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Boone County Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1895, Page 12

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Boone County Republican (Newspaper) - June 12, 1895, Boone, IowaL. W. Reynolds pres. D. N. Detar vice pres a e. Rice treasurer s. T. Stan fled Secretary. 1o14 eighth st j. L. Stevens president a. A. Deering w. A. Crook s vice pres. Treasurer c. E. Wells Secretary. Commencing about july is this com Pany will furnish local Telephone Exchange service at the rate of 51.50 per month for residences and 52.50 per month for Busi Noss houses. An Exchange constructed in the Best possible manner with Home Capit Al agreeing to furnish prompt and efficient service at fair living prices. We bespeak the patronage of the people of Boone. I Jesse l. Hull. Iffy practical Iff bookkeeper. Waseca White sold by All first class dealers the growth of our business have struck the keynote of popular favor. We Are firm believers in the Small profit Quick salts system. Nowhere is. Shown a More Complete clothing Stock. No other store gives As much in Quality style fit and finish fora Dollar As Olmsted. Buy your and your boy s wearing App Cral at Olmsted 717 Story st. The one Price . Ivorn Tirl Stan Temperance r Union. Woo unto him Thant Gvoth i neighbor drink that attest by Bot tie to him and makes him Drunken. Halja Kuk i hereby solely Promise god Holuj ing me to Obat Aln from All distilled fermented and malt liquors As including flu o and elder and to employ All proper Means t discourage the us and Trafto in the Saunio. 1 conditions of arc sign the pledge Mie payment o an annual membership fee of on Roll air. Gentlemen Aro earn Btl solicited to by Toiuo honorary Mem Berg. Dear Christian sister to Reod Yot help the world needs your needs your help in. Driving alcohol the enemy of All Bur Ian Ami you come and he our local w. G. To u. Meets Ever alternate tuesday p. In. At litre o clock nto t. U. Hall o South Story Street. We will glad we com u you. That Bull debt a Tow with blood and a Cut Bylin Unity. Habakuk Burlington Iowa feb. 12, 18i dear friends. We invite your careful Ron Sedura ton of the following Brief synopsis 6 the work reported by the local Union of Tho woman s Christian to Pei Ance Union of the state of Iowa Tho past year. Three hum cml eighty one pubic Nice ngh addressed by Anle sneak ers were held to awaken dec nil meat against the he our curse a Many unions held to awaken sent men t against Tho liquor lasting fron me to Throe weeks at which u7d sign Era to the pledge were secured. Doc Hundred and Arxty five ouse meetings wore held in jails and. Poo houses with marked results for Good tracts on Temperance Tobac co and purity were distributed be. Sides which Wall pockets in railway stations Post offices Barber , were filled with religious und Tempe Anco journals from week to Auml rods of families supplied wit the same. In our Loyal Temperance legion ski boys Ami girls were instructed i incl ills of total abstinence Ami pro he bunion based on Tho teaching of the Helble and established scientific truth and through bands at Mcuay kind nest to All living creatures. J607 with scripture cards Tau had wore Given to inmates of hospitals. Insane asylums and county houses. We arc endeavouring to cultivate die of systematic Anil proportionate giving according to god s command for religious and temper work among our membership. We attempt to reach the Strang within our our american citizens of foreign birth by riving to hem religious and Temperance Leaf Eta in their own language. To Aid the teachers in their Selen Itic Temperance instruction by spec is literature. In the Mulay school we seek to cure the total abstinence pledge rom the scholars As one of the re Cults of of god s word. Obedience u the fourth command is promoted by a special department. At agricultural fairs and similar allying places of the people to sealer the printed Page have and resses Given by popular spank hrs. Through our peace department we Nearor to rms Len the time when swords Hhall lie beaten into plough Harca and a cars into pruning and when peace on Good Rill to men shall prevail the evangelistic considered the Oun Datton of All our other branches f work is directed by a Tito superintendent having had years of Euc Essul service. Our principle legislative work was a Effort to have the age of protect Ion fog Frog raised to eighteen Yeara. To tills end More than letters and marked copies of papers were Erit out to leading men of Tho state. To expect to renew Tho struggle next ear hoping to have your co opera Jorj. We know that much work Lias been Lone than is Here reported. As our labors Are Lefor god and Home and native land11 and Trust Hoy meet the approval ask that of include our fio Clety in your Pray a for religion and philanthropic or Anlo talons. Yours in Tho master s service m Alt do .11. Dumia3i, resident w. C. T. U. Of tic state of own. Max Secretary. House moving. Tenry Clark son arc prepared to o kinds of House moving promptly. Address Jox 03, Oro of the world missionaries m. Oft How. . A the. Woman s Christian temper co Union la the cell in of the cams Adio. It is now Twenty Orio years old he Lrafb ten years of its existence wag Given to work in our own coun try. In the meantime a spark of the had kindle a fire in Canada Ami great Britain. This led to the thought of bonding w. C. T. A mis o Oiler in urls and to tit organization of a world s woman Chest plan Tymn Trarice Union. In 18s3 mrs. Mary in lament Leavit w Dos ton mass was sent Forth ayn iils Bio tin by explorer fled organizer Aht Sava absent from a aerion eight years organized 112 societies held voc Fly Coo travelled a Liui Urei Thuu Sund Miles had the services o 220 interpreters to forty seven Ian gauges. Says1 live travelled some time in a chair borne by men we could riot understand a word i spoke in England 1 travelled alone and wit natives in Bombay i travelled Alan in Hammock. In China i sailed in after Day on Tho River among utter srautijcrs.1- she spent ovci1 two year in hardships Bic should place Hor in the annals o lie Story a an explorer beside a a mls Louary with Moffat and Levingston. I in iss3, following the footsteps o mrs. Leavitt mus Jessie Ackerman of California was made worlds or Pau Izer giving nearly to the she travelled a distance equal into More than six times around the Yobei went twice around the world the largest results of her work arc found in Australia first organizing the provinces then instrumental in bringing about a b cd Bratton of tin australian provinces of which so Vas Mulc president sowing to years she placed Tho White re lion nine thousand women occur it thousands of hug natures to the poly glut petition preached she went the gospel of total Bastl sauce from for the incl Hal total prohibition of the ill As Legal system and blessed the Godel of Tho lord Al Iii Christ As god s remedy for the drunkard. She went Forth warfare at her which by native Power As a speak i executive ability tact to the work she Means to a Jet All Bur Panaca an mounting soon after Shii returned to this country she failed in health. By an envy Tatlyn of lady Henry she is in England rapidly regaining strength As Tho Raj tilt of quiet coun try life. She ii expected to be a Pron in edit tin Horning London Contention _ and fourth my in eying Tho scripture injunction cent Forth together representing t purity department. Says one Amain this country is so closely so coated with social purity As that f or. Knt she was educated for a medical missionary vent to China falling health compelled a return to this country. Still a pressed with the missionary spirit to length she gave he Rasolt to c. T took up Rescue work la ago founded the Anchorage Ilon for women i Posok he infamous Dens of vice in the Forth Western run Crucs was Mado Fau Unai evangelist of the purity i apartment finally round the world missionary to associated Ivity irs. Bath Wheeler Andrew a Vroman Fraro mental and spiritual Ndow mints. From England they were sont out y Tho worlds departments of purity my n special committee of the bag Jyh parliament to Tho task of laves gating tiie enforcement of the Brit a Law in the lira Tosh Canton ints of India. The full owing statement Given by hese heroin women will give Lea of the work accomplished number of Miles travelled in in Les ,097, military stations t0f Lute let cases of it graded women Aryl Nen in conto ments inter r pcrjonally505r interviewed bos ital nurses ii interview Paul Contd in lock in these Hospot a we studied the annual reports a to and records As far a possible King careful notes of important and drawing plans of Over no government houses of aha inc and lock hospitals. To worked incessantly for four month Soflin travelling at night and Utah Day under the burning Sun Olding meetings with women and itch ring evidence mrs. Andrew soon after reaching Nola writes Christmas Day was spent in aleut us amid the strange scenes of this Oriental City much of the Day we Wercion our fences crying to god for help in our great under taking. We Felt indeed that god had called the worm to threat to lie but he comforted and. Strengthened our hearts by Hia mighty promises and constant pres ence to England the women were brought before the parliament committee to report Thor investigations. At the close Wheeler writes tic lord wonder. Fully helped me All the to Iron Days witnessing before the committee from parliament i cannot Prais god bump gently for All his manifesto presence and Power in my soul duing Tiu so Days. To have had a Vas mass of evidence to go through by none too much to conquer this stupendous system of the evidence was sustae Cdr Tho it Salon Arles and a door of hop opened to the stave women of the British Cantonment of India May Allen weit la the round the world missionaries though translated the heaven Hon colom. We Liln six weeks at be reach log Japan the first Placo s a lasted. She did her Vork rape do and Van Heil from human " sigh she made a trip of. U600 Niiles Alon Railroad lines speaking from one t four times each Day reaching voc Iii too. Jie Ople within Throe week she could not. To hidden from the people entreaties for another Nice ing coming from All sides to strange she fell. A Hilgh japanese b Iclal writing of Hor pays she self immolated Martyr to the Cane of Christian in Japan in Trio another writes she mourned All Tuyor Tho Empire Alporta has been while the Jap a women cried out us an outlier Mother hearted woman Fror the body careful and returned to this coun try arid lies in a cemetery in g Burg 111. R missionary miss ally i. Palmer has recently returnee from South Africa whore no sent id isd2, to Toro thoroughly o Germo and perfect Tho work. She i now speaking in this country in tit a Crest of Tho w. C. . Abroad. The seed by these Mission Aries the coming world s w. 0. T u. Convention to held id and Tho presentation of the polyglot Feti Tido to of the Globe soon to follow will d much toward hastening the Day of which we King. Charity. Hope and Charity. Dut to the artist of these la Chanty wore the words of one Wiser and better an More Tia Manof be Tho Prin Clyile thu great master instal 1 in us is Manifest in the breasts o most of our Tjo Ono our. Git is All know has More or less of n population is usually the Case in All. Kaliloa manufacturing places Causyn Many men to seek employment an often times without Success leaven Beta destitute and with no Means o support. But a soon As their Clr became known Thop Cdoil f Boody have administered to thei needs. Some Man or woman woul to from store to store and in a Shor Dor raise enough to relieve the ants i Call to mind Way bad when upon re was Young and i thin yet called Ilon Tanna and the Printe was unusually Long Aud severe a few woman saw the need of an organza Ion so they called u meeting elected ulcers and talked of plans to rats Somo Money and concluded that i imply Call for Charity s sake1, asking Ohn tary donations would at Leas in Ressho sympathy of the people we asked Tho City dads for the a of their itally which was As freely Al cd in those Days As it has alway Iceni since and advertised that Dona docs would be received on a certain Light for tic of Triolet of the poor and hat an my in is ?1 on t potato would be charged at the door and Foi he same the Good people would be a catch to a clarinet Solo by a prompt lady of our town. I dare a he rear Many who will Remc be he Hearty laugh that greeted Ducai grandmother Peterson As so stepped upon the platform with her clarinet Pitt Tim Hall soon became silent a he Beautiful strains of Robin fell upon on Eara. And Tiu was not discovered until grandma stopped playing and the lorely Une Atill ailed the Hall when some Ady pulled away the Flag which Hung t to Liackos the stage and discover d Fred shelters then a Little boy Alt fully Playl Nof his clarinet. Thai was our first general Call and we Ore. Most royally treated receiving sixty bus hols of potatoes severe Acks of your. Groceries of All kinds nil one Hundred and Twenty three Ollaro in Cash. Since then we have Aii one or More entertainments a ear which have always been liberally once we actually had a Allen to old skating rink and posse by of our May Remeny or How or. Horsle inned mra. Headed the grand March and our business in general tripped the. Light fantastic toe to the tit no of Charity realizing n neat sum for the poor. And do any of you Call to mind the old school to had the next Winter in got Zynn s halt with Ensign As teacher having for scholars such unruly Boyi As Jake Stevens and or. Hunting Todd who really played leap Frog in school and escaped punish ment for while Khz Means had to sit on the dunce Block for Tell ing on them. Again we raised Over one Hundred dollars which All Gow to show that Tho spirit of Tea Rolence is More than Liberal in our City. Of late years taken to giving skipper a we lab the easiest raising noun by buttons of the surest for every lady must eat and Moat every lady la willing to not Only donate something for i supper but pay something for it and our Young people too have often Given Theirdo Etlea both dramatically and in fact our latest Etlo twas Givena the Presb Terlan Church by y heat local Talent. And who can oven forget the to and amiable manner of our loved l Carlson i must not forgot to mention that in the meantime to Havo often had very Liberal donations Given us by cd teens merchant Sand Bankers also by Kra eternal bodies and Loil Gea in a quiet a ostentatious Way asking got no push atty or proving the real their truly Bitch men must have their Reward. Verj body knows that Pur past Winter has been a severe Ano so that we Havo nearly exhausted our we have filth in the pub bronc to help in the tonic of need for Sweet Charity s Sake. Our society s Foll cars Aro composed of women of experience who investigate their Calls for help and distribute with Justice and sympathy and try to spend the Money which has been Given them by the people cons clan tons land with equity. And in lint few cases could the Uriost observant Bud. Fault with any of. Our expend Tures. In fact i say it who probably should not having been a member Ince its Glrst organization thai not Many mistakes have been Ruad qty having unworthy. And right Here that giving food am cloth ing Doea not Conan i Tut or cover All our can Retablo work. To to save morally As Well As Rhyl Salty and in several cases it is Plain our efforts Havo i no b been in vain. But my Sisters it is not enough that to have found the homeless and fatherless children but we must land employment for . And while we Are dropping dimes in the Box to to. Beaten in a foreign Laos we must not forget the ignorant wicked Heathen in on own land some of them living under the very eaves of the Sanctuary. The Model Nursery arid fruit Farin is Headquarters for Nursery Stock of All kinds adapted to Ojer soil and Cli before Purchas ing elsewhere Pur in pcs and Stock Are right. J. S. Friedley proprietor. Talk of t own is our 30 o e it Coffey Call and get a free Sample m. A Reilly pm Story Caldwell patriotism boiled Dowtin. I he Hus Irie women s edition of the re ican sends ,1 modest and business like request to our firm asking us to participate in a Small Way to swell the re r copts of the finance depart ment of that Issue. We Ari not appraised As to the object of this edition whether it is to. Boom our neighbouring City the s club or to hold the club for one week the Heads of the masculine portion of Boone or what its object exactly so we give our. Imaginations rather free Range and conclude it is patriotism boiled you must have heard it intimated that the co. Is a kind of state institution organized to Supply the people state with merchandise. We have also intimated that the Mission of the Harris pm Kkt co. Was not to antagonize he mercantile fraternity in Iowa but that we Are supposed to carry a larger assortment of goods and a higher Grad of merchandise than Loca merchants can find profitable Jec aus of the limited Sale o goods in their particular locality. Now to Supply these special goods in All lines Anc o establish a great Centra Rading Point in. The state. We Lave established Liis business at the capital of the state. We. Appeal to the patriotism of the ladies of Boone and readers of this Issue of the that what they Annot find in lines Onier Randise among their local merchants to come or Send o the Harris Emery co. Of. Kese goods instead of sending a Side of the state for them. His can be truly called patriotism boiled your ome merchants first and the Harris Emery 00. Pcs Moines la., ext last and All the time. The grocers. 705 Story st. W. L. Pollok surgeon now minion big Lilling w. L. Dawes Fine groceries. Boone la. Mrs. A. Mcneal is now prepared to a up Modaty More boarders. She has some very desirable rooms newly fitted up. Board and room per. The be made pianos and organs for Sale by a town Mutual and Tornado insurance. John Lerron c. A. Sandell runs medicines and chemicals i Aricy and toilet articles toilet brushes Combs etc., physicians pres c r i p i o n s carefully com Login did Wall paper oils ail paint. Or. Martin has secured Parlours on the lower floor at the Butler when he can be seen from 1 to 2 p. In. . Crawford. I for corsets hosiery and ladies shirt waists. Ferris Good sense Corset Waist. Hist Trio tiling for indy by Cliff. Oil , Jown

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