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Boston Post Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 1

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Boston Post (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts Yol xxx no. 81 monday morning april 6, 1891 Price two cents capital $ 1,000,000. Surplus $500,000. Old Colony Trust go., sunday in Puffin in Park a protest against imprisonment for political offences Parnell attacks Gladstone Ames building. That he shall he appointed by the Queen. A proposition that the governor general should be elected by popular vote was re 1 noted by the convention by a vote of 85 to 8. T also adopted the provisions of the Constitution regulating the Powers of the parliament and fixing the payment of members at �500 yearly and also the provision that All appropriations Aud taxation Bills must originate in the House of representatives. A russian official held. He is suspected of threatening Royal personages with assassination. Massachusetts loan and Trust company 18 Foi Toffice Square Corner milk. Street Moston. Chartered i3st 1870. Capital a a to be increased ans rust 1, 1891, to surplus Aud undivided profits double liability $500,000. Of $200,000 8tock.uojl.dpk� 31,000,000 _ a a.,. _ _. Sofia april 5.�?Prince Ferdinand and his acts As Transfer agent registrar and trustee in Der mortgages and allows at is thought m France of Mother Princess Clementine have received interest on deposits and collects coupons and dividends free of charge for a letters threatening them with death if they do depositors. The intentions of the Czar Safe Deposit vaults rent of safes from $10 to $100 per year. Special Cotton Hoo hits hop. Ladies. Board of directors. George p. Gardner Francis l. Higinson Henry s. Howe Walter Hunnewell w. Row Ell Mason. Geo. Von l. Meyer Laurence Minot Richard Olney. Henry r. Reed Lucius m. Sargent Coolidge ja., Frederick l. Ames John f. Anderson. John l. Premer Martin Brimmer. T. Jefferson Coolidge George f. Fabyan. T. Jefferson Coolidge jr., or indent. C. . Sud treat. Joseph g. Stearns superintendent Safe Deposit vault. Nathaniel Thayer John i. Water Bury Stephen m. Welt Henry c. Weston. This mornings news. General. The Boycott agree meet of the Eastern railroads is doomed. Pago 2 revival of the Glass industries at Sandwich. Page 2 ten Minneapolis Mills form a combination against the Pillsbury Wash Imru Syndicate. Page 2 the state department anticipates trouble in Honolulu. Page 5 sugar Trust secrets. Page 1 a destructive fire at Lowell. Page 2 fall River Mill operatives to be paid by the hour. Page 2 every thing quiet in the Coke Region. Page 2 excitement Over the italian matter subsiding. Page 1 the real Mission of sir Charles Tudor is believed to be to defeat reciprocity Between this country Aud Canada. Page 5 the entry of goods from Canada under consular Seal. New regulations to be promulgated this week. Page 1 the sorting clause of the Wool Tariff in its bearing upon the duty upon carpet wools. Page 6 no Prospect of an International monetary agreement. Page 6 a California mine owner bunched out of $9000. Page 1 a Gloucester skipper Breaks Faith with the British authorities. Page 1 foreign. Whitelaw Reid disposes of the Talleyrand memoirs discussion. Page 1 Prince Louis Bonaparte allowed to visit France. Page 1 conclusion of the German austrian treaty. Page 1 Germany to Send a Squadron to Chili. Page 1 Iron masters reduce wages in the North of England. Page 1 general strike proposal adopted by the miners Congress at Paris. Page 1 the Congress of Uruguay imposes an Export duty on Wool hides and guano. Financial crisis pending in Italy. Russia Aud France. The Commonwealth of Australia. The Morewood riot German vessels going to Chili Dublin april 5.�?notwithstanding a steady downpour of rain fully 2000 persons assembled in Phoenix Park today to assist in the demonstration of the amnesty association and protest against the continued imprisonment and alleged inhuman treatment of Irish and Irish american Polit tical prisoners by the British government. After speeches had been made by or. Kenny or. Parnell and others resolutions were passed calling upon irishmen at Home and abroad to put Forth every Effort to secure Tho release of their friends and demanding that the government hasten the unconditional surrender of the prisoners. Or. Parnell a speech was a tirade against the liberals whom he accused of always making political prisoners while the conservatives released them. The same thing might occur again and John Daly and others convicted of perjury during the liberals tenure of office not leave the country. M. Gre scoff has also been threatened with assassination if he does not resign his position As minister of foreign affairs. Evidence has been received which indicates that these threatening missives emanated from an official who is connected with the russian embassy in this City. Diplomatic action has been taken in the matter pending the result of which the suspected official is being held As a prisoner at the embassy. A financial crisis. Failures in leghorn and Genoa shape Italy a finances. Paris april 5.�?the failures of Corradini of leghorn the Ancona sugar refinery company and the Laverell steamship company of Genoa have not affected French houses. The deficit of Corradini and the Ancona sugar refiners represents a total of �1,000,000, a part of which consists of uncovered balances amounting to �200,000 due to London firms. Two of the leghorn firms involved those of Mavro Carda to and Rodocanachi will obtain a private settlement. The Lave Rellos have obtained an Extension of time six months in which to recover. The Bank of leghorn has been shaken and its position is doubtful. A general acute financial crisis in authorized to transact a general Deposit Trust and collection business for individuals corporations executors. Administrators. Trustees or by order of court. Trustee for Bonds Aud mortgages Aud agent for Register or 1 Ransfer of stocks and Bonds of corporations. General banking business. Advances on Staple merchandise foreign or Domestic on Bills of lading or warehouse receipts. Money received on deposits subject to Check and interest allowed on daily balances. Special rates of interest allowed on Money payable on fixed time. Legal depositary for savings Banks Board of directors Isaac Fenno. Moses Kim Rall Joseph h. Guay Henry a. Rice. Hury 1. Hyde Frank by Reynolds Jerome Jones Richard h. Stearns Benjamin f. Spinney Edward Whitney. Stephev m. Crosby president. Frank w. Reynolds , Samuel Atherton Cyrus g. Beebe Samuel Carr Stephen Al Crosby. The italian incident Secretary Blaine not ready to throw new Light on the subject Faya May sail on april 11 if Italy fights she must have strong1 financial backing everything quiet throughout the be liberated by the conservative government. can Only be averted by Economy and j 5 a aia or Prosperity within and without for a prolonged Coke Region the Fricks to resume work face i Page 1 Pago 1 Page 1 denial of the charge that the company imported foreigners Why he asked did not or. Gladstone release these prisoners in 1886? he Gladstone did not hesitate to stoop to ascertain the opinions of Dyn miters in America As to whether they would accept his Home role Bill of that year and even went so far As to receive some of these people at Hawarden. Why did not he release the prisoners at that time Here a voice exclaimed a Why did no to you Prosperity period to come. The Bonaparte family. Prince Louis May visit France Tho Council at san the property. Threats made by the women Paris april 5.�?the government has decided to allow Prince Louis Bonaparte to visit Paris. The Bonaparte family Council at san remo resulted in Prince Louis a retaining the property left by his father exempress eur make conditions a while cries of a kill him a i Genie granting Prince Victor a sum sufficient a it Neh were raised. I to raise his annual income to 822.50 1. Exempress Eugenie is still wealthy though part of her Fortune was involved in the recent troubles of the Baring Bros. City and suburban. The defeat of the Harvard nine at the South Enel game. Pagi 15 various Ati i Letic matters. Rage 5 Park employees worked Over the loss of pay for the 17ih of March. Page 2 Victory for t he striking electro types. Page 2 Semi monthly meeting of the Boston Central labor Union. Page 2 numerous labor meetings m Boston. Page 2 episcopalians All in the dark As to Bishop paddocks successor. Page 8 yachting matters. Page 4 senators Dawes and Hoar Tell the Story of the past and predict something of the future of the Republican party. Page 5 lecture of Manasar mangasarian in horticultural Hall. Page 6 steamers arrived. At Boston april 4, wer Claud from Barbacoa. At new York. April 4. City of Chi Lago from Liverpool. Off brow head april 5, aurania from new York for Liverpool. At new York april 5, la Gascolgne from Havre. At new York april 5, Dania from Hamburg. At Antwerp april 4, Hermann from new York. At Liverpool april 4, St Ron aus from new York. At Liverpool april a Palestine from Boston. At Liverpool april 4, Georgiana and ottoman from Boston. At in Mann april 4. Miel Iiran. From Baltimore at Kokoha Uva april 4, Helene from san Francisco. At live Pool. April 4. Of Oman. From Boston. 02 Dover april 4, a Avesland from new York for Antwerp. At Havre april 6, la Bretagne from new York. At Portland eng. April 4, persian Monarch from new York for London. At St. Johns of scandinavian from Liverpool for Philadelphia. At . April a aurania from new York. At Hamburg april 5. Europe trom new York. Off the Lizard april 5, Moravia from new York at Moville april 5, Vancouver irom Portland. Off i Rawle Point. April 3, out Elvonne from Pella Delphia. Late ship news new York april 6.�?ar. Ships Falls of Foyers Chittagong Galgate Calcutta Actis Kate Markee fall Stiver e Arcularius Rock and. Sailed steamers Jersey City for Bristol or gory for Para ii f Dimock. For Boston ship George Tor Hamburg barks Russia for Santos Cuba for port Natal. London april 6.�?sailed, Etruria Queenstown for new y Ork today. Chatham mass., april 6. A Strona Southwest wind Clear at Sunset. Passed North Bug screamer schooners John , b Kaplan h Bussell Fortuna. Carrie a Norton. Puritan. Alpert s Stearns mount Hope h l Baker. D m Anthony o d Witherell we Llam a on a not fifty others Steamer Berks Frith one Barge tug l lucked Ach with three barges tug Joshua Lovett with three barges tug storm King i h two barges steamers Panther. Eleanor a. Ity of Macon tugs Taurus and William Slater with United f tates a hip Galena. Passed we steamers Maverick Lucy Miller and Harrisburg with Barge Shenandoah Acho Ouer Sarah of. Ward. It Wes Del april 6-the sell Florence Creadick reports March 28. Lat 34.39, Ion 75.n<. Snoke sch Frank 8 Warren from Buenos Ayres for Boston. She had been totally Dis masted in a whirlwind on the 20th ult. And was proceeding under jury masts. She re a inert no assistance. London sailed april 5. Steamer Crystal Leith for new York april 4. Geo a Lloyd m a App act Trino optician air 357 _ Washington St 357 a near Brumfield St factory a pro vice court ophthalmic surgeons orders a specially. Desks chairs. Office furniture. Send for catalogue Derby amp Kilmer desk Cal sale5rc0m5 cau5lway5t.bqstqn. He is a smart Man who insures Liberal la and quickly. Those who have to be pushed into insurance a get there Quot by the ability of sound other Man. A a Coli Frias. Co., j. T. Phelps state Agte a 163 dev., Bon Tea. Scottdale penn., april utmost Tranquility prevailed throughout the Coke Region today. The strikers generally spent the time in discussing the situation. Monday is usually the Day for raiding but there Are no serious apprehensions in that line. The bringing of the state militia to the District has certainly restored quiet. The five companies quartered in passenger cars Here on the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks spent the Day in singing talking and sight seeing. They Are expected to leave for mount pleasant tomorrow morning although no official announcement has been made. It is reported that several of the Coke companies in the Region will make strenuous efforts to resume this week. It is stated that the Clarissa Aud Nellie plants Are partly in operation and that the Cora work3 of Newmyer amp son Are in full resumption. It consists of Only forty ovens however. The Coal Brook Plant of Mcclure continues in full blast. Coke is being shipped from the Adelaide Plant of the Frick company and seventy five deputies Are on duly. The labor leaders state that they Are full fortified for a continuance of the struggle. And Itiat the strikers Are receiving a lib i Al distribution of the defence fund. A con Forduce of operators and miners to abridge the vexed difficulties in this Region is one of the probabilities of ibis week. The funeral of the victims of the Morewood riot was held Here yesterday. The procession started from mount pleasant at 2 30 of clock and reached Scottdale about an hour and a half later. The March to Tho roman Catholic cemetery was then taken up and not Les than 10,000 Coke workers followed the bodies to the slave. The Rev. Fathers lambing and Treigle conducted Tho services. The bodies were tin Rod in a Long Trench which was dug yesterday morning. Every precaution was taked to prevent trouble. The saloons were closed for the Day Aud five companies of the eighteenth regiment under command of colonel Smith were on the ground. Women Heady to fight Pittsburg. Penn., april 6.�?it is the Intel Tiou of the Frick company to resume work at Morewood tomorrow and the several companies of militia will be planted about the works trouble is feared if not from the men from their wives. It is reported that the women will try their hand at the a Blackleg so Tomor. Row As they say the soldiers will treat them More leniently than they did the men. H. C. Frick made a statement yesterday in reply to charges that his company had imported thousands of foreigners. He said �?o1 am ready and willing to state that neither rav self Dor our company nor any one in its behalf directly or indirectly assisted procured or requested any Man to emigrate to this country and if or. Watchorn or any of his associates challenges this statement 111 any particular we Are prepared for the tallest examination. Although the violence committed in the Vicinity of our works has been mainly by foreigners the Public knows that these people Are simply the tools working out the plans of others. The Pau now adopted of using these men to accomplish their works of violence is but a repetition of former acts. In every strike in the Coke regions these Are the men who have been used Aud found to be pliant tools whenever violence is to be done. The Public should not allow itself to he blinded to Tho real authors of the present trouble. A the controversy is not one Between our company and us employees it is Between the lawful authority of our Commonwealth and a mob of irresponsible men in the hands of cunning demagogues. This breach of the peace and violation of the Law of our land is not the result of a sudden gush of uncontrollable passion it is the result of a deep Laid scheme and Well planned attempt to override the authority of our state. Not the foreigners who Are advised that their living depends on their resort to violence Are to blame for his. But those who give that advice Are capable. They have called meetings of Toliese foreigners and have incited them by incendiary speech Well knowing that when excited they will resort to violence and then try to exonerate themselves by saying that this foreign element has gotten beyond their control. It needs no argument to show that this violence is the result of such acts Aud the Public Piess and the lawful authority of our state should Lix on them the responsibility rather than on the deluded firing outside the lines. It. Pleasant. Penn. April 5.�?late to night great excitement was created by the reports of four shots from the direction of the Morewood works. They came from the Vicinity of where a corporals guard was detailed to protect John part a labor Boss who is sheltering a dozen men who intend to go to work in the morning. Reporters started for the scene and returned to say that two Drunken strikers bad been firing outside the lines. _ the result of both chemical analysis and of physiological experiments prove that Mel imps food when Addad to diluted milk a Lynch him a were raised. In replying to his questioner or. Parnell declared that the Irish party never made conditions with the government. The prisoners he said would rather rot in jail Thau accept anything but their unconditional release. Ireland in general. No petition will be presented against the election of or. Collery the Success fun Mccarthy Ite candidate in the parliamentary contest in North Sligo. A circular has been issued by or. Parnell to his supporters throughout Ireland requesting them to Forward the number of Parnel Lites conservatives and Gladston ians in each District and the strength of the different parties in the Var ions Public boards. The action of or. Parnell is taken As evidence of his intention to rely on the support of the conservatives in the coming parliamentary elections in this county. London april 4.�?mr. Henry Labouchere at a private meeting in London of the Radical candidates for members of parliament said that or. Parnell will not gain More than six seats in parliament giving at least seventy to the nationalists who support or. Gladstone. Russia and France. Reports that the Czar is preparing for War not credited at Paris. Paris april 5.�?president Carnot will not visit the Moscow exhibition although he has received a cordial invitation to be present. A High personage in the russian Imperial Council is opposed to the taking of any step that might appear to confirm the current alarmist rumours and it is for this reason that the president has decided not to go. At the foreign office Here no credit is Given to the reports circulated in London and Berlin regarding the czars alleged intention to precipitate a War. On the contrary the fact is recognized in official circles both Here and at St. Petersburg that the russian army is not yet in a position to begin an aggressive War. It is understood that an entente with France has been arranged for purposes of defence at the present time and for offensive operations in the More Remote future. In the meantime the Czar devotes his energies to the remodelling of the internal administration of the Empire. Much must be done internally before Russia will be prepared to face a great european conflict. The Talleyrand memoirs. Whitelaw Reid puts in a nutshell the whole matter in discussion. Paris april 5.�?the discussion As to the authenticity of the Talleyrand memoirs continues. Whitelaw Reid the american minister said today a there is the whole matter in a nutshell m. Bacourt and the Duchess Dinot the literary executors of Talleyrand copied the originals for reasons having no material bearing on the matter and declared the copy exact. The originals will probably never be found so if we Are going to have any Talleyrand memoirs we must take those published. The statement of the due de Rogilio that he has perfect Faith in the Genu Ineas of the memoirs ought to have great weight. His honesty is beyond question. What will or. Harrison do Uruguay imposes on Export duty on Wool hides Aud guano. Germany and Austria. The treaty of Commerce concluded hut must wait ratification. Berlin april 5.�?the German austrian treaty of Commerce has been concluded but it will not be communicated to Tho Reich Stag until the autumn a treaties that Are now j being negotiated with other states Are based j upon the austrian treaty. The situation in Chili. Germany about to Send ships another government ironclad deserts. Berlin april 5.�?protests sent from Hamburg to Chancellor von Caprivi. Showing that German exports to Chili heretofore amounting to 29,000.000 annually Are ceasing and that German vessels in c Hilian Waters Are unprotected have caused the government to order the whole of the German Squadron in chinese Waters to proc esd to the chilian coast. Paris april 5.�?it is announced that the chilian government ironclad Pilc Mayo with its officers and Crew has deserted the cause of president Balmaceda Aud that it has joined the rebel Fleet which now numbers forty War vessels of various sizes. The american pork question. Prospect of an Early settlement of the trouble in Germany. Berlin april 5.-�?negotiations have been resumed Between William Walter Phelps the United states minister to Germany and Chan Zeilor von Caprivi on the question of the withdrawal of the prohibition against american pork products and there Are More hopeful prospects of an Early and successful Issue than recent reports have led the Public to believe. Politics in the Southern seas the government to be called the Commonwealth of Australia. Terms the Only perfect substitute for mothers milk that has Eyer been produced i Sidney . April 5.�?the australian federation convention now in session in this City has approved o f the title Commonwealth of Australia for the Federated colonies. The convention also adopted the clause of the Constitution providing that the chief executive of the federation shall be known u the governor general and Washington april 6.�? special to the Post a the announcement that the Congress of Uruguay has imposed expert duties on Wool hides and guano gives new piquancy to the question whether the president will obey the mandate of the Mckinley Bill and impose a duty on the hides irom Uruguay and the Argentine Ile Dubric on . 1, 1892, or whether he will find an excuse for evading the requirements of the Law As the apologists of the Mckinley Bill Are already suggesting that he will do. It May turn out that Uruguay will be willing to suspend her Export duties As to the United states but tie presumption is Bat they have been imposed to collect needed Revenue and cannot Well he abandoned. The significance of the imposition to new England shoe manufacturers lies in the fact that Uruguay is next to the Argentine Republic the largest exporter of hides to this country among the producing countries. The exports of hides to this country from the Argentine Republic reached a value for the fiscal year 1890 of 82.884,514, and from Uruguay a value of $1,472.993. Tito exports from England to this country were $2.316,335, but these were doubtless largely Argentine and Uruguay hides. If hides from England continue to come a free while t Hose coming direct from Buenos Ayres Are taxed under the Mckinley Bill Lya cents per Pound even Liberal postal subsidies will hardly secure any hide freights for american steamship lines to South America and new in Riand manufacturers will have to pay Aud ail other Charees on roundabout shipments of their raw materials through the hands of English merchants. Railroad Boycott doomed. Western lines to take individual action regarding commissions. Chicago april 5.�?the daisies will soon be growing on the grave of the agreement of the Eastern lines to Boycott lines paying commissions in their territory. At yesterdays meet aug of the Western lines it was decided to take individual action in regard to paying commis Sion Siu the East and tonight s mails were loaded with the propositions of Western roads to Eastern ticket agents. After the meeting one of the general passenger agents said a the Board of rulings of the Boycott agreement has simply Laid Down. It was a supremely silly move to Start in the first place. The proposition that the Eastern lines should dictate How business should he conducted in their territory was a reasonable one and the most of us were will ing Toboas they wished until the inevitable smash up. But first it became known that the grand trunk. Lackawanna. Leigh Valley and Niagara Falls Short line were paying commissions. Then the Alton. Burlington and Wisconsin Central kept right on paying commissions in the East the Alton practically Darg the Eastern lines to Boycott it. Of course this gave the bulk of the traffic to the commission paying lines and some of us notified the Board they must fish or Cut bait immediately. Today the grand trunk gave it out that it would afford an outlet to any boycotted Tine and that settled it. Our Road will Cash All vouchers beginning business failures of the week. New York april 4.�?the business failures occurring throughout the country during the last seven Days As reported to r. G. Dun amp co. And e. Russell amp co., mercantile Agency by Telegraph number for the United states. 211, and for Canada thirty two. Or a total of 243, As compared with a total of 256 last week and 285 the week previous to the last. For the corresponding week of last year the figures were 206. Representing 189 Madures in the United states and seventeen in the Dominion of Canada. Washington april 5.�?the excitement Over the italian affair has almost subsided. Secretary Blaine is not yet prepared to make Public auth aug throwing additional Light on the situation and unless there should be contrary to All expectations another Bombshell As sudden and startling As the recall of Baron fava it is probable that the italian entanglement will not again be a subject of ail engross ing Public interest Aud that it will take the usual tedious course of diplomacy. Roue april 5.�?it is announced that Baron fava. Late italian minister to the United states will sail for Home on april 11. Italy a financial affairs. She Cauuet go to War unless backed by other european Bower. Paris april 6.�?the conflict Between Italy and the United states continues to attract at Tentom s Gnor former Garib Aidian now editor of the Poque. The Organ of the italian Colony Here said in an interview today of course there will be no War. The re Dubli aus in Italy who form a powerful minority. Entertain a Friendly feeling towards America and would consider a War with the United states simply an attempt to discredit in the Eves of the italian people Republican institutions. A recent meeting of italians in Paris discussed the new Orleans affair and while everybody reprobate the conduct of the Lyncher nobody approved the action of the Marquis i Rudini. Baron fava was greatly blamed for creating the difficulty he is an aristocrat and is not in sympathy with Republican institutions. His reports to the italian Cabinet doubtless coloured by his own antipathies precipitated matters. The Poque faithfully re fiets Tho l Rehng of Republican Italy in advocating arbitration. According to our View nothing ought to be done to Embarrass or. Blaine in Bis efforts to effect an Early and Pacific settlement.�?�, Signor a queme a View of the situation does not cover a potent Factor which has Given the italian government Good reason to pause in its hostile negotiations. Financial houses ii Ere having the closest relations with italian houses state that in Italy widespread commercial troubles Long chronic Are becoming critical. And that apart from Italy a overwhelming Public debt which would disable her in an attempt to go to War unless backed by other european Powers any measures Laue Rilma peace would produce a general financial crash. Already an effect of the american italian difficulty is Felt in the hesitation of French financial houses to proceed with the negotiations pending for the prospective italian loan in which German houses Are also concerned. Italian murderers. Or. Blaine interested in the particulars of a Mountain tragedy. Fish do us a Swiss Mac just 160 treat i net. Wilkes Barre. Fenn., april 5.�?at his own request a Secretary Blaine has been furnished with All the particulars of the Mountain tragedy which occurred in Luzerne county Over two years ago. At that time or. Mcfad Den. A Philadelphia contractor was building a Section of a new Road for the Lehigh Valley Railroad on the Mountain. In his employ were two men named Barney Mcclure Aud Hugh Flanagan the former was paymaster Aud the latter stable Boss. On the morning of oct. 19. 1888, Flanagan Drew $12.0u0 trom the Wyoming Bank Here and proceeded to the Mouru Tain in company with Mcclure to pay the men. In a lonely spot on the Road both Meu were shot Aud killed and their Money taken. The crime was finally fastened on three italians. Rednose Mike Guissepe Bevivino Ana Vincenzo. The latter two. Who were not Well known lied to Italy red nose Mike who Wab shadowed by the detectives ail the Umo could not get away. He was finally arrested tried convicted and hanged. Quot these Are the facts i have furnished Secretary Blaine a District attorney Darte said yesterday. A once before they were furnished the state department in the Hope that we would be Able to extradite Rednose mikes pals but or. Blaine was unable to effect their extradition. When Secretary Blaine first asked for the extradition of the prisoners he also requested that the Money in their Possession be seized it is possible now a continued or. Darte Quot that blame May again ask for the extradition of the ,. ,. A prominent italian merchant in this City in conversation with the associated press correspondent this evening stated that As far As Guiseppo Bevivino was concerned there will be no further complications Between tins country and Italy. In proof of this he exhibited a letter from one of Bevin Mon a relatives in Italy announcing that he had died in prison a Short time ago. Having been sentenced to Twenty years for a crime committed there before he had escaped to the United states. Bevivino came from Northern Sicily. V a Cenza is still alive and believed to be at Liberty. It is the general belief Here that his return will be a America for a possible rallying cry in the next campaigns our immigration Laws. Washington april 6-�?the Post tomorrow after referring to the possibility of Quot America for americans being one of the rallying cries m the next Campaign will say Quot it is regarded As quite within the Range of probability that the National platforms next year will favor restrictive immigration Laws or they May recommend that All foreigners who engage in business in the United states and enjoy the Protection of this government shall become naturalized citizens. If Italy had not been so aggressive the Issue would i not have been so Well defined. A3 it Attea Tion of the people has been directed from new Orleans and entered upon Romo. The very possibility of War has quickened the Public pulse and the enormous influx of foreigners aggregating a million people a year has caused considerable discussion. If the sentiments that Are now expressed privately by senators and representatives of be the parties in Washington find an Echo in the platforms they will make interesting Reading. It is the almost Universal belief that Tho Sext Congress will undertake to make some Radical changes in the immigration sugar Trust books. The committee desires to see them denial of Wall Street speculation. New York april 5.�?John e. Searles jr., testified at the sugar Trust hearing yesterday. He said be was treasurer of the new company and also treasurer of the Havemeyer sugar refining company and several other companies composing the Trust. His duties As treasurer of the american sugar refineries company were to receive such moneys As came into Bis hands Aud disburse them in accordance with the deed of Trust. The representatives of the companies which did not earn anything got proportionately As much of the Trust s dividends As those that did. After denying that to make its business profitable the Trust had to destroy Competition or. Searles said that because of the Community of interests formed by the Trust a it made no difference to any of the certificate owners whether none or All of the refineries a statement that when the trustees of the Trust met quarterly they declared dividends out of the earnings of the constituent companies brought out the question a but How can the Trust pay a dividend of 10 per Cut for instance when some of the individual companies earn none a Quot the improved management of the other companies under a Central authority and improvements in the refineries resulting Iron their combinations m Ake up for such More questioning evolved the declaration that a combination like the Trust was enabled to produce sugar More cheaply than individual refiners and that it was to the interest of the Public to have the production of sugar cheapened. Asked whether a great combination like this sugar Trust did not tend to the prejudice of Public interests he said a if today All the sugar refineries in the country were under one management sugar would be cheaper to Consumers and would be produced with More profit to producers than under existing he said the new sugar Trust went to new Jersey to get out of the reach of molestation. The Cost of organization too was less Aud the Laws were More Liberal. A very exciting tilt then took place Over senator Erwin a statement that the committee had been told that the dividends that the Trust has declared have not been earned by producing sugar but have been made out of operations in Wall Street by manipulating Stock. In other words that they never earned $11,000,000 in two years but made it by speculation. Senator Erwin added in connection with the stories of the trusts Wall Street speculations a if ail that has been told me about you is True you ought All tube in the state or. Searles now made this solemn statement Quot under oath i now say that not a Dollar of the $26.000.000 reported in the statements of Kidder Peabody amp account and those of the Central com Banys account was Ever placed in oar treas Ury through any speculation in Wall Street there have been no speculations. The official reports of All the constituent companies have been examined under my direction and they showed our dividends to have been earned in the legitimate business of sugar making. 1 will show these books to any accountant of character that he May verify these statements. It will take him three months to Dot it. a a Theodore a. Havemeyer gave a history of the sugar Trust with which the Public has grown familiar. The other witnesses were h. O. Havemeyer and Edward Adams of Boston. An exciting feature of the hearing was the fighting Over the production of the books. Subpoenas were served on messes. Beatles and h. O. Havemeyer to bring the books to the committee. The hearing will be resumed tomorrow. Two inscriptions. Plato a Roth Over the Entrance to the Academy a the who is ignorant of geometry May remain it would be Well if there were written Over the Entrance to some of our front Halls 3 a who who is ignorant of discomfort had better remain if there is any apartment in a Boston House which ought to be inviting and is not it May be found ordinarily Between the front door and the reception room it is not a question of Price but of indifference. Few pieces of furniture Are required and they Are not expensive. We have Hall stars the most chastened lenten purse can encompass that. To show them is to sell them to see them is to buy them to buy them is to take to yourself a Little More self respect and give to your guests a Little More consideration. Pains a furniture co. 48 canal St., South Side Boston so Maine depot. A foolish trick. Faith with Canadian reciprocity. Six propositions to be discussed by Charles Tupper and or. Blaine. Sir Washington. April 5.�?sir Charles Tupper. Canadian minister of Marine and fisheries the Hou. George e. Foster minister of finance the Hen. John 8. D. Thompson minister of Justice and or. C. C. Chipman sir Charles Tupper a private Secretary reached Washington at a late hour tonight from Ottawa and went at once to the Arlington hotel. The visiting ministers could not be seen tonight but sir. Chipman said they would Call by appointment upon Secretary Blague tomorrow and informally discuss with him the promo so Toni embodied in the letter from lord Stanley the governor general of Canada to lord Knutsford the Imperial Secretary Lor the colonies. This letter was published about four weeks before the recent elections in the Dominion. The propositions were As follows the renewal of the reciprocity treaty of 1854, with such modifications As wiil suit the altered circumstances of both countries second the reconsideration of the treaty of 1888 with respect to the Atlantic fisheries with the aim of securing free admission into the United states markets of Canadian fish Ery products in return for facilities to be granted the United states fishermen to buy buit Aud supplies and to trans ship cargoes in Canada All such privileges to be Mutual third Protection of Mackerel and other fisheries of the Atlantic Ocean Aad Inland Waters also fourth Tho relaxation of the Seaboard Inland coasting Laws of the two countries fifth Mutual Salvage and saving of wrecked vessels and. Sixth an arrangement for settling the Boundary Between Canada and this country. _ a prize fighter kills his wife. Jersey City. . April 5., hol linger better known As Quot big a coloured pugilist brutally murdered his wife this morning by Beatma her on the head Ana face with a lasters Hatchet then after an unsuccessful attempt to kill himself he was arrested he told tie police he had deliberately killed Bis wife and was willing to hang for it Hollinger is 34 years old and his wife was 30. Hollinger save he met his wife in Connecticut three years ago. A Gloucester skipper Breaks tie British authorities. Gloucester. Aura 5.�?an article contained in a local paper yesterday giving an interview with Captain Solomon Jacobs of the fishing Schooner Brunei leu has brought out a great Deal of Adverse comment upon his reported action. The Story in Brief w As that Captain Jacobs had visited Fortune Bay Newfoundland and taken some herring but was stopped from taking More by commander Sullivan of the British Cutter Fiona who told him that he would have to give $2000 Bonds As a guarantee that he would land the herring already taken in the United states. According to the s tory. Captain Jacobs informed the commander that he would it Avo to go to St. Jacques in order to secure the Bonds and a Briti Sli officer put on his Schooner to accompany him to that port. Instead of going to St. Jacques however. Tie Schooner at once proceeded to St. In Pierre min. Where there is no English con. Sul and where the British officer was landed. Prominent Skippers and vessel owners to old upon Captain Jacobs a action As a violation of the Law and a breach of Good Faun and great la to be regretted especially at this time Newfoundland has granted american fishermen special privileges Over French and Cana Dian vessels in the matter of procuring bait and it is greatly to be deplored that such a complication has Arisen As it May be the cause of the withdrawal of the privileges already possessed by us Aud May Lead to More serious trouble. A big bunco game. A mine owner swindled out of $9000 by the Gold Brick scheme. San Francisco april 5.--Tom Fitch tha Silver tongued orator Aud politician has been bunched out of thousands of dollars by Tho old Gold Brick swindle. Or. Fitch was approached in los Angeles by a finely dressed gentleman who said lie reuse seated certain people who proposed to sell the output of a mexican Gold mine. They could not put tha Gold on the Market themselves because of the manner of their getting it. Or. Riton owns a mine and it had occurred to Tho stranger that or. Fitch could dispose of tha con Rubaud Gold As the output of his own mine. They were to bring up from Sonora in the neighbourhood of $15.000 Worth of Gold a month. To commence with the stranger sold two bars of alleged Gold to or. Fitch for $9000. Or. Fitch later found the bars contained about $100 we rth of Gold. He has not seen auth aug of the stranger since. The Church and the school. Canadian roman Catholic Buhr pm denounce Tho establishment of a sectarian schools. Ottawa ont., april 5.�? special to Tho Post a a pastoral letter signed by Cardinal Taschereau and All the archbishops and Bishops of the roman Catholic dioceses of Quebec Montreal and Ottawa was read in the churches today denouncing in set terms Tiff legislation of the provincial government establishing a sectarian schools. Tue education of children it says is an inalienable duty and right of the Church alone. How one suit grows out of another. Bridgeport Conn. April 4.�?attachments of $50,000 have been placed on the works of Burns. Silver amp co. In this City in a suit brought by the american loan amp Trust company of new York also for $6000 to a suit by John Paton amp co. Of new York. The suits Are rhe direct result of the Tinan Cial complications of John s. Silver with tha wrecked Washington National Bank. A keeper has been placed in the factory. But business will probably not be interrupted. The corporation claims that it has not be a in she manner a party to the transaction of or. Silver with the above Bank and will Dej feud themselves against All suits brought against t hem in this connection x he suit ii returnable at the May term of the supeno court. The wrecked hotel. Haverhill april 4.�?the newly finished hostelry located on the High ground at w Ood Hill Bradford and which was damaged by the Gale of thursday night was examined by building inspector o. M. West he found the Interior of the building a Complete wreck and it will probably have to be rebuilt. The roof had settled in the Centre at the Point whore the Tower projected crushing All the rooms below breaking the timbers and partition Walls. The damage cannot be less than $10.000. The House was expected to be ready for occupancy about june 1. And the total cast of the whole when finished and furnished wa3 estimated at $50-000. The wind that swept Over the High land at this Point thursday met ring was a real Tornado. And struck the hotel with tremendous Force. The hotel was built by a. W. Doyle. Bids Farewell to his flock. The Rev. J. H. Twombly closed his pastorate with the methodist episcopal Church of Brookline last evening. At 7 30 of clock the lords supper was celebrated after which the pastor made his final address. His successor the Rov or. W. N. Brad Beck of Boston will preach next sunday in Brookline ios the first til Folk

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