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Boone County Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1895, Page 10

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Boone County Republican (Newspaper) - June 12, 1895, Boone, IowaHeld Coolidge keep the finest link meats. convention. The Ori Toone county will meet o convention at Are Story Itell lit own Mou Uny july 1. 1555. I 30 1 site i to tins he dts and Convent of n elect n Only cent my Onn Mun of in Tran and i i Citler imn Lii i is Tuny properly come the season. Convention to our coup or Isen j lated to to a ii of Lue dry goods a prices the. Very notions and lowest to close the Republican. Hunk Iowa june 12.1895. Lowery s Cash store. Ferrill Mcquillan Barber shop Nelson Huiming st. Will be with to Eiith Llyd to steer beef and Corn fed pork at North. Side Market. N. Story Schaaf Tocho. Ousley s dining Hall. Meals at All hours. Lluc Story Stool adjoining City Hall. Ally Hyuk it one Toht w second Tail re a in uni fifth m Pilot Moli Uil Worth our City Bounty is thu in so plus u in to world to live in and Hist but by no Mentis least seeing that i Tun u Loyal Republican nil Beli ovo in the men who Honor Romni 1 record 1113 Ludovid Una opinion Flint Huluc As an Iii Stirt of Iowa needs the lion. John kmnrfu1, of nobs for City for Ity next governor. Why is it tit it to Al ill find those who think it adds to Ali or import Ance to at Inch Tho title of "professor1 to their Unm i they have Prohn Bly Novar Smulo i Roii ascension is trek riders or distinguished themselves is High and mighty tumblers nov Arth class u Little pretence to the divine Art of no Isic warrants then in Wing dub had announcements. Ellhu Earnest Ornu ghost die Canty i Hiiva in my Toga Lioom Lite Republican caucue3. T la the a bloc cd p. I. Lost acct j. S. A , Uliann How Many times Trio Gustl Calfec of n first piece of vocal or Inspru Moi Eal music is lost by too mix 3 response to in Chooro wit something that is ill chosen i makes Iho und Ienco whisper to in neighbor sorry 1 chipped. In the Iii at place Trio Cne oru should not be More than on thir or our i Sartor the in myth of the preceding piece and above nil not Given until a alkyl for the third i in i. He doming of sprint in bronc. I Vacti lilo Irons put on Tan in the if shoes and the fund keeps off. Lau vat la a Vail when dust 111 us nil full Huls Fly few Ftp in Hie Gale Ulii he kids Jay Mur Blos Anil one wife tick Bonnet soon when we nil want something to inti i Thiv Spring is coins Jug in to okie. Hui War la Vaga on Lirl it Ivil Tusl Ami everything of is male new Hsu in Ilio morning and right out i o in neighbor s View it lick of thai front a sol look Wie n move and Hie knife grind it starts his tune and the tramp begs Violi mls lint never for work Tsien the sir Iii has come in Boone. The new the now inns n subject 1 Hope you la enjoy hut we a Nib Hundly him gently for he s a Iteli talc toy he s neither n Itoman to s neither a Rcck Ilyf s a Yon us american at Rhom 1 j. T. Lie s neither n hero he s la Illier Kul lil he s liken Guy in Terlly lie s airy Ami Uglis he walks in Llie Gatton drives in inc Nark lie meets his Chooljy incl they go on u Lark. Str when fool locomotion s a thing boy Svca on of when lie talks of mid bearings tites. Til1 his friends of Tel tempted to sir Oles Are Monling til orig with the i cute and Young life with a tiny life tune when thu boy Hies him to i Gocs Down inc Wilh Anil a swing Anil shows to adv Nln Jet he Conil Riu f. His Tia Nib they ure Graceful Lender ind Small lie Iii Ike works Bill he ilm a is the Only Pluck to get a first class suit of clothes everything guaranteed. No fit no Sale and r Tai who in bloomers smile to he the Beccne planning Hill a. V. Prop. P Atcon and Model maker. Walter manaday attorney and counsellor it s1ohv Stuert what Ronne needs most Ivo quickly conic to nuns ions of to still wait for the garments of it broader municipal policy and so the first thing a Loon needs is Clear grit i Quality in its Tom can Worl right on tint Lillic right thing gels if it takers till it n Over pays to a clix vigilance. Cornea the progression up Zirps exc Casior is tic closest won to Sylvn Tina. Siedeh Kouw Kab is drugs Patent medicines Wall paper paints varnish Glass brushes Etc. Prescriptions accurately com pounded from Fine drugs. Perfumes and toilet water just received k. L. Pen Field. Attorney at Law. Sch Street first slain Vay Wesl or Kucnic c Onul Hank Hook Iowa. Or. , dentist Story st. Boone la. They have arrived. The Mason Patent knit jars Best jars manufactured which we Are Selling at lowest prices. arc Headquarters for Good things to eat our candies Are delicious try them. We Are leaders. Teas and coffees a specially. Remember the place. Hip has no place in Tho management of City interests. Ivc no Cal is Clear sighted to guide and Foster Pullio spirit in people. I Ceu Oettl pull Iasi Wili kill Public spirit. It i in generous people Wai move out of town. People who any taxes want to feel thai their Money will Well Speat nil for the pin i a for which they pay it. Boone needs then we need i Extension of the paving nil some More in tar. Then to larger null or of cd Citrin lights of moderate Candle powder in Hoover the Middle of the streets and watering Founti uns for horses and and men on each of Tho main thoroughfares lending into the City and of a ours More water. Bronc needs less sectarianism my More religion among Tho nil some Moro water. Next Boone two or three morn Parks to income prices of Bubuly Ami Comfort when our population shall Twenty live thousand. Needs Fower inn docks and Rhorick Groves find thickets of Burdock that fringe our streets and Cluster on till our vacant places in unkempt country Vil Lage where men arc supported by their wives and never work ii tween meals. Bono needs what it Long waited for free postal the livery and t More dexterous movement in Iho kind of delivery it now has and some More Witter. Lob no need3 a voting population Klinl knows How ruinous by expensive saloons Are to All the Best in Creita of life and Homo. To Nam of and therefore Loo not cd women some More water a new doctor. One who no euro bal Kincses Ninon politicians and All kinds of sulky ass people who ought to but i by twin on the clergy. Pcs Monics musical College. Our capital City takes Grant Prado in Ila musical College which was founded seven years ago by or. In. Jul Lisi Vilott who is president and musical director. To thoroughness my ability of t to achors and Public make it a College to any in the Hind As the following facts will show at the Lii and of Tho piano depart ment stands Herr Henri Ruifrok Igvald Latoof the Leipsic conservatory under Carl Heinecke Piasio or. Pepper it Harmony and a Jad Hirsohn composition. He is not Only n great concert player hut a great teacher and a highly then idling 3m come in Doune. When Lilii Lith is Are run on use me Ami every tiling else is Loo Anil every voting thinks lie must Anil pret Rubly oho int is new when the Yosim i Iii Lier or u Beau. And begins Loyo Ila i month i non and Yot Iua big uni then Spring s Ioctl los on in bronc when of Juii Slop boil Tii Ami i Ihil to Jolo his i s part in thu Tolhur Uye. His Scarf pin was Twenty Nyu cents Al n oud Lii Iii store but he Quarter mid never so there Uny Inoru. His Eye Glass rests with Era Cecul Itsu Ihu Bridge of his very classical nose. Prices lower than the lowest. Call examine and be convinced. Recollect the fact of ills cloth is they Cut in 11 my latest of and his pants Atil by jovcl11 they la Yon in smite. His Cane tis dig dark Slof Ebony and 10 me him Virl in Woultz do your Liis Eccl my toilet s Complete in my Stephens Brothers arc tic the reliable grocers in Parent film Kcf in m and with a Sinott Anu tic girls it Insl Bleci omers just edtion Tionel Gentl nmn. Lerr Carl Kindal Abercr Olio has Lien heard in this Coey san Meta in Tho front rank of Solo violinists. Graduated from the noted Stern conservatory of Berlin under Emil Hauret u member of the famous Brodo string quartet and of lie Berlin Honl orchestra Ami for to lice with Theodore to Litinas gives him an invaluable in tic vocal department or. And mrs. Itar Twatt Are too will known i Towa to Call for comment their units Are household miss y Anny c Row by who h As ironed out so Many talented play cry remains with the faculty. Other departments have been Iddoo its follows w. 3. B. Math Ewe author and critic will lecture before thu pupils or. L. D. Vontina late of Lio Slon directs the school of languages t. A Newell mandolin and f. J. Hunter flute George Pierce clarinet Gustav for Heringer cello h. To line hand instruments c. F. Gra Ham and j. St Csc assistants Liat Iiley like Anil in rulers Wii Liin Ken thu the want paving. curb nig and a Iyler kind Smirl awl us on new Heights 10 attain to lion Spring is coming to intone. When every Lieuw Violder Furnace Anil a Gills. Anil everywhere Vivien aug Rimini is Fiul Down Ami moral nigh and to id r i and nol an d Cauli liase alien Lam of Jacra kicks. Ami election Fijohl a and tic Luis a a Vilys Punili of then Spring will Como to . Whitn the air is All fill of Anil of musical Proi Niso it Anil Stu 0113 to begin with the season afresh with clean Henris Ami with purposes True to Lii struggle and pain if inc Pisi its and follies and sir a lid to Gar mulls i Hon the Spolny Lisis Cote within. Anil when to All ii carts has Ouw i if Anil from in Feness and Ulalh unit As the new Man is Hoeni must end hut if you a ail a Mon out advice til i Conj adv Tok. Kiml Riols. If any there by wish from 10 tic don1 a link me rude run forgive me Yon can will be to at Crney Alviey sell inc Crescent i Onclo for the in oozy in Market. Fio prs. Of held flue Don Fola oxfords fi-8 Choice for 50 cents at Mccunis Tioco. So say we All of col Unitas i Zamblera victors rat whack Zuur Choice for order Early. Wilson s Habbaye and Transfer Safe and piano moving a specially. Of Kooncy and carry at All tiniest a full Supply of goods in their line. The Best goods and one Price for everybody has always been our motto. Call and see them. Stephens 1jkos. 710 Story Street. Bros. Wholesale did Boggs is Wheelock have the Best line of of Boom pm. Violin department Anil miss Flor inf Horlands culture. Oloc Ulius department Willi n Fino orc Listra Ami string won t act Iii a of Back Bone Mil work Down of Lirong no the blocks we orc there lire an la or cd ironic cases of sulks that a Pludy which wants the kingdom of lion Van to come my it conc look nut for such i doctor and some Inorg water. A Jinn lie comes let Liim n Hospital nil a Cal a Tiv we will publish n woman s telling All tit world hint we have Fondl trial 1 be 1 c-1, exc Colont Cay. A White easier Lilit n w h ire eyes to the Day sprung and Curneil the when Nufler Ion Winters of storm and of cold Anil everywhere god lilies till Heirls of no harvesting machinery capital v u. E. Kick. Acc salary. 3. Moore j. J. S.tei.1., w. U. Ciao org then will Linic conic to the . Anil Tor j. J. . Antoino j. . Cimias. Go exam u. S. Isio a Ronald Ulm u p in the county the Champion Binder the Minneapolis and Wood binders. The Standard Mower the Wood Mower and Champion Mower. Come in and the new Champion Iii Mleh with its wonderful eccentric driving wheel its Low Force feed elevator and Canvas running within half in Inch of the sickle. Without Cut in Chin go this and Groin la inv ought ii tit without n Dollar of endowment nil without solicitation or financial Aid. Tito Host endow input of the pcs Monics Tiu Pittil College Lins been the Strong teach ing faculty Nind their strict and lick Unco to High mini Pietil . W. W. Tictsort Ling fac and Transfer. Wash tiny Noj Onger drear cd if Yoti use one of Carter s Little washing machines. Saves Money time and Drudgery. Call Ato som raid Smith shop and examine. This labor saving machine Sells for Tho Small sum or 33.00 and is manufactured to o. Som Taii a Stii st. Coonc Iowa. D. Vancampen baggage and and Daryl no in general. A Evans deliver and Transfer the Leader for Notona. K. E. Stanley Transfer and hag Gakic. Moving a spec tally. My. Mary Groner to arcs and mrs. Estha Cape Rod have wins to pcs Monca Iowa to visit a couple of weeks with tic Lattra Parenta. W. T. Allen delivery and j. A. Fleck or delivery and Bau Figo the leader11 for soaps. The be Aiter for hosiery. The Leader 1 for Purina. Tho leader11 ice Cream t Rycz 13. A Man to do baseness Raust Adver Tise Ami doubly foolish is Man to Falls to advertise with Tho ladies and Here and now we invite them bless their hearts to come and he it cd 33 Only the Mccune shoo co. Can do it. Sure Al the men for whore the ladles go they Are sure to try us on when next you try on shoes. Mccune r before to Ronto vat above Nan my to file Lulu Afnan Vlic la the office of 11.0 county county t Eue Lytho of such i Vii Uhtof be Liao on Twila Slot Day county Audi , county p. . . Will that Vve have Josl tit Zotti All of the in boys of the Mhz Hopkins Star make i in me go dts 7198 Story Street

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