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Boston Post Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 5

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Boston Post (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts Boston Post monday morning april 6, 1891 5 problems of the Tariff sir Charles Tupper a Mission to defeat reciprocity Public sentiment in Canada the duty upon carpet wools seem that the effect of the new regulations upon new England used be not very great for the Short routes to Western Points in the United states would be unimpaired and the Export business in american Cottons Over the Canadian Pacific would remain untouched. It might turn out however that the loss of a certain amount of East bound business would compel the Canadian Pacific to raise its freight rate and place new England shippers at a serious disadvantage. Duty upon Carpit Quot wools. The sorting clause of the Wool Tariff in its bearing upon the duty upon carpet wools will regulations governing the entry i soon come before the courts for judicial de termination. General Spaulding the assistant of goods under consular Seal j Secretary of the Treasury in charge of Cus Toms matters will Issue a circular letter to collectors at the leading ports suggesting that they impose double duty upon carpet Wool which has been sorted and quadruple duty upon carpet Wool which has been both washed and sorted. He will take this action not so much because he is convinced that it is the Correct rude As to bring the matter to a final decision. While collectors follow the Rule which now prevails at new York of considering carpet wools exempt from the provisions of the sorting clause because they Are charged with an and Valorme duty the question cannot be taken before the Board of general appraisers or the courts for review. If the collectors of customs follow the suggestion of general Spaulding As they naturally will importers of carpet wools will at once Appeal to the Board of general appraisers. If the decision of the Board is against them they will carry the Case to the courts if it is in their favor the government will carry it to the courts. It will be to the advantage of the carpet manufacturers to have the real meaning of he sorting clause settled once for All. The present practice at new York is quite tothe liking of the manufacturers but they would suffer heavy losses if they made contracts upon the presumption that this practice was to continue and it was suddenly changed. It would be better for them to know just what tarriff interpretations they Are to expect even if that a Are against them for they would then be Able to add the increased duty to the Price of their product. Whether the sorting clause applies to carpet wools is a Puzzle to the Wisest. The Ohio Wool growers have some justification in the Bare language of the Law for the Contention which they will doubtless make that the clause applies equally to carpet wools and All other wools. The clause reads thus 383. The duty upon Wool of the sheep or hair of the Camel Goat Alpaca and other like animals which shall be imported in any other than Ordinary condition. Or which shall be changed in is character or condition for the purpose of evading the duty or which shall be reduced in value by the admixture of dirt or any other foreign but stance or which has been sorted or increased in value by the rejection of any part of the original fleece shall be twice the duty to which it would be otherwise subject provided that skirted wools As now imported Are hereby excepted. Wools on which a duty is assessed amounting to three times or More than that which would be assessed if said Wool was imported unwashed such duty shall not be doubled on account of its being sorted. Under this Rule sorted carpet Wool would pay double the duties of 32 per cent and 50 per cent and Valorme fixed Lor carpet Wool and if washed would pay double this double duty. This would mean in some cases a duty of 200 percent. The rational argument is made by the manufacturers that the imposition of an and Valorme duty was intended by the framers of the Tariff to exempt carpet wools from any other charge because the flexibility of the and Valorme rate covers any increase of value due to washing and sorting. This is the View which has prevailed at the new York custom House but it is not the View which meets the approval of the Ohio Wool shepherds. No Sui h exemption for carpet wools is distinctly provided for although the manufacturers claim that it was intended to be made in practice when the Tariff was framed. The committees of the two houses of Congress blindly accepted the agreement which was brought to them by the manufacturers and growers and enacted it into Law. They admitted that they not know what it meant hut two great interests had asked for it and the Republican majority of these committees were their obedient servants. Both interests apparently hoped to overreach each other when the Tariff went into effect and it will now be left for the courts to de Ide which was the shrewder in its Choice of words. Their party a deeds recounted by senators Dawes and Hoar at the Massachusetts club mugwump Ery is their enemy the chief planks for the next Republican platform Washington april 5.�? special to the Post a the real Mission of sir Charles Tup per Here is believed by those who understand the situation to be to defeat reciprocity with Canada rather than to accomplish it. He is Here because the conservative leaders were compelled to Promise to do something in order to carry the elections but sir Charles Tupper is Likely to take exceedingly Good care not to offer Secretary Blaine any propositions which he can accept. If the liberals had won the Canadian elections an honest Effort might have been made to accomplish reciprocity. It was to help them that congressmen Hitt and Butterworth urged their propositions upon Congress looking towards reciprocal relations. It has always been the taunt of the conservatives to their Liberal opponents that the United states had taken no step to indicate its willingness to enter upon reciprocity negotiations and that if Canada appeared at Washington for such a purpose she must appear As a suppliant rather than upon equal terms with us. This argument would have been taken out of the Mouths of the conservatives if speaker Reed had not stood in the Way of action by Congress and the liberals would then have come nearer Success. The practical difficulties in the Way of reciprocity either partial or Complete Are serious while the United states maintains its High Tariff. Partial reciprocity appears to be resisted by the Farmers on our Side of the Border on the ground that it would bring Canadian products into livelier Competition than at present with our products. If Canada would open her markets to american manufactured goods the protests of the Farmers might be offset by the gains of our manufacturers. Complete reciprocity also has its difficulties even if England should not interfere with the wishes of the canadians. If the existing Canadian Tariff were maintained Complete reciprocity would mean either the importation of our Wool and other raw materials by Way of Canada or the Transfer of our manufacturing establishments to the Canadian Side of the line. Of course the United states would never consent to such a condition of things. The importation of merchandise to this country by Way of Ca Aua could be prevented by proper regulations hut the Transfer of our manufacturing interests to Canadian soil could not Well be prevented while the present Canadian Tariff remains in Force. The adoption of a uniform Tariff for the United states and Canada would solve the problem of reciprocal relations in the Way in which the most progressive canadians would like to see it solved but the inexorable logic of such a situation would he the annexation of Canada to the United states. Clear sighted canadians see this and such men As professor Gold win Smith do not hesitate to accept this conclusion. The masses of the people Are slower to come to such a conclusion while sentiment and patriotism hold them to their British allegiance. Good judges familiar with the Canadian situation say that it is Only a question of time when the people will see that their commercial Prosperity depends upon Union with this country and that commercial Union is almost equivalent to political Union. The Tariff dominates so Many interests in every state that a nation which not make its own Tariff would h a Little better than a dependency. Canada could never make the Tariff for the United states but must accept ours if she enters upon commercial Union whether our Tariff be Good or bad. If she sought to influence our legislation enacted at Washington she would quickly realize that the effectual Way to do it was to have her own representatives sitting beside those of new England the South and the West in the Federal Congress. Those who understand the situation Are waiting for this logic to he adopted by the Canadian people. Secretary Blaine is one of these. While he believes in positive measures to acquire Cuba he thinks the policy of waiting will bring us Canada. Holding these views he is not Likely to exert himself to agree with sir Charles Tupper. Sir Chari s Tupper and his chief sir John Macdonald Are also shrewd enough statesmen to see what or. Blaine sees and the y will not play into his hands by hastening the event for which he is waiting. Their policy is to stave it off As Long As possible and it is with this purpose that they Are playing at negotiations to keep the Canadian people contented and to keep Canada a dependency of great Britain. Entry of goods under Seal. Consular Blair misrepresented. He is willing to stand by his record regarding chinese immigration. Washington april 5.-ex-senator Blair minister to China was among the presidents callers at Washington yesterday. He confirmed the report that he was going to China but said that lie not expect to leave for that country for several weeks. He said his sentiments in regard to the question of the chinese immigration had been misrepresented by some of the newspapers. He was willing he said to stand by his record on that question and not care to answer the newspaper attacks on him personally. The attention of or. To. An attache of the chinese legation was called yesterday to a despatch from san Francisco to i he effect that i ii chinese merchants in san Francisco would Forward to Washington a protest against the appointment of senator Blair As minister to China. Or. To evidently speaking by authority said that no information regarding such a protest had been received and that he was confident that should it arrive i lie minister would not present it to the president. He believed senator Blair would be acceptable to the people and government of China. A Attlee monthly dinner of the Massachusetts club at Youngs saturday afternoon senators Dawes and Hoar delighted the Assembly with a glorification of the Republican party and especially its work during the past. Congress or. Dawes Wos introduced As the first speaker by sex governor Claflin and began his discourse with a grand summing us of All the great actions of his party m the past. The abolition of slavery was its first great act it has added thirty new representatives to Congress and thirty votes in the electoral College through this party every person born on the soil is inducted into citizenship of the nation Aud state and every adopted citizen the moment he swears allegiance is by common consent of Loreign Powers relieved of All allegiance and duty to the government he has left behind. This party also perfected a National banking system with uniformity of credit and tie government guarantee behind it in the exigencies of War it issued millions of greenbacks without anything but the Faith of the government behind it and fixed a Day when it should All be redeemable in Gold the same Power levied so justly and equally the War tax it has multiplied wealth tenfold in the Twenty five years of its administration meeting the demands and wants of All and has built up a phenom finally vast internal Commerce Between Stales. Continuing he said these things Are a part of the record of the Republican party such As our opponents accuse us of too fondly referring to and for which they seek in ridicule to Call us a the grand old 1 accept the name it is a grand old party and it is True. Also that the name can be applied to no other party. It is True we Are proud of our record and it is equally True they Are not proud of theirs. I is True we find encouragement in constant reference to it while they find most enjoy ment in forgetting theirs. They talk of oui Reliance on what we have done it is no won Der they fail to make a similar claim. They boast of direct descent from Jefferson and Jackson but tie loudest in the boast Are half Breeds mixed Breeds Aud of doubtful Breeds. Applause i do not blame them for finding nothing encouraging in their own record but i am one who believes that a political party like an individual has a charac ter. On which it May base its promises for the future. Whatever has been accomplished in these years it has been against the oppose uni of these people. They have no part nor lot in that which is to abide and no wonder they i not care to refer to their record now they ask that the administration of Public affairs be transferred to them. Dothes Promise to continue this great work then they have become very suddenly converted and while in some places Young con verts get the front 6eats when a political party has Only promises and no record there is m Good reason for taking Power Frera those what Piave shown by what they have done what they Are capable of doing Aud whose record is an ass Rauceo future Security. What tax Republican party has accomplished in the past is not a measure of its duty today but l is tie pledge of duty to be performed in the a that which confronts the party today. Or. Dawes went on to show Are two e Reat issues of so much importance that All else is swallowed up. The first is whether the majority Shat Rule. It is no new question As Between republicans Aud democrats. However much the one May desire to make or the other to con ceal from its record tie Republican party a nothing to fear. It began away Back when the democratic party undertook to overthrow this government because it would net submit tothe majority Aurl from that Day to this tin same spirit which dominated and coat roller the democratic party and Well nigh overthrew the government has appeared of late grow ing stronger and More intolerable and More persistent. It is that spirit which appeared in tie House of representatives during the entire Congress that has just closed. The same old spirit of the leaders of revolt manifested itself for no other reason thar their unwillingness to submit to the Rule o majority. It is that spirit that is gerrymandering districts in democratic states today ii order that a minority of voters May chanet their political complexion it is that spirit which is creeping out in Michigan so softly whose legislature is asked to provide for the election of members of the electoral College in the gerrymandered districts each for itself that a minority of votes May control the majority in me College. It was that which cosi have been enough in England to constitute the chief business of a session. Upon All of them it prepared measures upon All but one it prepared measures that Are Security for future action upon Laws and measures it is willing to stand awaiting the verdict of history. Now there Are four of these i suppose Are to constitute the chief planks in the Republican platform in the next National election and upon which after full and thorough debate we Are willing to take the verdict of the american people. These que teens Are. Honest elections the great protective system reciprocity and the preservation and maintenance of an honest Safe and stable currency. Applause now. Gentlemen if either one of these measures is to he sustained it is to be by the action of the Republican party alone and unaided. Yon Are to get. No matter what promises May be made no substantial Aid from democrats independents or mugwumps in the new England states. Shall we falter then when we have a Wise and True president a majority of the supreme court a majority of the National Senate and the educated conscience of the great free North and with it the rising enthusiasm of the Pacific coast that Dobler new England that glorified Massachusetts All standing by us Aud heartily with us to the end ,.who in regard to the most hopeless of these questions the tide is beginning to turn. It was supposed that the Pacific coast was the stronghold of free Silver yet California has within a week elected an Able and Strong advocate of a Harvard a nine the Boston leagues Walkover in the South end game weak Points of the collegians events of special interest to the sporting Public sound currency Alenot As Able and As Young As my Friend or. Walker. Oregon has. By the a a Alimous action of House and Senate commended the selection of or. Windom a successor. An advocate of sound currency. In the six new states All of them Rich in mines i see that or. Whitney of the West end Road thinks we wasted time on election Bills and admitting states unsound on the currency question these six states i say. Voted and paired in Congress just Naif and half for and against Silver. it is not to the republicans North South East or West that we Are in future to look with alarm on these matters. It is to the Southern democrats and his ally the Massachusetts mugwump. Applause Why they came to Washington six weeks ago to raise their voices after we had won the Victory. And the Clanger was Over Lor this Congress to give us their opinion on free Stiver. Nearly All of them had been for three or four years giving All their influence to the support of the Southern election system of fraud and Mirage. They voted for representatives to elect and support a speaker who represents those who voted to debase the currency and they All gave their votes for Grover Cleve land who although his personal utterances May be All right brought with him into the House of representatives where this question is to be settled the usual number of fraudulent votes. They talk about a debased currency and justly. They talk of reducing us to the English system of clipping sovereigns. Isnit a Man who is in favor of a clipped coinage naturally in favor of a clipped manhood but the clipped Sovereign on american soil is m Ore important than the clipped Sovereign under which England suffered. My friends we propose to set these things right applause to establish on american soil the right of every my to a full fair free vote and we do not feel that we can cast our in vote in Freedom and Honor until this is done. We propose to by tie honest Dollar. If it were Only the wealthy mugwump a who is to suffer i would not worry but a him drink the cup he is preparing for himself it it when i think of the $37t.000, 00 in Massachusetts savings Banks of the Lile and fire us Urance investments the safety of the a Vidow and the poor in time of distress. I appreciate the magnitude Aud the importance it of Ike question. We mean to stand by or. Walker to done to mean that the Well paid labor of Massachusetts or Kansas shall be re iced if we can help it. To the condition which the labourer of great Britain has to submit to. Our democratic friends claim the advantage it of calling Tho Young Man to the front for leadership. What old Meu can they Call to he front and have him state his record without covering himself Aud ins party with ridicule and shame laughter they be rot to Call to the front men wih no past behind them and ill take the Liberty to say that they Are calling some who Lave not much of a future before them. The Hon. J. H. Walker was called upon but in responding said that there was no dessert to Uch a feast As they had just enjoyed. The new regulations governing the entry of goods from Canada under consular Seal from foreign countries will be promulgated Early j this week. The system of consular seals upon imported goods will be practically abolished and foreign goods will hereafter be subject to examination and entry at the first port of arrival in the United states. Secretary Foster regards the system of consular sealing As Little better than a farce leaving the door open to Many frauds upon the Revenue. The system May be allowed with some new restriction to remain in Force with regard to goods passing in transit through the United states for shipment to a foreign country. The chief danger is thought by the Treasury officials to be with goods imported into this country from Asia and other foreign ports with no examination until they reach the Interior ports of destination. While the consuls of the United states Are required to obtain a list of the contents of cars which they Seal under existing regulations which is sworn to there is no examination of the goods anywhere until they reach the port at which they Are unloaded. It is claimed at the Treasury department although the instances of it Are Verv rare that valuable goods might be brought into the country under the consular Beal and unloaded before reaching their declared destination and cheaper goods paying a lower rate of duty might be substituted. Hence the decision to Issue new regulations. Secretary Foster and assistant Secretary Spaulding state that the new regulations Are intended entirely to protect the Revenue Aud not hamper traffic Over the Canadian Pacific and grand trunk railways. The Canadian Pacific railway has enjoyed a rather ii Char privilege in regard to goods imported rom Asia Aud forwarded under the consular Seal by Way of Vancouver to new York and other Points in the United states. These goods Are subject to no examination until they reach their Desi a nation while goods imported by Way of san Francisco and brought across the continent Over the american Pacific railroads Are subject to entry and examination when they Are landed at san Francisco. This Benefit will be taken from the Canadian Pacific by the new regulations and they May slightly retard traffic Over that Road and add to its expense. If the transit Trade is not touched it would Honduras land Grant. Two citizens of the United states secure the Mosquito lands. Washington. April 5.�?the government of Honduras has granted to messes. E. W. Perry and M. Iut Boden both citizens of the United states a Concession of Laud covering the entire Region known As Mosquito the payment for which is to be made in the construction of expensive Public works including an army Road from Tegucigalpa to the coast of the Caribbean sea More than 300 tiles in length another a canal Twenty Miles Long twelve Yards wide and five deep to connect the Carr Atasca legion with the Guayana River. In addition to these works messes. Perry and Imboden age to erect 100 Miles of Telegraph line establishing communication by wire Between the Mosquito Region and the Interior of the country. Active measures will at once be taken to induce immigrants to sell upon the lands of the Concession and Liberal inducements Are offered. A live wire kills a Hartford horse. Hartford conn., april 5.�?one of a pair of horses attached to a Public Hack came in Contact with a live wire yesterday morning and was instantly killed. The wire was broken by the weight of Damp Snow upon it. The ends were lying in the Street Aud the horse ran against them. Two Young men no had just returned from a wedding had taken the Hack at the station and were surprised at the sudden halt. When they managed to get the window of the Hac k open they saw the horse Lyme on his Side with the like wire lying across one leg which at the same time was burning the flesh in a frightful manner. Tie Driver grabbed hold of the wire to pull it off of the horse and was himself quite badly shocked by the electric current. Official. New York. April 3.�?the directors of the National Cordage company have this Day declared the regular quarterly dividend of 2 per cent on the preferred Stock of the company payable May 1,1891, to stockholders of record on the 15ih inst. They have also declared a dividend of 4 per cent on Tho common Stock of the company for the six Mouths ending May l. 1891, to stockholders of record on the 15th inst. As the holders of the preferred Stock Are entitled to a dividend of 8 per cent per annul before any dividends Are paid on the common Stock the directors have made a special appropriation necessary to cover the dividends for the remainder of the year on the preferred Stock. Books close april 15 reopen May 2. The minority shall Rule republicans wiil bide the Senate two thirds of its time during tin Iasi session an Effort by the minority to pre vent tie Senate from deciding what it Tseh should do. In the midst of this vital struggle we were told that Massachusetts republicans were tired of this is be and were taking greater interest in matters of material Prosperity Elva they had put principles in one scale and to Iii pockets in Tho other and had discovered Tia it was no longer for their interest to insist that the majority should Rule. Fellow citizens i done to believe this of i Massachusetts republicans. You Are to be called upon in the next Campaign to decide this question and if the people decide that then Massachusetts their time. They will not revolt. Another Issue vital to the Prosperity and future growth and wealth of this country is the protective Tariff. It is not a question whether the existing Law shall prevail not whether this or that article is rated too Low or too High or whether or not it should be on tie free list. There is to be no such child a play. The question is to be on the reversal of the continuance of the policy which in �?T61 wa6 inaugurated and has since Kevii maintained to secure Aud promote the wealth of the count which Lias swept away three quarters of the debt of $2,400,000,000. And Lvii employment to thousands has added n our markets. Built up our towns and cities and carried Comfort to every Home where Industry rings Foud to the table. It is that policy or its reversal that you Are to meet. A or. D ties then made a very battering allusion to his colleague. Senator Hoar who he said had been tie Leader of the party in the recent fight for the rights of the majority. In conclusion he said have you not observed that the Leader of the opposition has received conspicuous applause from those who were opposed to free and fair elections from that great body which menaces Republican institutions 1 ask the republicans of Massachusetts if they will let the Leader of this higher and nobler baud who has so nobly fought for the same principles for which the rep Iblis was born the risk of the majority to rules be forgotten the Hon. George Hoar of Worcester followed. After some complimentary remarks regarding the Public life of governor Claflin or. Hoar said that the Congress just adjourned was the most memorable in american history. He boasted of his party a Power in the legislative bodies and of the work accomplished enumerating eighteen subjects which had been brought before the Congress for consideration. These were the Public land questions the settlement of the vast claims of Tnora than $100.000.000 against subsidized Pacific railroads the defects in fiscal administration under which new York was benefited to the injury of Boston and new England the currency the Tariff try Aires of extradition with foreign countries the securing of Access to foreign markets reciprocal treaties with the great South american states the threat Isthmian canal the relations with the rising Empire of Canada the revival of american shipping and the restoration of the american Flag to the sea the great questions of internal transportation the passage of a National bankruptcy Law above All. Beneath All and Over All. The secur ing of the Freedom and purity of National elections any one of these Suhie cts. Said a. Would army and Navy Gazette. Washington april 5.�?tspecial to the Post a naval orders civil Engineer c. C Walcott detached from the Navy Yard Washington on the 29th inst and ordered to duty it the Navy Vard at league Island Penn. As instant Engineer a. J. Halstead detached As inspector of steel at the Holm read steel works. Pittsburg. Penn., on tie j 5h inst. And a ranted leave of absence until dec. 1 next. A be sure you Are when you buy your Spring Medicine do not he induced to Ake something you do not want but insist on lung Hood s a Sarsaparilla. It is the Best. A stitch in time saves Niue a Aud if you cake hoods Sarsaparilla now it May save months of future possible sickness. Marriages. Hayden Dillon in this City april 3. By Tho Rev. Elijah Horr Maurice a. Hayden to Annie Dillon. Lent Mcdonald a in this City april 2, by the Rev. P. M. Macdonald George Lent to Catharine a. Mcdonald. Nelsons Margeson in this City March 30. By Albert s. Stafford Charles 0. Nelson and Jarda Margeson. Both of Boston. Perkins Martin a tuesday evening. April 1, by the Rev. William Elliot Griffis d.d., Adalbert l. Perkins of Wells. Me., to Bessie Martin of Jerico it. Vermont be copy though the Boston league nine had a Walkover in the game with the Harvard at the South end saturday Tho College Meu pot show up nearly As poorly As the score�?15 to o a would seem to indicate. Bates and Howe were batted hard Aud the new material which Captain Dean had in hand was Given an excellent Chance to show whether they were of the stuff of which Ball players Are made. The result should be encouraging to Captain Dean. The material is there hut it must be welded into form. What is needed More than any one thing is a professional Fiela Captain so to speak who Skall sit on the Bench during these games of the preliminary season and coach the boys How to play their positions under ail contingencies. Dickinson Fallowell and Frothingham gave evidence of great Promise in saturdays game hut they not play their positions for All they were Worth simply from Lack of judgment. No matter what the style of Batter at the Bat. Schev kept Otie position All the time out in deep Fields As if Ilie i Baguers were going to Knock the cover off the bail at every Effort. Another fault and a common one it is was their failure to Start quickly for a Fly Ball and to run hard All the Way. Practice will take off these rough edges and better Ball is expected from these men before the series with tiie Bostons is completed. The infield showed up Well Hovey playing a Strong game at Short and Cook the new Man at third handling himself in Good style. If the latter can Brace up in batting he wiil make a valuable Man. Dean is Back at his old position Aud criticism other than favourable is unnecessary. Cob i the divinity no Dent who played at Wesleyan last year made a very favourable impression. To does not seem to throw a hard Ball but the quickness with which he gets the Ball away More than makes up for Lack of Speed. This virtue of his throwing was especially noticeable when he threw Long out easily on an attempt to steal second. The Harvard ran bases in splendid style and Are Likely to keep even Poole and Brokaw guessing when any of them gets to first. A first game can hardly be taken As a criterion but the collegians surely Well where they were a a petted to be very weak and that was in batting. Their work in this respect was very clean and certainly promising. Other Ball games. The b Iston american association nine was Defeated by the Cincinnatus at fall River a saturday by a score of 6 to 4. The Price tons have struck a Strong gait a Ery Early in the season. The new Yorks barely escaped defeat at the hands of the wearers of the Orange and Black on saturday on tie Polo grounds new York by pulling the game out of the lire in the ninth inning by i Oor Itig four runs with the game 1 too against them. Even tie heavy batsmen of the predicted league championship nine fanned the air continually in to their efforts to hit Young and Bergen tie College pitchers. The following games were also played on saturday at Brooklyn Brooklyn 16 jaspers 10. At new Haven yales. 6 new havens. 10. At St. Augustine pitl burgs 5 Cie Elands 3. At St. Louis St. Louis 10 Columbus. 5. Joe Hornung has signed to play with the buffaloes of the Luternau Tiomai league. The inter Lub bowlers. The casinos bowled in splendid form on the alleys of the Woodland Park hotel saturday night Aud at the close of the game their opponents. The Che seas were 402 pins Behina them. The score was casinos. 2423 Che seas 2021. The following is the standing of the clubs to Date the Rotch scholarship. Five competitors begin the work at the in Swan of Fine arts. The Competition for the Rotch travelling scholarship began saturday morning in room 23 of the museum of Fine arts. The competitors numbered five and the problem for the morning was on the blackboard a front of them and ran like this Quot a wealthy and influential country town is to erect a county court House to contain the county offices and As a memorial to distinguished citizens. The site chosen faces a Public Green. 1 he lot has a front of 300 feet on the Green being bounded by two important streets running at right angles to the Edge of the the details of the requirements followed. Saturdays task was to sketch the building. The sketches were handed in to the examiners and the next three weeks Are allowed for the working out of the drawings no change of course from the plan of the sketch is permitted. The examination will continue on four Days of next week in construction French free hand drawing and architectural history. At Tho end of the three weeks a jury of three will decide upon the prize Winner. Or. George b. Post of new York. Or. Stanford White of the firm of Mckim Mead amp a bite and or. Charles h. Moore of Harvard will compose this jury. A athe names of the candidates Are a follows Dwight Blaney Robert 0. Spencer or. Arthur Wallace Rice John , Walter l. Walker. According to the conditions of competing for this scholarship they Are All under 30 years of age and have worked during two years with an architect resident in Massachusetts . Boston museum. . R. M. Field greatest laugh Success yet. Shouts of merriment. New lamps for old �?o1� Imtair lag a a fall ref a Mona Cairo. Quot Clever Bright amusing original and for the Eon a Pany we have nothing but Post. Preceded by the open a ate. Even i at 7.45 wednesday and saturday matinees at 2. Globe theatre. Proprietor and . John Stetson work of the associated charities. Attention is called to the work of the associated charities in Ward 16, m the Hope that cordial support May be extended to a Benefit entertainment to he Given tuesday. April 7, to obtain much needed funds for maintaining the office in its efforts to meet the needs of the Community in this District. The area of Ward 16 is Large Aud it is almost exclusively covered by tenement houses occupied by a densely crowded poor population. More than 60 families Are registered in office alone. The worthiness needs and employment of All requires much attention. The system of comparing Over each Case giving it personal attention and continued interest trying to reach the fundamental causes of poverty or distress and cooperating with other societies has made the work of the associated charities Here almost indispensable to the Oiler charities of the cite. Aud to the permanent assistance of the worthy poor. Several musicians have kindly volunteered their services for the Benefit entertainment to which or. Arthur Howard Pickering the Well known Reader generously co tribute several selections from Browning. The cordial support of All is earnestly every evening it 7.45 and saturday matinee. Or. Richard Mansfield and his new York Stock company to Beau Brummell. Special matinee wednesday put lice to at t to St. La i o theatre. Isaac b. Rich. Proprietor and Vanager. Second and last week but one Oso or. We. H. Crane presenting the successful american comedy the senator. Evenings at 7.45 Sharp saturday matinees at 2. The Mont the a the. Abbey it pc Schoepfel proprietors an i manager evenings at 7.45. Saturday matinee at 2. First productions in Boston of poor Jonathan. By Rudolph Aronson a x. A Casino co.�?40$ nights a Vienna. 350 nigh s in Berlin 2c0 nights is new York. Next week the last of a poor sunday april 12�?Benefit of try amp surer Phil a. Shear Boston theatre. Eugene Tompkins proprietor and manager monday Benefit of if. A. My Glenen. Every even a and wednesday and saturday afternoon a Midnight Bell. Hoyte a . Aew Pabli Catlos. Levy band concert. Revival of the Soudan. Doors open at 1.30 Aud 7.15. Begins at 2 and 7.45 sunday Mielit api in 20�?1 Park the Kate r. One week commencing monday april 6, Frank Daniels in translated from the portuguese by r. L. Dabney. I a Little puck the funniest Man and the i funniest play of the Century. matinee Nat Day. Clubs. A. A. Newton. Arlington. C Tyllo. Woodland Park Chelsea. Lost. 22 22 22 23 23 w a it o 4 o amp m fit re or a portuguese literature has Beer hitherto an unexplored Field and our knowledge of portuguese life through the writings of native authors is extremely limited. There is much in the history customs modes of life and literature of the Poole which would be of interest to american readers especially in View of the Progress of modern ideas in this till lately conservative Corner of Europe. The d. Lothrop company a Waltzing this have put upon the Market an Able translation of one of Julio Diniz s most popular stories a the Fidalgo of Casa a novel which Lias been dramatized and form one of the Standard plays of Portugal. It presents the struggle Between the old aristocratic ideas that once held Sway and the More Liberal thought that is building a new Portugal of the restrictions of the past in the form of a delightful Romance Aud its descriptions of characters Aud country Are alike charming. The translator. Miss r. L. Dabney is admirably equipped for the work through her Long residence in Fayal and her thorough familiarity with portuguese language and customs. 12mo. $1.50. G. Lothrop company pobs.,Boston. 304-366 Washington St., Opp. Is Romfeld. Papers please copy Price Van to Asriel in this City april 2. By the Rev. J. M. Lowden Elmer e. Price to Phebe Van Tassel. 29, by the Rev. M. It. Deming Albert Pike and Florence a. Mcneil. Wilson�?t1dd�?in this City. March 28. By the Rev. M. R. Deming Alex. W. Wilson to Nora tick. Of Ai us. Batten at Boston Highlands april 2, Esther Batten aged 75 years. Bray at new York. 3d inst., Alonzo b. Bray formerly of Gloucester and Boston. Burns at Boston Highlands april 3, Frances a. Beloved daughter of Joseph Ami Frances bums. Butler at Charlestown. April 4, Catharine widow of John Butler a a Somerville. Campbells at Salma Kings county n. B., 24th ult., of bronchial pneumonia. Jemima Only daughter cd county councillor j. M. Campbell. J. P. Currier la new York City at his late residence 933 Park Avenue on easter sunday Charles g. G. Currier formerly of Boston. Dolbeare at South Boston april 2, Charles h. Dolbeare aged 55 years. Forrester at Salem Rachel Forrester daughter of the late John Aud Charlotte Story Forrester. Hayes at East Boston april 3. Minnie a. Beloved daughter of Captain Philip and Frances Hayes aged 31 years. Johnson in Boston a it his late residence 58 Middlesex Street Richmond Johnson formerly of Norfolk a. Aged 80 years. Lawrence at Fitchburg. April 4, Sarah f., widow of general William h. Lawrence aged of years Pray in this City april 3, Henry s. Pray age l 39 years. Sanderson at Cambridge april 2. Mary b. French widow of Joseph Sanderson aged 75 years. Sampson in this City. April 4, mrs. Hannah Satu Sou aged 68 years. Snow at Somerville. April 2, Emma a. Wife of Edward l. Snow aged 26 years. Studley in Cohasset april 3. Ezekiel b. Studley. Aged 73 years. Choate at Beverly saturday 4th inst., Frederick w. Choate aged 75 years 9 months wid 27 Days. Flayle in new York City 2d inst. Sarah Jane Playle wife of John Planje. Of Loudon enar., and eldest daughter of the late Henry Atkins of this City aged 62 years. Funeral from second Church the Rev. Or. Horton Aboy Islon Street. Monday april 6, at 1 of cock. Draper in new York City. 4th inst., George Draper aged 53 years. Services at it. Auburn Chapel on tuesday 7th inst at 11 . Sargent la Brookline on the 3d inst in her 80th year Henrietta widow of Igna this Sargent. Funeral at her late residence on Mon by april 6, at 2 Lowers j-new3af sons 51. Tremont St. Fob Eyk by Stoa Sloan. 8 8 9 11 15 17 67 various athletic events. At a meeting of the interscholastic athletic association held saturday at the Boston athletic club it was voted to drop baseball throwing from the list of events to be contested at tie Spring championship meeting and to add the mile run. Tug of War running High kick standing High kick Aud a 220-Yards Low Hur die race. The Brown and Nichols school was admitted to membership. The Boston athletic association will hold their first out door Handicap games for members of the association Only on the Irvington Oval april 15. There will be three events tie running High jump 75-Yard dash and 600-Yard run. Entries close with h. S. Cornish of athe following committees from the Board of managers of the new England Amateur athletic Union have been appointed by president Walter Stimpson on membership investigation and reinstatement of. E. Hey Wood Worcester a. A j. L. Bachelder or. M. I. T. A. T. Frank Facey Riverside b. Of schedule Jinx Taylor b. . T. Frank Facey. Riverside . F. E. Hey Wood Worcester a. C.,for selecting place and Date of championship meeting to. A. Adams Chatham a. F. E. Hey Wood Worcester a. J. Ii. Doyle Crescent b. A. Two vacancies Are left on the schedule. These will be filled later but in the meanwhile the committees As constituted will be a n their work at once. The contestants in the Amateur championship Racquet tournament which begins at the Racquet and Tenis club in new York. Apul 15. Will be John s. Tooker. Champion of both tie Boston athletic association Aud the Racquet Aud Tennis club of new York b. S. De Garmendia Tho i r sent Champion of America e. La Montague and lox Hall p. Keene both of new York City. Massachusetts horse breeders. A Call signed by colonel John e. Thayer h. T. Russell and others has been issued inviting All breeders of horses in Massachusetts to meet at the Parker House april 10, at 2 ., for Tho purpose of organizing a state breeders association Aud also to select two delegates to the coming Congress of breeders to be held in Chicago on april 22. The purpose of the Chicago Congress is to reorganize the National association of trotting horse breeders or f it pm a new one which shall have control of the registration of pedigrees. Charity cards. A new resource for the benevolent has lately been invented in the form of boxes or pockets containing cards addressed to the registration of charities. They Are arranged to hang up in business offices or elsewhere where they will be at Haud for any notes conceding applicants for Relief. The following words Are printed on the boxes if a person comes to you for help Don t give at once but fill out and mail one of these cards to us giving the person a duplicate to bring if you wish. We will make immediate investigation report to you and obtain Relief if w1�?osend a postal card for More Blanks when these boxes will by forwarded to any person free of expense who will take the tron la to Send for them to room 41. Charity building Chardon Street. Just ready it it Jerry a the Anonymous novel which appeared Fin Scribner a Magazine. 12mo. $1.26. Detroit free press l Ula fair in its entirety to redeem Ilie Viri Nii a of the initial number. 1 he author is one who seems to have the Puppy gift of endowing imaginary Chaia Oters with the Reserve Foree that a Ito rare in real life. Christian Leader the work of a Geruis a wonderful Story. Boston Beacon to be classed with the most remarkable fictions of recent years convinces one of the Advent of a new Force in american literature. Bos on budget remarkable. The writer exhibits virile characteristics. Few Orleans times Democrat literature is the Richer for the Advent of this new writer. The Independent they h i be unearthed a prize in the author of there is nothing immature in the writer s style arum if he is a Young Man. We Hope he preserve his anonymity 1 or Many Yea a to come Aud not allow himself to be ruined by easy Fame. Tremont Temple april 9. Closing Star concert Secona engagement of Vermont s Brilliant Young in Rima Donna. Miss Mary Howe of Brattleboro whose phenomenal Soprano voice and it eat personal Beauty created such a sensation at her former appearance. Supported of this occasion by the Adamowski quartet. A popular programme of rare excellence. Reserved is Euto Soe. And ��1.00. George a pox Kofl manager. Mason amp Hamlin Hall chamber concert wednesday evening april 8th, at 8. Artists or. And or. Arthur Sil Kisch messes. Arthur Foote Geo. W. Chao Wick t a1� Amo w ski and others. Tickets for Sale at at Mason amp Hamlin Hall. Music and heaving for the Benefit of the associated charities of Ward Xvi. Tuesday april 7, at 3 In Parlours of or. Hale s it Hurch. Corner Newbury and Exeter streets. Or. Alice Bale. Rice. Mise Kepe Rota Ford or. Arthur Llu Ivaida picker lae. Tickets Al. For Sale at Kelley a Pink Reed a Cor. Of Berkeley Ana Boylston sts., also at the door. Miss Lena Little a song recital Arthur Foote assisting c1ik Kari n a Hall monday april a. At 2 30. Reserved seats. 81. Ch1ckgr1n6 Hall chop left. Thursday evening. April l it. At 8. Positively 1 Are veil appearance and Only evening recital i by Vladimir de Pachmann. Tickets now on Sale at music Hall. Wednesday even aug april 22d, Brattle Hall Cam Bridge. Henry Holt amp new York. Real Estat. Co., Howard ath knt a pm. One week commencing monday april 8. And at the wednesday Ana saturday matinees. Royal return. Biggest of Boston theatre successes. The stowaway. To owners business property. Stores and manufacturing rooms wanted for first class tenants la the business Center of the City. Also two Large buildings South of state Street. Apply to b. In. Wash Kun Tel 140 and 151 Congress St Gli a in m use us. Cor. Washington and Dover streets. Corsican Bros. Week apr.6 drama Clara Beckwith Champion lady swimmer of the world. In or formanes Continuo us from 1 till 10.30 Admission 10 cents. Grand opera House. Proctor Ltd Mansfield proprietors and manager. . Re Duad. Mrs. Bios. Bailly and a new York company in the Gumy comedy a a Lues. Eve is at 7.45. to let. Boston Highlands and Dorchester. 14 Copeland at., Nice Brick House in perfect order All conveniences Fine location near electric cars rent Low 1 Nice Flat Copeland Terrace off Copeland at. Fine location All convenience near electric cars also House 20 Merrill Street 6 rooms and Bath near steam and electric cars. John m. By �4 Washington St. Cure10r the Blu tburs., feat at 2. Next week lies Cuchillo. Y. M. notice. We Nesda a i veiling april 8th. The annual meeting of the society will be Hel l at 48 Boylston Street at 7.30 o clock to Bear the reports of the past Vear and for the election of flier for the in. Suing year. W. Clarke Secretary. Boston april 4, 1891. Music. The Atkinson House furnishing company was organized in 1887. And has paid regularly from its earnings 5 per cent every january and july and earned a handsome surplus. For full information Call or write w wx5i. Stre t mss of Portland me. To let. Wharf p r 0 be rty�?40,000 feet South of state St. Apply to b. D. Washburn 149 and b5i Congress Street. New England conservatory. Founded by or. E. Tourjee director emeritus. 4 classes for Young beginners in piano. 8t4 lesson Saurd ivs under thoroughly competent teachers. Tuition. 84 for ten weeks. 2�?violin lessons for bots Ano girls.�?#3 von no beginners first Vear general Eisses 10 weeks lessons saturdays. Tuition. 82. Violin Bow wooden Box and Rosin 83.50 Aud upwards. Next term of ten weeks begins april 16,�?T91 full particulars on application. Registration now in Progress. ,. Carl Faelten. Acting director. L. S. Anderson. Business manager. Felt Are Boston. For Kennebec River. After april 8 the Steamer Kennebec a will f leave Boston on monday wednesday and Friday evenings for Bath Richmond Hallowell Aud Augusta returning alienate Dars. For tickets and staterooms apply to l. Jet. Ralmer no. 3 state House. Freight taken at Low i rates. To Yoa a sent driving horse if so Call and inspect one of the finest collections of gentlemen a Road and family horses Ever offered for Sale in new England at a. W. Davis stables 78, 80 and 82 Northampton St Wash Lon is 6�r. A pm. John Jeffries a �08, i gent8 for the Purchase Sale and leasing of Seal a estate Ani loot Tatokas of mor1gao�s la Jiusto Arad a Tail it is Tai la of a a we a

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