not either too fat or too lean so we Donot need the immense animal and More. A the food of the sire is not always what it should be. He should have nitrogenous food with a Small amount of fattening food. The dam should have tender care. Quot no mail should engage in hog raising unless he has an adaptability for it. Quot a sow should always have Access to charcoal ashes and rubbish. Quot i consider two acres enough for 120 hogs up to about september. I give them Pease and Clover arum swill twice a Day until the cold weather comes when i give them steamed food. It always pays to Cook food in the Winter and Spring for Tho younger pigs. At the conclusion of Tho speakers remarks. Chairman Rawson said the number of hogs raised Iii the state of Massachusetts according to the last census was 135,-ooo Peran num. Half were Over 3 months old. And the other half under. Their value was $1,800,000. The number slaughtered in Tho Stato was 1.500,000, or just the amount grown in the state of Wisconsin. They were valued when slaughtered at #20,000,000. Tho Export from the Boston Markot was $7,500,000. Or four times Tho amount that we grow and one third of Tho amount slaughtered . Goesman of the Amherst agricultural College spoke at some length on the growth and feeding of pigs. Agreeing in the main with the remarks of Hie essayist or. Eustis of Belmont L. Marshall of Lowell Elbridge Cushman of Lakeville and other speakers followed. The chairman stated that a Farmers Institute would be held at his farm at Arlington on tuesday next and or. Louis would be present and would most willingly answer any questions put to him. F. Appleton of Peabody presided at the afternoon meeting. The special subject for discussion was the Silver Ware Trust. Fifty per Cene. Discount secured for Globe subscribers. Discounts for Export Only a thine of the past for them. Every housewife wishes and needs silverware of some kind for everyday use. While it is the most durable and decorative the Price is too Hijii for most families to buy it. The reason is that a very Large capital is required to make hollow Ware and the few manufacturers protected by the Tariff in the formation of a Trust have combined to fix Tho Price at which they sell to americans beyond the Power of Many to buy. All Standard hollow wares quadruple plate on White Metal with All open pieces Gold lined and the lowest list pro for a five piece set is #30. The Standard Trust discounts to the Home Trade is 40 per cent and to the foreign Trade 60 per cent., to which is added 5 per cent. For Cash. Tjon he Pleasea so Ion a he sends the co erect amount. The first five Ere the usual aet ordered. These will be sent carefully packed by express f. O. B., receiver to pay transportation charges. Hoax Ajo Ceram. One of the most Beautiful presents conceivable is a solitaire Sot of Cream Pitcher and sugar bowl Gold lined triple plate on finn White Metal exquisitely etched on Satin finish. They Are about 2 incline wide by Imp High with wrinkled edges which is the latest wrinkle in silverware. These Are put up in a ilk Plush Case. 8x5 inches and sent by express for #2 60 and mailed for $2.30. Tho list Price is #8.00, if space could be spared for a Cut or if they could be seen orders would pour in. Baby smug. Every Mother wants her baby to have a pretty drinking cud. There is one to be had. Triple plate on White Metal Gold lined Satin finish 2h wide by 2h High with Quot baby beautifully etched Down the aide in a Cotton Case at #3 cent by mail and 63 cents packed with hollow Ware or rent by express. They Are of the Best Quality of the highest plate on the finest Metal and of the buy Tot b Waltham or Elgin witches of Wmk of Luze set with tray. $83 the Globe a a subscribers will enjoy for a abort time the privilege of buying at 50 per cent discount or exactly one half the list Price anything they May want Iii Standard quadruple plated hollow Ware. The set illustrated consists of five pieces Coffee pot Tea pot sugar bowl milk Pitcher and Slop Jar. This is the Standard five piece set. To these May be added a spoon Holder butter dish and syrup cup with plate. All sets come in three forms Satin finish polished and engraved on Satin. The Satin finish Aud polished Are the same Price. Tho engraved adds #7 to the list Price. The set of five pieces costs Satin finished or polished #80 a 16-Inch tray with handles. Costs #16 a spoon Holder costs #6.50, and a butter dish #6.36 to All $57.76. The Globe subscriber can secure the whole outfit for one Liaf $28.87�?or As much As May be wanted at corresponding prices. The following table Wilt show the net prices to Tho subscriber smooth finish. Engraved. Coffeepot. 04.00 is of Teapot. 4 so Cream Jug. 3.00 sugar. Trio 8.00 Slop Jar. S. To 8.00 spoon Holder. butterfish. 0.00 8.1ii syrup cup and plate. C to 8.00 cake Basket. 8.ta 16 Inch tray handles. the subscriber May make any Combina most careful workmanship. The discounts Are granted Quot for Export and the buyer who knows what Fine silverware is and what Price is charged for it will not be allo at first to credit his Good Fortune. Bings salts per pers. Very Fine Napkin rings triple plate on White Metal finely etched Are put up in pairs two in a Box and sold by Tho wholesale at $1 per half dozen. These Are retailed at 75 cents to #1.50 per pair. Packed with express orders for above the subscriber pay Only $1 Tor three pairs but when mailed separately he must pay 48 Conte per pair. Pepper and Salt cruets. 2t$ inches High Triplo plate on White Metal banded and etched finely finished Are put up in twos one of each in a Case six three of each Are packed with express orders for above at is. And a set one of each is mailed for 48 cents. Solid Teaspoons. Six Sterling Silver Teaspoons .995 Fine purer than our Silver co weighing three ounces Plain. #6.40 engraved. $7.40 these prices including trans portion by registered malls. Trio engraving is very Fine. A heavier spoon six weighing four ounces engraved with Jacquemino Rose and a place for Crest or initial posts $8.85 per Sec of six. Address All orders to the weekly Glo us Boston. Mass. It ii a Logan it is the Best Magazine for the Money in the world. Handsomely illustrated contains Complete and serial stories hip started articles on travel society notes portraits of prominent people biographical sketches besides a Large number of interesting departments carefully prepared As health hints the mothers Page the dining Rosm recipes tried and tested fashion fancies latest modes series of articles on Home dressmaking plowers Aud plants fancy work knitting and crocheting with Many other Kindred topics making it the Best Magazine in the world for the Nonoy. Mrs. Logan the editor will contribute in addition to editorial matter Aketch a reminiscence Pera Nat recollections of Public men and women a. Josiah Allens wife will contribute stories. A Bright fresh Story from Ber pen a Little Tom Mooney Quot a in an rarer number. Emily Huntington Miller will conduct a department on Home topics. James Whitcomb Riley will entertain the readers with charming dialect poem. Mary Lowe Dickinson Secretary of Kings daughters will talk of that society. % misses Juliet Gorson Catherine Owen Maria Parloa who furnish appetising Hilts of fare. Among a Long of contributors the following Are found i the Globe and save Money. Everybody knows that the watch Norsten Abii made at Waltham mass., and Elgin i Are the beet in the world and to get a watch with a genuine Waltham or Elgin movement in an object of ambition abroad a Well a Bere. Trading outhit ambition the country has been flooded with cheap imitations of genuine american movements which unscrupulous dealers advertise in such a Way that the purchaser thinks he is getting a genuine Waltham or Elgin watch in fact he merely gets one of the same style. Over one half of the people of the United states must buy by mail or wait for weeks and months before they can get to a storekeeper. Not one Quarter Are within reach of a store where they can make any selection and the chances Are that they do not know where to Send for what they want with any certainty that they will be honestly treated. The weekly Globe believes that it is doing a Public service when it offers genuine Waltham and Elgin watches to its subscribers at prices which put accurate timekeepers within the reach of everybody. The weekly Globe can furnish any style of watch made at Waltham or Elgin but from the Many different styles it has selected a few which represent exceptional value for the Money invested. There Are half a dozen great Case companies in the country that make solid Gold Gold filled Silver and Nickel Silver cases. Every one knows what a solid Gold or a solid Silver Case is and the weekly Globe Aas ares its readers that the Gold filled and Nickel Silver cases ars fast driving the old fashioned Quot solid Quot cases out of the Market. A Gold filled Case is made by rolling two plates of solid Gold upon a plate of Fine composition Metal. A Nickel Silver Case is made of a composition of Nickel and other metals and it ii a solid not a plated Case we now come to our offers. All our watches Are Stem winding and setting. Offer no. I. A seven jewelled Waltham or Elgin movement of the latest pattern Patent Pinion compensation balance and hardened hair Spring cased lows i Fol open face. Hunting in Nickel Silver Case. #6 90 in Gold filled 15-year Case engraved. 12.95 #t9 50 in 14k, 20 Vear Case. 15.30 18.80 in 14k. 20-year Case engraved. 18.00 21.90 in solid 14k Gold Esse 14 dwt. 86.00 in alld Coin Sliver 3 of Case 12.70 12.05 Mary j. Safford Kary Logan Tucker opt. Chas. King Tulia Magruder Arlo Bates Kose Terry Cooke octave Thabet Emily Meigs Ripley Harriet Taylor Upton or. Hammond Grace Howard Peirce or. Felix Oswald mrs. Pollock mrs. M. 0. Hungerford mrs. T. M. Cooley mrs. A p. Woolley der., a arc. Prof Mathews Robt. Burdette mrs Lew Wallace Shirley dare or. A n. Allen f. L. Stanton Anna l. Dawes Lieut. John p. Finley u. S. A., Tut ii ome Magazine and the Globe one year each Aud postage on both prepaid _ Addre its the weekly Globe. Boston mass. Only is to. In. Pkg Kokss Premium the simplest thing in the world. The simplex typewriter. The Only really practical cheap typewriter Ever put on the Market. Handsome weighs is easy to operate. a line 8 inches a one Pound. Can be carried in the coat pocket the l4tet of or Hest Type Ayr it he. Tue Comax of in. . Tee minimum of Price. to Avii in Voas the sewing machine be a suit. sewing. Asi i vim i e a a h to the office. Ary Avo it Imp As the sewing machine Lei to the hol . The a a simplex la the product of experienced tvs writer manufacturers und is a practical Type Whit Ell in every sense of the word und i s acc we guarantee it. For business men. A Ami them . Merchants acknowledge their great value. Clergymen writs their sermons with them. Authors to mar Manu Terttu. Letters written with the a a simplex Are legible and neat Ami at the rate of Korty words minute. For sure Ami construction of the Quot simplex Quot particularly adapt it for use on cars and steamboats. It will go into a Box 5 inches wide 9 inches Long and inches deep fan be carried in the pocket i or put into a Valise. Orders written with Tim a cannot be misunderstood. The machine weighs on by one Pound mox included. For Roy and will improve their spelling and teach proper punctuation. It will encourage neatness and occur it Wilt print in any coloured Ink Violet red Green Blue or Black. It will Pinx a line Kight inches Lono and admit any size letter paper. The print tag is always in sight. A useful instructive Ani entertaining Novelty at tue Price or a toy. The weekly Globe i year Ano a the simplex typewriter Only $3.00. 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Without detracting at All from the just deserts of enterprising Road machinists it is As True now As it was it Macadams time that we ought to give labor a better Chance. Men Are wanted who can appreciate Mac Adams everlasting apply them to the Highway. It is hard to say whether our roads suffer most from the ignorance of the Road makers or the inattention of the Public. Quot thoughtful americans will perceive that if we Lasire better roads it is our first duty to have state surveys and Topographic maps in every household so Clint we can Soe which Way our roads shall run. The american Field is Largo enough for All the world to work in m the speaker then illustrated by Means of maps Aud plans the various methods of implored very i defective. Road making at present Emi Many of which were be said Glass has been Wade in the United states since 1720. Offer no. 2. A full ii jewelled Waltham or Elgin Nickel movement Patent regulator compensation balance safety Pinion Breguet hair Spring hardened and tempered in form 4 pairs jewels in settings cased a follows open face. Hunting. In Nickel Stiver ease.$11.45 in Gold filled 15-year Case engraved17 so 521.15 in 14k Gold filled 20-year Case 20.00 23.50 in 14k Gold filled 20-year Case engraved 22.40 25.90 in solid 14k Gold Case 40 dwt. 89.90 in solid Coin Silver 3 of Case. .17.40 17.05 offer no. 3. A full 15 jewelled movement from one of the great factories at Waltham or Elgin adjusted at the factory to heat cold and position full Nickel compensation balance Patent safety Pinion Regnet hair Spring hardened and tempered in form. Upon this movement time and Money have been literally squandered to bring it to perfection. This movement comes cased a follows open face. Hunting. In Nickel Silver rate815.00 in Gold filled to year Case engraved 21.15 #24.70 in Gold filled 20-year Case. 23.50 27.10 ingoldfllled20-Yearease,engraved 25.90 29.50 in solid 14k. Gold Case 40 dwt. 43.00 in solid Coin Silver 8-os. Case. 20.90 8l15 ladies watches. Offer no. 4. A handsome movement ladies size 7 jewels compensation balance and safety Pinion from ont of the great factories at Waltham or Elgin oases As follows i Hunting. In Gold filled Case guaranteed 15 years engraved#15.30 in 14k. Gold filled 20-year15.90 in 14k. Gold filled 20-year care engraved. 18.00 in solid Gold 14k., it Vic to in dwt. Case in. Grave. 84.00 offer no. 5. A magnificent 13-jewelled movement 3 prs. Is setting with compensation balance and All other improvements cased As follows t Hunting. In Gold filled 15-year Case engraved.#13.00 in 14k. Gold filled 20-year Case. 20.90 in 14k. Gold filled 20-year Case engraved. 22.70 in solid Gold 14k., 17va to 19 dwt. Case engraved. 28.00 the demand for watch chains has made it easier to Supply than to refuse it. After the Examina Tion of a Large number of styles and qualities the following chains have been selected i they Are All of genuine rolled Gold and they Are made by rolling solid plates of Gold around a piece of wire which is then drawn out to the sue wanted for the Chain. The genuine rolled plate wears for years but the Market is flooded with cheap imitations in electroplate and fire Gilt that must is avoided. No. I is a menus Chain with twisted open links known As a a a Trace it has a Beautiful bar and an attachment for a Charm sent by mail for $1.50. No. 2 is a menus Chain with links twisted closely together known As a a curb it also has an attachment for a Charm and is a very showy Chain indeed. Seat by mail for $2.50. No. 3 is a ladies Fob Chain with close links and Pendant in the shape of a Berry made of Gold beads. Sent by mail for $1.95. No. 4 is like no. 3, with Pendant in the shape of a cube made of Golden lace work. Sent by mail for $1.85. No. 5 is a ladies Fob Chain made of Woven wire with Pendant in the shape of an open fan. Sent by mail for $2,35. Points to remember. I in order Raj Jive number of offer and state whether you wish open face or Hunting Case men s or ladies Sise also state Price. Order chains on a separate ship. ? this offer is open Only to subs Erib. Era. Any subscriber to the ii to he May buy All the watches in wishes for himself or hts friends. 3 no subscription is included in Tbs Price paid. 4 every watch sent out trill be in perfect order. If it is damaged in the mails Send it Bach within 24 hours and it trill be repaired free of charge. 3 it trill take from 3 to to Days to fill each order. 6 every watch and Chain delivered at your Post office free on receipt of Price. Send All orders to the weekly Globe Boston mass

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